Fear{less} is Here!

I’m very excited to announce that my new TV show Fear{less} is now live! The “less” is in parentheses because the objective is to teach you to fear less, not to be fearless.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the show:

Fear(less) features in-depth, long-form conversations with top performers, focusing on how they’ve overcome fears and made hard decisions, embracing discomfort and thinking big.

Now for the important details: if you want to watch (it’d mean the world to me), here are the different ways you can view the show.

  • If you have DIRECTV, tune in to channel 239 at 8 pm PT/ET on Tuesday, May 30th. The first episode features master illusionist and performance artist David Blaine (@davidblaine). We have 10 episodes, with a new episode coming out each Tuesday.  
  • If you have The Audience Network/AT&T U-Verse, tune to channel 1114.
  • The entire first episode with David Blaine is available for you to watch for free at http://att.net/fearless.
  • Please watch and use the hashtag #FearlessTV as much as possible. I want to hear from you and know what you think about the show.
  • If you don’t have DIRECTV, you can download the DIRECTV NOW app. (Click here to sign up.) The app includes a free 7-day trial. To sign up, follow the steps below.
  1. Click to sign up.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Make your selection. The “live a little” is the most basic package and includes the show and the free 7-day trial.
  4. Complete the process and enjoy!

Thank you so much for all your support. Enjoy the show!

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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35 Replies to “Fear{less} is Here!”

  1. US ONLY 🙁

    “2.5 GEOGRAPHIC LIMITATION. The Service is intended only for individuals located in the United States.”

  2. would like to, but not signing up for AT&T just for this. Also, the description of Episode 2 is the same as episode 1. Hardly surprising for AT&T – their website stuff has been notoriously amatuerish for years.

    I’ll try to get the first free episode, though. Really wish there were alternatives other than DirectTV. Did you at least get other rights after a certain time frame?

  3. I would love to watch this. Really. But no, I am not going to sign up for yet another parasitic monthly subscription, especially since it would be the only thing I’d watch on DIRECTV. Nice deal for them, nice deal for you, terrible for the rest of us.

  4. omg! I just found this and so it’s late now, but I gotta watch this within a few days because I think you and david blaine are freakin’ awesome! and so I don’t have directtv though, but thank you so much for having this on that att link for free!

  5. Fantastic first episode Tim, it’s everything I love about the podcast but with the added visual element it really does take it to the the next level as you can actually see the emotion on your guest’s face as you ask certain questions. These visual cues are missing from the podcast and I think this new format as a viewer helps you really engage and emotionally connect with the guest.

    I am really curious about why you went down with this distribution route though? You have an army of fans all around the world who would find these interviews inspiring and useful and they will not have the opportunity to see them.

    I would have thought after your previous tv experiences you would have wanted to have total control over the process. The Directtv situation really causes a lot of friction for your loyal fans, especially outside of the US.

    Unlike your previous tv shows, which must have been an expensive, logistical nightmare, this format seems relatively simple. Couldn’t you have tapped up your buddy Chase Jarvis to supply a quality studio for your interviews and then distributed through iTunes or Vimeo on demand worldwide or even better on Netflix, which seems to be the future of tv programming? I’m sure your fans would have made it an instant trending hit on Netflix.

    Of course I could be reading this all wrong and you have things in place that us fans don’t know about yet and the decision to go this route will all make sense in the future.

    1. I agree 100%. I signed up for the free trial and was even willing to pay the $35 a month and find other shows I would enjoy BUT the fact you can’t watch on demand is a deal breaker for me. I won’t be watching anymore until there is a download available or an on demand feature.

  6. Is anybody having trouble watching the first episode on Chrome? The player loads up fine with Firefox and Edge on my end.

    1. Yea, I can’t watch it on Chrome.

      As a web developer, I’m a little astounded, haha. Chrome is the easiest browser to develop for…

  7. Why Tim? Why? Why still thinking in terms of countries and borders? Borders is in the imagination of people.. man! 😛

  8. Unfortunately, the first free episode doesn’t load. It would be good if they gave you access to the first episode to post on your blog as a promo. Especially considering your blog likely gets way more views than that linked page.

  9. Can’t wait to watch this. Missed it last night.

    I love the name of the title “Fear (less)” and get the value in the conciseness. But I question if the opportunity is to fear less … OR … to act more (despite the fear)?

    I notice my fear growing linearly over time, but my actions growing exponentially to trump the growing fear.

    Curious of anyone’s thoughts.

  10. So should I contact to if I want to have the right of distribution and translation for tools of Titans in mandarin version

    1. Anyone interested in a viewing party in San Francisco area? Like many, I’ve cut the TV cord, and don’t really want to sign up for DirectTV ($420/year).

      Where could we watch it in SF?

      – TomV

  11. Why would you do a series that is only available to att/directtv customers? That is one of the worst content services ever. Most of your audience is likely on netflix and prime and youtube… anything BUT a lame old cable provider that has a million restriction. Very disappointing and archaic choice of distribution.

  12. Tim I am the greatest quote writer of this century ……Use your wooden spoon while waiting for your silver one …Jelani Daniel

  13. REALLY looking forward to watching the show whenever it’s available to Canadian audiences! 🙂 Congrats on its production, Tim!

  14. Hey Tim, you never cease to amaze, incredible show. It brings a much different and deeper emotional connection than hearing it on the podcast. Also knowing how many people, including myself, have a fear of public speaking and struggle with communicating clearly on a stage/boardroom/wedding toast whatever, it is refreshing and inspiring to see it done. Bravo!

  15. Hello, I love the show and am catching up on a few missed episodes. I know there are many many many great human beings that would be optional candidates to feature, and with that in mind, would like to recommend my husband. His name is Anthony Guzman and he is a northern Ute Tribe member who has broken barriers in culture, community norms, and educational glass ceilings within his community. I’m very serious when I say, he is truly a one and only on Earth and I believe you would find phenomal thoughts and feelings speaking to him about how he has accomplished with and without fear.

  16. Canadian fan, I was so excited to see this and so disappointed not to be able to watch. Hope it’s available to us soon!

  17. Congrats on launch Tim, for years I’ve shunned TV….well, sneaked in the TF Experiment…looking forward to seeing your extraordinary podcast success broaden to the visual medium. If you didn’t like your own voice at first, wondering if you appreciate how you look in the interview chair!

  18. Just watched the first episode and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Well done on another great production Tim!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest however agree with the majority on here that the DirectTV option for distribution isn’t ideal.

  19. Dear Tim, I just caught your show Fear(less) on Audience today it was the Kyle Maynard episode. He is very intelligent and his views on life show a higher sense of understanding that I haven’t seen in a very long time. I very much appreciate you for seeing it too and sharing this with the world. This is why I’m now a fan and will do everything I can to alert others to your show and wisdom. Thank you for being you. signed Debra Schar

  20. Hello Tim – absolutely loving your fabulous show, fear(less) on Audience. Just finished watching the episode with Phil Hellmuth. Wow.

    One small important correction: the quote!!! You know the one, because you guys ended the episode with it. The quote should say it was by Phil Hellmuth’s MOM! Let’s give credit where credit is due, to a fabulous mother! Thank you Phil for sharing it with us. And thank you to everyone who opens up their lives, so that we can learn from their experience, and improve our own. That’s real courage, and I am grateful.

    And Thank You, Phil’s mom!

  21. Thank you for making so much of your life available to teach and help others. You know that you are a tremendous inspiration to so many of us. For now, this doesn’t seem available in SA but….

    I try to do a fair amount of work for charities and I’m about to make a sizeable donation of time and effort (in the form of an authorised portrait and prints) to a school in South Africa and a large charitable foundation. Frankly, I’m terrified. It’s a painting of a very beloved public figure and the project includes some very important people from my own tumultuous past.

    I need to gain some courage and wisdom from inspiring individuals who’ve done similar things and I’m hoping you could point me to some salient interviews and/or books for me to study.

    I’m struggling to balance the blowout from exiting a bad gallery contract with this new, very intensive project but I know it will have amazing impact on my own practice and on many lives besides my own – the foundation does do incredible work! I just need to feel less mad and alone in making this move.

    If you are able to respond to this with some suggestions, I’d love to also donate an appropriate painting or print to any charity that you think could use it (as a fundraiser/memorial/asset or whatever they deem fit). Please feel free to see what you’d be offering them on social or on my website (URL politely excluded but there aren’t many “Kim Mobeys” in the world)

    Thanks again for sharing so much of yourself with all of us <3

    Kim Mobey

  22. Greetings Tim Ferris! Have no idea if this will find you. I first discovered you and Michael Gervais on a random channel surf. This was maybe a couple of years ago. Anyhow, you two changed my life, opened me to a new avenue of information. I am a luddite however. My question.. is there a way to get a copy (video) of your fearless interview with m. Gervais. The reason being, I wish to share it with many people who don’t have direct tv.

    Kind regards!
    Patricia Rohan