Critical (M)Ass: The Kiwi’s Complete A/B Workout

Workout A

All exercises, except for kettlebell swings, are performed for 10 repetitions using a 13-Repetition Max2 (RM) weight.

  1. Heavy dumbbell front squat to press (ass to heels)—squeeze glutes at bottom for one second before rising
  2. One-arm, one-leg DB row
  3. Walking lunges with sprinter knee raise – [Note from The Kiwi: “Your progression should be using your bodyweight, then dumbbells. This video shows with barbbell. I would PAUSE more at the top and push for hip extension (be as tall as you can at the top of each rep).”]
  4. Wide-grip push-ups
  5. Two-arm kettlebell swings x 20-25

Repeat sequence 2–4 times.

Workout B

  1. One-leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL) (10–12 reps each side, at a 13 RM on first set weight selection)
  2. Chin-up (four-second negative lowering portion only) × 10 or until you cannot control descent
  3. One-leg hamstring curls on a Swiss ball—6–12 reps each leg
  4. Plank for abs (and gluteus medius on sides) -> Progression: start with 30 seconds front, 30 seconds each side, working up to 90 seconds maximum
  5. Reverse hyper × 15–25 Repeat sequence 2–4 times. [Note from The Kiwi: “A bit slow on concentric for my tastes, but acceptable.  Do these two seconds down, explosive up.”]

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3 comments on “Critical (M)Ass: The Kiwi’s Complete A/B Workout

  1. Are all the exercises in workout B really ou done for one set (with the reverse hyper being the only exception)? Or am I misreading this completely?


  2. How much should you rest between exercises and sets? I suppose that depends somewhat on the overall desired results–building mass vs burning fat and total calories–but I’m curious what was intended.

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