Live Post-Show Q&A at 12 midnight ET and 12 midnight PT

[UPDATE: Please check for future air dates or e-mail! The chat is now finished, but there will be more. It was a blast. Thanks to all those who tuned in!]

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122 Replies to “Live Post-Show Q&A at 12 midnight ET and 12 midnight PT”

  1. Will you come to the BIG OMAHA Conference next year w/ Gary Vaynerchuk and perhaps Mr. Warren Buffet?

    Keep up the great work by the way and Joe Frost / EO Nebraska says hello!

  2. Tim! You have to persuade Histroy Channel’s Canadian branch to feature your show on our airwaves. I saw the promo of your show this morning on Lifehacker right before I go to work, then proceed to tell everyone about it, only to find out after work (we don’t have full internet access at work) that your show won’t be airing on History Channel Canada.

    If you can please work your magic and persuade them to air you show.

    Either way I hope that the show takes off and hope there’s many more episodes to come. BTW how many episodes have you filmed so far?



  3. Hey Tim,

    This was a blast watching you go 900 miles an hour answering questions. I passed the show along to all my readers. Have a blast!



  4. Where can people outside the US watch this?

    (like if there’s hulu or something that will still potentially count to ratings – i’d rather do that than torrent it or whatever)

  5. Thanks for doing this Tim. You give good energy. It was much fun. One of the things I’m immediately doing is I’m ordering that book on writing (linked it from my name) “On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition” by Zinsser. Thnx!

    Lufthansa is expensive, but it isn’t a rule. I don’t know how much shows the lowest prices, but I have had very good ultra low prices for march ’08 booking only like 4 weeks before travelling (check their homepage or smth).

  6. Hey Tim

    Im enjoying the show. I would love to see more with new subjects. Hopefully this gets picked up. Good luck. I will probably be asleep during the Q and A, but good luck to all. Jon

  7. I’m kind of blown away by this kind of streamlining. And that practicing the movements then sleeping for four hours and practicing again to more deeply imprint the motions, very cool. I never would have thought of any of this stuff. Great show!

  8. Tim,

    Excellent pilot! I truly hope The History Channel picks it up… they would be fools not to. You did a great job and kudos to your cameraman and editor… nicely done. Very professional.

    Question, how did you pitch the show?

    What was your process for getting this out there?

    Did you start putting together the show then shop it around to all the likely cable networks?

    Or did you just pitch the idea until you got a bite?

    How long did it take from finished production to placement within a solid time slot?

  9. I’m watching you ice your back right now…lol.

    I missed these notices on your website and accidentally came across the show just as I was getting ready to go to bed (now I’m watching). I like it! I especially like hearing you discuss your thought process as you analyze and break down what you need to do to learn. Also the little nuggets of info (like the soviet athletes using an ice/heat treatment on muscles and how this releases melatonin… neat). A window into your thought and learning process combined with nuggets of “life hack” style info and an exotic and interesting setting (and hey, what guy doesn’t like bows and arrows?)

    I like the show… good luck with it!

  10. Ok… I like the show’s concept. But this type of show hinges on your personality. It is not coming through. The show’s pace is a little lethargic. There needs to be a better balance of analysis, action and personal connection. If I wasn’t familiar with you from the 4HWW… I’d wonder who the hell is this guy and why should I spend and hour watching him deconstruct some Japanese archer?

    Tim – I’m a big fan of what you do, and enjoyed the show. It needs more “rock star” and a little less “Science guy” get the mix right and you have a good product.

  11. Hi Tim! I tuned it and enjoyed it very much, my oh my you’re intense!!!

    My question is why did they only give you 3 trial runs at the end? I also noticed you didn’t do the “warrior yelling” at the first two trials, do you think the last one made a huge difference?

    As far as the show, it was cool, glad to see you in your element a little bit more. However there were too many special effects like a bad cowboy movie, LOL.

    Oh yeah, what did you eat the whole week?

  12. The show was awesome!! I really hope it takes off for you! I can’t see what you get to “hack” next!

    Very nicely done! Let us know when the next show will be on. Can’t wait to see it and hear about your experience on this one!


  13. i read a kick butt short story about a guy who hunted people on his private island.

    if u could learn tracking skills to either hunt people (no harming of course) or get away from trained hunters in a week, that would be awesome!!!!

    Make it a metropolitan or jungle-like area, maybe in a country where u don’t know the language?

  14. Hi Tim,

    Excellent show. I thought the learning process was not very well explained so I’m hoping you can post the breakdown somewhere here.

    My question is mainly about picking up minute details on skills (like you did on the horse position) I’m trying to learn the kettlebell clean and snatch. I’ve seen it in the video many times but I still keep banging my forearm. Any ideas on picking up minute details?

  15. Tim,

    I was expecting more suspense with the show, it could use some more flavor. Overall, I’m happy for you and for those who shared this moment with you.

    You’re doing fantastic, keep it up.

  16. Great show! I enjoyed it very much. Watching that and reading all your stuff always keeps me motivated to achieve my best!

    P.S. Kinda sounds like you are into wines! Have you tried “Two Hands Angel’s Share” great wine my favorite!

  17. Tim,

    Excellent pilot episode. I was totally into it.

    Can I suggest that the live chat after the show be muted for all speakers except the moderators? Then the general public can directly ask your moderators questions, and then the moderators will repeat the questions 1 by 1 (filtering all along) so that there isn’t a mess of text in the chat?

    I totally liked the idea of chat after a show (I’ve never seen such a thing! Technology is amazing). I hope there is some filtering if you intend to do this for future episodes (which there better be!).


  18. Hi, I just watched your show and loved the concept of it;

    can you learn anything in a brief amount of time given the right

    amount of focus, etc? I have a question and an episode idea that

    may be of interest. I hope this is the right spot to put it. Can you learn to throw a baseball 90+ mph (or, say, 5-10 mph harder than you can throw now if you can already throw 90)??? I play college ball and watch film and study pitchers movements and mechanics but have never been able to figure out what it takes to break the 90 mph mark. Maybe you can see something that

    I can’t and change your mechanics and explain what you did to gain

    the mph’s. Email me at if you are interested

    in this or not, and if not as a show, maybe you might be able to send

    me a few ideas to increase my velocity that I haven’t thought of yet.

    This could also help millions of kids who dream of making it to the

    major leagues, including several of the kids I coached in summer

    leagues. Thanks for any help and hopefully the show will be a hit!

    Brad Presler

  19. Thanks for answering my questions about WG Hill (PT, Perpetual Traveler, Permanent Tourist), about women wile traveling (even if you did skirt the issue a bit – lol) and if you have ever been in a real fight

    Great idea to have the live chat man

  20. Hey Guys,

    Tell the History Channel how much you liked the Trial By Fire show. Here’s a link to the contact email form page on the History Channel webpage.

    When you get there, you’ll see 3 steps where you select topics and where your email will to be routed.

    I imagine the best route for those 3 steps is

    1. Corporate

    2. Programming

    3. Where Do I send Comments About A Specific Show?

    There are other options, but this one seems to have the best bang for the buck.

  21. Enjoyed the show quite a bit. Have to admit, I think it’s better suited for TLC than History channel. The focus was definitely on how to approach whatever you’re confronted with, how you break it down and the “why” behind what you’re doing (which I love seeing…I get frustrated with shows that only tell “what”).

    I found a couple approaches you used in breaking down the much larger task that are incredibly relevant for what I do on a daily basis. Approaches I hadn’t considered.

    Oh, and they made a great choice on the music to back up the show.

    Not to give things away, but I have to say I’m beyond impressed. Given that span of time, I have to believe my results would be quite different.

  22. Tim

    As always great job, I am looking forward to seeing you and your show do great things. Thanks again for the 007 tickets and for setting the standard we should all be striving for.

    All The Best


  23. Tim, I liked the show. I know the point of the show is to show how to learn things quickly, but what I really liked was aspect of the show that featured a likable host going to a foreign country to learn to do something. You’re like an Anthony Bourdain with a mission. I think this would make an excellent travel show. I really hope to see more episodes. Great job!

  24. Hi All,

    can someone post a link to a web version of the show? We cannot watch it from abroad…


    Jon from freezing London, UK

  25. Tim,

    I just emailed The History Channel at and asked them when the next episode will air (knowing that there isn’t even an episode in the can). I hope they pick it up, as I learn a ton from all of your projects. Thanks! -Dave

  26. Dude that live stream and the show were Awesome! I was happy to hear you answer my questions; I asked some of the personal questions just to make you blush! On a serious note, H Channel would be crazy not to pick you up.

    You have a following. . .there were like 490 plus people watching after the show, which was cool because the show aired so late to begin with. 11p.m. is not exactly prime time television, at least not on the east coast and not on a Thursday night!

    When you have the number of viewer can you post it? I’m just curious. Also, think about answering some of the rapid fire questions you could answer last night because you were a little tipsy. . .lol. Just kidding! Those questions were fast though and I thought you did a great job.

    P.S. I converted my fiance. Now he’s a fan.

  27. Enjoyable program, Tim. I liked getting into your thought process and that’s something we can use in our daily lives. And what a fantastic tradition! I had really no idea about it beforehand.

  28. Hey Tim, here’s an idea for an episode.

    Achieve spiritual enlightenment in 1 week. Become a self realized being, and liberate your soul from eternal suffering.

    Not a state of constant bliss or a feeling of oneness, but absolute realization… where the ego is forever washed away and all that remains is — nothing. Except God, or absolute consciousness.

  29. Tim, it was such a pleasure to see you engaging with all of us last night prior to the show. I’m pretty sure everyone there was getting a kick out of you responding to all the questions in speed-reading fashion. My quip about it being a test of your multi-tasking skills seemed to be a non-issue after all, eh!

    The chat seemed to inspire a crazy dream last night where my girlfriend and I were over at your house drinking wine with ten or so other folks playing some wacky brain teaser games. . . funny!

    As I’m one of those cats who doesn’t own a TV, I’ll look to scrounge up a viewing of the show somehow. . .I couldn’t even find anyone who had Tivo and knew how to record on DVD for me. . .bummer.

    Pure vida.


  30. Tim,

    Fantastic show. Much appreciated – keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next.



  31. Tim – Great show. I thought the fact that you used this Japanese Tradition as a starting point for your series was fantastic. Seems like everyone wanted more and explosions or something, but I thought it flowed really well. You were showing the Tradition in its true right, and did not bastardize it by hacking it. You were extremely respectful. Also I thought the music rocked!!! Great Job!

  32. Tim, the show was great and it was a lot of fun watching it! My husband even enjoyed it which is amazing. Hope you’re getting some sleep this morning!

  33. Watched the show, DVR’d the show. Enjoyed it very much.

    Suggest that the show contain more of you analyzing and discussing the learning/hacking process. First show seemed like you were just putting a lot of time in over a few days, didn’t differentiate it from other like shows.

    Also, the post-chat was fun, but too many freaks blasting questions. Suggest moderation on post-show discussions.

    All in all, great to see you expanding media. Look forward to more.

  34. Tim, that was awesome! And as a fluent Japanese speaker myself, I must say I was completely and totally blown away by your fluency. The only thing I was thrown by was the fast funny editing sequences here and there, but other than that I thought the show was full of suspense. I could not wait to see if you could hit those targets, and found myself holding my breath repeatedly. I want more shows! We had a dinner party last night, and 7 of the people stayed late enough to watch. Every one of us was so silent during the show, holding our breath, and letting out a woo hoo when you figured stuff out. It was a blast!

    Here’s to Trial by Fire parties across the nation!!!

  35. Hi, I am very interested in most the questions asked here in the comments and I missed the life stream! Any way we can get these questions answered on your blog or maybe a manuscript of the live Q&A?

    The show was great btw! I like the concept a lot, the graphics blended with the content of this particular show but I can see it being a bit annoying if it was the same for an American/European skillset.

  36. Good show. What do you think of Malcolm Gladwell’s research as written in Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in something?

  37. I rarely watch TV, but made an exception for this.

    Great concept, very interesting subject. Could maybe have been edited down for a faster pace. Also could have benefited from more time spent on your methods — they came off as simplistic, and we know they aren’t.

    You are offering an unusual combination: cerebral methodologies applied to adrenal hobbies. The latter work well visually on TV, but the former are hard to communicate.

  38. Tim, I had not heard of you before yesterday and I just happened across your show by chance. I’ve been to a yabusame demonstration and your breakdown helped me better appreciate the difficulty of the sport.

    Just watching the preface for the show made me think “lifehacker.” I think you peppered interesting information throughout the show; I’d like to gain more insight into your process for breaking down these challenges. I’ve always noticed that incorporating my studies into my sleeping patterns have affected my retention of information, I’d like to see more of that as well.

    In all, I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem, and I hope the History Channel picks it up!


  39. -Big fan of your blog and your book is on my Amazon wishlist

    …If the directors said “lets get more scenes of you in your underwear” then that’s cool, but if it were me I would avoid doing that too much in the future.

    …The most interesting parts of the show for me were your thoughts and facts that you raddled off. They need graphical representation. Also there were lots of random color/thought blurbs. This effect often lasted too long and felt…off.

    The strength of the show is really your whole approach to learning so give us some bullet points next time (on screen actual graphics) and brand your show a little better! Emphasize the premise of “Trail by Fire,” by mentioning it a bit more. Maybe make a tag line or subtitle like “how to learn without getting burned” (something like that) so people really “get” the premise.

    Overall great show.

  40. topseekrit noted:

    “I also noticed you didn’t do the ‘warrior yelling’ at the first two trials”

    I caught that, too.

    It was weird. The first two runs had no yells, and were completely ineffective.

    The third run had the yells and was flawless.

    What was up with that?

  41. Oh, fun to watch!

    Here are a few show ideas.

    1) Learn to pour for an inipi, or native american sweatlodge. You may have a difficult time finding someone willing to teach you as they normally require 10-15 years of living the path first, but it’s very physically challenging and requires an energetic sensibility that most westerners never develop.

    2) I like the idea of you learning a language on the show! But since you already speak Japanese and some of the other languages perceived as the toughest, I’d like to see you learn Navajo. It’s the language the radio dispatchers used in WWII and it’s the only ‘code’ that the other side never broke.

    Hope they let you do more shows!

  42. YELLING!!! Sorry about that, I got a little excited. I think yelling shuts off the conscious mind and lets the sub-conscious do the motions. Why do monks chant or weight lifters grunt, it allows them to go deeper to accomplish the task.

    Great, I guess I am going to have to start YELLING just so I can get my work done and go home for the weekend.

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I have to agree with Ken, although I think this is the fault of the editors and not a Timothy Ferriss error. Good luck man great concept. TV is about as predictable as the stock market at the moment!

  44. Tim,

    Howdy from Utah! I loved the show! I hope you get picked up by the History Channel. Our office has great respect for you, especially the four high school seniors who work in the afternoons 🙂 Best wishes!

  45. Like the show Tim. It would be cool if you could do show notes and include links to articles of subjects that you mention on the show. Many of the concepts you brought up create an impulse to Google and learn more.

  46. Tim,

    After reading your book and listening to the audio version a number of times I signed up for your blog and have been following your travels and endeavors with great interest (I too am an adventure traveler). So, I was eager to watch your show on the History channel last night. I liked it very much and thought it was filmed very well. However, I found that something was missing, which I can not put my finger on. I agree with another person’s comment that that had I not known who you were, I might have been so interested in the outcome. No matter what is missing, sign me up for the next me up for more features. I will also write the History Channel to ask when the next episode is. Keep up the adventures!!

  47. Hey Brad Presler,

    So you’re interested in throwing 90+ plus? I’m not a pitcher, but I played baseball for Fresno State from 1999-2003, and am a NASM personal fitness trainer specializing in high endurance , Yoga, and performance training…I’ve read Tim’s book, his blog, and a few of his recommended readings…”The Art of Learning” and the “80/20 Principal.” Really cool topics discussed that cross over into your pitching mechanics. (also remember to consult a physician before starting any of the below training)

    Anyway, to answer your question, you have to understand, not everyone will be able to throw X>90mph, it’s a physically impossibility for some, but since you’re already at the 90 mark, then you can gain up to 5+mph by doing the following:

    Read TIm’s blog posts on “The 4 Hour Body” above, incorporate speed & agility training into your workouts (including medicine ball explosive movements, interval run training (hills, etc.) Tim recommends ChiRunning, I bought the book and DVD and it helped me to finish my first marathon in November, getting into Yoga or Pilates will increase stability in your joints and will virtually get rid of muscle imbalances increasing the all important ROM (range of motion) needed to maximize power, and don’t forget your hips and spine drive everything, your legs and arms create the proper cadence needed to be smooth…does Josh Beckett look herky jerkey or smooth?

    A lot of what Tim talks about can apply to anything, so you’re on the right track. Let me know if you want to talk more by visiting my hitting website or my fitness one at…take care and good luck!

    P.S. Mr. Tim Ferris, I love all your stuff, can’t get enough of it! Keep up the good work…also looking into doing an affiliate program with your BodyQuicken and PXMethod products on my website, any possibility? Oh yeah, great show, watched it, loved it, and took good notes!

    Thanks for everything,


  48. Hi Tim,

    I watched the show last night and I was entertained…

    BUT I have some criticism…

    1. I’ve built more computers than I can remember and I have never heard the tern “hyperclocking”…I have heard of “overclocking” and I don’t think they can be used interchangeably.

    2. There were way too many cheesy “watery/wavey” effects during camera angle switching…it was a little nauseating.

    3. I don’t think there was enough analytical analysis…you crammed it all into about two minutes of airtime right at the end. You did show some of the intuitive analysis your used throughout the show but that really doesn’t strike me as all together that special.

    Not enough hacking!

    I have loved reading your analysis on the various topics you have posted about here on your website…I just didn’t see enough of that kind of Tim in the show.

    Break it down some more for us…

    It is the analysis that you do when facing a topic/situation/ problem that sets you apart. Without it the show would be as bland as those martial art shows that have been on recently like “Fight Quest”..I like watching people learn new fighting styles as much as the next guy….but I never cared about who those guys were…they weren’t interesting or offered anything other than a willing student who accepted that at the end of the episode he could get the living daylights beat out of him.

    4. I have to agree and disagree with Ken’s comment above

    “It needs more “rock star” and a little less “Science guy”.”

    You do need to inject more of yourself into it like he says…”more rock star”…but the rock star part of you that I admire is the “science guy” part of you

    Congratulations on even getting a pilot aired….let’s all hope you get the chance to make more content for us Tim-fans to devour.

  49. Q From Tokyo here…

    Im gonna download it on bittorrant

    Great after show….I think you answered about 500+ questions in 1 hour!

  50. If the pilot gets picked up then inter cut the primary “trial” of each show with other things, Tim tips, something from your book or other life hacker type info and then back and forth between them.

    then again probably for the majority of viewers that haven’t heard of you, their was more on offer.

    who produced the show, was it someone in LA or did you get a team together yourself?

  51. Tim,

    Had to DVR the show last night…and just watched this evening. Should have watched it live and followed up with Ustream!

    Based on my experience with filming, I’m sure there were scenes that were cut that may have given the show a little more context. I definitely thought that you needed a better opening. Other than that…what a great 60 minutes of learning how to learn! The kitchen timer…clever and interesting. But hitting those targets…just awesome. Great call on the change in riding style.

    The Ustream Followup must have been fantastic as well and I hope some of those History Channel “Spies” followed the action.

    Although I’m a little biased…the show had me wanting more episodes. Good luck!


  52. Dude, I think the site got hacked. When I tried to get into reader resources, it asked for pg 666 and “Im the devil”

    Sorry to notify here, but it’s the same to get into the forums.

  53. Hi Tim,

    Very cool show. My gut feeling is that it isn’t “flashy” or dramatic enough to make it.

    I emailed the show, and wish you the best.

  54. Hi All!

    Thanks for all the support and great suggestions. I will definitely incorporate a lot of them if it gets picked up. Keep an eye on Twitter tomorrow for some serious action — I’m racing across the US via car.

    @Beth, thank you so much for spotting this! Yikes. On it now with my tech help.

    Last but super critical — If you’d like to see this become a series, please take a sec to send History an email asking for more!

    Thanks and have a great weekend!


  55. Tim – is the History Channel willing to stick this first pilot episode onto for streaming? It would be foolish for them not to consider this, as they are dealing with TF – the master mind of viral online marketing…this would be not only a great way for all of your non-US based Fans to catch up, but could also stand out as a potentially great traffic boost for the HS website (

  56. Hi everyone,

    don’t you know if it’s possible to download the pilot anywhere? I don’t have History Channel in my country and I’d really love to see it. Thanks!

  57. Tim,

    I got chills during your Ustream rapid-fire brain-picking session. You have single-handedly rendered Webinars, seminars, and conferences obsolete.

    Thankyou for creating a new form of communication.

    Seriously. The show was great. But I would really like to see more of those rapid-fire one-on-one-thousand interviews.

    Unfortunately, I think few humans are capable of what you did (the Ustream, I mean). When is the next one?


  58. I enjoyed the show. You definitely have a talent for strategic simplification. I hope the show gets picked up for at least a season’s worth of episodes.

  59. @Tim

    Great Q&A! Thanks for answering all of my questions (you answered ten or so, among them, “Have you met Henry Rollins?” to which you answered, “No, but he has a very big neck… and I respect that.” Haha 🙂

    I’ve sent THC an email requesting they keep the show. Good luck!

    To everyone else:

    Does anyone have a torrent for both the Q&A video as well as the show? I missed it and don’t have cable. Thanks!

  60. Hey Tim, a quick tip if you’d like…

    As an avid ustream user, you can record the show’s right from inside the “contro area” of you’re ustream browser area.

    Once you hit the “record” button, ustream handles the things on their servers and does all the transcoding once you finish.

    It’s pretty painless.

    They give you two options once you’re ready to share the video.

    1) is they host it

    2) you can download it to edit it and host else where

    Each has pro’s and con’s for the viewers who come to watch the replay

    The pro’s with #1, after doing a few show’s ustream gives you the ability while you’re “off the air” to use the video window as a rotating player of your previously recorded shows. So automatically that “blank” black window turns into a fun and scrollable video “slideshow” for your viewers.

    Con’s with #1 are, if you go live again, it cuts off the ability for those who want to watch a prerecorded one while you’re live on all the video windows you’ve “embedded” that show’s code with.

    Pro # 2, you can edit and post them on any video network, put them inside a member’s only area, tag’em up with keywords, and drive traffic to other places from viewers clicking redirect links.

    Also for the 60min you’d be live during a live video session, audience member’s could watch the older ones, but then again you’re live, so you’d more interesting there.

    Cons #2, you’d loose the video slide show ability…

    Hey if this got too detailed and you care to really get the most of out this new medium, I’d be happy to take a could mins to talk with you or you’re admin/comm person.


    Justin Zimmerman

  61. Hi Tim!

    I tivo’d your show…excellent job. For only the 4th “Westerner” to ever attempt this, you did us proud!

    Personally, I like the way they recreated your “ah-ha” moments with the flashes and wave-like dream sequences.

    I loved seeing your “thought process” play out, and now your “banking your swimmers” post makes much MORE sense, as you probably did that BEFORE taping this. Watching you for an hour, you are more intense and detail oriented than I had imagined.

    I am with the others who said the use of bulletpoints, “Tim tips” or even a link to “find out more” after the show would create some interesting scenarios.

    I like the “learn or get burned” idea to go with the name of your show, and I definitely see exotic places and intriguing skills to be mastered in your future. Just polling your readers alone, could give you several series’ worth of show ideas.

    I hope they pick it up! If not, TLC seems to be a great fit too. ***How about a contest? Ask readers to submit a mini- business related trial by fire business idea for your BLOG. Limit the time to “hack” to a number of hours (your choice) then deconstruct some common 4hww follower problem, and show us how you did it! example- how to find and exploit a wordtracker niche, how to use youtube to increase your google rank, etc… Just an idea 🙂 ***

    We’re pulling for you!



  62. Hola Tim,

    Though I couldn’t catch the tv show, I watched the videocast, and enjoyed it like hell.

    U mentioned, that you wouldn’t ruin your joints if you were 21 again. How would you prevent the damage?



  63. Tim-

    Loved the show. High quality production in every aspect. I agree with some of the other posters about the science aspect of the show. Undoubtedly you needed high level teacher to train you, but digging deeper on the process you used would be appreciated.

    Show ideas:

    You could think of them in categories as follows:


    – throw a fastball at 90mph (as has been suggested, but how about striking out a major league hitter)

    -Increase your long jump by X%

    -Marksman. Hit a penny with a sniper rifle at 1000 yards

    -tightrope walk over a tank of sharks (sorry, couldn’t resist)


    – become a blueman in blueman group, perform flawlessly at a show

    – Write a song a major recording artist would select to record over others

    – Learn to play an instrument you have never touched before

    – Out cook Bobby Flay in a Throwdown


    – Make $100,000 in 1 week at a new business/venture

    – Create a new website that gets 1 million hits a day (without people knowing its your site)

    Congratulations on the show, I hope it gets picked up.


  64. Steve: I agree about Ice Road Truckers. Who knew that show would be such a hit?

    I just emailed THC for you, Tim. Hopefully they’ll turn it into a series.

  65. I found your book quite intriguing.

    To think people exist who actually live the lifestyle which I dreamed about since childhood.

    Unfortunately, I have a question which is unrelated to your TV show, which I haven’t seen yet but find interesting.

    Many people are facing unemployment with a shrinking job market

    This means that they face the choice between going on welfare or starting their own business which requires income coming in now rather than thinking about long-term growth.

    Are the principles from the “4-hour-work-week” still useful for these people who mostly likely have very little business experience, very limited or even negative financial resources (failing investments, various debt and etc) but forced to go into business on their own?

    How do principles from the “4-hour-work-week” apply to these people facing today’s economic conditions?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  66. Tim:

    What an inspiring show. Thanks! I noticed you getting chiropractic adjustments and it didn’t get mentioned about what was happening. If you gave a plug to chiropractic you could get all the chiropractors to watch the show and let more people know about chiropractic as a healing method. Thanks for putting in the adjustment scene. Best of luck with the show. I hope they pick it up… Mitch

  67. Hey Tim,

    I enjoyed your show and I think it’s a fantastic concept, but I agree with some of the above comments. The show is too slowly paced and I think the audience (apart from us lifehacker geeks) might have a hard time connecting with you. One suggestion I have is to lose the voiceover narration and have a fellow lifehacker join you in taking part in the trials. The two of you would train together and compare and contrast your approaches. Then at the end have a competition against one another. It would give you a chance to develop a friendly rivalry from episode to episode and give the audience a chance to see a familiar face. Just my $.02.

    Take care,


  68. Mitch good advice.. : ) I wonder if Tim had the blogosphere involved on this one. It would not surprise me.. Love this blog….

    Cheers Tim


  69. Just to ecco a lot of others. Can we get the show on-line? If anyone can bring TV out of the dark ages you can. To many of your viewers don’t plan their schedule around television, which is definitely the exception to the rule.

    Heck, I’d pay a monthly subscription if I could get a Timtv every week on-line.

    Ignore traditional television all together, you could probably just get a camera man (struggling college student perhaps) to follow you around just doing crazy stuff and put that into a couple shows per week. With the number of visitors you get, it wouldn’t be a stretch to get regular subscribers. Increased book sales alone would probably pay for the show.

  70. @Tim

    Can we pleassssse have the EPISODES LOADED ON YOUTUBE???

    As I dont think it is being aired in India.

    Looking forward to your support.


  71. Tim,

    I’ve been following your writing for the past few years. Its a great pleasure to say that your insightful articles have provided inspiration in some tough times in my life.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration you’ve provided, and wanted to wish you the best of luck with the new TV show.


    Vlad D

  72. Hey Tim!! I guess it is probably quite late to leave you a comment on the show. But after listening to your energetic speech in the class last Thur, i ordered your book. It just arrived! pretty excited about it.

    Back to the show, it was excellent. it’s impressive to see how much you’ve progressed and succeeded in the last run. I almost jumped out of the couch.

    horseback archery was well popular in ancient china, espeically in the 13 century when China was in Yuan Dynasty. it was an eye opening to see the Japanese transfers this into an art.

    thank you for the great show. hope to see more in the future

  73. Hi Tim, congrats on the tv show and racing accross the states. Whats your next dreamline?

    The book has been a paradigm shift for me and inspired me to take up breakdancing. I still can’t do more than one windmill but I’ve entered a freestyle dance competition this month which will seriously push my comfort zones.

    I just wanted you to clarify your views on reading non-fiction. In your book and the video of your Princeton lecture you seem to be quite against it. Despite this I have seen you mention many books on this blog: ‘A Complaint-Free World’ ‘Radical Honesty’ ‘Paradox of Choice’ ect. I wonder if you can tell me how many non fiction books you read per month/year.

    Thanks in advance and keep setting an example.


  74. I think your book is one of the best things ever.

    And you just keep coming out with incredible ideas. How you do it?

    Anyway, I started to applying your principles to my music. I wish sometimes creating a song was more like a book, especially when delaing with instrumental songs like mine. I hope one of these days we’ll see a version of your ideas for music artists.