The Finals: Scholarship for Opening the Kimono

(Photo: Markal)


Please find below the finalists for the scholarship spot to the $10,000 Opening The Kimono event (all semi-finalist videos here).

There are nine contenders, listed in no particular order. Please watch the videos and vote on your single favorite at the bottom of this post. Two important things to note — achtung!

1) Voting ends next Thursday, June 9, at 11pm PST.

2) Because there were so many outstanding videos, I’m offering a second “wild card” scholarship. That’s right — another $10,000 spot, though you’ll need to cover flights and hotel, just like the other scholarship. Here’s how it works…

– You cannot have a video that qualified for the semi-finals or finals.

– The YouTube video with the most views wins the “wild card” scholarship. The link and view count must be posted in the comments below by the same deadline of next Thursday at 11pm PST. No exceptions, so don’t wait until last minute.

– The video must have at least 2,500 views to be eligible. If no one reaches this number, no additional spot will be given away.

Enjoy the videos and best of luck to all!


Dustin Patrick

Gonzalo Paternoster

Charles Phillips

Rachman Blake

Maneesh Sethi

Benedict Westenra

Sheila McCarthy

Michael-Scott Earle

Clark Weigand



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191 Replies to “The Finals: Scholarship for Opening the Kimono”

  1. As a 23-year old male who has done a lot of not-much, Charles’s story is pretty inspiring. Really got me interested in 4HWW

  2. Wildcard submission:

    I am entering my video in for the wildcard. As of writing, it has 383 views, far short of the required 2500, and further still from the viewing numbers from some of the other submissions. But please allow me to make my case for winning the wild card slot:

    – My view count is evidence that I don’t have marketing ninja secrets on how to get 40,000 views in 3 nanoseconds. I worked for all of mine the old fashioned way by groveling to my networks. I clearly have the most to learn about promotion and marketing, and would therefore benefit the most from going to the kimono event.

    – As someone who is coming from zero, I won’t let me preconceptions of how to do things get in the way of learning.

    – I am smart and capable, and would make an excellent case study, both during the kimono event and in an ongoing way afterward.

    – As you are modeling the kimono event in part after TED, it is necessary to bring together people of vastly different backgrounds for collaboration. What I lack in my knowledge of marketing I make up for in scientific expertise.

    – Unlike some of the finalists, I REALLY want to go to this event for the knowledge I will gain for my book. I do not want to win this for the sake of promoting myself generally, but to give my book the best chance it deserves.

    – As you can see from my video, I am persistent. I will find some way into the event, but I hope it is this one. 🙂

    Community, please watch my video.

    Tim, please pick me. I will not disappoint.

    1. Holy cow, how did the video make it down to Tennessee?! haha Thanks buddy, much love and thanks!!!

  3. Hello folks,

    This is my WILD CARD submission, 315 views and not counting. Because my views are frozen! I researched this and it happens to loads of people on Youtube, there is confusion over reasons why. It happened twice, so I also lost views when I deleted my video and reposted it. But like I said, I am happy to be here, and grateful to share this experience with you all.

    Pura Vida (yes Tim, I stole your line)!

  4. Howdy ‘Final 9’

    Wow what a fun ride:)

    I’ve got a great idea to share with you. Let’s get together and create a ebook.

    Suggested title…

    ‘LIft the KiIlt, Raise the Sarong, Drop the Lederhosen’

    Lessons learned while a finalist in ‘Open the Kimono’ Scholarship Contest.


    Here are my initial thoughts for an outline of questions we’d answer in detail

    How did you learn about the contest?

    Why did you enter?

    When it came to creating/submitting your entry:

    What did you like?

    What would you do differently next time?

    When it came to promoting the contest/getting votes:

    What did you like?

    What would you do differently next time?

    What are your favorite moments from this experience?

    I’ve been documenting my experience, am happy to share my aha moments, and would love to hear yours.

    So whatdaya say ‘Final 9’? Community? Something you’re interested in?

    Seems like a cool revenue stream and sharing opportunity. Cool like Fonzie.


  5. After watching all these inspiring videos for the first time less than 48 hours ago, I decided to challenge assumptions / impossibilities, and see if I could get a video made in under 48 hours to meet the deadline and share my story…

    Well, thanks to the ‘Wongberman TM’ sleep schedule (which should be in the next update of the 4HB because it actually improves your orgasms- I call them ‘Wongasms’), here’s a video to help inspire others:

    (BTW believe it or not… making vids like this sharing so much about my private life was pushing my comfort zone BIG time because I’m actually a very private person… but that’s exactly why I made it, to challenge myself to share my story)

    As Camilla pointed out above, due to the unfortunate youtube problem with new vid view counts getting stuck when they gain popularity fast ( the public view count at time of posting is inaccurate and still awaiting update. But my insight traffic is showing more than 2,500+ views and climbing and Youtube should hopefully be updating the real numbers soon.

    So for purposes of the wildcard… here’s my entry video from living the 4HWW in one of the 37+ countries I traveled in the last 2 years:

    Views: 51,787

    And… all organic views btw 🙂 I got to do this last year as part of traveling to over 37 countries thanks to living the 4HWW 😉

  6. Hello Movers and Shakers!

    I didn’t make the views, but if you liked my video and want to know a bit more, here’s me:

    The Four Hour Work Week ended up in my hands one day and I didn’t sleep that night. Tim’s book seemed to confirm what I believed to be true, but had forgotten because I was so down in the dumps about my business. I promptly gave up being depressed and I “woke up” to awesome possibilities for my life.

    When I saw Tim’s proposal for a second Wild Card, I immediately thought about offering value. In order to get 2500+ views I needed to create a video people would want to share. I thought: why would someone I don’t know, share a video with me talking about what I want? I needed to make something they would want. It took a while to figure out how to do this. It bothered me a little I wouldn’t be addressing my skills and achievements directly, to show merit for the prize, but then I remembered: “whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”. I wasn’t 100% sure, but I decided to go ahead be intuitive with my little project anyway.

    The text in my video is stuff I learned from Tim that sticks in my mind the most. I focused on the philosophical aspect, instead of techie things. Imagine trying to write metaphors about outsourcing! So I kept it broad for anyone to relate to, but Tim Ferriss fans would get in the “inside jokes”, for lack of a better term.

    Most of the images are my photography with some swiped from Tim’s Facebook and the 4HB trailer, which I’m sure he’ll notice (he, he).

    My goal is to become a leader for designer/entrepreneurs, like myself, who want to collaborate with artisans around the world, making beautiful, ethical products, transforming local economies for the better. I aimed to focus on this at the Kimono event. It’s going to be a funneling of great minds into one enourmous collective Super Mind and everyone is going to leave with a crazy headache but ready to kick ass like never before. I wanted to be part of that.

    Tim, sorry for this long post and for talking about you like you’re not going to read this. It just came out that way. Thank you for enabling these awesome experiences!

    Un abrazo fuerte (I did it again),


    PS – it’s 4am in the UK and I haven’t slept, so there might be typos, sorry.

  7. Alright- longer comment with 2 links awaiting moderation. Posting wild card entry again just in case! 14,602 legit votes (older video that Tim used as an example of a 4hww video- thanks!)

    Lots of additional info in first comment. Just wasn’t sure with 2 links, it would get approved in the next 2 hours prior to deadline! (if it is approved in time, disregard this duplicate!)

    Thanks for the opportunity!


    3,005 Views – Thursday, 10:53pm PST

    Backstory: After reading the 4HWW I invented the Electric Car Challenge. Tesla Motors completed the challenge in January of 2010. I recorded a home video documenting their arrival in Chicago having driven from LA using only electricity. Tesla ended up featuring the video in their monthly email newsletter which is how it got 3,005 views.


  9. I voted for Charles, against my better judgement (I’d make a rubbish Samurai).

    Best of luck!


  10. Holy crap guys! I know it doesn’t matter now, but my views jumped up to 1618, when I went to bed they were stuck at 315, I knew people were watching the video because I was getting the most amazing comments on Twitter and Facebook. This is really exciting. I want to do another one!

  11. Benedict,

    You’re easily the coolest cat in this contest. You’re honest, AND a nice guy…it’s admirable. I guess in English English you would say, “Benedict is the dog’s bollocks.” hahaha

    I’ll be reaching out to you, so keep your eyes peeled. 😀

    Toodle pip! hahaha

    1. Hehe, I’ve never been described as that before! I wouldn’t use that expression in polite company if you’re ever in England, but than you all the same. 😉

  12. Is that opening photo Aminishiki vs. Asashoryu? Takes me right back to when I was in Japan… good sumo, good times!

  13. Hey, wazup! Are gonna share anything learn at this course/workhop? Would love to hear about the experience and have some tips shared too!



  14. Well Done Sheila, should of known an irish woman would win. Come back here we need lots of people like you. Please update us after the event. Enjoy it.

    Slan Leat, Gary

  15. Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal , there is no secure direction ; without direction , there is no life .( Leo Tolstoy , Russian writer)

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