Win the Laptops I Used to Write The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body…and More (EFF Benefit)

(Photo: Aaron Benitez)

Would you like to win one of four laptops (and a dozen other items) that I used to write three bestselling books?

Given that a galley of The 4-Hour Workweek once sold on eBay for $2,600, these could end up being collector’s items.  Stranger things have happened.

This post details how to get them.

All funds raised will go to the EFF. More on this important organization later…

The Gear

Each item will be signed by me and delivered to the FOBO offices, where you can pick them up at your convenience, or have them delivered to you via Shyp.

To start off, let’s take a look at the laptops.

They’ve traveled with me through more than 20 countries. Nearly all of my biggest successes since 2004 can be traced to these machines. Hard drives are not included (sorry!), but good karma and mojo is.

Pics are below, and here are basics:

The Acer with “Brazilian Top Team” sticker — This was used for all the notes that became the original 4-Hour Workweek. It was bought in Berlin in 2004 and traveled with me for nearly 18 months around the world, including the Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires (in the “Intro” to 4HWW) and much more.

The Sony Vaio with California sticker — This was used for the very first full draft of The 4-Hour Workweek.

The Dell with Japanese stickers — This was used to write the entire Updated and Revised edition of 4HWW, as well as the original notes for The 4-Hour Body.

MacBook Pro with tons of stickers — This was used to write The 4-Hour Body, start to finish.

Before the pics, please note that I’m offering more than laptops. More than a dozen other items will be available starting tomorrow (2/13/14), including a brand-new (never opened) GoPro Hero3 Black Edition, a pair of LSTN Ebony Wood Troubadours headphones, high end digital scales, and a ton more.

How to Get This Stuff

The auctions will start at noon on Thursday, February 13th on FOBO.

If you’re in San Francisco and haven’t tried it, it’s a slick new app for selling electronics in less than 2 hours; I’m an investor and love it.

Rather than their normal 97-minute auctions, in which everything posted is guaranteed to sell, FOBO is doing special 4-hour auctions. It’ll be a lot of fun, and every dollar goes to the EFF.

Please note — Since FOBO is currently limited to San Francisco, be sure to:

  • Join from within city limits, or
  • Have a friend in SF make your offers for you.

Hope to see you during the auctions!

More About The EFF

I’m a long-time supporter of the EFF, The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Simply put, they defend your rights in a digital world, where companies and governments can monitor and abuse you. They’re currently fighting the NSA’s massive phone and online surveillance activities. Even if you don’t participate in the above auctions, I hope you donate to support them.

More — Based in San Francisco, the EFF is a donor-supported membership organization working to protect fundamental rights regarding technology; to educate the press, policymakers and the general public about civil liberties issues related to technology; and to act as a defender of those liberties.

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37 Replies to “Win the Laptops I Used to Write The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body…and More (EFF Benefit)”

  1. So cool – the laptops of the world’s greatest journalist!

    Let me explain…

    Back when 4HC was launched, I made a case for Tim being the world’s greatest hack. Here’s the link ~

    I think it holds up. Thoughts welcome!


  2. This is a seriously brilliant way to promote all three organizations. I am absolutely taking notes from one of the bests!

  3. Awesome auction Tim. Very well timed with the day of action against the NSA today. The money will help the EFF tremendously in continuing to protect our digital rights.

    Best of Luck,


  4. Glad you’re supporting EFF. I think what many don’t realize is how serious this whole surveillance thing is. Like everything you say in court can be used against you, everything you said or did that was recorded online or over the phone, could be used against you.. years from now.

    On the other hand, there are many brilliant and influential people (including yourself and your network) out there who are already making lots of positive impact…

    Who knows, maybe “Lifestyle Design for the Established Rich” is the answer, weird as is sounds. It’s probably fair to assume that many of the wealthiest and most powerful people on this planet probably can never get enough…. Maybe those same folks should read posts like

    “Filling the Void: Thoughts on Learning and Karma”

    : )

    1. The danger is even worse. People will often say “I have nothing to hide” and excuse surveillance in the name of safety, but here’s the question:

      What happens when a regime in power is able to wiretap/monitor all members of Congress and the Senate? You end up with an executive branch that can blackmail lawmakers, that’s what. Terrifying.


  5. I’m reminded of the humorous Kindle book that’s a spoof of how-to-succeed books —”The Very Minute Manager”—where (jokingly) a guy is made to believe that keeping a laptop for hours on his lap will transform his anatomy (the part that lies beneath his laptop).

  6. Great initiative. Whoever gets one of these lap tops will have a “steroid placebo” for a creative mind 🙂

    Shame I can’t participate myself…

  7. I’m looking for a new device – laptop or tablet – to start my own blog, publishing media, and editing videos for soccer related topics. Any suggestions? Any favorites?

    This is my first post Tim. Thanks for inspiring me to get moving!!

  8. Tim,

    You’re always putting me on to some good stuff!

    I took action and sent the pre-written letter EFF provides to my elected officials in Florida.

    Keep up the good work,

    – J

  9. Hi Tim,

    sadly I am in Germany and can´t participate at the auction (if I understood correctly). Will there be a similat event open worldwide?

    Anyway very cool idea so good luck and tons of fun!



  10. Hi Tim,

    I love your talent of putting the right thing together. It seems that everything you do is thought out so deeply.

    I mean, you decided to donate to a cause. But not any cause. One that fits with the whole thing… A cause in SF, related to electronics.

    It is just amazing to see your talents unfold like it was natural.

    With much appreciation,


  11. Hi Tim, This idea is for your tv show (Tim Ferris Experimental), maybe it improves your show.

    I know you are a fantastic learner, I saw it in your blogs, videos and books. But I think you want to change the educational system, showing other alternatives in the way they learn.

    But no every body think that they can just for see you do it.

    This is the idea, challenge other to apply your techniques, let the people participate in it, like a reallity show, so if they success, a lot people will want to prove it (me too).

    Best regards,

    Gustavo Orrego.

  12. Dude Tim,

    Is there a way to get around needing IOS in order to use the service? I’m on android and windows so 🙁 3/4 of those laptops are windows too, so where is the love?

    BTW: That Sony vaio is the gem of that lot.


  13. That is so fantastic. If i’d live in SF (and have 3000$ for an old laptop), i’d buy one for SURE. Too bad there are no hard drives, nobody knows about Undelete anyway 😉

    Good luck to the bidders!

  14. I had never heard of The Electronic Frontier Foundation but I guess I’ll give it a shot. 🙂 thank you Tim for the information!

  15. Hi Tim — very cool!

    I’m in San Francisco as well and I’m the co-founder of a boutique/humble eyewear brand called Sunski here in the city. I read the Four Hour Work Week as a sophomore in college and your book certainly changed the trajectory of my professional life.

    I can’t say I manage to work just four hours a week, but I’d nevertheless love to donate a few pairs of our shades to add to your auction. I thought a local product tied to your first book might be fun.

    Let me know if you’re interested. No strings attached of course, other than you getting some Sunskis!

    Cheers and thanks, Tom

  16. I was almost excited about maybe winning a new (used) laptop until I saw auction and realized this isn’t a giveaway. Blah. Pass.

  17. Tim, Short and sweet. Began reading the 4Hour Workweek. Decided after reading about your challenge to students to give it a shot myself. Found 3 people via LinkedIn that I have connections with but did not know them. Like at all. Why do I have connections is another matter I am considering. Anyways, wrote them all using your methods and within 12 hours all wrote me back. All of them. Answers were more personal than I could of ever imagined. Blew me away. In case you happen to scan this comment I would want to ask you one question, What’s the best thing you ever learned from failing?

  18. Hey Tim,

    I have been following this blog as well as read a fair bit of two of your best sellers – FHB & FHC. Although I must confess that FHWW came out when I was in my anesthesia residency training and didn’t think that it would help me at that time! but it is on my reading list!

    I have also watched many of your tv programs and even learnt the meaning of “inyo inyoi” ! ( pardon me for the poor English spelling of the words). I am writing these to let you know that I have been one of the thousands of consumers of your brilliant work, and am thankful for it .

    As you are embarking on supporting another worthy cause, I thought it was time for me of share with you and any body who reads this comment a very moving documentary called “Blood Brother” directed by Steve Hoover produced by a production company called Animal. It is available on iTunes. I believe it was recently aired on PBS as we’ll.

    Best Wishes,


  19. The EFF is a great organization. I’ve been a member for the last couple years. Nice touch, auctioning technology that helped open minds, to further an organization that opens eyes to privacy issues and other issues which threaten our increasingly digital lives. Kudos!

  20. Marvllous! That Dell was the very first laptop I owned and stumbling acros a picture of it in your post made my mind travel down memory lane for a moment or two… 🙂 Good luck with the auctions! And I quite like the FOBO concept as well. Cheers, Oliver

  21. Cool auction!I see you have a “hurl” in your hands,and have noticed it also has been used!Maybe see you in Croke Park someday for an All-Ireland Final.


  22. Tim, off topic. But you should consider writing the four hour baby. Or four hour parent. Seriously the world would be a better place with a book like yours written for that purpose. And many of us would love to hear your parents parenting style and how you might choose to apply parenting. May not be your thing, but it would be a very cool topic considering the true lack of any valuable insights and info in one place.

  23. I’m a big secret fan, and have defended the empire, even if in small circles. But this is just too much! I say this with the greatest compassion, but I think you need to abandon the empire and do something with greater authenticity. This is not fair to you, even if for a good cause. Potential and pressure are too closely related, I admit. But, still… 🙂