Tools of Titans — Full, Comprehensive Index!


You asked for it, so here it is…

A comprehensive index for the #1 New York Times bestseller, Tools of Titans!

We didn’t have room when it was first published, but I went back to the publisher and they burned the midnight oil to get it done (thanks, HMH!).

Give it a quick glance. I found it oddly fun to read by itself, and it can help you find nearly any type of advice imaginable, all by theme, category, and name. This index will be added to the ebook and print editions soon.

In the meantime, anyone who would like a PDF (and printable) version of the index can view it below or download it by clicking the Scribd link.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Tools of Titans Index — Tim Ferriss by tferriss on Scribd

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52 Replies to “Tools of Titans — Full, Comprehensive Index!”

  1. Thank you Tim! This will make the book so much more useful – I had been earmarking so many pages it was starting to look ragged. This will make that less necessary.

  2. Hey, Tim!

    I bought The 4 Hour Work Week and love it. Tools of Titans is next on my list. I wondered if you could give me a link to a post or podcast where you talk more about eustress. I’m so glad to know there’s a name for that crazy surge I get. Thanks!

  3. I thank God for the existence of a man like you Tim! I love your podcast, started listening in August 2016 and recently started reading the 4 hour work week. Listening to the interviews on your show and reading the material of your book is so exciting and I cannot wait to read the 4 hour body, 4 hour chef and tools of titans. THANK YOU 🙂 Your fan from South Africa 🙂

  4. This is awesome! I was starting to make my own on paper for a few things. Saved me many hours of doing it… but that’s how you learn stuff by doing!

  5. Really enjoy the pics of the pages people post on Twitter. I save them in my Evernote notebook and refer to them, often. Thanks

  6. Exactly what I felt the book was missing when I was picking out a chapter to read yesterday. Fantastic addition

  7. Dude. This is gorgeous. Hey, I’m 100% sure there’s a legion willing to start building an index and compiling notes off of transcribed podcast episodes (subsequent ones not covered in TOT Vol 1) in preparation for volume 2. Cheers!

  8. I recommend Tools of Titans. The index is great! Looks a little overwhelming at first (example: shower, 231; cold, 145, 213, 372) but the reality is everything can be easily found.

  9. Please notify when available for Kindle edition. Thanks for creating this Index. This kind of tool in your books and the detail in your Podcast Notes are important distinctions that keep you in the #1 rankings!!

  10. Thank you, Tim! Just what the doctor ordered. This will make going back through Tools of Titans on my second, deep-dive pass a lot easier. Congrats on writing another life changing tome of actionable wisdom.

  11. This is a great collection of insights, thanks to all who have shared their insights. As a woman, friend, mother, wife, lawyer try-athlete, (pun intended) it would be really great if those contributors to your book who have families could share their insights into how they build success and learn with a family. The Author and Speaker Laura Vanerdkam has attempted this with respect to how to better use the 168 hours in a week, but putting together her tips and the 1001+ women that she has interviewed with the Titan contributors would be most insightful for us mortals learning to do better. Also last question, the 4-hour workout, are there any parts not suitable for women? It’s seems not, but perusing the e-version it seems it’s written for a male audience. Is there a gender neutral version ? Thanks’! And keep being inspiring

  12. Love it! Been really enjoying the book and this was one of the things I was thinking it could use 🙂

    P.S. Watching you twirl Fallon was hilarious and awesome

    P.P.S. I’m in Medellin and just found out we have some mutual contacts. Small world.

  13. [Moderator: text removed.] I click through to find a nice to have index for the book I bought.

    Then noting but torture getting pitched to download and subscribe to Scribd.

    You’ve earned many +’s over the years. Shame to award your first ‘-‘ on a smoke and mirrors promotional stunt.

  14. When will this appear as part of the eBook (Kindle), and how does such an update happen? Will my copy automatically update? Can’t wait to have such an awesome addition!

  15. Well done. Will change my Amazon review for this book from 4 to 5 stars because of the index, and partially due to guilt.

  16. I attempted to post a comment earlier. The internet gods may have eaten it. Anyway, thank you for the index. My other comment was so much better….

  17. == Second version with guest’s name instead of page number ? ==

    Hi Tim,

    It is a really great idea, changing ToT from a huge potential gold mine into an actual exploitable one.

    It is perfect for the print paper, but page numbers if the print version are not so useful for the electronic edition of ToT, as many reading apps renumerotate pages, according to font size etc.

    I would wish a second version of the index with guest’s name instead of page numbers of the print version, so I could quickly navigate my ebook.

    It will be probably 2-3 hours work for your publication staff (mapping guests to pages + search’and’replace on the index) but with a huge added value for your fans.



  18. Got hold of Tools of Titans two weeks ago. Have read your three other books and listened to about 60 of your podcasts, and so far liking Tools of Titans the best, though Four Hour Work Week would seem hard to beat.

    Keep putting out great stuff Tim.


    Carl Kruse

  19. Tim, you should bring Seth McFarlane! Probably pretty hard to do it, but the guy is just amazing… Producer, actor, director, comedian, voice over, oscar host…. The guys must have some amazing thoughts

  20. Dog Poo Ballet and Hyper Tim Markup Language.

    I love Tools of Titans, even more than your other books. I especially like that the book is written in a new networking language I have named “Hyper Tim Markup Language”, where you can and do read the book as though it is in HTML, skipping from one chapter to another link.

    I think it helps with network thinking – hence Dog Poo ballet. We have four dogs. On the walk they often poo, which we put in bags etc. Coming home (easier if there was a photo) it is difficult for a left hander to open the bins because getting the dogs to move is hard…just trust me. But just a few days into reading ToT, I found a better way – walk to the front door backwards! No more problems. Hope I slove other things this way. Such as writing posts that are too long. Seriously Tim, thank you for ToT.


  21. Hey Tim,

    It’s great to write to you! I’ve been following your work for some time, not all of it though so I may well be too late or duplicating some info here:

    Cancer and Keto

    Look up 2-Deoxy-D-glucose. 2DG is a modified glucose molecule that cannot undergo further glycolysis therefore it inhibits growth of the cells that uptake it, to wit tumor cells. Normal cells use ketone bodies and therefore couldn’t care less, so 2DG becomes like a chemo that targets cancer cells only. Probably would be toxic for a non-keto adapted person, too.

    Intermittent Fasting (IF) in combination with Calorie Restriction (CR) enhances the effect of Ketogenic diet on cancer.

    So the winning combination is 2DG + Keto + IF + CR.

    Plus, of course, Curcumin, Bromelain and Ceylon Cinnamon.


    Esther Gokhale’s “stretch sitting” and “stretch lying” techniques were a game changer for me.

    If you ever in or near Chiang Mai, book two bodywork sessions with my teacher Mike Tan. Two because it takes at least 4 hours to cover the whole body. His technique which he calls “SEA Therapy” is like Supple Leopard style release using the structural energy meridians. Extremely painful and insanely effective.

    Morning routine

    Try full-body self-massage with a brush, like a shoe or laundry brush. I first read about it in Joe Pilates’s Contrology book. Leo Tolstoy in War and Peace also describes this as Napoleon’s daily morning ritual (performed by his adjutant though).


    Look up A Course In Miracles. It’s one year of hard daily work but it’s worth it. Metaphysically it’s so far out, will be right up your alley. Maybe. If you read Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe – highly entertaining introduction to ACIM – you will save yourself maybe 20 years, or so they say.

    Thank you for the non-stop inspiration! Keep up the good work, brother, and warm regards from sunny Marseille!

  22. Hi Tim, dein Buch ist eine coole Sache, die Tipps sind der Hammer ein Teil fliesst bereits in das Training ein, auf jeden Fall danke und falls man in der CH ist, lass es mich wissen. lg J. B.

  23. In TfT you state that “a surprising number of males over 45 never eat breakfast, or eat only the scantiest of fare” which is obviously not a recommended style of eating as the slow-carb. Is there a transition from slow-carb to this “fasting-like” diet that should be implemented once achieving goal weight with the slow carb? I’ve read countless other diets that seem to agree that the less calories you ingest, the slower the aging process, so I’m on board to switch to this fasting style instead of eating so many calories with the slow-carb diet. Slow-carbing is not how I see myself dieting for the rest of my life.

  24. Your books are great and really look forward to this one. I am in my car a lot for work and wondering when I can get this on

  25. Thanks, this is great! However not too thrilled about having to enter credit card info for a “free trial” on Scribd; is there somewhere else to download the PDF?

  26. This index is the only thing I was missing with this book. I just wish I didn’t have to join Scribd and enter my credit card info for this PDF. Are there any work-arounds or other download sites?

  27. I have just finished reading your piece on Practical Thoughts on Suicide and I just wanted to thank you. I have always used the thought of suicide as an escape or cop out from fully buying into parts of my life and not that I have ever gotten to the point of pure planning, I have been close enough to call it a day to scare myself. I have kept these things secret for so long and it is so easy to assume I am alone in how I feel. You show a lot of courage using your platform to discuss things along these lines and it has provided an amazing service to me and ultimately my wife and beautiful 2 year old daughter. I have never read something that has hit me so hard and to the core which I believe it means it was something I truly needed to hear. I have utilized your books for about a year now and have made some impactful changes; I have lost 20lbs and am in the best shape of my life, I have started mediation and journaling and am in the process of teaching myself how to code to work towards a muse I am passionate about but I knew moments after finishing your chapter on suicide that this will be the most important thing I have read in my life. Your courage has filled me with the comfort of knowing I am not alone and my thoughts around depression and suicide are not stupid or embarrassing but real and need to be felt to be dealt with. Most people would never assume I think this way as I am outgoing and happy with most so thank you for your courage and ability to write eloquently but so simple and blunt that it hits where it needs to. I am sure you have your detractors but I will never be one of them as you truly may have saved my life.


  29. Reading Tools of Titans…you said to write a thank-you note. This is it. The book itself has been a good experience, but sharing your approach to life–a grand, beautiful, wondrous experiment–has helped me feel not crazy. Thank you!