Semi-Finals: Scholarship for Opening the Kimono

(Photo: Josh Liba)


Once again, I have been BLOWN AWAY by you all.

Please find below the semi-finalists for the scholarship spot to the $10,000 Opening The Kimono™ event.

There are 26, listed in no particular order, as we could not narrow it down further. The case studies range from parents to students, from snowboarding to software, from Berlin to British Columbia. Here’s the next step:

1) Each video is a combination of three video submissions. After watching each video, vote for your favorite of the three applicants. Voting ends this Thursday, May 12th, at 12 midnight PST.

2) Once tallied, this round of voting will decide the 8-10 finalists for the next round.

Much like the Cold Remedy video case studies, these videos remind me of how much I owe you all. This kind of feedback is the reason that I continue to write, despite how hard it is for me, and why I love this community so much.

Thank you.

I hope you love these as much as I did. If you need a little inspiration, these are exactly what the doctor ordered.





Odds and Ends: Tim in Germany

I’m leaving from SFO for Germany as I type this, where I’ll be for 1-2 weeks, mostly in Berlin.

Anyone want to throw a big party? Know any club owners so we can blow it out? Other recommendations for fun in Berlin? Can’t wait to rediscover it, as I haven’t been since 2004.


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121 Replies to “Semi-Finals: Scholarship for Opening the Kimono”

  1. Hi Tim, I wanna offer you a deal! You give me an advice on how become a great write like you, and I will teach you a beautiful german world (ich bin ein deutscher :)). Are with me? Ok, deal made! The beautiful german word is : Würde = dignity. Now you turn! Have a great day and thanks! Dima, from Italy!

    1. A man of many words you are, Mike. 😛


      Although, I agree with you — these videos were fantastic. Not only was it fun to have some “say” in who gets the scholarship, it was great to see all of these success stories — adding motivation and fanning the flames of those who may not have quite yet reached the goals they set for themselves with regard to the 4-hour principles (work or body).

      Regardless of who goes on to win the scholarship, I hope that everyone has learned something about themselves by making these wonderful videos!

      With Love and Gratitude,


    2. Totally agree! I’ve seen 13 so far and most of them have been awesome. So much potential, so much work put into it. This blog post is better than two evenings of surfin’ youtube!

      However, as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and author of a book about the Feldenkrais Method myself, I want to support Tyler Bishton and his task in making this marvelous method more accessible to the public.

  2. ‘Damn, I remember Maneesh Sethi’s video from a year ago here:

    Seems like he’s doing even crazier things now! DJing in Berlin! ‘

  3. Only voted on the 1, 2, 4, 9 videos. The others I think are too weak.

    I think this is a great post, that allows us to analyse diferent perspectives, contexts and muses. These videos are great.


  4. Tim,

    Voted on all videos as I think they are all great.

    Video 4 has Rachman Blake who was a DJ @ a Club in Berlin. I’m sure he could hook you up.

    Have a safe trip.


    You look slim. What is you body fat %?

  5. Please share the Berlin tips! Also gonna be in Berlin in 3 weeks for Software AG show (and funny – also reconnecting since 2004!) Curious to experience local fun places off-the-beaten trap. Taking a 1-year old kid with me, so kid-friendly recommendations are welcome. (dm me @pijnz)

    1. Hey! I have a 4hww business and now I’m launching my ’90 days project’ to becoming a DJ in Berlin, so I’m renting clubs, throwing big parties, and living the Berlin lifestyle 🙂 When you get here, let me know! I can introduce you to all the other lifestyle designers and tell you all the cool things to do!

      1. I suggest all of you Berlin-bound guys check this out:

        It will be a huge celebration in the Olympiastadion (yes, thats where they had the FIFA world-cup finals), featuring artists from 151 countries and partying for intercultural and intereligious harmony.

        Berlin truly is the right place for a festival like that!

        Looking forward to see you there on the 2nd and 3rd of July!

    1. A nice location is the Müggelsee.

      There are lot´s of nice bars and restaturants at the sea.

      Berlin, district Friedrichshagen (Treptow-Köpenick)

      Take the S-Bahn to Friedrichshagen (i think S-25). Down the stairs and then left.

      Now you´re in the Bölsche street. Walk down the street till the end (appr.30minutes), Then turn left and you´re some steeps away from the müggelsee.

      Nice part of Berlin, more to relax and to enjoy.

      Wish you a nice time.

  6. Great submissions from some talented people. A lot of proof here that if you implement the techniques found in The 4HWW and 4HB that you will see results. I’m an avid reader of the 4HWW and of the blog and becoming a die hard Stoic of which I’m the most thankful for. (Thank you so much for your follow-up comment on the Facebook page. That was really cool.) Still haven’t found my M.U.S.E. yet but working towards it everyday. I consider you to be one of the writers that Lucius spoke of in Letter #2 Thanks again Tim and good luck on choosing from these great submissions.

  7. I am so bummed I didn’t find out about the Kimono opening nor the scholarship til just now. 🙁 So inspiring to see success stories!! Awesome as usual Tim! 😀


    How many of these fine contestants actually SHOWED the fruits of their labor?

    Who has game to back up their big talk?

    Who got buck NAKED because he wants this more than anyone else?

    My name is Charles Phillips, commander of the Pareto principle, General of the one man army, loyal follower the heavyweight tango champion of the world, Timmy Ferriss. Father to a murdered workweek, husband to a murdered boring life. And I will have my kimono, in this life or the next.

    Watch the magical 9th video. 😀

      1. I really, really hope so! I’m going to make it happen!

        …otherwise, a naked walk of shame is no fun. 😀 Thanks!!!

      1. Are you not entertained?!

        Haha, totally! I’m so glad SOMEBODY picked up on that…*internet high five*


  9. That took a long time to watch… but fun. Whoever gets to go, you better enjoy it, and thank the people who voted!

  10. “Hoai Nam” ( is a terrific Vietnamese restaurant in Kreuzberg (Skalitzer Straße 103) – fresh food, alternating menus every day, Vietnamese coffee, fresh smoothies & shakes – just perfect! “Mustafa” ( makes excellent veg-kebaps (lettuce + fried veggies + goat cheese + sauce + lemon juice), chicken meat optional. You can find him either at U6 Mehringdamm just at the entrance to the subway or U9/U6 Leopoldplatz, at the beginning of Luxemburger Straße (left-hand-side). The latter is a new shop and significantly less crowded than the former. I’d be honored if we met up. Cheers!

  11. Oh my Joyproof, your personal spy. Hate this overseer mentality, it’s all about getting the job done, not about wasting more time monitoring your workers. -.- The rest is pretty cool though. Maneesh seems to enjoy himself quite a lot.

    1. I have to disagree with you, Sven. I saw the utility of Joyproof immediately. It’s a great idea, even for your average manager, because it has the Hawthorne Effect built in. It’s not about surveillance; it’s about increasing productivity and keeping workers honest.

  12. Hey Tim,

    while in Germany be sure to stop by in Hamburg (the real capital of Germany)

    Sailing, barbecue and parties at the beach! A great start-up and entrepreneueral community too!

    btw there is a TED event in Hamburg on 24th of May.

    Drop a line to arrange stuff…



  13. Wow, awesome entrants! I would have loved to enter and talk about my 4 hour work weeks success and mobile business that I built, but I wont be in the states for that date thus wouldn’t have been able to make it…

    Next time (even tho I doubt there will ever been an opportunity like this again!)

  14. Hi Tim

    Regarding your question about BERLIN:

    From my recent exchange with Maneesh Sethi I know for a fact that he is in Berlin as well (you saw him talking about his in his video). He will have a “big DJ gig” on Friday, May 20th. I suppose that Maneesh has a lot of good tips for nightlife action in Berlin, since naturally his DJ passion is deeply connected with it 🙂 I guess you know how to contact Maneesh.

    I will also be in Berlin from Saturday, May 14 to at least Thursday May 19 and also meet up with Maneesh. Maybe I’ll even be able to stay there a couple of days longer and to experience Maneesh on his quest to become a famous DJ 🙂

    @Maneesh: in case you’re following this thread, let Tim/us/the world know where you can be found on Friday, May 20th 🙂

    Best regards from Greece,


    P.S.: I do not dare to hope that you’d be up for meeting for a mate tee (in case there is any place for mate in Berlin, otherwise a cup of good ol’ coffee). I’d like to kick your a.. a bit for not filling the ‘ultra’ section on your 4HB blog so that I can stop posting my ‘where the *beep* is Tim Ferriss’-videos on youtube with every race I run (next one to happen 22 May in Greece, by the way) 😉 You’ll know how to contact me in case of interest.

  15. Hallo Tim,

    wie gehts?

    welcome to Berlin!

    I want you to introduce you to Prof. Dr. Faltin, a leading entrepreneurship professor at the FU Berlin, best-selling author in Germany “Kopf schlägt Kapital” and a sucessful entrepeneur.

    Prof. Faltin revolutionized the Art of Tea Business with the best tea in the world.

    You and Prof.Faltin have a lot in common. Like you, Prof.Faltin recommends to outsource as much as possible.

    Check out his story on

    if you’re interested, i can introduce you to Prof.Faltin and you can have a nice cup of Darjeeling tea with him;)

    Hope to hear from you!

    1. Yep, I totally second (and third and fourth) Patrick’s suggestion, Tim!

      Faltin could be an interesting match for you, although he doesn’t seem to be too much into the ‘lifestyle thing’. At least that’s what I understood when I met with him about a year ago. For him the philosophy is more: ‘if you do your own thing (which you should) then do it the right way and if everything turns out the way you planned you can even be a cereal entrepreneur’ (in my own words), while in the 4hww philosophy the muse is a means to an end, i.e. living the life as you want (again in my own words).

      So, I am sure a meet & greet between the two of you could be good. I think that your books complement each other. He knows you, so if you contact his assistant you’ll probably get quick access to him directly. His assistant’s email is hoppe

    2. Yep, I totally second (and third and fourth) Patrick’s suggestion, Tim!

      Faltin could be an interesting match for you, although he doesn’t seem to be too much into the ‘lifestyle thing’. At least that’s what I understood when I met with him about a year ago. For him the philosophy is more: ‘if you do your own thing (which you should) then do it the right way and if everything turns out the way you planned you can even be a cereal entrepreneur’ (in my own words), while in the 4hww philosophy the muse is a means to an end, i.e. living the life as you want (again in my own words).

      So, I am sure a meet & greet between the two of you could be good. I think that your books complement each other. He knows you, so if you contact his assistant you’ll probably get quick access to him directly.

      Regards from Greece,


  16. Hey Tim!

    I’m in Berlin and we’re a group of harcdore Tim Ferris fans 😀

    The 4 hour body and the 4 hour work week has changed our lives, I’d rather be interested in organizing a party evening ( I could book out a club with space for upto 300 people without any costs, they’d run by running the bar) or rather even a public meeting can be organized at my university.

    Here is the clubs link,, they’d probably ask you for a deposit, but not us as we organize events their regularly.

    You already have my email address, I really hope you read this and reply.

    Cheers – Uzair

    1. Hi Tim, Uzair,

      great idea. Will you let us know if, when and where the party is? I would love to join you. Meeting you, Tim, whom I feel like knowing since decades – but realizing that you actually know nothing about me. Funny thing. And dancing with you all through the night. Looking forward!

      CU Rom

  17. Hi Tim –

    Welcome back to Berlin! I’ve been here for 3 months DJing w/ Maneesh and learning German. We host a party every other Friday in Kreuzberg, which is really popular for nightlife. I just booked a club for a Dubstep show July 2nd and I know a few venues where you can throw a ROCKSTAR party. What type of party would you like to have? Totally private or open to public? If public, then Watergate is my #1 recommendation ( It’s one of the most popular clubs in Berlin with indoor and outdoor sections and consistently great music. If it is a private event, then I recommend VCF club ( It has the classic ‘Berlin’ underground look and feel. Since you’re on your way now and only here for 2 weeks, it will be easiest to host a party at #1 WaterGate or #2 Luzia ( Luzia is a lounge with a great vibe, perfect for mingling, and you can have music. I’ve been in touch with these owners for my parties, so I can pass along their information if you like.

    I also work out of the gigantic co-working space Beta-Haus. ( They have weekly networking events and weekend parties. I host a 4HWW Couchsurfing meetup there every Friday, where I share my 4HWW experiences and help others with their muses. This co-working space is also a great venue for a party.

    I’m down for throwing down! Let me know and I’ll rally my troops.

    Talk to you soon,


    p.s. This was my video submission:

  18. Tim! Great post & great inspiration. I moved to Germany last year for my 9-5 “dream job”, quickly confirmed my suspicions that the lifestyle wasn’t for me, quit & moved to Berlin in March with your book in hand. I’m still living in Berlin & am super stoked to say I launched my muse test last night with the support of Rachman & Maneesh and a few other like-minded individuals who meet every Friday to work on our 4HWW business ideas. The two of them also throw some sweet parties & they have one lined up for next week. As for other fun stuff in Berlin… I definitely recommend rollerblading in Tempelhof Airport–surreal & strangely beautiful freedom amidst the bustling city. Looking forward to meeting you!

    1. Melissa! Congrats on launching your muse test! Would love to see it.

      I would like to meet up with the 4HWW Berlin posse 🙂 I launched a mini project 2 months ago and it exploded, in a good way. After 3 years of mulling ideas around, I’ve finally realised that the only missing ingredient was confidence. I feel like anything is possible now.

      Are you guys meeting next week Friday, the 20th? I’ll be in Berlin for a couple weeks and it would be awesome to hook up with yourself, Rachman & Maneesh.

      Here’s my email: camilaprada[at]yahoo[dot]com

      Would love to connect with you.

      1. Melissa and Camila, congrats!

        And Maneesh and Rachman – kudos. I didn’t realise people were doing that sort of thing anywhere. Awesome.

        I’d also love to meet you guys in Berlin – currently in London so it’s a short hop over.

        In brief, I’m an Aussie ex investment banker (worked in Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc), into Jungian psychology, speak a bit of Chinese, and reading 4HWW gave me the balls to quit my job last year.

        Still working out a muse, but… well, it’s going slowly.

        If any of you are free to meet up please let me know (benjamin[at]viewmixer[dot]com) and I’ll be on the next flight over.

        And Tim, not sure what the chances are, but if you’re up for a drink of some sort I massively owe you one.


  19. Hi,

    This saturday (14th may) the german winner of the soccer league (BvB09) will have its last game of the season. Afterwards the whole town will be celebrating. Expected are roughly 150.000 people and therefor a Autobahn will be blocked and used for celebration.

    If you are able to get tickets to the stadium it would be huge experience, since the people here are nuts about soccer.


  20. Tim!

    Can’t make it to Berlin due to my Austellung/show schedule. If you will be any where around the Frankfurt/Stuttgart area I would love to meet up for coffee or a glass of wine.

    I promise not to pee on your feet.

  21. Hi! I am Charles Phillips’ girlfriend from the 9th video.

    I’m going to kill him regardless, but you should vote for him so it’s not in vain! Tim is definitely his man crush- help them get to meet so I don’t have to hear about my boyfriend’s OTHER significant other all the time!


    P.S. Even though the video shows otherwise, I’m not some bimbo! Charles got punched a lot for a few of those pics. 🙂

  22. Wow what an honour!

    I am video 2 in the first set!

    Thanks Tim & Tim’s elves for the vote of confidence!

    Stiff competition, I have to say, such a lot of talent and success out there.

    Voters, you have your work cut out! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the videos and those who vote for me – hurrah! You’re awesome! It’s been a lot of work, but it’s worth it for this recognition!


  23. @Charles Phillips

    Just voted for you. I’m glad you weren’t in the same group as me as I’d have had to kill you. Bushido, etc.

    Have fun in China,

    Benedict 😉

    1. The favor was returned, Mr. Benedict. I actually told a few friends of mine that of all the videos, I think you and I were on the same wavelength. …or chord for that matter. 🙂

      Always was a fan of Miles Davis. Good stuff. Keep jazzin’ it up!



  24. Hi Tim,

    my name is Lukas Kampfmann, and I’m an editor for the Berlin-based lifestyle magazine “proud”.

    I was hoping we could combine business with pleasure and do a short interview while you are in Berlin.

    proud Magazine is a bi-monthly freebie lifestyle magazine with a circulation of 25,000 copies just in Berlin, and our website has 30,000 visitors per month.

    We cover a range of topics from fashion over music and nightlife to art and cater especially to an audience between the ages of 18 to 35 – which is especially interested in lifestyle-design.

    We could do either a four or two page feature, and are flexible regarding the topics of the interview – you decide whether you would like to put the focus on 4HB or 4HWW or the Opening the Kimono seminar – or something entirely else.

    To make the interview more interesting for, we could do something cooler than just having coffee, for example do some urban exploring, meet some Berlin based entrepreneurs, or meet during one of Berlin notorious open air raves…sky is the limit.

    Thanks for your time! I’m looking forward to your response.

    Best regards,


    1. Hey Lukas, thanks for the message. The person you’ll want to contact about this is Amy (amy [AT] She can get you set up.

  25. Tim, your comment yesterday about my Royal Wedding project got me so pumped I had to go out for a jog.

    I’m up for throwing down in Berlin too! I would love to volunteer my design skills and get crafty with some flyers/visuals for the par-tay. Just need a theme to point me in the right direction.

    Can’t wait to meet these Berlin hipsters!

  26. Thanks TIM for putting me in the SEMIS!!

    I HOPE I GET LOTS OF VOTES! Only vote for me if you think I can make a big impact on the world. I didn’t apply for this contest to just hang out with Tim and network. Thats obviously a bonus but I want to go because I have unique doctors and information all around me at chiropractic school and I believe I will be able to formulate a life changing book and use Tim’s info to get it into the hands of those who need it.

    I just spoke more with Ori Hokmekler today and we are going ahead with research and development on a one of a kind nutritional supplement I designed. Its going to be awesome and will turn into an awesome muse I can monitor and pay off my outrageous student debt 🙂

    I also am meeting with the clinicians in the clinic tommorrow to round up a bunch of other med students to do phase 2 of ‘geek to freak clinical trials’ and try to get more of tim’s ideas (blended with some of my own info/research/ideas) into the scientific research community!

    Pura vida!

  27. Hey wow I made it through!

    Thank you to Tim and the Elves, and congratulations to everyone who made it through to this round. These are very inspirational and it is great to hear of others who are doing all they can to live up to the FHWW potential.

    Keep on going strong, and good luck everyone.

  28. Oh, and by the way: since this Saturday (May 14) the grand final of the yearly Eurovision Songcontest will take place, there’ll probably related parties basically everywhere in Berlin (as all across Europe, I guess).

  29. If you happen to be in Berlin on Saturday, May 14th, I’d like to invite you to Berghain club. It has been voted the #1 club in the world in at least 20 international magazines, and is notorious for being one of the hardest places to get in in Europe. I’m DJing there on that date – you are more than welcome to be my guest, if you like. Let your assistant drop me a line (on the email addy I entered for this comment – if they can’t access it, give me a hint here), and I will have you and one more person on the guest list. Skip the line, and join me for Hemingway shots at the upstairs bar. Spend sunday morning in the Berghain garden… Or try to get in on any other date. If you haven’t been, you haven’t been to Berlin.


  30. Firstly I have to say, I am amazed I made it to the other end.

    That’s a lot of video! I felt pretty bad, watching videos of people going on about 80/20 and using your time wisely while I sieved through over an hour of video!

    Secondly, out of them all there were a few that I really liked but just got pipped to the post by another video in their section. Honestly, choosing was pretty hard.

    Good luck to the people I voted for (and the few I wanted to vote for)!

  31. Wow I’m so excited to be a part of this. I’m having so much FUN with it. I know my video isn’t very flashy, but it’s from the heart.

    Thanks to all the people who have emailed me and also to everyone voting for me. I wish everyone in this contest the best of luck.

    Also, I’m not below bribery, and I’ve committed to an interesting idea…If I win this contest I’ll donate $1 dollar for every vote I receive! I was willing to pay for an entry ticket, but I don’t think I got the invite so I’m doing whatever I can to attend! I’ve already contacted over 10 news stations (yes thats a hint if y’all are competing in the contest, you should do it too!). The whole point of this contest is to spread the wealth, and I believe that has been Tim’s mission with the book, blog, and pretty much everything he does.

    So vote for me, If I win, I’ll donate $1 dollar to charity for every vote. If there is a will there is a way.

    Peace Love and Vegetables,


  32. Thanks for the comments, all! I’m just getting settled in Berlin and will let you know how the re-entry to German goes. Maneesh and Rachman, I’m planning on reaching out in the next few days…

    Bis dann!


    1. Tim,

      I had a dream 2 nights ago in which I was getting ready to meet you at a wedding…then I checked your blog for the first time in 6 months and saw that you are in Berlin (where I live). Now I’m pretty convinced that I’m either going to a wedding with you, or meeting you in Wedding (a neighbourhood in north-west Berlin). It sounds pretty weird but I had to put it out there because I never have such vivid dreams and it’s quite the coincidence.

      Either way, let’s party in Berlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hi Tim,

      Welcome to Berlin! I’m from Portland, but have been living here since 2006. My party recommendations for this weekend:


      Stattbad Wedding – former indoor swimming pool, now club and art mecca.


      Sisyphos – former abandon area on the Spree, turned psychedelic wonderland for the summer. Trying to live up to the legend of Bar25. Festival going on all weekend:

      I left the Air Force Academy in 2006 to volunteer in the eastern part of Germany. I’m currently finishing a masters degree in business strategy and working at the European School of Management and Technology (Germany’s top business program), which is housed in the former GDR head of state building (Staatsratsgebäude). The building is an amazing piece of 60s architecture. I would be happy to give you a tour and invite you to lunch with a few professors. If you’re interested, let me know what dates work.

      If I don’t see this weekend, see you at Next!



    3. Tim,

      various spaces can handle a big party and is probably new since you were there: last.

      love this spot, sure you know it already:

      and there’s an intimate tango at the Lowenpalais(make sure to meet the guy who owns the place)

      and ping-pong and playground equipment in the lobby(for adults), such a cool new hotel in Mitte is

      Have fun, and hope to see you sometime in Berlin.


      1. Hi Spike, Hi Taylor,

        probably we should meet to get in touch, when you are in Berlin too.

        I really liked your suggestions.

        Lets connect over Facebook.

        You will find me easy: MANTU



  33. Hey all!

    I’m really so pleased I made it to the Semi-finals! I trust in the readers of Tim’s blog, I know for a fact the right winner will get their spot.

    The awesome achievements mentioned in these here vids are very inspirational.

    I tried my best to squeeze the top 20 things into my submission. 3 minutes is tough, it meant that all my jokes, snowboarding stunts, weight-lifting and nude-scenes were cut ;). Though I did go from reading the post to uploading the final story-board style video in under 5 hours.

    It’s clear I’m up against some already really experienced marketers, sportspeople, accomplished writers and general all-round bad-asses. I am very honoured to be amongst such an impressive bunch!

    I just hope that whoever wins, they take the opportunity and just run with it! Show the other attendees just how deservedly you earned your place.

    1. Helen, that was a genuinely awesome comment. I couldn’t agree with you more.

      I think that, no matter what, everyone participating is part of a special breed of human. Even though it seems that there’s only one winner, we’re all going to continue to kick ass.

      It’s kind of like a snow day- you can’t control the weather, and as much as you don’t want to go to school in the morning, you have to plan for business as usual. If the snow day comes, AWESOME. If not, shake your fist at the sky, keep calm, and carry on. 😀

      So keep rockin’! …and excuse the Tony Robbins moment. haha

  34. Sorry, I might have already asked this question but I’m not sure if it posted.

    Is it too late to enter?

  35. my vote : DUSTIN PATRICK!

    using principles from 4HWW for the betterment of others.

    the world needs more of that

    1. One has to admit: Dustin has an extremely (imagine this written all caps and font size 100) strong message out there, IMH even the strongest of all contestants. And his message is a really nice oxymoron too: “it would be terrible if an idea that could help millions if people would fail because I am terrible at marketing”. Wow! He might think he’s bad at marketing but man: that’s one of the best marketing lines / ‘sales pitches’ I have heard so far, no kidding 🙂

  36. You guys/girls are all insane! It’s VERY motivating seeing all of these other crazy videos, and always fun to see what everyone else is up to. We are the New Rich : )

    1. I voted for you, Pat. I’ve decided you will be my How-To-Have-Fun guru.

      I actually kinda forgot how important it is to make time for fun.

  37. Hi Tim,

    Speaking of book promotion, just saw your like-for-extra-chapter offer on FB. Brilliant! (It would be even better if I could get it to download–seriously.)

    The share-with-others popup is brilliance-on-brilliance, truly.

    Care to tell us how you set that up?

  38. Welcome to Berlin! You may want to check out the geeky café St Oberholz at Rosenthaler Platz, even Julian Assange is working from there most days now. Also, here are my favorite restaurants:

    German grandmother’s feel-good food: Tucholsky Restauration, Torstr. 189

    Indian: Seth Fathe Sher 4, Stargarder Str. 72

    Singaporean / Asian Fusion: Mirchi, Oranienburger Str. 45 (for lunch 4,50 EUR or 5,50 EUR incl. soup & bread, for dinner you pay 3x as much)

    Mexican: Maria Bonita, Danziger Str. 33

    Steak and good burgers: The Bird, Am Falkplatz 5

    Vietnamese – the most exotic and awesome-looking: Chen Che Tea House, Rosenthaler Straße 13

    Vietnamese soups: Dudu, Torstraße 134

    Vietnamese curry dishes: Fam. Dang, Torstraße 125

    Ethiopian: Blue Nile, Tempelhofer Ufer 6

    Syrian fast food: Yarok Falafel Berlin, Torstraße 193 (get the mixed plate)

    My boyfriend and I would be happy to join you for any of these. He’s an American expat, founder of the Esperanto Wikipedia and iPhone developer; I’m the host of and authoring a book on moving to Germany.

    Enjoy Berlin!

  39. I’m pretty sure all these people will be successful whether or not they win, as a result of their sheer drive.

  40. Hi Tim/ lads,

    Irish PhD student living in Berlin. Would be well up for attending meet-up, talk, party if one goes ahead, either while Tim is here or afterwards. Didn’t realise that there was such a 4HWW following over here.


    Project Teufelsberg in the Grunewald, the former cold-war listening post, turned commune is well worth a visit.

    Given the whole tango back-story, Clarchens Ballhaus might be of interest; ballroom dancing for ALL ages.

    Club that plays Turkish music in Neukoln, for a different vibe than Watergate, Berghain, ArenaClub, is the Fuchs und Elster.

    All the best,


  41. Wow! This process of being in the semi-finals is alot of fun! I’m learning/claifying/focusing my brand/message/intention, reaching out to traditional media and the online community has been a great learning experience. Brainstorming creatively…all around epic! And did I mention fun?!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity and a community of sharing/uplifting 🙂

  42. Laid Off the movie=great flick!

    Bulk Vuvuzelas, being creative with what the market wanted after they became popular with the World Cup

    Dropping everything and going to Panama City to start a shuttle business, great thinking.

    All in all, Pat Murray has my vote!

    Great stuff Pat, representing Pittsburgh well!

  43. Hey Tim it’s Mark Cafiero from your expanded version of 4HWW. (The guy who couch surfed in Switzerland and owns a photography business)

    I have been following your 4HBody. Check out my progress. I’m not done yet (in fact I’m only halfway there). But it’s good visible progress in a short period of time. I want to get into your expanded version of 4HBody too. 🙂

    Hope you’re well. If you want I’ll send you my next few progress photos, too.


    1. Mark those are pretty impressive results! I’ve been trying to get some of my family to try the slow-carb diet and I’m hoping results like these will encourage them. You’ve also obviously put on some muscle, what training routing have you been using? Occams, kettlebells?

      1. Hey Ben,

        These results come mostly from the SCD. It’s better than half of what counts when creating a new physique. One of the things that impacted my results the best for me actually came from a subtle tip in 4HB: Eat the same things over and over again. I can tell you EXACTLY what I eat Monday – Saturday of every week:

        AM: egg whites, kale, scrambled and served on two warm corn-tortillas, add diced tomato and onion, avocado and some sriracha. Awesome. Been eating this for bfast every AM for the past 14 weeks and I am not tired of it. I look forward to it every AM.

        2-3hrs later I eat a natural protein bar that’s low on the glycemic index: Builders Bar (Lemon)

        2-3 hrs later for lunch: Qdoba: one scoop of beans, one scoop of chicken and one scoop of pico de gallo. Not a burrito bowl. Just beans, chicken and salsa.

        2-3 hrs later – Builders

        2-3 hrs later – dinner: It’s always: ground turkey cooked with chickpeas, diced tomato and onion, sometimes I add chipotle powder, jalepeno or a small amount of black olives for some different variation. 1 or 2 glasses of red wine.

        2-3 hrs later, optional if I am hungry before bed: half a banana, small handful of peanuts.

        To drink, all day long: Water. Nothing else. I never drink soda. Not even diet.

        The other thing: I never allow myself to cheat, not even a single goldfish cracker, not a single jellybean, not a tootsie roll from the bowl at the dry cleaners.

        As for working out, I hit the gym just twice a week. Monday and Friday. Slow reps, low count. For about 45 minutes. I don’t use kettle bells, really. I use old-school dumbbell presses, dips, pull-ups, upright rows, seated rows, military press.

        I do a lot of trail running, just because I love it on Tues, Thurs and Sat. Some are easy 45 minute runs and occasionally I’ll run for 2 hours. Because I love it.

        Wed is a “wild card” day. I may trail run, or so a cross-fit workout, or go cycling. And/or yoga.

        Sunday I chill and pig out on whatever the hell I want to eat or drink.

        7 days a week I ride my bike to work, to run errands, etc. I try not to drive my car.

      2. Mark,

        These details are awesome, thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been on the standard slow-carb breakfast: 4 eggs over easy, lentils, spinach, and maybe sour krout. Might add some sweet potatoes b/c of extra physical work i’ve been doing.

        I only workout once per week or less often, but I ride by bike to work and everywhere else too. Also I swim and play frisbee almost everyday.

        My conviction is that you will probably require more rest days as you get even stronger, as Tim explains in the Occam chapter. When this happens, if you want to supercharge your training, I *highly* suggest checking out the book “Body By Science” by Doug McGuff MD and John Little. Dr McGuff is quoted in 4HB, but I think he is extremely under-appreciated in the fitness world. You can see a video of the good doctor explaining his diet and fitness views by clicking on my name.

        Good luck with the rest of your training!

  44. Watching these videos have made me realize how easy success really is. Its just a frame of mind and once that internal switch goes off then there is almost nothing to stop you but yourself from achieving what you want. Kudo’s to all these submissions. I wish them all continued success to in their respective endeavors.

    Here hoping the submission i’m rooting for gets picked 🙂

    1. “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” -Annie Dillard

      I totally agree with you, Sanjaya. 🙂

    2. You’re right Sanjaya, it’s a frame of mind. My mind is in the process of shifting in that direction. I can actually feel it. Like something opening up. I can see opportunities where I didn’t before, they are everywhere.

  45. We really enjoyed having Tim on Everything Internet. Love what he does and writes. I’ve read the book and it has some great suggested life skills.

  46. Thanks to all who have inboxed me on facebook and youtube and my site with your support. Regardless of who wins, this has been a life changing experience and a breakthrough for me even having the courage to post a video with pictures of me at my worst. To the individuals who took the time to “dislike” my video on youtube, I hope you become a part of this community and grow like myself and so many others have. I support everyone who has launched a successful (or not so successful) muse, is prepping to launch one and who struggles daily on the 4 hour body regimen as I do. Your light encourages me. Tim and Team keep it up, you are changing the world.

  47. Thanks Tim & Tim’s elves!!!

    It’s because of you, we move! I can’t even believe I made it this far.

    Enjoy Berlin! I was there 1 month after the wall came down, way too long ago:) But it was one of the best experiences for me since I’m originally from Communist Russia and the invisible line after the wall was soooo strong between grayness of East and the life of the West!

    Have a great time and can’t wait to see all the finalist!

  48. Tim,

    I’m from Germany and I’m super psyched about this party thing!

    Please keep us up to date, it’ll be one of the most awesome events of the year.

  49. These are amazing-AMAZING stories.

    Congratulations to everyone who have participated!

    I’m totally fueled and excited and now it’s giving me new breathe to my work.


  50. Some great videos there. The winner will really deserve to attend your kimono. I wish I could have attended this. Next time. Next time. 🙂

  51. Good thing I didn’t know about this contest until now, I haven’t done anything with my life.

    I feel like even more of a failure after watching these videos. God damnit.

  52. I speak 10 languages including Chinese, Modern Greek and Swahili. Would love to talk to you about your forays into language-learning.

    1. Even though the voting is over, if I make it to the next round- you should vote for me. Watch my video. Aside from my general lack of public decency, I have a smile that makes women weep, and a t-shirt collection large enough to never have to do laundry again. Which also might make women weep.

      If you’re not the crying type, just watch the video until the end. You’ll be the crying type after the finale.

      Thanks! hahaha 😀

  53. I loved the vids, though I was too late to vote.

    All the talk about Berlin is kind of funny, because my best friend and her husband live there and have asked me on multiple occasions to visit. Now I know all the cool places to go 🙂

    Good luck to everyone!


  54. RE: Party yesterday in Berlin

    (am I the first one up after yesterday’s party? 😉 )

    @Maneesh & Rachman: thanks for having organized that cool party yesterday evening! Really enjoyed getting know other and like minded 4HWW / T4HB fans. And I think it was a dream start for Maneesh and his 90 day DJ project. Way to go!

    @Tim: It was nice getting to know you personally, even though only shortly. I suppose I speak for all when I say that the people at the party yesterday met a cool person who, despite of his ‘fame status’, seems to have achieved to not be big-headed. I wish you a good recovery with the plantar fasciitis so you can soon start running. You’ll love it, no doubt about that, especially in case you plan to do mountain/alpine runs 🙂

    Have a good time in Berlin, all, especially the ones that came from other places (even from neighbor countries!).

    1. Thanks so much for coming out, David, and for the kind words. I’ll take care of the foot and see you next time on the track!

      All the best,


      1. Hi Tim,

        here MANTU from Berlin.

        Are you still in Berlin?

        Week has just begun with great weather,

        drop me a mail for catching up for the best coffe in town

        or a party on the weekend.



      2. Tim

        Actually at the party I wanted to have a small chat about your meeting with Prof. Faltin but I had my chance of small talk with you and totally forgot about it 🙂

        I talked with Prof. Faltin the Sunday before the party because I am trying to find a publisher here in Greece for him (my humble way of hopefully helping the Greeks to overcome the currently difficult situation, and giving the readers hope that even times of trouble can be the ground for something really good). I don’t know what you two talked about but I found it really great that you met. Have you had the chance to read his book? As you probably know it’s being translated into English now and I bet my nice trained a.. ( 😉 ) that the 4HWW readers can benefit greatly from the book. Really: your book and Faltin’s book laid the corner stone for my future entrepreneurial thinking and I am very grateful to both of you.

        Regarding the running: I’d prefer a nice mountain trail over the track. If you’re up for that as well, let me introduce to some of the greatest alpine races there are, here in Greece 🙂

        Take care and best regards from Greece,


        P.S.: Also, at the party I didn’t want to bore you with 4HWW stuff since you probably simply wanted to have a good time. And anyway: everything you know you have shared already with the world (book, interviews…). Instead I did also want to thank you for introducing me to Robb Wolf and his Paleo Solution. Just like your book, it’s a life changer, but: I didn’t get to tell you that in person. So, thanks a lot!!


        We don’t stop running because we get old.

        We get old because we stop running.

  55. Any wise words regarding dependence on a job for continued healthcare/medication? Having a tumor or serious health issue is a special kind of challenge; I’m looking for encouraging stories/resources.

    We need NR Health Insurance – premiums go down for every healthy activity or accomplishment, best doctors in the world follow you via the web, lab supplies/mail in service in every major city, discovery of cause is as important as the diagnosis, and the insured help each other learn solutions.

    I know the NR are a special kind of risk what with all the cave diving and gliding off mountains in exotic places, loads of sex, raising and lowering their hormones at will, risking fused vertebrae, etc., but, they are also smarter and gutsier, avid readers, positive, between 8-12% body fat – it all washes out! If someone out there is an insurance buff…we need this muse!

  56. Can Tim or anyone on this site recommend a good protein powder for women over 50? I need at least 30 grams of protein in the morning, low carb, low sugar, and that tastes better than cardboard.


    1. Hi Linda, I just recently have been doing ‘protein shots’ every morning. There are several companies that make these last week I tried one that was about 28 grams protein no fat or sugar (but did have caffeine), just a shot of berry flavored liquid. This week I’m trying a non caffeine version from body fortress that’s 26 grams, in a bigger ‘shot’ but still quick and easy. You can find them where the 5 hr energy type drinks are sold. For me this has been a dramatic improvement over previous breakfast choices and time frames, and I look forward to fine tuning it. I’m interested to hear what folks have experienced with these.

  57. Can Tim or anyone on this site recommend a good protein powder for women over 50? I need at least 30 grams of protein in the morning, low carb, low sugar, and that tastes better than cardboard.

  58. Hey Tim, I would personally email you, I didn’t want to put this question out in public, but I didn’t know how else to get hold of you. I am taking immediate action, but ran into a little problem. I found a supplier in China, ordered a sample , and I want to drop ship.

    When the customer orders, the outside of the package is written in Chinese. Of course, they are going to be pissed. Any ideas on how to get around this??

    Tell them we are located in China?? Naaaaaa . I don’t want to order the product, have it sent to me, then send it out again.

    I would be eternally grateful if you can answer this. Thank you for your time.


    1. John,

      That’s awesome to hear you’re getting started! I’ve dropped shipped from China for a while, and I’ve found 2 things to be helpful.

      1. If your supplier will change the boxes, and add an English written invoice into the package, you should keep credibility.

      2. If they don’t do this, I normally just tell my customers my “factory” is in China, and at times I need to ship products directly from there. This hasn’t caused me any real trouble. Look at apple: Designed in California, assembled in China.

      Good luck.. keep rockin it!