THE NEXT BOOK: From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman

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It’s finally time to tell you all.

My next book will be a hacker’s guide to the human body. The working title is “From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman.” It has actually been planned for more than two years.

I’ve recorded almost every workout I’ve done since age 15, and my house looks like an ER, with dozens of gadgets and medical devices for capturing data. I’ve had hundreds of blood tests performed and have been doing this since 1996, with costs now totalling well over $100,000. I’ve taken my weight from 145 lbs. to 225 lbs. (lean) and back down, and I can remove or add 20 lbs. in 3-4 weeks on-demand.

So, what is the result of all this OCD madness?

I can show you how I safely do things outdated physiology textbooks tell you is impossible. This isn’t because I have some unique intelligence. It’s because I’ve tested the most basic assumptions of nutrition and exercise… and I experiment with outrageous alternatives that end up working.

Cut 2% bodyfat in two weeks? No problem. Increase muscular strength 30% in 48-72 hours, or drop 50-100 pounds of fat? Not an issue. I’ve done the guinea pig shotgun approach so you don’t have to. I’ll spare you the 10,000 pages of literature on a given topic and give you the one unusual 1-2-3 method that produced unbelievable results. That is not to imply this book will not be limited to me. I’ll attempt to include replicable results on multiple subjects (of both genders and including 60+-year olds) instead of “It worked for me, therefore it will work for you” in almost all cases.

Self-experimentation galore, cutting-edge labs from the Ivy League to the Middle East, interviews with superhuman athletes, and a guru-killing examination of results with some of the brightest PhDs and MDs in the world will form the backbone of this book. It will be equally designed for men and women.

And I need your help.

I am looking for research assistants to help with this book, as well as elite athletes (national level or above), trainers of elite athletes, case studies, MDs/PhDs/researchers doing interesting work, and anyone else who thinks they have something that could fit in human performance. Normal people who’ve made incredible progress or found an unusual method that works? Let me know.

Just send me a quick note here.

The 4-Hour Workweek has been sold in 35 languages, has been on The NY Times business bestseller list for more than 2 years unbroken, and has hit #1 NY Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and #1 BusinessWeek, among others. I expect this next book to be MUCH bigger. The names and findings of those featured will be launched worldwide.

Some of the topics I will address include: fat loss, muscular hypertrophy, and reversing injuries (acute, but especially chronic). There will be dozens more, but I have to keep them under wraps for now. I apologize, but trust me — you won’t be disappointed.

Can you help, or know someone who can? Please let me know here.

Exciting times ahead 🙂

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399 Replies to “THE NEXT BOOK: From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman”

  1. Tim Summer 2010 is like Jan in New Zealand.. Month Leverage haha.

    Loving you book. Great to read something that is not PC BullS#*$. Can’t wait for the new book.

    For the new book I think a chapter at the start of the book should be on The Mindset. I feel it is the most important in changing body weight (Especially if you are losing it)

    Next time you are jetting to Queenstown via Auckland contact me at I have a group who love your book and we are all working together to achieve freedom!! I quit my job recently and am working hard to reach similar goals to you!!! Peace


  2. Hi Tim,

    One thing I have always struggled with is how to have a sustained energy level throughout the day, primarily to avoid energy spikes and fatigue. Their has to be a combination of foods that would help with this that does not include that 5 hour energy shot. I would imagine 4 or more meals per day, avoid hi-glycemic carbs etc. I’m sure you have some pretty good hacks for this issue. I think this can possibly be a good topic for your book or even a great blog post.

    Another good read would be on hacks that keep your brain operating at peak levels for a long period.

    Best of luck,

    J Hobitakis

  3. To: J Hobitakis. This post is directed to J Hobitakis.

    If you are looking for increased energy throughout the day without using coffee or energy drinks I recommend Yerba Mate. Have you ever tried it before? I know me and many other people who drink it all day long and we can tell you that it is an excellent way to keep your brain operating at peak levels all day. In South America, yerba mate has been revered for centuries as the “drink of the gods” and is drunk daily for optimum health, sustained energy and mental clarity. If you can’t find it at store near you, you can order it online at many different online Stores. Maybe Tim can recommend a good place to buy some online. Here are 2 Places I know of:

    All the Best

    Shawn – Waterloo, Ontario

  4. It’s gonna be very interesting like (or maybe more than) your previous which has been really a great inspiration for me!

  5. Hi Tim!

    Please do keep us posted for any book launch on this one.. We will be flying in from Canada and Philippines to be on the said event…

    All the best!!

  6. Hi Tim!

    Or maybe you would want a touch of Filipino dialect in your book.. I know Tagalog and Hiligaynon or Ilonggo. Just a thought..

  7. Hey Tim,

    I’m very happy about this news on your next book! I loved the 4HWW and the subject of physical transformation is one that I’m very interested in as well. Though I also have to say that I don’t envy you for having to follow a book as excellent as the 4HWW. Everyone’s expectations for this must be extremely high. But no pressure. 😛



  8. Hey Tim,

    I’m not sure if this has been done with books, but some music artists these days include a one-time, free, download code for a digital version if their fans buy the vinyl version of their albums…it would be cool if you did kind of the same, and included an e-book code with the purchase of the physical book.

    Just a thought…


  9. I know a lot of people have mentioned crossfit on here as something to either include or try. You wanted help from elite athletes, they are consistently some of the most elite athletes in the world. I’d either try to get in touch with crossfit creator for the science behind it or some of the crossfit games winners for the most elite athletes in the world.

  10. I am very much looking forward to reading this book. I hope we will see some more teaser articles on your blog soon Tim.

    I have been trying your Diet for a number of weeks and have seen good results, and I am confident that your training program will be similarly effective.

    The problem I think many people (including myself) have is what you call ‘starting with the end in mind’. It is difficult to decide what kind of body you want to have. Often when I start loosing weight I become a little self concious as my arms and chest get smaller. Equally when I bulk up I get annoyed by my stomach bulge as I sit at a desk (I share your scandinavian curse).

    I think that this may be part of the reason that so many people make little progress, even when they train for years as I have done. They are scared by their own results.

    The beauty of your method is the speed in which people can acheive dramatic changes in their physical composition. Knowing that you can loose 20lb in 3-4 weeks makes it easier to put on a little fat when bulking, just as knowing that you can gain ‘x’ lbs of muscle in very little time makes it easier to loose weight quickly without worrying about loosing your hard earned t-shirt bulges.

    I hope to see you reconcile the two, I also hope that the book will contain helpful step by step plans and annotated case studies just as FHWW did.

    Anyway, all the best, and for God’s sake hurry up! We’re all dying to read it!

    Tom Kitt

    p.s. I know you demonstrated loosing fat whilst gaining muscle but as a Doctor and weightlifter I find that somewhat challenging to believe that most people can do this over a short period of time. However, I have seen results from your other outlandish (at first) claims so I look forward to testing your theories in their entirety.


  11. It’s be cool if you had something about looking temporarily ripped in under an hour.

    What makes forearm veins pop out the most, abs and chest enlarge etc. I find clap push-ups and bicep curls with really heavy dumbbells work pretty well.

  12. Here’s a crazy idea Tim…what if you held a bodybuilding competition to promote the book…the catch: weigh-in a whole month in advance. Could be a chance to show the world how feasible your rapid weight change techniques are.

  13. My only question is, when can I buy it? I’ve done pretty well myself on the rapid weight loss aspect (25% bodyfat to 12% in 6 months) but I always have trouble maintaining and building muscle, so I’ll be very interested to see what you have to say about that.

  14. Hi Tim,

    Just wondering if you’d set a tentative publishing date for this project yet. I’ll mark my calendar.

  15. Hi Tim,

    Have you had a chance to read Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health? I think there could be some great ideas for you to explore (if you are not already) such as the healing power of the mind at the quantum level.

    Best Wishes & Continued Success,


  16. Tim,

    I just wanted to echo my comment to see if there were any updates.

    Have you already selected your research assistants? If not, is there an approximate date for the decisions to be made?



  17. Hey Tim

    I was thinking a few days ago that what I really wanted from my workout was to achieve the “ideal” body for modern living, and reading this I gained hope that your book might enlighten me on this. I’ve also been interested in knowing what the “ideal” lifestyle might be, something I think might be gleaned by observing what hunter-gatherers ate, but this is not feasible for someone like me who is pursuing a major far away from that area. Besides, there is just so much pseudo-science in that realm.

    So my goal has recently been to achieve an ideal body for modern living down to the last detail, which seemed simpler than figuring out the nutrition bits. Besides the undisputed pillars we already have, my conceived principles for good health were along the lines of high glycogen storage for inevitable junk food, good reflexes (you never know what life throws at you), a strong back, stronger fingers, a simple but effective self-defense line, etc. But as this list is at best a sampling of layman’s knowledge, I am still really hoping that your new book might inform the reader on what the 21 century person needs from their body.

    BTW, what do you think of Free Running? I think it is a very artistic and natural form for athleticism, which best captures the spirit of efficient and motivated urban living 🙂

  18. Great concept. I have been obsessed with these exact topics for 17 years and have travelled the world in search of the experts – I even moved to another continent to go to the gym which I considered to be the best in the world (yes I’m that nuts).

    I would love to help in any way that I can. Let me suggest some topics which I think you’ll find very interesting/useful if you pull at their threads:

    1) intermittent fasting (,, fast-5,

    2) conscious eating (assimilating ANY food perfectly by “blessing” it first – how open-minded are you?? 🙂

    3) doggcrap training (

    4) thick bar training (massively superior to standard barbells and dumbbells – especially for arm size) (

    5) anything written by Rusty Moore (

    6) what we can learn about health and muscle from primates and ancient warriors (

    7) whether we can THINK our way to the body and health of our dreams (

    That’s enough for now. I could add things all night. All of the above have been approved worthy of serious consideration by my very skeptical BS meter – which weeded out most “gurus” and “expert strength coaches” a long time ago.

    Anything I can do to help, just shout.


  19. Youre doing great things as always.

    Im an Irishman living in Korea. Im setting up a health Business and Ive written another similar book, (about 200pages) about how to reverse all lifestyle diseases, and do it rather fast. It will be released in a month. Could we talk about the issue of exercise impact on the physical and chemical processes of the body?

    Ive found research from all over the world that basically shows the power of certain exercise on lifestyle diseases from diabetes, to obesity, to heart disease, and even cancer.

    Here in Korea waiting for your reply

  20. Tim,

    The book sounds very promising, having the trackrecord of 4HWW helps a lot on that, but are you going to touch the recovering from injuries/pain? It is very interesting to be superhuman but when you are multi sport addict and have a problem like backpain that has no medical solution you only want to be human to continue with your sports.



  21. Okay,

    I’m sick of listening to all the girls i meet whining about their body…the thing is, most of them have good ones, they just dont see it…

    Definately a market there…maybe with the title…

    “From Rapid Weight Loss to Sexy: A Guide To Becoming A Super-Hotty”

    Can’t wait for it…


  22. Hi Tim,

    My 4th root canal therapy is the reason I’m writing to you 🙂 A friend of mine pointed out to me that there are major health concerns about those therapies.

    So, I tried to get information about this issue, which led me to other controversies about filling materials, etc.

    I also came across the book “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel

    I’m a very skeptical person, but have trust in you and your research methods. Therefore, I would love to read anything about these issues either in your book or on the blog.

    Keep up the good work !!

  23. Hey Tim

    Loved the additions to the 4HWW. Your new book sounds great, any estimations to when the book will be out?

  24. You might see if the folks over at the Methuselah Foundation can give you some scientific info. I can’t think of anything more superhuman than immortality, and these guys are trying to get there. I would be very interested in seeing how these diet and training tips would work in life extension terms. Keep up the good work, Tim.


  25. Tim will this book be released in an audiobook format similar to the 4HWW? I rather enjoy listening to my books rather than reading them although I also bought a hardcover copy.

  26. Hey Tim,

    I’m sure it’s probably pretty late in the writing process but I just submitted one of your “help me out” web forms that you posted above.

    In the past 3 years I’ve had thoracoscopic surgery, hernia surgery, clavical surgery (from a high speed longboard crash), and major open lung surgery. Open lung surgery was one month ago and I’ve recovered 2-3x faster than the projected optimistic outcome I was quoted as a result of very carefully outlined diet and exercise principles/plans. I’ve been featured in the Portland Tribune ( and am currently talking with Good Day Oregon about a TV feature. Doctors are surprised at how fast and how well I’ve recovered and say that people are normally still quite immobile by the time I was walking 4.5 miles per day. Find more info in your google docs powered web form if you’re interested.

  27. I’ll be picking up this book when it comes out, I always like hearing what you have to say about things like this. Thanks man.

  28. Tim and Others,

    I am travelling to San Francisco and LA the next couple of weeks and wanted to hit up some once in a lifetime fitness experiences.



  29. Hi Tim! Sept. 2010 is great. Hope you could give us updates about the book launch coz I will be flying in from Philippines to witness the said event… Am making plans as early as now.

  30. Hi Tim,

    Need any proof readers?

    I’ve done it before and can’t wait for this book so I’d be perfect!!

  31. Hello Tim,

    I enjoy your writing.

    I learn to do fasting for first time in a political section of prison in the former communist Romania. I still doing fasting 3-4 times per year for 10-21 days. I am 75% on raw diet. I don’t smoke, do yoga,meditation, shamanism, self hypnosis.

    I love your blog too and lot of success,


  32. Expanding Melzack’s pain neuromatrix. The Threat Matrix: a super-system for managing polymodal threats.

    I believe this will be the future for maximal performance enhancement.

    Z-Heatlh has been using threat inoculation for performance enhancement for years. Now the idea is catching on in a international level. A great paradigm shift for everybody from chronic pain doctors to performance athletes.

    I think some of these concepts would make it into your book.

    Tim, if you need a copy of the paper, hit me up on twitter.

    Good luck,



  33. Hi Tim,

    I might be able to help. Professor Ron Laura developer of the Matrix Progressive Resistance Training program may be worth a look especially given your already impressive personal experiences. I would be surprised if Matrix training wasn’t one of your techniques even if you stumbled upon it by yourself. Let me know if your interested in meeting Ron.


  34. Really looking forward to this book, hopefully it will have a section on motivation as this is usually the big stopping to most people trying to do big things.

  35. I’m just curious how will you promote it, will you buy a new domain for the book or use existing ones you own?

  36. Hi Tim,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do. You may read the stoics for inspiration, but I like to read a little Tim Ferriss when in need of encouragement.

    Thanks to you, I’m financially independent and able to work on the things that matter most to me: my relationships, health and zoiology.

    I can’t wait for your book to come! I plan on using it to achieve some fitness goals and promise to evangelize it like a true fan, wink wink.

    My dad is trying to lose weight and was excited to hear about how this “Superhuman guy” helped his dad lose some pounds and sustain a healthy weight 😉

    Keep on rockin’, and best of luck against the zombie hoard of disgruntled health experts will soon try to eat your brains, haha.

    – swedy

    P.S. I’m amazed that you haven’t outsourced all of your comment moderation but glad to know that your readers hold equal value with your checkbook and marketing decisions. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for this comment, Swedy! It made my day 🙂 I have two more rounds of editing, and I’ll do my best to make the new book everything you want it to be…

      All the best,


  37. Hey Tim,

    I Loved your book- The Four Hour Work Week! It has definitely inspired me to not settle for the traditional lifestyle plan of working for the next 40 years of my life doing something unfulfilling and sidelining my dreams. In December 2009, I messed up my knee snowboarding, probably tearing/stretching my ACL/MCL… I decided to apply RICE and just tough and wait it.

    All was well until yesterday night when it buckled on me(which it has done a few times before…nothing too bad 10 minutes and i was usually back in action). I heard about 8 cracks last night and now I can’t walk. I’m scheduled to see the doctor tomorrow. I’m trying to prepare for the worst and just devouring any knowledge I can find on the subject.

    Can you share with me anything you’ve found/experienced on the subject of knee injuries? I ordered some krill oil and am looking for a high quality glucosamine to help. I understand you’re not a doctor and not liable and what not. Its really hard knowing that my passion for snowboarding and the outdoors are going to have to be put on hold yet again. All I want is to just be able to trust my right knee again and get back to 100% And I thought I was healed and ready to go… had my sights set on Jackson Hole this year too.



    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Like you said, I’m no doctor, but Types II and III collagen, MSM, and 2-20 grams of Emergen-C vitamin C (effervescent easier to absorb) each day has helped me.

      Good luck!


  38. Tim,

    I’ve read two times 4HWW and I love it even more when I re-read it.

    A friend of mine wants to read it, but, his English -like with most of Spaniards- sucks!

    So, I wanted to give it to him in Spanish. So, what’s the name in Spanish? -I know it may sound dumb question to ask, but I wasn’t able to find it here in Barcelona, so far.

    Also, is the new updated edition in Spanish yet?

    Thank you very much in advance,


    P.S.: I can’t hardly wait to read the new book!

  39. Thanks for the response Tim! You definitely made my day. A doctor telling me to simply just rest and stay off it isn’t 100% acceptable for me. I know my diet is going to play an essential role in my recovery. What have you found to be the best sources for Collagen II and III as well as MSM?

    And I definitely can’t wait for your new book to come out. I’m pretty confident that I’ll be buying multiple copies.



  40. Any links with your last blog post 😉 ?

    “How Authors Really Make Money: The Rebirth of Seth Godin and Death of Traditional Publishing”

  41. I am very excited about this, I dont believe the scientist as much as I believe the guy that actually tried it and wrote down the results.

    Cant wait!

  42. Getting so very excited for this book. I’ve literally waited to begin my new workout regiment until this book comes out. I don’t want to waste my valuable time by working out more than I absolutely need to. Don’t get me wrong, I love a solid workout, but I want to feel the results. Playing Texas Hold’em with your buddies is fun, but is much better when you’re winning! 😉

    Still looking at a September release date? If you need anyone to proof read it before you send it out… I’ll take care of that for ya Tim! Lol.

  43. Easily speaking for everyone, I’m pumped about your new book…

    Trying to adopt your methods and appreciate your lifestyle over the last 2 years, I would like to see how Tim Ferris goes about his day to day. What amazes me about your stories Tim is all the knowledge you have absorbed. I’m 25 and would truly love to know how your prioritize your typical day to learn so many new techniques, languages, physical results, etc.

    I own two businesses and struggle to find the time for fitness and what to learn next. I realize I have to base what I learn off of what I am interested in first, but I truly would be interested in knowing some of your quick morning to night schedules or routines so to say, of how you keep doing what you are doing… which is kicking major ass in life!

    I’m dedicated to buying 5 copies of your new book as soon as it is released to personally give to my parents and siblings. Truthfully, it does not excite me that my comment might get posted with everyone else above… I would just really like to get some incite into the structure of your life in an email.

    Thanks for all your time… and knowledge to date,


  44. Hey Tim,

    This might help international readers:

    1)Is it going to be a worldwide launch? if not will it be available for pre-order.

    2)I am in India and i want to pre-order your book. So do you know which retailers/distributers/publisher/online book stores etc. will be selling your book here in India.

    3)I just can’t pay the exorbitant fees for international shipping from amazon.

    4)I will enter a state of dyslexia if i don’t get to read the book when everyone else will talk & review about it.

    1. Hi Madhu,

      No worries! I think you’ll just have to do a Kindle, iPad, or audiobook version. If you put “US” as your country, you can usually get around it.

      Hope that helps!


  45. My comment seems to be deleted for some unknown reason but here is my question again:

    This will help other international readers as well:

    1) Is your book launching worldwide? If not when and will it be available for pre-order

    2)Where can i get the book in india?(any retailers/publishers would be helpful)

    Keep up the good work. You better launch with tons of copies cuz these things will disappear in flash i guess.

  46. Hi Tim,

    I have been wondering the same way as Cody has been. I am very much interested in the structure of your life, and I want to make a major improvement in my life.

    Ever since I read your book, I not have kept pareto, parkinson and many other principles away from my lips. Now, my wife calls me Tim’s friend. Isn’t that amazing, given the fact that we haven’t met?!! I am on the verge of quiting my job for a muse, and I want to get it right. Which explains why I have almost read every blog post of yours, and followed every article that can be googled, including watching “yabusame” and “how to be like incredible hulk”.

    Please mail us if you cant post the above recommendation,

    Love from Nigeria,


  47. I’m guessing you were talking about the 4 hour body. If so then I’m seriosuly looking forward to getting it in the mail.


  48. Tim- Please take on a cancer cure for your next project. I’ve been dealing with leukemia for 8 years now, with the best oncology minds in Boston, and we still can’t figure it out. Millions of dollars in research and years of studies have helped treatments come a long way, but no cures. You seem to get things done much quicker!


  49. Hi Tim…very good. I love how you took the 4hr workweek and applied to fitness. Being fit really is about being simple and focused. No super fancy diets, just healthy food and being consistent in your regime. Keep up the good work.


  50. I just read the diet part of the book. I uses to get up at night and eat and have stopped to doing that, I have had no cravings for sweets.The first week i lost 8 lbs even after cheat day. This book has been a blessing.

  51. Tim, I would like to talk to you about the inclusion of military training in your upcoming book ‘From Rapid Fat Loss to Strongmen: A Guide to Becoming Superhuman’. I was a paratrooper in the US Army for ten years and served with the 82nd Airborne Division and 10th Special Forces Group and have a unique perspective on the errors in the everyday training of elite military forces.