An Unusual $100,000 Birthday Present (Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World)

Turning 38-years young… and still not acting my age. (Photo: Sir Garrett Camp)

38! I’ll turn a glorious 38 soon.

It’s going to be a great natal year–I can already feel it. Perhaps it will be good luck for you, too. In this post, I’m giving away a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world.

But back to that strange birthday gift…

Much to the chagrin of my momma-san, I’ve become difficult to buy presents for. Some friends even think I’m impossible to find presents for. Not so. I love handwritten letters, homemade brownies, and–most of all–when people do something nice.

You, dear readers, have a record of being nice and making it count. In fact, you’ve changed thousands of lives with small acts of kindness!

For my b-day in 2010, you all raised more than $100,000 for high-need public school classrooms in the US. More recently, you helped build libraries overseas (See the construction progress on Cambodia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka here, as well as the completed schools in Vietnam).

In lieu of gifts this year, my birthday wish is…

To create the FIRST elementary school in the world with exclusively stand-up desks!


This is a chance to be part of history.  


8-18-year olds spend ~85% of their waking hours sitting (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation), and researchers like Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic now compare the health risks of extended sitting to those of smoking.


This is the pilot experiment that could change how schools worldwide are designed. I’m joining forces with Kelly and Juliet Starrett, the brains behind this project and founders of StandUpKids. The goal is to get every public school student in the US at a standing desk within 10 years. This massive goal is achievable if the right snowballs are put in motion now, and this proof-of-concept school is the most important. Media coverage, national attention, political pressure/alliances, etc. can all stem from this. It’s super high leverage.  

Here’s what we’re doing, plus a few things to sweeten the pot:

  1. Join my 38th birthday challenge by clicking here. It’s worth clicking through just to check out the site; is one of the most creative non-profits in the world.  This is also their most ambitious project ever.

  2. To get your engines started, and to put money where our mouths are: I’ve ready donated $10,000 of my own money, and Kelly and Juliet Starrett have done the same. We have lots of skin in the game.

  3. If the spirit moves you, please make a $38 tax-deductible donation (for my 38 years), or whatever you can ($1, $35, $1,000, etc.).

4. We hit $100K and outfit a school that could affect the nation…or even the world! This isn’t hyperbole. This is precisely how movements are started.

So, to get this party started in force…

Sweetening the Pot…

  • I’m giving away a free round-trip ticket anywhere in the world that Star Alliance flies, which is just about everywhere. There is no expiration date on the trip, so no rush on deciding where or when to go.

Here’s how to get it:

  • Spread the word however you can. Send people to this post or to the page.

  • Leave a comment below telling me what you did (Facebook, Twitter, blog post, e-mail blast, e-mail signature, encouraged employees/friends to do the same, company donation matching, etc.). Measurement of any type gets huge bonus points. This comment must be put up no later than 5pm PST on Friday, June 26th, 2015.

  • Lastly, answer one question at the very top of your comment: “What does education mean to you?”  Put “#EducationMeans” at the very top, followed by your answer.  This is an IQ test in following directions, as we’ll skip entries without #EducationMeans at the top.

I’ll pick the winner (if clear), OR my team will pick the top 3-5 promoters, and you’ll vote on the winner of the round-trip.  As always: over 18 only, any taxes are your responsibility, void where prohibited, no minotaurs, etc.


But the best reason of all…

Beyond the bribes, you’ll feel awesome about yourself for doing real good.

Trust me. It feels great.

Will you pause for a moment and step up, even if for $1? It would mean the world to me. I’ll share updates as I get them.

Again, here is where you can donate $38, $1, $1,000, or whatever you can.  Just click here.

Thank you for reading this post. You are all rock stars, and I continue to write on this blog purely because of you.

Pura vida,


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305 Replies to “An Unusual $100,000 Birthday Present (Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World)”

  1. Happy birthday in advance tim! This is such a great way to give back. I am totally going to share this with my community and also participate.

  2. #EducationMeans – keeping the fire and curiosity that naturally exists in little children alive, by teaching them how the world works, how we got to where we are, and most importantly, how to express themselves.

    Posted the donorschoose link to my Facebook page. I think its a wonderful cause, and right in my backyard in the wonderful land of Marin County.

  3. #EducationMeans that people are able to openly seek information and have the resources available to do so. We all need to be lifelong learners, because as Eric Hoffer said, “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” We are undergoing unprecedented change, so we better keep educating ourselves.

    As for the contest, I guarantee I was one of the first (if not the very first) that promoted this post via both Facebook and Twitter (I use Twitterfeed to automate your posts right into my feeds.) I’ll also be sharing via LinkedIn, G+, and on my mailing list of roughly 4k people.

    Tim, thank you. Thank you for continuing on your quest to hack the shit out of the world, it’s been very helpful for me and I’ve passed on much of your teachings to others.

  4. #EducationMeans – Freedom. Freedom to challenge, freedom to change, and freedom to discover yourself.

    Thank you for consistently educating me, us.

    What I did – told my wife and kids.

    What I will do – tell my coworkers

  5. Great initiative & early wishes for a Happy Birthday Tim! I’ll be donating, sharing it to friends, family and colleagues. Hopefully we hit the target. Great work!!!

  6. #EducationMeans As a speech-language pathologist in the public schools, I have witnessed a new, sedentary generation emerge. The entire public school system continues to embrace faulty practices in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. To me, education means inspiring children to develop an inner locus of control, and an intellectual curiosity that will last a lifetime.

    I made a donation of 28.95 (profit from the online sale of a porcelain bust this morning) and shared your story with my paltry 31 Facebook friends. I hope it helps.

  7. Shared On my facebook page I thought it was a great idea. Education to me means always staying curious, always exploring and pushing. We are taking my daughter on a gap year to paint with kids around the world. We have titled our quest Studio Everywhere.

    1. My Birthday is July 13th…if that has any sway. Happy birthday to you Tim, looking forward to another great year of continuing to explore create and share with you.

  8. #EducationMeans opening up a world of possibilities that were previously out of reach. I’m passionate about getting kids excited about STEM, especially underrepresented demos.

    Shared on FB and Twitter, encouraged friends to give, and donated myself.

  9. #EducationMeans everything. Truth: Our education system needs desperate reform, and while standing desks won’t solve all of our problems, what they represent, freeing up our children to move around, discover, interact and explore, not constraining them physically or mentally, is what education should be all about in our country (and around the world). Unleash that innovation and untapped potential!

    1. I donated $50 ($12 for a handwritten note to show my three kids) and shared it with my closest 2,036 Facebook friends and military networks.

  10. #EducationMeans Creating free-thinking, free-spiriting, resilient human beings who will grow up to make this world a better place.

    I have been funding my own children’s school here in Spokane, Washington to add the same Alpha-Better desks to their classrooms, and love the idea of raising a future generation who grows up with the realization that you don’t have to sit to get sh*t done.

    Donated enough to cover at least 2-3 workstations for the school. I’ll be announcing this project on my podcast tomorrow, and also sharing extensively via social media.

    Nice one, Tim. Pretty cool, especially for a guy who doesn’t have any kids. 😉

    1. This is my first year teaching in Nevada and look forward to helping you both with these kinds of measures. Two class acts — keep up the good work and keep us posted on efforts!

  11. #EducationMeans, putting an end to poverty and creating the ability to open doors to the future. perhaps more importantly education is key to ending social injustices, fear of change, and ancient prejudices. I will post on Facebook.

  12. Education means never having to look down when someone’s talking when you really should be looking up. I’ve told people about this project and about your book including a cab driver in Boston who immediately jumped on his phone after the ride was over. Also posted on the Facebooks. Happy day of birth sir.

  13. #EducationMeans

    I’m loving this idea and hoping it can be promoted world wide. I’m in Australia and have 5 kids aged from 13-22 yrs. I believe balance is the key and so provide my kids with limits on technology plus board games, sports, books (NOT ereaders but actual books lol) and a variety of activities to hopefully allow them to learn whilst also having fun

    Education is a huge thing to me as “knowledge is power” (a quote we all know but can never remember who said)’

    However I believe education is also not just achieved in the classroom but in taking in the world around u from the smallest thing to the greatest and allowing yourself to remind yourself to look at the world around you each day as if you’re seeing it for the first time

    It let’s you be inspired and in awe on a daily basis

  14. #EducationMeans I’m a single mum so wasn’t able to donate monetary amount. However I have over 1000 connections and Facebook so I posted there for you and made it available to public

    I’ve also got over 600 twitter followers so I’ve also posted there

    I’d like to know how I can post in my other social media accounts as I have another about 4-5 and each one has substantial amount of connections/followers so I’d like to promote this on them for you as well just not sure how to go about it though

    As far as what education means to me I refer to the quote we know but can’t remember who said it – “Knowledge is power”

    Education should be not just in the class room but in the world around us as well and involve a balance of a little bit of everything

    We should greet each day as though we are seeing the world for the first time so as to always have a daily dose of wonder and awe

    I’d like to see your idea promoted world wide as I’m in australia and mum of 5 kids 13-22 yrs and think kids spend too much time sitting down I front of computers etc and need to be up and move around more

  15. #Educationmeans the best weapon in the world for those children who are in need, to help them get out of poverty. Because I have been there too, and education really helps me a lot and changed me a lot! So I want to help these students and for the children who needs help in the world. I shared the link on my FB, Twitter, Instagram, and my own blog, and sent the link to all of my friends, to help to achieve the project! Last, I want to say thank you to Tim as well as his team members, and who ever helps to fund this project, let us help to make this world get better and more beautiful!

  16. #EducationMeans… Growth. As a teacher myself, education isn’t just my livelihood, it’s my purpose. What started as a career choice has easily become the most important thing I’ve ever done. I am a teacher inside and outside of the classroom. In many ways, I think it defines me, and I’m totally ok with that. I am an infinitely better member of this planet because of my kids (students), who do as much teaching as I do. #EducationMeans that we can all have meaning in our lives, if we’re open to it and one another.

  17. #Educationmeans the best weapon for those children and to help them to get out of poverty, to change their world! Because I have been there before, I know how important education is, it really helped me a lot, and changed me a lot!

    So I want to help to let more people know about this project, I shared the link on my FB, Twitter, Instagram, wordpress, my own blog. Last, I want to say thank you to Tim for your contribution and your team members. Let us help the children together for those in needs in the world, to let the world gets better and more beautiful!

  18. #EducationMeans Inspiring Daily, Daring Greatly, Projecting Thoughtfully, and Failing Proudly.

    I’ve been contributing consistently to DonorsChoose for over a decade and I’ve seen it literally CHANGE LIVES for underprivileged students. My fiancé teaches 7th grade social studies at a struggling middle school (98% free/reduced lunch) and a few Chromebooks via DonorsChoose transformed their education and inspired them to see past the difficult hand they’d been dealt.

    Happy Birthday Tim! I’ll promote this across all social media (I’m a technophile) and I’ll make a pledge to recruit 38 additional donors. $38 comes from my pocket for every donor shy of 38.

    I love the work you do, and always appreciate when education-based philanthropy accompanies success! Wait, no minotaurs? 😉

  19. #EducationMeans teaching a child know the difference between what is right for her and what is not. It’s not just about abstract mathematical formulas or advanced chemical equations. It’s about teaching the child how these things will benefit her in the real world and how to come out on top of the competition.

    I shared this blogpost on my Facebook and Twitter timelines.

  20. #EducationMeans EMPOWERMENT!!!

    I donated $38-happy birthday! and I shared the link to donate on my facebook page. Thank you for inspiring kindness and generosity in your readers!

  21. #EducationMeans that my daughters will have an opportunity to pursue their passions and live comfortably if they work hard and treat others with compassion. Time, you and I were classmates at P-ton (class of ’00) but our paths never crossed… but we share a passion for K-Starr’s genius, and I move my body with intention every day… or as much as life allows. I will do everything I can for my daughters to understand the critical importance of doing the same.

  22. #EducationMeans that my daughters will have an opportunity to pursue their passions and live comfortably if they work hard and treat others with compassion. Time, you and I were classmates at P-ton (class of ’00) but our paths never crossed… but we share a passion for K-Starr’s genius, and I move my body with intention every day… or as much as life allows. I will do everything I can for my daughters to understand the critical importance of doing the same.

    I tweeted the link to the article to all my followers (not nearly as many as you’ve cultivated)

  23. In every interivew you ask “whose the first person who comes to mind when you think successfull” I think this is what a truly successful person looks like and my answer is Tim Ferris.

    Your using the power you’ve attained for great world changing things and that is inspiring to me. Thank you and happy birthday.

  24. #EducationMeans giving every person an opportunity to learn, to grow, to live a fulfilling life. Coming from South Africa, I can see what a huge difference education can make in real time. Having taught English in South Korea for 3 years, it was further solidified. We commemorated Youth Day yesterday in South Africa, where young children were killed in 1976 because they were demanded better education for the marginalised youth / races. So education meant a lot to them, and today I am typing on this blog because someone died to allow me to opportunity to be allowed equal access to education.

    I shared this on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. I will spread the word via word of mouth amongst my MBA colleagues this weekend, and use this as an opportunity for us to help others as our commemoration to Youth Day.

  25. #EducationMeans the OPPORTUNITY to make a difference in the world – whether it’s just to improve your own world (to get out of poverty), or to do something great (i.e. to discover the next groundbreaking technology) or to do something selfless (teaching the next generation of children). Education, formal or informal, presents people with the choice to be more than they think they are. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”.

    What I did: Retweeted to all my followers on twitter

    By the way, Happy Birthday, Tim!

    On a separate note, thank you for all the podcasts. I’ve learnt so much and it’s especially enlightening when it’s on a topic totally unrelated to me (or so I think). Just heard the Joe De Sena podcast and guess what, I’m training for a Spartan Race! I’m going to be signing up for one in 2016 (have to save money to travel to one since there isn’t one in my country).

  26. #EducationMeans giving our children the best opportunities that will help open their minds to become citizens of the world. It means teaching them how to think and how each action affects their world. It means ensuring that they are surrounded by food that will fuel them and desks that create the best environment for them to learn.

    I made a Facebook post expressing my excitement over the idea of a classroom of stand-up desks! It helps that my friends know me as a fitness/exercise science enthusiast. ^_^

  27. Hi Tim and Happy Birthday. While this initiative is interesting, I’m not convinced by standing desks. Recent studies show that they do more harm than good: the human body is not designed to be standing in a static position. The standing posture is for walking and leg movement is required to insure proper blood circulation. Alternating between standing and sitting is less bad but still not optimal. What would really solve this problem is a standing desk with a treadmill but not very practical. Meanwhile, sitting (and having a short walk every 1/2-1h) remains the safest positing for the human body 🙂

    1. You have a point there. What about if you add a low stool for them to either rest one leg on (so that they’re not straining their back) or to step up and down on. Would that be better than standing stationary for long periods of time?

    2. I agree with parts of this. I work everyday at a standing desk that I built myself and have a chair next to me. There are days when I do not want to sit down, I feel great all day, and as soon as I get home crash on the couch and catch up with all the sitting I missed. I also have days where standing is harder, perhaps after a good leg workout that morning. I then have my chair and sit every hour or so for good meals. I believe that within the curriculum it will be important to incorporate tasks that allow for sitting such as group work, discussions, and my favorite… lunch. I find that a good mix during the day is generally what works best, but have days where sitting is not even in my realm of thought. Great response though and just my thoughts!!

  28. #EducationMeans building a future worth living for by unleashing our human potential to be creative, constructive and ethical to do good to our fellowmen and ourselves!

    Great idea, Tim! Shared it on Twitter and FB and will tell my friends!

  29. “#EducationMeans” cultivating the skills to understand the world and courage to change it for the better.

    Happy birthday Tim. You’ve been having pretty amazing birthdays for the last few years. Way to inspire us, Tim.

    I just shared this on Twitter.

  30. #educationmeans “Excitement!” (Michel Thomas).

    I’ve posted it to the main Alexander Technique Facebook page-if it catches they’ll go wild for this.

    Happy Birthday man!

  31. #EducationMeans providing opportunity to everyone to expand their horizons

    I donated in honor of Tim Ferriss and posted to my FB page encouraging folks to follow him and to support this cause.

    As an external evaluator for projects in education, I hope to see this school shift to standing desks and to have someone impartial explore any changes in student attitudes, behaviors, and learning outcomes. Exciting! Thank you for all that you do!!

    Happy Birthday, Tim!

  32. #EducationMeans – Education doesn’t mean making a better world for our children, but making better children for our world. (Paraphrased from an interview with Ashton Kutcher)

    Shared the donors choose page with our 3k+ Facebook fans and two mailing lists of 2.5k and 4k people respectively so far.

  33. #EducationMeans changing the World from the ground up, defining a new course of history, shaping a new generation, more aware of the impact each individual can have while working together to respect the planet we have been gifted, respecting others, respecting yourself. Education has long allowed leaders to create anonymous workers for factories producing products to sell to the very same individuals. Education now can change that and give back to humanity the freedom of thinking.

    I’m very eager to win the ticket, travel around the World, meet local communities and work with them through the support of the, a community of young potential leaders, strong of >5000 people from all around the World with whom I have just shared the project.

    I have also shared it on my FB, Linkedin, Twitter accounts through Buffer App as well as several Linkedin Groups including Procter & Gamble Alumni that I’m reaching out via email as well.

    I’m sharing it with another organization,, active on making the work place a more meaningful space for human to human connections while building businesses with values.

    Through direct connections with Swiss Parliament representatives, I’m sharing it with policy makers… who knows… maybe it will inspire them…

    Last but not least, with a group of people active on HackEducation events, constantly searching for new ways to educate the youth.

  34. #EducationMeans all children being able to excel at their own individual greatness, at their own pace, whilst looking after their physical and mental health.

    Ideally standing desks will be an integral part of all progressive classrooms ASAP.

    Your project deserves massive action because as a health professional dealing with kids posture issues daily, I can say beyond any doubt – Prevention is not only better than cure, it is the only option that works. Period.

  35. Even though I am coming from Estonia and live in UK and have nothing to do with US whatsoever, I still donated 15$ for the project, because the amount of knowledge you provide is priceless. I wish there was such a thing when I was at school, so I wouldn’t spend years on working on my posture when I’m an adult. I also told my 2 colleagues who probably have forgotten about it in 3 minutes and I don’t use any social media, but I did all I could. My job is done here 🙂

    By the way, happy B-day. I have just turned 28 myself.

  36. Tim, This is a great concept, and very much revolutionary I think some, perhaps many Teachers might feel a bit threatened like they are ‘less in control’ of their class if everyone was standing. Think of how many times over the years your Teachers shouted “ok, everyone take a seat.”

    Take it one step further, and imagine public speaking events with no chairs for the audience. It gives new meaning to ‘standing room only!’

    Happy Birthday!


  37. #EducationMeans always being prepared. With education, we get the tools needed to succeed in any and everything. I sent an email blast to get the word out.

  38. #EducationMeans learning how to build and apply your unique skills to add value to the world.

    I posted to Facebook, sent emails to friends with larger followings than me, and will tell many people about it personally.

  39. #educationmeans – the acquisition of information and knowledge that enables people to create better lives for themselves and those around them.

    what I did to promote – shared my donation on FB, told everyone I’ve met in the past 24 hours (and doing until sunday), and sent out an email blast to 100 people – I will be sending out a follow-up email on Saturday to see who has donated and who needs a little push.

    I’ve also told a few separate groups of entrepreneurs who also own stand-up desks as I do.

    Happy Birthday Tim!

  40. Happy Birthday Tim!

    Interesting pilot experiment here. However, while standing is usually a good alternative to sitting in work environment, it might not be so good in education (especially primary). There are plenty of evidences that walking is probably the best regarding knowledge acquisition and personal health. So maybe, the good direction is to make classes smaller and have a teaching walk whenever possible. We listen to audio-books everywhere and it works. So, why do our children have to stay or sit (instead of walk) during all of their classes? Why do we try implement small changes instead of the bigger ones?

  41. Standing all day is just as bad as sitting all day. It’s a little bit less sedentary, but people need to be moving, switching between standing and sitting and walking (and squatting, if we’re being honest). Standing desks don’t solve this problem. Try no desks, and everyone sits on the floor. Spend the money on something else.

    #EducationMeans tuning. Tuning to ourselves, and tuning to the world and people around us.

  42. #EducationMeans

    Education is a high for me. That’s the great thing about

    Technology today. I love that I can listen to Podcasts and books while I workout, drive, walk whatever. I have passed on the standing classroom idea to friends and family ( I’m the oldest of 9, so big family), Facebook.

    Education has given me the opportunity to work in the medical field as a cardiac and vascular sonographer, retire and persue a musical career. I’m a 63 year old woman. I’m still striving for excellence in my life and pursuits. Education is the ability to figure out how to do, or where to go to find out how to do what you want. Thanks for all the great interviews Tim, you’re a favorite thinker of mine 😎

  43. #EducationMeans Education to me means ultimate Freedom. Education leads to knowledge. Knowledge is power. The power to make informed choices. Informed choices are what makes picking your own destiny possible. Picking your own destiny and following your heart and passion is the ultimate freedom.

  44. #EducationMeans consent learning, learning through books, others and life experiences.

    Happy Birthday and Thanks for sharing what you learn with the world.

    I shared on Twitter and Facebook.

  45. Hey Tim – Great idea! A couple of suggestions if I may: Select the school or classroom NOW that will get the desks if you’re successful in this pursuit (which you will be). Ask them to start NOW administering simple, quick, and frequent pulse surveys measuring the kids’ mood, happiness, etc.. You obviously you see where I’m going with this — see how it changes after the stand-up desks. Ideally do it with a several classrooms, and get several classrooms that won’t switch as control groups. Would be a fun experiment. Best of luck. — Mark (fellow measuring and improvement entrepreneur)

  46. #educationmeans a lifetime of learning and ultimately keys to lead a successful and happy life!

    Tim, I first discovered you on an interview with Chase Jarvis several years ago and I have been so impressed with your dedication to and honest belief in our ability to make the world a better place! Margaret Mead said it best “Never doubt that a group of thoughtf committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has!”

    Happy Birthday, Tim! Thanks for giving us courage to do the same! I’m sharing this with almost 200k idealists on my Instagram and Twitter feed @inkedfingers !

  47. #EducationMeans – Two things: 1) Helping students figure out what they want to do with their lives, and 2) Giving them the skills, knowledge, tools, and experiences to make it happen.

    Let’s deconstruct my reach:

    – Twitter & FB page = 1,000 people Twitter & FB page = 1,000 people

    – Post to personal FB & Instagram = 3,500 people

    – Email signature = 1,000 people / 1 month

    Total Reach: 6,500 * 1% conversion rate * $15 avg donation + personal donation = $985 raised

  48. Happy Birthday Tim! – Stand up desk is a big issue ,if works could be replicated into other schols.

  49. #EducationMeans Becoming potential. Donated. Shared link on Google + communities I am part of. The body position does play a role in optimising learning for sure. Perhaps the next step on would be to start a snowball to help those with psychological barriers to learning rather than physical ones. As an avid vimeo watcher I wonder if you had seen

    about research of Dr Richard Davidson (neuroscience professor) and the transforming power of meditation for kids.

  50. #EducationMeans education means facilitated purposeful learning. Facilitated meaning there is some kind of intelligence and planning in facilities (like standup desks) to curriculum. Purposeful meaning the students should be inspired to learn and have a purpose for why they are learning.

    Thank you for working to improve education. I love this cause. I’ve shared the link to your post through twitter, facebook, and linkedin. As well as encouraged people to contribute and spread the word.

    For any of you interested here is a great interview of Kelly Starrett on Dave Asprey’s podcast where he talks some about

  51. #Educationmeans supporting students at whatever point on their learning journey they arrive, in whatever means work for them, individually. As an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan, I also firmly believe that education should and can be fun; students (of any age) should be encouraged to pursue any interest that they feel drawn to.

    I shared the link on facebook, encouraged contacts to donate. I think this could make such a difference!

  52. #EducationMeans the only way up! A means to discover what the world has to offer and what keep you engaged with the world. Never stop learning.

  53. #EducationMeans – When I think of education, I am reminded of Mark Twain’s quip, “Never let schooling interfere with your education”. To me, education is one of the three great treasures (i.e. it is something you can take with you when you pass on. The other two being relationships and character). That makes investment in (true) education always a worthwhile endeavor, which is one reason I like your material so much. Mark Twain’s implication about schooling aside, I find the experiment with stand up desks for a school intriguing, so I shared this blog on Facebook. Happy birthday Tim!

  54. #EducationMeans

    Building LEADERS for the future.

    Classics, Not Textbooks

    Mentors, Not Professors

    Inspire, Not Require

    Structure Time, Not Content

    Simplicity, Not Complexity

    Quality, Not Conformity

    You, Not Them

    Credit – A Thomas Jefferson Education –

    -To Spread The Word –

    *Shared on Facebook

    *Blast email to contacts

    *Telling everyone I know

    Happy Day of Birth and AWESOME JOB on supporting such a cool project!

  55. #EducationMeans growth, empowerment, and opportunity! It represents freedom and the power to choose. Education for the masses results in a better world to live in. Education is, everything.

    I have personally donated on the page. I’ve blasted it on Facebook and Twitter. I am a doctoral student in education and have shared it with my cohort. I am also currently a professor at SMU and will share with the school of education as well as include the link in my work email signature.

    The two main causes I support in life (and that are most meaningful to me) are EDUCATION and HEALTH. The StandUpKids effort combines both, which is amazing and why I feel passionate to help spread the word.

    Thank you for the opportunity and for bringing my attention to this.

    All my best,


  56. #EducationMeans providing a starter kit or ignition to fuel future innovation and creative thought processes. I remember not learning a single thing in school, but after attending college and finding the right resources and some great teachers, I’ve been fortunate enough to find out and pursue what I want to do in life. Education must fuel similar experiences, or at least allow the student to better understand the world and thus shape what they plan to do in life.

    Posted the DonorsChoose link to Facebook. I also work part-time in an ER alongside a team of physicians and I spoke to them about the negativity surrounding the fact that we spend so much of our lives sitting down. The doctors universally agreed and I asked a couple of them if they’d be willing to receive and send an email regarding the cause and they readily accepted to spread the email around.

    Happy birthday Tim. Your work has impacted my life and even those around me in a very positive way.

  57. #educationmatters.

    Although getting standing desks for these children would be good, this promotion could have a much greater impact per $ raised if it targeted kids who don’t have access to education in the first place, rather than optimizing it for a subset that already does.

    Tim, you always talk about getting the most impact for the lowest $ or amount of effort , so was quite surprised when I saw the cause.

  58. #educationmeans expansion by discovering the truth and therefore moving closer to our true nature as positive beings

    I sent out the email to others and I also work in a job which requires I stand 6.5 hours a day

  59. #EducationMeans inspiring creativity and exploration through fun and movement.

    Share FB & Twitter


  60. Happy Birthday TIM TIM! Huge fan of yours. Growing my own business at the moment and find tremendous value in your blogging and podcast. Keep up the killer work.

  61. Thanks for this Tim, an amazing idea I’m happy to contribute too. And happy birthday! Grateful for all you do.

  62. As someone who played sports and was active when I was a kid, I’m against this. It feels awful to be on your feet all day. Kids will be worn down and tired after school, when they will need energy for sports and homework. Everyone learns differently, sitting should be a choice in my opinion.

  63. #EducationMeans – Education means growing individually and contributing to your community through your gifts. I want these students to know someone out there believes in them. Receiving support from strangers can make a kid think “wow, something big happened in my community. I want to contribute like that.”

    Shared on Facebook, 568 friends (recently trimmed down). Hope it helps!

  64. #EducationMeans – teaching life skills to children and young adults. Exposing their minds to concepts that they might not ever hear about, and helping them understand that change is not only inevitable, but must be embraced.

    I posted this to Facebook, and Twitter…and talked it up as a well worthwhile endeavor.

  65. #EducationMeans What does education mean to me? Everything: the difference between light and dark the world being perceived as opportunity or the world as trying to defeat you. Education can allow us to overcome whatever obstacles we have been dealt or an enhancement of whatever advantages we have been given.

  66. I’m a South African travelling in Tanzania and just donated to say happy birthday and thank you – you’ve had a profound effect on my life over the past 4 years and got me through some tough times so just wanted to give something back. Have a great birthday and all the best with this initiative. Keep up the great work.

  67. #EducationMeans

    I was homeschooled as a kid until 10th grade. I loved the freedom to grow and discover at my own pace when I was homeschooled, and I could move around and play freely whenever I wanted or needed to. When I started public school I hated all the wasted time and sitting. I was bored and sad that it seemed a lot of people had lost their excitement for learning. I see that even now into the adult workplace. To me, education isn’t about tests or grades or even diplomas and degrees. I think education is the personal journey through discovering your own mind. Be it through,, watching Cosmos on Netflix, or catching 2 minute experiments on Youtube.

    As far as promotion, I shared the link with close friends via email because I don’t use FB or Twitter! And, I think it’s more personal and more likely to be read and get action.

    Happy Birthday, Tim! You’re my life-crush! (I want your life!)

  68. #EducationMeans

    Education means growing the courage in our hearts to be more than we’ve ever been, to do more than we’ve ever done, to protect the spark of curiosity inside each of us as it grows into a full-fledged fire of the knowledge of passion and truth. Because there is nothing like the truth to set us free.

    I shared this blog post on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

    It feels good to be a part of something great. Thank you for your leadership.

  69. #EducationMeans less crime, better health, more jobs, better technology, more progress, less conflict, and a continual thirst for knowledge.

    Happy Birthday Tim!

    I’m sharing this post on my twitter and facebook pages, donating myself, and sharing the donation page with my public health master’s student cohort who are all big believers in standing desks and changing health behavior especially starting with kids!

  70. #EducationMeans Education is the catalyst for change. Education inspires us to take on the journey of life with eagerness, excitement, and curiosity. Education connects us and creates friendships that last a lifetime. Education is our first crack at networking and a chance to interact with our fellow humans, discovering much about humankind and even more about ourselves. Education brings us knowledge and a means to investigate life’s problems and question ANYTHING. Most importantly, education gives us hope. As an educator I want every kid to feel optimism about their life and their potential.

    After donating I shared the information on Facebook (1177 friends) and Twitter (137 followers). I will also spread the campaign via word of mouth to family, friends and co-workers. Thank you!

  71. #EducationMeans, freedom to think from different point of views, broaden your mind, opening your heart to help people in need, share your knowledge and contribute to the world, awareness to look for opportunities for growth. Traveling for me is part of educating and growing and there fore this world trip is much needed and welcomed so i can learn and share what i learned and shared in my travels. I feel so excited now thinking about this. 🙂 One of my dreams is to start blogging and writing .This trip will help me with the action part!

    I shared and asked people in twitter and facebook friends of over 200 to go to the page. <3

  72. #EducationMeans an investment in our future…

    I posted this on my personal and company Facebook pages to spread the word, it is right in line with the mission of our company as well.

    Stand For Something,


    PS- Happy Birthday Tim and thanks for investing in our future.

  73. #EducationMeans

    Education means progress for positive transformation in one’s life and a way to define success for themselves and truly go after it. “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” — Earl Nightingale

    Your podcast Tim has influenced my life and my decisions for positive change within myself and those around me. It is filled with education and wisdom and any way I can help perpetuate that and support your cause by making it my own will have a ripple effect on the world as I know your other listeners feel the same. I have been a student of yours since The Four Hour Work Week came out. I have posted this on both my personal Facebook page and my Love Defies Logic and One Piece a Day Facebook page to encourage all to help donate and support the cause. Happy Birthday Tim!

    [Moderator: links removed]

    Eric Geyer

  74. #EducationMeans

    Education is not solely limited to the classroom. Tim’s constant desire to test the bounds of human nature is certainly proof of that. I myself am college educated. However, I feel I learned more about myself and how the world works through traveling and stepping outside of my comfort zone than I learned in any institution. No matter where you find it, to me education means an insatiable thirst to learn more, grow as an individual, and challenge preconceived notions.

    I shared Tim’s original post on LinkedIn. I also posted it to my personal site. Additionally, I told others in my direct sphere of influence about Tim’s efforts.

    I first started reading Tim’s books in November of 2014. Since then, I’ve influenced at least two dozen people to purchase one, if not multiple, of Tim’s books. Returning to a topic Tim previously discussed, 1,000 true fans, while my verbal recommendation may not go out to tens-of-thousands, I should be able to influence these individuals to also take an interest in this cause.

  75. This is great and I’m all in on this! I think its total BS though that almost $8,000 of this is going to sales tax. I thought schools were tax exempt? That’s another 33 desks for the kids if the state keeps its mitts off the money.

  76. Joyeux Anniversaire to you then ! Done, gave what i could afford, i think this is a fantastic project and i’m happy to be a small part of it. #Education means freedom for me. Freedom to do or be whoever you wish to be, and that for me is the most important. It also means being able to be around other human beings and know how to behave and respect others… hurray for education !

  77. “#EducationMeans” Co-creating leaders and visionaries that can stand on their own two feet ! (pun :-)) and be inspired rather than taught to go further,think bigger and expand every boundary they encounter.

    Posted on my FB fan page, email, told everyone I could about this idea, and twitter. Networking it later at event!

  78. #EducationMeans changing the World from the ground up! Through education we can empower the new generation(s) in building a better, more connected, altruistic and prosperous society where the human being is at the center. Long has been since education has served the purpose of producing workers for factories; the time has come for a radical transformation that gives to students the possibility to learn in different environments, develop critical thinking as well as their creativity, mindful of each other individuality while building our sense of community.

    Thanks Tim for sharing the opportunity to fund this project. I hope it serves as an example for others.

    I have shared this in multiple ways:

    – My Social Networks (FB, Twitter, Linkedin)

    – With the Global Shapers ( where many are active in transforming Education

    – With the EBBF community, where many are active in re-shaping organization to have a more meaningful workforce

    – The Procter & Gamble Alumni group and current employees

    – A few parliament representative here in Switzerland where I live.

    – A group of people running Education Hackatons

    If I win the ticket I will use it to travel the World and run projects in different places connected with empowering the local educators. This would be possible through the extensive network of the Global Shapers.

  79. This is very nice idea and great way to help someone Tim! Many happy returns of the day in Advance!!! Happy Birthday in Advance!!!

  80. Hi Tim, congrats with you age but with all you have accomplished in your life;) Quit impressive. Education means travelling; to learn from different people and cultures is the most inspiring thing there is. It will make you free from your own mind. I will share on facebook and donate to contribute. I really want to win the round trip! Travels have always learned me a lot and made me very happy 🙂 To see the more, learn the more.

  81. #EducationMeans An Opportunity to become the person one wants to become! Happy Birthday in Advance Tim!! 🙂

  82. #EducationMeans It means so much to me, mostly how it opens up your mind to the world, other cultures, religions and helps you navigate life as a better person. Reposted on Facebook, encouraging people to give. [Moderator: link removed]

  83. #EducationMeans Direction. Direction is the ability to focus on a task One Person, One Voice at a time. Giving that snowball a push! #OPOV #ItMatters

  84. #Education means empowerment. Empowerment (and health–hello, standup desks!) puts the onus on the individual to dutifully provide their gifts and greatness to the world. To be educated, to be exposed to different subject matter, to discover your passion and life’s purpose by experimentation in a safe learning environment, that is how the new generations will answer the question: “why are we here?”

    I gave a personal donation (this cause is a big deal to me).

    My company, Wholly Pops, will be donating 10% of Gross sales in June and posted the link

    [Moderator: link removed]

    Also tweeted it here: [Moderator: link removed]

    Will send to my email subscribers in this Friday’s newsletter.

    Added to email signature for Wholly Pops.

    And, of course, sharing with my personal friends in social media.

    Tremenda idea para tu cumpleanos! (el mio es el 14 y cumplo 40 este ano!). Abrazo!

    PS: I did all of this from my (homemade) standup desk 😉


  85. #EducationMeans means striking a delicate balance between freedom and discipline. In traditional schooling, children need a certain measure of guidance (otherwise bullies will run amuck). But if too much authority is imposed, the kids will become either become crushed under it’s weight or develop a bitter attitude towards those in power. The key to successful education, as Bertrand Russell pointed out, are teachers who possess the “positive merit of enjoying [childrens’] company”.

    I shared both posts on my Facebook page

  86. I’d like to give you my blessings for your birthday, as it is a day to give the world reason to give you good vibes. I wonder if anyone has ever done an experiment in telling all those they meet everyday, that it is their birthday, and see how much more willing people are to be nicer, and just do that for a month. It’s such an engrained paradigm to treat those whose birthday it is, much nicer.

    Anyway, I’ve been down with the four hour work week, it’s a contemporary solution to contemporary baloney that keeps us undermining our lives and capabilities, and I feel is a wonderful supplement to Think and Grow Rich. Of course it is not without reason that I have been compelled to write a post for the first time here and now on the blog. I want to give it up to Tim for all the insight and efficient pathways to creating my plan to freedom, and without question I feel in my being our paths will cross. Ironically I have felt this way with My gratitude behind all of the learned body maintainence I’ve learned from Kelly Starrett’s teachings, and if anyone has not yet realized their value, you will feel every ounce of it by putting it to practice. As an athlete, entrepreneur, inventor, musician, and limitless person, I was most excited once I saw Tim teaming up with Kelly in the 4 Hour Body and other podcasts. It was a meeting of minds I had not anticipated, and I have to render the gratitude I have for them. I am completely down with the standing desk elementary school that they are working to achieve, and once I get my wheels rollin’, I don’t see why I wouldnt donate the whole amount. I was so pumped up by just learning about posture that I started standing at my normal desk, propped my keyboard up like a foot with cardboard boxes, tilted my monitor up, and turned enough heads, got laughed at enough, that my company owner came up to me asking what the deal was. I told him I refused to sit any longer, and he then bought me a standing desk. It’s funny how the drive I got to be my best self was rewarded and overhauled by my persistence in knowing what I truly wanted. And I truly want this for all people, including the kids. Habits make us or break us, and I don’t enjoy the evolutionary picture you can google where modern man is sitting in front of a computer. I am driven to give this publicity because my philosophy on a grand scale is that if I can save people even one hour a year, and have it be so wide spread, then I can save people billions of hours, and I will work toward that goal to receive a humble return from that fact. I admire Tim for all the work he has put in, saving my life countless hours, and hopefully a countless amount of people’s lives have felt that too. Happy Birthday!

  87. #EducationMeans process for whole life. But as we need to start at school, there should be the best conditions for children development, and not only conditions but also better ways of education and topics which really matter nowadays. As was said in Ted talk, schools are killing creativity and that is what we should focus on.

    And happy birthday Tim 🙂 I am going to post it at as many social medias as I can 🙂

  88. #EducationMeans giving others a chance at the opportunities we are taking advantage of. Breaking the mold – my son is one of those that stood by his desk and fortunately he had teachers that understood that is how some people learn. This is a great opportunity to stimulate minds and help change perspectives from the ground up…literally.

    [Moderator: link removed]

    232 followers and 4 impressions within 20 seconds of posting…not much, but that’s something.

  89. #EducationMeans leaving impetus to explore or discover. Without curiosity, boredom and disinterest creep in and the comparable affects of an unexamined life can be culturally far-reaching affecting political involvement, artistic, scientific, economic and social development and achievement. Encourage and celebrate intellectual curiosity. Or simply, education is learning from your life experiences. Thank you for your time and consideration Tim Ferris 38 years young!

  90. #EducationMeans Having the freedom to make your own life choices!

    I posted on Facebook, twitter, and shared with friends and family!

  91. #EducationMeans leaving impetus to explore or discover. Without curiosity, boredom and disinterest creep in and the comparable affects of an unexamined life can be culturally far-reaching affecting political involvement, artistic, scientific, economic and social development and achievement. Encourage and celebrate intellectual curiosity. Or simply, education is learning from your life experiences. Thank you for your time and consideration Tim Ferris 38 years young! Shared on Facebook and email blast and told my people that if I win that I will take them with me.