The Big Bang: Blow-out Launch Party in NYC, Next Tuesday

It’s time to celebrate! Three years in the making, The 4-Hour Body debuts next Tuesday.

I’m throwing a blow-out party in New York City that evening to thank readers who can attend. I hope to do more parties around the world in the coming months to thank you all. My sincerest gratitude to The King Collective for producing this event and making it gorgeous.

Here are the details — first the basics, then the fun stuff…

Date: Tues, December 14th

Time: 8pm – 11pm

Open bar (free drinks): 8pm – 10pm

RSVP: RSVPs are required to gain entrance. See below for details.

NOTE: Since we are serving alcohol, this sadly means we cannot admit anyone under the age of 21. Sorry!

Location: Greenhouse (we have the entire 6,000 square-foot club)

150 Varick St.

New York, New York 10013



– In addition to the free bar from 8-10pm,

– The first few hundred attendees will get gift bags (not free books, but other fun)

– There will be exclusive drinks available that include:

Edible Green Tea Leaves



I will be hanging out with everyone for the majority of the event, and I’ll do some Q&A if people would like. If you’ve never seen me drunk, it’s pretty funny.


The last time I bought out a movie theater for Waiting for Superman, 400 people reserved free tickets and 100 people didn’t show up. This meant 100 people who could have gone got screwed, and $1,000+ dollars were wasted.

To minimize the no-show problems, every attendee must RSVP and it costs $10.

In NYC, this will obviously be paid back with your first drink. I will not earn a single dollar — this will be used to cover staff costs, and the remainder (at least 50%) will be donated to the non-profit to help high-need classrooms in the US.

To RSVP, please go here. Hope to see you there!

Abrazo fuerte ๐Ÿ™‚



Odds and Ends: 48 Hours Left for $4,000,000 in Prizes!

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165 Replies to “The Big Bang: Blow-out Launch Party in NYC, Next Tuesday”

  1. Tim,

    I love that you do events like this. The 4HWW changed my outlook on life, I’m looking forward to receiving my copies of the 4 hr body, and I would love to attend. Unfortunately, I’m in Baltimore 4 hrs away and I have too much set up on Wednesday to do so responsibly. Believe me, I watched the remaining invites tick down for some time before opting out.

    I look forward to you making the trek further south to Baltimore. Hint, Hint.


    1. Since Friday I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve got my travel plans all booked up and I’ll be starting my journey to NY in a couple hours.

      Someone mentioned meeting at a Starbucks around the corner before the event. I think I’ll plan on heading there first.

      Tim: The event starts at 8:00, What time will the doors open?

  2. I’d love to make it, but I’ll either be in Ft.Lauderdale, New Orleans, or Austin….

    Feel bad that I’m gonna miss it though.

  3. Quote


    – In addition to the free bar from 8-10pm,

    – The first few hundred attendees will get gift bags (not free books, but other fun)

    – There will be exclusive drinks available that include:

    Edible Green Tea Leaves



    Man you’ve got some heart (and I don’t mean it’s oxygen carrying capacity).

    Shit, you’re a generous and sharing nut is what I am saying ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously, what an amazing way to celebrate with your fans. Can’t wait till you do one back at home in SF.

  4. Wish I could attend, I love NY! I’d be interested in attending a London (or other UK city) party, that would be amazing!

  5. Very bummed to miss the action here Tim.

    The big question is why does NY get all the launch love??

    SF is waiting for the action!

    Enjoy the ride out there. Setting up my 2011 4HB test plan as we speak.


      1. Hi Tim, just wondering if there is a chance to buy a ticket at the door? I thought my friend had bought one for me and it turns out she hadn’t. Yikes.

        Let me know…



      2. Hi Cat,

        I’d say, if you’re in NYC, just give showing up a shot. It won’t be possible to purchase tix, but we might be able to get you in. No promises, and please beware: it’s freezing out.

        Hope to see you all soon!


  6. Ordered yesterday an English version and a Dutch one! Hope i can read while missing your party! Have fun! Visit Belgium. Here Viage is an excellent location in Brussels, Prince gives his afterparties there….

  7. I’m in! I’d love to see you drunk, but I’ll probably be too drunk to notice.

    How many people total get to come? Just curious, didn’t see the info anywhere but I might have just missed it, I am pretty wiped.

  8. Tim,

    I’m pretty sure this is why I live in NYC… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    After a couple years now of following your blog and reading “The 4 Hour Workweek” I’ve become a big fan and admire everything you bring to the world – can’t wait to read your new book. Looking forward to the celebration!

    Beh Salamati (to your health, in Farsi),


  9. Tim,

    First, I owe you a warm thanks for all the help you’ve done for me.

    My web-based business, my book outline, etc. is all due in part to you.

    Your book, this blog and everything else which you are connected to has provided me with much insight and perspective, so once again, thank you.

    But out of all the questions which require answers I have to ask you this:

    Can someone who is 19 years old be permitted to enter this club?

    Although 10+ years your junior, I just completed the RSVP and I’d hate to be beat at the door. Probably should’ve posed this question beforehand!

    Looking forward to The 4 Hour Body when it arrives,


    1. Hi Brian,

      Wow — good catch. Sadly, since alcohol is being served, we can only admit 21 and over. Just impossible to do for younger this time around. Please cancel your RSVP, and if you have any issues, please let me know by emailing charlie-at-fourhourbody-dot-com.

      So sorry, and thank you for the support!


  10. Solid choice on Greenhouse, Tim. A hot club space with an eco-friendly soul – uncommon combination. Now to make it epic, we just need to get deadmau5 or Kaskade on the mix.

    Somehow I see this night ending in Entropy & vodka-fueled b-boy battles.

  11. Wish I could be there.

    Every time I think you are starting to go the way of the sell-out you turn around and do something like this and it destroys that train of thought. Thank you for being a (seemingly) genuinely caring person. Even IF you see all of us a dollar sign, you at least help us feel like dollar signs with faces.

    Thanks again for everything Tim, I have R&D going on a product thanks to you and have pushed well outside my comfort zones in the past months.

    Also, the new ad is effing hilarious.


  12. Maybe you can appreciate my excuse for not going:

    I’ll be in Brazil for a month!

    Thanks for being part of making it happen ๐Ÿ˜€

    – Jeff

  13. Hey there Tim, I’ll be there Tuesday night and hoping to cross paths with you and introduce myself. I’m an ex-Marine, conscientious objector, baseball umpire, extreme Couchsurfing host & traveler, self-taught wedding photographer who left college and the military to break free and create my own world. Anyway, I’ve got a story that’ll knock your socks off and would love to share it with you! Seeya next week!

  14. Berlin or Brussels for a European event, you got the choice, Tim Ferris… Make all the English-only speakers come out of their comfort zone and make them travel to your event ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great initiative! Bet by getting so many of your avid followers in one place, there will be many great new ideas and projects.

  15. Just can’t wait to meet you…and can’t wait to read your book. Pre-ordered it on my Kindle. Only wish the Text-to-Speech was enabled for the book on Kindle.

  16. Holly Sandals!

    La fiesta del aรฑo y no vamos a poder ir, muy lejos!

    mizta Tim porfas si quiere celebrar en Sanfrans

    nosotras queremos bailar en su fiesta!!!

    natta, kim y mayra


  17. I don’t think I ever hated being stuck in the third dimension more than I do now. ๐Ÿ™ Why is the party on a Tuesday when I am flying OUT of New York just two days before? It is a dark, dark day for me. very dark.

    For those of you going to the party, take pictures. I want to see what I missed.

    Darn it! I’m going to have to bend time and space before next Tuesday. Talk about a tight deadline! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. “Eat Like Santa, Look Like Jesus”? That’s f_in brilliant.

    If I hadn’t already bought my copy last night, I’d be off to get it right now.

  19. This is the best news ever. After reading your book just a few weeks ago things have AMAZING. You have been a huge inspiration and are really changing my life!!! I’ll be coming from Illinois ๐Ÿ™‚ I just sent Charlie and e-mail about a promo film, let me know what you think. Would love to rock it out for you!!! Thanks so much and I can’t wait to shake your hand and tell you thanks in person. Keep rocking the world!!!

  20. Tim,

    I just bought my tickets and I can’t wait for this party and the book to be released.

    I have a quick question, will there be any press/media opportunities at this event? I am an editorial photographer based out of NYC and I’d be interested in covering this event to help bring some attention to your party/book. Let me know what you think.

  21. Tim,

    Thanks to you I’m moving up to NYC next month to check off another item on my dreamline. However, it looks like a bit too late for this great party! Maybe one in Atlanta? We represented pretty well on the poll.


  22. I first cracked open a promo version of your new book a few weeks ago while vacationing in SF and enjoying some tea at Samovar, at which point I coincidentally turned to the chapter in which you describe a first date at that very tea house. Small world. (Great book.)

    Anyway, SF aside, I imagine you’re planning to show the Pac NW a little love and have a release party in Seattle as well, right?

  23. Wow, this sounds like a blast. Wish I could make it, but alas I’m stuck in Vancouver. Come throw a party in Canada some time, eh? Looking forward to the book Tim!

  24. Hey!

    I bought 4HWW when I was 17, and have got 4HB ordered and ready to come in. 4HWW has helped me tremendously though I think in different ways to most people, as I’ve just finished school and not a business.

    I’m now 18, the legal drinking age in Australia, so Tim.. any Parties in Sydney? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Tim, I think you should seriously consider a worldwide book tour throwing parties like these. It seems there are requests for many area’s. Might be worth throwing a poll and seeing where is worth going too. I’m sure it would be much appreciated by your fans everywhere. I’m living in Japan at the moment and would attend one thrown here ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. It’s a real inspiration to see someone so in their zone like you are right now. This launch is the best I have seen you yet Tim. It has really raised the bar for everyone else.

    You are a great example of someone not waiting to be noticed but going out and doing IT ALL yourself. It has taken you a few years to get here, -what a journey. Can’t wait to see where this will all go…

    We all want to see you succeed

    Maith An Fear, bualadh bos


    1. Thank you so much, Barry ๐Ÿ™‚ It will be a week to remember, and I’ll be having a blast as I attempt to coordinate this beast in the final stages! Fun times.

      Thanks again — this comment made my night.

      All the best,


    1. I found on Google maps there is 4 parking garages within a few blocks of the Greenhouse club.

      Type this into Google Maps to see them

      parking loc: 150 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013 (Greenhouse New York)

      1. Thanks for the tip Dave! Now I just hope I’ll be able to get my car through this crazy snowstorm.

  27. If there was such a thing as a commercial flight from Antarctica, believe me Tim, I’d be on it. Drink one for me. Mark

  28. Ok, booked the ticket. I am currently a student in England, ยฃ100 to spend, can only leave on the 14th, must be back a day later.

    Any Ideas on how to get there?!

  29. Tim, I won’t be 21 until the 26th of December! ๐Ÿ™

    I’m in NYC until the 17th of this month! Is there any way in the world that I could still gain entrance? I purchased your book ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Hi Tim, not sure if you will read this. But how comes the book comes out on the 3rd Feb 2011 in UK!! And is out next tuesday in the US! I don’t want to wait 2 months!

  31. Tim,

    JUST started reading you book and I can’t wait for my new life [NR] to begin!!! I’m only 60 pages in and my mindset is morphing and I can’t believe this life we have been pre-disposed to accepting and slaving through. It’s ironic because I thought I was crazy for wanting to live my life to the fullest; I feel like I’m always missing out on something!! (People think I’m nuts). Missing out on memories…experiences… because I have to be at work – 830-530 everyday (even though I do outside sales, snooze…friend or foe?!?) I always said, just do it and deal w/ the consequences later…but since I graduated UCLA, am 23/ an “adult” and have a “real job” I’ve been trying to be a “good worker”.

    As I come to your site to begin dreamlining, I see this Greenhouse event…not only do I LOVE NY and am moving there in a few months (facing my fear-and SO excited for it!) I’m trying to execute a way to get there. Not only would it be so much fun and beyond exciting…the real kicker: to be in a place where so many NR mindsets are present, just the thought is enlightening. **sigh** Missing work, although I’ve been negative vacation days for quite some time, I can pull something off…it really won’t be the end of the world. However, (maybe I haven’t read far enough) adding a $900 RT ticket to my 12k in credit bills (not to even begin with the 60k in student loans) I figured to try something out of the box….see if you’d like to challenge me to do something outrageous to help me get out there……?

    This shall stand as my first attempt to reach out to you. I bet you get this all the time, but let’s see what I can pull!

    (sorry for such a long post… realllly realllly hope I get to see you out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hey Tim-

    I am super excited to be present! I live literally 15 minutes north of Greenhouse in Westchester County and read your original book.. and now have your new improved 4HWW but still facing some problems finding a muse. I look forward to meeting you!

  33. Hey Tim!

    I’m not sure how many of your readers are from India, but would love to meet you here sometime.

    Wish you all the best for the 4 hour body! I’m sure it will be a landmark book! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care.

  34. Hi Friends-

    Looks like I will be coming in by myself. Who else is def. going? Would love to say HI now so I can find a familiar face when I get there ๐Ÿ™‚



    1. Dear Heather, Tim and all attending friends

      If you feel like getting in touch with each other before the party, which is a great idea – thanks Heather – we all can do that in local Starbucks around 6-6.30pm (same block on Varnick St). Tim, you are also invited!


  35. What’s up with no bonuses for e-book purchases. I heard the NY Times is going to start an ebook bestseller list – don’t you have a desire to be #1 on it? I live in Israel, so it’s waaaaaaay easier for me to get the ebook…

  36. Tim! { Great Name – My Twin’s name } and 4 Hr Work Week Staff (Charlie?),

    ‘Love what you’re doing eh? (Montreal) – You’ve put into book what I have marginally practiced and preached since I was a wee one! I just got back from Machu Picchu and my “4 Hour Work Week Book” decided to go home in my luggage with someone else (and they met at the luggage conveyor belt – Can you Imagine? Ugh, the nerve of my Puma!).

    I was coming to NY for the holidays and to maybe catch a Chris Botti show at the Bluenote (you should check out) and now I see your Christmas party. ‘ ‘Trying to decide to come earlier all the way from Montreal or not.

    What festivities are planned for the evening?

    Recommendation: My latest blog entry has some top classiest and sexiest songs to groove to for your dance floor!

    Cherry Tidings!


  37. Tim!

    First of all thanks for making me focus on Buenos Aires more…my honeymoon there was beyond words.

    Second a big congrats to the release of your new book.

    A big recommendation: let’s party it up in Toronto or Montreal. Either way I’m there.

    Dolce freakin-vita mi amigo.


  38. hey Tim

    i’m in moscow (russia) now, but would like to meet you and other fans of yours, so changing my plans. thanks, got rsvp, got tickets to new york. see you there!

  39. Tim,

    You do not come across as a person who get’s drunk, with your concern with your health & fitness and martial arts background I thought you would be someone who would rather be in control of himself at all times or at least some sense of self control especially when drinking alcohol.

    1. Hi NCA,

      Good comment. Thank you — I don’t lose control unless I plan on it, and I therefore control my environment. My motto is: all things in moderation, especially moderation ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope that helps,


  40. So excited about the launch and the opportunity to network with people of like mind! Recently started a blog about life redesign (as opposed to lifestyle redesign!) with an emphasis on mindsets. Lately Iโ€™ve been focusing mainly on weight loss because of my feature on AOLโ€™s fitness site. Although I donโ€™t normally go after the celebrity photo opp, Iโ€™m hoping to get a pic with you, Tim, as Iโ€™m thinking of following the guidelines of The Four Hour Body for the final phase of my transformation. I think readers would get a kick out of it. So now for the important business โ€“ what is everyone wearing?

  41. That’ll be a sad evening for the ones that can’t participate (e.g. because of living in Europe): the man who has changed our thinking on how it all could/should be organizes a huge party and we can’t attend…

    I’d love to meet & greet that person that on the one side I ‘hate’ for having filled my brain with all these thoughts and who on the other side I want to thank for exactly the same ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, Tim and fellow 4HWW addicts: have the time of your life and also drink one for the ones that can’t make it… party as if there was no tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Rick,

      I don’t think that will be possible, so it’s a good idea to reserve a ticket. Should be 200 new ones available at the same link!


  42. Hallo Tim,

    This blog and your books continue to be a great resource for me and so many others….you are an exceptional person. Looking forward to the launch party tomorrow.

    I am sure you already have several photographers lined up for “The Big Bang: Blow-out Launch Party “โ€ฆ.but if you need an extra one โ€“ let me know.

    Vielen Dank und bis Morgen.


  43. I’ll be there with a friend! Sounds like a blast! Already about half through The 4 Hour Body, thanks Tim and looking forward to it!

  44. This morning there were 100 tickets left and now there are none. Any secret word I can use to get in? Was really looking forward to it. I am in the city already. Thanks.

  45. Of course the SECOND it goes to sold out, my friend tells me the reservation she tried to make from her phone yesterday didn’t go through. Are they transferable, and if so, anybody have one they can’t use?

    @Jennifer considering it’s supposed to be f’ing freezing tomorrow, probably something cozy!

      1. (sorry for potential double post – browser froze)

        Hi Heather,

        If you still have a ticket would love to buy it from you. I did get mine, but a friend who wanted to come with me did not get his in time (my email is tddragon at gmail dot com). If you dont have it anymore no problem.

        Thanks and see you there!

    1. Thanks for the heads, up, Amanda! My wardrobe is still heavily geared towards warm weather…I just recently moved to NY. I spoke with my friend who works in the city, and she talked me out of wearing what was essentially an Indian sarong!

  46. Oh no, its sold out ๐Ÿ™ i was waiting to hear back from a friend to go with me, and now that i know he can make it, i cant get tix. If anyone decides they cant make it, and has a pair of tix, please email me at, id really appreciate it, thanks!

  47. Hey Tim this looks like an amazing experience and if it weren’t finals week I would totally be booking an NJ transit ticket ASAP!

    As it is, while you guys are partying I will be absorbing as much of the 4-Hour Body materials as possible and getting ready to start putting them to use. I am really excited to see how I can transform myself using your principles.

    I also cannot wait for my land rush bonuses

    I will be documenting my entire experience to prove to people that this stuff will work. Check you later.

  48. Tim — what’s with the “Late Bird special” on eventbrite? Are those just regular tickets that get you in just the same as the normal ones? Want to tell a few more friends.


  49. Dear Heather, Tim and all attending friends

    If you feel like getting in touch with each other before the party, which is a great idea โ€“ thanks Heather โ€“ we all can do that in local Starbucks around 6-6.30pm (same block on Varnick St). Tim, you are also invited!


    1. That’s a great idea! I’ll be running around, but you all should definitely meet up. That’s an outstanding proposal.

      See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. Michael-

      Not likely I will be getting in that early but will share that info. w. some people that I know are going. I will stop @ Starbucks before Greenhouse to see if anyone is still there.

      See everyone tonight!


  50. Just signed up.

    Looking forward to meeting fellow 4HWW/4HB readers!


    Looking at the way you’ve approached learning new things for both books, have you ever thought how your methodologies could be applied in an education system?



  51. I don’t know why there’s no suggestions for Los Angeles on this list but after NY the obvious follow-up party has to be in SoCal! 78 degrees in Mid-December ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hey Tim,

    Just got my ticket. Am looking fwd to have a good time at the party tonight. & Probably meeting up with you. Hope you have some non-alcholoic drinks (I quit drinking last year). Tea will do great for me.

    I was wondering if I have my Ticket on my iphone will I be allowed in or is it mandatory to have a Print out ???

    A lot of places just accept Phone version as valid.

    Let me know. We are gonna Rock the Party !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Tim,

    I can’t make it until 11pm or so, will the party still be rockin? I’d imagine so but just want to check!

    Looking forward to going.


  54. I am trying to buy tickets for the mob of people I invited. But now it’s saying the sale has ended even though there are 34 tickets available!! AGHH!! I don’t want to miss the party of the year! And Greenhouse wasn’t helpful, they said that maybe the site didn’t update yet, but I was literally 5 seconds to buying some before it cut me of and said unavailable…

    Any possible way around this?? Pretty please?