Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Psychological Warfare (And Much More) (#60)


In this episode, I interview the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger… at his kitchen table.

In our conversation, we dig into lessons learned, routines, favorite books, and much more, including many stories I’ve never heard anywhere else.  I’m also giving away amazing goodies for this episode, so be sure to read this entire post.

As a starting point, we cover:

  • The Art of Psychological Warfare, and How Arnold Uses It to Win
  • How Twins Became His Most Lucrative Movie (?!?)
  • Mailing Cow Balls to Politicians
  • How Arnold Made Millions — BEFORE His Acting Career Took Off
  • How Arnold Used Meditation For One Year To Reset His Brain
  • And Much More…

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You can find the transcript of this episode here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

Ep 60: Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Psychological Warfare (And Much More)



1) A signed copy of Arnold’s autobiography, Total Recall, personalized for you by Arnold himself.

2) A roundtrip ticket anywhere in the world Continental flies, $1,000 USD cold hard cash, or a long dinner with me in SF (and a flight from anywhere in the domestic US).  Pick one of the three.

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5) Of course, void where prohibited, no purchase required, you must be over 21, no minotaurs, etc.


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528 Replies to “Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger on Psychological Warfare (And Much More) (#60)”

  1. I would like to know more about discussion about gain muscle e.g. best exercises for Occam’s Protocol, from greek to freak etc.

  2. #Arnoldpod Magnificent discussion! You both were on fire! Amazing perspectives on finding weaknesses, declaring victory, making obstacles to assets, the importance of after school programs, and the power of influence. I want a signed Total Recall book and also to have a long dinner with you. We have a lot to discuss! Huge fan, implement your mantra and try and help others see the light. I am going to tweet various tweets six times per day until Friday with variable #’s, post to Facebook and LinkedIn, also send an email campaign to all my contacts. Drive results!!! This one of the most substantive interviews I think you’ve done. Great takeaways and even more to come sharing with others.

  3. Great podcast! I’ve tweeted (cc Tim Ferris) and shared the video on facebook with one of my group who’s also into this (Book of the Day)

    I read his book and am fascinated by the fact that he’s essentially a modern day renaissance man. I just wish I could see his paintings. I was surprised to learn that he’s also an artist.

  4. Very impessive interview. I have never watched any movies of Arnold, neither have I read any of his books. This will definitely change now. Outstanding Personality. Thanks for broaden my Mind, Mr Ferriss 😉

    I have shared your blog link with my facebook friends and hope all of them will take the time to listen to this outstanding interview.

    Greets from Germany!

  5. – for my growth marketing clients, had them share this link via all their channels (FB pages / email lists / twitter accounts) to see what their organic reach was – pitched as a win to them, as it’s a free measure of the real trust they’re building… offering something that isn’t their own product. total Facebook fans, more than 327,000; total twitter followers, more than 155,000; total email mailing list aggregates, more than 624,000.

    – shared in multiple (17 or 18) self-improvement groups on Facebook

    – sent to 32 friends who have recommended various books, podcasts, or articles over the years relating to business, fitness, or psychology; told them i would share copious notes of my conversation from dinner with you in exchange for them sharing on their own facebook pages (14,347 friends combined), twitter accounts (194,000 followers) and instagram accounts (62,000 followers)

    – posted jobs on craigslist in metropolitan cities around the world, listing Twitter distribution of this podcast as a requirement for applying. estimated audience unknown, for obvious reasons, but given that i’ve received more than 280 applications, i’d assume at least another 140,000

    plus sharing through my own follower networks, emailing to friends/family/classmates/collaborators/mentors, and bringing it up in conversation wherever possible, along with the inducement of further sharing bolstered by the promise of copious notes from prize dinner.

    i hope this is editable so i can add the stuff i’ll be doing in the next couple of days as well.

  6. Hilarious, engaging and insightful as you’d expect from Arnold!

    Love the stories with Franco Columbo and the “softening the meat” line!

    Great stuff Tim! The podcasts have been a brilliant addition.

  7. #arnoldpod

    Absolutely love this interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    A fascinating insight in to the man and his business mind.

    I’ve been sharing this with my collegues and friends. A great way to introduce them to your podcast.

  8. Tim. Since I saw you share the stage with Richard Branson in Melbourne, 2011, at the 21st Century Education conference I have been a fan of what you have done. I have devoured all your books and reference them all the time. I have even posted on my company facebook page a screen shot video of the outside core fundamental exercises you did with Merrel http://www.facebook.com/pages/Riverina-Sports-Injury-and-Massage-Clinic/197177193801049?ref=aymt_homepage_panel. Mate, it is on my list of 101 things to do before I die to one day meet you. I have shared the Arnold interview both on our subscriber page and personal Facebook page. That is all, but how awesome it would be to fly to the states and have a long dinner in SF. Magic elves, choose wisely.

  9. My first comment on here as this was a truly inspiring interview.

    Putting aside that you interviewed the one and only Arnold, you thoroughly carried out background research and as a result dug really deep.

    Specific sections of the interview I enjoyed were: growing up in Austria, mindset in competitions, the reasoning as to why he wanted to be income independent in order to leverage his negotiations in his entertainment and bodybuilding career and the importance of after-school adult supervision.

    Truly inspiring and your best yet Tim – very well done.

    1. Good to see that people are picking up on the little notes which Tim left :-). (#Arnoldpod)

      Great idea to involve the original Arnie museum as well! Good call.

      As my grandfather originally was from Graz, it’s actually a shame I haven’t been there yet.

      1. You need to go there! It’s definitely worth it. Amazing old city center. And you can visit the Schwarzenegger Museum. However, depending from how far you’re coming from you probably should include some other citys to visit as well. 🙂

      2. Well, I actually live in Bavaria at the moment (Munich region – Tim’s favourite beer). I am partially Austrian so it is nice to live this close to the Alps :-).

        Definitely on my will_do list to visit Graz to pay homage to my grandfather, visit the historical center and take a peek into Arnie’s museum.

    2. Note to Tim and his psychedelic elves: I vote for this guy!

      This has got to be the most minimum, most effective mega dose.

      And I’m not just saying this because I’m a fellow Austrian (although that would be totally legitimate in this case)

      Aus. Ende. Fertig.

  10. #arnoldpod

    Hey Tim

    Shared your interview on my Facebook site and

    With that introducing you to the skandinavian audience:)


  11. #arnoldpod

    What a Fantastic opportunity you had Tim, I have been a huge admirer of Arnold since I was a kid, for all the reasons that came out in the interview: the focus, goal setting, determination, sense of humour and humanity. At College I read up on him with every biography and muscle magazine article with Arnie Stories. My favorite was Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Portrait.

    by George Butler. What a truly great book,

    I don’t use itunes but instead use Pocketcasts app, available on ios and android, (and syncs beautifully) Pocketcasts is a superior podcasting listening experience, that I advise anyone who listens to podcasts to install and use. (It’s in almost all top 5 lists on tech lists for podcast clients). So I shared the Arnold episode via the share feature in the app to people I thought would appreciate it.

    Here is a copy of the email share page:

    Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show

    Find out more about the podcast at:



    Pocket Casts Team

    Don’t know what Pocket Casts is? http://www.pocketcasts.com ( I also added the itunes and stitcher info to cover all bases)

    Enough clicks and subscribes on pocketcasts and perhaps your podcast could make it further up the “top” or “trending” podcasts in the “Discover” Section of the app. You are currently #22 on the “trending” and #61 on the “top”. Not a major market like itunes but it is a market nonetheless (100K downloads of the app on android)

    What else did I do?

    Tweeted it to my 1000 followers,

    I shared it on facebook.

    “Tumblr-ed” it

    “Stumble upon-ed it”

    “instagram-ed” it

    I “reddit”

    I shared it on several online forums I frequent. A sumo forum, A New Zealand sports forum.

    (evidence of the above can be furnished – if i win , no point cluttering this post even more than it is!)

    As a High School teacher I even suggested it to my students as extra material,

    What else could I have done? stood on the roof tops shouting it out? a placard and standing on the street corner?, naturally living in Japan I would have to change Arnold’s name to “Schu-wa -chan”, they love him here!

    Well Tim, I have done thy bidding, Keep up the good work my friend.

    1. forgot to mention I “Google+ ed” it too.

      One more little story. In 1988 I had an Arnold calendar, which was the first thing I ever bought from mail order. it was expensive and I used a chunk of pocket money. To this day I have not stared at a calendar so much over one year. The man still captivates my attention.

  12. Hi Tim,

    Awesome interview! I noticed there were no show notes, so I thought I’d type them up. Feel free to use (or not) or modify them however you see fit. Not looking for credit–just wanted to help. I will post again later about my efforts to promote the interview.


    How do you address the Governator? [4:13]

    Why Arnold mailed (sculptured) testicles to a California legislative leader [4:48]

    Growing up with a splatch toilet in Austria [7:30]

    On confidence and vision [10:20]

    Competing in the Junior Mr. Universe while serving in the military [12:18]

    On the psychological warfare of body building [14:28]

    Discover the weakness and then rebuild [16:39]

    In sports, the mental is more important than the physical [18:31]

    Did Arnold apply his “arsenal of intimidation” to his movie career? [19:32]

    They said, “You are too big […] You will never get into movies.” [20:36]

    But he stuck to the plan, and it worked [22:27]

    Becoming a millionaire through real estate [23:16]

    Saving for an apartment in the 1970s [24:15]

    Benefiting from the takeoff of the action genre in the 1980s [25:43]

    Building a mail order business when there was no money in body building [26:05]

    Building the “European Bricklayers and Masonry Experts” business [27:04]

    How to sell a patio (using only a tape measure!) [28:00]

    Clarification—the mail order business came after masonry [31:03]

    Beginning a long time friendship with Franco Columbu [31:15]

    When does Arnold speak German in conversation? [37:16]

    German accent as a strength or weakness? [39:37]

    Arnold tells the story of the film “Twins” [41:45]

    Making more money on “Twins” than any other film (with zero salary!) [45:35]

    Why Arnold generally does not finance films [47:09]

    Working with kids through after school programs [49:19]

    Who comes to mind when Arnold hears the word “successful”? [55:59]

    And the word “punchable”? [1:00:42]

    Favorite book(s) to gift? [1:01:12]

    Does Arnold meditate? [1:04:10]

    Where can people learn more? [1:09:57]

    all the best,


  13. #arnoldpod

    I’ll listen to every podcast featuring Arnold. He is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to accomplish anything.

    A friend let me know about this episode. After listening to it, I linked several other friends to your blog page and intend to listen to more of your podcast in the future.

  14. I loved this! He’s so much more than what people expect him to be. Tim, you’ve quickly move to my favorite podcaster. Thanks for having such great content.

  15. #arnoldpod

    This very week is the first of my life that I’m working at home, thanks to you Tim Ferris and your book “the 4 hour work week”. Not lying when I say, You changed My life, kind of gave me the balls to go after what I believe, how I believe, enjoying life, my home, my girl and my family.

    It Didn’t happenes exactly as I wanted, althought it went very well considering it all. So this is it.

  16. I promoted the show on FB, handle william.t.powell and two Twitter accounts handles Inside_Acting and Will_Powell.

  17. #arnoldpod

    I need to check your blog more often. I miss too much. Let’s see.. I can’t start on this until after work tonight. $10 says I can win it with less than 48 hours to promote.

  18. Tim,

    I think this is the best podcast you have ever done. While we she “famous” people being interviewed all the time in mainstream media, they still have to be “on” in these interviews. He, Arnold was able to be himself, the person we don’t normally see in other media, Awesome.

    David Harbour

    Austin, Texas

  19. For your goodies!

    Two of my four all time favorite people together – such a delight! I am glad that you did this interview with Arnold. When I lack motivation for my trainings, I watch Arnold’s 10 min documentary about how he run away from military to compete. He is a great role model. I love that he discovered the secret of life – giving.

    I loved your question about Arnold stepping on the stage and having that radiating smile and foreseeing the future (around minute 10.30) He had that confident vision.

    How did it affect me in a quantifiable way?

    I am an amateur fitness competitor and yesterday I was in the process of picking a fitness contest coach. My options were down to two coaches. One of the two is a 20+ year experienced dry gentleman; the other one is a female coach in her 20’s. Her name is Ingrid. Ingrid trains amateur competitors like she would train professionals. She provides professional competition bikinis, pro make-up and hair and training for her amateur athletes. Of course, it translates on the stage. Those amateur athletes walk like a pro, smile like a pro, and pose like a pro. After listening to Arnold’s view, my decision about my new coach became solid.

    I would recommend you, Tim, to interview Will Smith. Did you know that Will Smith would die on a treadmill than outrun? Where does he get his stamina? I want a piece of it.

  20. #arnoldpod

    Did several things to get it public.

    Of course I posted it on facebook ( my private acocunt and m fan page + some other project pages I’m involved).

    I forced all my good friends to listen to it ,because most of them need some inspiration.

    And last of all I tried to convince everybody at my two seminars( 20 people each) this week and at the night show I gave( around a 100 people). At least a lot of people said they would give it a try. I hoped it helped.

    Thanks for your great and inpiring Show =)

  21. #arnoldpod

    I would like to contribute an idea that I have no time to execute due to medical school exams. Hope someone uses this and wins.

    I have noticed that most people are simply sharing the link directly to their social media accounts.

    When people on twitter, reddit etc. see just “Tim Ferriss, Podcast, Arnold” they will usually have to be either a huge Arnold or Tim Ferriss fan to click through. Even ARNOLD HIMSELF only has less than 100 retweets of the link at the time of writing.

    Why not create substance around the link that appeals to the personal interest of more people? People love themselves, lets give them the opportunity to improve by listening to this podcast.

    Write a few articles, each describing an aspect of Arnold’s life that appeals to a specific audience. Submit these to various sites as guest posts.

    Article 1. Entrepreneur/Motivation Audience. Post to Elite Daily (millions of daily viewers). Write about the pivotal decisions that Arnold made that lead him to success. (Going AWOL, doing Pumping Iron, etc.). Share the link in the article by linking with a sentence like ..”in an interview Arnold described how he used his vision to build confidence, etc,” Tim Ferriss is not even mentioned. People will click through just out of self interest.

    Article 2. (Running out of time now). Same concept, but target at the male fitness crowd. Bring up aspects of Arnold’s life that had to do with training, bulking, winning, women, photos of his cars etc. Stuff that appeals to typical testosterone gym guys. Put some emotion around it. Link to the podcast with a sentence about how he used psychological warfare to win Mr. Olympia.

    Now that the links have substance around them, they will attract a specific, quality audience who will be more likely to click through not because of Tim Ferriss, or Arnold; but because Tim and Arnold tell them about something they can use to improve their life.

    I hope this helps someone. If you win, please choose the option to hang out with Tim. By far more valuable than the $1000 and airline tickets combined.

    Best of luck!

  22. #arnoldpod

    Hi Tim,

    You’ve had a profound effect on my 12 year old son. Not willingly. More like held captive in his dad’s new car. No talking, no music just TF podcasts every day all the time. The boy is coming around though definitely deserves to blow sh*t up with Arnold. The kid considers himself a Republican too. Not my doing.

    Thanks for the consideration,

    The Mom

    1. Trust the power of word of mouth. Especially from the mouth of babes or tweeners in this case. The Terminator, opportunity for destruction what more to say will spread like wildfire with his peers, the princes of social media.

      1. Overlooked rules son cannot reap benefits of a win. Not for nothing hyped up kids already know about Arnold but now knowledged all things Tim Ferriss. Win win for dad I guess. If not there’s mom’s input: Penelope Trunk.

  23. great segment. I promoted this via facebook. Love all of your stuff and lifelong learning. Hoping to be picked for the goodies! 🙂

  24. #arnoldpod

    Assumption: Timothy Ferriss Hates Spam. So any option to buy views, likes, or follows is out of the question. Also spamming his links all over any and every forum and outlet is also spam.


    Let’s instead drive organic growth, broadcasting Timothy Ferriss to new audiences, and increasing his audience!

    How to do this:

    I lack any real web presence. Therefore, if I abstain from spamming or buying clicks, the only way to promote Timothy Ferriss is through the influence of other people.

    Twitter is my weapon of choice.

    First let’s identify how to go about tweeting. Do we just do an all out spamming of links using every hashtag and every trending topic? No. This idea is disqualified because we don’t believe in spam.

    The only way to get my link out to the greatest audience is to use people on twitter who organically(I hope), have a large audience with similar interests pertaining to the pursuit of excellence.

    Basic formula of tweeting at a person, telling them to check out the podcast on itunes(Tim’s preferred link), and then getting a retweet to potentially thousands and millions of followers. We are not going to willy nilly just send Timothy Ferris to every person who has a bunch of followers. We want people who have influence, and who’s listeners would actually be interested in 4HWW stuff, so that while driving traffic, we are also building a larger audience base for Timothy Ferriss. To save time, we simply identified those persons whom Timothy Ferriss has interviewed on his podcasts in the past, and have sent them a simple tweet about the new Arnold episode. Based on the fact that they themselves have been interviewed by Timothy Ferris(and would probably like their followers to listen to the episodes about themselves), and that they are either friends or at least on speaking terms with Timothy Ferriss, I don’t think they would mind help promoting his podcast.

    Rule: I need to mention the Arnold episode. Because this is the goal of the contest.

    The list:

    Pat Flynn(not interviewed, but I am a long time listener) – 106k followers

    Tony Robbins – 2.55 million followers

    Chase Jarvis – 292k followers

    Kevin Rose – 1.54 million followers. Already tweeted a link to the blog, but I tweeted him the iTunes link. Tried to play to his ego. But seriously, the episodes with Kevin are awesome.

    Ryan Holiday – 35.6k followers

    Stephen Dubner(@freakonomics) – 580k followers

    Peter Thiel – 82.5k followers

    Sam Harris – No link tweeted, but mentioned the new Arnold episode, – 274k followers

    James Altucher – 124k followers

    Dan Carlin(@hardcorehistory) – 63k followers

    Pavel Tsatsouline(@bestrongfirst) – 4835k followers

    Kevin Kelly – 26.4k followers

    Dan Barrett(internet marketer, music artist I’ve cooresponded with – 3645 followers

    Peter Attia – 14.6k followers

    Mike Shinoda – 584k followers

    All tweets sent out. Quantifying the effect is difficult, as twitter doesn’t like using custom url shorteners which could track clicks. But if only a small percentage of followers retweets, reads, or favorites, I think we should be able to make a splash 🙂

    Also posted on Reddit for the heck of it

    Posts and links about the Arnold podcast have been posted to r/bodybuilding, r/productivity. Commented and linked to streaming link on r/arnoldschwarzenegger.

    Time spent – 1.5 hours. No money spent.

    1. also a great targeted approach. I think that Tim should have some good ideas already by just looking at some of the comments.

      The only challenge I see is that a lot of those people are already fishing in the same pond and do cross-marketing. We should be able to identify those influential people, where he has no ties with (yet). That is of course something we would need to analyse (like Tim’s tweets and retweets, …)

      Glad to see you put in the required comment on top :-).

      Good luck!

  25. Tim, after listening to the audio version of Total Recall this year (and hearing Arnold read the first and last chapters), this really could be added on to the book. You ask such great questions!

    Sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and emailing to friends that need to hear it. Thanks for being humble to keep learning and asking great questions, and sharing the answers with us!

  26. #arnoldpod

    Great podcast Tim. I also enjoyed the 4-Hour Chef and your podcast with Joe Rogan.

    I emailed this link to three guys I workout with.

  27. #arnoldpod Hi Tim. I really enjoyed your conversation with Arnold. I appreciate the fact that you tried to ask him questions that hadn’t been asked before. I’ve posted links to the podcast on my Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on the film blog that I publish. Hopefully this will generate some more traffic. Thanks!

  28. Tim,

    I could not review in itunes, it might be my computer… The sound was super clear on the podcast . Some suggestions for future interviews are Camerone Shayne who should be on the west coast in March, and Paige Hathaway who I believe is on the West coast now.. I enjoyed the interview and thought it was better listing the 2nd time.



  29. #arnoldpod

    Whew! What an amazing episode this was! I have listened to every episode, and many of them several times. Your books and podcast have teached me alot about both myself and other people.

    I lost 25 lbs. on the SCD a couple of years ago, and as you said on Barbell Shrugged that you suspected, the SCD pushed me further into (almost) strict paleo. But I occasionally have a gluten-bomb of a cheat day on saturdays. Just started crossfit too! This domino effect is getting pritty hefty! But the most important habbits that I have picked up from you are loving to read books and a daily meditation practice. Thanks!

    I’m going to share this episode on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, various forums, reddit, youtube comments, and maybe more if I can think of some other ways.

  30. Hey Tim, is it possible to do one with SLY, Jean Claude van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. I think you can learn a lot from these elder people, who were in the spotlight all there lives. We all know the movies, but we don’t know what the real backstory is behind their path or succes.

    On the side note: I have just seen your youtube film about Fear using Seneca as a operating system. I want to ask you and dare you, if you can write a post about FEAR, because I think a lot of people is lacking a good operating system or don’t know what to do or the next step is.

    I have been boxing lately and these elder guys in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s knock this shit (FEAR) out of me down. I think you can help a lot of people if you can break this subject. I hope you read this post and the post over Arnold was awesome as always. Regards, Park

  31. #arnoldpod

    Hey Tim,

    Shared the link with my power lifting club and friends who are trainers, Kinesiologists and competitors. Lots of University students. Loved the clip, enjoyed the interview with a legend.


  32. This podcast came at the perfect time. I am about 100 pages from finishing Arnold’s autobiography. I swear he was telling stories exactly the way I read them. Now when I read the book I hear his voice in my head.

    Very interesting guy.


  33. #arnoldpod

    Hi Tim,

    I am a current volunteer in Jeff Goins’ book launch team. Jeff has recently written and is in the process of launching his newest book “The Art of Work”. Since I finished his book today and also listened to this podcast, I decided to tweet about both of them in order to cross promote the two. My tweet reads: Finishing @JeffGoins #artofworkbook+@tferriss+@Schwarzenegger’s podcast=MIND BLOWN http://fourhourworkweek.com/arnold BOOK FREE! http://artofworkbook.com . Jeff has a blog readership of over 100,000 and I am sure that his readers would love your material, if they aren’t reading it already. Hoping that Jeff retweets this, driving his traffic to your site, I was wondering if you would return the favor for his new book? It’s pretty awesome.

  34. Hi Tim,

    What a killer interview – really enjoyed it as I have many others on your podcast. Okay, so here’s what I did to get the chance to sit across the table from you in SF…

    – I developed a blog post promoting this interview, explaining why they should listen and offered a free iTunes song to the first 50 to visit the link and comment on how they heard about it: http://devinu.com/?p=1374

    – I posted on my FB page and Twitter to friends and followers of NeverQuitBlog.com

    – Convinced the web guys of my company Portable Kettlebells to also share my blog post on the PKB Facebook page and Twitter account

    … you see, this post and it’s message of goal-setting and mental performance are very relevant to how I started my growing business and the blog that has ensued.

    Cheers mate!

    John R.

  35. #arnoldpod

    Hi Tim,

    I am a current volunteer in Jeff Goins’ book launch team. Jeff has recently written and is in the process of launching his newest book “The Art of Work”. Since I finished his book today and also listened to this podcast, I decided to tweet about both of them in order to cross promote the two. My tweet reads: Finishing @JeffGoins #artofworkbook+@tferriss+@Schwarzenegger’s podcast=MIND BLOWN, it then provides links to both the podcast and the book. Jeff has a blog readership of over 100,000 and I am sure that his readers would love your material, if they aren’t reading it already. Jeff has favorited this and replied to my tweet, hopefully driving his traffic to your site. If his traffic proves worthy of a retweet, would you consider it? Seth Godin thinks “This (‘The Art of Work’) is one of the most honest, direct, and generous books about you and your life that you will read this year. It took guts to write and it will take guts to read. Leap.”

  36. #ArnoldPod

    I am going to win this completion!

    – I first posted via my both my Facebook fan pages and my personal page promoting all my friends to go to each of the links and also asked the to post a comment on the post with my name. I also got the help of my several of the most influential people I know. One of which is my mom!

    – I posted via both my personal and business twitter page asking the same thing. I post in 4-6 hour intervals so that I can get as many people as possible to see.

    – I posted via my Instagram page and included the link in my bio

    – I posted via my linked in page asking my connections to click through and help drive traffic to the site

    – I posted via my business blog (Sociopal) which will also send timed messages via my business twitter and Facebook fan page again.

    – I also posted via my Wechat (I currently live in china) and posted with in Several groups each with members varying from 15-100+ members to drive international traffic.

    – I will continue to post until the deadline!!

  37. listened to the show as always! for whatever its worth (i only have 36 followers) i posted a link on twitter https://twitter.com/sublime90/status/563134135192289280

    tim has really been killing it with this podcast. guest after guest its getting bigger and better and tim is becoming quite the interviewer.

    i also hope there is some way, some how you can get the tim ferriss experiment in your hands so we can actually get to watch the whole season.

  38. $500 of cost per click porn ads, sent directly to your streaming site. This is 100% ROI in the event of victory. Ad copy is images from this blog post with captions. A-B testing through Thursday, whatever ad had the best CTR all day Friday until the $500 is spent. On Thursday, will selectively search for sites with high CTRs (possibly due to ‘misclicks’ from badly placed banners), and will raise the bid for ads on those sites to maximize clicks.

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    This plan, when posted should create an incentive for others to try the same strategy. In theory, someone can beat me by spending more and still turn a healthy profit.


  39. #arnoldpod

    Tim !!! I called all my friend and family shouting how good this podcast is. Then I get a email asking to promote it. It’s so good ! I same as you, read total recall a bit before. Great listen, I really enjoyed Arnold in his own voice.

    I would have asked very similar questions, and enjoy talking off record.

    Getting back to the promoting. I’m not computer savvy as you start up techies. After reading the 4hr work I put myself on a information diet, Ive cut out social medial. Getting the word out old fashion ( Arnold wrote his best movie business plan on a napkin ) , is how I get results. I showed it to people that have never listened to a podcast !! Showed 4 people as of typing this how to do it. Most people I talk too have no idea what the podcast icon looks like. It’s such a great resource and FREE !!! Turn on your podcast and wait for a mind blow.

    Great content ! I’ve been listening to 4hr work week on repeat since I’ve gotten the nectar island Email. Your audios are a life changer ( wishing for a self narrated audio book) , I’ve already gotten ideas and put them into place but none with shopify, YET!

    It would be a huge honour to meet you. If I do not get selected would love to donate money to a charity of your choice if I don’t get selected this time, I would donated money to a charity of your choice to meet up … I work in Northen Alberta Canada, heart of the oil field and the 4hr books have helped my life in so many different ways.

    Thank you Tim for being who you are

  40. Hi Magic Elves, I run a recruitment business for the Australian fitness industry and have given this episode a big ups in our Thursday newsletter (to 36,000+ subscribers). I’ve included links to your site, the stream and iTunes. Happy to provide stats if desired. And you can keep your cash and world trip, I’m coming for dinner! (just sayin’ is all). For that matter, if Mr. Schwartzenegger could refer to Conan the Barbarian in the signed book I’d be thrilled (my friends still joke about my excitement at seeing this movie as a kid). Peace out. D.

    1. nice trick as I also assume this will be a little algorithm that he runs on the comments.

      That said … *cough* #arnoldpod *cough* if you really want to have a chance 😉

  41. Hi Tim,

    I loved your podcasts How about interviewing Howard Schultz of Starbucks ? I would to hear his story and also his thought process to take Starbucks to where it is today.

    By the way, I have shared your podcast(s) on my FB, Instagram (a1lbaba), and also my twitter account as well.

    Take Care,


  42. #arnoldpod

    After listening to your podcast, you can bet that I’LL BE BACK.

    (Also, I put your link on my page, and followed the instructions.)

  43. #arnoldpod

    Hey Tim,

    Great episode, Arnold is amazing. I shared this episode on twitter and set it to a bunch of friends who I knew would benefit from it. I also forced serveral friends and family members to listen to it, like, wouldn’t let them leave the room until dinner.

    I would win and have dinner!



  44. #arnoldpod Awesome podcast, Tim! I really enjoyed listening the whole thing and I shared it on my personal Facebook and Twitter, as well on my business pages related to Health and Beauty.

    I believe this is going to be one of the most successful podcasts till now! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  45. #arnoldpod I have shared individually with the person who first comes to mind when I hear the word “successful” and I also shared with his mentor. I also shared individually with some other friends who I often share your links with.

    I have shared on my Facebook Page (959), my new meditation app Facebook Page (177) and LinkedIn (916), Twitter (607), my new meditation app Twitter Page (293).

  46. WHOW! Tim have you seen my socks cause they just BLEW off listening to that.

    I will promote the hell outta this interview. Thanks again and also throw in a pair of socks should I win.

    Many thanks


  47. #arnoldpod

    Hey man sick interview, Arnold is Numero Uno!! I posted the direct link on my fb profile,. If I win I would like the signed copy of Arnold’s autobiography. Thanks!

  48. #arnoldpod

    Tim is one of the most inspiring people publicly on the internet, always improving himself and others in an out of the box thinking way. Thanks to your body book I lost 60 pounds. Thank you for that.

    And being in online marketing for a decade I am sending you traffic to your mp3 streaming link 🙂 lets see what happens.

  49. #arnoldpod

    The 4HB was a catalyst that pushed me towards selling everything I own to travel full time while running my business on the road, we’re now a fully distributed team separated over 3 countries with myself living in a new country every month. I also have you to thank for my sub 12% BF.

    Another great podcast episode, I’ve shared it over on Twitter (https://twitter.com/JamesSLock/status/563343906927280128) and my Facebook, along with spreading the word via email.

    All the rewards are great, but there is only one that you can’t put a price on, I’d have to take the dinner with you, lets cook something from the 4H Chef and chat travel, tech & training.

  50. Wow Tim. Your interview with Arnold was over the top. Glad you raised the elephant in the room up front and asked how to address Arnold. (So cool that he said to call him anything you want). What a great guy Arnold is. His positive stories and his attitude towards life and an empowering affect on me. I was a bit down about our sales, and this interview got me off my but and fired up the sales team. We are all engines fast forward and having a blast. Thanks Tim for this interview and gettings us restarted.


  51. #arnoldpod all links lead to


    Created a Ad on facebook with the anticipated reach of about 7,600 people. Full numbers to be determined by 6 pm tomorrow. Shared on Facebook Business Page with 383 likes. Shared on Facebook Personal page. Shared in private facebook group that resonates with inspirational messages with 425 people

    Tweeted to 13,000 followers. Shared on linked in and google plus page.

  52. This was your best interview yet! Arnold has always inspired me as he moved into many different success periods in his life in many industries. I’m going to share like a fool this episode.

  53. #arnoldpod

    Great timing on this podcast Tim. My girlfriend is fed up with her job and this was a good push to align herself with what she is passionate about, instead of just punching a clock. I often joke and say “Quit whining and do something about it!”(Arnold voice), but it was much better having the mental nudge come from the man himself. Also, posting it on her Facebook page basically forced her to listen to it.

    Thanks again,


  54. Tim!

    Longtime fan, first time poster. (Poster? Is that the right word? Clearly this is my first time). Loved the Arnold interview! Though I grew up on Terminator, Predator, etc, I was not prepared for the man to be so fascinating! Per your newsletter, I’ve promoted this particular podcast in a couple ways:

    1) I wrote the url on my forehead and went out into the public. My first idea was to write on my face and workout at my gym. In attempting this, I learned two important distinctions: 1) It is quite difficult to write on my forehead backwards in the mirror and 2) My gym (which will remain anonymous but contains two single digit even numbers in its name) does not allow photos to be taken on or in its grounds. So what’s a guy with a forehead billboard who’s been gently escorted out of his gym to do? Solution: Go for a nice jog down the main thoroughfare. Good times in Austin, TX.

    2) I promoted this adventurous advertorial act on Facebook.

    Quantifiable analysis (ie: Forehead url seem by:)

    – 6-8 dudes in the gym locker room who washed their hands while I was applying the marker

    – 4 gym employees

    – 2 dog walkers

    – 2 dogs

    – 300 Austin drivers (I estimate that during my 50 minute jog along the main thoroughfare, I was passed by about 40 cars per minute. 40 x 50 = 2000 cars. Guesstimating that only about 15-25% of the cars looked at me and/or were able to see my forehead, the total jogging views = about 300)

    – 563 friends on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/charles.rockstar)

  55. Great podcast – look up on youtube comedian Bill Burrs stand up on Arnold/s success over the last 4 decades – very funny. Very bright and very focused on task at hand. Could he be Tim’s father ??

  56. #arnoldpod

    Wow, this was an amazing episode. I’ve listened for a long time and have listened to many podcasts, but this one is by far one of the best. I’m actually planning on competing in some competitions and what Arnold said at the beginning, and really all the way throughout was pure gold. I’ve been recommending the podcast to anyone and everyone I know. Whether it be Facebook or Twitter, or any other form of social media, it’s on there!

    We own a great restaurant here in VA, and I’ve been telling a bunch of people the transition into becoming an entrepreneur and who really inspired me the most, and that would be you and your book(s) Tim! I’m just starting out and I don’t think that I’d be on the path I am now if it wasn’t for The 4 Hour Work Week and this podcast. That is why when everyone asks me what they can do to learn more, I just recommend either your books, the blog, or even better your podcast.

  57. Thank you so much …Tim for this wonderful interview..with my dear friend Arnold…at 29-30 min…when his speech come up faster…and I was able this see him in my mind…at 29 y/o…this guy is so funny…but also a real leader…he is really a master mind…in anything…sport…business….bodybuilding…movies…politics..etc..etc..love that guy….thank again…


  58. “Arnold” was in biz living in newport beach when wife passed from als.med bills wiped me clean,was homeless for months,now in ok working at car auction moving cars,and driving 200-300 miles per day,trying to come back! your material and this podcast is an oasis in a world of negative attitudes.not a teck at 63 years yooung,but printed the e mail,passed it out to all the as Arnold would say”the lazy b”s,thank god I can work,and have kept the vision alive.thanks for all you do.Patrick

  59. #arnoldpod

    2 genius leaders for life, great stories and insight, very well done! Hard to find great value in information in this age of insanity but Tim Always delivers the goods. great post, you cease to amaze me how much sh*t you get DONE bro!:)

  60. It was wonderful to hear this interview at this season in my life. Thanks Tim, my first time to listen to you. You have a new fan. And Thanks to John Rarity for referring me to this interview.

  61. I shared the link on my four twitter accounts @ConnorKnabe @Cakk @33smiiles @cakk_meditation. Publicly on my LinkedIn account and on a private LinkedIn group for an Entrepreneur organization I belong too. bit.ly/Tferriss+ is the link I used in emails/Twitter.

    My birthday was on Feburary 4th so I used that as leverage to get friends/family to checkout the podcast. I have been telling people by word of mouth (hard to quantify) and to be fair have been doing that before this week as well.

  62. #arnoldpod

    As someone who tries to be inspirational to others it’s fantastic to use this blog as inspiration for myself.

    I own a wrestling gym in the Cincinnati area and teach wrestlers ages 5 & up. I love teaching wrestling because the sport will teach you one of the most important life traits you can have…HARD WORK.

    So after listening to this podcast not only did I go to the dog park with my dawg Cowboy and meditate, I went into the gym stoked to give my wrestlers quotes on the Governator. See it’s the post season now which means the important stuff is on the line (state championships). You have to have your “mind right”. So I told them just like Arnold said, “Be in it to win it, not just to compete”! Also how to get in your opponents head (psychological warfare).

    Who know Tim….this post could somehow help a wrestler achieve a dream.

    Cheers & thanks for being an Inspiration,

    Nick Spatola

    ps. I’m trying to visit Tokyo in April so it’d be rad if I could use this 1,000 miles 😉

  63. Great episode, Tim!

    What I did:

    – Sent out a newsletter to my email subscribers promoting the podcast (100 subscribers interested in tech/fitness, ~53% open rate).

    – Posted a link to the podcast to my code school alumni group on Facebook (~100 members)

    – Targeted emails to friends and colleagues.



  64. This was a great podcast I listened to with My Family. Lately we huddle up in the living room, turn off the netflix/TV and huddle up around my iPhone 6 plugged via a bluetooth speaker. I imagine being back in time huddled around those Huge wooden Radios back before TV. Podcasts like these are awesome and very entertaining. Thanks Tim!

  65. #arnoldpod

    I sent out an email to 300,000+ employees with your link and labeled it as “Urgent”. trolololololol

  66. #arnoldpod Sent a link out to my company AND via my twitter account. Also wore a sign and stood on the corner of 148th in Redmond WA. like a guy trying to sell mattresses. People honked.

  67. #arnoldpod Unfortunately my following (I have a following?) won’t get you many clicks but I did share with my personal friends!

  68. Great podcast, as usual. I wanted to share what I’ve done to promote it. I posted a link to the iTunes page in numerous facebook groups that I’m with. They’re mostly art related, but given artist struggle with being more productive with their time when working on a piece, I thought it fitting. You should be able to checkout the groups and see the posting there, assuming they don’t take it down for some sort of rule violation. They are as follows: Lachri-Youtube Art Group (633 members), Traditional Animation (6, 398 members), The Frank Frazetta Round Table (4,909 members), Blizzard Original Art and Appreciation (675 members), Cartoonist Cafe (9,227 members), Illustration Art Animation Psychedelic Hippie Music Free (3,632 members) (Don’t ask…), Animal Illustrators (301 members), LunchCrunch (22,432 members), Comicbook Artist Guild (10,566 members), Digital Art-Tutorials (24,102 members), Comic Book Sketch Covers (2,070 members), Arachnoboards (10,281 members) (arachnid breeders, hobbyists, etc), Simply ArtRage (3,790 members). Also I created a form thread or 2 on bodybuilding.com. forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=166279531&p=1337201341#post1337201341, forum.bodybuilding.com/forumdisplay.php?f=43

  69. Posted on personal fb page.. and corporate facebook page! as a startup in silicon valley, we’ve learned a lot from Tim and the fourhourworkweek. And hopefully winning the dinner, I’ll be able to better educate and manage my staff.

  70. Never anything boring with Tim, this another great podcast. Does everything you touch turn to gold? Great to see you promoting Onnit as well, such a great company.

  71. Tom,

    #arnoldpod I would like to know what’s Arnold’s inspiration?

    I have downloaded, liked and share your post!

  72. #arnoldpod

    To help promote this podcast, I printed out flyers with a description/link to the podcast, laminated them, and glued them to the floor of the Men’s Locke rroom of all of my local gyms.

    Then, I paid a bunch of old men to hang out naked in the locker room and walk back and forth down the aisles.

    Later, I went to the local university and hacked the router’s DNS table such that it resolved google.com to point to the link to this podcast.

    Finally, I made a t-shirt with the link to the podcast and I streaked the Super Bowl. It was just after the dolphins. Go back and re-watch it.

    As far as quantifiable metrics, I will provide them during dinner with Tim, once he agrees to sign an NDA. Also, the dinner must be gluten-free and Paleo.

  73. #arnoldpod

    Who knew I had so much to learn about Arnold, great episode.

    I made sure to share it on Facebook with a link to the itunes page (you’re tagged in it so it’s hard to miss), it’s also an audio post on my tumblr with all of the requisite links as well which was then pushed out to twitter. It is also set to reblog daily during different prime times for traffic on tumblr/twitter.

    Thanks for the awesome content! (Including the Random Show)


  74. Great episode and I have shared with every contact in my phone via text and Instagram. Long time fan come on man pick me.

  75. Had all the co works subscribe, and introduced the podcast to my mom, dad, and brother. All in all go you about 10 new subscribers to the podcast!