Free $1,000 Travelocity Voucher and $10,000 Spots to Kimono

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Hello lads and lasses. This post is intended as a morsel, a sugar high and respite. Life is serious enough, so this post will require zero calories of brain power.

Not to worry, of course, as we’ll be back to our regular content with the next how-to post.

In the meantime, some goodies: the “Kimono” winners and a $1,000 travel voucher giveaway.


Congratulations, after much tallying and consideration, to the winners of the $10,000 spots to the “Opening the Kimono” event! Please keep an eye on your inbox for follow-up details:

– Sheila McCarthy (votes)

– Jacqueline Biggs (“wild card” views)

First, sincere thanks to all who submitted video case studies, even those who re-submitted old videos and therefore weren’t eligible. Second, HUGE thanks to Dustin “America’s Trainer to the Moms” Maher for making the “wild card” scholarship possible — you rock!

Three honorable mentions for the “wild card” seat are below (out of dozens of great videos), and one includes a pic of me drunk at my London book launch. Oh, Internet, you hurt so good T_T

Two of them highlight post-4-Hour Workweek (now 2,172 reviews!) travel adventures:


Alright, moving on…

I wanted to have some fun and get people traveling. “But I can’t travel… it costs too much!” is a common refrain. Partnering with a new start-up called PunchTab, I wanted to remove this barrier.

Here’s how it will work, as PunchTab explains:

Entering the giveaway is simple and takes only 30 seconds. Register by connecting to the giveaway widget below using Facebook. For each step you complete, you’ll earn a giveaway entry:

1. Like this blog post by clicking on the Facebook Like button (+1 entry).

2. Become a fan of Tim Ferriss on Facebook (+1 entry).

3. Leave a comment telling me where you’ll go and what you’ll do there (+1 entry).

4. Tweet about the giveaway (+1 entry).

5. Unlimited bonus entries by pasting your invite link everywhere you can. For example:

– For every friend who clicks the invite link you Tweeted in step 4, you’ll earn +1 entries.

– For every friend who then joins the giveaway, you’ll earn +5 entries.

Giveaway ends June 30, 2011 at midnight PST. Open to residents of North America.

Enjoy! Attack! Discuss!

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700 Replies to “Free $1,000 Travelocity Voucher and $10,000 Spots to Kimono”

    1. Currently Deployed to Afghanistan and when I get back I would take my wife to Kauai. Thanks for all you do and keep it up.

    2. I will go to Southern Spain so that I can finally become fluent in Spanish. I have wanted to go to Spain since I was young. I would be working for eco-resorts or family-run businesses as well in exchange for room and board.

      Thanks for the opportunity!


  1. Congrats to Sheila!

    Now I can move on with my life and not check Tim’s site every 30 minutes. 🙂

    Best wishes to all the other contestants.

  2. Fantastic Job, Tim!

    I’m constantly amazed at the way you do things… I may be an expert but from Tim Ferriss there’s always a new angle to learn from!

  3. If I win, I’d use the Travelocity points to visit, and actually move, to New Jersey. I’ve been considering the move for some time, but cannot travel back and forth to find a place and then move because I’m in Florida (too costly of a process). These additional points would help the overall cost of the initial moving process.

  4. Thailand & it’s islands have been on my list for some time now and I’ve finally managed to talk the wife into it. All we need to do now is win the voucher and we can go 😉

  5. If I were to win, I’d go to an all-inclusive resort, maybe in Puerto Morales, Mexico. I’d read, walk, snorkel and try really hard not to work at all. I’d also take my Mom, who could really use a vacation. We’d go back to the Dos Ojos cenote and swim in the gorgeous underground lake….

  6. I would travel to the Dominican Republic to visit my best friends whom I don’t see enough in January while they are all there for winter break. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I want to go to Greece, i want to hike every inch of it. i want to spend the night outside next to fountains, and eat my lunch while sitting on an ancient relic.

  8. If you win where will you go and what will you do there?

    I’d head to Osaka, Japan in search of collecting more unwanted Japanese instruments. I’ve acquired a shamisen and 2 unwanted kotos so far and am bringing them home to Los Angeles.

  9. If 1k covered it, I would go to Israel, but I don’t think that is enough so either Colorado where I’ll take my family and visit some friends we have up there, or LA, California where I’ll network with some filmmaking contacts I have.

  10. I’d use the voucher toward the cost of a flight back to Australia — just returned to home (Virginia) after living in Oz for a year. I’d go in time for Oz-famous pastry chef Adriano Zumbo’s Macaron Day. It’s in November and I want to go to Macaron Day so I can continue my “No Macaron Left Behind” challenge (! I’ve tasted 67 flavors so far and need to get back to Sydney so I can continue my quest.

  11. When I win I am going to go to Big Corn Island, Culebra and snorkel till the cows come home. Going to sample as much of the food and drink as possible and visit Flamenco Beach looking for hawksbill turtles, squid and angelfish…I can’t wait!

  12. If I win,….I will use the money to go to Pantelleria, Italy for New Years 🙂 YESSSS. Yesssss. Yes. Thank you.

  13. If I win the Travelocity Voucher I will go to Thailand and start a fair trade motorcycle accessories muse.

  14. If I won, I’d travel to china to explore tea farms. Using Tim’s book 4hww, I’m starting my tea business and it would be a great experience!

    (Or I’d go to Turkey because the art is absolutely mind blowing.)

  15. I would go to Toronto, but instead of possibly sleeping in my friends car and showering at a fitness center, we would stay in a highly rated hotel.

  16. I have been lucky enough to go around Asia, but where I have always wanted to go most is Italy. Me and my girlfriend would eat ourselves silly in the motherland!

  17. Would be going to Scotland. Mainly for the pubs and beer but for a wedding as well. See if the Scots can keep up with some Canadians in the beer/trash talk.

  18. Tim,

    I would go to Argentina,work on automating my life and find some time to relax TT style and take a tango lesson.

  19. I would go to the Dominican Republic for some much needed R&R. I’ve been dealing with health issues for 3 years and I think that a trip would be a great way to put it behind me!

    1. I would get a ticket to Belgium to visit a beautiful girl I know there, and we would visit Amsterdam together.

  20. With this prize, I will take my wife to visit museums and art galleries in the midwest (Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Chicago) and then to New England for some more. She is an art teacher and would love to enhance her knowledge base, and I would love to help her do that!

  21. With $1,000 from Travelocity, I would take me and my girlfriend to Florida to visit my best friend before he has his new baby! 🙂 And before coming back, I’ll make my girlfriend my Fiance` while we are boating out into the crystal clear waters of the Gulf. She’s Puerto Rican and was too young to remember being down there.

  22. My first choice would be to take my parents to Scotland and Ireland. It’s been a dream of theirs for many years. After much research on our family history, my father has found that we are descendants of the Cambell Clan in Scotland. He also uncovered that Robert the Bruce was a relative of the Cambells. This was amazing to learn about, and I would love to give this opportunity away to them to realize their dream.

    My other choices include a tour of South America starting in Costa Rica and ending in Buenos Aires. Also, I’ve been researching my lifelong dream of traveling to SE Asia and exploring The Great Wall of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This trip would be at least 6 months long so I could take in all of it’s mysteries and beauty.

    Good luck to everyone and safe travels to the winners!

  23. My son and I would like to go to Egypt. I would like to see the pyramids and he wants to play in the sand 😀

  24. As much as I would love to travel back to Ireland, or have an exotic adventure, I’d probably use it over several trips to visit friends and family across the country (many that I haven’t seen in years).

  25. I would go to the Caribbean, specifically St. Croix, because I have never been to the Caribbean and think it would amazing to experience some paradise on Earth!! I would go hiking, snorkeling, and maybe even some parasailing and ziplining! But most importantly, I would lay out on the beach and just…RELAX. 🙂

  26. This irregular and imperfect yoga-girl (well, not sure girl really fits; more like middle-aged, kinda hip Mom) would go on a first time yoga retreat somewhere in South America to calm this CrAzY mind and to really get into the swing of practice. Yep, I hear yoga requires you to do it more than once a month.

  27. I will go to Malaysia and get my blood oxygenated by the best hospital in the world for such things.

  28. I’d go to Indonesia, to visit my younger sister who is heading there with a Fullbright Scholarship…

    BTW, loved the video’s-very well done and inspirational!

  29. I’ll be using my voucher to visit southeast asia and more specifically some cacao/chocolate making facilities!

  30. If I win the Travelocity Voucher, I want to go to Japan and spend some quiet time there. The past few years have been stressful due to the abundance of college work, so giving myself some “me time” would be splendid.

  31. If I win the contest I will take a trip through the Turkish part of the Abraham Path. A path set up, in part, by Ted Ury. He is a Harvard anthropologist who has spent the last 20 years helping to resolve conflict around the world. He believes the Abraham Path is one step toward finding common ground in the Middle East and I would like to see it in action. Also, Istanbul, the Great Bazaar and the Blue Mosque would be fantastic to see!

    If you are interested in the Abraham Path check of Ted Ury’s Ted Talk.

  32. I will go to Macchu Picchu and learn it’s ancient secrets, then write a book and sell it to you then travel the world some more. I will also, in this order, kiss an alpaca, probably eat guinea pig and / or monkey parts, while being told it’s chicken, and most likely contract malaria. Let’s roll, Tim Ferriss!

  33. If I won the $1000 travel voucher Id like to go to Hawaii but dont have anywhere I could stay because it would cost atleast $800 for plane ticket so I would like to go to Tampa and St Petersburg Florida for week vacation and when the money for hotel room and rent car runs out I;ll find some friends to stay with

  34. I would go to Israel. I’ve always longed to see the Holy Land, and if the fates granted me such a prize it would no doubt be a sign to fulfill this wish.

  35. Congrats to Sheila! You’re a true entrepreneur.

    For myself, since entering the competition I’ve followed Tim’s advice (quoting Machiavelli) to “make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth” and obtained £6,000 ($9,611) of investment to write a musical.

    Now can everyone please put their kimonos back on. 😉

    Best wishes,


    1. Thanks Benedict!!

      It was a fun contest and great way to connect 🙂

      I’d still like to do a ‘final 9’ tips/tricks/lessons learned for the 4HWW community. Let me know if you’d dig it 🙂

  36. Been meaning to start exploring Asia, if I win I would start with visiting Buthan. I’ve heard amazing things and want to see for myself firsthand!

  37. Oh to travel, I would find myself somewhere exotic, but truth is I would go to Grants Pass, OR. I love that small river valley… the river, summer concerts in the park, hiking the wild and scenic area of the Rogue River, Crater Lake… the voucher would allow both myself and my husband to be home when my daughter sings the National Anthem at C.I.P. in August.

  38. I would take my girls to Europe and study local cultures! I loved the history in Perugia and lets not forget the wine tasting!

  39. Back to Italy to visit the friends I met 2 years ago when I took Tim’s advice for the first time.

  40. I would go to Japan, no questions asked. A fantastic country, a warm people, and a land that doesn’t deserve the paranoia the press has given it. One of my dreams is to visit Kyoto and also see a traditional katana being made.

  41. If I won the 1000$ Travelocity voucher, I would go travel to Mexico to explore Mayan temples and watch the “snake” on the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza during the Equinox.

  42. For travel though, I would want to take my family to Germany and learn about my family’s history and perhaps meet some long lost cousins.

  43. I’m going to Bali to learn more about Kecak and Gamelan music, then swinging back through Australia & New Zealand where I love it so!

  44. Hey Tim

    You picked a great lady to be the winner. Talked to her on facebook and first to say congratulations for winning the kimono contest.

    Hope all of you have fun in Napa. All the best to the other winner(s) too.


    1. You Rock Leonard! Thank you. You’re up to big things, I think everyone will enjoy your ‘Take the Lead Role in Your LIfe’ seminars/meetups where you combine your acting/teaching experience will helping people live ‘as if’ they have all the things that are important to them.

    2. Thanks Leonard, You Rock! I enjoyed talking/brainstorming with you and look forward to you developing your seminars/meetups helping people try on their ‘role of a lifetime’ 🙂

  45. I’d go to Spain and tour the Balearic islands: visit Mahon and photography butterflies in Menorca, hike in Dragonera, camp in Cabrera and of course relax on the beach in Ibiza. 🙂 I’d like to stay long enough to learn some Catalan.

  46. If I win, I would go to Australia. As for what I would do there? Well I’ll have to figure out what kind of adventure to go on if I win.

  47. My husband and I would go to France and drink wine…and mark that off our bucket lists 🙂 and we’ll be skinny since we’ve lost 70 pounds between the two of us on 4HB.

  48. I want to get closer to the my heritage so I’d use it to fly to Europe and visit Italy and Sicily to explore the culture and possibly meet some relatives.

  49. If I won the $1000 voucher, I would go to Belize to relax, explore, and pick out my future dream home.

  50. I was researching a family trip to Disneyland when I saw this pop up on Facebook.

    Odd timing? Fate? You decide! -coupled with the fact of how OUTRAGEOUS ticket prices to Disneyland are and the number of kids we have made (3) This contest is coming at a perfect time. $979 is the cost for the 3day park hopper tickets we were planning on purchasing. If that doesn’t work out the voucher will also be a drop in the bucket toward our future plans to move to NZ (as soon as we are done reading the Four hour body (lost 20 lbs so far! 4th cheat day coming up on Saturday) and the Four Hour work week.

    Thank you for your consideration! Off to eat more eggs/spinach/lentils.

  51. After following the 4HB for 3 months now I am feeling like a machine on my road bike. Cut my BMI in half ( down to 6%) and stamina is through the roof. Looking to put together an epic National Park’s bike tour, probably North West US.

  52. I would go to Australia. It’s been at the top of my list for forever, but I’ve never had enough dough. My best friend is also moving there so seeing her would be an added bonus.