Let Me Promote Your Product (or Location) to Millions

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[UPDATE: We have all of the products we need at this time. Thanks so much!]

This post will be short and sweet.

The book launch for The 4-Hour Body, the follow-up to The 4-Hour Workweek (#1 NY Times, 35 languages), will be enormous. There will be big media, incredible partnerships, never-before-seen experiments, and much, much more.

Here are two things I’m looking to add to the mix:

– Giveaway products or services.

– Party location in NYC for a huge launch party the week of Dec. 13. Minimum 400-1,000 people.

Now, the details…

Giveaway products or services


I will be having VIP parties for the launch, as well as mailing copies to celebs and “influencers” (as much as I hate that word, it’s accurate). Here’s a sample pic from my last party, held on a warship in SF bay, featuring me, Kevin Rose, and Paula Abdul. The 4-Hour Body recipients will be a very good group to get in front of.

In both cases (parties and mailings), I’d like to include cool products that would complement the book. Might your product fit?

Click here to submit your product!

OPTION B: Promoted on the blog

I will be promoting The 4-Hour Body on this blog, which is currently about the 1,600th most popular website in the United States, according to Alexa, and tracked by media ranging from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to Inc. Magazine and others.

I will be offering bonuses to people who buy multiple copies of The 4-Hour Body, much like Gary Vaynerchuck does here. Bonuses could include physical goods, digital services (no e-books, please), subscriptions, experiences (world travel, lodging, etc.), or just about anything.

I’ll be promoting the hell out of any bonuses. This is cheap marketing when you consider alternative means of reaching 1,000,000+ qualified unique readers. Check out the advertising rate card for Men’s Health, as one example. Important to also keep in mind: print doesn’t allow for impulse purchases… this blog does.

It’ll be a blast for everyone, especially the recipients. I’m hoping to go nuts.

Click here to submit your product or service for A, B, or both!

Party location in NYC

I am planning on having a killer party in NYC for 400-1,000 people the week of Dec. 13, probably between Wed-Sunday. From 7pm or 8pm until whenever. Tons of promo, celeb/VIP guests, invited media and journalists… the works.

Do you have the perfect location? Do you know someone who runs the perfect location? Please let me know.

I’ve done big parties around the world: San Francisco, London, Sydney, and Cape Town come to mind. All of them have been partnerships, ranging from the successful Merivale chain (Sydney) to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group (Cape Town, just before the World Cup).

What the venue gets:

– Massive PR before, during, and after the event; hundreds of people taking pictures, Tweeting, etc.

– All bar revenue for drinks, etc.

What I’m looking for: a cool venue that’s willing to host the party at little or no cost in exchange for the above.

Click here to submit your venue!

NOTE: Please don’t fill out this form to suggest venues. If you know someone who owns/runs a good venue, please forward them the link. It will simply get too messy otherwise.



Question of the day: what type of bonuses and prizes would you like to see for multi-copy/volume purchases of The 4-Hour Body? Crazy or outlandish is fine, as long as it’s something you’d actually enjoy.

Let me know in the comments!


Odds and Ends: Footage of Zero-G with James Cameron, director of Avatar, Titanic, etc.

Some of you might recall the auction I held for a zero-gravity flight with a small group including James Cameron, Jim Gianopoulos (Fox Films Chairman/CEO), Peter Diamandis (X PRIZE Foundation Founder and Chairman), and yours truly.

There have been a number of requests for video footage, so here it is.

All of the footage was taken with a tiny water-proof GoPro HD camera (not an affiliate link), which provides an incredible bang for the buck (around $260):

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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127 Replies to “Let Me Promote Your Product (or Location) to Millions”

  1. I think a one-on-one phone call with Tim Ferris would be a great idea. No cost to you and priceless to the individual!

  2. The title had me consider asking you to promote my language hacking guide, but maybe for your *next* book I’ll have the kind of budget to consider asking 😛

    I’m at over a dozen languages for my product, constantly adding more translations. I’ll catch up with your 35 quicker than you think! 😀

    For a bonus I’d personally like to see

    a) Skype consultation session with yourself

    b) Membership to gym or free samples of particular products that you promote in the book

    Best of luck with 4HB – this is going to be the most epic launch in history!

  3. The best “prize” I can think of is a BJJ match with ADCC rules between you and I followed by some tea. You did say “crazy or outlandish is fine”

  4. Tim,

    As someone embracing the minimalist lifestyle, I think the nicest thing you could offer would be access, either with you or maybe your agent (for aspiring authors like me). You could provide a one-hour business consult, a review of someone’s blog (what’s working/what’s not), or even just lunch in some cool locale. Personally, I think it’d be cool to just chat.

    Best of luck with the launch. I’m looking forward to it.


  5. Hi Tim,

    I think one-on-one consulting would easily be my pick. My husband will be getting out of the Army in a bit over a year because we want to have more freedom with our time/location! So we are working hard now in order to do it.

    We can’t wait to get our copies of your book in December!!

    Best of Luck!!


  6. Hi Tim,

    I think one-on-one consulting would be a fabulous option! That is my pick!

    Best of luck to you next month!!


  7. One-on-one consulting and bringing the person to the party would be pretty sick. Have them arrive with you in a limo or something, allowing the winner to experience VIP treatment. This would cost you a little bit up-front, but I’d imagine that the experience would be so awesome for the winner that it would be worth it. You’d be changing someone’s life for a very minimal cost.

    Maybe it’s time I turn my online video course on juggling into a dvd and submit that to ya. Juggling is good for stress, so is right up the health alley.

  8. What an awesome opportunity, I would of loved to been able to submit my products that im working so hard to create, just the wrong timing unfortunately!, Big up Tim – your doing great things for the world.

    Tom Woodsalight

  9. A bit of a variant…

    Are you planning on executing an application of book material event? A way to get readership involved in measurable and actionable ways? (Bill Phillips with the Body For Life Campaign rolled it huge back in the day.)

    Is there a way to tie this together with the promo to get more of a long-term affair verses a one night stand?

  10. Of course everyone wants a private 1-hour consult. But that’s worth, what, tens of thousands of dollars now? 😉

    Maybe you can give out a few thousand DailyBurn premium accounts? I’m sure you can work the metrics so DailyBurn profits in the end.

    Also, you should offer something cool for people who BECOME SUPERHUMAN within 90 days! You’ll have to define what that means, but maybe provide access to a private Skype screening where you share ideas and such that will be in the “updated and expanded” edition sure to launch in 2 years.

  11. If you are thinking a smaller prize – Why not set up a special email address for the promo and have an “ask Tim a question”.

    I know I would love to ask you advise on some things and an email might be a great way to ask you that. You could dictate the answer to YMII and the email could come back… happy me!

    Frothing at the mouth for the book to arrive!


  12. A one on one phone call would be awesome as a prize. A variant could be “Tim Ferriss my company/my body”: some hours of consulting where you personally help the reader to follow your method over months. Plus it gives you case studies for later book updates.

  13. I ordered 2 advance copies from Barnes & Noble at that 1st promotion – can’t wait to read the book and get started. Thanks so much for doing all the work (research, writing, guinea piggery)!

    I think a cool bonus (not saying that 2 books is the right price, probly more like 200) would be to get a review and set of suggestions for one’s blog, either from you or from someone whose advice you would take. This could be streamlined for a larger number of bloggers by getting the neophyte blogger answer to benchmark questions first (do some measuring) and then you provide the review. And I bet that would make an interesting blog post…

  14. I like Williams idea with an outlandish twist. A case study where you help one person get the Body results that are right for them, and then help them to create a muse business from the experience/results/related discovery etc. . .

    How sweet would that be? Totally a dream prize!!

  15. Tim, any more stock tips? I jumped into LVS and LLL after that post late last year. I guess everything has been up since then, but LVS has been amazing.

  16. Tim,

    This is a pretty incredible deal. I only wish I had a product to promote now, but alas, I’m still developing a few. I can’t wait to see how it goes. I’m excited to read your new book when it comes out, and I have no doubt that this will be a major success.


  17. Tim,

    I would suggest 2-3 different prizes.

    1) If you buy 2 books you will be included in an online video Q and A with you and maybe a guest? simple, fairly cheap and I know I would buy two books if it had a guaranteed “prize”. and I’m not talking just one on one video chat but a collective thing like you’ve done in the past.

    2) If you buy two you get the above plus a “raffle ticket” into a trip around the world or something.

    3) buy 3 books or more you get another ticket for above “raffle”

    with some kind of setup like this everyone walks away happy and it encourages more book purchases. 🙂


    1. Tim,

      I would suggest 2-3 different prizes.

      1) If you buy 2 books you will be included in an online video Q and A with you and maybe a guest? simple, fairly cheap and I know I would buy two books if it had a guaranteed “prize”. and I’m not talking just one on one video chat but a collective thing like you’ve done in the past.

      2) If you buy two you get the above plus a “raffle ticket” into a trip around the world or something.

      3) buy 3 books or more you get another ticket for above “raffle”

      with some kind of setup like this everyone walks away happy and it encourages more book purchases. 🙂


      Just to add on what I’ve already written. It seem the majority of people like the idea of a one on one consult with you. Maybe that should be the big “raffle” prize?

  18. Tim, whoever did the 2 banner ads is a genius. Nopes nothing on hand here that is best suited to your audience right now. 🙂 All the best to your launch!

  19. Any tools or resources that will help entrepreneurs.


    Cool promotion & thanks for all the great info we get on this blog.

    – Jeff

  20. Wow, really really cool. I wish I had a product that would fit well with this audience, this is an outstanding opportunity for promotion!

    I would love to see travel related bonuses. Air miles, tickets or experience prizes. Who needs more crap 😛

  21. I know this is selfish to ask, but how can I get invited to the NY party Tim?

    Party location? Hmmm…I have access to a prime location school that has many smaller rooms that are pretty much free and can be used for smaller gatherings if you need them on your visit. I’ll keep thinking of a party venue contact too.

    Suggestion for getting this message for goodies out there, there is a e-mail newsletter called Help A Reporter Out, that has access to many of the large and small PR firms in NY.

    Huge fan,


  22. Tim,

    Here’s an idea that would benefit anyone who is actually following 4HWW strategies and trying to make a go of it…

    How about you posting their 300 x 250 ad for 5 days on this site in the prime position (top right)?

    Or, 5 winners – each getting 24 hours of link love from you (with the same 300 x 250 ad, top right corner).

    Just a thought. =D

  23. Ideas:

    1. vacation/”mini-retirement” with you (maybe you can just show them around your favorite spots the first few days and let them go from there)

    2. put money towards a cause of the winners choice

    3. you say you experimented with a lot of tests for this book, well, let the winner try the one of his or her choice (given that it’s legal and safe of course)

    4. award the person with the best award idea 🙂

    Good Luck!

    Side Comment: I showe

  24. The best of luck for you launch. I would love to come to the party, I’m from Rochester New York and would drive to the city in a heartbeat.

    I am aspiring to become a blogger so as far as prizes are concerned, maybe a critique of my blog would be most beneficial for me.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on The Four Hour Body!

  25. Tim,

    Awesome video. In terms of prizes, what about an appearance on a reality show or media interview with the winner?


  26. A cage fight against you, and if I lose, a free bicycle kick to your chest. Then an accelerated freefall course (skydiving).

  27. Dear Tim

    A bit off topic…BUT hey, it makes me different!

    Let me promote something (I get NOTHING) you must, m u s t, MUST experience:

    ?1st turn the volume up, more, a bit more, good.

    2nd go to the link: http://www.mayumana.com/

    Trust me, you will love it!

    BTW, this can be a phenomenal and unique giveaway (again, I get NOTHING).

    In any case and under any circumstances you’ve got to go see this show, it is mind blowing and I guarantee, you will NOT regret this!!!

    In NYC- http://www.mayumana.com/momentum/En/

    Have fun, BUT really Tim, Go, you WILL have fun!!!

    Shakira Shakira

  28. Prizes:

    002 books:

    003 books: Live 1-2 hour Q&A with Tim

    005 books: A gadget mentioned in the book

    010 books: 15-30 minute 1on1 live talk with Tim

    020 books: 3-5 email followups about the book after it’s released (questions about diet, workout, food, whatever)

    050 books: Live 1-2 hour 1on1 in the gym with Tim

    100 books: A vial of Tim’s blood and semen (haha)

  29. I thought of something better than a BJJ match between you and I……..a BJJ match with you against kevin rose and glen….I’m thinking glen would win as he would TKO you with his nifty jifty camera equipment…..glen is a shaman i tell you. I kind of serious about this Tim.

  30. Well Tim…

    I’ve got to agree with everyone else in saying that some one on one time with you would be the best reward. You and people like you(Kevin Rose, Paul Graham, ect…) are real life heroes to all of us entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. (and wouldn’t meeting Batman or Superman be cool?)

    I think we all know and understand that word-of-mouth is king.

    I remember how I came across your book. It was given to me by father because my dream had always been to start my own business and travel the world. I bought the book for my best friend who then realized his burning passion and thus became my business partner on a Martial Arts project.(We are both blackbelts.) We created a business plan and mapped out our product, however we got held up at the funding phase(50k was hard to come by in 08). During that time I think the only other book I promoted other than yours was Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged(11 copies of Atlas, 7 copies of the 4HWW)(I buy people books as gifts) I’ve since gone on to create a successful service business which I sadly can not automate, but am still working on my other business ideas that I can automate all the time. Now I will assume that there are many other people who frequent this blog who have very similar stories. So what would be cooler than gifts or free travel around the world? Meeting you! Duh…

    Landon Walsh

  31. Well Tim in keeping with the 4 hour body – being healthy, fit and free spirited then I’d suggest a tango lesson with you in Buenos Aires.

    I just happen to be heading there in December as part of my Suitcase Entrepreneur lifestyle and working from anywhere in the world movement.

    I promise I don’t step on toes, and that others wouldn’t either, we’d just be swept off our feet….


  32. You are a very generous guy. Someday I will find my muse and then the next time around, I’ll submit my product or service (I’m getting so close!). I can’t wait to read the book, I’ve gotten too skinny, so I’ll be excited for new work out techniques, and the bit about healing old injuries intrigues me. In the meantime I’ll forward this to a friend that is part owner and does the holiday party bookings for a club in the LES.

  33. 100 books: A vial of Tim’s blood and semen (haha)

    100 copies of new book: $1620.

    Outsourcing your life to Tim Ferriss clone army: priceless (and a bit ironic).

  34. Idea #1:

    Create a number of one time only offers (e.g. (i) an hour in the gym with Tim, (ii) dinner and wine with Tim, (iii) one-on-one skype call with Tim, (iv) 24 hour adventure with Tim, (v) 2 hour in-depth marketing plan review or development, etc.), then run a bid for each prize, except the currency bid is book purchases. This will create scarcity, my friend.

    Idea #2:

    How about letting everyone who buys 5 or 10 copies participate in a ustream call like you did previously, but then pick one winner (live on the air) to travel to San Fran, hit the gym with you for an hour, spend an hour talking about business or whatever, and then have dinner?

    Put a limit on the number of eligible people, i.e. “only the first 500 people to buy 5 (or 10) copies are eligible . . . .” People who are on the fringe of being able to buy 5 or 10 copies (much less 100 to 1,000 copies) will participate for the chance at getting the bigger prize.

    Requiring a purchase of the book, however, might run you afoul of sweepstakes laws, which can be avoided if you make it a contest, decided at your sole discretion, on some basis. Best question asked prior to the call, best comment during the call, etc. Just state it all upfront, and you’ll be fine. I’d be happy to do some research on it, if you’d like.

    Sorry for the long post . . . .

    1. To qualify individuals for Idea #1 above, you could require a “prequalification to bidding” for the one time only offers. Such prequalification could take the form of buying 100 books.

      I think handling the logistics of something like that would actually be fun.

  35. Also Tim, as a follow-up from my previous post:

    Will there be some sort of software or service arranged to cultivate a community once the book launches (maybe a partnership with Daily Burn)?

    I’m super eager to dive into the diet and routine for fat-loss the NEXT DAY after getting a hold of your book in December. Maybe, as a bonus, you could offer your readers a special discount on Daily Burn membership.

    I want to be posting stats and picture of my progress everyday with other 4 Hour Body readers, I hope you have something that can cultivate this! =)

  36. Tim, “you” seem to be the overwhelming answer. So lets have some fun with it and go big.

    With that in mind I’m trying to think of a way where both (you and the recipient) could maximize the benefit. Could we have a Tim Ferriss prodigy? This could be amazing as we could literally see a person’s development as you teach them to do business and lifestyle design like you. That you are so capable that you can make someone else successful. Would a one-on-one phone or skype consultation do it? I’m not sure it would, plus the success comes from that person doing most of the work and you fine tuning them. Instead people want to see your true powers. I think you could make this prize big (after all you did say your next months are open). Maybe a Reality TV Series “The Four Hour Experiment” where you teach and train aspiring entrepreneur/life hackers in your practices. You’re very own TV SHOW. Can we get that as a prize!?…

    Or a 1-on-1 MMA training session with you? Lets get creative here

  37. QOD: More signed copies? A lot of people were requesting this. Although it involves more time on your part.

    Maybe have a few more options than Gary did. I think he only had 3.

  38. Filled out the form to give away five free 5 page websites. Mr. Ferriss you’re the reason I started this business and would love to “take it to the next level”.

  39. Hi Tim,

    Award the big buyers with 4 hours of your time. They could choose from activities such as workouts, cooking, consulting over coffee, and language learning. They pick what interests them the most and you put together a 4 hour itinerary. I also like the idea of filming this. If you were to put together a highlight reel of your 4 hour encounters it would make one hell of a blog post.

  40. How about a permanent static page on fourhourblog.com (content subject to your approval, of course) for the person who purchases the most copies by a particular date? Or just an outbound link?

  41. I would definitely recommend one on one skype time with Tim Ferris himself.

    I know I would love to get 30 minutes or an hour to ask you questions.

  42. I read somewhere recently (I think on this blog) that you don’t do many Back book cover blurbs/ book endorsements anymore. Maybe you could offer a review/ endorsement to a handful of your readers working on their own product launch? (Assuming you do like their product and feel comfortable endorsing!)

  43. Just curious, why only digital services, not e-books? And what kind of digital services do you mean?

    Also, would a lodging (downtown apartment ) in Reykjavik, Iceland be a suitable giveaway?

    Best of luck with your new book,

    Helgi Þór

  44. In general, I think for great prizes:

    1. product placement 2. free ads 3. or a personal mention in a post or video.

    I’m primarily a writer. My brain/creative ideas and humor are what I hope to promote (on my blog site).

    But, my undergraduate is in graphic design, and I’ve had my own business since 1995. So, I’ll submit those services.

    Very clever, Tim.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  45. The overwhelming vote seems to be for a piece of you, Tim. Here’s another way you can maximise the effect and the value of your prize:

    Tim Ferris Live.

    One of the best ways to promote a business is with workshops and seminars but the problem for most people is getting a big enough audience. The best solution to that is to have a speaker with his or her own devoted following.

    If you’re prepared to travel to wherever your winner is based and appear at a live one or two day event, hundreds of people could get life-changing knowledge, and your winners would get a career-changing event to launch or relaunch their business.

    Instead of investing your time with one or two lucky people, you get to communicate with hundreds at once, as well as rewarding your lucky winners big time!

    We just happen to have a superb new venue a few minute’s from our home and I was wondering only yesterday who we could invite along to fill it for us.

  46. I think Mozy year accounts would be nice, Mozy Home or Pro…. Also, my product would be nice (except it’s mine and it’s kinda free for me anyway, lol).

    Sorry can’t put my url in here…

    Love you Tim Ferris, you are awesome! Life is awesome!

  47. Wish I had something to give away. Sounds like it’s gonna be a great promotion. I’m looking forward to getting my 2 pre-ordered signed copies next month.

  48. So you cannot give away superhuman power neither you can decrease your readers weigth in 1second. But you can provide incredible sex as the perfect gift. In fact, this is one of your new book´s pourpouse, isn´t? that would be real guarantee: “Buy 50 books and get incredible sex with Rita Malone for a night” And get fun!!!!

  49. What a great way for promoting. I’m really curious about what the results are going to be. Hope you’ll let us know in the future.

  50. Tim,

    The power of the book 4HWW has produced a life changing effect in my life… Next mini-retirement…Brazil… Thank you… I look forward to reading your new book, the 4 Hour Body…

    To YOUR Success,


  51. Tim, I am building websites for different sectors and promoting a language learning system, cd with booklet, across the globe.

    One thing I like, is stuff like google ads, as dealing with people about rates, is a pain, and, is usually country specific.

    I am in dublin, on the right, at the top, i see an advert for something here in Dublin.


    BE AWARE>>>>>>>

    I only see the advert against the blog, not commments, you have a huge bit of advertising space not working there.

    Thanks for writing your book, I try dip into it each day, at random, and I always find something that makes my day more productive.

  52. Tim, your page on facebook, tim ferris, like… that page, it has



    alter you pic to the pic of your new book

    I found, by accident, a client on facebook, so now my profile pic advises people I do websites and marketing, got a few sales yesterday and found distribution people for my language product in a few states via facebook.


    Use each and every tool eh

  53. Hi Tim,

    This sounds like an awesome event…wish could be there! But am studying in Sydney at the moment, so let me know if you have anything planned for this side of the world and it would be my pleasure to help you amigo!

    Te cuidas!

    Best from the land down under,

    Roxy 🙂

  54. Obviously people are liking the consult. I think admission to a group Q&A session is a great idea. I also like the idea of Tango lessons and free books.

    But how about a workout session? Fly the winner to SF, work out with them, and help them develop a plan to become superhuman.

  55. Unsurprisingly the overwhelming response seems to be access to Tim Ferriss…

    The 4HWW is great and I’m sure the latest book will be no different…

    But all “fans” will want to access your network and insights for their own enterprise as this is where real value will lie…

    Best of luck with the party!

  56. QOD: Crazy or Outlandish………..Randomly chose one winner who purchased 5 or more books, to be “made over” 4HWW and 4HB style. Tim would come in and spend 2 weeks working with an individual to accomplish their goals. Personal and business goals will be identified and Tim will use his expertise to change one person’s life. Video/blogging of the entire adventure would only be obvious. Who wouldn’t want to take 2 weeks of leave to have this life changing event. Setting the entry at 5 books keeps it reachable by all incomes.

    Good Luck Tim,


  57. That zero gravity flight looked FUN!!! I’m so jealous!

    Tim, I’m absolutly in awe of the life you lead every time I visit your blog. From the minute I read 4 hour work week, I knew I’d been exposed to something that would change my perspective for the rest of my life, and I was right. The funny thing is, what I’m jealous of has little to do with the money you make or your celebrity status. (though I am quite envious of your site’s pagerank…), it’s the grasp you have on living that I want more than anything.

    It is amazing to me how when you are inclined to do something, you do it. That’s exactly what I want out of life. Being held back by fear has gotten old at best. 🙂

    Friday after work, I had 2 different conversations. One with a homeless man holding a sign hoping to get a few bucks more so he could get shelter for the night. The other conversation was with a man who is an executive at one of the companies downtown. Both conversations were earily similar, about what the human spirit is capable of if they put their mind to it. I couldn’t help but wonder, what really seperates these two? Both were very intelligent and well spoken, the only thing I can come up with is that both men have a base idea of what they can and cannot do, of where they fit…

    I can’t help but wonder if I limit myself on day to day in the exact same way. As if my dream life is just sitting there in the other room but I’m too stupid, stuborn, and lazy to go grab it.

    Thank you for your blog, it reminds me to think and dream when it seems I’ve fortgotten to do so for a while.

  58. I think the usual, round trip tickets are always great! ($250)

    But some sort of meet-and-greet or lunch with you would be PRICELESS.

    PS. Tim, I see FB ads using your picture and the title of your book, I doubt you promote them – just thought I should let you know. If you need the names of the sites, you or your assistant can just drop me an e-mail.

  59. Tim:

    This type of fan/follower/reader inclusion is amazing. I think it’s really great that you create opportunity the way you do.

    *As a promo idea – what products/services are you an angel to that would incorporate well with the advice or techniques you outline in T4HB? That seems like all kinds of win-win to me. We all trust your judgement (we are pre-ordering the book), so we would get to try some cool stuff we might not otherwise; and your investments and their creators get some sweet circulation and exposure! Then maybe do a follow-up post based on our reviews of them for everyone else to check out.

    On a side note – I want to thank you for all you’ve shared from your life. Mine has changed so much for the better since finding your book and blog! I work maybe half as much now as before I first read T4HWW. I don’t work near as hard, physically, as I used to have to. My overhead has virtually eliminated itself. Oh, and my income has literally about doubled in all of this (maybe about a year in the process). Most importantly, I am enjoying myself and

    my time (work and liesure) immeasurably more than in past years!!

  60. OT to this column but not to this blog: I thought the following excerpt a great example of the Pareto Principle willfully put to work. The paragraph is excerpted from the new (and wonderful) book THE DISAPPEARING SPOON AND OTHER TRUE TALES OF MADNESS, LOVE AND THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD FROM THE PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS by Sam Kean. On p. 52 Kean relates the surprising reason the periodic table was actually created in the first place (by Dmitri Mendeleev):

    “Like his contemporary Dostoevsky–who wrote his entire novel THE GAMBLER in three weeks to pay off desperate gambling debts–Mendeleev threw together his first table to meet a textbook publisher’s deadline. He’d already written volume one of the textbook, a five-hundred-page tome, but had got through just eight elements. That meant he had to fit all the rest into volume two. After six weeks of procrastinating, he decided in one inspired moment that the most concise way to present the information was in a table. Excited, he blew off his side job as a chemistry consultant for local cheese factories to compile the table.”

  61. Hi Tim!

    1600th is a great place on Alexa – congratulations. I hope I’ll be able to get that way up one day 🙂


  62. Love the advert for the four hour body, the one up the top right, 1000 experiments, awesome

    I have a product, to sell online, am getting going.

    Then I will write a book about it all with a testimonial from you saying ‘the guy read my book and it works !’


  63. Agreed with most comments

    A ” 4 hour work week make over” for the winner – I’ll buy 200 copies for this!

    I left my job – so I am currently at the 0 hour work week – I can provide info if anyone is interested!

    Also – any parties in Europe? You need to expand the market!

  64. Muriel,

    buy product from me, sell across america, i can back you up, we can buy advertising space on this website from Tim

    After all, we both owe him for putting us together and he is into ‘language learning’ and selling things from the web 🙂

  65. 4HWW, great!

    Traveling, exploring, having a great time, fantastic!

    What then?

    Would love to see as give-away: “Tim Ferriss leads you into an exploration of existence from a fully lived, global perspective”.

    Wow, now that would blow me away.


  66. Hey Tim!

    Thank you for all the inspiration…but here’s a question…

    what kind of job could you do if you had unlimited access to free flights and a very flexible time schedule?

    I have both and need to want to turn it into a viable business.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  67. Tim,

    It was great to interact with you on the video conference a few weeks ago. You answered my question in detail and your perspective was spot on! The experience and insight were priceless.

    Another video conference or two (one for each book) would be a great giveaway.

    Or you can just keep blogging. That’s enough for me.

  68. For prizes- one week enhanced executive health program at Canyon Ranch spa (any of their locations).

    Congrats on the 1,600 place Alexa rating!

  69. Darn it! DARN IT!

    Why did you have to plan the party after Dec 13th? I am flying out of Islip to visit my forks on Dec 12th!!! (Pulling my hair out) I’m not abandoning my forks for a party, but I sure am tempted. Darn it! But seriously, I hope you have a great party.

    QOD suggestions:

    Idea#1: If you are looking to cause a sensation, I suggest giving out tickets for travel or events which brings people out of their mundane lives and give them a powerful experience. (Trip around the world, Virtual assistant give a way. etc)

    Idea#2: If you are looking to gain credibility for your book, (I am assuming the book will be a tad controversial) plan an event where you explain how to properly apply the book’s content in every day life. This will be a great experience for your fans, but also a good way for you to collect a large number of testimonials. Sweet!

    I’ll try to promote your party and book the best I can. Go! Long Island!


  70. Time with Tim Ferriss would be great but I don’t think that’s your intention. For people who buy numerous copies of the book, you should deliver them a 4HWW experience, while exploiting the principles of outsourcing and geo-arbitrage: send them on some of your exotic adventures under the tutelage of people living the life. Surfing lessons with the lawyer in Rio, a trip with Chris Guillebeau to the next country on his list, a tour of ‘art’ museums in China with Kevin Rose..heh. Of course the grand prize can still be face time with Tim.

  71. Stephen, I need someone in NZ to promote my product, just see my blog for contact details.

    I have family in NZ so would love to be able to write off trips as a business expense 🙂

  72. This sounds really good!

    Unfortunately I have no products to offer now but all the best with it!

    I’m starting my own business soon and I have you to thank for it (whether it fails or succeeds I will learn from it regardless).

    Thanks for opening my eyes!


  73. I’ve bought your four hourweek and it’s for me like my Bible. I’m from Spain and I’d like to know when we are going to have your Four Body here in Spanish. I want to be one of the first in buying it!!!!!! Thank you for your joy and strongness. We need people like you in this world.

  74. Tim Ferris has changed my life! He gave me the power to change other people’s lives in turn.

    I’ve gone from a brick-and-mortar catering company to teaching thousands of people all over the world to cook without recipes with [see link], thanks to Tim’s inspiration.

    Any health and fitness program needs a cooking element. Most people won’t try farmers market items because they don’t know how to cook them. They trade convenience for nutrition.

    When you learn the basic methods behind cooking, you can use any ingredients you choose. As Michael Pollan says “Learn to cook and you gain power over food”.

    Cooking classes would be a great complimentary bonus.

    Chef Todd Mohr

  75. Someone suggested a BJJ match followed by tea and quite a few also wanted an hour of your time or so for consultation/talk/just general coolness of hanging with you. All good ideas. How about all of them together (I mean simultaneously) ! 🙂

    That would be a really cool and intense hour! And a good way to ensure any life lessons you discuss really go in at a deep neurological level if you time them with a good painful lock 🙂 🙂

  76. Tim,

    I think you need to take a few people, and, over the course of several months, have classes with them, coach them, into the 4 hour body.

    You can film it for youtube or get a tv deal ?…youtube quicker to organise.

    Books are great, but, to see it working, to see people progressing, that would be cooooool

    This could be a whole new technology that people can learn and then teach,for a living, with all the unemployment in the USA, new opportunities are what people need.

    Tim Ferris Certified Trainers are what we need to see 🙂