Fasting vs. Slow-Carb Diet, Top $150 Purchases, Balancing Productivity and Relaxation, and More (#213)

Balancing productivity and happiness

“People tend to abandon the good system they’ll follow in search of the perfect system that they will quit.”

We’re going to kick off the year with an in-betweenisode where I answer the most popular questions you’ve submitted.

If you’re wondering what you can do to ask a question that gets answered in the future, these are good criteria to follow:

  1.  I can answer it in a few minutes or less.
  2. It will help more than the one person asking.
  3. It will not immediately be irrelevant.

In contrast, here are some examples of questions that don’t generally get answered:

  • “If you had $100 and six months, how would you turn it into $10,000 or $100,000, etc.?”
  • “If there were one particular home business opportunity where I could make $2,000 additional per month, what would you suggest?”

If I had the magical answer to either of these, I’d use it for myself! And if there were an answer to share with one of you, I’d share it with my whole audience — which diminishes its usefulness as a competitive edge considerably.

Without further ado, here are the questions I’m answering this time around. Happy New Year!

#213: Fasting vs. Slow-Carb Diet, Top $150 Purchases, Balancing Productivity and Relaxation, and More

Want to hear another podcast where I answer questions?  — Listen to “17 Questions That Changed My Life.” In this episode, I share how reality is largely negotiable. If you stress-test the boundaries and experiment with the “impossibles,” you’ll quickly discover that most limitations are a fragile collection of socially reinforced rules you can choose to break at any time. What follows are 17 questions that have dramatically changed my life (stream below or right-click here to download):

Fasting vs. Slow-Carb Diet, Top $150 Purchases, Balancing Productivity and Relaxation, and More (#213)

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

Scroll below for links and show notes…

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • Slow-Carb Diet vs. Intermittent Fasting (IF). Is it okay to skip breakfast and get 30 grams of protein at lunch instead of within 30 minutes of waking? [05:11]
  • Are Stoicism and compassion mutually exclusive concepts? [09:21]
  • How do I deal with disappointment when reaching goals? [12:21]
  • I’ve talked a lot about success, but how about rebounding from failure? [15:08]
  • My top purchases for health, knowledge, and behavioral change. [18:26]
  • When does experience trump scientific explanation, if ever? [22:41]
  • Do high performers find intimacy and appreciation of small wins difficult? [27:11]
  • How do I distinguish “lucky” top performers from the truly good worth studying? [28:33]
  • How can someone use The 4-Hour Workweek principles when employed full time or actively serving in the military? [37:20]
  • How to think about balancing longevity with muscle gain and physical performance. [41:14]
  • On blending productivity with “relaxation” (or recovery) as a high performer. [47:06]
  • How to “break through the noise” — my three rules for branding and marketing. [52:38]

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81 Replies to “Fasting vs. Slow-Carb Diet, Top $150 Purchases, Balancing Productivity and Relaxation, and More (#213)”

  1. Hi Tim. Thanks for the show and all the fab people you have on. I have only one suggestion I would like to make to make your show more accessible and available for more audiences – can you please have more women on? As a female listener, sometimes the lack of female voices on the show can be a little off-putting and can seem as if, there is a lack of value found in these stories. I understand (from a previous episode) that a large base of your audience is male and maybe you are delivering content for that audience but maybe more women would listen if you listened to the stories and ideas they are exploring. Get on some more chicks, talk through some great ideas and continue doing the fantastic things you are doing.

    Thank you, Sam

    1. Sam,

      I feel the same at times. However, I understand, as you do, that his reader/listenership is majority male (85% by his accounting). In Tools of Titans, there less than a dozen women, only three of whom have children (While she is a badass, Gabby Reese probably included because of her husband).

      You should check out Sophia Amaruso’s podcast over at Girl Boss. I find it fills my “what are successful woman doing?” needs!



  2. Hi Tim,

    Have Tools of the Titans (TotT?), looking good 😉

    Like your your 10/10/10 rule for questions (10min/10+ people/10 years?)

    My quick question is about “Fasting on your feet”

    a rule of thumb for people who only have access to is supermarket food (no Kale). My one misgiving with the SlowCarb/Keto, is that i have to live like a dog. That is, like a dog i only get to taste what is in one of the (say) 6 flavors available in the tins on the shelves. In addition to the general slow carb rules, i would like to rapidly build from my local deli/produce a set of taste options – so i don’t have to carry spices everywhere. You imply you have been working on this kind of personal list so…

    Assuming that everything processed (e.g. cold cuts) has some sugar/carbs,

    – Is there an 80/20 rule/table or ratio of macros (e.g. protien vs sugar vs fat vs alcohol) to estimate glycemic load per 100 gram of something? preferably rule of thumb, but explicit reference also cool.

    followup specific to fasting with processed foods:

    – Most foods have nutrition labels, Assuming that, are there known ketosis metabolism futzing additives to explicitly avoid (E numbers?)

  3. Great podcast, Tim. Love the idea of re-labeling Relaxing with Recovery. I tend to run myself into the ground way too often purely because the mere sound of the word “relax” gives me anxiety. Recovery sounds much more “productive”. Definitely stealing that one. Thank you 🙂

  4. Happy New Year Tim! Really excited about Tools of Titans and have already gifted to a friend and my copy is on the way. Keep up the great work that you do!

  5. Loved this episode Tim! Thank you!

    You answering questions is great because you absorbed and experimented with so many tools of titans 🙂 I always have takeaways to try, lessons to apply to my life, interesting thoughts and ideas.

    Interesting thought:

    I finally got it, why after I went full-on ketogenic diet I rarely if ever feel soreness in my muscles, just thought about it, I don’t remember when I had soreness that bothered me the last time.

    I believe it is due to anti-inflammatory properties of ketones? I’m training harder than ever and my body seems to recover faster and strength is keep growing! First time in my life (29) I was able to do really good quality unassisted pullups (3 of them but it was huge for me!)

    Regular IF and really clean diet might be part of it too.

    My favorite lessons to apply to life (just in time information):

    How to break through the noise (with your product, service, idea etc.) and create a recognizable brand:

    1) Don’t create a product – own a category. Blue ocean strategy. (In 22 immutable laws of marketing it’s explained in more details. I believe it’s the key to success in any kind of venture in life. Be unique, compete only with yourself)

    2)Create a product for 1000 true fans, not for everyone.

    If everyone is your customer, no one is your customer.

    Reminds me of Star Trek. What were the odds of such a geeky show to have such a huge fan base all over the world? Such a following. Culture. They were definitely not going after ratings back then.

    3)Forget branding.

    (I actually never thought of Tim Ferriss as a brand, more of a fascinating linchpin who decided to pursue his thing and did the best he could) – consistently over-delivering 1 or 2 benefits to 1000 true fans. Branding is a side effect.

  6. Tim,

    In the podcast today about fasting, you mentioned people drinking caffein during the day. Since July i have lost 40lbs. First 6 weeks I lost 20lbs following the ketogenic diet with Bullet Proof Coffee for breakfast. Atter 6 weeks my hdl was low and ldl high. I cut out all the bullet proof coffee and uped my running. Now I fats all day and eat in 4 hours at night. Is caffein during the day while fasting not healthy? This has worked for me. I splurge every Sat night through Sunday and am eating basixally paleo low carb at night during week. I also am a runner. Thoughts? All my blood numbers and blood preasure seem to be good.

  7. Some great tidbits here. Perfect standalone episode that complements the sections of Tools of Titans perfectly.

    Missed my stop on the train yesterday reading Adam Scott’s section. Mindblowing stuff.

  8. Back pain!! Through deskbound or exercise — the most common of ailments that impacts all demographs. Can you have a look at how best to avoid/manage/repair? Daily, weekly/monthly practical exercises or treatments that can reduce its impact on quality of life?

    1. You probably have short and weak hamstrings and hip flexors. The cure is to strengthen and lengthen them, along with some spinal decompression.

      Spinal decompress: weigthed hangs, antigravity boots, or folded leaf acro yoga pose

      hamstrings: bear crawls & deadlift / kettlebell swing

      hip flexors: hip flexor stretch on table (do THIS one, not any of the other variants) & standing leg raises.

      This is one of those things that will take time. You’ll need to do these for at least a month before you can expect any kind of improvement. Go for time on the exercises – 2 minutes of each, every day. Total is 10 minutes of work. Straddle the exercises so that you’re stretching and resting at the same time (eg: leg raise -> hip flexor stretch -> swings -> hangs -> bear crawls)

      If you have a bad acute problem, go see a rehab specialist first as you’ll likely not be able to do the above properly (aside from spinal decompression).

  9. Tim big fan. I dropped 160 lbs on the slow carb diet and transformed my life. I went from barely being able to walk up the steps to completing the 26.2 mile Chicago Marathon.

    Not only that your book 4HWW helped me realize what I wanted to use work for. Before the book I worked to make money. Now I work for myself to increase my freedom to come and go, invest money for my niece’s and nephew’s college funds and take my father on trips around the world.

    Love the thinking, insight and sharing you promote.


  10. Love you. Love your work. Would love to see you explore the MED of learning a musical instrument, or have a musician on the podcast.

  11. Please consider interviewing someone about gut bacteria and the state of the art science of their contribution to our health and immune system.



  12. Hi Tim, any tips for how to find a good product designer. I have a product idea with some moving parts and I don’t know how to turn my vision into something that can be manufactured.

    1. You might want to consider reaching out to a community college in your area. Where I live (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada), the CC has quite a network and there may be similar sources for you to find. Best. J.D. Booth

  13. “To let the big things happen, you need to be okay with small things going wrong”

    Something along those lines, but that hit me hard. Incredible, thank you Tim!

    1. If you liked that, you should check out the original post it came from: (this is excellent too)

      Focussing on attention management over time management has been one of the most profound shifts in perspectives I’ve experienced. “Time without attention is worthless.”

  14. Tim, just purchased a ticket (which includes Tools of Titans yay!) for your event on Jan. 27th in Seattle and the venue, Town Hall has a free tour of the building day of event at 4pm, please make a surprise visit?! Looking forward to it.

    1. Correction the tour is the day before on 26th, my mistake! But if you’re in town would be awesome to see you on the tour!

  15. Tim, any chance you’ll do a show that covers our corrupt economic / political system? We need more great minds working on this problem. I’ve spent over a decade researching and writing about the topic; if you’re into “challenges,” you’re unlikely to find a greater test.

  16. Hi Tim,

    Avid podcast listener and reader of your books. Keep up the good work.

    In “Tools of Titans”, you discuss your success with UR spray by Prototype Nutrition, but give no detail about your results other than having to do lots of sprays. Could you give me your feedback on this please? I’m sure loads of readers would like to know if this stuff really does the job. Thanks!!!

  17. Tim,

    Can you interview Kelly Slater? One of the best athletes of all time and he seems like an interesting fellow as well.


    Daniel Marinelli

  18. Fav quote from Tools of Titans: “If you want to be a stud later, you have to be a pud now” – Christopher Sommer

  19. I’m loving your podcast! I agree with what you’re saying about failing but winning at the same time. Every time I start a new project, I always learn from the experience while picking up at least one new skill set or improving upon an existing one. Goals vs. Systems – one of the best things I’ve read from Scott Adams.

  20. So hello; A year ago, you said in a Success magazine interview that you don’t have 3 yr plans, but 90-day adventures. As a renascent, retired, baby boomer, I found that advice strongly resonating. I took 90 days to determine my next life direction and within two subsequent focused 90-day adventures, I became an Amazon Best-Selling author. I gave you credit in one of my first blogs. My question is: In your 90-day adventures, how many distinct goals do you initially focus on, and given that a new direction may become apparent, what criteria would cause you to abandon your first goal for another goal completely.

    Keep the Friday Bullets coming.

    James Wm. Frank

  21. As usual chock full of good stuff, thanks. Any chance you (or anyone else) can point me towards someone that has gone from being a pudgy, mid-fiftyish couch potato to full course Ironman without spending multiple years? You had some good stuff on swimming and running I’ve read through but want to really push this (without ending up in the ICU 🙂 ). Worst case maybe something else for you to case study?

  22. Hello Tim,

    Any chance of putting subtitles or transcripts of the podcasts, please. It would help the hearing impaired and allow us to feel part of it as well? Not verbatim but like the captions on telly? Or if already doing it, where can I find them?

    Thank you


  23. Hello,

    Does anyone here roll out of bed and go through a “systems on” checklist. The first few minutes of a day tend to be cloudy as your still waking up, and if anyone has a check list to wake up with that would be nice to share.

    i.e.: 1. Am I happy I got to wake up this morning? CHECK 2. Am I going to make healthy choices today? CHECK 3.? CHECK

    Tim, I haven’t heard the in-betweenisode yet so I can’t answer your question of the day yet.

  24. Tim,

    Just finished listening to the Coach Sommer podcasts. Fascinating.

    They reminded me that years ago I worked out with Greg M at the Underground Gym in Red Bank, NJ doing all sorts of joint mobility exercises before any kettlebell work. Now I get it–Greg immigrated from Russia and learned all this growing up in their athletic system!

  25. Tim-

    Thanks for another great episode! Maybe I am being overly sensitive (or maybe I’m just crazy), but this episode sounded like there was an ever-so-slight echo of sorts. Not terrible, but just barely noticeable. Like you were in a mosty soundproofed cathedral or something. I don’t know, but thought I would throw it out there in case maybe you were trying a new recording location or something. In any event, thanks again for sharing with us! Really appreciate it!

  26. I appreciate the hours of work you put into picking the questions and answering them Tim. The art of choosing questions is as crucial as the art of answering them and you picked great ones, very diverse and helpful.

    You were hilarious at times, thank you for keeping it funny.

    I liked the question about compassion vs stoicism. I’m no expert on stoicism but I am a firm believer that being very emotional is like going somewhere on a sailing boat and zigzagging instead of steering straight. The same distance can take you twice as long. I lived on a sailing boat and people that can’t steer straight slow you down so much- truly sucks during long crossings. If you can’t contain your emotions your energy zigzags and it’s a massive leak of energy, for you and for the people around. On a sailing boat you can love humanity, you can laugh, you can dance, you can sing but none of these activities should ever blur your vision or your attention. Let’s go somewhere people.

    Thank you for the variety Tim. This podcast is a good road trip.

  27. Here’s a question that I think meets your suggested format: Where would you place public speaking as a skill for success? Do you have natural tendencies / attributes that make you a good speaker is is this an area where you found a way to become good at it using your methods as outlined in 4 Hour Chef? Thanks!

  28. Hi,

    I’ve always had great success with the 4hr body plan. I now need to cut out beans and lentils to follow lowfod map guide lines, HELP!! I’m not sure what to do, up the meat for protein and green veg for fibre. Hopefully someone can get back to me,



  29. Yo Tim! You should interview Mark Cuban if you don’t already have that scheduled. I would love to see your requested feedback questions listed above so I don’t have to rewind to hear them again. And also, why isn’t there a LinkedIn login option for this comment? Thanks and Happy new year!

  30. Tim,

    How do you balance your physical note taking and Evernote? I love the idea of keeping all my notes organized online, but I have trouble keeping a system of moving and organizing my notes using different medias. What do you do to get all your notes online?

  31. Great episode as usually. You always ask for recommendations for guests and I’ve recently become fascinated with the founder of Patagonia and philanthropist, Yvon Chouinard. Check out his book, Let My People Go Surfing and the doc. 180 Degrees South to get an idea of how great this man is. Truly interesting and I’d love to hear you dissect his inner workings. Keep up the amazing work!

  32. Hi Tim,

    In your past podcast “My Life Extension Pilgrimage to Easter Island”, Peter Attia talked about his friend (Ujai) whose father (Cerin?) had been taking rapamycin to stall the progression of his cancer. The story start @ 2:53

    Unfortunately Peter doesn’t specify what dosage he was taking nor does he describe how frequently he was taking the medication. It would be great if you could share that information with your audience so that people who are affected by cancer can approach / discuss with their physicians about using rapamycin as a potential treatment option.

  33. Hi Tim,

    Very grateful for your work and insights, not to mention your company during cardio! I’m currently trying out intermittent fasting so this was a well timed episode for me.

    Just a quick lead to say that I am not interested in endorsements, and that this is simply an attempt at a thank you! I have a historical fiction release with Penguin UK in the spring, and I’d love to send you a proof as I think you may find it intriguing – I’ve taken my experience as a combat veteran and applied it in a historical setting. I know you’re a fan of Marcus Aurelius, so perhaps you will be interested to see what impact war has on Roman soldiers two thousand years before it is OK to talk about PTSD and mental health.

    I’d love to hear back from you if this idea tickles your fancy!

    Thank you!

    Geraint Jones

  34. Hi Tim, more topics on women empowerment please. We need this! We need more of inspirational stories and advice on women leadership and empowerment. Necessary for both male and female audiences.

  35. Hey Tim, check out the NY Times article on Charles F Feeney, “James Bond of Philanthropy.” He gave away $8 billion, but that’s not the best part…he only kept $2m to live on and is renting an apartment in SF…

  36. Tim, I could be one of those ‘few’ female fans of yours, and an Asian female at that! Thank you for those two sections in the book, Tools of Titans, which I skipped right to read about your ‘dramas’. Yes, I had to remind myself that ‘even’ Ferris has tough times. I bought the book for my guy but instead I started reading it and I’m half way through it.

    One passage struck a chord with me when Derek said he didn’t have ‘rituals’ and that he was simply reading for days after coming back from his ‘walk’ in NZ. I’ve had the same ‘problem’ in which I could not go back to my routine after having finished 270km hike (out of 1000km trail). I felt like a loser so there I found out that seemingly Derek just went with ‘flow’ rather than agonising over it. Jus as you said, a lot is about timing – what you read when.

    Thank you once again for keeping up with your experiments.

  37. Hey Tim,

    Would be awesome to hear you interview Cory Gregory, you went on his podcast with John Fosco (Buisness and Biceps) as part of the TOT tour.

    Cory uses a diet he calls Anabolic Fasting which I’m sure many others would love to hear about and et your take on

    Hopefully you or someone on your team gets to see this.

    Thanks for all the value you bring.


  38. Hi Tim.

    Just a question I hope you haven’t heard quite often before.

    What impact did your first break-up ever had on your life?

  39. Tim,

    Happy New Year. Won’t post too much as I know you heavily moderate/censor negative comments but figured I’d take a shot.

    Your podcast is overall beneficial but it’s loaded with flaws the greatest of which is the length. You need to condense it bro. You need a better pace and a more pronounced theme to your episodes. Your knowledge is strong and your effort is apparent but you tend to recycle themes a lot and you’re starting to get stale. I think you peaked at Jamie Foxx and have been steadily dropping since. The whole ketosis fad is also really played out and I think you know it. My nephrologist friend can’t believe anyone would possibly subject themselves to it considering the damage it does to your kidneys. Why don’t you mention the harmful effects?

    Not too late to turn things around bro. Tighten things up and I think you have a chance at some longevity at this format as opposed to just another marketing channel for your growing library.

    Best in 2017 champ!

    1. Length works for me (no, that’s not what she said). I’d be happy with another hour on top. Always disappointed when it comes to an end.

      Agree that keto diets are not for everyone, but this podcast nor any other should be a one stop shop for learning. It’s on Individuals to round out their research.

    2. I’d love to see one source your nephrologist can site that shows ketosis causes damage to kidneys. The regional health system in our areas is using ketosis protocols for several different groups of patients with inflammatory related systemic disease.

      Seriously, would love to see one legitimate source that we could review. I’m not trying to knock you; just always very interested in learning something that runs counter to current research.

  40. Hi Tim! (Or probably Tims PA)

    On a recent podcast you mentioned wanting to be more involved with high school students in 2017. I’m a senior in high school, but I’ve been following your work since grade nine. I thought you should know what an incredible impact it has had on me. You served as the “one coach or mentor” that changed my life.

    Discovering your books and podcast in grade 9 was the catalyst to the personal growth I have experienced up until today. I began to read and write everyday, and felt the confidence to pursue theatre. This year I’m speaking at a massive conference on mental health with David Suzuki, and I can honestly say your teachings lead me to that.

    I’m really curious about your experience taking an acting class that you mentioned on the podcast. In your opinion, what is the value of improvisation or theatre in day to day life? I’m writing a book on this topic.

    Thanks for everything you do,


  41. These sessions in between guests are quickly becoming my favorites. They are focused, and the direct links to the articles/products add a lot of value.

  42. Hey Tim and team,

    Love the work, question for you: What have been your findings on Adderral use? Specifically:

    1) What are pros and cons for increasing productivity as a non-ADHD patient.

    2) Is this the limitless drug with minimal long term side effects?

  43. Hi Tim!

    I’m a big fan of your podcast (for years) and constantly recommend it to others! As a female listener I feel compelled to finally speak up. We ladies love the information, however from a female perspective I crave more women on the podcast. I know other women feel the same.



  44. Hey Tim,

    I recently started reading the 4-hour body – about 80 pages in – and I love it. I have followed similar diet and exercise plans designed by Lyle McDonald which were much more regimented. I like that the 4-hour body gives you some flexibility and works as more of a blueprint. However, I suffer from Crohn’s Disease and typically legumes are a BIG no-no for me – think MCT oil disaster pants. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement of legumes in the diet? I know legumes are what the diet is based around but unfortunately, they won’t work for me.

    Thank you!


  45. I love the fact that you talk about intermittent fasting Tim. Not many have the courage to go there so well done. There is something about fasting that is rarely talked about but always experienced by people who fast : a clearing of the mind and an increased perception. I wouldn’t fast for physical reasons as there are plenty of easier ways to heal the body without fasting (ketogenic diet or slow carbs are good examples). I would fast to learn how to evolve outside of your ego-self. Most people live their life as a slave of the mind-ego and they have no idea until they do a few days fast. We waste so much time keeping our ego happy; it blew my mind to realize when I fasted for the first time. Fasting is a great training to redefine yourself and learn to unlock time for things that matter most. Rich people know that time is more precious and more rare than money so if you find a technique that can help you to waste less of it, it holds a lot of power.

    Skipping breakfast is not good for everyone but if your dosha is Kapha (water in ayurdvedic medicine), you can greatly benefit from it ( you have a good dose of Kapha Tim). If you are Pitta (fire) or Vata (air), skipping breakfast is not a good idea. Ayurveda is a good tool to understand the body’s cycle, the daily cycles and the yearly cycles. We are like Russian dolls. We can’t understand what’s happening within us unless we understand what’s happening around us and vice versa.

    Focusing merely on physical and measurable things is great but we are not solid and that’s a scientific fact. Ego wastage of time is impossible to measure. Some things must be experienced to be understood.

  46. So I get pretty bad cluster headaches that get triggered by wine and hard liquor and strong beers. As a result my favorite thing to drink is crappy light beer. So, my question is whether a beer like Michelob Ultra with it’s 2.6grams of carbs could be a substitute for red wine on the slow-carb diet? I’m guessing not, but wanted to get your take, if you feel like addressing it.

  47. Hey Tim,

    Love the new book & im gifting it out like crazy. Just so you know, there’s a minor typo on page 137. I believe, “that that’s what you want to do with your life…” should just be “that’s what you want to do with your life…”

  48. As a police officer, I can speak for the 4HWW’s impact on any lifestyle. Maximizing time, understanding whats in or out of your control, conflict management, 80/20, and many more…ALL so applicable. I could write for hours on this Tim. I wouldn’t suggest to this person considered about time and lifestyle freedom to seek examples of success because these PO/Military networks counter much of the mini-retirement lifestylee by way of house, truck, early marriage, kids early, pay for kids education, retirement, uh oh what now??? Its a generalization but lack of interpersonal diversity needs to be balanced in the profession. Where the 4HWW excels is in making the reader understand there’s more to life than career as long as you’re disciplined allocate resources toward a purpose.

  49. Sounds like a little bit of reverb was added to this episode. I prefer a drier, natural sound – less distracting – but that’s just one man’s opinion.

  50. Tim,

    In 4hb you discuss training strength and cognitive distribution across the body with C&Ls and SLDLs. Would you complete this program before beginning a kettle bell routine?

  51. Tim’s archimedes-lever quote in this episode: “when you are asking yourself or other people questions, make sure that your question isn’t trying to do too much”.

  52. Please help me treat and/or prevent bad breath as a result of the slow carb diet. Brushing is not enough. On week 2… I’ve read on other sites that it can be temporary?

  53. Hi Tim,

    I am a creeper fan that listens to every pod cast, reads every five bullet Friday, and pretty much purchases everything you recommend. I would love to see you when you tour with your podcast. However, I am a not on Facebook or Twitter (I know, lame) and would love to put in a vote for you to come to Houston, TX. I didn’t know of a better way to put my vote in, so I hope this teaches your assistants.

    Thank you for all you do. You are great at what you do, so please don’t stop. You make my life just better.

  54. The Kevin Kelly references were great. Applying the idea of not having a product for everyone and having 1000 raving fans rather than 100,000 tepid ones. Thanks for everything.

  55. Just wanted to let you know Ted Chiang’s “Stories of Your Life and Others” is the discount audiobook of the day at

  56. Curious if you’ve looked into using Ozone therapy to help with Lyme. There are a number of alternative doctors around the country who are having good success at treating Lyme without antibiotics, and Ozone is a big part of the treatment. Look at David Minkoff in Clearwater Fl. Robert Rowen in Santa Rosa. or Howard Robbins in Manhattan.

  57. Tim:

    I love you podcast and listen nearly every day. My request for a guest is Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton and some other great works. I am dying to know about his creative process, and how he makes his routine work with his new baby son.


  58. I have been doing ur SCD for a while (with a 2 week break for holidays). I think I have been following the diet but not losing weight. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and there is no one to speak to about specifics. Please can I refer me to someone to answer my specific questions so I can start benefitting from this diet and losing much needed weight!!! Thank you.

  59. Hi Tim ! I love your books and podcast! I just have a quick question :

    -Is there any other effective way to lose fat and get lean other than ketogenics or the 6 day 1 day approach ? Honestly, like most people; I love food and I find it hard to even try the 6 day 1 day method . But maybe I should try it ? I’ve been wanting to acheive fat loss for a very long time ! I’m 17 years old , am about 135 lbs , and have a pretty muscular build for some reason; and am somewhat of a “pear shape” (most fat being stored in belly and buttocks, and some in thighs) My goal is to lose anywhere from 10-15-20 lbs (preferably 20) and to have lean muscle with minimal fat . Any advice helps , Thank You !