Opening the Kimono® Event

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The most frequent question I get is:

“How did you hit #1 on The New York Times bestseller list?”

Historically, I’ve answered with “That’s a long, long story.” If pressed further, I would explain that I couldn’t go into the details until I hit #1 a second time. Alas, in publishing and in life: once you’re lucky, twice you’re good.

Now, I can finally share the inside baseball of all I’ve learned (and witnessed) over the last five years.

For the first time, I’ll be deconstructing the biggest hits in publishing, including the preparation and execution of launches for my two books, both of which hit #1 New York Times:

The 4-Hour Workweek… (published April 2007)

#1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 BusinessWeek

Called “The most surprising self-help hit of the decade” by Men’s Journal

More than 1,000,000 hardcovers sold in the US alone

Nearly four years unbroken on the New York Times Business Bestseller List

Sold in 35 languages, 60+ printings

An Amazon Top-10 Reader Favorite of 2007

AdAge “Best Product Launch for 2007”

Digital sales: 4.8% of total units

Advance paid: < $100,000 (signed before publication)

The media were kind in 2007, with quotes like “best self-promoter of all time” (Wired) and “branding wunderkind” (FastCompany).

But it wasn’t me. Not at all. It was due to process. To wit, the 2010 release of The 4-Hour Body:

The 4-Hour Body… (published December 2010)

Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller, #1 six out of the first eight weeks

Nearly 500,000 books sold in the first four months

Selling at FIVE times the rate of The 4-Hour Workweek

The #1 most-highlighted book of all time on Amazon (screenshot here)

[Note: The 4-Hour Workweek is currently #5, just below the Bible]

First business author to jump non-fiction categories and create another instant #1 hit

Digital sales: 30% of total units, 90%+ of which is Kindle

Advance paid (largely based on the proposal’s marketing plan): $2,000,000+

For the first time, I’m going to explain how my team did it all, ranging from flexible first principles and guidelines, to trench warfare and exact wording in pitches and partnership proposals.

It will be covered in a single seminar —


Repeat Engineering of #1 — The Future of Book and Content Marketing

Dates: August 19 – 21, 2011

Location: California wine country, confidential retreat location. Details sent upon sign-up.

Available spots: Limited to 200 people.

Policies: No media coverage, no Twitter, Facebook, or other coverage of the event, and no recording whatsoever.

Who is it for?

Authors — Increase both advances and bestseller probabilities

Publishers/Agencies — Know which authors to bet on, sign bigger authors or win auctions, and increase your homerun ratio

PR/Marketing Professionals — Attract and retain the best clients who believe digital execution is the future

Anyone who wants to compete with (and learn from) the newest generations of whiz kids, rather than be defeated by them.

This seminar is not about buying your way onto the lists or the latest social media fads, though we’ll explain how people do the former. This seminar is a roadmap for the rarest of recipes: a repeatable and ethical content-creation and launch process that will put your product at the top and keep it at the top.

In sum: We’ll cover all of the most important lessons I’ve learned (and witnessed) over the last five years — and discover how to find elegance in the chaos.

The experience will include exact details of:

  • Building marketing into content creation, and the value of working backwards
  • First principles and overarching strategies in a digital world: the core of testing
  • Timing of PR and phased outreach — exact calendars and e-mails
  • How to build a high-traffic blog in minimal time, plus fatal mistakes
  • Borrowing approaches from movies, and the art of the calculated tease
  • How and when to use pre-sales (almost no one gets this right)
  • Tools and tricks for project management without micro-management
  • Secrets of the “Lean Launch” model
  • Review copies and advanced copies — viral approaches
  • Uses and misuses of Twitter and Facebook (I’m an investor in both)
  • How to test high-leverage contrarian approaches without betting the farm
  • How to combine offline with online, and when not to
  • Dozens of real-world case studies
  • Special guests seldom or never seen in the book world
  • Much, much more…

It will also include fine wine, extensive Q&A opportunities to address your specific situations/challenges, high-level networking, and, of course, the beauty and wonder of wine country.

Once this event is sold-out, it is sold-out.

Cost: $10,000

Just like TED and similar high-end events, flights and hotel are not included, but numerous surprise goodies will be provided on-site.


To sign-up for one of the 200 spots, please fill out this form. If you are new to this blog and are wondering — who the hell is this guy? — here is a short bio.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a glass of Malbec. This will be an event to remember.


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271 Replies to “Opening the Kimono® Event”

  1. Tim,

    One more thing… I submitted awhile back my story for the muse, if you ever want me to write about how I created a monthly workout DVD program that brings in $5,000-$10,000 per month, just let me know.

  2. What’s up with all the people hating on Tim making money and charging for his material? He worked hard for it; he earned this success. No one can say he hasn’t been extremely generous with this time and material in the past. And he’ll *continue* being extremely generous in this seminar, I’m sure, for all those who attend.

    I’m shocked at all those who have the idea that someone should give *all* their material away without anything in return? How would you feel if your boss/customers/clients expected to put your heart and soul into some work without providing you anything in return?

    I’ve noticed an inverse correlation between your spite for other people earning money fairly through business, and the chances you will earn money in your own life.

    The more you see it as “greedy” that people who have value to give want to get rewarded for their value, the more likely you have subtle connotations in your own mind that *you* getting rewarded handsomely for the value you give would mean *you* are greedy–and so you will always find ways to sabotage your earning if you have that mindset, as no one wants to think of themselves as greedy.

    As for making this seminar prohibitively expensive for a lot of people, and having an NDA, and not putting the material on the blog, Tim said it all in one of the comments: “There are no plans for this seminar’s content to be put on the blog, primarily because the content is a huge competitive advantage.”

    Like a lot of marketing strategy, I’m sure Tim’s material (while totally ethical) loses value once everyone does it. If he put it for free (or cheap) on his blog, and everyone and their mother started doing it, then *no one* would benefit from it.

    If no one in the world knew how to advertise, and Tim had a super-private retreat teaching you about how to make a simple advertisement, then having a simple advertisement would be a huge competitive advantage. Now that every square inch of our lives is saturated with ads, it’s not. Get it? I’m sure that whatever he’s going to teach will be analogous to advertising in a land in which know one else advertises–fresh pastures. Turning it into a free virtual event kills the fresh pastures.

    I’m amazed at how many people are saying “I don’t have the money.” All of the people saying that earn much more than $7K per year. What you really mean when you’re saying that is, “This is not a priority for me relative to other things I could be doing with the money.” Which is fine, but just be honest about it. If it’s really a priority for you to get this material, you’ll find a way to earn the money for it. C’mon folks, you’re all resourceful–is there any more resourceful bunch than the readers of Tim’s blog?

    Most people have no problem with the idea of putting $7K into a 401(k) and letting a bunch companies they don’t even know the name of use the money for who-knows-what purpose. Why all the resistance to making an investment in *yourself*? Friends, it’s called an investment. If you truly believe this material is what you need for your professional/career/business development, you’ll commit to making it happen. You can do it. You can find a way. It will surely have a much higher ROI than an equivalent investment in stocks, bonds or real estate, for most people who will be taking it.

    1. Very well said. I will not be attending because I have allocated resources (time & money) to other projects that just can’t be sidelined so that I can attend this event.

      I get so tired of people criticizing experts for charging for intellectual property when it is something truly unique. With all the free stuff that Tim gives away and sells very inexpensively through his books, you can bet that this event will WAY over-deliver for those that choose to attend.

      I, for one, hope and pray that he is videoing everything and that it comes out on DVD at some point for around $1k-$2k so that I can participate in helping Tim make another $2mil or so! 🙂

    2. Love love love this comment! Thanks Michael for putting so eloquently into words what I was feeling.

      Keep rolling Tim!

    3. WOW–so well said Michael. I second your comment for sure!

      Upon reading Paul C’s comment, I’d like to share a short list of things that Tim’s inspired for me:

      1. Negotiated myself out of a corporate position (with severance), negotiated sale of home “in this market,” sold 3/4 of personal belongings and moved across the country (within a 9 month timeframe).

      2. Started a company, worked with a manufacturer overseas to design and produce high-end, niche product.

      3. Within first 6 months of launch, gained international coverage on multiple industry media (and blog) sites and print magazines FOR FREE.

      3. Placed product into the hands of highly visible celebrities.

      4. Reached out to 4 heroes (with response–Tim this includes you).

      5. Used L-Glutamine as discussed in 4HB to eliminate digestive issues.

      That’s just off the top of my head.

      I’ve gained so much value from Tim and his books, there’s no doubt in my mind that the seminar’s worth is exponentially greater than the cost.

      It was a tough call for me to decide that right now other priorities take financial precedence over attending, but I’m excited for those that will be there!

      All the best,


    4. Michael, your reply resonates with me tremendously. I am now only waking up from such a state of mind as I only realized a few weeks ago what business is about – and that IS competition. It’s a game, and it’s only to us how fair we want to play it – how ethical we feel about it.

      I’ve read and re-read the book a number of times, always gravitating towards the muse creation section.

      I can’t attend this seminar due to lack of money, and in the past I would have thought – if I could afford such a seminar I wouldn’t go be cause if I have the money then I am well of right…? not really my line of thought now.

      Best of luck to you.


    5. Man, well done! I can’t agree more. This entitlement attitude is everywhere and it drives me nuts.There is nothing more to add because your comment says it all.

    6. I am in total agreement with Michael. Tim has been really fair with providing a lot of extra free info outside of his books – and it is surprising to me how many people are unhappy about the price or the way he set up the program to the exclusive few.

      This is cheap compared to the Maui Millionaire program – that costs you $30K for a weekend.

      So if you are unhappy about…

      A) Not having the money right now- why not let it motivate you, make that a goal to create a muse and create enough money to attend if he ever does another event.


      B) That he is not giving you the information for free – well he is just practicing what he preaches – he doesn’t tell you to create a muse and give it away for free.


      C) That he is limiting it to 200 people – well that was probably strategic – by making it smaller – more intimate – you will have a better networking and learning experience

      Take lemons and make them lemonade my friends!

      I live in the bay area, but currently, I don’t have the money right now to do it, but I have been working diligently in my personal time to create a program to sell and fulfill online. My money right now is going to setting up the website and an LLC and more. But I do plan on making enough money to attend if he ever does this again.

      And I fully intend to once my muse is up and running and I am profitable to use some of the profits to pay for and attend Tim’s event – if he other does it again. And here is the best part – since I am doing this within my business for the benefit of my business- I can write off the trip 🙂

      I mean this with all my heart, I am really grateful that he published the 4HWW. He gave a lot of info that has been key helping me believe, and actually take action on setting up a muse I am excited about.

      Congratulations Tim.. for following your passion and helping others to make their dreams come true! I look forward to meeting you in the future so I can shake your hand and buy you a drink!

  3. For the first time, Tim, I’ve found you (actually, this blogpost) to be a

    disappointing tease. The irony is further underscored by its title “opening

    the kimono and baring it all.” Why give us the Eliot Spitzer treatment with your

    “open your wallet wide, then I’ll share EVERYTHING?!”

    Next time, just write another great book, please. I’ll buy that.

  4. Tim,

    You seriously need to put an entire ascension + continuity model going. Right now you only have a book and a super high end seminar. You are missing out on a huge stack of cash. 3 things are missing: 4 Hour Monthly ($97/month+, premium content, 1 tele-seminar a month), The 4 Hour Workweek Video Course ($497+, includes screen capture videos of how you put it all together), and The 4 Hour Workweek Coaching Program ($997+). Think about it. We ALL have our wallets out here. Look up Dan Kennedy.

  5. I wish I could afford it.

    I’m surprised people are surprised about the complaints on pricing.

    Hello, slow economy recovery?

    I hope you will offer it again, I might be able to swing it at a future date.


  6. Awesome idea, I just filled out my form, but this is definitely underpriced…stop selling yourself short man, I wish you’d get some self confidence already 🙂


    1. haha, ya man you gotta brush him up a bit to develop self-esteem.

      Enjoy the awesome seminar and hope to see future successes on this blog as well.

      ps. Underpriced indeed…his book launches and self-branding is truly brilliant

  7. Tim,

    Sounds like a fun weekend talking about stuff you love with committed people! I’m happy you offered this up to your community, because I’m sure you could have sent out a few e-mails and filled seats without a problem.

    Now, I just have to go back and read your book again, so I can be successful enough people will want to pay $7000 to listen to me!

    All the best.


    PS I was surprised too people were uptight about the price, but glad to hear others chime about the value and excited people have already signed up.

  8. Tim-

    I’m in total agreement with some of the other comments in this thread in regards to value vs. cost. You have every right to ask what you deem is fair for your time, your information, your expertise and your experience. What I’d like to ask some of the “unlikers” would be: what would you pay to learn a set of skills that could potentially change your life? What would you pay for the knowledge and the networking opportunities and the chance to rub elbows with people that you want to model?

    I had my application in this morning, even though I’m not currently earning income (but do have some saved) and I have to say, I’d be willing to pay double for this opportunity. I’d much rather invest that money in my education and my ability to make a better a life for myself than to dump it into some iShares funds or the Singapore ETF. To me, there’s no comparison on that value.

    Keep up the great work, Tim. And don’t let the “unlikers” get you down.


  9. Tim,

    Or more likely, a member of Tim’s “Team”,

    This is bullshit. But, you know that. The admiration that I developed for

    you after reading the 4-hour body has just been whisked away by this

    incredibly dishonest invitation to be fleeced. What a prick. I know that

    you and all the other poor losers that can afford to part w/ $7000 – $10000

    will be…together. You deserve each other. I look forward to the “4-hour

    soul”, the follow on best seller in which you reveal the secret to getting

    back your integrity back.–John

    1. Seems disproportionately harsh, after giving away free content for 4 years and selling two books for less than $20 a piece.

    2. Wow….I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but a little perspective could be warranted here.

      Money is what value people place on it.

      If $7k to $10k is not a good value for you then, that makes sense for whatever reason. I have to say that Tim’s work is worth far more than the value of the money for this event.

      I have a real life example of tim’s work in action:

      I have helped / inspired/motivated to get 12 friends onto the SCD diet. The cumulative life style change/ weight loss / energy gain & increased friendship (were are closer than ever) is PRICELESS.

      If the journey that my friends and I was explained to them and the results explained….they would have gladly of pitched in BIG $$$$$. What did they pitch in…..$20 for a book, that some have them haven’t even read, but follow the diet religiously.

      The value is what you make of it, if you can afford the value then you do it, if you can’t no big deal… doesn’t make Tim out to be some prick or villain. He is providing a valuable service and is being compensated for those services. Will it be worth it? His track record says it will. I hope my application is accepted.

  10. I am here scheming of LEGAL ways to get my hands on some cash to attend this event. I have learned more with your book than I did at my private college. I still have $30,000 in student loans.

    DUDE what about payment plans? or a kidney? I really want to attend and I KNOW I will benefit from this. Help a girl out!

    Also this is kinda odd but I have to ask, I have an exclusively breast fed newborn, she basically eats and sleeps most of the day, would I be able to attend carrying her? (think Mei tais and slings…knocks her out.)

  11. Tim,

    Did I see you in a teaser for the upcoming season of Svetlana?! It sure looked like you…and very funny, too! If it is you…you’ve just added adult humorist to your long list of greatness!

    Thanks for the laugh.


  12. I might be wront but I believe those prices were put that high to intimidate people with no ambicious, to sort the wheat from the chaff, somehow when I read the seminar proposal the story about the college students that had to contact a famous person popped up in my mind, they mostly gave up before even trying.

  13. I just finished writing my first ebook but no sales yet. I would eventually like to write a “real book” as you did.

  14. OMG. Just sent my application.

    Very excited and hope to pass the Ferriss gauntlet.

    Sleep until confirmation? Not so much. ha-ha

    p.s. I’m not rich, people. I must travel from Germany…TOTALLY worth it.

    :::happy hopeful snoopy dance:::

  15. Tim,

    Great post and thank you for all of the info you’ve provided over the years in both paid and free formats. You’ve been an inspiration in so many ways to so many people.

    Just as a point of reference for all the “7-10k is too much/discount/contest” crowd, I attended a 3-day software training seminar given by two “experts” that had never been published, had no name recognition and were basically only a few steps ahead of the attendees in true knowledge. The price? $3500.00!

    7-10k for the chance to learn at the feet of a proven thought leader with 200 other like-minded people for 3 days in San Fran is a such a bargain that it is almost stupid. If I had the $$$ I’d be there in a heartbeat and would gladly pay it.

    Thanks again Tim for everything and I look forward to hearing about how the event goes!

    All the best,


  16. I’m coming to this. I have no idea how, but I’ll get the $ and come for freakin’ sure. How could I not?!

    Love it.

    Well done Tim. I think I’ve personally helped sell at least 20 of your books already just through conversations with friends.



    PS) Do you know if any movie-makers have taken on the 4HWW challenge? I’m a producer & trying to get all of my staff on board with it, but it would really help if others have blazed that trail already. Please let me know if you know of any. Thanks!

    1. Victoria

      Gandi is quoted as saying “Be the change you want in the world”.

      As a person who wants to produce as well you already blazing a path for others to follow. In a way your doing for film what time did with his book. Your showing a different way, a contrarian position to make a film. You inspiring me to put in the 4HWW to my own project.

      Leonard Irwin

      Kingston Ontario

  17. Life is good, but the money is right (lol). The signup price is way too high. Maybe ill be able to afford it when my blog gets off the ground. 😉

  18. Any chance you’re going to record this and release the DVD’s at a later date?

    That would be goodness to the 1000th degree!

  19. Hi Tim,

    I keep thinking that you’ve done the final ‘big reveal’ what with the book launch, crazy giveaway then in-depth post-launch blog posts. You go away for a while and I presume that you’re having a well earned rest, then you pull your next move outa the bag! You’re the Derren Brown of marketing. No doubt there’s always something else up your sleeve.

    I think you’re pitching at the right level here. I actually guessed the price before I read. (I guessed $10k flat) The entry price is going to give you the type of audience that will really benefit from the insight you have to give.

    I think it would be interesting to gather a list of attendees and their ventures so maybe a year or so down the line we can see what impact your seminar has had! May make a cool series of blog posts in a year or so, listing the ways others have applied your advice showing just how repeatable your formula is. Just so we can keep an eye on those that have learned from you.

    I’d certainly attend this if I could. However I’ve already spent the equivalent of $3000 this year on my ticket to this years Do Lectures, I think that’s my lot for this year. So I’ll have to forfeit the 3 days in California for my 3 days in (hopefully) sunny Wales.

    No matter what people say, if they REALLY want to attend they would find a way. It would be VERY intriguing to have an extra place awarded as part of a competition though – not in a ‘freebie’ kind of way, it would have to go to someone who has earned their place 10x over.

    I think the competition tasks would have to be of such a level that it would be unprecedented. Everyone would be interested to see what you would come up with on that front.

    Hope everyone who gets to attend has an inspiring time!

  20. Tim,

    Just submitted and ap to the seminar!

    Thanks for screening Bigger, Stronger, Faster. I had a blast. One of the nights many highlights was the following conversation:

    [I walk up to Smelly]

    Me: Dude. Can punch you in the pec?

    Smelly: (laughs) Go for it.

    Me: *punch*

    Smellys Pec: rraawwrr YOUR FIST IS MINE!

    No exaggeration, this guy’s pec enveloped my fist. 3 inches of it. No wonder he can bench 700.

    Btw Smelly, and Chris, if you’re reading this, you guys rocked!

    Thanks again Tim =)

  21. Tim,

    It is 3:43 AM, and I have been sleeping for 5 hours, but not really sleeping. I keep feeling the need to provide one scholarship to your event.

    I signed up a couple days ago and can’t wait to go.

    I am 27 years old and have been very blessed financially over the 4 years since I finished college. Looking back at college, I was able to attend one of the best colleges because of various scholarships and grants that the government and private grants provided. I grew up in a 1000 square foot trailer home with 6 people, and while I had tons of love shown to me through my parents, we lacked much money at all.

    I believe the information you will share is far greater than any college education, to the right person who will apply the teachings.

    So I would like to scholarship the $7,000 to someone who needs it, and someone who we believe will apply it and not waste it.

    If you want to do some sort of essay type thing, or any other way you deem fit, I will leave that up to you.

    You know how to contact me.

    Let me know if you would like to move forward with this.



    1. Hey Dustin,

      That’s very generous of you, that’s the kind of spirit we need! How do we get to apply to this generous scholarship?

  22. Tim,

    as a #2 Amazon best-selling author… there are few things in the world that excite me more than getting to that coveted #1 spot with my next book.

    Thanks for the opportunity, I applied right away !

    See you in San Francisco,


  23. Tim:

    Like many other commenters so far, I’m tapped out as far as meeting your ticket price due to the cash outflow of growing my existing business, which was built entirely 4HWW style after walking out on my day job last October, cold turkey.

    However, also in the nature of 4HWW, I’d like to make you a proposal:

    1). $2,000 cash, up front

    2). 50% of the royalties on sales of the book that would come from this (which is already 3/4 written, actually)

    3). A two week trip to anywhere in the world you want, on me, twelve months from now.

    What do say? 🙂


  24. Truly happy for you and your 200 guests, I’m sure it’s worth every penny and you’ll all have a lot of fun.

    “Give in abundance in order to receive in abundance,” eh?

    If I were to take a wild guess about the potential for a book: My guess is that Tim simply doesn’t want to write a book on this topic – a lot of it is ‘dry’ grunt-work – he just had to figure it out to succeed in hitting #1. Obviously his method works. And that’s awesome. But I think he’d rather share this in a more engaging setting (in the flesh, at a workshop) than put pen to paper and read manuscript after manuscript for another year.

  25. For those of you who can’t afford it, take a few days and deconstruct Tim’s approach and you’ll figure it out. It’s not like Tim landed from another planet with some alien secrets. It’s all there, it’s straight-forward, he’s talked and written a lot about it.

    I think Tim would be the first to admit that nothing of what he did was something that you can’t do yourself. It’s 10k to get the process handed to you on a plate.

    If there’s any secret here it’s stop trying to learn secrets. Start doing, make mistakes, learn, adjust, keep going. You can’t bypass the process. You have to start doing and the pieces will fall into place.

    If you’re in the desert selling water to thirsty people, do you think you’ll have customers?

    1. LOL… I have known that feeling well. Thank you for the comment. Lots more free content on the blog coming…

  26. How come not one negative comment here?

    I’ve enjoyed your books tremendously, but I can’t possibly think that spending 8 – 10K will get people the same success you’ve reached.

    But you’re selling the dream which iis worth something.

  27. You expect people to pay $10,000 for this? I’m a big fan, Tim, but part of your draw is your ability to bring people and projects together on a shoestring budget.

  28. Unbelievable.

    Firstly, I must say – there are some heavy hitters on this blog and I am humbled alone at the amount of wisdom that can be found in the comments section.

    Now, I credit the success of the business I have now, in part, due to Tim’s insights and openess (I would be behind a desk somewhere if I hadn’t picked up a copy of his first book). I am certain most of you feel the same way so simply add up that percentage of what you do that has been effected in some way by Tim and you have the actual value of this.

    As someone who is very familiar with the style and work of Tim, I can without a doubt say the amount of value to be delivered at this seminar is going to be astronomical. The value of what he gives away for free cannot be tabulated so the information presented in this seminar (not to mention the value of the information to be shared amongst the other attendees – because remember now: the people going are serious about what they do) is certainly worth in excess of $1,000,000+

    I am making it a goal of mine to come up with the money to attend this event as I am well aware I will make triple the investment in return.

  29. Hey Tim,

    Unfortunately, I wont be able to attend this event since I wont be available at the place within the requested time-period to attend the seminar. But, would surely join in the next time(if so) you come up with this event.

    I have gone through Brendan Burchard’s Experts Academy Coaching and it has been very useful.

    I have been working on creating several information products lately. And will surely be getting into publishing books very soon. Your insights would really be useful and will make a lot of difference to people who would be applying the information you would be providing.

    Best of luck to all the people who would be attending this event.

    Its worth every penny investing into this seminar. Tim, is the only of his kind on this entire planet.

    Also wanted to ask, if you will be documenting this whole seminar by recording it and is there any chance you might be selling this seminar at a comparable price? If so, I would be the first one to buy it.

    It would be great for those who are not able to attend this seminar but can get the benefit of it, by getting access to the content.

    Just a tip.

    Best of luck!

    Abhinav Gulyani

  30. Tim,

    Hats off to you for offering such a premium program!

    It’s clear that you’re going to have a massively positive impact on those 200 people who will be in position to greatly benefit from this seminar you’re doing.


    – Jeff

  31. Hello Mr. Ferriss!

    My name is Phyllis and I am a huge fan. I recommend your books to biz acquaintances and friends. I am also the founder and organizer of Women Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area. There are over 470 members in my group and we would LOVE to have you come and speak to the group.

    So, what will it take to get you to come and speak? I couldn’t find any information on your website. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Warmest regards,

    Phyllis Garland

    1. Hi Phyllis- Best person to contact is Amy (amy AT She can help you out!

      – Charlie

  32. First, I would just like to say thank you. For the first time I have found an eating plan that works for me. Lost 10 lbs in just under 3 weeks. Maybe 10 more at the most before summer will be a snap!

    What I would really love to know and/or see: if not a contest for the best written reason why someone should win a ticket to the seminar then perhaps just one lucky person could be drawn. What about selling a raffle ticket? You could probably get 3500 people to by a $2 ticket for a chance to win….

    Anyway, just typing out loud…

  33. Hey Tim.

    Just a thought: Given declining typical advances, this is clearly out of reach for most authors, aspiring and otherwise–why not offer a few wildcard slots, random-draw or some type of idea or writing competition?


  34. Hi Tim,

    Read 4 hour body and loved it. Aged 41 and previous ATP Tour Tennis Pro. Played Wimbledon 5 times etc but over pro career did alot of damage to body. Always wanted to run the London Marathon but was concerned about long road distances / damage to knees and calves etc. (also have two wee boys 8 and 4 and a busy family life!) Followed your 12 week plan closely and ran a 3hr and 37 mins marathon yesterday. Suspension was great and felt strong. Its not even 24 hrs after the race and I about to hit the gym for some strength work. Also did BodPod in W1 London pre race and have a great baseline of 11.9% Body Fat pre training and will be 10% by May 27 ( my next measurement date.) Paretto and Parkinsons every day in every way. Thanks for sharing your methods. Ross

    1. Wow – congratulations, Ross! That’s fantastic! Perhaps we should hit the courts sometime. It’d be great to get destroyed by a master tennis player 🙂

  35. Hi Tim,

    skip the Californian wine country and host it here in Cape Town!

    I would like to attend but my muse has not kissed me with such intensity … yet!

    Warm regards from South Africa


  36. Tim, buddy, I wish I had the extra dough. This will be an immense event. If you can afford it, you can’t afford to miss it. Fuckin Catalina wine mixer.

  37. Nothing to do with this post, but I figured this is the best way to get this seen by you.

    –It JUST occurred to me: You’re on steroids.

    You’re on something. I was watching Bigger Faster Stronger last night and I remembered reading something where you had your sperm preserved “just in case.” You being as smart as you are, you probably had them preserved because of the negative side effects of steroids (or anything else you put in your body) on your reproductive system. Before you got into anything or started taking something that could alter the quality of your sperm, you had them preserved.


    1. Haha… not currently. As described in the book, I did use low-dose anabolics with medical supervision post-surgery. No secret there, as it’s written in 4HB.

      The sperm doubling, etc. had little to do with the cocktail. All blood markers and otherwise were equivalent before/after the cycle.



  38. PROBLEM: Tim (or who it may concern):

    Filled out the form for Opening The Kimono and had the ERROR: “Sorry, but this form is limited to one submission per user. ” I have not filled out this form before. Would hate to miss out of this opportunity because of a glitch. Please let me know how I can get my application in to you. Have attempted to send the form multiple times today, please let me know if it did go through or if there is an alternate route of contact.

    Thank you for your help.


    1. Hi Shari- Someone on your same IP may have filled it out. I just lifted this setting, so you should be able to fill it out now. Sorry about the confusion!

      – Charlie

  39. Hey,

    So if we submitted a form last week and have not heard back yet, we should assume we did not make the cut?


    1. Hi Doug- No, not at all. We received a lot of applications. We’re still going through them!

      – Charlie

      1. Hi Charlie, I have submitted too, probably among the first ones (I hope:). When are you, guys, going to confirm the attendence? What is your deadline? I guess that first comes first gets rule applies on this one…..

  40. Even if the attendees did not reveal the information to the outside world, at the end of the course, we would have 200 +1 (Tim himself) competing with each for the number one best seller slot. 🙂

    Also, the resources that Tim would share may not be able to accomodate 201 competitors (maybe a particular TV show, a book agent or other).

    Plus it would be highly probable that the attendees (all book writers) would, after the seminar paraphrase the entire training and add their own insights and therefore generally conform with Tim’s NDA (non disclosure agreement)and still manage to make a quick buck by selling these concepts, ideas more cheaply.

    All in all, $10000 would not be exactly worth it. If we just sit tight, all these secrets would trickle out eventually in one form or the other to the general public. 🙂

  41. Hi Charlie(..and Tim!)

    I must admit I am a bit anxious about the “going through the applications” concept.

    Does that mean that even though I seriously and with ernest intent submitted my application within the first week, that someone can “beat” me for a seat later?

    Is this first come-first served or whomever is deemed most deserving?

    Inquiring minds(all of mine) want to know!

    Plus, for someone who is SO not an email person, I am *sick* of checking my stupid email for a confirmation. The anticipation is f’n KILLING me. 😛

  42. Hi Charlie,

    ball park figure, when should we expect a response by? I have been biting my nails in anticipation

  43. Hey Tim or Charlie –

    Any chance you can highlight comment posts from Charlie (and guest authors) like Tim’s posts? There are 200+ comments and I almost missed Charlie’s posts because I was scanning for the “official” highlighting.



      1. Heya,

        It took me a while, but I figured out how to do it in wordpress and got it working on my site. I was hoping there was an elegant solution using a simple plugin or something, but the only way I could get it to work is by changing the Theme Functions (functions.php) and Stylesheet (styles.css) directly. It’s not hard to make the change, but every wordpress theme is different, so it has to be custom modified. If you have Charlie (or whoever) email me those two files (you can find them in your blog dashboard’s Appearance -> Editor screen), I’ll make the changes and send them back to you with instructions. Email me if you have any questions.



  44. Tim, you capitalist bastard!

    While one can’t buy their way to the top, apparently that’s what it takes to get into your heart-wrenchingly amazing event.

    Give the little guys a chance 🙂

  45. To all asking: we’re going through the applications now. It’ll probably be next week when we get back to folks. LOTS of applications, and I take this event and its attendees seriously, so I’m not going to rush it, but I am on it!

    Thanks again to all, and have a wonderful week!


    1. Hi Tim,

      first of all, 2 great books!

      2nd: I filled out my application, and while I wouldn’t qualify in the finance department right now, I decided to put on 3 seminars to raise the money, so please consider taking me in despite the non quali right now!



  46. I live in the California wine country, and probably quite close to the vicinity of your retreat. I just want to know where you people are going to go out for dinner so I can get an adjacent table and eavesdrop on you and all the heavy hitters you bring.

    1. To everyone attending-

      Have a great time at the event! Someone please let me know ahead of time where the next one is so I can quickly apply to work there as a sneaky cocktail waitress.

      Or I will wait until I can afford it. Either way: TIM come to Monterey!


  47. Did someone say Product Launch?

    1. Hold an exclusive, high-end event.

    2. Record the event.

    3. Package event into modularized and easily digestible information.

    4. Market and distribute said information via Internet Marketing at a later date for ultra-high ROI.

    Touché, Tim Ferriss, touché…

    Ron Reed

  48. Tim,

    Last summer I began a diet called 80/10/10 RV, which is a raw/vegan diet where you get 80% of your calories from carbs, 10% from fat and 10% from protein.

    I learned about it from the blog of ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes who had met a “fruitarian” named Michael Arnstein at a race. At first blush I thought this guy’s diet was crazy, but I couldn’t ignore the results he was having. I was also having other personal issues that I won’t get into and was ready for a big change. So, I bought the book and started the diet on August 1, 2010, and weighed in at 198 pounds and 23% bodyfat. On August 8th I was 184 pounds. By mid-September I was down to 172 pounds and 8.9% bodyfat. I experienced boundless energy and, on a physical level, my run performance went from having a best mile time of 7:45 in the end of July to pacing in a half-marathon at 7:30 on September 19th.

    One of the side-effects I experienced while on this diet (aside from everyone in my life thinking I was insane when I’d sit down with 10 bananas for lunch) was that I was perpetually freezing-cold. I couldn’t warm up to save my life. After reading your book, it got me thinking about whether or not this diet was a way of inducing the cold exposure weight loss methods you talk about…could this also be why I lost so much weight so quickly?

    I committed to doing the diet for 3 months and in early November I went to see the doc to see how this diet affected me on a blood-level. To my surprise my doctor said everything was great, and all of my tests came back better than the previous year. Based on this along with feeling really good, I decided to stay with the diet indefinitely, but only lasted through the New Year since fruit in the winter here in NY is pretty slim-pickings and expensive.

    I have since transitioned to the slow-carb diet, but definitely don’t have the energy I had on this diet. I’ve gained 5 pounds back, but am still enjoying being lean.

    My question to you is whether or not you had ever come across this diet in your travels, and if so, have you considered trying it? I’d be interested to see the results of a glucose meter on this diet as well as to see what the long-term dangers are. I miss the energy levels I had with this diet, but am hesitant to go back to it.

    Anyway, thank you for writing your books…they’ve done a lot to help me personally and professionally.


    Rich Y.

    1. @Rich Y.,

      Did Tim ever reply to your question regarding the 80/10/10 diet? I myself just posted this to the blog board:

      Tim Ferris promotes a Primarily Plant Based Diet (PPBD), yet one which follows the principals of the Slow Carb Diet (SCD). Can anyone please give me some quality information or advice on following a low fat vegan diet, as promoted in the book 80/10/10? Please read the below before replying.

      The Four Hour Body is my absolute fitness and nutrition BIBLE. I followed Tim’s SCD plan back in February 2011, and in just 6 weeks dropped from 123 lbs to 116 lbs, went from 19.1% body fat to 15.9% body fat, and gained 2 lbs of lean muscle on a 5’4” frame (verified by hydrostatic body fat analysis), complete with massive binge days on the weekend. The only deviation I did from the diet was that I still ate dairy (low fat cottage cheese and fat free Greek yogurt, only). I still had amazing results. So amazing, in fact, that my body freaked out, and I didn’t have a menstrual cycle for the next 10 months (pretty scary for a 29 year old, childless, career woman who wants to stay fertile for future family planning). So after the 4th month of eating on the SCD, I started looking for another diet that would mimic the principals of the SCD diet, but allow me to put on some body fat.

      For a civilian (aka my profession is the furthest thing from fitness/nutrition), I have a pretty insatiable desire to learn about and experience all things diet and fitness. After the SCD proved to be a success, I switched to a gluten free diet, a Paleo/Primal diet, Jillian Michael’s diet plan, and have not been loosely following 80/10/10 for 4 weeks – all while varying my workouts to compliment the diets (aka Cross Fit style with Paleo/Primal and P90x type workouts with Jillian Michaels). Simply eating Gluten Free was a bust as it was not restrictive enough; I got pretty fat from all the overt fats in the Primal diet; and my body didn’t go any direction on Jillian Michael’s plan. I then came across Dr. Douglas Graham’s book 80/10/10 and the info in it really clicked for me, so I decided to follow it for a three month trial.

      The 80/10/10 diet is centered on eating a lot of calorie dense fruits for each meal and then supplementing dinner with a large serving of raw vegetables and greens. The key principals are to eat high carb, low fat, and keep your calories consumed to a ratio of 80% carbs, 10% protein, and 10% fat. According to Graham, this ratio is more than enough to sustain even an Olympic athlete. However, I feel this diet is best suited for endurance athletes, and not so much for heavy body builders or those looking to build a lot of mass. Regardless, this diet was designed to support health foremost and athletic performance, and not a person’s muscular physique. The key take away is that sugar is not the enemy, AS LONG AS it comes from fruit AND as long as it is consumed as party of a low fat diet, because it’s the addition of fat into the diet that slows down the digestion of fruit and the metabolism of sugar, which in turn leads to spikes in insulin levels, fat storage, and decreased fat burning.

      Can anyone give objective advice on this diet? If not, I hope to in the very near future. Prior to starting the 80/10/10 diet, I got my body fat tested through hydrostatic testing and came in at 121lbs, 17% body fat, with 103.5 lbs of lean body mass. I am currently at the start of week 5 and planned to get dunked this week and somewhere around week 10-12. However, if anyone thinks there’s absolute reason to stop now, please let me know. Additionally, my workouts for this diet program is: 3 days a week of heavy weight/low rep training, 1 day a week of HIIT training, 1 day a week of endurance training, and 1-2 days a week of steady state cardio and/or active resting (walking, hiking, etc).

  49. Hey Tim,

    This is inspirational stuff just looking at the running order Tim! Very exciting living in our idea economy right now when so much chaos and over-think on everything, its great to be offered a roadmap and some true insight thats been hard and hopefully not so hard learned!

    My big question is I am not just looking to thrive in the publishing world and it seems this is specifically for that. Is that fair Tim?

    Thanks and good luck


    London Town

    United Kingdom of Wonky Teeth

  50. Hi Tim,

    I’ll be coming to the Bay Area to run Bay-to-Breakers: if you’re around I’ll look you up to split a bottle of Malbec then! 😉

    I’ll have to plan for the next round of “Opening the Kimono” perhaps sometime in the future and am sorry to have to miss this one.

  51. I am a big fan of both books. I have made some remarkable progress on some business venture having read less than 20 pages of 4HWW and am currently progressing quite nicely on the Slow Carb Diet (20 pounds, 25 days).

    I submitted an application to the “Kimono”, but did not receive an up or down?

    My interest and qualifications is as a seasoned business builder, my friend’s minor (16 year old) son, however, is the author and whose success I would support with the savvy gained from the event. We can justify the kwan for one attendee and the necessary travel for both of us, but requested that both attend for the single fee. He needs me to help with the doing, I need him as the courageous and gifted author to handle the personal contacts.

    I believe the request is reasonable, but it is, of course, your call and I would appreciate you or one of your VA’s to send an “OK” or “Nah!”.


    1. Hi Jay,

      Tim’s assistant here. Sorry about the delay — we’ve had hundreds of applications and are reviewing them one-by-one. We haven’t compiled final attendee lists just yet, but we’ll keep you guys posted in the coming weeks.

      All the best,


      1. Thanks, Charlie, I appreciate the response.

        I just wanted to confirm our request was in the queue.



  52. Hi Tim

    I filled in the form on 20 April – but not had any email confirmation that you got the applicaiton. I’ve spotted the comments saying you are still going through all the applicants – but is there any way to check you have got our applications?

    Keeping fingers crossed to meet you all across the water!

  53. The mere possibility that such an event like this will exist it’s amazingly inspiring for me. For now I am at peace that I am building my muse, building my income. I am also certain that not in a so distant future I will be able to just attend. With out crushing numbers, or figuring a 1000 things. I will just say yes and be there.

    Congrats again Tim. You are a role model for me and you keep coming up with a hundred different ways to keep me inspired. And certainly the possibility of one day being able to attend to something like this is one of them.

    Gracias. Cuidate y saludos desde Mexico.

  54. Hello Tim,

    I applied and received the email from Charlie, but I have to say that I’m disappointed. The email contained only information to pay from the USA. When I asked Charlie for an international bank number, he didn’t even replied to me, even after I send him a second message.

    It’s a pity that you doesn’t think about yours international customers. I’m a leader in my industry in France, and I go often in the US and it’s the first time I have such problems to attend to a US event.

    I’m a member of Jeff Walker’s Platinum group (a $14000 a year subscription mastermind group) so the price was way higher than your and the payment process was smooth (credit card). And I think it should be smooth with your event too.

    A disappointed fan.

    1. Olivier- I just called and left you a message. I’m very sorry for the confusion, but I’ve been responding to your emails. Apparently they haven’t gotten through. Please check your spam filter to ensure my messages aren’t getting caught. In the meantime, do you have another email address where I can reach you? I’m more than happy to help (and have been trying!) so please let me know.



      1. Hi Charlie

        I applied to attent this in early April but not heard anything more. Looks from the other comments that I maybe should have heard by now? I’m also making a special journey from the UK – so would need to pay from outside the UK as with Oliver.

        Any advice or should I email anyone?

        Really hoping to meet you all!



  55. Hey, will a smart person please tell me why tim said that the china study- in linking animal protein to cancer- was not quite right?

    1. The china “study” wasn’t quite a study, the dude never did research himself.

      All he did was compiling some research date and raised a hypothesis, but he never tested it with any follow up study (usually a double blind study) to check if what he hypothesized was true.

      The dude is a fraud. Campbell just wanted to get his PhD and compiled a bunch of info and drew conclusions that are not right.

      It depends on where you live, on your genes and a whole bunch of other factors if animal protein is good for you or not.

      Yes, there’s a ton of more high quality complete proteins out there than animal protein, and I’m not a big fan of a “high” protein diet based on animal proteins.

      There are better ways available, and much better complete protein sources around. Cooked animal protein is not complete because 2 amino acids are not heat resistant and therefore all meat eaters are actually protein deficient, funnily enough.

      There is also the environmental factors to consider that industrial meat production create, but meat does not cause cancer.

      High-fructose cornsyrup does, sugar does, and all the other freaky chemicals that are added to our foods, but high quality organic meat not.

      Otherwise all of Northern Europe and Northern America wouldn’t exist because what else should those guys have eaten a couple of hundred years ago in winter.

      Campbell is a fraud, no question about it, but you can get better protein than meat on a daily basis. And if you do eat meat, just buy organic, locally produced meat and don’t support the planet wasting industry that’s killing the world slowly but surely.

      Vote with your fork every day 3 times!

      With love,


      Author and creator of the Unleash Your Vision method.

  56. Alrighty Tim!

    Since the Wild Card seems to be a free for all, I have decided to throw my name in the hat. 14.602 legit votes (you used my video as a pre-contest example- YaY!)

    So here are a few more reasons you might consider me:

    1. I reached out to YOU about your 4 Hour Body Title…and you not only acknowledged my heartfelt letter- you ACTED on it!

    2. Last year I raised nearly 10K in 20 days for Dr. Oz’s Health Corps…and in doing so WON the opportunity to meet and hug….drumroll please…OPRAH!

    3. Helped craft a plan that resulted in Gary Vaynerchuk taking my friend to a Jets game!

    4. Although I can’t balance a tequila shot on my posterior yet, kettlebells are doing wonders and this mom of 2 will be rockin’ her bikini this summer!

    5. Plan on spending 2 weeks in Greece with frequent flier miles I’ve obtained from travel hacking.

    Thanks for tenaciously gathering wisdom and sharing it with your tribe!

  57. I have spent many tens of thousands of dollars on personal development courses. I’ve met hundreds of fellow attendees. And I would say without a doubt that:


    I’m sure Tim know this. The high price tag will make sure that people who attend use what they have learned. – Frederick Sallaz

  58. Hi,

    Just submitted my online application. I’m working in China now and would need to know right away if I am approved so I can make my travel plans. Please let me know ASAP.

    Thank you !


  59. Hello Tim,

    A possible dumb question, but before I consider purchasing a seat I thought I would ask. Does the information covered apply to “fiction” writers too? Second, I have a feeling you could write a rockin mystery novel. Have you ever thought about writing a fiction book?

  60. Hi, Tim.

    Just a thought: Given declining typical advances, this is clearly out of reach for most authors, aspiring and otherwise–why not offer a few wildcard slots, random-draw or some type of idea or writing competition?


  61. Hey Tim, I’m a long time fan. I think your content is amazing. I bought both books and the audio book of 4 Hour Work Week. I think this seminar is great. You really can provide wonderful content. However, after seeing the price point of 10K, I am disappointed.

    I’d imagine your core audience after the 4 hour work week were people like me, people who are not satisfied with their 9-5, or who are unemployed, that are committed to breaking out of their current situation. The 4HWW offered awesome tools that many of use to leverage our time and bring financial independence one step closer. Some of us achieved the goal. Many of us are still on the journey despite roadblocks.

    To offer these latest sets of tools at such high price point subjects many of us to a quarantine from the strategies we desperately need in order to free ourselves. In order to be able to afford the event you must already be in a desirable financial position. Especially in this economy, it’s as if you are offering cooking tips to those who can already afford a 4 star chef, instead of those who are starving hoping to find a way to not have to eat yet another can of spam.

    I mean, the best person in the seminar business Tony Robbins only charges $4500 for his master learning event (Date With Destiny) and he’s been the best, by far, for the last 35 years.

    It’s difficult to determine whether this event is to sincerely help and contribute to others, or bolster your personal brand earning another stripe on an otherwise already well decorated arm. Some would say it can be interpreted that you made your money on peasants and now you only cater to royalty.

    I admit I do not know what your long term plan for this is (or any other project), whether you will release this as an affordable DVD set (under $2000) but I hope there is a vision I am missing because I want to still root for you. You’ve opened the eyes of many who were blind, let’s hope you don’t leave them lost without a trail.

    A True Sincere Fan – Martin S.

  62. Hey Martin,

    I asked Tim a similar question a while ago on this post. Here’s his response:

    “I charge when it’s worth it, but you’ll notice 300+ free blog posts. The seminar will only be worth it for a small subset of people, but for this minority, the price tag will be a small % of the results that follow.

    Hope that helps,


    I also really badly wish the price tag was less, but now I get it why it isn’t. Why waste time listening to something that doesn’t really apply to you (ie I’m not an author/aspiring author) even if the info is from someone like Tim. However if you are that minority, then I think it is worth it.

    I doubt Tim would release a DVD (the event is 3 days if I read the info about it correctly before) but then you never know with Tim. I’m still trying to find/buy his Jack Canfield interview that he did in ’07!

    Hope this makes Tim’s view a little more understandable…


  63. Tim: My belief of why the book is so damn succesful is that it is very good and you a very good storyteller. You don’t ask readers to do anything you have not tried and tested which instantly creates the magic of know,like and trust for you.

    You are a serious guy with some great content that the World needs. I have been on your slowcarb diet now for 4.5 months and have lost over 40 lbs. To top that off I am a Tyoe 2 diabetic and have lowered my HbA1C score by about 15%.

    Love the pagg stack and the diet is becoming normal eating where the cheat days are a blast from the past.

    You are inspiring dude.!

  64. Tim: Any chance of a conference like this coming to the East Coast? If so, when? So, I can save up enough to attend or take out a loan. I didn’t hear about this until Ramit Sethi mentioned it a posted. Wish i could have attended.



  65. Hi Tim!

    I was firstly inspired by your book 4HWW. I have built my multiple sources of passive income using property investing, network marketing and infoproducts.

    I have a question for you. You dont promote downloadable versions of your books. By reading this post, it seems to me that print books gave you much more credibility,which then gave you the opportunity to sell 3 day events with high price tickets (200 people x $10,000=$2,000,000!!!!)

    Was not going “clickbank-style” a conscious decision?

    thanks for inspiring me to dream BIG (and take immediate actions, no need to be perfect at start)!


  66. Hi Tim,

    Congrats on all your success.

    They say creating value for others is the only true way to achieve success and you are certainly proof of that.

    Question, any plans to release the Open The Kimono event on DVD?

  67. Hey Tim,

    What are the chances of you opening up another event of this type in the next year or two? I’m sure the interest level would be high and I’d be happy to help in any way – Contacting people, setting up invites, gathering leads, etc.

    Thank you for all you do Tim, you’re truly an inspiration and I’ve learned greatly from you in the past few years. Was great to meet you at the Meetup you had in Santa Monica January 13th of 2016.