THE NEXT BOOK: From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman

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It’s finally time to tell you all.

My next book will be a hacker’s guide to the human body. The working title is “From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman.” It has actually been planned for more than two years.

I’ve recorded almost every workout I’ve done since age 15, and my house looks like an ER, with dozens of gadgets and medical devices for capturing data. I’ve had hundreds of blood tests performed and have been doing this since 1996, with costs now totalling well over $100,000. I’ve taken my weight from 145 lbs. to 225 lbs. (lean) and back down, and I can remove or add 20 lbs. in 3-4 weeks on-demand.

So, what is the result of all this OCD madness?

I can show you how I safely do things outdated physiology textbooks tell you is impossible. This isn’t because I have some unique intelligence. It’s because I’ve tested the most basic assumptions of nutrition and exercise… and I experiment with outrageous alternatives that end up working.

Cut 2% bodyfat in two weeks? No problem. Increase muscular strength 30% in 48-72 hours, or drop 50-100 pounds of fat? Not an issue. I’ve done the guinea pig shotgun approach so you don’t have to. I’ll spare you the 10,000 pages of literature on a given topic and give you the one unusual 1-2-3 method that produced unbelievable results. That is not to imply this book will not be limited to me. I’ll attempt to include replicable results on multiple subjects (of both genders and including 60+-year olds) instead of “It worked for me, therefore it will work for you” in almost all cases.

Self-experimentation galore, cutting-edge labs from the Ivy League to the Middle East, interviews with superhuman athletes, and a guru-killing examination of results with some of the brightest PhDs and MDs in the world will form the backbone of this book. It will be equally designed for men and women.

And I need your help.

I am looking for research assistants to help with this book, as well as elite athletes (national level or above), trainers of elite athletes, case studies, MDs/PhDs/researchers doing interesting work, and anyone else who thinks they have something that could fit in human performance. Normal people who’ve made incredible progress or found an unusual method that works? Let me know.

Just send me a quick note here.

The 4-Hour Workweek has been sold in 35 languages, has been on The NY Times business bestseller list for more than 2 years unbroken, and has hit #1 NY Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 BusinessWeek, among others. I expect this next book to be MUCH bigger. The names and findings of those featured will be launched worldwide.

Some of the topics I will address include: fat loss, muscular hypertrophy, and reversing injuries (acute, but especially chronic). There will be dozens more, but I have to keep them under wraps for now. I apologize, but trust me — you won’t be disappointed.

Can you help, or know someone who can? Please let me know here.

Exciting times ahead 🙂

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399 Replies to “THE NEXT BOOK: From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman”

  1. Tim, gotta ask, have you read the latest book on high intensity training, Body by Science?

    I think it would be well worth a look before finishing your new book…


  2. Whatttt! This is whatsup-

    Dude do you discuss positive psychology and its physical effects on the human body, or pre-meditated body image, and it actually taking on that form. Alpha male psychology leading to an alpha male body and vice-versa, as seen throughout many species. Don’t forget how Green Tea= elixer of life as well.

  3. also, I would die if you kept this as the real Title at launch. I may even go blind. That’s my non-trad form of constructive criticism.

  4. Hi Tim!

    Deine Ankündigung kommt überraschend aber gefällt mir! Ich habe aber Zweifel, ob du wirklich eine sensationelle ( neue) Methode entdeckt hast. Ich selbst trainiere seit langer Zeit und habe festgestellt, dass der Körper sehr lange braucht um sein Gewicht zu ändern.

    Dennoch freue ich mich auf das Buch und werde es sicher lesen. Es wird sicher ein Erfolg!

    I wish you all the best! From Germany

  5. Realy looking forward to this!!

    Like many on here I am fascinated with the body and its capabilities.

    I am personally experimenting with the Tabata training protocol after a long lay-off from proper exercise.

    I have used this method a few years ago and it rapidly helped to get my fitness back.

    The goal is to up my aerobic fitness and lower my resting heart rate.

    4 minutes of pain before a weights workout!

  6. Great news Tim! I look forward to reading the book when it comes out (and more blog posts along the way), especially if there’s more kettlebell and BJJ content.

  7. I’m pretty sure most people knew this was coming! Especially considering your relative silence on your blog about the subjects, saving the good stuff for the book 😉 I’ve been looking forward to the announcement.

    Kind regards,


  8. Tim, I can’t believe you made us wait this long for your next book!! I can’t wait! When do you think the release date will be? Can you give us at least a rough idea?

  9. Also… don’t forget to include stuff on increasing energy. I found it also increases motivation, and is thus very important.

  10. Hi Tim, I’ve been waiting for this very book!

    We must find Dara Torres’ and Holly Hunter’s (I can’t belive she is 51?!!!) secrets.

    I volunteer to proof and copyedit!

  11. Can I get an advance copy? I’m needing quick results by July 25th for a physical agility test, so I’ll have to read back through your old posts to find some nuggets that might help. I’ll look forward to the book, too.

  12. Tim, sounds great and it’ll definitely be an interesting read. However, you should make sure that you back up all that you say with more than “It worked for me”.

  13. Looking forward to it.

    I suggest switching the title around, having SUPERHUMAN the main title.

    It sticks out the most in my eyes. But I’m sure you’ll do a GA test to optimize the eyes-to-buys ratio.

  14. I am excited about your book especially since it wil be inclusive of women. I’m tired of books geared towards women who want to be “toned.” I’m interested in being strong and athletic.

  15. You mention chronic injury.

    I’m curious if you’ll touch on chronic diseases, specifically forms of inflammatory arthritis. I personally have Ankylosing Spondylitis and have established how to manage it well with diet and supplementation, but it’s also clear to me that there are factors at work I haven’t pinned down, exercise being a big component.

    Would be very interested to see your ideas on not just becoming superhuman, but recovering health from a chronic disease state.

    Very exciting stuff. Can’t wait to read it.

  16. Wow! This is mind blowing! Perhaps (don’t know if you can) offer a discount when the book is ready to go to print to your blog readers. I bet you’d pre-sell 100,000 books alone just to us guys 🙂

    I’m in!

  17. Tim,

    I am a 22 year old college grad, former wrestler and entrepreneur. I can’t really find the words to describe the life changes your last book has inspired, but I can say I’ve read your book at least 15 times and it gave me both the final push to start my own business and the architecture I needed to get it making more than 60 thousand a year taking up less than 4 hours per week. I now have mobility, free time to whitewater kayak and pretty much have you to thank. I would literally be working 80 hour weeks as an intern at a real estate firm right now if you hadn’t written your book. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Just started your diet, and totally stoked for the next book.



  18. Also, if you want some free necklaces for yourself or friends or think you could use them for anything, just say the word. I sell maori symbols for safe passage over water, and I think the website is linked to my name.

  19. Cool idea – I’ll buy the book.

    But I think you need a title that is more catchy than “From Rapid Fat Loss…,” something that grabs attention like “4 Hour Work Week.” The words “fat loss” should be purged if this book is not going to sound like every other “lose fat now” book on the shelf.

    To borrow your other language, I like “Hacker’s Guide to Transforming the Human Body, or something like that. “Superhuman” is a bit of a misnomer. The cool feat you discovered is how to radically alter the design of your body is a mystifyingly quick fashion, not give yourself “superhuman” strength where you’re lifting airplanes over your head. I’d focus on the “transforming” or “hacking” aspect of your research/experiments in designing the title.

    I hope that’s constructive. I’m a big fan of the site and your book

  20. Tim when is it coming out? I really need a guide to fat loss and weight gain that makes sense. There is too much confusion, I can get no relief.

  21. Love it & saw it coming 🙂 Please include another blurb re: human instinction like you did in 4HWW, because when that happens, nothing else matters. We do need superhumans to live long and prosper 😉

  22. Wow i have spent a decent amount of time trying to find out what your next book is about, It’s really a relief to find out. I am excited about it “body hacks rock” I have tried the 4 week diet, and it had some astonishing results people could not believe me. i called it the bean diet thought 🙂


  23. Tim-

    I’ve been thinking alot about your book and the secondary effects of it getting published and doing well.

    I just can’t get out of my head the notion that you’re going to take alot of heat. The more popular, the more abuse you’re going to suffer from people whose jobs depend on you being wrong. The people who have had the same, likely wrong, information will pile on because of their inability to get comfortable with the notion they’ve been incorrect so long. There will be a backlash commensurate with the success level. 4hww has some controversiality to it, but this one will have institutions basically set up to be against it that are very powerful…and one-sided.

    Any human would likely be mentally and emotionally beat down by this over time. I hate to see that happen to someone who has contributed alot, so I thought i’d bring it up now to help you prepare for it. OCD will be a valuable “asset” in this as I think

    overpreparation with detailed information on your topics and the oppositions topics will be key. I would think of it as not only being prepared for the Matt Lauer “So, Tim what do you say to all of these people who are calling you a quack, dangerous, and a huckster?” question, but to have something you can point Mr. Lauer and the rest of the world to that details all related studies and their findings. In short, know more about the subject matter than the so-called experts, and…have a place where anyone with a web browser can go to see your point of view proved at least “beyond a shadow of a doubt when compared with other points of view”. Furthermore, when you get behind one of your recommendations, have at least some view towards the secondary and longterm effects of the action as that will surely come up if these same so-called experts can’t prove you’re wrong.

    I hope this helps you. I signed up as a case study if you need me.


    1. @PPC4,

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. Indeed, these are the reasons why I put off announcing this — or publicly deciding on it — for so long. I’m going to get smashed from all sides.

      In the end, I just felt an obligation to try and help those who battle with problems related to their bodies. I will absolutely get attacked on all sides for it, and it could well be my last book for that reason. One thing is for sure, it will be an exciting ride, and I will learn a lot about the world and myself.

      Thanks again for the great reminder,


  24. A little off topic but I figured this is the fastest way to be seen. You speak a lot about learning to surf. I was wondering if you have a simple breakdown of surfing the same way you have done for swimming in some of your presentations?

  25. Your first book is awesome. I buy a copy every time I’m at the bookstore as I keep giving my copy away to family, friends and business associates.

    I look forward to reading your new book.


  26. Tim my man,

    If you’re looking for some more fat-loss related information, I’d highly suggest contacting Alwyn Cosgrove and/or Charles Staley. I’ve done some of Cosgrove’s fat loss complexes and they are nothing short of ass-kicking. He has a wealth of real-world experience as well, and the pictures of his client tranformations are just jaw-dropping. As for Charles Staley, he developed Escalating Density Training, a type of fat-loss training whereby you alternate lifting with antagonistic pairings of muscles for 15 minutes straight… quite ass-kicking as well, but well within the realm for the average person to perform. Both of these guys are true sages in the world of fitness.

    Do what you do Tim!


  27. The most gains I’ve ever seen in a week was using the rest-pause intensity technique. Taking my 5 rep max – performing two reps – resting about 20 seconds -repeating for 6 total mini sets – and then resting for two minutes. Not sure how far you’ve delved into that training method.

  28. I’ve been wondering if you were going to write a book about this(loved the articles). Looks good, look forward to reading it.

  29. Tim this is awesome news.

    Can you please put up a sign up form so you can let us know when the book is on its way? 😛

  30. Interesting topic for a book!

    As a tennis instructor and player, former martial artist and amateur bodybuilder I see how people how get it and who does not train. I see sportman in good hand flowering. Others training for years… at the same level of perormance. It would be great to show what gives real results….

    Topics, it seems you have chosen are very attracting. What I would like to see in this book is applicable adive that can deliver consistent results. I would love to see injury and general well being related topics as well.

    Just do it!

  31. Book on being superhuman? Great but I’ll pass.

    My question for you is the following: on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the minimum and 10 the maximum, how HAPPY are you?

    I personally don’t want to be superhuman but I strongly desire to be happy.

  32. @Rich

    Thanks a ton for the feedback. Sometimes is really hard to separate genuine advice from slanted advice. Didn’t know that about the Vegan connection you mention. . .I see Tim will be addressing this conflict between the “real” and “supposed” science out there. I’m always amazed at how nutrition parallels politics in that way. . . 🙂 Thanks again!



  33. Tim — I’m a post-menopausal woman who follows you and has read 4HWW twice. I’ve been especially interested in your posts on fat loss since this is an ongoing problem for me. And I KNOW from experience that eating protein and vegetables creates fat loss for me — guaranteed. I’ve tried your Protein,Veg,Legumes thing and like that a lot. It fills the “I’m not full” gap.

    Beyond that — I’m reminded of a Larry King show where he was interviewing the author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and the MD’s on the panel were actually getting sputteringly angry at this guy. I have that book and the guy makes MANY good points — and it’s meticulously researched. I recommend you read it, if you haven’t.

    Finally, can you please get this book out by next week????? I am very eager to read it!

    I am in the process of starting up a web site that will help women over 60 LIVE LIFE LARGE and am using many of your ideas in 4hww. THANKS!

  34. Tim,

    Your description of the book is a better title: How to Hack the Human Body.

    I saw your video about swimming. Have you checked out ChiRunning? It has enabled me to run marathons injury-free for 4 years.

    Also, I used to be a severe asthmatic, but have gone without ANY medication for 3 years thanks to a breathing technique called Buteyko Breath Reconditioning. It was developed in the Soviet Union, lost when the Soviet Union fell, and rediscovered and popularized in New Zealand. (I’m in NYC, but found it on the internet)

    Breathwork should be included in your book, even if you don’t like Buteyko.

    Good luck!

  35. Yes, you will be thrashed. However, your next book can deal with

    mental toughness the building of a resilient mind or perhaps

    how to thrive in spite of the ‘hatas.’

    Actually, the ability to face and move through

    criticism and naysayers is something that needs

    a good fleshing out by a good hacker.

    Look forward to the book. I’m a body/life hack

    myself who has been the target of much

    thrashing. Making a come back.

  36. Tim, holy guacamole am I excited about the new book!

    First I would life to say thank you for the inspiration. When a buddy of mine turned me onto your book, I was treading dangerously close to the path of becoming the bald guy with a red convertible sports car later in life. When I was a child I used to lay awake at night thinking about what kind of person I wanted to be. Elements included being an expert martial artist (appearing in martial arts movies), an excellent driver and motorcyclist, amazing dancer, and complete girl magnet. I (like you) was very inspired by the James Bond archetype. I have actually achieved many elements of my dream self, but was starting to feel total mastery might not be possible. Then I read the 4HWW. I could relate to you personal story quite a lot, and was amazed at how similar our ideal selves seem to be. I feel extreme gratitude that you went out to achieve your dreams, broadcasting it to the world through your book. Recently I started a blog. It never would have been launched without your inspiration. Thank You.

    Reading your new blog post I immediately wanted to make a contribution. I am physically unavailable (Mountain Biking and Dual Sport riding around Moab, UT for the next few months), but I recently graduated from San Diego State with a BS in Kinesiology emphasizing in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health. I also have a CrossFit level 1 cert. You seem very networked in the Kines field already (being an RKC and all), but I would still like to offer you access to my social network (including the SDSU Kines Department, and many up and coming Fitness Professionals).

    Pavel is a great contact, one of the best. I would also like to recommend interviewing Steve Cotter (perhaps you know him already). He’s a life long martial artist and kettle bell instructor, who travels the world training people.

    Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10 may also be an invaluable contact (@ToddDurkin). He is one of the nations top trainers, and pro athletes fly in from all over the country to consult with him about their fitness. Here’s his bio: Strength and conditioning coach, trainer, bodyworker, motivational speaker; Head, Under Armour Performance Training Council, Trainer of Year (04, 05)

    Finally I recommend talking to Sean Croxton (@UGWellness). He has an excellent grasp on fitness related phenomenon, such as using exercise and diet to treat mental disorders like depression. Check him out at

    Finally Mark Twight of Gym Jones out in Salt Lake City would make a killer interview for your book. He is a former professional mountaineer, and fitness badass (hes famous for training the 300).

    I hope you find this information usefull. Keep up the good work dude! You rock.

  37. Two websites I highly recommend, that go against conventional wisdom regarding health & fitness are:

    Many followers of these websites are achieving impressive results and often significant health improvements – particularly diabetes, which is an increasingly common health problem. It may be worth contacting the guys behind these sites for some case studies / success stories e.g.

    I don’t know if your health/fitness methods are similar to the sites above, but they are certainly worth exploring.

    I look forward to reading the book once its published.

  38. What, you aren’t going to call it the “4 Hour Workout Week”? Save you a lot of time if you could re-use some of your 4HWW links and such. 😉

    I’m sure it also falls into the same category of your holistic work/mind/body/spirit approach anyway, so might as well have everything in one place.

    Looking forward to the book, no matter what it’s titled. Let us know the launch date!

    As I’ve noticed other commenters note on other blog entries, many of us have paralleled your interest in things like fitness/travel/etc. I read with interest when you blogged about things like Total Immersion Swimming and Chi Running and such, having gone through much of the same research that you did in the last few years to find better ways of doing these basic things. There are more and more people breaking down these basic processes for things like running, swimming, working and living, and testing assumptions that have long been thought sacrosanct. Thank you for challenging these assumptions, and sharing the info!

  39. Hi Tim,

    Good luck with this, no kidding with the opposition going to be violently against you in this.

    If your doing a weight loss section I really recommend you check out “Good Calories, Bad Calories’ by Gary Taubes first – It’ll give you endless scientific study information on diets and health (it’s pro low carb). If your looking for any extra support for your statements you’ll find it excess there.

    I know from interviews with him that his life has become significantly more stressful since the book just because no nutritionist wants to listens, since that would be admitting they were not only wrong, but possibly even hurting those that came for their help.

    Best Wishes,


  40. Please do not go into CrossFit. There are so many better ways.

    Great idea on the book. I’ve used several different ways to put on and lose weight that I’ve researched through different trainers in the past few years. Good job on the 225! At 5′ 10″ 180 now (been up to 195) that eating regimen must have been brutal to hit.

  41. I will definitely buy this book when it’s out. I could use it now. I want to drop 10-15 pounds by the middle of August for a class reunion. Surely you have something in there that would help with that.

  42. Looking forward to reading your findings, and hope I can help with the project. Believe me, as a thin, physically fit person, I have a really hard time finding applicable information regarding my diet and diabetes. I have now been researching the effects of stress and ph inbalance and diabetes. Traditional practioners can’t tell you anything besides loose weight, loose weight, loose weight.

    My naturopathic physician is a genius and his research into processed foods and sugars, and the effects of stress & sleep deprivation on the body are particularly fascinating. There is such a disconnect between what people say they want in life and what they do to their bodies.

  43. I am worried your book will end up injuring many of its readers who follow your body building advice. I was injured doing a routine off your blog regarding the body builder. You need to be more careful with what you post and the risks involved in lifting without proper technique etc…Good luck

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comment. Which routine were you following? There are a few guest posts with routines, but the slow-cadence lifting I’ve advocated before is used even by 80+-year olds precisely because of its low incidence of injury. Please do let me know.

      Thanks again,


  44. Tim, imho, I think the title is great; same sort of tabloid-style sensationalistic headline as your previous book – but why not? It will surely sell – and the best headlines, and ergo the best book titles, tell the story in a few words. Love it! FRL2S:AG2BS – not quite as catchy an acronym as the 4HWW! I’m sure this will sell like hot-protein supplements! Lynda.

  45. Hi Tim,

    The book sounds like a great idea and I look forward to buying a copy.

    Tips I would share with you would be:

    * The benefits of a raw food diet / raw vegetable juicing

    * Tabata interval training

    * CrossFit training

    All of the above are well worthy of further investigation…

    Good luck,


  46. Awesome man. Can’t wait to read it. Also, don’t forget to keep us up to date on what different steps you’re going to take this time around to market you’re 2nd book.

  47. Here’s a suggested title:

    Superhuman Shortcuts

    – Achieve more than you thought possible, in the fastest possible time!

  48. Tim,

    I am very much looking forward to this book but I have a very difficult time believing your methods could work (or even come close) for some of us at the same level of success you have obviously had. I have personally fought my weight since I was 10 years old with decent success but I’ve come to realize that it is a VERY slow process for me that will last a life time and get harder every year I get older. (Even Jenny Craig made me gain weight 🙂

    Please prove me wrong!


    P.S. Ever thought about doing a test group with women & men of different ages and body types? People seem to get a little more excited when they can relate to specific people or sets of problems.

  49. TIM!!!

    i am on a mission and I am determined to not stop til i get my little goal. Let me introduce myself – Im Stacey from australia , 26 years old and currently living in Koh Samui thailand, building my 6 businesses.

    Loved your book! Ill now get to the point cause both you and I would rather be sitting on the beach drinking cocktails right now –

    I am on a mission to get YOU to sponsor a muay thai fighter – fighting at k1 max final 8 in tokyo japan on the 13th of july.

    I am not asking for a large sum of money. Infact i am really just on a mission to see if i can get you to do it 🙂

    You Can promote your new book on some fighters arse (well his shorts) – the show is viewed by 150 countries globally.

    and I might just also throw in a free ticket to the event where we can drink like merry men !

    If my mission is not accomplished im afraid I will never be able to look at myself in the mirror again..

    Lets do this ! Whats there to lose .. ?

  50. I can only echo most of what has been said, including regarding the title which I presume was labelled “working title”, besides I cannot believe that someone who came up with “the four hour workweek” would keep *that* as a title.

    Since I know you like polarise your audience, how about including the word “mediocrity”, such as “Take your body beyond mediocrity”. If you use that I only ask for a copy of the book 🙂

    PS: You should definitely help the lady with the five children, take a video camera, stay with her for a week to put her on the right path and come back a day every couple of weeks until she is set. That will not only sell LOTS of books but also get you straight into heaven 😉

  51. Hi Tim,

    that’ll be a very interesting piece of literature! I thoroughly believe that the human body is capable of much more than we think, so I’ll be super keen to find out how and what you did.

    I teach people how to crush their glasses and to improve their vision to gain perfect eyesight, just by changing their mind and a few simple exercises.

    So everything is possible!

    All the best,


  52. Hi Tim,

    that’ll be a very interesting piece of literature! I thoroughly believe that the human body is capable of much more than we think, so I’ll be super keen to find out how and what you did.

    I teach people how to crush their glasses and to improve their vision to gain perfect eyesight, just by changing their mind and a few simple exercises.

    So everything is possible!

    All the best,


  53. I am really looking forward to this book. With economic times as hard as they are, we all need to become superhuman.- Roger Ost

  54. I always mistrusted lifehacks, bodyhacks, etc…..until I went from non-swimmer to swimmer *just like that* using your advice and the resources you pointed us to. It was breathtaking. Made me feel like a kid again.

    Did the same recently with running (which is something I’ve struggled to do all my life), taking a mix of advice from proponents of chi running and barefoot running and transforming myself into a real, honest-to-goodness runner in, yes, one day. Am I a bit slow? Sure. Can I run now without worrying that I’m going to lose all steam after just a mile or so? Yes!

  55. Tim,

    Quick question. Reading you book and blog you seem like such a data driven guy. Why does it seem from your health advice that the China Study has had little impact on your thinking.



  56. Hi Tim,

    New book sounds great, and like other posters I find it interesting how – like Neil Strauss for instance – you have picked on seemingly disparate aspects of life that I/we are so keen on learning more about.

    I’d go for ‘Superhuman’ as the shorthand title, with a subtitle along the lines of “From rapid fat loss to strength gains, shortcuts to being the best version of you.”

    I train with some UFC fighters; I’ll ask around and see if any aspects of our training or diet seems relevant to what you’re doing…



    1. Thanks, Tom! I appreciate the help and suggestions. The UFC guys are fascinating. I used to train at AKA in San Jose.

      All the best,


  57. First off, thanks for writing the 4HWW. Inspirational book that I now listen to on audio as well.

    I agree with PPC4. You might just get beaten to death over this if you’re not careful how it’s presented.

    I’ve learned what works for some may not work for others. Everyone is unique in training length, recovery time, diet needs and fat loss ability. In my 20+ years of weight training I’d be hard pressed to say that there is a cookie cutter program for everyone. Finding what training program works for YOU is key and diet is 80% of the equation IMO.

    Personally I think that a lack of training consistency and not keeping a workout journal, coupled with a crappy diet, are the culprits when it comes to lack of progress.

    It’s great that you’ve recorded all your workout data for so many years. If more people did that, I think they would actually find what works and what does not work for them. I’m looking forward to checking out the new book.

  58. Sounds like @PPC4 thinks you should quit before you start based on possible backlash! tut tut! Nothing would ever be written, discussed or debated if that was the case. I like what you say about ‘an obligation’ to help others; I live in rural Ireland and the people I interact with on a daily bases scare me – such intellectual, imaginative, creative, explorative ignorance – I throw out crazy concept as chit chat over a pint in the local and they look at me like I’m crazy! Ah well. Keep up the good work … if your book can spark some healthy debates regarding the body’s potential……..job done!

    1. Hi Irish Surf Chick,

      True enough, though PPC4 makes the good point that I need to be well-prepared for the attackers, which I will be.

      Much more to come soon 🙂


  59. Hi Tim!

    I’m very excited to hear you’re coming out with a new book! Spontaneously though the title seems a bit too long and kinda lame… But I’m sure you’ll do plenty of adwords testing before release. And when is that going to be?

    I’ve found endurance training to be the toughest to quickly improve. Muscle mass and fat loss are relatively easy compared to say running a marathon. Are you going to include anything on that topic?

    Looking forward to your book!


  60. Tim –

    I encourage you to explore extending the book to the web, and by that I mean giving your passionate readers a chance to explore your subject matter via forum where they can connect, support one another, and possibly interact with some of the experts as well as some unique content. I run such an online community and it’s not only very valuable to the members, it actually throws off some money (via paid subscription). I would certainly sign up (n=1).


  61. I can’t wait! I love all your blogs about how to be more efficient and “life hack”. Do you have any other authors or blogs that you recommend who can tide us over until the release of the book?

  62. Hey Tim,

    Wish you could talk about two things that I believe are incredibly underrated when discussing physical performance.

    1. Mature muscle, and how repetition and muscle memory help both with performance and definition. Bodybuilders will often comment about how the mature muscle looks more fully developed in competitors like Jay Culter. In addition, we see Randy Couture who was featured on Sports Science and had his lactic acid measured before and after holding a guillotine choke, and amazingly the lactic acid levels in his blood actually decreased. Not sure if I can fully commit to the fact that it was his great cardio or the fact that he has been doing this for most of his life.

    2. The brain/mind. How things like mental preparedness, meditation and having your mind in the right place will make or break an athlete. Pretty self explanatory.

    Side note, would love to see you re-pitch your show to the newly minted Science channel (getting sick of “How its made”), maybe a bit re-formatted. Reformat the show to better help viewers understand that your methodologies for breaking down complex processes into easy to understand and perform tasks really works, and not just on you. If I could, I would suggest that you take viewers who are trying to achieve certain results. For example, grab a mom 41, who wants to be able to run a marathon with a month of training, or some kind of actual physical deliverable like speak french in 3 months. Sort of like a “Made” coach but on steroids, er, or not actually on steroids.

    Thanks for shaping us.

    By the way I’ve been on the slow carb diet for over 2 months and am loving it.

    Toshi O.

  63. Hi there Tim!

    Awesome news on the new book! Yeah!!! I LOVED the 4HWW and bought many copies for friends.

    Anything I can do to help you and your readers, let me know and I will fill out the form!

    I will be finishing up my PhD in Exercise Science in the next few months and I am investigating the effects of Energy Drinks (like red bull, monster, etc). What are their effects on Heart Rate Variability, Vessel Function, %fat and % carbs burned and do they work (ergogenic?) under the area of Metabolic Flexibility.

    I also train athletes and can apply what I have learned over many years of study.

    Rock on!

    Mike T Nelson

    PhD(c), CSCS, RKC, Z Health Master Trainer

    owner of Extreme Human Performance

  64. looking forward for this

    4 hour work week changed alot in my life

    i doubt this will be as lifechanging but it is definitely a must read

    i went from weighing 59 kg to 105 kg lean and clean in two years

    implementing crossfit and Alexander Faleev`s 5×5 powelifting

    burn baby burn

    1. @Dominic,

      Ross is a very smart guy, and we go way back to the BrainQUICKEN/BodyQUICK days.



  65. Tim:

    1) If you haven’t yet, check TED Talks and diets followed by Ray Kurzweil, who has the ambitious plan of living forever. If that sounds crazy (it does indeed), check his credentials.

    2) PPC4 commented very correctly that “people who have had the same, likely wrong, information will pile on because of their inability to get comfortable with the notion they’ve been incorrect so long”.

    This is the so-called Tolstoy Sindrome ( ). Be ready.

    3) I admire your boldness in writing about such a controversial issue, and your willingness to cut through the BS and bad science we see around. Awesome project. Congratulations.



    Rio de Janeiro

  66. Tim, great idea for the new book. As a fitness buff, I think your posts about physical performance are some of the most interesting you do. I can’t wait to read the new tome.

  67. Hi Tim,

    Great idea with the book. I have to say I’m looking forward to it’s publication and success not only because of the benefits it’ll give the readers and yourself, but also for the positive effect it will have for other fields related to personal development.

    There’s a lot of negative ‘if that’s so good, why isn’t everyone doing it?’ attitude out there to any new ideas or development materials (actually, I’d expect a lot of such reactions to your book as well).

    Therefore, being able to call on other situations where such new ideas brought wonderful effects is a real aid in convincing people that they can actually do a lot more, then they have believed possible. Especially for something like the body, which for many people is assumed to be set in stone – “these are my genetics, this is how my metabolism works, there’s just no chance of me getting such results”, a proof of this kind would be a real benefit to pretty much everyone whose work concentrates on helping people live better lives.

    Best wishes,


  68. Hey Tim, uber fitness and gluten free eating machine Robb Wolf is also writing a book on a similar subject. I think he would be a good brain to add to yours and can imagine the two of you would be able to push both of your respective books to an even higher level.

    Looking forward to the book.

  69. I am wondering your opinion on “static contraction training”? Pete Cisco claims to get gains like yours with even less time. The basics are a partial or a static rep using the strongest range of the muscle with the heaviest weight you can hold for 10 seconds. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. @Heath,

      I’ve tried static contraction training, even as long ago as 1995-96. I called Pete, who is a smart guy, as I saw minimal transfer of strength to full range-of-motion. It might work for some, but it didn’t transfer for me.



  70. Tim,

    Sounds interesting but bigger then 4HWW? The 4HWW served a niche; people sick and tired of corporate life looking to escape. Dieting and exercise is so much more competitive.

    Not to say I won’t buy the book. But interested to see how you will rise above the thousands of other books published on the subject already.

    Why don’t we all help you with titles on this one? =)


  71. Sounds interesting. I am currently losing some excess fat through counting calories, and hints on how to get faster results would be great. Not convinced about the title though – back to Borders/Adwords for some more testing? ;0)

  72. cutting out whole wheat bread might get you there a little quicker, but not significantly…

    1 slice a day (2 for sandwich) will not hinder your goals

    then again…everyone is a know-it-all when it comes to working out!

  73. i’m 40, and i just now lost about 5kg in about 5 weeks (ca.18% down to 13% fat) while increasing fitness and muscle mass. besides the usual stuff (several small meals, high-protein, low fat, slightly reduced and slower carbs, plus some supplements like green-tea extract capsules, ALC, CoQ10, resveratrol, multi-vitamine), this time, i introduced another piece to the puzzle, which i’d call “micro-workouts”. meaning, you do your usual fitness training 2-3x a week (mix of moderate (!) weights/strength and moderate cardio-stuff), but in addition to that, you add a simple and small 5-10 min workout after each (or every 2nd) meal. goal: make it impossible for the metabolism to store the just consumed meal as body-fat by performing a few simple (yoga, pilates, muscle-pump, whatever..) sets, that involve as much muscle-groups as possible for a few minutes (medium intensity). result: lower muscle catabolism, faster recovery, higher fat burn rate. if i leave those 2-3 daily micro-workouts out, i see a huge drop in the efficiency of my diet/trainig/recovery. maybe worth trying for some people reading 🙂

  74. Great! I will be buying your book. I have greatly benefited from your “slo carb” advice as well as having been inspired to workout with kettlebells. Yes I do my workouts barefoot!

    Of course as with anything, everyone must apply what they learn, be it nutrition or exercise with regards to age, gender, special needs, and just plain common sense. No one should ever follow something blindly.

    We are “superhumans” in the making….not sheep.

  75. I would love to see something included on life extension – that will be quite attractive to your boomer fans – it is also an area that is “heating up” commercially (google Sirtris)

  76. Interesting post Tim.

    I’ve had a gym membership since I was 15, and over the many years I have gained a certain amount of control over my body. I would say I can lose about 10 pounds in 3 weeks if necessary. (and enjoy doing it) I have a great workout that focuses on getting rock solid abs as quick as possible. Let me know if your interested.



    Arnold on the pump

    “Not many people understand what a pump is. It must be experienced to be understood. It is the greatest feeling that I get. I search for this pump because it means that that my muscles will grow when I get it. I get a pump when the blood is running into my muscles. They become really tight with blood. Like the skin is going to explode any minute. It’s like someone putting air in my muscles. It blows up. It feels fantastic.”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

  77. Regarding the title…. come on now TF bloggers – No way, no how thats Ferriss REAL (working) title – he’s keeping the real deal close to his chest.

    Read the proposed working title again, and ask yourself if the man behind 4hww and all the rest would choose that title in earnest – lol 🙂

    Keeping that title secret makes sense, and maybe he’s fishing for inspiration as well.

    And I also look very much forward to the launch – whats kinda release date are you planning on, Tim?

  78. As a health professional for several years I’m both curious and slightly appalled by the new book you’re working on. I like you and your work, but I think the average person with no knowledge of human physiology will do something stupid and harm himself. Not everyone, but one out of every few thousand will not follow the book or take all the steps and screw their body up. Ha, what I’m just saying is, I really don’t need to see any more patients than I already do. I do want to see how it comes out and how you present it.

  79. This is Adam again, I just scrolled up to see something being stated about “static contraction training.” Are you referring to Isometric Exercises? I first started studying that (Isometric, Isotonic, and Isokinetic) back in my Human Dynamic’s classes. I use those methods with my patients. I really kind of favor Isotonic or I use a machine to form a close-chain exercise for Isokinetic activities.

  80. Excited for the book. It’ll be good to get some actual science involved. There’s so many assumptions about food and exercise out there that everyone thinks are gospel until of course the next study tells us to do something different.

    I’m about to start a workout program, I’m thinking I’ll do a combination of the body for life program with the pavlov workout from one of your posts. I’ve done the body for life workout before and it worked well for me. It’s very efficient in the workout times only being 20 minutes to 1 hr a day although it is 6 times per week which is hard if you can’t work out at home. The food part is a little difficult having to eat six meals a day but i got by with making a couple of those per day be ready to drink supplements. I’ll probably relax a little on the food because I feel its better to just do something than to worry about getting everything exact and letting that hold me back.

    If you need a guinea pig to test any part of your book let me know and I’ll consider it.