THE NEXT BOOK: From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman

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It’s finally time to tell you all.

My next book will be a hacker’s guide to the human body. The working title is “From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman.” It has actually been planned for more than two years.

I’ve recorded almost every workout I’ve done since age 15, and my house looks like an ER, with dozens of gadgets and medical devices for capturing data. I’ve had hundreds of blood tests performed and have been doing this since 1996, with costs now totalling well over $100,000. I’ve taken my weight from 145 lbs. to 225 lbs. (lean) and back down, and I can remove or add 20 lbs. in 3-4 weeks on-demand.

So, what is the result of all this OCD madness?

I can show you how I safely do things outdated physiology textbooks tell you is impossible. This isn’t because I have some unique intelligence. It’s because I’ve tested the most basic assumptions of nutrition and exercise… and I experiment with outrageous alternatives that end up working.

Cut 2% bodyfat in two weeks? No problem. Increase muscular strength 30% in 48-72 hours, or drop 50-100 pounds of fat? Not an issue. I’ve done the guinea pig shotgun approach so you don’t have to. I’ll spare you the 10,000 pages of literature on a given topic and give you the one unusual 1-2-3 method that produced unbelievable results. That is not to imply this book will not be limited to me. I’ll attempt to include replicable results on multiple subjects (of both genders and including 60+-year olds) instead of “It worked for me, therefore it will work for you” in almost all cases.

Self-experimentation galore, cutting-edge labs from the Ivy League to the Middle East, interviews with superhuman athletes, and a guru-killing examination of results with some of the brightest PhDs and MDs in the world will form the backbone of this book. It will be equally designed for men and women.

And I need your help.

I am looking for research assistants to help with this book, as well as elite athletes (national level or above), trainers of elite athletes, case studies, MDs/PhDs/researchers doing interesting work, and anyone else who thinks they have something that could fit in human performance. Normal people who’ve made incredible progress or found an unusual method that works? Let me know.

Just send me a quick note here.

The 4-Hour Workweek has been sold in 35 languages, has been on The NY Times business bestseller list for more than 2 years unbroken, and has hit #1 NY Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 BusinessWeek, among others. I expect this next book to be MUCH bigger. The names and findings of those featured will be launched worldwide.

Some of the topics I will address include: fat loss, muscular hypertrophy, and reversing injuries (acute, but especially chronic). There will be dozens more, but I have to keep them under wraps for now. I apologize, but trust me — you won’t be disappointed.

Can you help, or know someone who can? Please let me know here.

Exciting times ahead 🙂

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399 Replies to “THE NEXT BOOK: From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman”

  1. Looking forward to the next book Tim. As a lifelong sportsman…sailing, swimming, cycling, surfing, skiing and now adventure racing…I’m also fascinated by fitness and rapid gains. Its especially appropriate for part time athletes who are deprived of serious training time due to work & family commitments. Can’t wait.

  2. First 4HWW and now this? You’ve hit two branches of my life that I’m most involved in/excited about. You’re the best Tim, I can’t wait!

  3. This is really exciting news, but I see its still work in progress, for when do you think it will be ready cause I can’t wait !

  4. Very interesting stuff! Im very into fitness and healthy lifestyle so this book will be a must read for me. I run about 20-30 miles every week and besides that put in an 4-5 gym workouts. I have experimented alot with amount of calorie intake and different diets. Good thing with running is that its very easy to track your performance. Basically just run the same distances and time every run. Over a period of time you can examine the data and come to conclusions.

  5. Sounds promising. I really enjoyed your writing style and ideas in 4HWW so I can’t wait to read the new book!

  6. Interesting concept Tim. I think the title might need a bit of polishing… 😉

    One thing I’ve learned as a trainer and coach is that the mainstream idea of performance enhancement is “stuck in stupid simplicity.” I’m looking forward to seeing what your personal discoveries have been.



  7. Well this was unexpected yet at the same time sounds quite awesome. Looking forward to the book. 🙂

  8. Looking forward to the book.

    I would recommend checking out the Crossfit movement if you haven’t yet.

  9. Still trying to be the Hulk after all these years Mr. Ferriss??? Don’t forget sleep and nutrition in your latest tome in progress as your hacks on each are rather good reads. Good luck with the book.

  10. Sounds great, Tim!

    I’m amateur bodybuilder and swimmer who tried different approach and I would love to read your next book.

    Wish you luck and thanks for the real value you’re delivering with your blog and books!

  11. Sounds like a great book, I’ve been trying out different systems for years. All the way from Stu Mittleman’s, Slow Burn which I used to run a marathon to Pete Cisco’s, CNS workouts for which I used to lift incredible weights!

    I wish I had been more organised and kept detailed accounts of what I have been up to like you.

    Looking forward to the book.

  12. Looking forward to the book Tim.

    I have a website that improves the productivity of fitness (specifically endurance) training, enabling people to train to their peak in 3 hours per week – please have a look.

  13. This is fantastic!

    You always have great insight into conquering physical performance. I look forward to having all your findings in one book.

    Best of luck with the release.

  14. TIM! I will be your guinea pig if you need one! I am a skinny professional dancer who needs to build some serious muscle. Honestly, I’m puny! Minute muscles. TINY! So, help me out! I wait with bated breath for my transformation to a muscled maniac! Chat soon!

  15. I lost 122 pounds in 11 months once. But I’m sure there’s something in your new book about doing that with a single, hearty dump… 😀

  16. In all seriousness, this sounds really cool. I’d love to see someone do a Freakonomics-style assessment of a large set of workout/nutrition data, and it sounds like you do indeed have the data to do that.

    One thing, though: I cringe whenever you use the term “fat loss.” It immediately makes me think “scam.” I understand why you do it, though… it provides better talking points than “low glycemic” or “low carb.”

  17. Hi Tim,

    Being a sportman – 1 KYU in Kyokushin karate, nowdays running and fitness – and teacher/coach in Lean Six Sigma I’m always interested in methods of Improving Performance.

    One key element is to define your baseline and then start monitoring your chosen metric to understand changes and see improvements.

    Looking forward to reading your test results (based on statistical significance :-))

  18. Awesome. For those of us who are not particularly business-minded, yet still appreciate the “lifestyle design” aspect of TFHWW, this is a GREAT direction to take things. I’m very much looking forward to the finished product!

  19. the glory!!! a new tim ferriss book. ‘i’m sooo excited… i’m sooo excited… naaah naah wooo yaaay haaa!’ *does victory dance* lol

    power image!

    really like your snappy titles… and this one works really well as a book too 🙂

    i’ll become superhuman and physically capable of your tests when i’ve read the book on how to become superhuman 🙂

    …actually, i did lose 20% of my weight (fat) and improve my health dramatically by following an ayurvedic diet (orientated at eating according to your nature – your “dosha”). ask your yoga teacher about it.

    def worth checking out. seen some amazing results both in myself and others by following the ayurvedic system.

    …what’s more, it explains why some diets work for some people and not for others… because different people have different natures and eating one thing is good for you and bad for me (etc).

    exciting times

    all the best

    alex – unleash reality

  20. I think this is super cool. The 4HWW provides an oomph for folks who are trying to gasp for air fighting for time in the working environment while this one provides an added oomph for the whole physical well-being. If 4HWW is geared towards mental lifestyle then this latest offering would translate into physical lifestyle… in my own words 🙂 I’ll go get it when it’s out!

  21. Can’t wait to read it. I am extremely interested in “effective” health and fitness solutions (as you have said so often, I am drawing a line here between efficacy and efficiency.)

    I’m sure you already have more data than you need, but I highly recommend that you read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes if you haven’t already. His book (though not nearly as popular as it deserves to be) tests a lot of assumptions about weight loss, calories, obesity, etc. He cites hundreds of studies, and tears hundreds apart for not being good science. At the very least, it would be a good source to quote from in your sure-to-blow-our-minds book.

    I also urge you to check out Cross-Fit ( It’s the most effective fitness system (more of a philosophy really) that I have found to date.

    Good luck, Tim!

  22. Does the book address the biggest hurdles? Motivation, discipline, commitment, just to name a few. There many ways to improve physical performance, but if your brain is not in it, there is no chance for massive change/results.

  23. Tim,

    This looks amazing. From seeing you blog posts on the subject, as well as mentions you’ve made other places in the past, I have no doubt this will be interesting, accurate, useful, and (the best part) a slap in the face of the status quo and conventional wisdom. This will be on my shelf as soon as it’s published (or before, if you want a reviewer(please!)).

    Also, I will be referring my brother to the signup sheet. I’m the geek, he’s the freak— college soccer all-star just signing his pro contract.

    Keep up the great work,


  24. I’m way to lazy to do all the research myself so I’m looking forward to your condensed version. I’m sure it’ll be great Tim!

  25. Tim,

    Very exciting, I’ll be interested on reading your insights into the human body. Please include your research on hangover avoidance!

    My only worry from a marketing standpoint is getting lost in the piles of self-help weight-loss crap. However, there’s obviously a huge market there, so if you conquer it, you’re right, it will be much bigger than the 4HWW.

    Best wishes.

  26. As a MMA fighter / BJJ player I have to cut weight regularly, so this stuff is very very interesting for me.

    Can’t wait to read it.

  27. Hey Tim, That’s great news on the new book. Your previous posts on fitness and weight loss have been intriguing if not eye opening. Love the fact that you write based on fact, it makes it that much more impactful. Looking forward to hearing more as the release comes closer.

  28. Tim,

    Sounds great. This is a subject that will appeal to such a wide variety of people. I spend most of my time running a real estate company, and traveling the U.S. speaking about real estate and business, but have always (at least almost always) had an obsession with staying physically fit. I look forward to hearing more about the upcoming book. Keep up the good work.

  29. Interesting move, unexpected but I will probably end up taking a look. I know you’ve mentioned some health related things before but it’s crazy that you’ve been keeping those records for so long. That’s dedication for sure!

  30. Looking forward to it. If you need presales you’ve got one here. I do hope you re-title it though. I think it should have a title much like your 4 hr work week. Something that demands attention. The current working title would be one I’d overlook on the shelf. Maybe something like “Be a Superman”, “Be Superhuman”, “The Superman within”, “4 days to Superman”, etc.

  31. Though probably well outside the scope of your book. The most interesting sports performance book I’ve read is Jonathan Niednagel’s stuff tying personality and brain development with physical performance.

    The idea is that certain large areas of the brain are responsible for multiple functions and as they develop in different proportions certain characteristics of both personality and physical performance are highly correlated. So if you’re an INTP on the Meirs Briggs you tend to be terrible at mass motor movement (or really sports in general) but better at fine motor movement (performing brain surgery, playing saxophone, etc.) While another type may predict that you are better a mass motor movement. His theory is not well supported, but it’s very interesting and from what I’ve seen fairly accurate.

  32. Looks nice Tim, how are you going to incorporate research that normally takes a few years to do in your book when it is already on its way to be finished?

    Pity that we do not have such a research centre in my university city…

  33. Sounds riveting, and I also think it has the potential to be MUCH BIGGER. I’m also glad to hear that it will be launched worldwide.

  34. Sold. I’ll buy it, just tell me where and when. I followed your slow carb diet and lost 30 pounds just from the description on your blog. You should do some sort of contest where the prize is the very first book off the presses.

  35. Yes, this will be big. Tim is just too good of a marketer to let this get lost in the shuffle and the only other option is for it to be huge.

  36. There is so much bullshit out there regarding this.

    It would be great if you will have a chapter on how to read your findings, opposed with the `bad science’ of other books; Ben Goldacre, the author of `Bad Science’ would be the best option for contributing to a such chapter.

    1. @Laurian,

      Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. Yes, indeedy. I will be teaching people all about how to spot bad science. It’s ridiculous how sloppy most of the “science” out there is. I’ve recommended Ben before — he is outstanding.



  37. I’ve been waiting for this since geek to freak! Awesome! When is it coming out? can loyal readers ‘such as myself’ get early copies?

    I even have a video based on your breakfast vid. (just search youtube for superman breakfast)

  38. Un-freaking-believable –

    You’ve done it again man – and love the fitness angle of this one – I’ve always considered this a fitness blog – you just keep hitting topics right up my alley –

    Bigger is right – get ready for another movement and revolution with this – that’s all I’ve got to say –

  39. Hey Tim,

    I assume you’ve seen Michael Murphy’s work, but though I’d mention it in case you haven’t.

    His astounding book “The Future of the Human Body” is a “a massive historical and cross-cultural collection of documentation of various occurrences of extraordinary human functioning”.

    If you get in touch with him (and if anyone can, I’m guessing you can) I think he’d be a great resource for a book of this kind.

    Good luck. Looking forward to reading it.

  40. Fabuloso! …just filled out your form, Tim. . .I think there are a few ways in which I can help, as well as direct you toward some other folks who can aid in your research.

    P.S. I just finished reading the Engine2 Diet book. . .mainly a vegan-style plant based diet plan, which I’ve utilized before with great success. This book is great though in that it offers up some scientific illustrations of a sort that show how our typical diet affects our bodies at the cellular level.

    Two things I found intriguing that I thought you might have additional input on. All the research I’ve discovered over the weekend is conflicting, of course.

    In the book, fish oil supplements are cited as a possible no-no due a study from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which says, according to the book, that fish oils are “highly unstable molecules that can break down and release dangerous, disease-causing free radicals.” Ick.

    Recognizing, of course that you’re not a doctor, have you found anything that points to a similar conclusion? Also, casein (which I’ve seen you speak about previously) is mentioned as being a promoter of tumor growth. …that doesn’t sound too good either.

    If you’ve written about this before, in a comment, I apologize for asking again. . .haven’t seen it anywhere myself!



  41. Your first book inspired me to get off my ass and be more intentional with my life…and I applied that inspiration to the gym too.

    This might be the first book that I’ve ever pre-ordered. LOL

  42. I always love hearing / reading what you have to say Tim. I tried your advice (From Geek to Freak) and the results exceeded my expectations, and have also found that your weight management tips (how to lose 20 lb’s of fat in 30 days) work well. I had built it in to my lifestyle without to much adjustment, and seemingly in a matter of weeks I have needed to pierce new holes in my belt.

    The wisdom of the Four Hour Workweek was also a catalyst for a massive change of mindset and ongoing life change for me and my wife. I find myself constantly referring back to it for advice.

    I’m looking forward to your new book (especially if it really can solve my back issues).

  43. Tim!

    Thank you! I love your approach to the body – I am AMPED for this. Would love to be a guinee pig.

    Where do I pre-order?

  44. This was unexpected, but I like it! I’m so glad your writing something very practical, I was scared it might be a philosophical/vagabonding type book.

    Careful you don’t loose the magic of 4HWW, not everyone is appreciative of highly methodical literature, even if it is practical. Intuitively speaking, I think its important that you keep the elements of story telling and triumph well ingrained throughout the book.

    Also, don’t loose sight of 95% of the ‘exercise niche’ which are lay-people trying to loose 10-20lbs of fat.

  45. Tim-

    I just wanted to make sure you received my submitted form for the Research Assistant position. I am so pumped for this, literally and figuratively.



    1. @Joseph and All,

      Joseph, if you submitted, I”ll see it. Just be patient, as I’m letting them accrue for a few days.

      To all: this book will not be limited to me in any respect. I realize that saying “It worked for me, therefore it will work for you” is at best a risky proposition. I will only use this argument when I have some compelling data to support it.


  46. Sounds interesting….. Knowing as I do the hype surrounding these areas it’ll be interesting to see how the info is ‘filtered’ and presented. What works for one doesn’t work for another despite the presence of a sensible sound mechanism or science to back it up.

    Many books rely on ever bigger and bolder claims to sell books, but ultimately when much of what is advertised doesn’t work people just become disillusioned with everything and give up – I hope this book sheds some light and doesn’t add to the overload of info that there is out there!

  47. Great Idea for book, Tim.

    Would love to see how you differentiate your approach between men and women’s bodies.

    Being a kickboxing instructor for 15 years, I’ve trained people of all shapes and sizes – women loose fat and build muscle very differently then men. Would love to see how you address that in the new book

  48. Tim – I’ve been keeping my head down making money and drinking myself stupid and along comes your email with the google docs form on it. I was utterly blown away by the google form/spreadsheet idea and the implication it has on a big section of my business. I have already implemented a prototype that will automate a big section of my business leaving me more time to make more money and drink more wine, maybe even better wine.

    PS – have REALLY enoyed your stuff on Seneca. Bought one of his books and read Letter 24. Exceptional – especially the stuff why on the pointlessness of the fear of death and consequently most other phantom fears too.

  49. This will be too late for the book, but I’d be interested in BEING one of the stories — mother of five, all C-sections, metabolism greatly changed through gestational diabetes and age, gained 50 pounds over the course of the five pregnancies.

    Stuff that used to work now doesn’t, and stuff that does work is very slow and time-consuming.

    Can’t wait for the new book.

  50. When you look at the stats for his top posts you’ll see the fitness ones still have some of the highest views. He’s right that the potential is much bigger.

    Tim I look forward to someone pitting more credibility into the nutrition/fitness industry, there’s far too many joke products and programs out there!

  51. Hey Tim!

    Nice to hear about your new book!

    I have one question though: do you have considered that you simply have amazing genes, that enable you to do all this?

    I am all for optimization and tracking and data and stuff, but some people just don’t have the genes to pull off certain feats.

    Would be nice if you could clarify that, and I wish you much luck with it. As someone said earlier, you’ve got a presale here 😀

    And if you want someone to review the German translation I’d do that too 😉

  52. I loved your last book. I’m only 18 and in college, but I’m trying to prepare to live the four hour work week. I can’t wait for your next book to come out. I’ve been fascinated by the body, but I hope see you take my interest in muscle-building to a whole nother level.

    Oh yeah, the times ahead will definitely be exciting.

  53. Your hypertrophy ideas may partly apply to distance training.

    Based on your posts, I tested a hypothesis: what if bicycle distance training is not about “collecting miles” (conventional wisdom), but instead about aggressive exposure and long recovery?

    I’m in my mid-40s. This spring, in about 9 weeks, I went from riding 30 miles — painfully — to completing my first century ride relatively easily. The regimen was simple:

    1. Ride once every 5 to 7 days, hard.

    2. Initially, use a “spinning” cadence to avoid joint injury.

    3. Increase distance substantially every time.

    4. In addition to normal diet, consume a huge steak, potatoes and 2 beers immediately after each ride.

    5. Between rides, stretch but don’t exercise. Keep eating a lot.

    That’s about it. I’ve done distance training before, but never got results this quickly, even back in my 20s. This result implies I was previously just starved of nutrition and rest during training.

    Thanks for your posts, which prompted the experiment. Any info on distance training would be appreciated.

  54. Really interesting idea Tim.

    One question – how are you going to make what works for you work for others?

    From my work on human performance it’s clear that that is the big challenge – it’s not that there are right and wrong things to do, but that there are right and wrong things for you to do, i.e. you need to find:

    1. What works for you, improve it and do more of it

    2. What doesn’t work for you, get rid of it

    And as quickly as possible…. I’ve been working on an algorithm that does just that for endurance training.

  55. I need this to have some food in it. Food that I can eat and is really simple to make. Even if I have to eat it 5 times a day to get the effect- as long as it’s easy and reasonably cheap- that is what I want. I would love to get to the muscular/ but still lean status that attracts the opposite sex and intimidates competitors in a way that I don’t have to apply any strength to them (Yeah, I’ve been bullied more than once in life and hated it).

    Lastly, is there ANY truth to ANY supplement ad in a magazine (men’s health, anyone?)?

  56. This sounds like a FANTASTIC idea and something I am very interested in. I would love to read this book.

  57. Can’t wait to read the new book, and I was really hoping you would write a book on the subject, or one on learning languages correctly. Although I really don’t like the title – sounds like a gimmicky infomercial. How about just “4-Hours a Week Workout” or something simple along those lines that also references your past book.

  58. Looking forward to this book. I’ve had a personal goal this year to get down to 12-15% body fat and i seem to be hitting plateaus. I am getting significantly stronger with less exercises due to a 5×5 program i’ve been using, I guess pareto’s principal apples here also 🙂

    I really like the title. Did you use Google AdWords to come up with it like you suggested in the 4 Hour Work Week?

    The early announcement is great. Was this planned or are you trying out the early announcement marketing that Gary V is doing with his book “Crush It”?

  59. Is nobody else put off by the claim of “Drop 50-100 pounds in weight or increase muscular strength 30% in 48-72 hours?” This is absurd and none of the previous 30 or so commenters seemed to mind.

    Tim, I’m beginning to think your readers are trying the guinea pig shotgun approach literally and with the shotgun pointed directly at their heads.

    1. @Quinn,

      I should probably clean up that sentence, and I will. The strength gain part is straight forward, but I don’t want to make it sound like you lose 50-100 pounds in 48-72 hours. The 48-72 hours only applies to the strength increase.

      Thanks for pointing out some sloppy writing! Oops!


  60. Tim,

    I suggest you check out Testosterone Muscle at The guys that contribute material to the website are all qualified(Ph.Ds and what not), and all consider themselves to be “Unapologetic Muscle Building Elitists”. It is the only site I visit to learn detailed information on the body, new workouts, etc.

    Hope that helps! Looking forward to your new book!



  61. Can’t wait to get it. I had some success (-8kg) with low carb diet, so if anything there will be that useable for an average couch potato, it will be worth every dollar spent 🙂

  62. Doc Kane

    I lowered my triglycerides from over 900 to about 100 in less than six months by doing nothing more than taking fish oil capsules. Any fat can oxidize and create free radicals, including fish oil. Keep your fish oil capsules in the fridge and they should be fine. Break one open every once in a while to see if it has a rancid smell if you are worried about a batch.

    Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a vegan-pushing organization with ties to PETA, so I really have a hard time believing anything they have to say involving animal products. They were big fans of vegetable oil/shortening use instead of animal fats – until the data on trans fats started coming in. Oops!

  63. Tim, This is awesome 🙂

    I second the above suggestion of checking out

    They are on the edge of fitness methods in my opinion.

    Also watch the movie every second counts.

    The trailer is on youtube:

    (WFS link)

    I think the crossfit community would be a great place to test some of your stuff out in.



  64. Love the idea of this book. Thank you for doing it

    The only other fitness guru I listen to would have to be

    Matt Furey and his combat conditioning without


    It has help me and a few of my friends with working out.

    I like this type of working out because you can do it

    anywhere & almost anytime with little help.

    The only special fat loss & recover technique would be a

    simple vacuum or breathing technique.



  65. First comment on this Blog

    I’m a big fan (and subscriber) of both your blog and your book. I’m really looking forward to this, as I really liked your posts on the subject.

    Can’t wait for its release!

    -Eryk Banatt

  66. Sign me up when the book is published! In fact, I want to be on a waiting list to be one of the first to get the book. I’ve tried the “Geek to Freak” method (look for the post in Tim’s blog) and it worked great! I can’t wait to see the more refined (and more complete) update!

  67. Tim! From hacking time / productivity / lifestyle to going into hacking body to become superhuman. Huge switch in topic.

    Saw some an older with the before -> after photos of your workout schedule. You sure have the credibility to launch THE NEXT BOOK. Go for it.

  68. Darn it Tim, now that my work life is finally balanced (and yes, I can practically live on a 4HWW), now I’m going to have to get physically fit? Ah, no problem, looking forward to the new book and good luck!

  69. I’m in! I’ve used your weight lost post (twice) with great results. I’ll be buying the book for sure. Great topic for you to write on.

  70. I say this as a compliment Tim…I try to eat well, I exercise daily and I’m always working on supplementing my income…but you make me feel like such a slacker! Between your 4 Hour Work Week book, and now this Superhuman book, you quickly remind me that I’ve got a long way to go.

    I will definitely purchase your new book, looking forward to it.


  71. So this will be like the book “Becoming Batman” but more practical?

    Will you be including nootropics? Biometric logging devices (like Bodybugg and sleep monitors)? Ways to measure CNS fatigue (tap test for instance)? Ways to enhance recovery (like contrast baths)?

  72. As the second female (so far) to comment I am happy to hear that your stuff can work for women too. In a world that rewards thinking i can’t help but think that a rational book on super fitness will make us feel alot better- especially since, coming from you Tim, it will have explicit plans to follow and back-up research + examples of how your suggestions have work for you and/or others.

  73. Sounds great, Tim. I can’t wait to hear your particular “brand” of fitness and nutrition.

    Personally, I’ve had a ton of success with low-carb / high-protein diet and “slow burn” type strength exercises maybe 2 hours a week. Doing the right things and leveraging your metabolism like that truly is a “fitness HACK”. Hell, I’m stronger and in better shape at 30 than I ever was as a (much more active) young squid.


  74. Congrats on a new book to come Tim! Sounds like you have created the background to add a lot of value for us.

    One thing I think is important to touch upon, and something which many “gain lots of muscle” or “lose lots of fat/weight” books and strategies tend to leave out is what is actually healthy. They have the muscle gain or weight loss as their end all be all goal and forget about the fact that in the end we want to be sure we are doing things to create and sustain a healthy body. I have done a lot of reading on this over the past two years. My guess is you have too. A few books worth looking at are” The China Study”, “The Ph Miracle”, “The Ph Miracle for Weightloss” and “In Defense of Food”. You can find reviews of some of them on my site.

    Covering some of the overall health topics and long standing studies that have shown what keeps the body healthy and disease free would really round out your piece.

    Have fun with it and I can’t wait to get myself a copy!


  75. Tim,

    I am a believer by now…so if you write it, I will buy. I have done my best to incorporate many of your techniques for various aspects of my life, and have become a better man for it. Can’t wait for the new book, and good luck!

    My new book has recently hit Amazon and the others, and am hoping for some “Four Hour” type success. 🙂


  76. Sounds great Tim! I think it’s a natural progression in your work to move from lifestyle design to health and physical performance.

    I’m looking forward to it.

  77. That’s not seriously the title, is it? If that survived your Google Adwords testing then I don’t know what’s wrong with Googlers.

  78. I am beyond thrilled with this concept! Might be able to help.

    Title refinement would be good.



  79. As someone who is fascinated by movement and the potential of the human body I’ve really enjoyed the articles here on nutrition, water consumption, fat loss and muscle development.

    I’m very excited to see how you’ve tested and tried the assumptions of the fitness and diet world.

  80. Very excited and interested to see your results. I’ve been playing with-sleep hacking over the past 5 months using various supplements, diet and with different sleep cycle lengths with some good results…..its amazing how far body performance can be upped with insignificantly small hacks and tweaks.

    Really looking forward to getting my hands on this but agree the title needs tweaking. In the 4HWW you talked about book title multivariate testing with Google Adwords – you could probably shortcut/shortlist potential titles to a degree using Google Insights before testing: