Random Episode 8 – 2010 Resolutions with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss

This new, long overdue Random episode covers our personal resolutions–personal, business, physical, and otherwise–as well as favorite recent gifts (both given and received).

The video is recorded on two cameras, including Glenn’s new experimental HD delight. Topics include:

  • Chocolate
  • Powerlifting
  • Filtering false friends
  • Funny hats
  • The art of the decline

    … and naked ladies.

Best to give the video 10-20 minutes to buffer before watching. It’s a big ‘un.

Please let us know in the comments what you’d like our next show topic to be! If you missed previous episodes, all of them can be found here.

Here are the links to resources mentioned in the video, provided courtesy of reader DynastyDC. Thanks, D! …


  1. Big House Red 2006: http://www.wine.com/V6/Big-House-Red-2006/wine/95766/detail.aspx


  1. Scharffen Berger: http://www.scharffenberger.com/

  2. Organic Chocolate Products: http://www.altereco-usa.com/main.php

  3. Facts about Theobromine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theobromine

Random Subjects

  1. Gerard Trap Bar: http://www.trapbartraining.com/

  2. Security Now, Vitamin D Story with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte: http://twit.tv/sn209

  3. Info about Maker’s Expo, also known as “Maker Faire Bay”: http://makezine.com/makerfaire/press/bayarea/2009/auditions/

  4. MakeZine: http://www.makezine.com/

  5. Vitamin D: http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/

  6. Aspen Global Leadership Network: http://www.aspeninstitute.org/leadership-programs

  7. Recipes to prevent cancer, cool book recommendation: http://www.therapeuticchef.com/book/

Tim’s Top X-Mas Gifts:

  1. Neat Corduroy Pants: http://www.cordarounds.com/catalog/

  2. Terra Plana Shoes (Dharma) : http://www.terraplana.com/dharma-p-1036.html?colour=246

Kevin’s Top X-Mas Gifts:

  1. Fitbit: http://www.fitbit.com/

  2. Sonos S5: http://www.sonos.com/whattobuy/zoneplayers/s5/default.aspx

Tim’s Gear:

  1. Datsusara MMA Bag PB-01: https://www.dsgear.com/collections/bags

Tim’s gifts to Kevin

  1. Tim mentions, Perfect Pull-Up product: http://www.perfectonline.com/store/index.php/products/perfect-pullup.html

  2. Alcohol Breathalyzer (HD-Safe Drive Deluxe): http://www.craigmedical.com/Alco_SafeMate.htm

Tim’s gifts to Glenn

  1. Fodor’s Argentina, 5th Edition: http://www.amazon.com/Fodors-Argentina-5th-Gold-Guides/dp/1400019648

  2. Daniel Tosh CD “True Stories I Made Up”,comedian: http://www.danieltosh.com/store

    Glenn’s Camera

  3. Canon 5D Mark ll Digital SLR: http://tiny.cc/N6JDu


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355 Replies to “Random Episode 8 – 2010 Resolutions with Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss”

  1. Tim

    Definitely will be putting into practice more of the 4 hour work week ideas to be more productive and make more cash to fulfull my dreamlines for 2010



  2. T-bone,

    I was wondering if you could write a post elaborating on your relationship with Kenzabur? ?e, winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Literature. In the years before he won, I was reading a lot of Japanese lit in translation, as well as systematically viewing canonical Japanese cinematic works. He emerged as a favorite artist at a time when he was not only unheard of in the West, but also arguably, completely indecipherable to an Occidental sensibility. A meditation on Japanitude itself in the modern context, there is a certain courage evident in the honesty of his writing. In that sense, he could be viewed as a literary practitioner of one goal of the quantified self movement. Namely, a naked accounting of our innermost and secreted animus.

    I write this anonymously since this site is mined for email addresses.

    1. Hi Shen,

      Not a bad idea for a post.

      Mined for email addresses? I don’t think it is, but why do you have reason to think this?



  3. Awesome show! Quick question, what is that “stick” that you are holding at the beginning of the show? I am sure it is for some type of sports, but I have never seen that before.

    BTW Kevin, You have a shot with Jennifer. Just think “Revenge of The Nerds” …. the smart guys always get the hot babes in the end. At least that is what I told my wife to convince her 😉

  4. I LOVED Tim’s line:

    “…paying at much attention to Appreciation as you do to Achievement, because achievement without reflection on what you have and the gratitude for that is worthless. It’s just a hamster wheel.”

    My 2010 business involves helping others realize & appreciate the important people in their lives. Thanks for your inspiration, energy and enthusiasm for challenges in life!

  5. Thanks for the mention of our Datsusara hemp backpack in the video (good video btw). I have been answering emails all day about the gear now, going to blow my four hour work week in one day 🙂

  6. Yup- chocolate is pleasurable, especially wine tasting with a variety of chocolates. It’s unbelievable. Aside from chocolates, surely there’s an abundant source of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.

    Also, 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight provides a healthy amount of Vitamin D, reduces cholesterol, helps the immune system and regulates high blood pressure.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I wanted to get one of those Fitbits but they’re out of stock until mid February and they don’t ship internationally. But they seem very useful and they’re actually pretty cheap. Do they work well? How’s the website?

    I just made a reference to Tim’s “bald guy in the red BMW” from the FHWW in my blog. I think it’s an interesting read.

  8. Hello!

    I was just wondering as sort of a add-on to the random, your take on the movie and/or novel Fight Club? since a lot of your lifestyle and ideas remind me of the character Tyler Durden.

    1. I LOVE Fight Club. Not because I want to be Tyler Durden (though he is an awesome character), but because I think the movie has a lot of valuable philosophical — and comedic — take aways. There is a lot you can learn from the internal dialogues, as well as conversations.


  9. Hello Mr. Ferriss,

    Great Episode!

    I just wanted to thank you for the content you put out, it’s fantastic, and make you an offer.

    I noticed that you said you were going to Cape Town, in South Africa to complete your new book, and that you will be doing some cage diving. Well, as a direct result of the contest you are running with Shopify, I now own an online store that sells rugged cameras, and as a token of my appreciation for all the help you provide, It would be my pleasure to send you one for free.

    If you are interested please let me know, if not, I hope you have a great time in Cape Town. Either way, please continue creating content.


  10. Hi Tim (and Kevin),

    Beautiful saddles!

    I’ve just finished reading 4HWW, so that makes me quite new to this blog. Can’t wait to see your Yabusame video.

    Two of my resolutions would be: Read the books you recommended (in a month) and read every posts you wrote in this blog (in a week).

    Thank you and enjoy your trip to South Africa.


  11. hey Tim! I studied abroad last semester in Cape Town and dived with the great whites, you are in for such a treat! Let me know if you want some tips!

  12. Great stuff guys, this is my first time and i was immensely entertained.

    I got a copy of your book as a Christmas gift. (best gift ever)

    I’m from Trinidad and Tobago which is in the Caribbean, you should come by sometime. I don’t know if there’s a lot of sharks though. (not the fishy kind anyway)

    and good luck with those resolutions dude.


    BTW, Kev the hat looks fine

  13. To: Tim & Kevin: You guys are great.

    I love your videos.

    Please make your next video blog on either Tim’s house (would be interesting to see) or on Valentine’s Day (corny gifts, great gifts, etc.)


  14. What a great show! This is a great thing to watch while I eat breakfast. 🙂 I love how the spontaneous interests of both of you guys gel so nicely with everyone else on the site (no coincidence of course). Have a great 2010!

  15. Love the video blogs – keep them going! I open up your video on 1 screen and do work on the other. Multitasking 😉

    Interesting information regarding the Vitamin D and human deficiencies. I’ve been interested in the powers of sun light for a long time. I’m a regular user of Light Therapy especially during winter season to lift my mood, stabilize my rhythms and invigorate the body. I post every week on these topics and covered light therapy recently in my blog. Let me know what you think.

    Anyways… Tim, all the best with your new book and have a safe & enjoyable adventure in Cape Town!

    Take care,


  16. Awesome episode, truly random!

    Only one main feedback I have about the video itself, I found the sound levels between Kevin and Tim very different, I had to adjust the volume for each person almost like Kevin was miced up but Tim wasn’t.

    As for chocolate tasting, I have actually done it before and I learnt a LOT about chocolate, real chocolate and confectionery chocolate. And white chocolate which it turns out isn’t really chocolate at all.

    Details here:

    Fidani and The Chocolate Factory

  17. Hey Tim,

    Any recommendations for those cool little black journals you use? Where can I get those?


    Great episode!

  18. Hiya Sir I just heard on your video you would be coming to Cape Town South Africa and got so excited. What is the deal? Are you talking here, pls pls can I meet up with you or something. I am definitely your biggest SA fan.



  19. Tim –

    Fun video! Can you tell me how you recorded the audio? Were you guys wearing a mic (didn’t see one), or was the audio recorded via the camera’s onboard mic?



  20. Great video guys! Have you guys thought about doing a video looking back at 2009 and talking about your accomplishments?

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Hey Tim I love these random videos so I’d like to thank both you and Kevin. As a team, you work really well together when discussing ideas now and there was some great unintentional comedy moments during this video! My favourites were your impersonation of underwater filming and also yourself trying to explain what you meant by delivering things lightly and you ended up saying the sledgehammer to the kneecap phrase which was superbly followed by Kevin’s line “Good luck with that!”

    I’d also like to thank you for your continued blogging and I’m really looking forwards to buying your ‘Superhuman’ book. I think I was lucky to stumble across your blog at the young age of 18 and I’m now 20 and have been an avid follower ever since I read your “From Geek to Freak” article. Your philosophy on life and your creativity in terms of exploring productivity methods and becoming more effective are truly very admirable and have literally set the direction and focus for my own personal life. I recently passed on my copy of your book to my father who now understands a lot more about my aims in life and where I got my inspiration from for my “think big, dream big but appreciate and enjoy the little things” approach to life… Needless to say, he is now a fan of yours as well. =)

    I thought you might find my feedback on your videos useful:

    • As one of your regular followers, I really do not care how long your videos are, I still find time to watch them. As others have commented, you apologise for the length of the videos which is not necessary. Personally, I view your videos almost as educational and enlightening because it’s great to see how you put things into action in your own life.

    • In terms of advertising, I find it quite hard to resist putting the video on pause to checkout any websites you mention, or products you recommend. I’m sure you are already aware, but this seems to be a very powerful “word of mouth” tool for building up awareness of products and services you have interests in. I usually find myself later recommending the very sites you have suggested.

    So I’d just like to say a very big thank you for being different to the vast majority of people in this world. You are a true inspiration. =)

    Freddie Smith

    1. Dear Freddie,

      Thank you so much for the kind comment and feedback! I really appreciate both. I’ll do my best to make 2010 a year of good content for all of you.

      Pura vida,


  22. Thanks Tim and Kevin –

    Amazing that your slightly drunken (and not so in Kevin’s case) ramblings are so valuable. It’s a new generation – I’m glad to be in my young 30s these days. Very productive work, exciting times, good friends and wine. You’re empowering people all over town. I love it.

    I’m wondering what your thoughts are on GTD? Yeah… I’m one of those. I imagine stuff can easily fall through the cracks with all the traveling. How do you stay organized?

    Keep ’em coming boys. Looking forward to the next one. (Better hats please).

  23. Nice video.

    I recently joined “Toastmasters” to improve my public speaking (and to lease my fear of it), and the other day i was talking about intonation and body language with a guy who’s working in sales who taught me a lot. So i think some work in that direction could help you “sell” your ideas to people.

    I ordered the 4HWW:expanded. My main goal this year is to get financial freedom.

    I love the art (on the wall), quite funny that that would “offend” anybody. Maybe America is a bit more “puritan” in this way than Europe.

  24. If Keven is really interested in learning about bonsai, there’s a great club that meets monthly in Palo Alto called Kusamura. I’m usually the only one in there under 40, so it would be good to have some young-blood.

    Also: One of the long-time members (> 50 years) runs a 6-week beginner course that meets every Saturday in her garage, and it starts this week. I did it 2 years ago, and it was easily one of the most high-value experiences I’ve had.

  25. Hey guys – great post. I was wondering if you’d heard of SnagFilms.com…it’s an online library of over a thousand documentaries you can watch anytime for free. SnagFilms had a holiday gimmick of giving away a package of films online as a free but still thoughtful present to friends/family. I gave my friend “SuperSize Me” which didn’t go over too well but it’s the thought of giving a film that counts. Anyway, just thought it was worth mentioning as you discussed your top xmas gifts.

  26. Wow… Lots to digest here. Good video though. With all your recommendations and eye openers, I feel my tastes are your tastes. Ha!

    1). If you every decide to try a new backpack, try an Oakley. Noticed them several times in film and TV. Love my Kitchen Sink. http://www.oakley.com/bags-backpacks

    2). Love to see your place if you want to ever disclose its sanctity and mystery.

    3). I like the warmer tone video portions. Should be the 5D…

    4). This might fit your music tastes (from Twitter). Keep an eye out for them. http://www.stereoalchemy.com. Plus an added “human form” art piece.

    5). Think about tying fitbits with your new book? Already planning to buy 4 copies of it. I have 3 friends that keep bouncing around in new diets and fitness trends from P90 to Cheat Your Way Thin. I want them to hear your experiences and facts first hand.


  27. Tim! You’re a power wine drinker dude! Must’ve been a 4:1 ratio vs Kevin’s consumption – respect! Loving the 2 power questions – I use one that’s like an inverse twist on the GTD 2 min rule – goes like this – “IF a 2 minute action existed to kick-start this project / task and give it some inertia what would that be and how can i do it right now?” (assuming i’ve committed to said project at all…)

    Hey – what’s with the Hurly bat dude? Have you played? Visit Ireland and I’ll take you to a game 😉

  28. Hey Tim! I love the alternative deadlift bar you talked about- i always feel like im in a flinstones’ car!!

    Love to hear your thoughts on Crossfit….everyone loves constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity!!!

  29. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your kind comment, which made my day?:)

    I’ve watched your Yabusame video(hope your heel’s healed already) and it literally knocked me over. I mean, I can Kyudo( well, at least I could do that in high school years), but not riding horse at the same time. As you said, it was A huge success. Congrats!

    Regarding operation-4HWW/blog-reading, I am halfway through your Uncategorized entries, and I have to extend the time frame from a week to a month. It contains lots of intriguing contents and long (in a good sense) videos which shouldn’t be consumed all at once.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts/experience/philosophies with us. The world looks brighter post 4HWW era.


  30. Dear Tim a good friend of mine told me about you and insisted on giving me your audio book for a 3000km grive from Dublin to Lagos, Portugal, where I have decided to open a martial arts school.I listened to it twice! I am a 3rd dan black belt in ninjutsu and have trained and fought muay thai in Thailand and got my blue belt in BJJ in Abu Dabhi. I just wanted to tell you that you inspired me and gave my the inspiration to REALLY belive in what I am doing. I would like to invite you as my guest (f your not doing anything more exciting ) to my gym 12th April for a 1 week mma camp , I have a 3 time Lumpini champ and a black belt and european BJJ champ coaches and would be honoured if you could make it. Here is my site and yes they are the real views http://www.shinobiacademy.com If you can´t make it I understand, thanks for making a difference Colin Byrne

  31. Hey Tim,

    Just got my shipment of books from your Facebook contest… much appreciation! My buddies are looking forward to reading ’em.



  32. hi,

    I was wondering if you could be interested in writing on how to build a service as a business. In you 4 HWW book, you discarded that option simply stating that product will make money quicklier than service. I think you are probably right but I think maybe there could be some people -like myself-who are still interested in building a business based on providing a service and also make it quick and efficient income generator.

    Thanks and warm regards.


  33. Hey Tim

    would love to see a blog post of advise on traveling round the world – a

    keen traveller like you self, it be great which you consider essential kit like a macbook or iphone or some other survival tec or advise on traveling and not getting ripped off.

    Great stuff as always – A random episode on the martial art Kali, which is used in the bourne films.

    see you master that in 5 days 🙂



  34. Hello Tim,

    I’m currently reading your wonderful book and thank you.

    I’m 28, married, legally blind (born with glaucoma and other complications), living in downtown Seattle. I’m driven to become more in a short amount of time because the doctors indicate that I’ll lose all vision by 35.

    I currently work at a Honda dealership in the internet sales department. I related to your example of haggling with an Infiniti dealer for two weeks.

    I’m working 45hrs per week, wearing out my single eye and not making any more than $2,500/month. I need a change.

    Some of the websites you recommended in your book have either gone solely subscription/pay or in grandcentral.com case, invitation only.

    Are there any website design companies that you’ve come across recently that you could recommend, or are the sites in your book still the best available?

    I have a couple ideas that I’ll have to test but with my vision, there is only so much time in the day that my vision is the best. This is why your efficiency suggestions are of so much interest to me.

    Thank you again.

  35. I love these videos and all the stuff you guys recommend. By the way, I’ve heard that cacao has the highest antioxidant value of all foods – even green tea!

    I have similar foodie goals this year:

    – drinking green smoothies every morning (doing that now)

    – trying maca, cacao, and chloressence

    – making soup and ice cream in my Vitamix. I’m becoming a Vitamix junkie 🙂

  36. Thanks for the video. You two always make me smile – I’ve only watched the new year’s resolution part so far. Good luck with them but I’m surprised that one of them is to say ‘no’ more often and more quickly. I’d thought that you’d be excellent at this already.

    Anyway, my lifestyle has had regular ‘mini retirements’ but it has resulted in a yoyo bank balance. This time I intend to change this and I’ve based my ‘goals’ on the principles from 4HWW. Though I think they still need to be beefed up (not wild enough yet), which I’ll do when I begin my next mini-retirement at the start of Feb.

    Also, I turn 40 next week, so from the time I turn 40 til the end of Feb, I intend to do ‘comfort challenges’. I hope from doing these challenges to become more bold and confident.

    Thanks again for the inspiration. I’m excited and anxious about Feb but I hope it’ll make a big difference.

    And good luck with yours, especially the powerlifting. I think you’ll be fine saying NO.

  37. Again, great post Tim!

    I really enjoyed your short piece on using your nude art as a “disqualifier”. My method is very similar. Gotta love The Game.

    I always keep my copy of the 4HWW somewhere visible throughout the house. If she has heard about it or read it, major bonus points..

  38. Tim and Kevin,

    You need to try this chocolate bar:

    chuao firecracker bar

    It has chipoltle, salt, and pop rocks. You will NOT be disappointed!


  39. Good Job as usual! very entertaining and beats any show on tv hands down.

    Tim, nice hat you’re wearing. It’s actually called a chullo and it’s from…you guessed it… Peru 🙂

  40. Chocolate tasting sounds great !!

    I would also like to get better in saying no, because sometimes friends/acquaintances can be very tiring. I always pray that I won’t become a person that is considered tiring by others.

    I’m pretty good in having things my way without making people get mad at me, though. But it takes lots of diplomacy and tactic to do that, because I don’t lie and have to find ways to deliver my message without any lies involved .. tiresome as well … I often don’t say all of the truth though … which is technically not lying 🙂

    Sometimes I just wish I could live on the moon all by myself …

  41. Tim,

    Not sure if you’ll see this after so many days, but I just had to say thanks for your books. I’ve outsourced for the last two years, living on the other side of the country from my *service* business. Moving into a new gig based on product, for obvious reasons.

    The video was great! Nice choice for a first artwork purchase, by the way. Ruth Bernhard’s work is both riveting, and important. Had the pleasure of meeting her once at a gallery. My first purchase was Perspective II.

    Your “little retirements” has always made me smile – John D. MacDonald’s hero Travis McGee did the same thing in the classic series of pulp novels. Fun, non-demanding reading.

    Nice hats! Got my hurling stick on a trip to Drumbane.

    Keep up the good work!

  42. Hey Tim,

    I’m just wondering why you chose the resolution of no stimulants for your friend. How did he do and what were the overall results.

  43. Tim –

    I get so many new obsessions whenever I watch one of your guys’ videos… awesome stuff and thanks for sharing!

    I hate to impose or over-step the bounds of this forum, but as I’m a huge fan who values and respects your perspective and opinions on everything I’ve read, seen or heard you talk about, is there any way I could ask you a few specific MMA training-related questions sometime in the near future? I promise it won’t take more than five-minutes of your time if you were to oblige. Your consideration is much appreciated!

    1. Hi Jason,

      Drop them in the comments and I’ll see them! If they’re specific, I’ll do my best, though I’m not the best MMA person by a long stretch 🙂


  44. Tim, I’d like to invite you, Glenn and Kevin, to participate in sailing across the Mediterranean this summer on a sailing voyage. If this sounds like something you guys would be interested in let’s get in touch and make it happen.

    Your book motivated me to create an online community (Vagabond Sailing) to connect people from all over the world through hands-on, roadtrip-esque sailing adventures (I call them seatrips).

    I was inspired by my Couchsurfing experiences in Europe, and I wanted to create something of my own that was complementary to it. Since my least favorite parts of that trek were the cramped planes and trains in between destinations, I came up with an alternative way for people to move around the region – by sailing! (which I realize is also somewhat cramped, but at least you’re learning about sailing, making new friends, and experiencing locales that can’t be reached by any other means)

    You don’t have to have any prior experience sailing to help sail the boat – you’ll learn from the captain by doing, and by the end of it you’ll have some amazing memories and a new skill to add to your repertoire!

    Let me know Tim, it’ll be a great new experience for you!!



    P.S. Daniel Tosh is my favorite! Great choice!!

  45. Daniel Tosh’s “True Stories I Made Up” is pure hilarity.

    I really want to witness a crib’s edition of your pad. I love your taste. Like you, I love Japanese art. I recently snatched a 16th century samurai kikou and kabuto. And it did cost more than my car too! haha

  46. Good luck on the 500 lb deadlift!

    One of my goals will be to hold a 509 lbs box squat while I cut down from 213 lbs. Last summer I cut to 176 and put up a 485 lbs box squat!!

    Are you still training HIT style???

    I’ve never heard of anyone doing that with deadlift, so I’m assuming you are training a different way.

    Any chance of you posting your approach?

    One of my own goals will be to start a muse that will fund my touring and gigging for enjoyment. (or just go do a masters degree for the hell of it. still unsure!)

    1. Hi Matt,

      Damn! That is a damn impressive box squat for your bw. Well done.

      I’m training DL differently. HIT is awesome for a lot of things, but not relative strength increases without mass gain. It will all be in my new book. Crazy results with some amazing trainers. Added 20 lbs to my DL in the last 5 days alone. 500 lbs in the DL isn’t much to a real powerlifter, but it’s a damn good target for a non-PL’er at 170.

      Good luck!


  47. Forget the expensive Yabusame saddles. We gotta build you a swiveling wooden mini-horse to keep-up your skills in mounted archery. If we ever find ourselves in the throws of a Feudal Era battle, you’ll be amply prepared.

    On another note, I added some Tabasco Chipotle “green” sauce to your egg whites and spinach “slow carb” breakfast…zing!

  48. Dear Tim,

    first off, just wanted to thank you: the 4HWW changed my life, it inspired me to set up a new business in an industry I have no experience or schooling in. So far it’s dauntingly difficult but going well nonetheless.

    A little off-topic, but am hoping for advice on a weight-issue: I contracted an aggressive infection in my lung and heart area early December and came close to dying from it. I’ve come out on top, but will be recovering for 6 months and lost quite some weight: went from 155 pounds to 125 in 3 weeks. At 155, I was a 30-year-old avid runner, 5’10” with low body fat and well-defined muscles. At 125, I’m just skinny as hell.

    Any tips on regaining the weight in the most healthy way possible, restoring my muscles rather than just adding body fat? Specific foods, exercises?

    Would be grateful for any help you can give and in the meantime I’ll be putting those 4HWW principles into practice even more ferociously, as I simply won’t have the energy for much more than 4 hours a week anyway. Gotta love a challenge!

    Enjoy life, it’s fragile!


    1. Hi Niels,

      Thanks so much for the comment. Man, so sorry to hear of the health issues. Google “Geek to Freak” and you’ll find my solution. It works. It shouldn’t take you more than 4-6 weeks to regain that muscle and more.

      Good luck!


  49. Hiya, been trying somehow, to reach you. I am a huge fan, would love to meet up with you somehow in cape town. let me know please, thanks!

  50. Hey Tim! Great video, it’s always cool to get insights into how to handle goals.

    You mentioned briefly that you keep a number of journals. Do you keep a separate journal for each pursuit? (something I’ve been considering lately)

    Thanks for the video,


  51. Hi Tim,

    When is the updated version of your book in Dutch (reading now the first version in Dutch). Thx

    Marnik DHoore

  52. Wine –

    The Big House Red Tim and Kevin enjoy in the video was not available at the Trader Joe’s I went to (Portland Or – Glisan St). They no longer carry it although the rep I spoke with recommended something similar called Rosso – from Francis Ford Coppola. Very tasty and only 7.99

  53. After watching the video, I decided to try some of the Big House Red. Not bad, but my favorite cheap bottle of wine is still the Smoking Loon Merlot for around 10 bucks. Not too dry and everyone seems to become a fan after I reccomend it.


  54. Great read on Chocolate: “Chocolate” by Mort Rosenblum

    Also, grind up some nibs and add to goat cheese… yummy

  55. For what it’s worth – I saw a cool job opportunity today – help screenwriter John August (“Go” “The Nines” “Charlies Angels” and others) handle his blog and other tech stuff – full time, based in LA, and sounds like you can work on your own projects. I have no personal or financial interest in this enterprise – I just wanted to pass this on – here’s the site: http://johnaugust.com/archives/2010/hiring-a-new-person

  56. Hello everyone –

    Great vibe here. I am hyped to begin a connection with the Four Hour community. My nose is only about 85 pages into the book and this is the first blog that has gathered enough quality content to pull me as a subscriber. Many thanks to Tim for his inspiration and continued support towards the potential of the NR lifestyle. I too will do my best and plan to start now.

    2010 resolutions:

    1. See more live music here in the SF Bay Area (Avett Brothers @ The Fox on Apr 17)

    2. Eliminate my most extravagant fixed expense (my offsite wine storage locker), sell the bottles I won’t drink, and drink through the remaining bottles I have kept

    3. Put as many of the Four Hour concepts into my starting lineup

    Tim… let me know if you want to be involved with any one of those three. Number 2 will be quite enjoyable.

    Cheers to all –


  57. Hi Tim,

    The bit on 700 words a night for writers is a beautiful piece of advice that I have been implementing with great success. It’s astounding how hard of a mental roadblock it is sometimes to just get down to business and write a few hundred words on paper.

    This exercise is great for starting and I’m finding that I end up writing more than planned. Looking forward to hearing more on practical writing advice.

    Questions: How are you approaching the incorporation of technical methodology/advanced concepts your reader is not aware of into your writing? Does it help to outline first?



    P.S. I started the Geek to Freak program and low-glycemic index diet program last week. I’m finding that eating is really the challenge. I have decided to batch my lunch/dinner prep by making 2 packages of lean ground turkey, 1 bag of lentils and 2 bags of steamed vegetables twice a week and placing them in meal separate tupperwares. Astounding results already!

    P.P.S Per your recommendations, I also am trying Yerba Mate and leaving the Bialetti percolator for the mornings.

  58. Thanks for the video guys-

    Tim–I can’t find much in 4HWW about business entities (LLC, S Corp, C Corp, etc). I want to start a muse of my own, but should I get one of these or can I run my business as a sole proprietor? Maybe I just missed the page(s) where this was discussed?

    Any/everyone respond please!

  59. Just got my first pair of Terra Plana barefoot’s in Covent Garden, London – they are brilliant! Very cool looking and comfortable beyond belief. My first barefoot experience… time to reach for the Vibrams I think!

  60. Our company hired a marketer who was a devotee of “The Four Hour Work Week” and a frequent poster on this blog. All he did was try to get out of doing work by pushing tasks off onto other team members through laziness, and passive-aggressive bullying. I hope there’s more to the book than what I saw in this individual. Honestly, what I saw in his behavior does not make me want to read it.

    1. Hi Steve,

      I’m sorry to hear that. The book does not promote that type of behavior. The way you get ahead in the real 4HWW world is by producing 3-10x per hour what your colleagues do. That gives you the ability to negotiate fair but uncommon arrangements. So sorry to hear someone misinterpreted the message.

      All the best,


  61. Hey all/Tim,

    Here’s an interview with the world record holder for free diving, Will Trubridge:


    He talks about the physiological and psychological challenges of apnea (breath-hold) diving and there’s a video attached of when he broke the world record at 88m.

    I recall a post a while back about the “hacks” to holding one’s breath for a long time.


  62. Tim,

    I left a comment for you a few days ago inviting you and the guys to come out on a sailing adventure this summer with the non-profit organization I’ve started.

    I’m not sure if it’s still awaiting moderation from you or not, but I wanted to let you know that I just received word from your friend Rolf Potts, author of Vagabonding, that he is interested in participating. So I wanted to let you know that, it’s shaping up to be quite the adventure and I’m stirring up enough interest in the Couchsurfing community that we may have more than one boat going on this voyage! Hope to hear from you soon!

  63. Hey Tim-

    I have a stronger deadlift PR goal this year too; though not quite as high as 500. My grip strength is my limiting factor. I have solid form and know I could knock out more reps @ greater weights if only my grip were better.

    What do you do to “hack” your grip strength? I don’t want to use straps if I can avoid it – do you use straps?



  64. My two cents: I consider myself a Tim Ferriss disciple and I don’t find the GTD methods incongruent at all. GTD is a great TACTICAL method or organizing workflow. If anything, it allows you to free up your time more and “batch” in the work later, at pre-designated periods (for collection, process, and the actual work). I find the 4HWW to be more strategy…although there are quite a few tactics in there. Tim got me to set limits on others’ expectations about time and email.

  65. I really enjoyed your information on vitamin D deficiency but I was curious why you don’t seem to recommend the vitamin D home testing kit made available by the Vitamin D Council, a non-profit organization promoting vitamin D health. You seemed to be more in favor with getting the test done by a doctor. Any particular reason?

    BTW, after listening to your video, I started taking 5000 IU per day of vit D, and I’ve also done a couple of posts on my blog about the subject.

  66. Hey Tim, your Random episodes are really entertaining. This one was good too 🙂

    By the way, have you heard about polyphasic sleeping? Are you covering it in your upcoming superhuman book?


  67. Yo Tim!

    If you like Cordarounds, you are going to LOVE Bonobos. http://www.bonobos.com. Unreal pants for athletics guys (like yourself). Named after the endangered monkey who likes to get down more than any other species. Enjoy. Andy and Brain, the guys who started the bus, are marketing/product geniuses as far as I’m concerned.


  68. Hey Tim,

    I want to write to you and ask you a few questions, and I’m not sure how to do that…..I’m just a simple person that does not have 5-7 zeros before the decimal point…lololol…but if u would be so kind,please advise. I know u’r busy!!

    Thanx Fallyn

  69. hey Tim,

    if you can, try and do some dives @ Protea Banks or Aliwal shoal.

    around 100km south of Durban.

    Shark diving without the cages.

    Truly amazing.

  70. Dear Tim,

    i bought ur book a while ago and after looking at ur blog, i must say that i find you one of the most interesting people i have heard of. with the assistance of your book I now have enough motivation to start the life i want for myself. I had a really interesting time growing up but the last 3 years have been a drag. I now see how I can change it back again.

    thanks for the great inspiration. One day, i wish to be able to inspire you too

    -Morgan Nilsen, Norway

  71. Great topic seems late though, I like the outfitting. I agree fight club has a major tennants of stoicism and emotional freedom in it.

    Even the process of goal decisions, of decision making and congruence with this goals has been taken from the young man these days, you seem them on the streets flabby or texted out of exuberance. Some governments are to blame taking exercise out of routines, school playgrounds have been sold in the UK.

    Rant off.

  72. I agree with you fight club has major tennants of Stiocism, we are taught as young men not to goal set, not to value congruence, not to value decision making.

    Our culture celibrates nothing, actually it celibrates nothing, young men are flabby and texting away their exuberance, governments sell off sports fields and take away decision making classes from school. Love live the goal setting process, only entrepeneurs in their own fight can remain steadfast.

  73. My first visit to your blog. Nice. I didn’t have 40 minutes to sit through the video, watched part of it. Lot’s of “um’s” and not a real doctor, medical council. Brief and focused can be good. Something like, had blood work done, checked on my vitamin D levels, not good. I probably would have continued on past that part. Maybe a little more rehearsal, then shoot. Only a suggestion.

  74. I have no idea why, but I absolutely love the random episodes. I have watched them all and have even watched a couple twice!

    Admittedly it’s not moving me any closer to achieving my goals, so I best get out of the habit for a little while and go on an information diet, even if it means visiting this blog a little less frequently!

    There are some absolute nuggets of Gold shared by these two in various episodes of this podcast and have been really helpful. I am helping a couple of friends launch a social networking site in the UK this year and some of the little nuggets of gold on this blog have been so valuable. Thank you Tim and Kevin!


    Hey guys,

    I’d be interested in a show about humanitarian lifestyle design – ie – how X or Y left their boring day job and went and improved the lives of X amount of people in a village or city or anything like that.

    How their thinking differently, changed a charity for the better, or created their own charity … anything along those lines… about changing from soulless work, to meaningful work 🙂

    I’d also be interested in something along the same lines, but in terms of helping our earth.

    Be well 🙂


  76. Tim – great as always…. but hitting the bottle a little too much… nervous action? Kevin – like the hat.

    I have a challenge of selling my house in one week if either of you is up to it. My husband will take me on a trip to Athens if I do. Let’s make him a believer!

  77. Shark diving without cages ??

    No way I would allow anyone I like to do this 🙂 Life is too short and valuable to risk like that, me thinks.

    Tim: I hope you tweet frequently while being in South Africa, so that we don’t have to worry that much.

  78. Has anyone else’s Alexa ranking thing in the bottom right corner disappeared? I tried downloading it again, but I am wondering if they changed their setup or something…

    I know this isn’t close to the most relevant blog post to comment on, but this one is recent (currently getting more traffic) and hopefully others with the same toolbar can offer some help.

    Thanks in advance!

  79. Tim,

    I love your book. It is helping me instantly.

    I have a suggestion not sure if someone already posted it.

    I often listen to your audio book in the car and use the printed book at home or work for Q&A.

    Do you have a printable addendum that cross references your audio book to the pages in the printed book. Also a good update for the next printable addition

    It would save me much time.

    I will be hanging with you on the beach soon.