Cold Remedy: Free Flights Anywhere in the World

Where would you go if you had a free ticket anywhere? The island of Bohol in the Philippines? (source: WisDoc)

Not long ago, I received the following comment — edited for length — from Ryan N.:

I hate you Tim. I had a secure future ahead of me, and I left my job, my reasonably well paying professional career all because of your book. Best thing I’ve ever done!!

I was wondering if you might be able to put up a blog post where people could post their ideas or muses as case studies. I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who would like to share their stories and listen to others living the 4HWW.

Here’s to 2010 being the year everything changes.

Indeed. Here’s to 2010 being the year everything changes.

I decided to take Ryan’s advice. Below is a post of just a few select video case studies. This is also where you can win a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world.

That would be a nice way to start 2010 with a bang, right?…

I’m sure you’ve dreamed of taking that big trip, but it’s been put off due to the million things that interrupt and overload all of our lives. The fact is this: there is never a convenient time to do the most impactful things, whether having a baby, quitting your job, or taking a dream trip overseas. It’s something you pull the trigger for despite imperfect circumstances, not because of perfect circumstances.

Let’s end the wait.

Here’s how it works – simplicity itself:

1) Upload a video to YouTube of 5 minutes or less where you describe how you’ve most successfully applied techniques or tools from The 4-Hour Workweek to your life or business. Be sure to tag your video with “4hww success” in quotation marks. Click here to see what it should look like when you are uploading your video.

2) Leave a comment on this post with a link to your video and a brief description of what worked for you (no need for more than 1-2 short paragraphs). Do all of this no later than 5pm PT this Saturday, December 26th. Early responses get bonus points.

3) I and a few secret judges will select our top favorites, and then you all will vote for the winner.

4) I will then provide a roundtrip ticket anywhere in the world that the 25+ airlines in the Star Alliance fly.

In the meantime, find below some fun examples to get your juices flowing. Included are:

– Electra, a mother who uses batching to run her business while making time for the kids

– Michael, a father of two who’s lived in Argentina and explored both international and home schooling while earning full-time income.

– Harris, a father who can take his kids to the zoo on a Wednesday or take the entire family to Barcelona for a month.

– Jed and Chelsea, who quit their previous jobs, moved to another city, and are reinventing themselves one step at a time.

Last but not least, we have Aaron Carotta, who was diagnosed with cancer but still achieved the four-hour workweek in 60 days and documented it all on video. Here is the cliff notes version, in his words:

-Diagnosed with cancer

-Lost wages

-Accumulated medical bills

-Received the book as a gift

-Documented his interpretation of the book

-Achieved goals to free up his lifestyle

-Successfully opened and sold a business in another country

-Generated automated money

-Now successfully runs a company that allows his to travel for a living, The Seven Wonders Tour [with sponsors, Vibrams!].

-Continues to live healthy, travel the world, and be happy

I’ve included a 3-part video diary compilation of Aaron’s experience at the end of this post after the other case studies. Total viewing time is just around 20 minutes.

Enjoy these wonderful examples and don’t forget — your own video submission and comment on this post must be up no later than 5pm PT this Saturday!

Question of the day: where would you travel if you had a free round-trip anywhere in the world?


If you’ve ever fantasized about taking time off to globe-trot, I would highly recommend Rolf Pott’s Vagabonding. It is one of only two books I took with me when I traveled the world for 18 months. Outside Magazine founding editor Tim Cahill calls Vagabonding “the most sensible book of travel related advice ever written.”

I recently partnered with Rolf to release the exclusive audiobook for Vagabonding. For more on this incredible book, click here.

Get the brand-new Expanded and Updated 4-Hour Workweek, published 12/15, which includes more than 50 new case studies (including families) of luxury lifestyle design, muse creation, and world travel. Make 2010 the year when you make the leap.

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  1. This is such a great idea to build buzz and share stories. I need to make a video about my story. It hasn’t been the perfect 4HWW story, but it’s done good for me so far. Looking forward to seeing all the case studies that will undoubtedly pour in here.

  2. Hopefully next year at this time I’ll have a video on how I’ve been successfully applied techniques. I’ll get there but I’m still working on it.

    As for where in the world I’d go, that’s tough, the Maldives for Mongolia. Not sure.

  3. These video’s are awesome…I’d go to Waimea, Hawaii right now to escape the 14 inches of melting snow outside my Philadelphia window. Video is in the making Tim, looking forward to sharing about my project and taking my lowly freelance interest to the next level!

  4. Loved the videos!

    Thanks to all of you who took the time to put together and share your stories.

    It is always a real motivation to hear about others accomplishments.

    It’s time for me to get serious now, and put in the hours.

    2010 will change my life.

  5. So excited about all of this! I’m in the process of opening an online store that sells mobile tent saunas that you can pack up and toss in your car trunk. Wood burning to boot! Everything is drop shipped and I’ll just run the website. SO excited to see it get off the ground! All of the inspiration comes from the 4HWW and started about 2 years ago (I’ve had like 4 other terrible ideas before settling on what I’m actually passionate about…)

    Thanks again Tim!

  6. Super Idea. Hmmm… very tempting. I probably wouldn’t win but maybe I can squeeze this in atleast for fun. 😀 This is at the worst time Mr. Ferriss :-p

    Free? I would take advantage of the costly ticket to Australia. 😀

  7. Hello Tim,

    I’m writing from Antonio ‘Italy after reading your book in Italian’m trying to impstare my life lavorabdo less and avoid all unnecessary things.

    When will the new book of 4 hours per week? I also hope I can achieve a similar company but it is very difficult if you do not have the right people.

    A greeting to all friends of the blog

  8. I would circumnavigate the earth on a luxury World Cruise Liner for 106 + days and blog the experience. On occasions, swing it for a couple of days on my own and catch up at a different port destination.

    Sample itinerary:

  9. Hello Tim I’m writing from Italy

    The first book ”4 ore alla settimana” I read was great in 2 days.

    I hope to apply what I read in my life but if

    do not have the right people is very difficult but not impossible.

    A greeting from Italy in particular from the town of Sorrento!!!!

  10. Man, this came at the perfect time.

    I’ll need these videos for inspiration. I just finished your book and am super excited. My fiancée and I have been inspired to make several changes over the next two years, and we’ve begun the process of planning and defining the challenges. We want to create total mobility, and promote building small homes and simplified eating habits.

    Just a couple days ago we started a free website to document the whole thing, which will basically just be our case study as its happening (click my name above). Hopefully we will have a video for you in a year.

    These vids were great, can’t wait for more. Tim, you kick ass!

  11. Tim-

    My case study finally pays off. Its not how much money I earn but the lifestyle your book gave me. Thanks for post and your the thoughts. cant wait to see others join in on this lifestyle and here see their videos!!!

    Adventure Aaron

  12. These videos are truly inspiring…

    This is a great way to start thinking and planning for 2010. BTW, I’d probably want a plane ticket to South Africa for the World Cup!!!

  13. Aaron Carotta’s documentary was awesome, inspiring, and shows that once you get past the fear, it’s well worth it. He went from being the crazy guy of his friends to the guy people wanted to be. He did it so quickly too, compared to several who seem to let it drag on for months after reading your book.

    Great work to everyone involved. I’ll be there for the live session tonight, thanks!

  14. Hi Everybody,

    So here’s the link to me video.

    Did this make me New Rich? No. Did it help me do something I really wanted to do and prime me for success on my next try? Hell Yes.

    The biggest piece of advice I can give is don’t half ass it. Don’t think you can skip a step. It won’t work, there’s a reason they are there, and if you skip it and fail(and you will at least once). Don’t stop! Do it again and again until you get it right and you get the Muse that works for you.

    If you want to check out the iPhone app that resulted, it’s here:

    If you want a free copy, the first 25 people to email me at joshua dot lowman at gmail dot com will get one.

  15. Once again, another great post that really makes us think. I know on a personal level your last few post have really been something special. They have captivated the readers and made us stop and think about what we need to do to make our lives better and better.

    Can’t wait to submit a video!

  16. Once again, another wonderful post. The past couple posts have really made me think. You do a great job of involving the readers with something that benifits us not only through entertainment but with building our careers and achieving what we REALLY want.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to submitting my video (I can’t now because I’m at work).

  17. Hello Tim,

    Here’s my youTube video on the 5 things that I’ve been able to apply from your book to my business.


    Jorge Morales

  18. As a pre-med student who’s equally enthralled with this lifestyle, I would looove to see a physician who’s not necessarily pulled off the 4HWW, but utilized the same principles to achieve a similar lifestyle.

    I honestly don’t think it’s possible; some jobs just don’t allow it, but I couldn’t be happier if I’m proven wrong.

  19. Listening to all these stories have given me goose bumps. I have read the book several times but never applied the financial concept. 2010 will be the year of the change. In 2009 I used the principles of the work out that made me gain about 25 pounds of muscles in about 4-5 months. Than I lost about 15-having hard times eating so much. I still look buff, work out every now and then for 40 minutes and get instantenous results I also applied Tim’s ideas to learning foreign languages-I am a language freak. (English is not my first language). Next year, though, I will be financially free to travel.

  20. Tim, you’re gonna play Santa Claus? I am so in on this! WIll record the video first thing in the morning. Keep an eye out for the guy living in Hawaii, no longer simply Enduring life, but embracing what it means to truly Live! It has been an amazing ride that you helped embark me upon…

    Many thanks to you for all that you do.

    I’m a believer.

    p.s. to Rob who wants to come to Waimea, Hawaii to escape the snow in Philly, I was in the water at Waimea yesterday. Come on over. I’ll try to my best to set you up.

    1. Wow, thanks so much, guys!

      Incredible — I love Etherpad, and the people in the community here.

      Happy holidays to you and yours!


  21. Tim, great call tonight! Thanks for the insight on all aspects, although being a huge Penelope fan, I was disappointed to hear that she’s, well, not all that and a bag ‘o chips. (Yes, I asked the question…) Good insight on Ms. Portman, however! Love an Israeli mix! :o)

    Anyhow, I wrote down a lot of info you mentioned, especially in the way of books and sites. I can’t wait to go exploring!

    One thing you forgot to cover was your goals for 2010. You mentioned that you’d touch on them… I’m just curious as to what they might be.

    Happy holidays!


  22. Just wanted to be first this time! Woo! lol. Hard to compete with those examples but give me the first half of this year and I’ll make one again!

    What “The Four Hour Work Week” did for me was reignite my passion for traveling and making it more desirable with creative ways such as couch surfing. It wasn’t very long after reading the book that I decided to test it out. On my way to Newfoundland to visit family, I did a 1 week stopover in boston. Never having been there before, I decided to send some emails to fellow couch surfers and found myself a place to stay near boston College for the full week. It was great! good company, local advice, comfortable accommodation. It couldn’t have worked out much better. The girl also worked in a restaurant so I got great meals, martinis, and a party almost every night.

    This made me realize that traveling alone could be great fun so I worked 4 more months and then took 6 months to go to Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. I met great people along the way and stayed more than a month with locals. A whole different experience and my next plan for 2010 is South America!

    Next FHWW technique: Muse and Automation!

    Thanks Tim!

  23. Thank you for the inspiration!

    I would travel to Asia first (Singapore!, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Japan!), then to Europe (Denmark!, Sweden, Switzerland!, Austria, etc), then to Canada I guess. And after that probably Latin America, New Zealand, Australia.

  24. Hi Tim,

    Here’s my entry:

    I’ve really embraced the 4HWW principles in by “business life” with to two full time Philippine Virtual Assistants and a range of part-time specialists across the world taking care of all the day-to-day stuff; so I can spend more time working on the 3 businesses I own (rather than in them) – This process culminated in being named Global Runner up in JCI’s 2009 Create Young Entrepreneur Awards (ceremony in Tunisia) and a mini-retirement to the Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion.

    The first three dreamlines (is that the right derivative) I’ve set in place (and booked) for 2010 are 1. Join the circus and learn how to trapeze, tight rope walk, handstand etc (Jan-March) 2. Trek the Himalayas to raise money for charity (April) 3. Train for the NYC marathon

    Thanks again Tim…


    p.s. I do think Bohol in the Philippines would be on my list; as I could visit Em and Al Anthony.

  25. I’ve applied 80/20 to my weight lifting, weight loss efforts, I only work out once a week and have eliminated a lot of my training time by doing High Intensity Training. I’ve been using concepts out of the book Body By Science, Moment Arm Exercise, as well as by following advice from the 21 convention at, as well as advice from I used to weigh about 296 lbs and am now down to 240 lbs, I lost about the last 15-20 lbs doing HIT and such.

  26. Tim – Super job on the live Q&A.  Many thanks for the advice on small niche markets, using niche “celebrities” to promote your ideas.

    And making personal passion a muse ingrediant.  May be a worthy topic for a future blog post.

  27. When I read 4HWW I thought, “wow, someone who thinks a lot like me” – I’d already done a lot of the stuff suggested. I had a muse that paid off all my debt and for an 18 month round-the-world tour (this was back before the book came out) but I didn’t know to get it fully automated so I closed my muse before I left the country. Since reading 4HWW I found notes from when I returned from the trip with plans to try again and this time automate it for a trial period over Christmas. I struggled to rebuild another muse with the same level of success but the book has helped build my confidence again.

  28. There are a lot of great video responses – hopefully mine can add to that list, though I had horrible hardware to record on meaning the video quality is shit (sound is fine).

    The 4HWW has really broadened my perspective on what I can achieve and how befuddled so many people are by social conditioning and media. With this perspective, I hope to make a BIG impact on the world in terms of improving education, helping people to see that becoming boring with age is fucked (sorry if thats a bit too course), helping people to broaden THEIR perspectives, and many such over-ambitious pursuits.

    I encourage that you listen to my video (don’t watch it the video quality is crap) and good luck to all of you out there living the 4HWW lifestyle.


  29. Can you get a plane right to the top of Mount Everest, now that is the question. If so, I choose there, that or back to Bangkok.

  30. If anybody managed to record the session (Tim included of course!), could you please post the vid/audio so we can all get a chance to listen in?

    Tried to listen in but ‘net went out, doh!

    1. Hi Luke,

      Here’s the link from Twitter:


      Here’s a recording of tonight Q & A with @tferriss Enjoy!

      Beware that I’m from NY originally and tend to curse. That’s just me being me.

      Happy holidays!


  31. Awesome! I will be uploading video!

    The great thing about this idea is that it is so inspirational! I love hearing about other people’s successes. Definitely a wonderful way to make progress to joining the NR!

    After reading the first book, we started our business and are having great results. We just released our eBook (that helps people escape the 9-5 cubicle) two weeks ago. We are very excited and love what you have done for us and millions of others!

    Got the new book (after reading the first one twice!) and absolutely love it! Thank you!

  32. Positive: My new and expanded 4HWW just arrived by mail!

    Negative: The guy who packed it wrinkled, creased and ripped the cover so it already looks like I found it under a bridge.

    Anyway; good job on the inspirational videos Tim! When will we be hearing from the Shopify Contest again?

  33. Well,

    I haven’t done it yet.

    The plan is to change a state law to allow private wind energy development.

    I doubt I get it done by December 26, though. lol


  34. Hi Tim,

    Here’s my entry:

    I’ve really embraced the 4HWW principles in by “business life” with to two full time Philippine Virtual Assistants and a range of part-time specialists across the world taking care of all the day-to-day stuff; so I can spend more time working on the 3 businesses I own (rather than in them) – This process culminated in being named Global Runner up in JCI’s 2009 Create Young Entrepreneur Awards (ceremony in Tunisia) and a mini-retirement to the Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion.

    The first three dreamlines (is that the right derivative) I’ve set in place (and booked) for 2010 are 1. Join the circus and learn how to trapeze, tight rope walk, handstand etc (Jan-March) 2. Trek the Himalayas to raise money for charity (April) 3. Train for the NYC marathon

    Thanks again Tim…


    p.s. I do think Bohol in the Philippines would be on my list; as I could visit Em and Al Anthony.

  35. Looking forward to hearing some of the stories and using them as inspiration to get my lifestyle completely overhauled.

    Will definitely need to start practicing some of the principles that are tought by the stoics to get things going.

  36. It’s not pretty but here it is:

    I read The 4HWW while I was an active duty Marine deployed on Navy vessel USS Tarawa. It took me less than a day to read the book and 24 hours later I was testing my muse. I literally did everything through except for the incorporation of my company that I hired a friend in San Diego, CA to do. It took me less than a month to create and I documented EVERYTHING I did in a very small notebook. I did $500 in sales the first month, $1050 the next and about $2000 the third. Then someone paid me $10,000 for my domain name and I was on to my next muse!

    I’ve been out of the Marine Corps for almost 9 months now and haven’t had to get a JOB yet thanks to The 4HWW. I’m applying the principles in the 4HWW to a service business, commercial cleaning, and the results are starting to come in. I’ve never felt less stressed and I’m happier than I’ve ever been knowing that I’ll never go back to the ole 9 to 5!!!

    Thanks Tim!

  37. Thanks for linking to my video Tim.

    For anyone who has kids….a mobile lifestyle is doable and easier than you think.

  38. Thanks for the opportunity to share our case study.

    My attempts at leaving the corporate world met with very limited success until I read the Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. In the last few years, we’ve successfully done the following:

    1. Left the corporate world for good.

    2. Taken a 1-year mini-retirement (with 5 kids!) to Panama

    3. Paid off our house through the application of geoarbitrage.

    4. Diversified our cash flow into more than ten different streams

    5. Automated over 50% of our cash flow (passive or semi-passive) through the use of e-lance.

    6. Cut my work hours from 70+ per week to however many I feel like (closer to 20/wk)

    7. Implemented 4hww strategies into my children’s home schooling, teaching them to structure their own lives to attain freedom.

    8. Freed up 4 hours/day of my wife’s time by applying the eliminate/automate/delegate principles to her work teaching our children.

    Thanks, Tim for a great product!

  39. 4HWW Success Video Submission:

    “How I built 2 Startups while Traveling Abroad” –

    The 3 biggest things I took from the 4HWW that helped me build 2 Startups while traveling abroad were:

    1) Hiring a Virtual Assistant to perform tasks such as data entry, and marketing campaign management.

    2) Purchasing a Skype Phone Number that forwarded to my cell phone abroad. This helped me communicate with my team directly when needed.

    3) Empowering people to make decisions on their own.

    You can read my full story here:, or watch just the video here:

  40. Hi Tim. I really enjoy your blog and have read your book several times. I have a thing I would like to know more about and that is how do you handle money while traveling?

    Do you use cash? , credit cards?, checks? and how do you think in the way of security and backup while traveling? what kind of “system” do you have?

    If you could share some of your thoughts in your blog that would be great!


    1. Hi Peter,

      I almost always use credit cards when possible or take cash out of local ATMs in int’l banks using a debit card. Citibank has a fair spread. I usually arrive with $100 USD in local currency, but I never use traveler’s checks.


  41. Tim, thanks for this post and especially the videos. I’m about to become a first time parent and, after hearing the ‘horror stories’ from current parents about how they have no time to do anything, let alone raise their kids right, I was very inspired by the videos.

    Harris’ video was great. Being an information marketer myself, his story hit me square between they eyes about what is possible.

    Thanks again.

  42. You guys have no idea whats about to go down! I have this contest in the bag!…. Stay tuned. – Nathan Jurewicz

  43. @Peter: Charles Schwab has a great, free checking account with no minimums that will reimburse you for ALL ATM fees and has no international transaction fees! I’m still trying to set mine up (since I’m currently abroad), but it was recommended to me by a mentor who travels about 50 countries a year and also have a few friends who use it happily! Good luck

  44. Hi Tim, here is a link to my video So many conversions and edits, here it is 24 hours late!

    Leave a comment on this post with a link to your video and a brief description of what worked for you (no need for more than 1-2 short paragraphs).

    In my video about how I applied Four Hour Work Week I talk about how I went from 50-60 hours a week to 4-8 hours a week. Topics covered are about batching, automation, disappearing and so much more.

    I also discuss a little about my recent resignation from my job. I went on a vacation recently for 5 days and didn’t tell my supervisors, discovered something special and will be moving there in January!

    Thanks for your blog and book Tim, I appreciate the Q&A as well, chat was flooded with “Tim Old Man Pants” or something similar when you went to look for the business card. It was fun and informative, well, time to go watch Spirited Away (always had it but have not watched it, till today).

  45. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for adding me in your extended version of 4HWW!

    I have videos from my first $1000 Swiss Alps mini vacation if you want, I’ll send em over. Include my pimp apartment in Luzerne, eating street vendor food, taking the train to ski the alps.

    I have always thought i sound ghey in video, but maybe you’ll like em…


  46. My name is Em and I am one of the virtual assistants based here in the Philippines that work full time for Mr Peter Williams.

    Mr Pete, thought another fun entry into Mr Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week Video Contest would be for me to put together a video while he enjoys the Australian summer and Christmas festivities with his family and friends.

    Here is our fun entry –

    Thank you kindly,


  47. I’m excited to watch some of these videos. Too bad I read this post so late, there’s no way for me to make a video over Christmas day. I have been employing 4HWW ideas for about eight years now, including traveling to almost 40 countries and over half of them for free (without using miles). My son is 4 and has been to 20 countries. I got a “1” on the Lifestyle Quotient assessment, which was cool to see. Thanks Tim for taking the ideas of a mobile and intentional lifestyle so much further than anyone else. If you ever come through Xi’an, China, hit me up!


  48. My submission for success with “The 4-Hour Workweek”:

    A big thank-you to Tim for introducing me to his principles. Everything I learned has allowed me to pursue my passion, help other people, and travel.

    I took what I learned in the book and used it to expand my business (teaching people how to meditate) and added a new product (an online, self-study course). By outsourcing, automating, delegating, and streamlining I was able to:

    1.) Add a product that substantially increased my reach and exposure, not to mention income.

    2.) Design, implement, and market my products and services without adding extra time and burden to myself.

    3.) Streamline my operations so I can focus on other activities (personal teaching and traveling), with only the most important issues filtering to me for attention.

    I tell people that after reading and implementing “The 4-Hour Workweek”, I can get 10 times as much accomplished in half the time.

    Thank you again for helping me, but more importantly for giving me the tools so I can help others by introducing them to meditation.


    P.S. – here is the video (sorry I went over by 5 seconds):

    P.P.S. – best wishes to everyone in 2010 – I hope it is happy, prosperous, and full of adventure!

  49. Hi Tim,

    god jul (merry xmas in dansk :p) from Aarhus ^^ I read your 4HWW about 4 months ago, finding it very inspiring… I’m trying to find my Muse, reading again and again your blog/book/following your tips and tricks but… something wrong 🙁 before now, I lived in Italy (Roma) where every initiative was suppressed by politicians/institutions/missing of infrastructures/founds and so on… now I live in Denmark, learning English as best as I can and trying to “summon” my Muse…

    If someone got any tips, tricks, help, I’m the man! XD (@serapheim on twitter:p)

    And of course, Merry Christmas Again!!!!


  50. More great promotion ideas! This is why I love 4HWW so much, it’s a great example of not only building a community, but also giving back(with the contests). Right now my fiance and I are trying to get set for the beginning of the Shopify contest, however, there is so much information to catch up on and apply that we really need to take a step by step approach from the dreamlining to the low-information diet, etc.

    Also, I found it ironic that Jed and his wife moved TO Chicago to start their NR lifestyle as my fiance and I are trying to get OUT of Chicago and somewhere that doesn’t have cold/dark depressing winters and an insane cost of living, most likely Phoenix and then who knows where?

    Well Merry Xmas to all, I’m gonna get a video together by Sun, although I haven’t directly applied much of the 4HWW since I first read it this time last yr, it has done a lot to change my mindset and this Shopify contest is just what we need to finally achieve the lifestyle design we’ve always wanted!

    And oh yea, my Vibram KSO’s came today, here’s to hoping that I can achieve another milestone in making Chicago Marathon #3 a sub 4hr(#1 was 6:01 and #2 was 4:33)!

  51. The Ren Men on 4HWW

    Here is The Ren Men video submission for the Cold Remedy video contest.

    Since reading The Four Hour Work Week we have quit our jobs, created a passive income real estate rental empire, started a vending company, purchased a store-n-lock and host a webshow on lifestyle design; all in a three day work week.

    We explore the top three techniques we use to accomplish this:

    1 – No W4W (Work for Work Sake)

    2 – Many Mini-retirements

    3 – Automation

    In two and a half years we have developed a system of passive monthly income, created net wealth of over $2,000,000, have taken complete control over our own schedules, and go on over 20 vacations a year.

    The Ren Men

    Grant & Alan

  52. The Ren Men on 4HWW

    Here is The Ren Men video submission for the Cold Remedy video contest.

    Since reading The Four Hour Work Week we have quit our jobs, created a passive income real estate rental empire, started a vending company, purchased a store-n-lock and host a webshow on lifestyle design; all in a three day work week.

    We explore the top three techniques we use to accomplish this:

    1 – No W4W (Work for Work Sake)

    2 – Many Mini-retirements

    3 – Automation

    In two and a half years we have developed a system of passive monthly income, created net wealth of over $2,000,000, have taken complete control over our own schedules, and go on over 20 vacations a year.

    The Ren Men

    Grant & Alan

  53. The Ren Men on 4HWW

    Here is The Ren Men video submission for the Cold Remedy video contest.

    Since reading The Four Hour Work Week we have quit our jobs, created a passive income real estate rental empire, started a vending company, purchased a store-n-lock and host a webshow on lifestyle design; all in a three day work week.

    We explore the top three techniques we use to accomplish this:

    1 – No W4W (Work for Work Sake)

    2 – Many Mini-retirements

    3 – Automation

    In two and a half years we have developed a system of passive monthly income, created net wealth of over $2,000,000, have taken complete control over our own schedules, and go on over 20 vacations a year.

    The Ren Men

    Grant & Alan

  54. Hey Tim,

    Below is my entry video. I apologize for the audio and video not being in sync. I tried recording 8 different times but this was the closest I got!

    The biggest change that occurred from reading the book was my decision to join the circus after graduating from college! I have always dreamed of putting together a performance troupe that synthesizes capoeira, martial arts, tango, breakdancing, and acrobatics, with the circus style of storytelling. I never thought it was realistic, however, especially if I wanted to be financially abundant too. After reading the 4HWW, I decided that this unrealistic life may actually be doable.

    I also eliminated my biggest block in taking action- my laptop. I normally spend days “researching” when in fact, all I am doing is delaying and just subjecting myself to an overload of information. I decided to send my laptop away and focus on my output. I then began to find mentors, other NR, practice dancing, train more, got a gorgeous girl’s phone number, bringing people together for my performance group, and started creating my muse with my mentor.

    I am now actually making my apparently unrealistic dream of following my passions and being financially abundant a reality! This is something I never thought possible and have Tim’s book to thank for that.

  55. Ren Men, that video was pretty impressive! Very interesting and entertaining.

    For my video, I went with the theme “simple” 🙂 Just lil ole me in front of my flip camera, letting everyday Joe’s (and Sally’s) that they really can do this whole “muse” and “4hww” thing.

    Here’s my video:

    Since The Four Hour Work Week was given to me, I have been able to start a successful muse (while in school full time and traveling around the world) and even though the whole book was enlightening, a few specific principles have really helped me along the way.

    The principles that really have enabled me to succeed are:

    – Begin with the end in mind. Don’t let your business run you. Develop a product that lets you step away from the business and it still run like clock-work (this is essential)

    – Figure out what customers want – and give it to them. By first performing seminars and getting detailed student feedback, I was able to determine where other companies product’s were falling short. Keeping their feedback in mind and building a list of FAQs based on the most commonly asked questions/concerns, I developed a product that people want and are willing to pay more than 8-10x mark-up for.

    – Outsource. Outsource. Outsource. I outsourced the website creation, content creation, have a VA, professional proofreader, powerpoint expert for building presentations, and customer service “center.” All of was done using the books principles and recommendations. (Elance rocks)

    If sales continue to grow as expected, I will have a million dollar muse in 15 months (at the ripe old age of 24) and will be helping people reach their dreams along the way.

    Can’t thank you enough Tim.



    (Btw I came in 2nd in your “Trail By Fire” contest. The Planet Earth DVD’s you sent were awesome! I’m definitely excited about the possibility to win a plane ticket to see some of those places in person :p)

  56. The guy having his video response put by his outsourcing partner…

    F*cking awesome. 😀 That idea alone deserves this trip. 🙂

  57. “4hww success”

    When i left high school i was sure i was going to work in the family business and i did for 7 years. the latter proved different. When i was 18 they falsely diagnosed me with lymphoma . 4 months of testing proved them wrong and was only a parasite called toxoplasmosis. while waiting for results i found myself sitting around thinking of what i still wanted to do with my life and from that day on i’ve lived everyday like my last. about a year i ago i picked up the 4 hour work week and finally realized i’m not the only one that lives this way . i couldn’t put the book down. i started my first muse was primitive but effective , using corporate america to put money in my pockets i proceeded

    to hire my friends buy a beat truck and go around to the dumpsters of all the chain stores in my area with no gate or lock ..take out the returns and sold them on craigslist and ebay. it was simple i showed them my route that i made after two weeks and seems like for life i get half the profits without doing a thing. great but unstable!

    So i quit my job to become a full time thinker .

    I became intrigues by gold and silver. i wanted to find a way to get the younger population into investing and saving and making money. so i got the idea to incorporate the bullion in my mens clothing accessories. locally it took off gorilla style advertising paid off. i now make the accessories work hard for a month and take three off selling the products locally and abroad. i have worked on many muses since , and if i keep following the four hour work week strategies im sure i will be successful . then again im already successful. traveling the world with money in my pocket on my way to being a polyglot. working and wandering around the world sometimes solo sometimes with company making new friends everywhere i go winning beach soccer tournaments in pescopagana italy surfing in hawaii partying in vegas. working in puerto rico helping develop a world changing movement in amsterdam and weekend trips to my women that i am accumulating all over the world

    Thanks Tim looking forward to reading more of your work!

  58. How i have used outsourcing to grow my web development business, freed up time in my job by using batching and the 80/20 principle.

    How i have sealed some drop shipping deals that i will implement into my “muse” online stores to be able to move away from the services industry, travel the world and focus on my blogging and music writing.

    Thanks so much for putting out such a cohesive and applicable package of tools. Happy holidays to Tim and all the people that are empowering themselves through the 4-Hour Workweek movement.

    Here is my video:

  59. Werd up Tim!

    Here’s my video on how I’m using the 4HWW to Skate/Surf/Snowboard the world over!

    I talk about three principles from the book as it applies to my life including outsourcing your life as it applies to technical aspects of product addition and seo of my web business, dreamlining and the use of “My Fantastical Autobiography” to initiate my dreamline of starting a skateboard company in Dubai, and finally the 80/20 principle as it applies to my current dreamline of becoming a big wave surfer.

    You can make my next dreamline happen by sending me to the Mentawis buddy!!!



  60. Here’s my video entry:

    The biggest thing 4hww made me realize is that I shouldn’t wait until retirement to live life exactly the way I want to. So at 23, I quit my job to work on Educate!, a startup non-profit I’ve ran with a buddy of mine since I was 19, and now work full time on it. I don’t know if I’ll do it forever, but if I had $10 million, I’d be doing it now, so I might as well still work on it even if only have like $1,000 :). I’ve never regretted the decision to do this.

    Some other things I’ve done:

    – Start an online store to sell high margin reproduction oil paintings. It is already throwing off some income, and I hope to grow it a lot in future via SEO. I work on this by paying my friends who don’t have jobs to do small projects on the site. I also now have 3 college students to blog for me.

    – Focus on empowering people as a management practice – I try to push as much work away from me as possible and outsource everything so I can focus on going after higher and higher value activities

    – Results focused work – focusing on effectiveness vs. efficiency.

    – Prioritizing whats really important – whenever I have too much to do, I know it’s not because I have too much to do, but because I’ve prioritized what’s most important poorly

    – All the little productivity things – stopped reading newspaper everyday, try to batch email, don’t pick up phone, try not to multi-task and have my mind thrown in all different directions.

    Thanks for all the awesome advice Tim. It definitely has changed the course of my life, and I’m very happy for it.


  61. Hi Tim,

    I am from Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean, I have had your book since March 2008 and it has definitely changed my life. This is my first comment on your blog but I have been reading it for ages. Here is my video…

    …only just started using my webcam and Windows Moviemaker today.

    The 4HWW book and blog has helped me to:

    – focus on the important things at work and complete them on time

    – free up time to spend with the family

    – focus on and achieve my dreams, leading to a more fulfilling life

    I have micro-tested a muse and I am launching a consultancy.

    In the new year I am planning a family vacation in Curacao, looking for an archaeological field school to volunteer with in Latin America and plan to start regular aerobic exercise.

    Thanks Tim,


  62. Hi Tim.

    Your book change my life in the way I make one of my dreams come true: I always want to be a filmmaker.

    Applying PARKINSON and PARETO´s laws I shoot my first independent, low budget movie in 8 differents locations in only 4 days and a half.





  63. OK, video is up.

    We used 4HWW tools and techniques to create a book about how to use accelerating technology to make money. It’s called “The Wealth Singularity”. We have already released the eBook version and have signed up with e-junkie so that other people can sell it and get income on automatic pilot.

  64. Dear Tim,

    You never cease to amaze me. Thank you kindly for being such a great source of information and inspiration.

    My path to the actual 4HWW is ongoing and quite different than what I expected or what I’ve seen from others so far. It has taken me through a deep spiritual journey of losing or surrendering nearly everything, powerfully reframing outdated beliefs and finding a new found freedom, aliveness, sense of abundance and limitless possibilities I’ve never know before.

    I’m not quite where I want to be yet, nor is it exactly what your wrote in the book, but I will try to put the story into video and post it here again later. Perhaps from this place I can now implement more of the ideas you’ve offered. I’m definitely going to re-read the book now!

    Thanks again and many blessings this holiday season,


  65. I can talk – a lot! This video has been edited hard (and badly) to cut down to 5 mins from 12!

    Even had to leave out my piece on ‘low info diet’.

    However, bullet points are:

    Have successful life with ‘mini retirements’.

    However, problem maintaining this lifestyle long-term

    Enter – 4HWW

    Start I.T Business

    Develop multiple streams of automated income

    Today: Business profitable with $$ in bank, overhead being covered by automated income with leftovers

    All labour outsourced

    Future: Further automated income streams in development. Continue lovely lifestyle.

    Video here:

  66. Hey Tim!

    I’ve gone ahead and made a video, live from India, which shows how I’ve used the 4HWW. Here is the link:

    I currently work exactly 3h59m per week (11am-2:59pm on Monday), and in the video I show EVERYTHING—my entire job, the software I’ve written to automate myself out of existence, and how my VAs literally do everything without me. I’m about 4 weeks away from outsourcing the final 3h59m, as well. My business is an SEO SEM biz, writing articles based on keywords that people are searching for on google. My business is monetized by adsense and ad revenue—i literally go to sleep, wake up, and check how much money I’ve earned. I’m serious–no matter where I am in the world, my work is getting done, and I am getting paid, no matter what the hell I do.

    So what do I do with all this time? I travel—for 2 years straight, I’ve been living in a new country every four months, studying the language, and just enjoying life. (I have lived in Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, India—and I speak Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). I do pushups in every city (my life goal is a pushup in every country).

    Now, with all of this free time, I’m trying to change the lives of others and give them an opportunity to do the same. I founded an NGO,, and I am building a classroom in Upli Badi village near Udaipur, India—an extremely poor shanty town. I’ve raised over $1500 to buy these children laptops, and I’m going to begin giving them personalized classes starting January 16. I was lucky enough to be introduced to computers at a young age—hopefully, these poor kids will be able to learn to use the computer, break out of their horrible cycle of poverty by working a good technical job, be able to raise money, and bring back this money to their parents and friends in Upli Badi. Until they do, my NGO will be around helping more and more children.

    So I hope you enjoy the video!

  67. Hi Tim, great job on the ‘expanded and updated’ version of the 4HWW book (especially page 223). My video is at:

    The tips I’ve following are numerous, so here are just a few:

    • Researched a market you’re familiar with (I chose drumming after living with 3 drummers)

    • Strive to be the first in a niche category (I was the first to make pink drumsticks).

    • Test before you invest (I created a 3-page website and used google Adwords to test for 2 weeks before investing)

    • Outsource what makes sense (I used ThomasNet to find a manufacturer and drop shipper to fulfill my orders)



  68. Tim,

    Just spent an hour scouring the blog; in the updated book you state:

    “the process [of selling BrainQUICKEN] is described on”

    Could you please refresh my memory where?…. I cannot find anything that touches on the ‘process’ of your sale in Jan ’09.

    Thanks for sharing so many of your experiences as you continually do!!

  69. Hi Tim,

    Here is my submission:

    Let me also apologize for the quality since I am currently in London, England living one of my first dreamlines and don’t have a good video source.

    I found a lot of The 4HWW extremely helpful. It was hard to come up with just a few items to talk about but I ended up with 2 main points. The first is about batching work. Just batching email has given me more time. As a Project Manager most of my time is spent on communication, so being able to reduce the amount of time I spend on something as major as email dramatically increased my time. I’ve also applied batching to my other work tasks reducing my time spent on “normal” work to half of my day or about 20 hours a week.

    The second point I made was about starting a business. My Dad has always been self employed. Most of the time it seemed like working for yourself was WAY to hard and not worth it in the long run, so I made a choice when I was young that I would never have my own company. After reading The 4HWW I realized that with a correctly built company I didn’t have to experience the bad side of having a company. I now have a concept for a company and starting in 2010 I will be launching it.

    Thanks Tim for being a great inspiration and for writing a great book!

    Aaron Guthrie

  70. I’m sure Tim is looking for new stories, but I thought I’d use this as a chance to make a quick update. Hard to believe it’s been 2.5 years since that first video! Here are some highlights:

    – Spent 3 months in Mexico

    – Found the ultimate geo-arbitrage right here in the U.S; have been living rent-free since 2008!

    – Added another daughter to our family

    – Thankfully, 2009 was record year for my business.

    – Spoke at the Entrepreneurial Lecture Series – my favorite class in college and something I vowed to do someday.

    Certainly less dramatic and exotic compared to many of the success stories, but that’s my main point in the vid; extreme 4hww successes can be inspiring, don’t get stuck thinking it has to be all or nothing!

  71. Hi guys! So here is the link to my video. I started it using Adobe Premiere for the first time and after learning how to use the program, realised that it kept freezing and I had to start from sratch using another software. Although the voice isn’t great, I hope you enjoy it! :

    To make things more interesting, I decided to start this video after Christmas on the day of the deadline, and make it in under 4 hours, we need to show that we learned something right ;). Even though I won’t get any early submission bonus points, this is my own little challenge.

    Earlier in April, I sent an e-mail to Tim thanking him for the changes I made in my life upon reading the 4HWW. At the time, I was a sales rep at a Fortune 500 company and I was able to use the book’s principles, especially Pareto’s law, in order to maximize my time and increase my sales results. In the e-mail I sent Tim, I mentionned some of the plans I had in the future. This video will show you concretely what I did following that e-mail, what principles from the books I used and how I learned to travel and be treated like a millionaire and a rock-star.


  72. Hi Tim,

    Just watched the 12.22 Q&A video and noticed that you mentioned Trial by Fire a few times. As a cable TV producer/developer, what this company did is not uncommon, but in my opinion all of the possible changes/outcomes should have been discussed with you before production started and as it progressed (did you have script approval? Final cut approval?).

    For complete control of a project, a web series is a very, very good idea (or a feature documentary, depending on the subject).

    As a known quantity, you have the ability to deal directly with a network, but know that they will attach a production company to the project or produce it in-house, and a similar outcome is possible. MOST cable networks and producers will hype the drama or insinuate drama that’s just not there, that’s the nature of the beast.

    For those readers who are unknowns but have a great cable TV idea, understand that an idea is not enough, even if it’s the best idea ever. Show ideas must be developed to fit into a repeatable format week after week, and networks only buy shows from those who have experience producing and delivering similar content. Your best bet would be to research (yes, watch more TV) and find a production company making shows you like that are similar to your idea and then pitch your idea to them.

    Don’t pitch general survey/info shows, or other people as talent. Not worth your time. Only worth it if you are the unique talent.

    Know that most pitches, even good ones, do not get greenlit. If you’re really passionate about it, make a web series.

    Forgive the long off-topic post. One more tip for those unknowns who want to pitch a show idea: Do Not work in a vacuum. Always study the market and anything similar to your idea — past and present — and learn from it. Networks want new but familiar ideas they know will at least do okay. Very rarely is TV a place for groundbreaking content.

    Good luck to all and Happy New Year!


  73. Hey there!

    Here is my contribution…

    Hope you guys understand my Danish accent :0)

    The 4HWW inspired me to automate my company and spend my Danish currency and use them as pesos in Latin America. I have done this for two years now, living and traveling mostly in Colombia and Guatemala. But the biggest inspiration from the 4HWW was Tims writing about not ending as the big fat guy in the big fat BMW. Lifelong learning, grow as a person and start changing the world, thats the real 4HWW.

    Thanks Tim.


  74. Hey Tim, here’s my video:

    I had to record this on my way to a family Christmas party but I wanted to do this because you are awesome and your book changed my life. So in a nut shell, here is what I accomplished in 2009 due in part to the principles in The 4-Hour Work Week.

    In March 2009 I went part-time (leaving a six-figure corporate job). I learned everything I missed out (re: social media and Internet Marketing) during the 2-3 years previous due the experience around my son’s brain cancer. I started a new business that teaches newbies how to get into Internet Marketing (so they can live the 4HW) called I started Tae Kwon Do training with my wife and 3 kids. I’ve planned my trip to live in Panama starting next summer. I’ve sold my Lexus IS-F, Motorcycle, Cabin in Southern Utah, ton’s of crap I didn’t need, and have spent more time with my family than ever before.

  75. Tim,

    Here is my video submission about working on a PhD while managing a social networking business using the 4HWW techniques.

    A PhD and a Latin Party

    Thanks to your book I have been able to double my profits, travel the world, pursue personal projects, and spend time with people I love.



    ( — my muse)

  76. I did it Tim! Until 14 months ago, I was destined to retire in 30+ years. Twenty days from now I’m giving notice of my intention to leave in May. Thank you!!

    I want to be an example of possibility for others that are just getting started. Your methods work and people need to know it. In this video I’ve shared how I applied the following techniques:

    -picking a muse

    -becoming and expert

    -adding a VA (or an intern in this case)

    I have also highlighted the first techniques I used to improve my life.


    -Speed Reading


    -Surrounding myself with like-minded people

    These helped me in the early stages when I was stuck trying to figure out a product, but knew I wanted to become part of the New Rich.

    Here’s my video. Enjoy!

  77. Whew! Between Christmas, a big birthday party at my house tonight, and installing an erotic art show here for said party, I almost didn’t make it… but I so appreciate all I have learned from your book and tracking this blog, that I had to jump in.

    This video sums up just two of my favorite Tim Ferris thought gems: the freedom multiplier and the system reset… being outrageous and unreasonable.

    For a forest-dwelling yogi who decided years ago that work was for muggles and that what really mattera in life is the play, TFs insights brought something totally unforeseen to the table. In the past couple years I’ve gone from seeing myself a starving artist with no head for business to a dynamo from the board room to the bedroom who can handle whatever learning curve this wildly diverse career of mine throws my way. Thank you, thank you, Tim… and I’ll see you in Brazil!

    Here’s that link promised link to my “4hww success” story in 5 minutes or less:

  78. I did it Tim! Until 14 months ago, I was destined to retire in 30+ years. Twenty days from now I’m giving notice of my intention to leave in May. Thank you!!

    I want to be an example of possibility for others that are just getting started. In this video I’ve shared how I applied the following techniques:

    -picking a muse

    -becoming and expert

    -adding a VA (or an intern in this case)

    I have also highlighted the first techniques I used to improve my life.


    -Speed Reading


    -Surrounding myself with like-minded people

    These helped me in the early stages when I was stuck trying to figure out a product, but knew I wanted to become part of the New Rich.

    Here’s my video. Enjoy!

  79. Tim, excuse the raw approach but just stumbled on this within the past half hour. Nothing like the last minute to get focused.

    (Video is still uploading to YouTube. Feel free to replace this the link I’ll send in a few moments.)

    How I’ve made 4HWW real…

    – Filmed the first Trial By Fire contest for buddy Roger, who you sent off to Japan. I was jealous to see him jet away but glad to see his story resonated.

    – Quit a killer job and never looked back

    – Early partner in venture-backed startup (; grew it to success while traveling Australia, Bangkok and all throughout Europe and Central America and the USA; this was my personal lifestyle design trial by fire

    – Wrote and released a book, Source Control (, on outsourcing and simplifying your life through intelligent business design; documents experiments with VAs and managing them effectively; I’ll send you a copy

    – Started a consultancy for people that need more process-driven business structures;

    – Developing M6 Creator app (Flex/Air), to be released in the next month, for market-testing product ideas and building sales systems (I’ll have to show you a beta. I’m amped for this one.)

    – Preparing to release robust, subscription-model course (M6 Method) that breaks down entire process of product creation and launch into 6-step process

    – Created information products; Audio Mixology ( & LanguageCheat (currently completed Thai; extending to all Asian languages)

    – Started for the community; interviewing and sharing stories and ideas from people that are crushing it

    – Started a venture firm (Dangerous Ambition) and hired numerous interns, all focused solely on muse-releated projects (creating products, etc)

    – Got rid of my mobile phone entirely 4 months ago and loving life without it

    – In 1 week, I’m leaving again. Itinerary undefined, but I know I’m going to Manila to meet and hand-pick some new VAs and document the whole thing. The more flights I can lock down, the more content we’re producing for Muselife. Life is good.

    Cheers Tim.


  80. Hey Tim!

    I have submitted my 4hww success story at this link:

    Here is the description I added to the youtube video:

    “Dane Low’s 4 Hour Work Week success story. Dane used concepts from the “L” for Liberation chapter specifically concerned with “filling the void” With these he emulated Tim Ferriss’ Literacy Liberation Project with emphasis on collaboration using social media.”

    Thank you, Tim!

  81. Wow, with literally seconds to go I just managed to post the video to you tube. I thought my story might be of interest to others in that implementing some of Tim’s recommendations certainly changed my life for the better. In a nutshell I sold my watch businesses ( and instead chose to follow my passion which is software and social entrepreneurism. The result is a geography game that we just released on iPhone called iTime GeoQuiz which however will soon also be available on Mac and Windows and will serve as a conduit to raise funding for education. Without the help of my private virtual assistant and indeed the whole outsourcing made possible by an organization like GetFriday, none of this would have been possible. Thanks Tim – your insights were indeed life-changing, at least for me.

  82. Oh crap. YouTube auto-signed me into the wrong account, the whole hour I spend uploading it wasted. Now it’s gonna take another hour to re-upload. Guess I missed the deadline. :…(

  83. I posted an entry–a few minutes late. My first ever video. I saw the contest last night.

    Thought I had no successes but really do

    learned GoogleAdWords through managing ad campaign for non-profit I worked for

    decluttered personal life and living area

    good beginning on businesses

    have some products to test

    learned about website design

    learning through trying & oveercoming obstacles has given me confidence

  84. Follow-up link to quick video:

    4-Hour Workweek Cold Remedy: David Walsh

    Tim, links in my previous comment are obviously for context not promotion, but feel free to strip out if you prefer.