Cribs for Gyms — Rust and Iron, Episode 1

kelly starrett

After visiting dozens, maybe hundreds, of gyms all over the world, I decided to create a show that showcases some of my favorites. From home gyms to the training meccas of the world, welcome to the Rust and Iron® TV mini-series!

Thinks of it as Cribs for gyms.

The first episode of Rust and Iron® features the home gym of Kelly Starrett (@mobilityWOD), one of the top Crossfit coaches in the world, and one of my favorite PTs and performance trainers.

Links to nearly everything Kelly shows, plus some bonuses, can be found in the show notes below.  His expanded bio is also included.

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

I’m not married to the idea of this series; this is just an experimental episode. Should I do more or focus elsewhere?  Whose gyms or which gyms should I feature? What would you like more of, less of, etc.? All feedback is welcome and encouraged.


Selected Links from the Episode

  • Connect with Kelly Starrett

Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram

Start Here: The Foundation

Rogue Folding Back Squat RackAfter your workout, you have the ability to quickly remove the pull-up bar and fold the sides of the rack back against the wall.

Rogue Garage Pull Up BarStandard pull up bar that can be mounted to both a concrete wall or garage support beams.

Rogue ParallettesMeant for gymnastics training such as handstand pushups, planches, or L-sits.

Rogue Bumper PlatesStandard training plates with a rubber exterior to cut down on noise and damage to floors.

Rogue BarbellsThe Rogue Beater Bar is a budget-priced barbell made to handle regular high-rep abuse. Kelly only uses basic barbells and does not use any of the $1000+ barbells, but any serious Olympic weightlifter should consider one.

Rogue Fat Bells: Just like a regular kettlebell, but with the handle on the inside. With this change, it allows you to use it like both a kettlebell as well as a dumbbell. It reduces the shearing force on your joints since the grip is centered around the weight.

Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Collars

Rogue Jump Ropes: Great for warming up or conditioning. Beginners often prefer heavier ropes, but as they progress, athletes often opt for lighter ropes so they can move at faster speeds.

If You Have Extra Budget…

Rogue Log BarInitially used as a strongman tool, it’s effective for any weightlifter looking to gain strength. The neutral grip handles are easier on your wrists and shoulders, and the thickness of the bar forces you to stay over the weight longer to maintain power during your initial pull.

Rogue Thompson Fat Pad: Thicker and wider than a regular bench, the Thompson Fat Pad is Kelly’s preferred training pad for benching. It promotes proper scapular movement and eliminates shoulder hangover.

Rogue Multi-Grip Bench Bar: Kelly has wrist issues from 30 decades of paddling, so this is his preferred bar to bench with. It has multiple handles, all in a neutral grip. This makes it easier to pin your shoulders back, thus putting you into a more stable and safer position.

Rogue Bandbell Earthquake Bar: A unique bar made with bamboo, meant to hold tons of weight attached with bands. Benching/squatting/pressing/overhead walking are all made extremely difficult due to the constantly moving weight. Just put some kettlebells on the end with some bands and wait to feel the burn.  

Rogue Farmer’s Walk Handles: Simple but sinister tool to work your grip, shoulders, traps, posterior chain, etc. 

Rogue Slam Balls: Ideal balls for overhead ball slams, as they are much sturdier than medicine balls.

Dynamax Medicine Balls: Good grip and durability, they are most often used for wall balls, but can be used for a variety of different exercises.

MobilityWOD Tools

Rogue Supernova: An alternative to foam rollers, the Supernova’s grooved design and firmness allow athletes to get deep into their larger muscles. 

Voodoo Floss Bands : Kelly calls this his most versatile piece of equipment. Compression flossing (aka Voodoo flossing) works on so many levels to break apart adhesions and flush out swollen tissues and joints. Plus it’s easy to travel with.

Rogue Mobility Stick and Cradle: A short metal bar for mobilizing your janky tissues. Same look and feel as a barbell, but hand-held and easier to transport.

Rogue Battlestar Kits

Other Mobility Tools

Raw Roller Foam Roller Kelly’s preferred roller. A thin layer of foam over a pipe that is stronger and thicker than most rollers. 

Lacrosse Balls Any brand will work, perfect for rolling out your feet or very specific areas of your body.  

Rogue Monster Bands The go-to bands for mobility, specifically banded distraction to help joint mobility.

Geisha Body Tempering Roller (Thompson X-Wife)

Endurance Training

Watt Bike: This is a perfect indoor bike for any serious cyclists. The data it delivers is vast and extremely accurate.

Concept 2 Rower: The best selling indoor rower in the world, and for good reason. Great for cardiovascular training that taxes both your upper and lower body.

Concept 2 SkiErg: Think of it as a rower turned on its end. Fantastic aerobic trainer and especially ideal for anyone looking to maintain their aerobic training through a lower body injury.

Assault Bike: The resistance ramps up automatically as you push, pull and pedal with greater speed and force. 

Onnit Mace Kelly loves to use this to hit a tractor tire. It’s an effective way to mimic real world movement and gives you a total body workout.

Tractor Tire: You could buy one online, but the easiest way to get one is to contact your local tire supplier as they most likely have some old, used ones lying around that will be perfect for your needs.

Armor Plyo Boxes: Kelly’s preferred boxes for box jumps or step ups. Lifetime guarantee. 

Inflatable Tub: Kelly (and his wife Juliet) use this for their cold baths, alternating between a few minutes in their hot tub, and then jumping into this for 10-30 slow, controlled breaths. 

About The Host: Kelly Starrett

Kelly Starrett (@mobilityWOD) is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of MobilityWOD, which has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

His 2013 release, Becoming a Supple Leopard, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He teaches the wildly popular Crossfit Movement & Mobility Trainer course and has been a guest lecturer at the American Physical Therapy Association annual convention, Google, Perform Better Summit, Special Operations Medical Association annual conference, and elite military groups nationwide.

Kelly Starrett received his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2007 from Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, California. Kelly’s clients have included Olympic gold-medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world and national record-holding Olympic Lifting and Power athletes, Crossfit Games medalists, ballet dancers, military personnel, and competitive age-division athletes.

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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113 Replies to “Cribs for Gyms — Rust and Iron, Episode 1”

  1. Tim, I’m a huge fan and really dig this new project. You have helped me change my life and lose 80 lbs in the last year. Keep up the great work!

  2. Does anyone know why Kelly prefers those specific plyo boxes. The box I manage uses the padded ones, which are ok, but I’m curious as to why he prefers these ones. Thanks!

  3. Same comment I left on YouTube: I love the concept, but the production feels a little too amateur. The “here’s a million things I own in two seconds” format is okay for a laugh, but I would rather see two or three elements that make each gym/space unique. Seeing Laird’s pool and how he uses it would be cool. It doesn’t have to be high-end stuff though. I would also love to see some more basic set-ups. What about your own pull-up rig? Or the assisted acro set up you discussed with Jason Nemer?

    1. Agreed. You’d get a lot out of spending a day, hanging out, asking questions. This will be more interesting than the gyms themselves.

  4. Love the episode. I have been down on myself for feeling like I have to have a home gym to get anything done so it was nice hearing K Star reaffirm that a home gym is a must. Keep the idea going

  5. This is really cool concept. I would love to have them stack rank or at least say what top 3 most important things are for them. Kelly sort of alluded to it with Kettlebell and jump rope. But I am in the process of building my own home gym and would like concrete advice on what to prioritize. For example Concept 2 Row erg for aerobic base, squat rack for strength, and slack line for fun 😉 (or whatever). Anyways, very cool and excited to see future episodes!

      1. I guess you can call anything that you mention these days an advertising due to Tim Ferriss’ effect. 🙂 Even people interviewed.

        But better to spread “advertise” good stuff. There is enough shit in the world already 🙂

      2. That’s understandable. Their products have great reviews. I’ll check them out. Thanks Tim. Keep it up

      3. I avoided buying Rogue for so long bc they are everywhere… finally broke down and got a Rogue bar & squat rack… and DAMN the quality is great. No wonder they’re everywhere.

  6. LOVE the concept! I would love to see a breakdown of something specific the gym owner specializes in, if they do. Kelly could show us a couple mobility drills that he likes to do at home. Also, what might be a go to workout that they do in their set up.

    Thanks for everything!

  7. Some recommendations:

    Boss barbell is here in your back yard in mountain view if you want a pretty extreme powerlifting gym. Dan is likely the strongest actual person on the planet.

    North: Joel Jamieson has some cool stuff.

    LA: you could see Ben Bruno, juggernaut.

    Midwest: IFAST, Elite, west side are all worth a visit.

    East coast I’d go to Drive 495 to see the opposite end of the spectrum where they train actresses and celebrities.

    The pro teams have some interesting stuff if only for the scale. NBA practice facilities have everything from extra tall chairs to monster sized kettle bells.

    Shoot me an email if you want more info.

  8. Hi Tim!

    Love the idea of this new show. I have a suggestion for a guest for your podcast – Richard Bandler.


  9. Nice project Tim. Would love to see a small home gym setup built exclusively with dumbbels and equivalents – no big machines once I (and most people) don’t have the space!!

  10. Dear Tim

    Great idea. Reminds me of how inspired I was seeing tony horton’s gym (of p90x fame) on YouTube (an inspiring gym to say the least).

    Would love to see some of the gyms of sub specialty athletes you’ve interviewed (dancers, gymnasts etc).

    By the way – would love some in between episodes on some of the many many hobbies you have taken up. Shooting, archery, German… You are good at making learning endlessly fascinating

  11. Love the idea Tim!

    It would be good to see Joe Rogans home gym for a mix of fitness and martial arts equipment! Would also like to see the episode a little longer with you there asking questions and digging into the different pieces rather than a really quick skim over everything they have!

    Looking forward to seeing more of these!

  12. Hi Tim, Overall, I Liked it. I think you need to add in more depth about why and how to use the different tools. Would love if Kelly just focused on 1 or 2 tools.

  13. Hello Tim,

    My Name is Nicolas I live in France, I read your book and I love dit, first I laughed almost at every page and then and used it in my life. Like now i don’t read my emails every 5min et don t take calls until I want to or those kind of great stuff you teach.

    I already feel like I handle things better, but it s not enough, i wanna push more.

    L willl follow your advices but I already have a question

    Now that you had all this experience,

    Do you feel like me sometimes ? like « ok that’s better, but I wanna push more »

    Or do you feel peaceful like « ok let s keep it that way » ?

    Thank you !

  14. Tim, the episode was very nice! Congratulations. I have an idea to add. “What would you like more of, less of, etc.?” – I think it would be nice also if you add on the episodes some workouts on the gym. If you visit a gym specialised in CrossFit or kettlebells, let them show some workouts or a routine showing how they like to do there. That can include tips and insights for other people. Whatching this episode, for example, I got excited to build my own home gym.

    Again, thank you for the awesome material.

  15. Just an obs. about the “tips” part of the thing: and if the owner of the gym speciallizes in an specific area (mobility, yoga, kettlebells – like Pavel – etc.) this would be a nice opportunity for him to share some nice informations. Nothing very long or massive. Just something to complement and enrich it.

  16. Very cool. Would love to see more.

    I love my home gym, and am always looking for ways to refine it. This would be a great way to get ideas.

    Thank you.

    1. Laird’s setup would be good to see. And I know it’s not a gym, but I’d like a good look at a barrel sauna too.

  17. I love the Episode and it comes along at the right time for me. I recently started a new consulting gig which requires some morning/evening commuting making it more difficult to get to the gym on a schedule. Prior to this I was working at home and had greater flexibility. I’ve been slowly building out my home gym (kettlebells, weight bar/plates, and a few other odds and ends). Great for me to see how others do it, learn about great products, etc..!

    Maybe the guest could share a workout tip or exercise?

    Great addition!!!

  18. Poliquin’s gym, Power Athlete HQ in Austin TX,. Westside, American Top Team, Bryan Shaw’s home gym (Bryan would also be a great podcast guest)

  19. Hi Tim,

    I’m a PT in Long Island (like someone else you know?!). Would love to see a minimalist approach to home gym concept. 80/20 rule applied to it (better yet 97.5/2.5).

  20. Hey Tim,

    Loved this! Love the idea of sneak peeks and behind the scenes. Perhaps framing the video on the front end rather than the end – like, “hey guys, Tim here. I asked Kelly to talk about the top 3 things he uses every day and to show us how that works in his space at home” and it just runs right into the person talking. Just my two cents!

    Absolutely does NOT make a difference to me if the camera work is amateur – J Star isn’t a camera man and the camera work to be perfect doesn’t matter to me. I’m more interested in the content in general.

    Also, thanks for all the links on the gear!!! Super helpful. Appreciate you, Tim!

  21. Kelly’s set up is simply amazing, the ferrari of home gyms.

    What is your desired outcome with this show Tim? Are you here to inspire people to get ferraris or are you here to inspire them to become great driver? Either or is great as long as you know what you are aiming at.

    When you interview world class performers in your podcast, they bring a lot to the table. They talk about the tools they use, their life, their stories, there perspective on life. As a listener, there is so much to take from, it’s unrestrictive and abundant, like a buffet to choose from. After a podcast my mind feels limitless.

    When you show someone that has done extremely well and has spend thousands on setting up the best gym ever, I am faced with a feeling of restriction. I feel that I am missing things if I want to be a world class athlete.

    I train at home everyday because I live in the gulf islands the gym here is pathetic. I have dumbells, kettle bells, a trapeze, gymnastic rings, a jump rope, heavy bag, speed bag, massive gardens with plenty of heavy stuff to lift, wood to split and some of the best mountain bike trails on the coast. Without fancy equipment I manage to be in decent shape. I love to get new ideas though and feel inspired to try something new! I felt like a kid after a bought my first gymnastic rings.

    If you are going to do this Tim, do it properly. Spend time to introduce these guys, share their background and stories, focus on or two of their favourite piece of equipment. The video reminded me of a Tai Lopez tour of his gym.

    I’m sure many of your readers that love training totally enjoyed that. I felt a superficiality that generated no fire in my soul.

  22. More of this show please, Tim. After losing 150 pounds (mostly through diet with the help of Ray Cronise) I’ve been incorporating more training into my life. And I’ve found that I’d prefer having a range of different functional workout implements in my home than belonging to an overpriced gym. Most of my experiments have come from your suggestions (kettlebells, Gymnastic Bodies, etc). Thanks for that. And this.

  23. Great first episode! Would love to see some of the gyms you’ve visited on your travels, especially any offering unique training concepts, equipment, etc. Even some that are destinations in their own right. Thanks Tim!

  24. Love it. Jock next please. Then GST or Ninja Warrior gyms. Get Gaby/Laird/Brian too. Also top-level CF athletes (Rich Froning, etc.)

  25. Tim this was great. Maybe you could also have them show what they keep in their fridge? I would have loved to see what Kelly stocks up on for food.

  26. That’s awesome!!! Thank you 🙂

    I really liked how Kelly said about why he trains (to get outside) I love how rough it was. It felt like I was coming into his house as a guest, so cool!

    Would love to see his other gym too.

    I think a time line of when he/they acquired things would be helpful. An understanding of when and why is always great!

  27. Please do more of these, it’s an epic idea! I would like to see you check out De Franco’s Gym/Onnit Academy in Austin, TX as I’ve heard so much about it but still haven’t gone there myself.

  28. I really like this idea for a series! I think a lot of the people featured in Tools of Titans would be a great list. I’d also like to see various “workspaces” of people you’ve interviewed; tools and products they use as well as tips and tricks. Just a thought!

  29. I love the concept, and I am a massive super fan of Kelly Starrett – and of course a massive Tim Ferris fan also!

    It would be great to see you visit the guys over at Gym Jones. Not sure how much involvement Mark Twight has over there in terms of couching now days, but he’s someone who changed my entire perspective on exercise and how to get the most out of my body. Bobby Maximus is the Head Coach and boy is he worth checking out on YouTube and Insta. He’d be a great one to include in this segment.

    Also. James Fitzgerald who founded OPEX fitness. He’s a fanatic and a genius who has built an amazing brand, training methodology and he truly gets it when it comes to the science of fitness. Definitely someone to consider.

  30. Love it – so interesting and brings new ideas. Maybe also asking them to talk through or demo their fav workout would be cool.

    As a tangent – I would love a video series like this of people’s work space / home office / sanctuary etc. Thanks for the awesome content Tim.

  31. Love the concept and I would certainly watch many more of these. You already have a treasure trove of gyms if you were in the mood to hit up previous podcast guests: Brian Mackenzie, Laird Hamilton (for the pool), Attia , Poliquin, Jocko, etc. You could even get into more non-standard gyms like those of strongmen, rock-climbers (Honnold), Cirque du Soleil training centers, gymnastics. I think you have a lot to go on. I’m excited to see it happen.

  32. Loved this. Super interesting to see what he has at home instead of reading or hearing snippets. Also how to implement some of the awesome learning into real life. Keep em coming mate! Peace

  33. Great concept – would like to see Tony Robbins and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gyms. And maybe some DIY examples/ideas, like your pull-up or GST rigs…

  34. Great concept. So many topics to cover. No home gym starters. No space. Pool. Inside most of the year. Outside. Small. Medium. Big. Giant. I would have liked better lighting with KS. I would have loved more on his pool. Guidance on building it deep. Some tips on best options for limited budgets. How to install things like rings, wall mounts, racks…storage.

    Sensational concept. Keep flushing it out. I would add home ideas and how to’s for things like infra-red saunas, meditation spaces, stretching spaces.

    I cannot wait to see what you do with this idea. AND just seeing the coolest home setups out there would be fun too but the practical stuff really interests me. Thanks for the perpetual evolution guidance.

  35. Nice overview. Love the idea of the mace, that shows attention to detail, and kind of a MovNat approach to exercise, i.e. we don’t need expensive machinery. (Though I do admire the Concept 2.) For episode two, let’s see some demonstrations. I’ve been a big fan of Russian-style minimalist workouts as exemplified by the Russian nordic ski team.

  36. Hey Tim, would love to see how you might take your traveling case of sardines to the next level by getting someone to showcase a way to travel with gym gear (eg where you might hang up your rings when backpacking in Buenos Aires).

  37. I enjoyed that but it was probably more because I enjoy hearing what Kelly has to say. Having said that, seeing Jocko’s gym would be pretty interesting!

  38. Fantastic concept, great ideas to inspire others to enhance their own home gyms.

    This episode felt like a trailer for the series. I’d like to see more detail in future episodes and perhaps demo some of the kit.

    I live remotely in Asia and lots of detail would be very helpful while buying, shipping and setting things up at home.

    Looking forward to seeing future episodes!

  39. I’d definitely recommend seeking out John Welbourn and the guys over at Power Athlete HQ. They just moved operations to Texas, which means they should have the biggest and best personal gym set up known to man. I can’t encourage you enough to seek out what John, Luke and Tex have to offer about strength and conditioning.

  40. This is one of the best things you have done in awhile. The show notes are always amazing after anything you post. Even though I am madly writing down things when watching/listening.

    Though while in an smaller apartment in a downtown area, hard to fit a lot of the equipment.. though smaller items I can.

  41. I liked this! It would be cool to see the gyms of athletes in snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding if they have one as well. Even rock climbers. There are some really cool home gyms and walls people have built in their garages or sides of houses.

    Another concept I’d enjoy is seeing the creative space for artists/creators. I know that’s going in a different direction but to take a look inside the studio of world class photographers or what a writer’s workplace looks like could be cool.

    Also, I’m still reading through Tools of Titans and I love it!

    Keep doing you my dude!


  42. What are your post workout routines? Do you recommend drinking/eating a set amount of protein after a workout. Thanks in advance. Just discovered your work and loving it. Thanks for all the effort you put into making all of your content available to us.

  43. I think this is a great concept and would love to see more! Seeing the environments that people work out in is very interesting. I would even love to see where studio/office/etc of guests in general – not just gyms (maybe too much of a side project) Regardless, this is great and I hope you are able to put together more.

  44. I’d like to hear about strategies folks have used to deal with low ceiling heights. Also, have you seen any set ups for for movement practices like Movnat? And, maybe you could include some martial arts and/or boxing related gear – like heavy bags, etc. I’d also like to hear ideas for using everyday objects, or building equipment on a budget – maybe that could include travel scenarios.

  45. Tim, Cribs for Gyms is GREAT. I vote for more. Also, just got my copy of Tools of Titans. Look forward to digging in. Take care.

  46. I think this is a great concept, and I would like to see more. Obviously it’s a proto-type, so no need to comment about lighting, production etc. What’s important is that the videos have value for us viewers. Excellent that you added links to the products.

    Obviously difficult to have your guests use the products on camera, however if you can work out a way to show them using the equipment, then probably video will have more value.

    Keep this idea going. Thanks!

  47. Love this idea.

    (Title is very cool too.)

    Great potential to learn from the innovators and explore their methods as well as our own capabilities and potential.

    Repeat: Love it.

  48. Thanks Tim, this was great. I’d love to hear more about how he used the pool.

    The CrossFit box I attend, better known as “The Barn”, would be a cool place to feature in your series. The video below is a few years old and due to growing popularity, The Barn has improved considerably over what’s shown in the video.

  49. I saw a book once that was weight training methods people in jail use, where they are either limited or have restricted or no access to weights. All kinds of improvisations or whole body weight training was used.

    you need to also focus on catering to people without the resources or means. Kelly is no doubt a wealthy guy. What about people that make a gym out of found materials, or have no personal space so they use a tree and a wall outside, or live in a country where they have access to little more than sand, plastic bags and broom handles.

    Its important to cater to more than just those with fat bank accounts

  50. Hey, Tim! This is awesome! I wrote the book “The Garage Gym Athlete” and have a solid network of 1,000’s of garage gyms around the country (some AMAZING spaces out there). Would love to help with this project if at all possible. Either way keep this going! Always love your work and ideas coming to life!

  51. My understanding is that Joe DeFranco trains HHH and Stephenie McMahon at their home gym every week. Sitting on one of those sessions would be amazing!

  52. First time commentor, long time listener. Dig the video as it provides insight, love the bit of detail he provided as to why he does things and what the machines were .Definitely not as friendly to the entry level person who is exploring fitness but don’t imagine they would land here as a beginner.

    Would volunteer to film any home gyms of people in PA, NJ, NYC if you seek to continue to the series!

    Thanks for all that you do!


  53. Love the idea, Tim. I’d definitely tune in for more episodes, and may I suggest you check out gyms used by Zach Ruhl or Paul Brailer?

  54. Requested episodes:

    Westside Barbell ***

    Wherever Klokov trains

    Brett Contreras’ Glute Lab

    EliteFTS Facility ***

    Efficient Exercise (ArX inventors)

  55. Hi Tim,

    long time fan. I’m 28 and weigh about 230lbs, very determined to lose all the extra. I’m already on the slow-carb diet and would like your opinion on what workout I should best start with: Occam’s protocol, kettlebell swings or something else? Thanks a million!

  56. Absolutely go check out Bradley Martyn’s new gym Zoo Culture. Great gym and one hell of a guy.

    He put all of his own dream equipment in it and it’s worth checking out.

    Also, I’d love to see a feature on Mike Rashiid and also CT Fletcher’s gym. Kinda of a mecha now days for weight lifters.

    Mark Bell as well. I’d love to see these gyms featured.

  57. If you work, and or have many things to do/achieve, and you know what you are doing (or know how to google things) a homegym will (if any) save you a lot of time, hassle, frustration and money (if don’t buy the most expensive bumper plates and powerracks).

  58. Love this idea Tim. Very helpful. You need to check out Robert Macdonald aka @bobbymaximus at Gym Jones in Salt Lake City. Would be a good podcast guest as well. Keep up the great work!

  59. There were a lot of very good comments that echoed my response – which was go deeper. This is a good start and a nice insight to what people have in their home gym- but I would love to also see some of it in action- how do they use it. Especially the idea of bare essential/ must haves. Not everyone has that amount of space/ resources to have a set up like that – so what is really essential for good work at home when you can’t make it to the gym.

    Also check out Ross Enamait if you haven’t already. He wrote the book Never Gymless among others and has some great videos of work outs in his home gym on YouTube or his website He is very low tech and function driven in his approach.

  60. Hey Tim, this is great stuff! I bought a kettle bell and started my own business a few years back because of you (both are working out great)…keep on keepin on my friend