Seeking Suggestions and Case Studies for New 4HWW (Plus: Twitter Giveaway Winners)

O Hai, my new copy editor. (Photo: easyAlchemy)

It’s nice to be focusing on writing again.

I am finally putting together the revised and expanded edition of The 4-Hour Workweek! A lot has happened since it was first published in April 2007, and quite a few cool updates will be included.

I’ve already incorporated many of your suggestions, but I’d love more of your resources and stories! Please take a second to look at the following three questions…

Your feedback might just end up in the new and improved version of the 4HWW, a book in its 40th printing in the US and now sold into 33 languages (!).

1) Have you found any good services, websites, gadgets/tools, products or other resources that should be in the book? Please let me know here.

2) I’d like to add a “best of the blog” section but can only include 3 or so blog posts. Which of these would you include?

Based on page views, unique IPs, and incoming links via Google Analytics, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and the “most popular posts” feature of the WordPress 2.7 admin, here are my 9 most popular relevant posts, in no particular order:

The Margin Manifesto: 11 Tenets for Reaching (or Doubling) Profitability in 3 Months

Picking Warren Buffett’s Brain: Notes from a Novice

The Holy Grail: How to Outsource the Inbox and Never Check Email Again

How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour

The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen (and Weapons of Mass Distraction)

The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now

Things I’ve Learned and Loved in 2008

How to Travel the World with 10 Pounds or Less

The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: 6 Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm

Please tell me which posts you’d choose by clicking on check-boxes here.

3) Do you think you or someone you know might make an interesting case study in the book? Please click here if so. Total question time = 10 minutes or less. If you’ve put your story somewhere in the comments of this blog, please indicate so and include your e-mail after the “what’s your story?” question.

I’m looking for anyone who has a good before-and-after comparison, whether huge or subtle. Small changes and improvements are great — please share your small successes. Did you cut back on working evenings and now spend more time with family? Did you take your first-ever mini-retirement? I’d love to hear about it (and please include any links to photos)! Even if it’s just a simple tip, it could very well make it into a sidebar.

Please click here to tell me how you’ve used concepts or resources in the book, or improved upon them. I strongly suggest you keep a copy of anything you spend time writing (perhaps even compose offline first).

If you can, please post your experiences or tips, however short, by Monday, Feb. 9, at 12pm PST.

Thanks in advance, all! I’m really looking forward to featuring your improvements and additions, not to mention stories. Can’t wait to see what comes in 🙂


Odds and Ends: Twitter Giveaway Winners

I have been giving away various goodies and gadgets on Twitter and will continue to do so. To have first shot at some great stuff coming up, just click here and follow me. Here are a few of the recent winners:

Prize: The DSMMA BP1 anti-microbial hemp bag

Competition: Best Twitter Haiku

Winner: @mr_crash, who wrote:

@tferriss trashy haiku poems inelegantly traded for free things online

To see most of the entries, many of which are great, click here.

Prize: The Fujitsu ScanSnap color travel scanner


Winner: @johnmc, who wrote:

@tferriss stopped on the side of the freeway to help a guy with a flat tire get an odd sized lug nut off (after being rescued myself) #nice

This was a hard choice, as I needed to ask myself: what makes one act “nicer” than another? Sacrifice of time? Cash? Helping those you love vs. strangers? In the end, I went with a random act of kindness for a stranger. To see most of the entries, click here or search #nice on

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79 Replies to “Seeking Suggestions and Case Studies for New 4HWW (Plus: Twitter Giveaway Winners)”

  1. Here are my top three from the list above.

    How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour

    The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now

    The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: 6 Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm

    Looking forward to the updated 4HWW!



  2. Great news! I’m also looking forward to the updated 4HWW!

    Are you planning on publishing the results of the survey(s)?

  3. I can answer 2 of your questions:

    1. Evernote has been incredibly handy for me, especially when coupled with the iPhone app. Everything from grocery lists to genius moments get captured.

    2. -How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour

    -The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen (and Weapons of Mass Distraction)

    -The Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: 6 Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm

    The latter 2 are especially important in my line of work; they have streamlined a few “time leaks” in a way that even my clients appreciate.



  4. Search Results

    MARCH 18TH, 2008

    4 Anti-Cold Cocktails That Work: From Ancient China to German Alcoholics and Modern Labs 112 Comments

    From Geek to Freak

    Things I learned in 2008.

    Best to you Tim,

    Jose Castro-Frenzel

  5. Looks great Tim. I personal like the Warren Buffett post, well, because I followed your advice and got a postcard from him (linked to in your post). I can’t wait for a new release of the 4HWW having taken so much of the first one to heart. I have made huge life changes and have succeeded 10 fold since then, in part to the info you offered along with others. Keep up the great work.

  6. I think a lot of what you have in “Things I’ve Learned and Loved in 2008” would be perfect for the next edition. All the great nuggets in that post will stick with me for a long time.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  7. That’s a cute cat.

    By the way, if you would like another set of eyeballs on the new manuscript, let me know when you need the help. . .be glad to read it through for you. Given that’s our game here, I think I might be able to lend a hand.

    Sending some case study stuff and links your way as well.



  8. I think this is a great opportunity to make a great book, a great idea, a great story, even better. Continue to always go to the next level, never be satisfied. And the masses, including myself, will continue to stand on your shoulders and innovate and create on top of what you are already doing, with the heightened awareness of everything you have put your sweat and blood into. Thanks for continuing to be unreasonable in your pursuit of excellence, I will always look to you for the best in lifestyle development as long as you keep improving, and you better keep going because if you stop, we’re going to pass you! (we being your adamant readers)

  9. I just filled out your survey. Your book was more responsible for my current lifestyle than any other catalyst out there. I am deeply greatful and without it would probably still be stuck in the same old rut.

    Now I have 2 profitable websites, 2 more on the way and more freedom than I’ve ever had before.

    Thanks Tim.

  10. Great to hear that you are updating your best-seller!

    Your out-of-the-box thinking has benefited many thousands of people and hopefully your new book will benefit even more.

    Thank you for your contribution for helping people become more successful and financially free.

  11. Hi Tim, how can you do this to me? A new edition in the works and today I bought the old one. Damn! 🙂

    Cheers / Elmar

  12. Hey Tim,

    Filled out your surveys – thanks for the opportunity!

    From a slightly different perspective, I want to say thank you. I’ve got ADHD and have found some of the techniques and perspectives in your book just awesome. Seriously made one hell of a difference. I’ve just never taken the time out to say thank you to the person who helped me get more time.

    See you one day, Big Dog


  13. top 3 posts:

    The Margin Manifesto

    The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen

    How to Travel the World with 10 Pounds or Less

  14. I would appreciate some more attention paid to the service sector, such as trade/hands on types of business. This could be anything from a handy man to a dentist. Being in the service sector, it would be nice to see a few ideas from outside my local sphere of influence.

  15. Excellent news! I can’t wait to see the updated 4HWW!

    I would love to see “How to travel the world with 10 pounds or less” in the top 3. We don’t travel with the exact same things, but I couldn’t agree more that “fashionably light” is the way to go with world travel!

    We travel as a family and only carry a light daypack each for trips of a month or two ( even in 3 season weather) & that includes at least 2 laptops and homeschool supplies! 😉 Our child, who was 5 when we started, has a great LLBean bag that can be rolled or carried ( normally used for school) & still looks new after 3 years, 4 continents, & LOTS of use.

    She is a pro now, handling her own bag on any travel method from planes, freighter ships, trains, buses, mass transit, boats, horses & camels through 29 countries.

    We have been a traveling digital nomadic family since 2006 , thus have learned a lot about what helps a family during mini-retirements, so have sent them to you. We have found some great resources that help with education with kids while away from home, from online courses to enrolling in local schools to immerse in the language and culture. Our daughter plays the violin and piano, so we have found ways to solve those challenges on the move as well.

    Waving from Spain! Love what you do!


  16. Tim,

    Just listened (CD version) of the 4HWW for the 3rd time. It’s the first time I’ve listened since it was released… and I want to tell you how thankful I am for your book. You are a true inspiration. I have implemented many of your suggestions and my life is starting to turn into something awesome. Thanks for educating. I look forward to the updated version of your book.


    PS – Instead of a language in 3 months… how about an instrument?

  17. Hi Tim,

    You saved my life twice, in martial arts and in business.


    The first happened in the summer of 2004, when I was 18 training in AKA, going after my dreams of being a professional fighter. I did what everyone said was impossible and put on 30 pounds of muscle in 3 months, increased bench from 250 to 450, and cut down bodyfat from 9%-3%. I had requests for national shows and sponsorships, yet I lost it all, for a moment.

    Due to over-training, I injured every single muscle and joint in my body. Every doctor said there was no hope. One even told me to just take Prozac and pain killers for the rest of my life.

    I felt so hopeless. Then, I read your article about ART and Dr. Janzen, and he was able to heal what was supposed to be unhealabe.

    At 20, I was back stronger than ever. Yet, I got another serious injury during the finals of a tournament. Over 30 of the best doctors in the world said I would never heal.

    I went to HKU to study abroad in its business program, the best in Asia. I had lost my dreams of being a world champion in martial arts, but I found my destiny in business.

    Yet, I was destroying my life by making up over 4 years of experience in just 3 months. As a psychology major, I had no background in business and finance, except for some basic sales experience. I took on the hardest classes with 7 a quarter (most people took 4), a part-time internship, freelance work, a long-distance relationship with a Japanese web 2.0 celebrity, healing my injured body, and various club leadership positions.

    Before I read your book, I had 200-300 emails, 3-5 meetings, and 10-15 projects a DAY.

    After I read your book, I reply to 20 emails (all others are automated or outsourced), 0 meetings, and 2-3 project a day.

    The biggest change for me was realizing that information isn’t necessary knowledge, and being tuned in to 150 RSS feeds a day doesn’t make you productive or smart.

    I felt I was so behind in my big dreams that I thought I could “catch up” by doing more and more. In reality, what I needed was to say “no” to what didn’t matter, so I can say “yes” to what does.

    I had define myself by how busy I was, how many people knew me, and all these social standards that just didn’t meet who I really was.

    Thank you for enabling and empowering millions to see that there is a better way to succeed and be fulfilled in this precious life.

    The change in me was so great that hundreds of students asked me for advice. After being told by professors and strangers that I should write a book since I was 16, I finally wrote one.

    Yet, the original title, “The Way to Health, Wealth, Truth” was so confusing, boring, and meaningless to people.

    I asked you what you thought about me using “The 7-Hour School Week”, and you said “sure, that what works!” Like how you used the Rosetta Stone.

    So, I did, and the book has been doing 100000% better with a simple title change.


    Within two years of college, from age 20-22, I traveled the world; competed in international martial art and bodybuilding tournaments; got requests from national media; lead seven clubs; worked five diverse jobs (marketing and sales, personal training, executive search research analyst, student success coach, and freelance writer); did a prototype for a health franchise; overcame severe injuries; transformed relationships; found love (Japanese Web 2.0 celebrity and Renaissance woman); learned qi; practiced Olympic-level bio-mechanics; read over 700 books; and studied business in Asia’s top university, as well as finance, sociology, and psychology in one of America’s best social science universities.


    My mission is to discover, create, and distribute the proven principles, programs, and products in health, wealth, and truth.

    I am an author, trainer, and entrepreneur in health and in peak performance education. I am also a Producer, Marketer, and Trainer for Protection In Movement (free people from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction), a high school wrestling coach, as well as a marketing and sales consultant for businesses. I am always interested in ways to create a world where everyone lives with purpose, passion, and peace.

    I was an obese, troubled, and timid youth until I found martial arts, philosophy, and peak performance psychology at 12 years old. I transformed my body and went after my dream of being a professional fighter. At 18, just when my career was about to take off with national sponsorship and show requests, I went through severe injuries due to overtraining.

    Realizing the need for systems that could succeed without my constant involvement, the warrior became an entrepreneur. Within two years of college, from age 20-22, I traveled the world; competed in international martial art and bodybuilding tournaments; got requests from national media; lead seven clubs; worked five diverse jobs (marketing and sales, personal training, executive search research analyst, student success coach, and freelance writer); did a prototype for a health franchise; overcame severe injuries; transformed relationships; found love (Japanese Web 2.0 celebrity and Renaissance woman); learned qi; practiced Olympic-level bio-mechanics; read over 700 books; and studied business in Asia’s top university, as well as finance, sociology, and psychology in one of America’s best social science universities.

    Through innovative integrations, productivity principles, and automated and outsourced systems, I have been able to focus at working on life and playing in it, rather than working in it and waiting on it. Through healing the supposedly impossible injuries, I have also embraced the yin of tai chi, qi qong, and bio-mechanics to unite with the yang that once characterized my actions.


  18. The Three Biggest Insights for the 4-Hour Work Week:

    Outsourcing Work, Traveling the World to Be With My Love, and Automating My Business.

    The E-Myth was a profound transformation in the way I executed my business. Yet, even then, I was still delegating what could be outsourced. I never thought outsourcing could be so simple.

    I can travel the world while building my business empires due to technology, outsourcing, and automation. This is the biggest gift to my life, as my girlfriend lives in Japan. She is my perfect love who is a top author and web blogger in Japan. (She is beautiful, intelligent, sexy, cute, athletic, adventurous, fun, and everything else I ever wanted in my ideal woman.) Now, I know I can be together to create our dreams, even in Japan. I never thought that would be possible before I read you book.

    Before I read your book, I was already a big fan of COPY and PASTE for all my emails. Yet, there’s so many technology tools, such as autohotkey, evernote, and google template that I didn’t utilize. I used to be scared of technology, since my background was in human peak performance, martial arts, and health.

    Yet, once I overcame that fear, I build my own site, automated with Aweber, and much more! Thank you for showing us how to use the powerful Copy and Paste feature for everything in our life, so we can focus our personal, customized powers to what really matters!

  19. The biggest flaw in the 4HWW is the lack of information/resources on Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is really what makes it possible and so there needs to be more focus on this and advanced information.

    There are a lot of really good courses and resources out there, like John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 and Perry Marshall’s Adwords Course and Job Crusher by Mike Filsaime, that should be included.

    It isn’t a walk in the park or easy. And so people may be misled that creating an Internet Business can be done by anyone. It can’t. It needs to be learned and mastered.

    Outsourcing Internet Marketing alone isn’t a good idea because you have no gauge on how effective the Outsourcers work is in the crucial areas like Adwords etc. That’s why you should learn it first.

    4HWW is great, but, many Internet Marketers, myself included, think it falls down in this one area.

    Hopefully the new edition can amend this!

  20. I’d like to see post like How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour” worked into the mini-retirement section. It’s a nice tie in. It also allows for a real feel to being a local during your stay abroad. Without a touch of the language there is a big barrier.

  21. Wow…where to begin? Tim, you have influenced nearly every aspect of my life from how I cook my eggs in the morning to how many hours of sleep I get at night!

    Here’s an interesting example for the Blog (the rest will go in your questionnaire…).

    Using the principles you write about (Mostly 80/20…), I have developed a Daytrading strategy for the Futures and Forex markets that is truly 80 – 90% Profitable.

    This in-itself is almost unheard of, and many consider to be impossible. In addition, I am currently working on a way to fully automate the strategy using computer trading software and am considering a way to outsource an “Attendant” to watch over the automated trading for any problems that may arise.

    Here are some of the highlights that come to mind:

    *Using the super-leverage the Futures and Forex markets to capture huge profits on very small market moves using very little margin. I don’t try to hit home runs, instead, the focus is on consistently capturing a small portion of a bigger move. And with leverage that small move can be hugely profitable.

    *Eliminate the need to analyze & think about the markets & trading. The strategy is 100% rule based and requires no additional thought or analysis. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to not have to use any extra head-space to trade. I used to spend 8+ hours a day over-thinking and over-analyzing and then spend the rest of my day recovering from the effort and sheer mental output.

    *Eliminate negative emotional content. This is the one that everybody talks about but hardly anyone ever achieves. If you are winning 8-9 times out of 10 then what is there to get upset about?

    *Eliminate or reduce the time spent trading. No more staring at a computer screen for 8 hours + per day and no more losing sleep & getting up at ungodly hours.

    *I am in & out of the market quickly, usually within minutes, thereby reducing risk.

    *Reduce Taxes by using an almost unknown type of Trust.

    *Identifying low risk opportunities in the market means eliminating 99% of all trading ideas and focusing on only the trades with with the highest probability of success.

    *Using recent software technology with market playback features. Allows the playback of market data in real-time or sped-up for development of strategies and trading skills at any time. You no longer need to watch the markets when they are open and you don’t have to wait for the opportunities to come to you. You control the times when you want to make your analysis and at what speed. Saves enormous amounts of time and reinforces the liberating perspective of not letting the market run your life.


    A “thank you Tim” doesn’t really say it, but until I have the occasion to to be a little more personal…thank you Tim!


  22. Tim,

    Warning; Do not underestimated the power of the statements in this testimonial for the “Four Hour Work Week”. I am not saying these things just to win a contest. Everything below is absolutely true.

    I would just like to say that I have always had an instinctive “the glass is 1/2 full mentality; probably from my competitive athletic 27 year career. But you have really prodded me this year to take my life to the next level by taking more risk.

    I agree with you on a lot of things, namely;

    #1 The amount of opportunity that is around us is at an all time high. And this is important; cause most people who listen to the news and what is going on in the media; and take the propaganda that is shoved down our throats from big business; THINK THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END.

    #2 That anyone and everyone can become more efficient with their time by utilizing Paretto’s 80/20 law.

    #3 Low info diet

    I can tell you that after I read your book in June of 08 (and pulled my head out of my _ss) I accomplished more with my fitness business’s in since then than in the 25 years prior.

    Not only has my income increased 100 % since I implemented just three things from your book; I am much happier, healthier, and less stressed. I have so much time now; honestly; it seems like time stand still from me.

    The quality of my relationships with my wife, kids, and clients has exploded.

    You helped me by not becoming reactive and stressed by answering e-mails in the morning. This one was huge for me and saved my life.

    Another thing is that I am on pace to increase my income by 300% in 2009 because of the strategies in “The Four Hour Work Week”.

    Also reading your book has allowed me to think outside the box.

    As I was raised by a blue collar worker (great work ethic but little creativity and risk taking power) and being a truck driver myself for 18 years with the same mindset now find myself truly living a dream life; the main reason why is I started following people like you. And you know the old saying, “You turn into who you hang around”.

    So thanks so much for inspiring us all, keep up the great work. I am very much looking forward to your next book. If I can help you out in any way, please, let me know.

    I have learned a lot about fitness & health since I have been passionately studying the affects of intense athletic competition since 1979 as a drug free athlete

    I also have had the luxury of being “arguably” the busiest professional fitness trainer in the world; as I have sold and serviced over 1.8 Million $$$$ in personal training contracts one session at a time.

    Professional athletes, stay at home house moms, CEO’s of big companies and small companies, mail-men, pastors, busy double income couples, to sick, diseased, and physically challenged individuals.

    Through the experience of passionatelly studying what works and does not work for fitness, fatloss, muscle gain, athleticism, stress reduction, energy management, and longevity; in over 18,000 work-outs with clients, and over 8,000 personal work-outs I have learned alot.

    Among one of the biggest things I have learned is that it is common knowledge what to eat, and how to train, but what is considerably more important than that is “how to think”. How to reframe situations and how to empower ones self with “looking at things from a different perspective”. This is the area that I am most passionate about and believe I have leaned the most. In fact; I have had several clients reverse diseases and physical limitations by focusing on some unique mental strategies that I have developed.

    So any way Tim, I would love to help you in any way that I can; cause I know that like my buddy Tom Venuto’s new book “The Fatloss Solution”, your upcoming book has the potential to impact and save many, many lives.

    And I am also very interested in your mission to over haul the school system.

    I believe that guys like us, and the likes of Tony Robbins could do it.

    Let’s keep rocking baby in 09.

    Darin Steen (The Chicago Kid)

  23. Hi Tim,

    I am currently putting together an overview of what I’ve done in applying your 4HWW to a retail setting, (much to mixed reactions to the company’s I work for, and my friends said would be impossible to do).

    The results that I’ve had from the changes have been a amazing, from staff who hated work, now love working, to moving to No.1 branch in Nov. 2008 for our region. (Earlier in the year of 2008 they were going to shut down the branch because it wasn’t performing).

    So a big thank you for your book, its changed the lives of many – ‘we can live again’


  24. Hey Tim,

    If someone wanted to send you a gift to show their appreciation, do you have like a “Fan Mail” address? Also, I think you can have, or should have, a way that people can buy an autographed version of 4HWW exclusively from your site (because I want to ;).

    Thank you and look forward to your reply.

  25. The language learning stuff has always fascinated me and I’ve always felt like you’ve only bothered to share about 10% of what you know about it, possibly because you don’t think people would be interested?? I also really think this is something that a lot of people WOULD be interested in–do you realize how many people would LOVE to learn a foreign language but don’t try because they basically don’t know how?!

  26. Going away from the more obscure topics suggested by some, I found mainly one shortcoming in the book: the concentration or focus on the one specific style of how you work your business. The new version should include more ground instructions for people to apply in different areas, the most promising probably around the area of people in the cubicle.

    Although it does not seem so at first sight, the principle can be applied to everything and once you understand that, things can change. But many people have a problem in ‘structuring’ work, which is why these kind of instructions need to be broken down more.

    Instead of just describing outsourcing (for which many people will claim it does not work for them but still probably is wrongfully the most described content of your book) describe how thinking about this process can be applied to all kind of work.

  27. Tim,

    I first picked up your book in Texas when I “washed out” of USAF flight training. As you might imagine, I was down in the dumps…I had spent my whole life working toward the goal of becoming a fighter pilot, and I failed. It was devastating to be so close, and have my dreams shattered forever.

    I credit your book/blog with helping me turn my corrosive, negative attitude around and “get back on the horse,” so to speak. Just reading about the relentless resilience you have has made me re-evaluate how I look at life. Thank you for that.

    I was wondering if you have ever had such a major setback in your life. Have you ever felt like you truly failed without the ability to recover? If so, how did you move on? I’ve always been told to “shoot for the moon” but what if your launch vehicle explodes in a million pieces somewhere along the way? I know I’m not the only one out there to have set high goals and not reach them, certainly this is applicable to many entrepreneurs out there.

    My only suggestion for your next book is to be cognizant of how important the title is. I’ve told many people about your book, only to be scoffed at because “it sounds like one of those get rich quick books.”

    Again, Tim, thanks for your insight and I will be anxiously awaiting your next book! Good luck!


  28. Tim,

    Bayo, Harlem, NY, I forgot to write in my submission A DEEPER reason why I was able to apply much of your content, and WHY I think people are able to make such drastic innovations and that is having a deeper Purpose to enrich the lives of others. The Joy of playing soccer, I’ve been a soccer player all my life…now I am seeking to play more soccer, have fun in countries all over the world, and help build soccer fields for impoverished youth worldwide!

    This is very important: FILLING THE VOID. I have always been a success student (Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins KRS-ONE etc.) and I know that having a big enough WHY is very important in even having the motivation to apply anything from the 4HWW or any book.

    My big WHY, is “Our Love Of Rap Unites Nations” a cause which I had thought about since 2001, in many different forms, but the ultimate aim now is to: Empower the lives of over 200 Million Youth worldwide with Music, Reading, Math, Geography, Soccer, Hip Hop, and Computer Skills.

    Help youth learn to read – Improve literacy rates in underdeveloped countries globally

    Help youth learn to think with math – Improve numeracy skills for youth globally

    Help youth learn digital technology and computer skills globally

    Help Youth explore geography using Hip Hop, music, and international idea exchanges

    Help build soccer fields for youth in impoverished communities worldwide! Joga Bonito!

    Right now the beneficiary for my cause on facebook is an organization that is very fun and could definitely use some more exposure: Love.Futbol

    love.fútbol builds simple, safe soccer fields for children in impoverished communities worldwide.

    Simplicity. We believe in soccer. The game itself is a catalyst for youth development, hope and inspiration. We are not a solution—we are a step. Our goal is to address a global demand.


    •Community-Driven Development – love.fútbol partners with communities so that projects are realized on a cost-shared basis. We provide basic funds for raw materials and a love.fútbol Representative; the community must organize themselves and provide the labor.

    •Low Cost, Quick Impact – Our average soccer field costs less than $5,000; our average project duration lasts less than two months.

    •The love.fútbol Representative (“LF Rep”) – love.fútbol develops carefully selected individuals from each country in which we operate. LF Reps identify projects, foster community-driven development and serve as ongoing project facilitators.

    •The Platform Concept – love.fútbol garners community buy-in. We can serve as a stepping stone for other organizations to implement more comprehensive social programs.

    Our approach is simple; some may miss its significance. We are unaware of any direct competition.

  29. Best Blog Posts: Holy Grail: Inbox + Any Language in 1 Hour

    More important than anything that I’ve “done” since reading the book is that it gave me permission to want something more from life. While working a full time desk job between college semesters, I listened to the 4hww audios every day; I must have gone through the full book 10 times, doing the challenges as well.

    I enjoyed your thoughts about expanding one’s comfort zone, and subsequently learned to speak in front of groups and develop a business that would free me to spend more time traveling and golfing; my true passion.

    What amazed me was that 80/20 applied to my schoolwork, day job, my golf game, and human behavior. The key with creating business systems online and anything else was *thinking* differently than everyone else, then acting on what you now know. The way you prefaced chapters with human psychology was brilliant. The only part I wasn’t prepared for was how many people call you crazy for even mentioning a book called “4 hour work week”!

    NOTE: (I would only add more about visualization, which really gets to the heart of what you were talking about)

    Now I made enough from businesses online to buy a new car (throw out ’97 ford escort), not have to work a “job” while in school, and play golf more often.

  30. Hi Tim…… it would be terrific if you could include some aspects in your new book that directly relate to professional service people such as doctors & chiropractors. I guess what I am looking for are suggested methodologies for me to help more people yet still possess more free time but never to compromise patient care. I believe we need to remain/become more “high touch” in the healthcare field & be cautous not to get too “high tech” at the expense of quality care. Therefore the healthcare arena ideally needs to focus on “patient care” & not so much about automated systems which are a plenty in your book. I have found personally that I have applied many suggestions contained in your book & blogs to my personal life to increase my time & productivity favourably, however have not been able to apply it in my professional life as much. Thanks again mate, Sascha

  31. When was the last work week you only worked just 4 hours? It’s really about–living how you what to live, yeah?

    You mentioned this was the publisher’s idea, for the title. I liked your book, but focusing on the NR, outsourcing, and not working except 4 hours, probably just painted you into a corner.

    I say retool.

    Focus on “learning efficiencies”. High efficiency living, learning, work, traveling, health, not 4HWW.

    Fully reinvent your brand. Yep, I’m talking new title.

    Also, a book about your adventures would be fun to read. Best wishes to you. I’m a big fan, Tim.

  32. I have to totally disagree with lisa’s comment above as I think 4HWW is a FABULOUS, attention getting and smart brand.

    Some of us DO travel the world slowly with family as a lifestyle and work 4 hours or less a week!

    It is actually an option open to all today and studies show that 70% of families dream of extended travel.

  33. Here’s my story:

    When I first got your book I was working LONG hours and making almost NO money. I work as a freelance writer and spent most of my time chasing after new clients and working with serious problem clients (that’s before I read your book). I even had to move out of my apartment to stop the financial bleeding. I lost EVERYTHING, It was really bad and I’m still recovering. But then I applied the principal of firing my problem clients and focusing only on my most valuable (and less troubling) clients. Also, I now only work with clients who have recurring writing projects and I have stabilized my income. Where before I would sometimes not have income for weeks or even a month or two, now every week a check comes in because of using your principals. My clients love me and once in awhile they send me little “love letters” to tell me how much they appreciate my hard work. But not just that… I always wanted to live in France, so I setup skype, and other telecommunications tools and have been in France since November 2008. That’s right, I went from BROKE to living in France using the principals in your book. I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, a matter of fact if someone looked at my income they would not be impressed; but I’m living the life I WANT and I’m free from working like a slave. Actually, I work only about 3 – 4 hours a day in my primary business. The rest of the time is spent taking my writing career to the next level, spending time with friends and enjoying France. A matter of fact I just came back from London, England just a week ago. I love this life. Thank you so much Tim Ferris. If you’re interested please feel free to use my story as a case study.

  34. Tim,

    What I would like to see is a chapter on creating a successful business in a recession. Many millionaires were made during the depression and I believe that many more will be made during this recession. Maybe tips on getting customers to open their wallets during these economic times.


  35. Forgot to add in my direct response, for useful software/resources – Rexwireless’ ideamatrix is brilliant for those ‘think of it – save it – get it out of your head into an organised place’ moments on the road/middle of the night etc – a matrix of nested lists/notes for Blackberry. Also in terms of books the almighty David Allen ‘Getting things done’ is up there on bookshelf next to 4HWW (having just relocated to a new country with only a carload of stuff, reading matter was seriously rationed, and these two books were amongst a very short list of non-fiction making the cut)

  36. …………The evolution of the 4 HWW has been really neat to see. I have been learning from this blog since day 1. I will post a comment later today explaining everything I have learned from you.

    With all Sincerity,

    Jose Castro-Frenzel

  37. Tim,

    Please include a chapter on your findings and suggestions on the public education system. Unfortunately, education is put on the back burner in our society and in the student’s lives. It is easy for them to go home and turn on some sort of electronic entertainment such as video games, texting, email, internet, etc.. We now live in an age where our dinner is cooked in three minutes but homework still takes hours. Perhaps we can find a way to present information and lessons in a more efficient way. I am positive that students would be able to learn more with less time, but we as teachers need to be able to present the material in such a way that is conducive to this result.

  38. I just started using a program called Personal Brain ( It helps links ideas with other ideas, showing their relationships to each other. I currently keep a contact list of professional associates and can quickly determine who knows who and how they relate to me. All the usual features are there–searching, tagging, sorting–as well as additional features like linking to files on my hard drive or to web pages on the internet. The software comes in various versions, with the basic edition being free to download and use.

    I’ve also started researching Piotr Wozniak and his methods of increasing memory retention and recall. Wozniak’s theory suggests that the optimal time to re-study a piece of information is right before you forget it. I have yet to test his theory, but I imagine combining Wozniak’s theory of spaced repetition with the 80/20 rule could lead to exponential improvements when learning something new. For example, combining Tim’s methods of acquiring a foreign language with Wozniak’s approach to remembering may decrease the time it takes to learn the language from 3 months to, perhaps, 2 months or less. If anyone tests my idea, please let me know.

  39. Hey Tim,

    I look forward to the revised edition, especially if you decide to broaden the focus and provide some tips for people in occupations/situations that aren’t covered in 4HWW. That said maybe we need to think for ourselves a bit more 😉

    I also wanted to say that I was struck by you mentioning Queenstown as the place to visit in New Zealand in the book – I guess I’m biased but there’s so much more to see here at better value for money, unless your goal is an expensive skiing holiday with all the tourist trappings! So if you haven’t checked out the rest of our fair land, I highly recommend you pay a visit to the rest of the Southern Alps, Golden Bay, the Bay of Plenty and the far north. Yeah!



  40. Hi Tim,


    4HWW is very much focused around an individual (your personal anecdotes are). But it might be useful to have a look at how trying to implement the 4HWW impacts on the “significant other”? Except for what triggered your quest, there is no more mention of relations/relationships.



  41. One thing you haven’t talked about yet in detail is how you got admitted into Princeton despite having an average SAT score. I think you said that it’d be on this site originally ;p.

  42. Thank you Tim,

    I tend to be a do every thing yourself kind of person and both the book and blog for 4hww have helped me to clear through my own mental cluter. I run a service based business and would certainly love to have more help and insight directed turning a service business into a 4hour company.

    Your thoughts and insights have been greatly appreciated


  43. Soultraveler,

    I’m on board with you. Lisa, there are plenty of people who work very short work hours because they have designed their lives that way. I’m one of them. I hate working long hours and I love traveling. With help from Tim’s book and other books I have both now. As far as Tim’s brand is concerned, it ain’t broke so don’t fix it. Tim’s book appeals to people like me who are trying to work less not more. It was the title that attracted me. I also don’t think Tim should write a book exclusively about his adventures. Because I don’t think they would sell many copies (well at least I wouldn’t buy it ) — no offense Tim, you’re cool (and cute 🙂 ) but my primary reason for buying your book is hear about your strategies not the juicy details (exclusively) of your adventures. Please share more strategies whatever you do. Thanks

  44. When your new book comes out, try visiting Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a book signing.

    I think you might be surprised at how unusual the U.S.’s smallest big city seems, compared to the rest of the world. I was.

  45. For the Blog posts my votes are for:

    – The art of letting bad things happen (this was a real eye opener for me)

    – The Holy Grail: How to outsource your inbox…..

    As far as services/gadgets/tools/etc. I have become a huge fan of Apple in the past 6 months. My wife and I are working together on our new business and muse creation. When we started we had a 7 year old Dell that was sluggish to say the least. We bought a MacBook Pro for her and one for myself along with a subscription to MobileMe. This “on the cheap” shared network drive has enabled us to sync contacts, calendars, mail, and even keychains. Throw in an iPhone and we have consistent information no matter where we go. This has absolutely helped our productivity at home and on the road.

  46. Many of the sentiments above are spot-on, but I’d have to echo the internet marketing suggestion.

    Since so much of what we’re learning from you involves marketing and selling online, more info on how to get traffic, how to write sales copy, how to use PPC would be useful. Or, just some resources on where you’d suggest learning that. So, Reese’s course for example is a good one.

    Very pumped for the new release though Tim. You’re a pioneer and an inspiration!

    Stephen Nash

  47. The Four Hour Second Language?

    The Four Hour Work Out Plan?

    Brand Four Hour! Four hours to do this, Four hours to do that…Like Kiyosaki with Rich Dad.

  48. Tim,

    I have an important suggestion.

    You really need to listen to a song called “Straight Path” by Memphis Bleek. You should recommend this song in the new version of your book. Its amazingly deep and authentic. You will identify with this song.

    Trust me, you will get much love and respect if people know that you know this song.

    I has many parallels with your life because you’ve changed paths many times throughout your life.

    This song is like the “e-mail you need to read” poem near the end of the first 4HWW, but instead it is a “song you need to hear.” That is how you should present it in the new version of you book.

    It will be magnificent. Hopefully you will remember me when you write about this song in your new version of 4HWW.

    Best of Luck and Much Love,

    Mr. Jackson

  49. Hi Tim,

    I look forward to your new book. I would like to see a chapter on the skills and tactics you use for learning something new. Is there a specific checklist you use or how do you break things down? I enjoy learning new things, and how one can learn more efficiently and effectively is always welcome information.

    For your book examples, you could explore more deeply how you have/would approach tasks for the “trial by fire” series. (I still have my fingers crossed that it goes into production.)

    Cheers, Tatoosh.

  50. Tim, you’re book is phenomenal!

    I’ve read it so many times, and constantly look for opportunities to apply the ideas. I’ve applied it in a million small ways, but am still working on the ultimate goal of passive income that covers all expenses.

    Your book has made me very aware and selective of what I invest my time on. Big impact!

    I’d like to see a lot more content and real world examples of information muses in the next book.

    Top blog post for me is “Things I’ve Learned and Loved in 2008”

    [edit per comment rules, but thanks for the comment!]

    Looking forward to your next book!

    Mark Lengies

  51. Sascha made a great point that I would like to build upon.

    As a creative professional, my job requires a lot of inter-discipline mediating (read: babysitting) and concept translation between developers and business folks. Using your principles, I refined and automated a large majority of my throughput so that I really only work about 2-3 hours per day, but I still have to be available for the other 6 or 7 to put out fires. I think it would be very helpful to expand upon team building methods with the intention of distributing responsibility for incidentals to subordinate coworkers and renegotiating the rules and expectations of one’s position with management. I guess I would just like a few more Jedi Mind Tricks to remove myself as an information bottleneck when outsourcing isn’t an end-all option.

  52. I am going through the book now and am anxious to try out the suggestions. The one thing that I would suggest for the new edition is a broader explanation for employees of how to apply the escape from the office philosophy. For example, in my job I have concrete deliverables and short timelines. I have no meetings and rarely have time at work that’s not productive. How can I escape? Or harder still, what about someone like a nurse who needs to be on site for a regular schedule.

  53. Tim,

    Just saw this posting and submitted a case study of our biz using 4HWW principles. Looking forward to your new book!!



  54. All I can say is that I refer to the original Four Hour Work Week (First print) so much I can’t wait for the updated version to come out. I will certainly be watching for it.

    Good luck writing. If you need outsourcing I will be happy to help.

  55. Tim – How come you didn’t approve my last post? I guess you didn’t like my reference to —removed company name— I was meerly pointing out that you should use a different service than the one you are using.

    Anyways, ive been posting on your blog for quite some time and havn’t ever been moderated, i guess there is a first time for everything.

    Your books have truely inspired me along the way and I can say that your book and blog are one of the contributing factors to my current position in life. This is of course a good thing.

    Thanks again!

  56. Hey Tim,

    Thanks so much for the gmail tips (on twitter). I just used them and my email has zero messages for the first time in YEARS. Oh my God, I was soooo happy when I cleared out my box. I had over 21,000 messages in my email box dating back to 2006. LOL Before gmail’s changes it was so hard (time consuming) to archive old messages especially if you had allowed them to get piled up. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of messages in my email box that I considered abandoning the email account and starting over. (shaking my head) Anywho, all is better my world now. I even did a little happy dance after I cleared my box. 😀

  57. Tim

    Your book and blog have inspired me to quit my job, write 2 ebooks, sky dive, backpack through South America, sell all the clutter in my life, and host an annual convention of the world’s top dating instructors (my primary business venture, third year running).

    The best part? I can’t even buy a drink yet.

    Thank you so much bro, good luck with the re-write, will be picking up a copy!


  58. Have ya’ll heard of the book “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell? I just got it in the mail as a surprise gift, so I looked it up online and it sounds really interesting. I linked to the 3rd excerpt on his sight, as I thought it would be interesting to ppl on this blog.

    Not sure if it is practical info, but it is eye opening and a great for conversation.

    Blake W.

  59. Hey Blake,

    I read Outliers. Excellent book! It gives another perspective on how people become masters or successful in a given field. Very interesting. It’s similar to Freaknomics in that it talks about outside influencing factors of a person’s success. I don’t know if I agree with everything (it’s a lot to digest) but I do (well sort of on the fence) agree with the 10,000 hours theory. The 10,000 hours theory says that it takes 10,000 hours of practice/study to become a master (not just proficient) at any skill. But I also think that you don’t need to be a master before you are competent enough to compete in any given field. I also agree with the I.Q theory where he claims that at a certain point I.Q. has no affect on success. It’s definitely worth checking out.

  60. Thanks Beverly,

    I am limiting myself to one chapter per day so that I can digest what he says. I did the introduction last night and chapter one just now… I might have to cheat later tonight.

    What I have read so far makes me think we could make leaps and bounds as a country with very little money invested if we just paid attention to certain things. For that reason it reminds me of the 4HWW and Tim.

    Blake W.

    PS Tim, I am contemplating going after my dream job AND muse. It is not your style, and will have to wait for money to start flowing again, but you and one of my professors have influenced me to embrace it sooner than later. Thanks.

  61. I personally would love to see some resources for Australian users in your resource sections of websites etc. Such as options for VAs and drop shipping.

    Looking forward to the new release non the less. Thanks!

  62. Tim:

    Just a quick note of thanks for sending the book for my three kids from the International Forum. That was really nice of you to follow up!!!! I’ll make sure the three of them read it, before they pass it on to me. (God knows, I need more free time in my life.)

    And after returning from a surfing trip in Costa Rica, my one son brought home a hand carved sign of Pura Vida . . . how fun to see it on the signed portion of the book.

    Thanks again!!!!!!

    jerry mainardi

  63. It would be useful to have a chapter in the revised edition which targets lifestyle design for older people. (I’ll be 65 in July) How about:

    1. Suggestions for diet, exercise, and medical technology regarding life extension and/or thwarting the onset of age related medical problems (I DON’T want to increase my lifts 110 lbs)

    2. Economical ways to travel which don’t involve unicycles, trekking in Tibet, or bungee jumping.

    3. Useful suggestions regarding the productive use of increased leisure time, particularly how this might relate to emerging tech discoveries or social issues which may have been previously ignored or otherwise underserved.


  64. The above website and business is a result of reading 4 HWW. This is just the start, but I am on my way and really appreciate the book to getting me started.

    Also looking at going abroad to teach ESL and get out of the US for a while. Thanks

    Bill Yarbro

  65. Hey, I think you should put the “Mind Control Experiment” in the book. In fact, I want to start the experiment right now, but I have no idea where to get one of those darn bracelets. Any recommendations? I’m in the South Bay. Thanks!

  66. Hi Tim,

    How about having a ‘random article’ button or an archive of all your posts? I’d love to be able to hop on the site and read an article I haven’t read before more easily.



  67. Tim – I’d love to say that your book inspired me to do things and free myself from the self imposed drudgery that I pursue, but sadly I’m in my mid 50s, hopelessly in debt (2 divorces may have contributed to this :-)) and too lazy and fatalistic to get off my backside and do it. And I work for myself!

    That said I do do fewer meetings now and have switched off auto send receive of email and will definitely buy the new book.

    One thing that would be interesting (but time consuming for you) would be to see whether you could take someone from the traditional accepted way of working (which lets face it has spectacularly failed) and mentor them to a new and fulfilling way of like.

    My own preference is not to make lots of money, but to work less and to spend more time on my creativity.

    Blog posts for me:

    1. The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now

    2. How to Do The Impossible: Create a Paperless Life, Never Check Voicemail Again, Never Return Another Phone Call…

    3. How to Never Forget Anything Again

    I liked the idea of How to Lose 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise, but frankly I got bored to tears of eating lentils almost every day.

    Tim – I live my life vicariously through you, but even I get small nuggets that make my life easier.

  68. Perhaps you’ve already addressed the topic, but if not I thought this may be worth adding to the book: What if one has approximately $2-4 million to invest in a business; what up-and-already-running business that one could buy (as opposed to starting from scratch) would fit perfectly with the principles of 4HWW? (I.e., a low-maintenance biz that would throw off cash and could be bought for $1M plus (or maybe even less?)). Thanks,

  69. Tim,

    Counldn’t find the best place for this comment, so entered it here (saw note above about ART so I’ll go look for it now). I would love for Royal Rife’s research to be truly revived. As far as I know, his cure of 18 (as I recall) terminal cancer patients as reported in the San Diego Tribune was real.

    Anyway, maybe this can start another thread of interest.

    Energy Medicine – the New Frontier of Medicine

    Whereas conventional medicine is mostly chemical-based, new forms of medicine using energy, based in quantum physics, are rapidly gaining ground in certain parts of the world. Germany is one of the leaders in the approved use of various forms of energy medicine.

    We are indeed moving towards a model of medicine that employs physics rather than chemistry. It’s a whole new paradigm that is bound to change the practice of medicine forever.

    This transition is already occurring.

    Examples of Novel New Energy Treatments

    Dr. Klinghardt offers several fascinating examples of treatments and healing techniques already underway, such as magnetic field treatment for malaria.

    Developed by Washington University professor Henry Lai, the novel malaria treatment exposes the patient to a magnetic field that pulsates with a certain frequency. It has been shown to successfully eliminate malaria from the patient within a few sessions.

    It’s just one example of the pure application of physics to your body.

    Lai has patented the frequency used, and as a result of that, the pharmaceutical industry is currently busy patenting frequencies for the treatment of a number of infections, toxins, and medical conditions.

    So the pharmaceutical industry is quite aware that big changes are looming on the horizon.

    Another example of an instrument based on quantum physics that is now increasingly common in Europe, may strike most as being too good to be true…

    You simply lie on a table, covered with a white sheet, in a darkened room. Two electrodes, held in each hand, put about 70,000 volts of electrical charge through your body – no amperage, only voltage, so there’s no physical sensation of the charge. A scanner held about two feet away from your body registers any illness, physical dysfunction, infection or toxin by lighting up a bluish light in the middle of the room. The device is held there until the blue light disappears, and that’s the end of the treatment.

    This novel sci-fi treatment is already approved by the German equivalent of the US FDA. When this treatment will be available in the US is another matter… There are many special interest groups in the US that spend much of their time and effort suppressing radical new alternatives. And the FDA has become little more than a policing arm for the pharmaceutical industry, repressing alternative methods to drugs.

    As you probably already know, drug companies are raking in profits well in excess of a half a trillion dollars a year. That kind of financial power provides a lot of political influence. However, we can’t live in a vacuum forever, and eventually even the US will be forced to open up to the new avenues of energy medicine.

    In the meantime, whether you’re a patient or a clinician, I strongly urge you to look for a practitioner who is open to exploring these new modalities and energy diagnostic tools, such as ART. They’re out there and slowly growing in numbers.

  70. Going away from the more obscure topics suggested by some, I found mainly one shortcoming in the book: the concentration or focus on the one specific style of how you work your business. The new version should include more ground instructions for people to apply in different areas, the most promising probably around the area of people in the cubicle.

    Although it does not seem so at first sight, the principle can be applied to everything and once you understand that, things can change. But many people have a problem in ’structuring’ work, which is why these kind of instructions need to be broken down more.

    Instead of just describing outsourcing (for which many people will claim it does not work for them but still probably is wrongfully the most described content of your book) describe how thinking about this process can be applied to all kind of work.