The Brothers Who Live One Life — The Incredible Adventures of David and Daniil Liberman (#689)

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“It’s not failure. It’s an attempt. 60 percent, 70 percent of those attempts are going to end up with zero, so just move on. Start the next one. You’ll be successful later.”

David Liberman and Daniil Liberman (@DaLiberman) are visionary entrepreneurs and investors with a close partnership spanning 16 years. They gained valuable experience at Snap, contributing to projects involving avatars, bitmoji, animation, and product operations. They are currently based in Los Angeles, where their primary focus is on building Product Science, a service dedicated to optimizing mobile apps.

Moreover, the Liberman brothers have established The Libermans Company, referred to as a People Company. Through their commitment to the Founders Pledge, they have allocated all future earnings and economic value for the next three decades to LibermansCo, including founder shares of Product Science and potential returns from future investments.

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#689: The Brothers Who Live One Life — The Incredible Adventures of David and Daniil Liberman

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  • Connect with David and Daniil Liberman: | | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | LinkedIn


  • [06:59] Childhood.
  • [09:46] The influence of scientist parents on curious kids.
  • [12:42] The perils of pursuing anti-corruption innovation in post-Soviet Russia.
  • [18:09] Building a business with cables and crossbows.
  • [23:21] Lessons learned by bankrupting a gaming studio.
  • [29:42] Moscow-style investment recovery.
  • [31:07] A lucky break in the darkness of debt.
  • [32:07] Streamlining production through decentralization, parallelization, and a DJ connection.
  • [35:00] When playing the fools is the smart move.
  • [41:04] Coming to America.
  • [44:46] Building momentum with animation in Los Angeles.
  • [46:19] Divorce lawyer power dynamics.
  • [47:10] Another unforeseen financial hurdle.
  • [49:02] To Silicon Valley and nonprofit transparency.
  • [52:21] How are David and Daniil able to pivot between different ideas so quickly?
  • [58:12] The formation, advantages, and drawbacks of the Liberman hive mind.
  • [1:07:18] Separation pros and cons.
  • [1:08:56] How does external romance fit into this arrangement?
  • [1:12:12] The Dalai Lama, Jerry Murdock, and Snap.
  • [1:19:28] Reversing Snapchat’s 2018 decline by adapting to data and fixing real problems.
  • [1:27:40] Applying principles of compound growth to life.
  • [1:33:23] How working with family has helped with logistics.
  • [1:37:11] The value of interdisciplinary synthesis.
  • [1:45:46] How the Libermans might teach people to code.
  • [1:52:55] A data-driven look at our current financial crisis.
  • [2:04:21] What’s the Liberman solution?
  • [2:06:46] Incentivizing adoption of such a solution.
  • [2:10:33] A real-world test.
  • [2:14:08] Who/what makes for a good investment in this model?
  • [2:19:35] Do we reduce or elevate the potential for success by minimizing suffering?
  • [2:27:33] How to invest in people (and why you should).
  • [2:37:52] Parting thoughts.


“The struggle will come. It doesn’t matter if you have millions of dollars, you will always be struggling because you strive to achieve more.”

“If someone just claims something and you cannot really prove it for yourself with data, probably something is missing and you need to dig deeper.”

“Previous generations got a lot from society … almost-free college education. New generations are being hammered with student debt. They don’t really feel that society gives them much, but they still donate the same portion.”

“We will all win. The market will win, society will win. Humanity will win from the fact that we will use this power law for wider groups of people to invest in them, provide them capital, and provide them a chance to get a higher education to try to start a business.”

“It’s not failure. It’s an attempt. 60 percent, 70 percent of those attempts are going to end up with zero, so just move on. Start the next one. You’ll be successful later.”

“Competition is always a struggle, and there will always be competition.”


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  1. I enjoyed this episode. As always, thanks for your original, thought provoking content, Tim. Definitely unique, this Liberman superhuman duo! Listening to the podcast required my full attention. I am glad I made it to the end and am inspired by the idea of investing in people who can have a positive ripple effect on future generations.

  2. Hey Tim,

    Great episode, thank you.

    I wanted to use this opportunity to bring your attention to Charity Entrepreneurship (CE). They are an organisation based in the UK that are currently running another Incubator Program shortly (applications now open). It would be great if you could promote CE or Effective Altruism on TFS. I wish I heard about this space earlier.

    Apologies for being spammy. It was worth a shot.

    Keep making great content, I’m a massive fan.