How to Defy Gravity on Earth (And Win $2,000+ Worth of Prizes)

[PLEASE NOTE: This competition has ended. Here are the winners. Thanks!]

Unless you’ve been to outer space, the next few minutes are worth your time.

Below are the details of The Zero-G Giveaway. My goal is simple: I want to you to have one of the coolest experiences on the planet. Namely, floating like an astronaut, experiencing weightlessness, and grinning ear-to-ear for a week afterward.

I’m not selling anything and no purchase necessary. Just thought it’d be cool, and I have some big news coming next week, so this is a warm-up. I’m limbering up my Internet joints for action.

All that said, you have less than 48 hours, so please keep reading.

My approach to blogging is simple: share what excites me most. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive, free, or really cheap (like this).

Whether or not you win, I want to you to think of new possibilities.

For the Zero-G giveaway, I teamed up with Huckberry because they offer so many things I love. Sometimes it feels like I’m shopping in my own closet.

ACHTUNG! This is about getting people–a lot of people–excited. I want to you to dream big, and I want you to encourage others to do the same.

That’s why the more you spread the word on social media, the more likely you are to win.

If you want to enter, simply click here. It takes five seconds. After you sign up, you’ll be given the chance to spread the word to your friends. That’s it.

I hope you enjoy these prizes as much as I do.

Grand Prize (1 winner) 

Second Prize (3 winners)

If you’re not familiar with all the above prizes, here are few thoughts on why I chose to include them.

Exo Protein Bars: These are the only bars I currently eat. Clean protein, paleo-friendly, no soy and made of crickets. The amino acid profile is killer, a former 3-Michelin star chef makes them delicious, and it’s minimally-processed compared to almost every other form of protein bar. No garbage, no fillers. CrossFitters and other athletes gobble these things up. Journalists have been surprised I eat these, as there is a bit of natural sugar, but they don’t spike glucose for me or media friends who’ve tested them.

Soma: In its simplest form, it’s a high-end competitor to Brita water filters. It combines Apple-inspired design (sleek glass carafe) with a subscription service that delivers the world’s first compostable water filter to your door.  I have three at home.

LSTN Headphones: So cool that they had to be included. These wood-rich headphones immediately get double takes, and they have everything you need—a microphone for calls and voice recording, and passive-noise isolation feature to highlight your tunes and keep out the rest of the world. These bad boys are consistently ranked as good or better than headphones 2-3x the price.

In Conclusion

Jump on it! The giveaway ends in less than 48 hours.

To sign up, simply click here. And don’t forget: every time you share the page, your likelihood of winning increases.

What else would you like to experience before you die? What’s on your personal bucket list?

Good luck and pura vida 🙂

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32 Replies to “How to Defy Gravity on Earth (And Win $2,000+ Worth of Prizes)”

  1. 1. Pls consider putting road cycling on the Ferriss Follower bucket list. More and more high achievers are finding real peace and sense of accomplishment on two wheels (often replacing the golf course). As a former 80 hr a week entertainment lawyer, I’ve experienced it first-hand. Happy to assist.

    2. Did you ever find/hire your right-hand person?


  2. Alas it says ‘The giveaway is only open to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia’. I’m aware that most of your readers are from the US. Plus it may be legally difficult to set something up internationally. Still somewhat disappointed 🙁

    1. Same here, based in the Netherlands and cannot purchase :-/ Tim, any way you can make it available to us in Europe too?

  3. Just entered the competition…. Holding thumbs on this one!

    Either way thanks for the opportunity, and a great and thought provoking blog!

  4. As usual, you are always looking to turn people’s lives on and get them Tuned in.

    Thank you Tim and looking forward to everything you have to share!

  5. Looks like a ton of fun, but only open to american residents. Maybe set a filter on your email marketing service provider to only promote this contest to US based emails?

  6. Wow. I’ve been a lot of things but never weightless…I’d like to try that. Wonder what it feels like…light headed? It would be cool to find out.


  7. About a decade ago I missed the chance to ride the Vomit Comet since I just got the job as the team was leaving to do the experiments. Would be fun to make up for that miss.

  8. Can the winner transfer the prize to someone else? I didn’t catch anything in the official rules about that.

  9. Hi Tim,

    Actually this is not the only commercial opportunity to experiment the zero G with a plane.

    The french company NOVESPACE do it also, in a much BIGGGGER plane all new from 2015 ! I did

    It with them last year, mars gravity, moon gravity and of course zero G ;)) 22 times 😀

    The difference is you can move a lot more than in the US plane, give it a try if you can !



  10. Tim,

    Thank you for continuing to enrich the lives of your readers and for sharing so many cool and educational things!

    I am a bit surprised that

    1. you use Soma Water at all, and

    2. would chose to promote it

    My reading suggests it is next-to-useless as a water filtration system and does not filter anything except for chlorine taste/odor — this is a good summary:

    Have you found a good (other-than-aesthetic) reason to use it?

  11. Hey. I shared all I could on the “share” page and created a Facebook ad to run the next couple of days. Hope that will help me win. 🙂


  12. Loved seeing the “Inbound” contest – started in selling into Brazil at Hubspot a few months ago and loved seeing you put the methodology into action.

  13. Tim, I just want the one hour talk with you. I will donate all the other prizes back to you. Your insight would be priceless to me. Here’s hoping for the win!

  14. Tim, I built a foreign language conversation platform where you can go and maintain your Spanish, Japanese and German. You’re probably like me and go weeks/maybe months without speaking them and get a little rusty. But who has time to go overseas or find a conversation exchange partner. I’ve got a login for you if you wanna try it out. Maybe something you like. Forwarded it to you on FB as well for the online course to your peops. [Moderator: link removed.] LMK what you think. Cheers mate. Rowan

  15. Entered, shared and now….the wait.

    Regardless of winning, this is awesome and truly inspiring. For someone to give out their own wealth to others, just to experience an amazing once in a life to chance to travel to outer-space; and acquire the same joy you did…well…words really can’t describe how generous [awesome] that is.

  16. I know this has nothing to do with the post but I need help. Where can I find a video or picture of how to do an “Iso-lateral dumbbell incline bench press”. I find it with out the incline or the dumbbell but now together.

  17. Cool campaign. If you are interested in seeing the viral impact of your influencers connect @maven_social

  18. Hi Tim,

    When will the winners be announced? Promotion says winners will be announced May 1st but winners haven’t been announced. I probably didn’t win although I would like to know when winners will be announced since I keep checking the winner’s page for updates 🙂

    Thank You,

    Christian P.