FINALLY — Tim Ferriss TV is here, plus Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Glitch Mob

[PLEASE NOTE: This contest has ended per the rules explained below. Thanks!]

I cannot put into words how excited I am to write this post. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had 3 glasses of wine, or perhaps it’s the glee of F bombs below.

But no.

It’s because I have a huge TV announcement, an opportunity to get a personalized video from Arnold Schwarzenegger (seriously), and much more.

Short and sweet — I FINALLY got digital rights to my TV show, The Tim Ferriss Experiment. It’s about how to conquer fear in any skill and 10x your learning speed. Think of it as Mythbusters meets Jason Bourne. Filmed and edited by the Emmy award-winning team behind Anthony Bourdain (Zero Point Zero).

It took eons of negotiating and lawyering, but I got digital rights for you guys, at long last.

This is my most important project of the last three years. It literally took blood, sweat, and tears. You’ll see my horrible injuries when you watch the show. In the parkour episode alone, I tore both ACLs, 6 of my 8 total quadriceps muscles (both legs), my rotator cuff muscles, and all the flexors in one forearm.

If you’ve gotten any value from me over the years, could you please buy the season pass for this fuckin’ show? 🙂 Click here to get 13 episodes for next to nothing. It’s cinematic, insane, and won’t disappoint. Here is all the craziness, including a free preview. In a nutshell:

Bestselling author Tim Ferriss (“The world’s best human guinea pig.” – Newsweek) pushes himself to the breaking point, attempting to learn notoriously punishing skills–surfing, professional poker, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, parkour, languages, etc.–in just one week each.

In every episode of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, Ferriss partners with the world’s best and most unorthodox teachers (Laird Hamilton, Marcelo Garcia, Stewart Copeland, etc.), who train him for a final gauntlet. Shocking breakthroughs, injuries, epiphanies, and disasters ensue. In cases where he succeeds, Tim shows you how to replicate his results. The mantra of the show is “you don’t need to be superhuman to get superhuman results…you just need a better toolkit.”

I’m too tired to hide my Long Island pedigree, so… please just buy this season pass here. You’ll fucking love it.

A few things to sweeten the pot…

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Glitch Mob Craziness

I don’t half-ass launches. I go whole ass. Perhaps even 110% ass. So here’s the deal:

I want EVERYONE to see this show. I’m super proud of it, and your support means the world to me. 2nd place is 1st loser in my mind, so I’m going all out.

To the person who promotes the show best (details below), I’m giving away two priceless prizes, both from icons:

1) You’ll get a personalized motivational video from the Terminator, the man who killed the Predator (for God’s sake, people!) — Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you want to slay dragons and become superhuman, Arnie can motivate you like no one else. He’ll record a video to psyche you to greatness.

2) You’ll get a custom “anthem” from one of the biggest electronic music groups in the world — The Glitch Mob! Band members Boreta and Ooah will create ~30 seconds of awesomeness, a worldwide original just for you. Use it to get amped to do incredible things. Listen to it every morning, listen to it when you need to kick ass, listen to it before workouts or whenever you need extra juice. No one can buy this.

Are you fucking kidding me? No, I am not. The above two are real.

And you can feel good about promoting and buying the show, as 25% of all launch week profits for the TV show go to After-School All-Stars, which supports after-school programs for at-risk youth who need mentors. They do amazing work, and I recognize how a few mentors steered me from disaster early in my life. I want everyone to have that opportunity.

So… how do you win these bonzo garbanzo bonuses?

1) Promote the hell out of The Tim Ferriss Experiment this week, driving clicks to the iTunes page:  Here’s one step to get you started.

2) Leave a comment on this post telling me what you did (including anything quantifiable), no later than this Sunday, May 3rd 2015, at 10pm PT. Comments must be submitted by 10pm PT. It’s OK if they’re in moderation and don’t appear live before 10pm. Note: You must include “#TFX” at the TOP of your comment to be considered! This is an IQ test on following directions.

3) By May 10th, I and my panel of magic elves will select the winner: he or she who describes in their comment how they drove the most downloads/listens. If you drive people to buy season passes, you get major bonus points.

4) That’s it! Remember: Deadline is 10pm PT on May 3rd. No extensions and no excuses.

5) Of course, void where prohibited, no purchase required, you must be over 21, no minotaurs, etc.

But That’s Not All… (Cue Rotisserie Chicken)

If you simply buy the season pass, you can get a bunch of awesome stuff. Put another way, if you spend $14.99 USD, you get more than $200 in bonuses.  Here are the deets:

Important note #1: This only applies to people within the United States, or in US territories. Alas, I could only get rights for the US, so this is only available to residents of the US and US territories for now.  The network wouldn’t give me international rights, but I spent a small fortune trying.  I’ll keep trying.

Important note #2: Most of these prizes will be delivered by May 10th. You’ll receive confirmation and a remind about all of this, but when you purchase and submit proof of purchase, please be patient.

1) If you buy the full season pass of the Tim Ferriss Experiment, you will receive all of the below prizes.

2) When you purchase the full season (remember, single episodes don’t count), you’ll be sent goodies including:

CreativeLive: A $50 free credit + course from Neil Strauss on the creative process

CreativeLive is an online learning platform that broadcasts live, high-definition classes to more than 2 million students in 200 countries. The classes are amazing. Teachers include Pulitzer Prize winners, business luminaries, and more.  Neil Strauss, author of The Game, was one of my teachers for the “Dating Game” episode of The Tim Ferriss Experiment.

90-day free trial + a $200 coupon for WebinarJam

If you run any type of online business, WebinarJam Studio is a vital tool for entrepreneurs, which allows you to reach an unlimited number of people. The service is turnkey in terms of creating better conversions, allowing you to upload to YouTube, and integrate with your email list.

The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts

It’s taken a long time, but I finally have transcripts from my “Best of iTunes 2014” podcast. Not just that, but I’ve put them together into a pretty e-book PDF of 600+ pages. These are never-before-released transcripts of 25 of the most popular episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show, including episodes featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Triple H, Jon Favreau and more.

ChefSteps: Free high-def cooking classes (don’t ignore this)

This was an invaluable resource for me when I was writing and research The 4-Hour Chef. ChefSteps is a James Beard Award–winning team of chefs, filmmakers, designers, writers, and scientists on a mission to help people cook smarter. and its companion app are designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen through high-quality interactive content, classes, tools, and resources that will inspire and educate cooks at any skill level.

[REMINDER: This contest is now over per the rules above. Thanks!]

And that’s the whole story!

Still wondering what I’m talking about?  Here you go.

I hope you love watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Much love and high fives from California,


The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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324 Replies to “FINALLY — Tim Ferriss TV is here, plus Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Glitch Mob”

    1. Einfach über iTunes amerikanische Apple-ID erstellen und mit Gift-Card 15$ einkaufen, ist in 10 Minuten erledigt und sehr einfach 😉

    2. Such a shame that it’s not available in the Irish store right now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the international rights come through soon! 🙂

  1. Good on you Tim. I love how you push the boundaries and lead the way in many new things. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me in what I do.

  2. HELP….. Can’t download Downunder 🙁

    “Resource not found”

    I’m sure you’ll fix ASAP…..

    Love Ya Work Timmy!

      1. he mentioned in the article that the network didn’t grant international rights. You’ll have to get creative to watch it.

    1. Buy US iTunes Gift Card, and register an account in US App Store.

      Worked flawlessly for me (I’m from Russia).

  3. #TFX

    Well, my approach will be similar to your previous competition (to which there still is no winner announced to my knowledge – my recommendation for the wine for over dinner can be found below 😉 )

    Will add a more quantifiable link soon where you can track the exposure.


    After quickly reading about viral marketing, my brainstorm ended up with a three pillar concept (yes, I love old Greek/Roman buildings).


    1. First Pillar: “Shotgun approach”: Outsourcing the social media posting of your link to as many ‘big players’ as possible.

    This does reach the largest audience the fastest, but probably has the least amount of ‘click through’.

    It could generate a short burst in traffic which I assumed was also partially what you were looking for.



    2; Second Pillar: “Going Viral approach”: Super targeted with the request to spread this to 3 interested persons, and ask them to do the same.

    This has the highest potential as it works exponential. The effects might take a little longer to manifest than the “shotgun approach” but should generate the highest amount of real and potentially long term traffic.

    This is an approach also discussed in the nice movie: . Can only recommend it.

    Difficult to really quantify without a targeted link. Else it would just be theoretical mathematics.



    3. Third Pillar: “Mr Personal approach”. Sharing with personal friends, in my linkedin network, relevant social media pages.

    I had some good feedback on your podcast through my friends. This is the easy, relaxed approach.

    Medium impact due to it being medium targeted.


    Only the viral approach will generate true value for you as the other approaches are probably not statistically relevant in their impact, due to what I mentioned in earlier posts with most people fishing in the same pond.

    Bottom-line: I hope that you have found an increase in followers, audience, groupies, peer minded folks, researchers, guru’s, …. by your podcast going viral through our combined efforts.

    Since less and less people in the US seem to care about vaccination these days, it’s likely that your viral campaign had a substantial impact.

    Keep on adding value to a lot of people’s lives and we will return the favour for sure!

    btw, I can highly recommend the Bodega Catena Zapata 2005 Argentino Malbec (Mendoza) wine for over dinner.

    Rock on Tim …

  4. OK, taking notes now. How to do great launches the ninja way. I’m in London, so don’t qualify for most of the bonuses but that’s not the point. Excited to see the post-launch metrics Plus, the episodes look real cool.

    Good luck with this Tim, and keep us posted.

  5. Bought it twice (SD+HD) at 2am last night from Paris (so by commissioning an american citizen for “iTunes gift cards” to be able to open an american iTunes account on false identity 😉 )… Motivated reader, ha…

    Love your persistence, you kept your words… and love your 25% profit to after-school too.

    Am sure it must be difficult to be Tim Ferriss and surely you’re very harsh with yourself, but man this gives you results.

    Since 2008, I’m impressed… don’t like some things you do but man I’m continuously and for sure impressed.

    Take care of your health and immune system, because I have only 2 alive heroes, Elon Musk and Tim Ferriss.

    Hope you’re getting rid of Lyme disease and antibiotics.

    Sleep a lot and big part of your immune system will depend of fatigue and relaxing.

    Like the brain, the immune system is too complexe to count too much on hacks, transplant, magic pills or injections.

    I imagine difficult to manage excitement of opportunities like Schwarzenegger, and then relax and sleep…

    But no choice, you got to manage “the beast inside” which gives results but can irreversibly damage the body if out of daily control 😉

    The “On/Off mode” to allow daily long sleep + relaxing for complexe hormonal readjustments.

    Going 1 month to another country without phone is good way to rest the system, but some needs are in daily basis.

    (hope with my foreigner english, some things are at least comprehensible in my comment 😉 )

    Lastly, again and again THANKS for all I learnt from you since 2008.

    P.S. Schwarzenegger appreciated your german accent during interview and your question if he still speaks German sometimes.

    You ask questions that other never ask, in a human way AND in smart way. What makes your Podcast unique.

    This is one of reasons am so excited by your 60 pages eBook of transcripted podcasts! Waaoohh 😉

    I’ll put it in Evernote to count which key word in your questions are present at which number…

    Your post made my day Tim!! 😉

      1. Yep! I’m not wired in to the Apple infrastructure.

        Take a page out of Louis CK’s book. Offer the files for HQ digital download on your website.

  6. Hi Tim! Great, can’t wait to see it here in Holland soon 🙂 I would really like to have all the extra’s you’ve mentioned above (especially the transcripts of the podcast). Is there another way to get these awesome things if you’re not a US resident? Would be awesome

  7. I’m based in the UK and it doesn’t look as thought I can get access to this. When will it be available to the rest of the world?

  8. It’s a shame that gaining access to your content is proving to be such a challenge, and worse that I live outside the US. We will patiently wait – keep up the good work

  9. Hey Tim,

    For the screenshot, I clicked the drop menu so it would show my email because I couldn’t figure out how to switch it to my name. I even say so in the title of the image file I uploaded. Hope that’s cool. Okay, gonna watch the show now, starting with the parkour episode. Happy for you.

  10. Hi Tim, great fan, and show looks great fun… but I have a feeling this click driving thing for prizes is not going to work very well. But I just did my bit! I mentioned to my brother yesterday he might enjoy your show and to check it out. 1 click coming your way. Happy to help!

  11. Your product is not available on the Canadian iTunes store. Please think of your northern neighbours. We do exist.

    1. i second… We’ll have it no matter what, but’ would prefer to pay for it. I can never wrap my head around those complicated, useless (because of internet) international restrictions 🙂

  12. Congrats on finally getting the rights, Tim. I always find your content engaging and informative, so thanks for all the effort in making these available!

    One question: I have a US iTunes account (was previously a resident), and so I can purchase the full season, but my current address is abroad. Am I still eligible for the bonuses?

    1. If you can buy the show and send a screenshot (via the form link in the blog post), we’re happy to send you the bonuses 🙂

      1. Hey Gorgeous,

        Any chance this could be on Vimeo on Demand or VHX, for the other 6.7B people out there not living in the US?

        I think you’ll cream your jeans over VHX.

      2. #TFX This will be easy to promote because it is so incredible, interesting, and inspiring. Thanks!

        I just learned about Tim last week from Eric Southwell, now I’m all in! Check out these crazy ITunes shows,

        The Tim Ferriss Experiment! I’m going to learn all about parloring, surfing, drumming, golfing, open swimming, and more!! from the worlds best teachers, and watch Tim figuring it all out to demonstrate for us to TRY!

      3. Well Tim, then you have your workaround solution for all your non-us residential fans :-). This is purely theoretical and might not be compliant with all Apple rules.

        1. VPN into US

        2. open a US Itunes account (with non registered name/address combo)

        3. have a US friend send you an Itunes giftcard (electronically)

        4. top up your US Itunes account with giftcard code

        5. buy the TFX show

        Although I am quite sure a kickstarter would be a great success!

  13. U.S. citizen currently living in China here… that I miss out on the contest but I’m getting the whole season of the TFX! Not even the GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA is going to stop me =D Now….better turn on my VPN and connect to a server in San Jose, CA,,,,,

      1. Can you share any more info? I did a quick google and couldn’t find any working methods..

      2. @Carlos, Paul,

        This is purely theoretical and might not be compliant with all Apple rules.

        1. VPN into US

        2. open a US Itunes account (with non registered name/address combo)

        3. have a US friend send you an Itunes giftcard (electronically)

        4. top up your US Itunes account with giftcard code

        5. buy the TFX show

  14. Hi Tim. Could you please allow buying your show from Belarus? I can find it in the US store but can’t pay with my Belarusian account.

    1. Hey Slava, if you want, email me at watchtfxanywhere[at]gmail[dot]com and I can help you buy it via iTunes outside The US.

  15. I had to set up a new Itunes ID, pretending I’m in the US…now I can watch it although living in the old world (EU ;-)) Was absolutely worth it, Great show man! Jh

  16. Sad…it is only available in the US…lokking forward if it will be available outside the US soon, Tim

  17. Tim,

    Are you going to make this available on any platform other than iTunes? You have a ton of loyal fans out there who won’t do business with Apple. Vimeo has paid content as well. Any chance you’d host it over there too?

    Thanks, congrats, and keep up the great work!


  18. I can’t wait to check out the show and this looks like a great offer. I hate to be the “I don’t own any Apple devices” guy, but is there any non-iTunes way of watching this? Thanks!

    1. I’m on the same page as Mark. Is there a non-iTunes way? I’m not going to install iTunes but I am interesting in purchasing the season.

  19. #TFX Hey Tim! Happy to purchase these. I only caught the first 5 or so when they aired on TV. I shared your links on Twitter and Facebook, too. Geoff

  20. Tim, I think something went wrong. I bought the season pass for $14.99, but I was charged $28.53. Don’t get me wrong.. totally worth it. But it needs to be labeled correctly.

    1. Oops! It seems Apple charged me for some stuff I bought last week along with TFX! Which is just weird. Sorry about that. The pricing is correct so how can I delete my comment?

  21. Supported and bought. You rolled with Satava when he was a purple belt? This show must’ve been a long time in the making :).

  22. I’m going to grit my teeth and buy the videos from the iTunes store in spite of my disdain for DRM. The fact that my purchase will only play via Apple software or hardware sucks! All I can say is that I must love Tim…

  23. He Tim,

    From Amsterdam it is sad to hear your season pass is only for US. I hope you will fix it soon for the people in Europe who like to follow you.

    sorry for bad english…

  24. #TFX

    I purchased your show and shared it on Twitter to all 120 of my Twitter followers. Then I texted my girlfriend to inform her of my endeavor and asked politely to allow me watch these amazing episodes uninterrupted Netflix-marathon style. (She declined….).

    But I’m willing to lose sleep, friends, and possibly a meal before not watching this long awaited series. Hell, I might even type up 2nd tweet that tells the world to go to iTunes and purchase this captivating work that took a year from its premiere to reaches the masses in full. Depending on how inspired/crazy I’m feeling after 6 hrs of Non-Stop Tim (potential new nickname), wait for it, I might even post it to social media titan ‘Facebook’ and to Twitter-for-people-who-cant-read ‘Instagram’.

    I’ll tag you in each of my posts, because I CARE.

    So there you have it Mr. Ferriss and magic elves, social media only. That’s how I’ll promote your show.

    How I don’t have job offers as a Creative Director of Advertising and Marketing with multiple companies will continue to keep me awake during the need for shut eye I’ll experience after watching The Tim Ferriss Experiment.

  25. #TFX I have started posting on FB and Twitter as those are my only two venues for out reach currently! But I’ll send some emails as I can to my friends and family also!

  26. Sweet, just purchased, despite me being in Canada (shh… Canadian ninja here).

    It must feel awesome to get this stuff into the light of day.

    Is this somehow related to “Trial by Fire”?

    Also, “Mythbusters meets Jason Bourne” sounds WAY better than “Mythbusters meets Jackass”.

    I’ve got some shit lined up for your contest, will post about that later. Congratulations!

  27. Having iTunes as the only way to view sucks as a non apple guy that would like to watch these on my TV. Why couldnt you release these Louis CK style? Guess I’ll just look to pirate them and if I can find them I’ll pay for the season pass on iTunes which is way more difficult than it should be.

  28. Congrats! Thanks for working hard on those digital rights. By the way, the following links in this paragraph below needs fixing (landing page).

    “If you’ve gotten any value from me over the years, could you please buy the season pass for this fuckin’ show? 🙂 Click here to get 13 episodes for next to nothing. It’s cinematic, insane, and won’t disappoint. Here is all the craziness, including a free preview.”

  29. Tim,

    I caught a super-secret free preview of 2x episodes of your show on Sunday evening. They were streaming free on a Delta flight as part of the complementary in-flight entertainment options.

    Enjoyed the parkour episode and glad to see you getting distributions even in odd places. Good luck!


  30. I think we should ban ‘Downton Abbey” in the US, as a response to not being able to watch The Tim Ferriss Experiment in the UK. 😛 It’s incredible that this ‘airwaves’ monopoly can still exist in this day and age.

  31. Hi, Tim. I’m a Linux User. So, no iTunes for me. How can I access (and pay for) the videos? By the way, I’m in Brazil

  32. As a long term fan, I’m super upset this isn’t available in the UK, Tim. Please let us all know how we can expedite your global domination by getting the rest of the world rights 🙂 I’d like to pay for it ASAP – maybe you could sell it through the site as well?

  33. This is so much better then having to wait and watch each episode on TV. Looking forward to binge with some good wine this weekend!!!

  34. On an unrelated note, I do not want to call you Timbo, Here are some much better nicknames:


    The Ferriss Wheel (good name for a contest)

    T.F. (pronounced teef)

    Tim-Timinny Tim-Timinny Tim-Tim-Fer-Real

    Here’s an idea: for your next contest, ask people to pick the best nickname for you!

  35. #TFX

    Going to marathon the episodes today.

    Posted the links on my social media.

    Planning on face to face promotion too.

    This weekend I am in a parade. I could throw invites from my float.

  36. I’m getting an error saying “The requested resource was not found”, I guess is because my account is not for the US store (I’m in Colombia). I hope you find another way to provide those videos.




  38. Love your stuff, but is the cursing really necessary? I actually have my kids read and watch as much of your information as possible so they don’t grow up thinking like the masses. It’s a bummer when I feel like I need to read everything first to make sure it is reasonably appropriate.

  39. Tim, congrats on releasing this. I bought the season. Thanks for continuing to cover language acquisition. Many of us have Rokus and non-Apple streaming boxes. If you can release this on Vudu and Amazon Instant Video there will be more sales. For international fans *if* you get the rights, maybe Vimeo On Demand could be an option. Congrats!

  40. Please tell me that this will be available in Switzerland 😀 The trailer looks fantastic! Great Work!

  41. Tried to buy. iTunes made it way to much of a pain in the ass. Horrible user experience. I will buy it, but I’ll wait to enjoy it on a better platform.

  42. Just fucking bought the entire season. Looking forward to watching it and sharing with everybody I know!

  43. Any chance of a non-itunes version form google and amazon users? They still make you download their shitty program to watch anything.

  44. So happy for you Tim, and excited to get watching! Came at just the perfect time for me.

    A little amendment: it’s actually COMMAND+SHIFT+3 on Mac to take a screenshot. Hope it helps, and best of luck!

  45. Tim,

    Man, you got beat to hell in the Parkour episode. Just finished watching it. To what do you attribute all of your injuries? Was it just overtraining? or was filming going on as you were struggling with the lime disease and that added to it? How are you doing now?

  46. Tim: Congrats on getting the rights to this and getting it out there. Like many, I’m not an iTunes user and would really love an alternate distribution method.

  47. Any chance you can get this up on Google Play? 75% of the worlds smart phones are Android and I haven’t logged in to iTunes in 3 years.

    Can’t wait to watch all the episodes.

  48. #TFX

    Blasted it out on social media…..multiple times.

    Purchased the season and played it very loud while “working”

    Multiple co-workers asked what I was watching

    2 thought it was interesting and watched it

    Told friends about the the golf episode and they immediately downloaded and watched it!

    Sent a fwd email to family and friends containing itunes link and a description on the show!

  49. Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, etc?

    Great stuff, would love to buy the season pass but iTunes exclusivity is killing your potential market… Any alternative would be better. Thanks

  50. Really sucks that this only seems to be available to the US market! Thought u want everyone to see it ;)……I wanna do it legally too 🙂

  51. That is awesome! But I’m from Brazil, so I will wait. I’m deaf (a cyborg, using implant 🙂 ) and I would like very much to have the transcripts of your podcasts. It is possible to get in some way?

  52. Super excited for this but alas I live in Canada. I’ll keep waiting and hoping you get those international rights.

  53. #TFX

    Man, it looks amazing!!

    (I’m very sad I can’t enjoy the show for Italy/Poland, but… thanks a lot for this awesome endeavor nonetheless – I send you all my appreciation).

    You’re the best!

  54. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to dive in and see what each episode has to offer.

    Question Tim, how long have you been working on this project? And, is there a “season two” in the works?

  55. Hi from Spain,

    I never write a comment like this before but I MUST say you are f**king amazing, what you do is priceless. I would have to change my plans of becoming super-human to becoming a Tim Ferrinator, and I’m saying it seriously. Thanks for pushing so so hard, for your persistence and for what you teach.

    I’m expecting (and now start to planing) to whatch the whole series over and over.

    And PLEASE keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  56. Hey Tim – Would absolutely love to buy a season pass (been waiting for this for as long as you’ve been talking about it!), but I am exceptionally anti-Apple, and don’t use iTunes.

    Is it going to be available in any other formats?


  57. Tim, I can help you in every one of your challenges – physically change your brain in 4 hours to be more focused, think faster, physically react faster and improve intuition [Moderator: link removed.] Marines, SEALs, Shooting Team (including TriGun) pro athletes (all sports) – 100% report significant performance improvements. Reduce those bruises, excel faster!

  58. Tim, I fucking HATE iTunes and THE ONLY reason I’m putting up with it, is because I love you so much (no romo) and I want TFX and to support you. But as soon as I can, I’ll buy the season on amazon (yes, I’ll but it twice) So I can uninstall iTunes. I’m so thankful for you and your content, no other author resonates with me like you do.

  59. So SO gutted I can’t this over in England. Please Tim and whoever else I need to beg. PLEASE find a way to make this available in the UK.

  60. Nevermind. I tried, but itunes is just too fucking invasive and no inituitive. I waited this long for TFX I’ll wait some more. If never comes out on another platform I’ll have to find it questionable sites and mail you the $15. Seriously, when will you get off the itunes already!?

  61. So sad to see iTunes blocking such great content (as usual) in Australia.

    I’d support a kick starter campaign to bring it global!

    When will the greedy, narrow minded digital rights holders start thinking globally rather then locally!!! It’s 2015 people, people travel. People easily move between different regions. Your old school business models now longer work.

    There would’ve been millions of additional sales already if they’d simply embraced modern thinking rather than ignore it. I feel sorry for truly great content creators like Tim who get dis-advantaged by the fact that they can’t easily distribute and legally sell their content globally when they’ve spend so much time and effort creating a global audience.

  62. Tim,

    Big fan of your books and podcasts. I’ll keep this short and sweet – please get the rights to distribute in Australia!

  63. Hey Tim,

    I’m super excited for your new TV Series, gonna be great to see the master in action, haha. I have been a huge fan of yours ever since I received the 4-hour body a few years ago from my mother, the two of us constantly bond over your latest blogs/antics. Seriously you have changed the way I accomplish my daily routines (The slow carb diet has done wonders for me)!

    If you have time I would love to have a conversation with you regarding representation.

    Please feel free to email me!

  64. So, I got your newsletter about this amazing contest you’re hosting and at first I was like “Ok, pretty neat. I’ll check out the show but I won’t enter the contest”…

    But something told me to keep reading. Then you mentioned ‘The Governator’ and I still thought “Wicked cool! Still, I don’t care to enter the contest…”

    But something else told me “Keep reading!” So I did. Then you mentioned a custom “anthem” from ‘The Glitch Mob’ as a prize and I was like “Who the heck are The Glitch Mob?!… oh that’s the American three-piece electronic music group from Los Angeles, California whose albums are part of my ever growing collection…”

    It’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoy The Glitch Mob, and also Tim Ferriss’ (4 Hour Body is an awesome book!) so I got to thinking a bit. “How do I promote this contest so that I can win this mamma jamma?!”

    So I started a contest of my own. Check it out!

    Please forgive the potential copyright infringement on the photo. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself though.

    P.S. I also purchased the full season of your show, it’s currently downloading on my iTunes.

    Kudos to me!