Tony Robbins – On Achievement Versus Fulfillment (#178)

Tony Robbins returns

“I love quotes…but, in the end, knowledge has to be converted to action or it’s worthless.” – Tony Robbins

I’m very pleased to welcome Tony Robbins (@tonyrobbins) back to the show. (You can check out our previous in-depth conversations here: Part 1 and Part 2).

For those of you that aren’t familiar, Tony Robbins is the world’s most famous performance coach. He’s advised everyone from Bill Clinton to Mikhail Gorbachev to Serena Williams, and Leonardo DiCaprio to Oprah (who calls him “superhuman”).

This time around, we discussed a number of topics we didn’t cover in our previous interviews. I also hit him with some new rapid-fire questions. Some of the highlights of our conversation include:

  • Tony’s best investment ever
  • Quotes he lives by (and how he puts them into action)
  • The worst advice he regularly hears
  • Why he changed his diet for the first time since age 17
  • And much, much more

If you only have 5 minutes, listen to this segment where Tony explains “The 90-second rule.”

Without further ado, please enjoy this follow-up conversation with Tony Robbins.

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#178: Tony Robbins - On Achievement Versus Fulfillment

Want to hear another podcast with Tony Robbins? — Listen to my conversation with Tony and Peter Diamandis, the CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation. In this podcast, you’ll learn from two successful businessmen who regularly advise everyone from Serena Williams to Bill Clinton, from NASA to the world’s fastest growing companies (stream below or right-click here to download):

Ep 35: Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis (XPRIZE) on the Magic of Thinking BIG

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

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Selected Links from the Episode

  • Connect with Tony Robbins:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Show Notes

  • When you face a deadline and your brain won’t connect, sometimes you have to ask: What would Tony Robbins do? [06:42]
  • How does a small trampoline fit into Tony’s daily routine? [09:56]
  • Tony recalls a particularly difficult intervention and how he handled it. [11:04]
  • Tony touches on circumstances surrounding interventions he’s done with historical figures. [17:40]
  • Tony demonstrates how he unearths what motivates people in order to help them. [18:18]
  • Tony’s best investment of money, time, or energy. (Hint: it amounted to $35.) [27:42]
  • Tony on the power of decisions, the hunt for excellence, and quotes to live by. [31:28]
  • The worst advice Tony hears most often. [34:30]
  • “Life is always happening for us, not to us…” [41:20]
  • Tony talks about the art (not science) of fulfillment. [44:57]
  • Tony tells us the biggest lie on the planet. [49:33]
  • Suffering comes from these three thought patterns. [51:26]
  • Tony explains the 90-second rule. [55:35]
  • What’s the most important decision you can make? [58:56]
  • Why self-preservation isn’t selfish. [59:48]
  • Tony explains how the 90-second rule helped him cope with some recent trouble in Dallas. [1:04:41]
  • Tony demonstrates the 90-second rule process. [1:07:17]
  • How has Tony’s Date with Destiny program evolved over the past decade? [1:17:17]
  • Tony tells us how the I Am Not Your Guru documentary came to life. [1:18:55]
  • Tony talks about the possibility of pain without suffering. [1:26:33]

People Mentioned

Legal Disclosure: Tony Robbins is a board member and Chief of Investor Psychology at Creative Planning, Inc. (, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with wealth managers serving all 50 states. Mr. Robbins receives compensation for serving in this capacity based on increased business derived by Creative Planning from his services. Accordingly, Mr. Robbins has a financial incentive to refer investors to Creative Planning.

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143 Replies to “Tony Robbins – On Achievement Versus Fulfillment (#178)”

  1. Listening right now! Love it. I watched the Netflix Documentary yesterday so i’m pumped to listen to this! Thanks Tim.

  2. Two of my favorite Entrepreneurs doing a second episode on the Tim Ferris Show — couldn’t get better. 🙂

    Incredible information on this episode… I’ve been dabbling in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and it’s amazing. I’m Not Your Guru was very eye opening and had my emotions going up and down non-stop. Overall this was an incredible episode! I’m looking forward to more! Thank you, Tim & Tony!

    1. Curtis, I have not yet watched I am not your guru and I can’t wait, a coaching colleague said it was a rollercoaster ride for her. This is my first time engaging with the comments on tims’ blog after being a huge fan of his podcast and books for a long time and the comments feed here is brilliant. I love the sharing and community. 🙂

      1. Carina,

        That’s great! She nailed it too — the documentary definitely has your emotions going up and down. The community here is phenomenal. Good to see you engaging! 🙂

  3. Tim, one of your best podcasts yet. Your recent casts with Seth Godin and you interviewed by Google were excellent too.

    I think I need to create an edit (for personal use) of Tony Robbin’s Two Minute Heart Exercise, that I can use anytime. Great stuff. Keep up the goodly work!

    1. I was actually going to do that for myself! Would you be willing to share your edit? In fact, perhaps Tim would be gracious enough to share the edit on this page…? 🙂

    2. This episode was so intense! I had to stop what I was doing CONSTANTLY to pay greater attention – I’m definitely going to come back to it repeatedly.

      Tony Robbins never ceases to amaze me with the sheer number of revelations he has within himself and can induce within other people. Even just by listening, without engaging directly with him!

      Thanks so much, Tim, for this incredible episode. I can’t wait to check out the documentary and create new adjustments to my everlasting quest for daily gratitude and fulfilment in my life. This has really been a huge eye opener for me!

    3. Whoops! That wasn’t meant to be a direct reply to your comment there!

      But I did mean to directly reply to you and say:

      I was going to create an edit of the Two Minute Heart Exercise as well! Would you be willing to share yours?

      Perhaps Tim would be gracious enough to share it on this page for all…? 🙂

  4. It feels like Tony Robbins digged all the Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung theories and applies them in his counsels together with his personal and professional experience. My father played some musical instruments and he sent me to music courses when I was a kid. I didn’t want to go. I loved music but I wanted to play outside or watch tv like other kids. Instead I spent my weekends in a music course with a handful of other parent pleasers. He was such an interesting, smart and respected person. I always wanted to please him. He died too soon to see me grow into the person I am today. I have a paper in a drawer which says “what would your father think?”. I look at it when I am getting lazy or waste my time with petty things. How interesting huh? It is right on target with what Tony Robbins said. And I denied for so long that my romantic relationship doesn’t have to be like my parents’ relationship. But after quite a bit of experience, I now finally accept the fact that I want what I saw at home as a child. That is infinite curiosity, constant thirst for learning and passion for life. That is probably true for a lot of people. My boy friends always acted like how their parents’ act at home too, which were mostly different than mine, hence *ahem* it didn’t work. Tony Robbins said it. You need to grow together. That is the only way.

    I hear you, Mr.Robbins. Pinched nerve makes your life hell. I am in treatment for it now. Tim Ferriss asked his audience about it once, many suggested acupuncture. (btw, thank you for that). I will get that too if physical therapy doesn’t work enough.

    I was vegan for a while too. Then I started eating fish again. Shrimp, sardines, tuna, sushi, mussels. God I love them so much, but now you got me wondering about my metal levels. I am actually going to clinic tomorrow for some blood test. I will ask them about it.

    Thank you both. Enjoy the rest of your week! x

    1. I had to reply to your comment because you mentioned a pinched nerve making your life hell. I listened to this podcast on my commute and I totally thought “wow, that is so much the story of whiplash” – a traumatic event occurs in the body and your body continues to carry it along, even years later – even when you technically “repair” the muscles (I have a thoracic spine injury from an MVA 8 yrs ago) – I tried every modality of physical rehabiliation and treatment (graston was a life saver) but the most progress I made in back pain was actually doing some professional ontological coaching last year, much the same style as Tony Robbins.

      It helped me draw connects between the mind, body and emotions. Though the T-Spine injury was caused by the MVA, it helped me understand patterns in my life – how I see things, how I think and act, that exacerbate pressure in that area of my body and helped reinforce the body’s tendency to “carry the injury along into 2015”

      Interestingly (I was skeptical) after the 3 day coaching course in which all of this was explored, my pain reduced to a steady 3/10 instead of 6/10 and has been doing well for a year now. I now manage my injury with a holistic approach and awareness of how I am doing both mentally and emotionally rather than simply looking at it as physical injury to “fight against.”

      1. Thank you for all the suggestions and ideas, Carina. The irony is that mine is a sports injury and I don’t even have an ambition in that field. Neither share pics on Instagram for strangers to appreciate. I just like being fit. Life has such a twisted sense of humor.

        I am glad you are feeling better. It is the worst pain ever. I am skeptical of a lot of things but not about the mind and body connection. Your mind can control your body. I know that for a fact because of my personal experience. One time I was extremely stressed, I was in bed for one week. No fever, no ache. I just had no power to lift myself up. My body shut down. I am a very healthy person. But my mind literally takes over the control of my body when I ignore the stress signals. I am talking about serious stress, not just some sadness or anxiety. And again it knows when I am excited about something, and gives me boost. Right now I am working on new projects. I slept very little this week, yet I’m feeling great. I read that when in love, release of some chemicals helps increase our pain tolerance, both physical and emotional. Similar thing probably happens when we are passionate about a cause or a goal.

        Never heard of ontological coaching, to be honest. But I will look into it. I’ve certain habits like listening to upbeat music first thing in the morning and sometimes sing along. It gives me jolt to start the day right. They made a research in England. The cows who listened to classical music gave more milk than those who didn’t. This also goes to show that we need to be careful about who we spend our time with. Our music doesn’t tune up around wrong people. Especially someone like me who has been exposed to all kinds of people in her life, they don’t need to say much. I can read people well. I used to dive headfirst into all types of relationships. No more. So yeah, mind control is everything together with healthy diet.

        It was nice talking to you. Have a great weekend. x

      2. It’s interesting to read your comments recalling your MVA as Tony was recounting his story. My wife & I were driving when we heard that part, and both of us immediately thought that there might be a subluxation of the first two bones in his neck, which is something that I see regularly in my practice due to injuries like his and MVA’s like yours. I’m glad both of you have found treatments to address the pain, but would advise investigating this further with a doctor trained to look at the craniocervical junction. I say this for the same reason that Tony had no problems with the level of mercury toxicity he had, he was compensating his nervous system to deal with the issues. It’s a great thing to do, but still may leave an underlying, unaddressed cause to neurological stress and lack of adaptability.

    2. Hi Tim, great interview with Tony, really enjoyed it. I was interested in the metal in his body, so glad he shared that also will the test myself now. I really took on board your interviewing skills, as my daughter and i are about to do a interview with a very famous hairdresser in our industry, so wanted the questions to be interesting, and bit different for our listener’s to get a in site of the guy. Thank you, Angela kyriacou From Cyprus

  5. Tony’s amazing…. and so are you Tim. I read his book, “Unlimited Power,” way back in 1988. Fast forward 28 years and he continues to inspire and influence how I live. Thanks for sharing your calling with the world.

  6. Hi Tim (and community),

    As a fan who has heard every episode of the podcast and read all of your books, I have a question for discussion here that I think many fans will be interested in (but has never been answered):

    I think first heard about polyphasic sleep in an interview with Tony Robbins years ago. I (and I’m sure many fans) have been wanting to experiment with it, but I’ve been using the nightly subconscious problem solving technique Josh Waitzkin talks about. When you literally sleep on a problem to solve it.

    I’m wondering, can you have your cake and eat it, too? Or is polyphasic sleep not enough sleep time to solve problems with your subconscious?

  7. I read Awaken the Giant Within 8 years ago and it completely changed my life. I continue to learn from Tony every day and am indebted to the lessons I’ve learned from him. Thanks for this Tim.

  8. Favorite Quote: In regards to challenges… “Kill the Monster while it’s a baby – Don’t wait until it’s Godzilla!”

  9. Thank you so for much for talking about the mercury test. I will go take one and ask my mom to take one, she keeps complaining about memory loss

  10. You should interview Dan Sullivan, founder and President of Strategic Coach. Peter Diamandis is a client with Strategic Coach.

  11. It would be great if this particular show had transcripts. I’m deaf and always digging around for transcripts. Just a thought. Could increase traffic to your site.

    1. Hi Doug

      My brother is deaf and I have the stand out podcasts typed into a transcript for him as often as I can.

      This one I will be getting done over the next couple of weeks for him and his mates

      Reach out with a email and I will send you a copy as well if you like

  12. Tim this was another excellent interview. I gleaned so much from both you and Tony. There is however, one question that was left unanswered that I so looked forward to hearing your response…you never fully answered Tony’s question on who you had to be to “earn” your Dad’s love.

    Based on what you’ve said about your upbringing and your personality characteristics I noticed that we both had a very similar family dynamic while growing up and now share some very similar internal struggles.

    If you’re willing, I’d love to hear the rest of your answer to Tony’s question because it stumped me too when I first heard it.

    Keep doing great work.



  13. What a great interview !! It made me chuckle when you got stuck for words Tim it does not happen often! I have been listening now for some 12 months and working my way back through the back catalogue and just love the practical advice , motivation and pick me up . God knows I need it !!

    Thanks a million for the show Tim and the spirit of adventure it brings into my life.



  14. I listened to this on the way to work this morning in Melbourne, Australia and I was on fire! Tony is full of so much insight and tools, I absolutely related to everything he was talking about with human suffering, and how it’s all very self-inflicted.

    Thank you so much Tim for producing this life-changing content that we can connect with from all over the world. I really appreciate the honesty throughout your interviews.

  15. Robbins created a “problem/weakness” in your personal history where there wasn’t one before he opened his mouth. Than he shed light on it for you. He comes off as simply overbearing here.

    1. The cognitive load he places the listener under with his 10 minute streams of babble combined with the finger clicking make this seem like a hypnotist in operation.

      I assume his shtick very effective on highly suggestible people.

  16. I loved the exercise where Tony asked us to think of our most special memories while touching our hearts. It sounded cheesy but I totally cried and felt really happy (I thought of the day my niece was born.)

  17. Superb episode, brother! Tony is simply amazing. Just listening to him changes my state. Loved the exercise, going to listen to the episode many more times. Thanks a lot!

  18. So disappointed in the documentary. I shocked you actually believe those are real stories and not apart of an act. Tony Robbins is working with all actors during the entire seminar. I went to UPW and thought the same thing there, too. I actually enjoyed the seminar a lot and it seems like it has affected my life positively. But now that I watch it over on a doc I am so shocked how much of this is all completely scripted and fake. Even when Tim interviews him he repeats the same stories in his act with minor additions. Am I just stoned? Now I’m searching scam, frauds, hypnosis! Someone please comment I need to know I’m not alone!

    1. “I actually enjoyed the seminar a lot and it seems like it has affected my life positively.” That’s all the truth you need Cole D. If focus and build on that you will progress along

  19. Fulfillment and how someone can have ‘everything’ yet w/o it, they can still be miserable.

    The whole podcast is great and so timely in my life.

    THANK YOU TIM and TONY for doing what you do!

  20. While I learn a lot from Tony, I also get the distinct impression that he may very well be a covert narcissist.

    In other words, I think he uses his expertise and socially dominant personality to demonstrate his superiority to other people.

    And I think that’s exactly what he did in this interview with Tim.

    He also did it in his recent interview with Marie Forleo.

    Is it possible that Tony is selecting some of the world’s leading self-help experts like Tim and Marie Forleo, organising interviews / podcasts with these people, and then crossing their boundaries by asking questions about their childhood, and then analysing them on their own shows – all for the purpose of presenting himself as superior to them?

    Is it possible that with the title of his documentary “I am not your Guru” – he’s really just covertly implying that he is the Guru?

    Is it possible that Tony Robbins is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? The ultimate covert narcissist who manipulates people in order to put himself on a pedestal as being fantastic and superior?

    1. I see this all the time, people getting defensive whenever discussions about the childhood come up. Textbook Stockholm syndrome. I’m not implying that this is the case with you sir, since I clearly don’t know you or your history, but why is somebody a narcissist or crossing boundaries for bringing up the childhood? Implying superiority for analyzing somebody is a common defense well established in modern psychology – following that reasoning all psycho therapists are narcissists (some of them might be, but that’s a different topic). Most, if not all our habits and thought patterns (good or bad) stem from our early childhoods. Yes, it takes longer to pin-point the roots of our emotional problems than what is demonstrated in this podcast, but going back to our childhood and start searching there is most often a very good start. On the contrary, resisting and not wanting to dig into our past is a sure sign that’s exactly where we need to go.

      [Moderator: links removed]

    2. I was scrolling down hoping to read something like this. I had the exact same feeling. He’s like that kid in school who’s seeking attention.. squeezing some F bombs in this one, probably trying to sound more natural. I’d rather listen to Jordan Belfort, at least he’s entertaining.

      Also, the bullshit about the EEG and EKG “matching up”?? That’s physiologically impossible.

      Towards the middle he mentions being on flight to Australia and having issues with the wifi. Look it up on youtube, it’s Louis CK bit from years ago!

      I really like this podcast but I find it strange that Tim is not picking up on this.

    3. Hi Daniel,

      Tony does what Tony does. That’s who he is. That’s what he’s been doing for 30+ years. You’ll notice Tim drew a boundary with him and he backed off and honored that. He offered an option, then let it go.

      This podcast was a beautiful human interaction – authentic, vulnerable – for both of them.

      It would be good to note that Tim has full editing power over his podcasts. If he had felt the interaction had been invasive or inappropriate, he would have left it on the editing room floor.

      The evidence on the table is that Tim was ok with that line of questioning. He doesn’t mind introspection, vulnerability, and looking at the cause/effect of things. It’s all over his podcasts, books, and website.

      I’m not sure you fully understand the difference between healthy ego and narcissism. Nor the flne line people such as Tony and Tim need to walk when it comes to shaping ego into a healthy part of who they are.

      A guru wants you to be their follower. Tony and Tim want you to self-actualize, stand in your own True Power, and be who you really are – like a radio signal dialed in well, clear and bright, no fuzz or distortion – Your Best You continually improving into an even more amazing Best You.

  21. “Information has gotta lead to action or it’s useless”

    So true. I think more Instagrammers need to heed this advice..

    1. just looked it up ““Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.”

      Also you can pick up black sand with magnets? wtf… had no idea

  22. Tim or anyone… I didn’t quite catch what Tony’s diet was changed to. Was it from vegetarian to eating some fish?

    1. It was changed from primarily fish based proteins such as swordfish and tuna to land based proteins like chicken and beef. He did this because he had extremely high mercury levels in his system which was causing him to lose his memory during seminars and generally feel weak

    2. I had the same question…he talked about changing it, but never actually talked about what he changed it to.

    3. I heard it at the end… he had to stop eating fish due to Mercury content and now is eating “land based protein”

      1. he’s not really saying what it is. I would think animal meat but hey vegetables have proteins and are from the land too..

  23. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for another wonderful podcast.

    I have a question that is not so specific to this particular podcast but about startups. Can you are any fellow listeners recommend and books, media, or resources covering subscription box model startups?

    Thank you again for your time and for another great interview with Tony Robins.

  24. Love Tony, even if says the same things about a million times. This one actually has some stuff I hadnt heard from him, well done!

  25. Too many fav quotes, “What controls our lives is our (own personal) model of the world”,

    “Who did you need to be for your Mom or for your Dad?”, “Even if not born from the luckie sperm club” (this made me lol) “It is in your decisions not your condition that changes your life”. My gratitude it for your pod cast Tim. You make yourself vulnerable and we all learn! Thank you.

  26. Great show. Saved my life today.

    Robbins is talking about Jungian ‘golden shadow / dark shadow’ vibe in the beginning of the show. Go check up on it. Also, the Eden Project book is a great summary/translation of Jung’s work on that subject

  27. Another great podcast Tim. I had the great opportunity to meet Tony at the Traverse City Film Festival – where he hung around until after 1:30am shaking hands and taking photos. Tony’s the real deal.

    Tim – Was there a link to the firm he mentioned in the notes somewhere?

  28. Hey Tim, Great podcast as usual, but it struck me as odd when Tony used Robin Williams as an example during the achievement versus fulfillment discussion. Didn’t they discover during the autopsy that the actor took his own life because of a progressive brain disease called Lewy body dementia? Bobcat Goldthwait was a friend of his and recently spoke to Joe Rogan about this on his podcast.

  29. Tim — I am an avid fan! Keep up the great work. I listened to your podcast with Tony Robbins this AM. I have suffered from sleep apnea for 25 years, and used the “mask” that Tony seems to dislike (we all do who have used it) aka CPAP machine. I found 2 much better solutions after wading through virtually every option out there – most of which were crap. But the two I have found both work great and are much less intrusive than a mask, allowing you to sleep any way you want- back, side, etc, and are easy to put on. The first is called a ProVent. Basically like a small bandaid that goes over each nostril with an engineered airway –works like a charm – only drawback is itleaves my mouth feeling dry in the morning. The other comes from a doctor who is leading the science (in my opinion) who custom designs and builds oral devices, like an uber mouthguard that not only stops the apnea, but which has stopped my snoring (better for my partner). This mouthguard is NOT like those you get from your local dentist — it’s based on research out of Harvard. Both devices work great, but the mouthguard is my personal fav. I don’t want to mention his name on a public website, but I did want to save Tony his 10 – 20 years of searching, and anyone else who might benefit from this knowledge. I get nothing for this, want nothing for this, just to pass along a little wisdom from my personal experience. If you or Tony are interested in the name and contact of my doc let me know and I will get that info to you. He literally changed my life. Best, Bob

  30. I can’t believe nobody here shows even a trace of doubt or skepticism… What about the little (conveniently left out) detail of how much it costs to attend this seminar? Look it up, I bet you’ll be surprised. People’s problems and weakness have certainly made TR very rich.

  31. Amazing episode guys, can’t wait to watch the Doc.

    Isn’t this what 4HWW is all about, fulfilment vs. “success”? It all comes down to the questions you ask yourself: what am I really trying to achieve? Challenge those assumptions, keep experimenting, and learn what really fulfils you.

  32. QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode?

    Life is too short to suffer. – been feeling it for so long but it seems like the whole world addicted to suffering and complaining. And at this point I dont get it. Want something – go for it. An issue? Solve it! – there is always a way. The rest of the time – enjoy life, that’s why it’s given.

    “You want to change your life and end suffering?

    Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life changes in a moment.” – So love it.

    I’ve been consuming everything by Tony since I was a 13-year old kid.

    And that’s why I’m a girl from Siberia now living in NYC, spent my BD this year talking to Buzz Aldrin and yesterday talked to David Burke – without the mindset that Tony’s work help to mold i’d be still in Siberia, not thinking about changing health situation of the world and designing smart/healthy cities but thinking probably about making a living and fixing my relationship stuck in some drama emotionally.

    His work helps me to grow into the best me daily.

    and absolutely loved the documentary of course, that I believe really showed what Tony and his life is all about.

  33. Hi Tim,

    We share a common contact, John Buxton, who was the Head of Schools while I attended Culver and has had a major impact on my life as well. I just spoke with him the other day. You say that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. I currently spend several hours a day listening to your podcast as there are several I need to catch up on. I’m wondering if, since we seem to spend so much time together, you would be as influential as to take the place of one of those five people. In other words, can a person on a podcast influence a person as much as spending time with people in person? I obviously feel much more inspired and confident every day since I’ve started listening. Your thoughts?

    Also, what do you look for in clothing? I am starting a luxury contemporary clothing line and would love your input.

    Thank you,


  34. I haven’t made it all the way through yet, because I had a harajuku / ahah / holy shit moment at Tony’s Question: “What did you have to do for your parents’ love” and rushed to my computer to write a blog post about my profound realizations.

    What I appreciate about Tony’s powerful questions is that he literally picks up a flashlight, helps you to switch it on and shine it into a dark cave. What happens int he process, is you see amazing things you did not see before. A light is shined on unconscious or automatic actions or patterns.

    This is the value of Tony and his ontological coaching approach. We cannot choose to take different actions in our life until we are aware of what we do, why we do it and how we see things. His podcast today and his questions in those first 15 minutes got me thinking, such as “whose love did you crave” and “what did you have to be in order to get that love” – those questions illuminated so much for me – It shone a light on some of the ways I approached and interpreted life, that used to serve me, that eventually became unhelpful and took a lot of work to shift. A great example is the strong desire to achieve in academics, and putting myself through an absurdly challenging program that wasn’t aligned with who I was as a person.)

    I work with university students as a professional coach and this podcast was brilliant for encapsulating what so many of my students walk into my office with. That background story. That impression they have developed of what it takes to receive love that you crave. The drive to earn it, through whatever they have interpreted will get them that love. Whether it is a student in engineering who wants to take fine arts, or perhaps a student trying to balance incredibly large family demands at home with their own pursuit of goals, or maybe another student who walks between different cultures and different definitions of a successful life.

    Tim, great interview and thank you for going there with Tony and letting yourself be stumped. As a coach, it is quite literally a pot of gold under the rainbow when a client / friend / person you are talking to says “I am stumped” or “I don’t know.” I am sure you benefitted tremendously from this podcast.

  35. Great Episode! Does anyone know specifically what test Tony had for mercury/metals? I know there is often a great difference between a western medicine toxin lab and one that a holistic or naturopathic practitioner would order.

  36. One of my favorite podcasts yet. I loved the silence when Tony asked Tim who he needed to be for his father.

  37. Mostly gushers here so I’ll leave a mild critique. It felt like Tony hijacked this episode of the podcast to spread his gospel. I’m a fan of Tony but I think his “soliloquy” was far too long. Still appreciate the content, just sayin.

    1. What would you have liked the episode to focus on? This is the third time (I think) that Tony has been on the podcast and each time the information has been different.

  38. Hyperbaric oxygen sounds really interesting. Does anyone know the place in Australia Tony is referring too? Any specifics as to what type of oxygen therapy is best?

  39. Hi Tim, if possible please email me the name and details of the supplier of those comfortable t-shirts thank you.

  40. Thanks, as always, for these podcasts Tim. I would love to hear you interview / converse with Ger Hartmann. Ger is a physical therapist based in Limerick, Ireland who has worked with many elite athletes for the last 20 years. Usually these athletes will travel to Limerick to benefit from Ger’s treatments, which is pretty unusual for some of the top long-distance runners in the world, seeing as how until recently Ireland had no other major training benefits for these athletes. He has always been an interesting interviewee in anything I have read in newspapers but I think a feature on one of your podcasts would be fascinating to see how he got to be one of the best regarded physical therapists on the planet.

    Best regards,


  41. Am I the only person here who noticed Tony Robbins blatantly stealing the Louis CK airplane Wifi bit?? Lolll.

    1. I thought the same thing. Do we know who stole from who? This being the internet, I tried doing a little research so we could properly assign blame, but I didn’t see the issue come up anywhere else.

  42. Tim

    I wasn’t clear here. Was Tony saying that his multiple health problems were all tied to the mercury poisoning?

  43. I loved this interview! I am a big fan of Tony, his CD programs Ultimate Edge helped me a lot and I was re-listening and doing the exercises now funny enough. The documentary was so interesting and well done, you really get to see the impact of the live events (which I am planning to do)

    I was already a Tony fan, but the part where he asks about your parents in the interview really opened my eyes. For me it was my mom, and I had to be perfect. Just hit me like a bolt of lighting. It has stopped me from taking action for a while…waiting for everything to be perfect first. The quote from Jim Rohn also stood out for me: “If you let your learning lead to knowledge you’re a fool, but if you let your learning lead to action you become wealthy.”

    Thanks for the interview, already listened to it again….

  44. I was very excited to see (finally) Tony Robbins recognizing that achievement is not sufficient for a life with fulfillment and joy.

    There is no limit for the desires of human beings, and a life searching for goals and “dreams” is endless and a source of suffering and frustration.

    It would be wonderful if Tony, during this new phase and approach, starts to get involved with the Buddhist psychology that has been dealing with this for thousands of years. He can give a western and practical approach to it, and no doubt that he can create an incredible and useful tool for a lot of people.

    Tim, maybe is time to start to interview now people that have this kind of life philosophy, favoring fulfillment instead of achievements, for whom the “what” is not as important as the “how”.

    The Journey is the Reward!


  45. Amazing interview. The documentary was excellent for sure!

    Very suprised that Tony never even thought of the heavy metal contained in the big fishes!

    Did he say he went to “plant” source of proteins or “land”. Does this mean eating meat or…?

    That 90sec exercise is really good. Thanks!!

  46. I read Awaken The Giant Within when it hit the stands, a long time ago, and Robbins, since then, had pretty much dropped off my radar as I found new teachers. But this episode is extraordinary! I am blown away by his growth, maturity and depth, to say nothing about his boundless speed and fluidity with his material. Well worth a re-listen. Thanks Tim!

  47. A few extra show notes on what Tony mentioned and some examples.

    Lymphatic system

    Tony’s recommendation for a mental funk -> Hydrotherapy & Cryotherapy

    Power of Lymphasizing & The Benefits of Rebounding

    Rebound exercise

    Rebound Exercise Video

    Art of Lymphasizing Video

    2 quotes I admired.

    Power of Decisions “It’s your decisions not your conditions that shape your life… so you want to choose really well.” – Tony Robbins

    Decision Making is like a muscle “It really comes down to making decisions… the more you make them, the stronger you get.” – Tony Robbins

    Tony, thank you for small gratitude & heart exercise. I’m counting my blessings 🙂 Also, thanks for the Financial Advisor – fiduciary and broker disclosure.

    Tim, bravo! another great show.

  48. Trying to imagine a Date With Destiny VR experience with an unlimited subscriber audience. What happens when it goes viral and how fast does the world possibly change?

  49. Isn’t that Tony Robbins advices people on what to eat. Why did he not discover that all the seafood he is eating is poisoning him?

  50. I loved tinny robins interview

    Could you please tell me what is his diet now having mercury poisoning and memory loss

    His detoxing and his diet

    Also how he uses stem cells and gets it from where

  51. This was a great podcast, enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to watching more of Tony’s material.

    Was curious to know if you were going to print out any additional psilocybin tees to donate to your research? Tried reaching out to you on twitter and will continue to reach out. Your chapter on persistence in the 4 hour work week taught me well

  52. Tim,

    Great podcast, but then again they all are, terrific job old chum, I always learn a lot.

    It’s interesting Tony has mercury, and you had Lyme. I’m not alone when I say some chronic and difficult to diagnosis illnesses are a real horror show.

    I was running ultras, working 80 hr weeks, loving life, earning at the top of my game. Then crashed beyond recognition, chronically exhausted, constant pain, unemployed, and a mental basket case.

    Took me 14 years to determine heavy metals were at the core, plus a long list of opportunistic infections piled on including Lyme. Still battling today but 50% better.

    Tony is inspiring for sure, but is it possible to rise yourself out of suffering when the pain and discomfort is chronic and constant? A question I often ask myself.

    In some ways it’s encouraging to hear both you and Tony have these serious physiological problems, and of course encouraging that you overcame them. Where would you be today without getting the interventions your disease required? There’s suffering and then there’s suffering that’s born of chronic exhaustion, pain, and discomfort. Can someone truly overcome that just with the power of the mind?

    It would be great to see a podcast on this. I’ve run into so many people like me out there who are lost in a world of pain and no where to turn. It’s a real mind bender trying to not become the illness and focus on the pain, while pursuing a solution that requires focus on the disease.

    The quest continues …..



  53. Feel like Tim might have shied away from some of the questions Tony asked and diverted attention, like with the greatfullness exercise. Also felt a little bit like that with the “who’s love do you crave more” exercise.

    Hard to be that transparent though, so it makes sense.

  54. Tony Robbins is a truly wonderful human being. I’d love to see you interview someone like Wayne Purcell from the Humane Society. He is making huge strides to improve the lives of other creatures who share our planet.

  55. Great episode Tim, always love hearing Tony’s amazing insights and life lessons. Loved the heart exercise, so simple yet powerfully effective. I was also totally floored by the Brazilian woman in the documentary. What a man Tony is for truly transforming millions of lives and alleviating so much personal suffering. Thank you so much for the podcast.

  56. Such a delightful “interview”; Tim – you are getting better with each podcast! Tony- thank you for continuing to inspire and nurture!

    1. So true! I don’t believe it is fair to associate Lewy Body Dementia with some form of clinical depression. This is the second time I have heard Mr. Robbins associate a “lack of fulfillment” with Robin Williams demise, which I feel is rather unfair to the deceased and his family. I know he means well by trying to motivate people to change their mental point of reference via the power of story, but perhaps he doesn’t understand the depth/devastation of this particular disease or the simple fact that Robin Williams was even diagnosed with it? Yes, Robin Williams took his own life but consider for a moment that this disease causes a progressive decline in mental abilities (Visual Hallucinations are just one of the potential symptoms). If one loses the power of cognition, how can another conclude that they simply saw the world through the wrong frame and should have willed themselves to change it? To push this further, perhaps Mr. Williams lived such a fulfilled life that his personal calculus deduced the correct answer was to end it with what remained of a lucid mind and memories. I’m not taking any stance on suicide here, rather I just find using Mr. Williams as he did in the context of his story to be a little, well, misinformed and illogical. I just don’t see this as an appropriate example of the case he is trying to make. In fact, I see other’s commenting on how powerful the story is, but it’s actually false. If anyone has the ear of Tony Robbins, please suggest he reconsider using this misguided story in the future, and that he also consider a public apology to the Williams family. I don’t know much about Mr. Robbins, but I appreciate his passion for making a difference in people’s lives through his work and charitable causes, but like we all do at many points in our lives, he made a mistake.

      1. I would go so far as to say that Tony Robbins’ characterization of Robin Williams’ suicide is not only misguided, but dangerous. If he discounts RW’s mental health, he is also likely to do so for the people in his seminars. What advice is he giving mentally ill attendees? “There’s nothing wrong with you, you just need to try harder and get your priorities straight.” NO! Mental illness isn’t something you just snap out of because you did some soul searching. And let’s face it, the people coming to his seminars, for the most part, aren’t those for whom life is going great; there’s probably a lot of desperate people in there, and Robbins is making a fortune feeding them this kind of stuff.

    2. Honestly Tony just doesn’t care about the truth behind Williams suicide. He’s only interested creating his narrative. Stefan Molyneux did the same thing attempting to link Williams death to his divorce/women. People in general aren’t interested in authenticity and truth. They love Tony (the phony). Which is fine and their right. Just not my cup of tea.

  57. I have read the 4 Hour Work Week and love what Tim does for people. That book changed the way I look at life and business.

  58. Is no-one else going to comment on how Tony’s story about Qantas in-flight wifi is remarkably similar to a LouisCK joke?

  59. I’m a fan of a lot of what Tony Robbins says, but he undermines his credibility with some things:

    – Robin Williams committed suicide because he had Lewy body dementia, not because he was “unfulfilled”

    – and a lot of people didn’t like Robin Williams because he was well-known for stealing jokes

    – speaking of which, Tony Robbin’s anecdote about Internet on the plane is almost identical to Louis CK’s famous “Everything’s Great and Nobody’s Happy” routine:

    – and the section about appreciating God’s creation is like another Louis CK routine:

    Where is Tony Robbins getting his material from?!

  60. Tony has a story about being on qantas around 51:50 of this podcast. I thought Louie C.K. told it in a way I could better understand.

  61. Would love a sound excerpt to share around of the section from Robin Williams through achievement versus fulfillment. Often in this area like with self-esteem and happiness discussions it is easy to see the suffering and the problem. It is harder to see what fulfillment means. We can delude ourselves about what we really need in our lives for fulfillment. Naval Ravikant said happiness is the absence of being swept away by desire. If we are not honest with ourselves about our fulfillment needs wouldn’t it appear as desire?

    1. Following then appreciation or gratitude is fulfillment. Fulfillment is that lack of a subconscious need or emptiness. This is probably more about building the mindset rather than adding a need to one’s life like being creative or new relationships.

  62. Can I get some help with Tims podcasts. I download in the podcast app on iPhone and I listen to about 2/3’s on my iPhone when midbroad cast it goes back maybe 30 or 40 minutes and plays what I have already listened to until the end of the broadcast. I can’t figure out why and I have googled but can’t seem to find an answer.

  63. Thanks guys for sharing, I listened to the episode first and then made my wife listen. We both had our hands on our heart thinking of the things that were beautiful what a great experience. Thank you to both of you for being transparent and real. I have been able to share the actions I have taken from your insights.

  64. Seth Godin to Tony Robbins. I’ve listed to both twice. I think I’ll pause here, take an information diet and put both on repeat (plus Seth I). The secrets are all there, to live and work richly. Thank you Tim.

  65. I cried for some reason when Tonny was sharing his 2 minutes for the clear and beautiful view toward our life. I don’t know why, or I did not get any clear answer, but I got this feeling, which is probably fulfillment Tonny mentioned over his podcast. I really appreciate your podcast and your effort to bring the life changing episodes one after another.

  66. After listening to the podcast, I then also watched the documentary. In general, I would recommend watching it, although, to call it a documentary is a bit generous. It feels more like an infomercial. That being said, it is inspiring and uplifting and the tools and philosophy presented are very positive and could be very helpful to some people. But what bothers me and has bothered me for years, is the economics of the “self-help” industry. I’m not picking on Robbins in particular, this problem is prevalent throughout the industry and could include Tim as well. The issue I have is that the bulk of these practitioners fortunes are coming from people who aren’t actually being helped. Every psychologist and most likely Robbins and Ferris would agree that a person cannot be helped unless they are willing to be helped. So the question is, what is the percentage of people who are ready and willing to change vs those who want to change but are not yet ready. I don’t have the answer but my guess is that the number is in the 10-20% range for those ready and willing. Even the most generous estimate I could make would not reach 50%. So the bulk of the money is coming from those not getting what they think they paid for. In the documentary, the one event profiled generated over 12 million dollars in gross revenue, and that doesn’t include any merchandise sales. The topic of the economics never gets talked about because nobody likes to scrutinise people who seem to be doing good work, but I don’t think we should be turning a blind eye towards it either. Should self-help practitioners, life coaches, mentors be paid for their work? And, if so, what is the threshold for how much money they are able to make before it becomes an ethical problem?

    1. Likely the 80/20 rule applies here. Maybe even lower 90/10? Most are not helped for a huge variety of reasons. This whole “industry” is a farce and always has been.

  67. So I listened to the podcast – INCREDIBLE. So I watched the film – INCREDIBLE. So I signed up for Unleash the Power in November – not sure what the outcome there will be, but my predictions are damn favorable! Thanks to both of you for all of the inspiring material!

  68. was it short-term memory or long term memory being affected with his mercury toxicity and how did he detox ?

  69. The story/example about Robin Williams left me speechless and upset in a good way. So emotional and so powerful of a lesson, I had to pause the podcast and let it sink in.

  70. The piece about achievement versus fulfillment was pretty powerful stuff. Not sure I ever made the distinction between them before, but it is such a key distinction. Great listen hearing these 2 together.

  71. This is fantastic. One of the most enlightening podcasts you’ve done. Great information for the body, mind and soul. Especially The 90 second technique! Thanks Tim for an amazing podcast!

  72. I must be in the minority of people who didn’t enjoy this episode. Tony Robbins’ answers were all scripted. Look up any interview Robbins did in the recent past and you’ll hear the same exact answers/stories, word for word. And Tim didn’t question him about that once. I find this hard to accept assuming Tim did his research before this podcast.

    I also watched the documentary afterwards based on Tim’s word. I went into it wanting to believe, but again I was disappointed. It’s damn near hard to think the intervention with the “sheep/lion” guy and his “universe-loving” girlfriend wasn’t scripted with actors. And Tony’s analogy about the lion and sheep, c’mon. That’s almost the same analogy line for line used in the Joseph Campbell tribute-documentary Finding Joe.

    Maybe Robbins picks and chooses who will interview him, or what questions the interviewers can ask, so he’s never put on the spot. I don’t know. But I would’ve loved to hear someone call bullshit and challenge his ideas and force him to speak unscripted. Even if Robbins has proven methods, I’d love to see them challenged and defended.

    Side note: Here’s an interview where Robbins gives someone else the same scripted answers he gave Tim.

  73. Great interview – starting watching the movie last night and also got super emotional during the Dawn intervention. Unfortunately saw this ( today and after listening to the first 10 minutes realized that she wasn’t suicidal after all – just wanted to get to talk to him. Makes me wonder if he could have really been able to help someone there who truly was on the verge of taking their own life. C’mon, Dawn! Get real.

  74. Hi Tim- wow what an Amazing Podcast ! It was really cool how Tony R.

    “Deconstructed” YOU with that bit of Freudian Analysis – unresolved father conflicts and a latent mother- complex. He totally turned your show into a claymore and you jumped right on it – Tony is the master eh? Hope you learned a lesson and won’t let that happen again – don’t mind- rookie miss. 🙂 Hazukashi …

  75. Hello guys. Can anybody tell me how everybody living in the United States can be part of the 1%, when 1% of 7 billion people makes 70 000 000 people and the US population is around 270 000 000 ?

    I mean, Tony and Tim, I think you are honest and you care. I just think you don’t get it : what if people were reactive (instead of proactive) and unable to know about meditation and gratitude because they’ve never heard of you ?

    And what if they had never heard of you because they were striving not in order to suceed, but simply to survive ?

  76. Tim,

    I’m a little late to the party here but just saw you’ve been hosting a series of Vlogs. Are those still occuring and if so what is the program you’re using for live questions? Would love to applaud you for the witty dolphin comment to your dog & the guy who noted your dog eats better than his wife. Both left me with a much needed laugh.

  77. As someone also getting treatment for mercury poisoning, I am also looking into stem cell therapy. I hadn’t heard of the hyperbolic oxygen treatment so the podcast ended up being exceptionally valuable. I was disappointed, however, that Tony didn’t mention where he was going for these treatments. It would save readers hours of research if you could have your assistant reach out to Tony’s team and post that information for us 🙂

  78. Omg!!! I confess I cried during the 2-minute heart exercise. I didn’t expect it. It just came out. But I felt so renewed. Thank you for this.

  79. Thanks to the both of you. One of the best ones I’ve listened to. Gets right down to the center of suffering and what we can do to to be more proactive in doing our own internal work.

  80. Anyone else contact Creative Planning and not hear back? Not sure what their turnaround time is, but it’s been over a week for me.

  81. Awesome info (including links). I wasn’t a huge fan, but like some of the other commenters – That Netflix documentary really turned my opinion on Tony. While I don’t think any one person should be worshiped as some how “superhuman”, he does seem to benefit people in a positive way. Solid podcast – Keep em coming!

  82. Tim is so cute in this episode! There’s a clear contrast between Tim (quiet, calm) and Tony (emotion, passion). Also watched I Am Not A Guru after this podcast. Incredible episode great for self-reflection on one’s own thought patterns and habits. Thanks so much for inviting him again on this podcast!

  83. Saw the documentary and thought it was awful. What a con job! The guy gives basic advice to people and just uses the energy of the crowd to convince everyone he is right.

    The whole 2 hours seemed like an informercial without any critical analysis.

    1. I watched it a week ago and I couldn’t agree more. When I was younger and less enlightened I thought Tony Robbins was awesome…then I grew up and realized how much time I wasted on guys like Robbins. I was really big into NLP because of him only to find later all the so called proof of NLP’s effectiveness was made up. And years later the current research clearly shows “NLP has not been investigated” by proper scientific trials to show it works.

      The key point is, just because someone feels good at the end of a seminar/session, there is no guarantee they’re going to feel good in the future. So, essentially people just want to be told that they’re awesome, and will hand over their cash for that. I recall Robbins telling his listeners to stand in front of the mirror each day and say stuff like: “I love you. You’re awesome” etc. You just have to time it right. I’ve watched Robbins use whatever “new age” concepts that happen to be hot (Mindfulness, Law of Attraction, etc.) and spin them into his routine to keep things up to date. And I’ve watched him make up bullshit stories and reference pseudoscience sources. People don’t seem to care and give him their hard earned money anyway.

      These life coaches do work for a small subset of humans as long as you spend the money and have them around all the time to pretty much brainwash you into thinking about things differently.

      Well, apart from all the money they pour into his business he gives to a charity he created that “feeds people” for a day or two. A day or two. How does this help anyone? So they get a full belly and go procreate more so there are more mouths to feed. I hate short sighted “charities” such as this. It takes more than food for a day to help people. You’d think someone with resources and connections like Tony would have a smarter approach then handing out turkeys from the back of a truck.

      1. Agree. He just provides basic Freudian pop psychology advice eg. “who’s love did you crave most when you were a child – your father or mother?”. It all feels so superficial and anyone with a grain of intelligence can see past the BS.

        I can’t believe people buy this crap. Just proves to me that you can never underestimate the gullibility of people.

  84. I LOVE hearing Tony just swearing because its “normal” . Its so nice to hear this realistic side of him 🙂 wooooo

    1. Really? You don’t think he might be doing it for effect? I think he has admitted he does it to get the people to get out of their current state.

      Comes across as passive-aggressive to me.

  85. Every time i say oh this is the best podcast and then i hear the next and it is even better!!! it is really fascinating the fact that all the topics are so interesting and the people who talk about them are telling so simple things but you have not think about.All of them inspires you and give you strength to handle the difficulties. Well done Tim keep giving to us good stuff.