Quantum of Solace 007 – Free James Bond Tickets from Me and American Apparel!

Who’s ready for the “most dangerous Bond ever filmed”? I’ve been waiting and waiting for this one.

Casino Royale was released on November 17, 2006. Nearly two years ago. For me, that’s when Bond was resurrected.

I’ve seen Casino Royale about 50 times. Yes, a wee bit crazy. I’m so psyched to see the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, that I’ve partnered with my friends at American Apparel to get a theater for all you readers and Bond fans out there…

I know not everyone will be able to make it, but please consider this a small Thanksgiving gesture to you all for being such awesome readers and making the last year one of the best of my life.

Here are the details and steps to take:

1) There are only 250 tickets available, one per person (bring photo ID)

2) The theater is in San Francisco

3) The password is “vesper” and you need to reserve your ticket here.

4) Read the event details carefully to make sure you get your ticket.

5) Rock hard at the Bond premiere this Friday with like-minded friends and go nuts.

Hope to see you there! Man, I’m not going to get much done this week…

P.S. I announced this in a tweet before the post went up. If these sell out and there are any extras (probably will be), I will also announce it on Twitter here.

Test driving the Tesla (more on that soon) and wearing my Happy Cat t-shirt on American Apparel. This Friday will be worthy of more happy cat.

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91 Replies to “Quantum of Solace 007 – Free James Bond Tickets from Me and American Apparel!”

  1. Hey Tim,

    Love to play… Sadly I’m in Atlanta. I’m reading from Russia with love to get me in the mood. Enjoy the show!



  2. Too bad I don’t live in San Fran. Am very pumped though.

    Need to preparty before hand with this drink:

    Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel.

    You know it.

  3. I was refreshing like a madwoman–didn’t even occur to me that the tix might be for an out-of-the-area theater! Dang it. So cheers to everyone who gets to go see the newest Bond via this freebie offer… have a shaken martini on my behalf!

  4. Aww dang it!

    I am all the way in Boston Tim!

    Although I have made overnight trips to San Fran in the past I don’t think i can make one this time 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome offer!


  5. Hmm. It would be fun to go to San Fransisco to see the movie. But I guess I’ll have to settle for a local theater and paying for the tickets.

  6. Almost worth the trip from Portland Oregon.

    By the way, your twitter background is awfully tempting. You should only have it up on Saturdays 🙂

  7. Wow Tim, Glad to see I’m not the only one who is psycho for the new Bond film! cool idea, wish I could make it to SF to join you all…

    – Erik

  8. I’ve watched Casino Royale at least a dozen times and I agree it revived “Bond”. debating whether to drive up to SF from LA on Friday for the event. The Mrs. has been wanting to go; it’s been a while since we have been there. If we do, drinks after the show.


  9. Registered! Awesome Tim, thanks! I’ve been hanging out for this movie for a while now!

    Hopefully I’ll see you before the movie starts perhaps, because I’ve got an 8+ hour Krav Maga grading the next day so I need my sleep afterwards!

  10. Tim,

    Thanks for the great offer! Wish I were going to be in SF to join you! We just watched Casino Royale this week with our 12 year old daughter who LOVED it! (Thought she needed prep before seeing Quantum of Solace!)

    Sent the link to our son who lives in SF and hope he gets to go!

    LOVE your blog and your work – thanks for being you.


  11. Aww, dammit! Wish it was in LA, I would totally be there! Love 4HWW, American Apparel, and James Bond. Once we get that high speed train linking our SF and LA, I’ll be taking weekend trips up there…

  12. Got ’em! Yay!

    I have *so* been waiting for Quantum of Solace to come out – and now I get to go for free. Normally I hit up Jack London Square in Oakland for midnight showings of movies that I’m anticipating – but I guess I can wait a day and make the trek over the Bay Bridge.

    Thanks Tim.

    (I was feeling kinda of stalkerish when I signed up to get text messages of your Twitter updates, but now…all smiles.)

  13. I’m stoked. I’m a HUGE Bond fan and felt the same way about Casino Royale.

    Also, we live on Market Street so making the movie will be no problem!

  14. Unfortunately the free movie pass might be outweighed by the cost of the last minute airfare from ATL to SFO; give or take several hundred dollars. But don’t think I didn’t consider it. Unless anyone has an idea for scoring the flight for under $100 though (no really, if you’ve got a trick up your sleeve let me know), it looks like I’ll be holding down the fort here on the east coast. Oh yeah… nice jacket 🙂


  15. Oh Dang!

    Tim, Whaddabout Phoenix for a location?

    You could parachute down (in tuxedo, of course) and *really* make a branding-splash…

    Oh well. I’ll be with you there in “spirit” (vodka, of course :o)



  16. Too bad I’m not going to be in SFO…however I watched Quantum of Solace with my kid this week-end here in Costa Rica. Amazing movie!!

    Many blessings,

    Art Gonzalez

  17. Hope everyone has a great time. I’ll be at home in Huntsville, AL. Considered flying, plane tickets are $600+ unfortunately… If anyone has a private jet and wants to pick me up on their way I’m game 🙂

  18. Enjoy the film, I’ve seen it and it’s a beauty.

    It’s the first JB movie that I’ve watched and thought that real care and attention had been put into the filming and cinematography.

    [Sorry, Drew — comment rules are comment rules!]

  19. Thanks so much for inviting 250 of your friends, happy to join you Friday!

    Brilliant idea to charge people $20 for no-show but give them a free ticket otherwise. That made it a bit more of a hassle to invite friends, but seems like a great solution to a perpetual problem.

    (Flakiness for events and appointments seems to be one of the negative side-effects of our mobile-enabled society. Now that we CAN call at the last minute, all too often we DO when it really is unreasonable or unnecessary. Just a little respect goes a long way when deciding what is OK to flake on under what circumstances.)

  20. Dang. Looks like this event is already sold out. My Bond skills were two minutes too slow. Maybe if I show, up at Van Ness that night, I may be able to 007 my way in.

  21. YAY! Thanks Tim & AA! Really been lookin’ forward to the new JB. So glad I moved to SF a few months ago…such a bonus!

  22. wow- all your tickets are taken. It sounds like fun, keep me posted to any extras. If anyone cancels, let me know…I want a ticket.

    Thanks in advance.


  23. bond movie looks way cool. so wish I could attend but I’m off to boston. can’t wait to read your writeup on Tesla!

  24. Hello Tim,

    seriously cool jacket.

    and… I can take the world travelling, the tango dancing, the languages, the I-can-be-whatever-and-wherever-I-want – but hm, testdriving the Tesla? Now I must consider getting jelous;) Nah, just kiddin’, just.. tell us all about it! That car rocks…

    James Bond – I’m a true fan who’ve seen all the movies, though I haven’t seen Casino Royal more then maybe 20 times… there is some hope for Bond in this millenium! Favourite scene?

    Would love the SF event, but really can’t make it – I am on my first mini-retirement in Florence (hope Amy gave you the 4HWW pics?) and will have to wait until the 25th for the un-dubbed version.

    Just put on a tux and you should be able to replace Craig when his time’s up;)

    Keep up the good work!


  25. Tim,

    Just awesome. Thank you for the tickets I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the show. Keep it coming.


  26. Ahh all gone.

    Put me on your short list of people when people don’t show. I’m just over in Balboa so let me know.

    Excellent idea and this movie is going to rock so much.


  27. Casino Royale, Tesla Roadster, Martial Arts, Diet & Exercise Experiments, Travel, Automation, Outsourcing…I swear we were separated at birth man.

    Surprised you haven’t mentioned the Super Slow Exercise Protocol yet…being a fan of Arthur Jones (Nautilus)…check it out when you get a chance…



  28. @Nicolette, that was a hilarious comment. I loved it. I would join you but I can’t since I just checked my schedule. The Movie Night conflicts with my Vegas trip. Anyhow, I wish everyone a merry good time. I want to see a group photo! lol.

    Tim, thanks again for your kind invitation. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, you’re the best.

    Live it up!


  29. I LOVE BOND!!!

    Sorry for yelling. I think I peed my pants a little.

    If I did not have to coach 1st graders on Saturday morning I’d be all over it.

    Have a great time peeps…


  30. @Dynasty – Thanks but it may be a bit awkward when I show up in a Bond girl getup and Vesper cocktail. Either Tim will hook us SF people (ahem) up with a few more tickets or I’ll have to repel from the ceiling.

  31. Saw it last week in Manchester UK, it’s fantastic, waiting to see it a 2nd time now – more storyline than most Bonds make it a bit confusing

    Enjoy the film, one of UK’s finest exports

  32. Wish I could take you up on the offer Tim!

    What is it about Casino Royale??? If I ever stumble onto it on TV..I simply CANNOT turn away.

    Clever password 🙂

    My favorite line from Casino Royale is when he is recovering and she says, “James, if all that was left of you was your little finger, you’d be more of a man than any man I’ve ever known” and then he replies, “well that’s because you know what I can do with my little finger”

    (Blushing) Ha Ha…Classic!!!

  33. I’ll be enjoying the premiere of it in Kingston, Canada with my dad! Tim and all your fellow San Fransicoans, have a great time.

    My prediction is that your tickets will sell out… if i had friends, I would bring them as well.

  34. Tim,

    Can’t wait for this movie. I’m with you on the fact that casino royale brought back the bond series. It’s too bad I’m in New York.

    btw, love the color of that Tesla….(and the way your jacket to it! haha)



  35. Hi All!

    You guys are hysterical. FYI, there is a good chance (not 100%, but about 99%) a few tickets will be left over, so please keep an eye on http://www.twitter.com/tferriss, as that’s where I’d announce it on Friday.

    I’ve never had so many comments on a jacket in my life!

    The jacket I’m wearing in the Tesla pic is — by far — my favorite jacket of all time:


    A little pricey, but well worth it IMHO. It’ll last a long time.

    Pura vida,


  36. FYI – the twitter link above the pic is broken.

    Keeping fingers crossed for extra tickets… Debating whether I’d keep it for myself or give it to a friend who is a hardcore enthusiast since I’m just a casual fan.

  37. Hey Tim, Have you or any of the readers ever heard of a book called The Bond Code by Philip Gardiner? Looks like a good read for bond fans.

    See ya,


  38. Wow, I live in Taiwan and the movie came out here last friday (the 7th). yes I saw it and look forwards to seeing what you all have to say. Enjoy the show.

  39. Hi Folks,

    i´m from Germany. I have seen the movie last week. Just Great. A bit short for a Bond Movie, but the 100 Minutes playtime were so awesome.

    Tim you will love it. Daniel Craig ist James Bond – James Bond is Daniel Craig.

    My Name ist Wunderwald, Marco Wunderwald CIAO07 😉

  40. 1/2 through the book and loving it!!! Read Casino Royale after seeing the movie 20 times and Craig’s version of Bond is closer than any other actors to Ian Fleming’s idea of the character.(big Sean Connery fan though) Also picked up Fleming short Bond stories including Quantum,so I’m curious of how it’s going to translate to film. Great blog!!!!

  41. @Kay: This will reveal what a huge dork I am, but the Bond girl name Vesper is a play on words. Versper Lynd = West Berlin. Say it with a German accent and you’ll hear it. It’s to convey how her loyalties are split down the middle.

  42. I couldn’t agree more about Bond being resurrected in Casino Royale. I too am extremely excited to see Quantum of Solice. Enjoy the show and I can’t wait to hear your review next week some time.

  43. Booooo! Only in San fran!? LOL Well, maybe next time! Nice Jacket. Hopefully we get the gear section we are crying for soon! Can’t wait. LOVE the TESLA CAR. Saw a story on them on 60 min.. Fantastic. Hopefully they will one day make a “affordable” model. Have to get my game up. Even a $10,000 car is out of range. Keep up the good work Tim! Quantum will be HOT. I am also a Casino Royale fanatic. BOND is BACK!

  44. @Nicolette-That was very cool!!!!,but I was the dork who just got caught by a co-worker saying Vesper Lynd in a freaky German accent

  45. Tim, you’re the one we want to see in the Tuxedo. Maybe in one of those exotic locations you are always talking about.


    Stephen Key

  46. Tim or AMY,

    How can I hire Amy, too? Or, Amy, do you have a colleague or friend you’d recommend for work as a VA?

    please(!) feel free to email me

    thanks helpful people,


  47. Hey Tim,

    Have fun at the movie! Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the under-appreciated team in the Bond films, the Stunt guys, especially my buddy Ben Cooke who doubles for Daniel Craig, his site is http://www.bencookestunts.com/Site/stunts.html Benny and the boys apparently pulled out all the stops for Quantam so it should be an awesome movie. Enjoy!



  48. Tim!

    How cool is it that you’re thanking US for helping to make this year one of your best, I’m quite certain you could find millions who would correct you to say that you have made OUR lives a wonderful ride this year as well!!!!!

    Pure vida,

    Wish I was in SF. I have a friend there you need to meet and a Tango dancer friend in Minnesota you need to meet as well. Legs up to your neck!



  49. MR. FERRIS HELP!! i know your busy so. . . . who do you use to design/program your website?? and do you recommend any work-out supplement wholesalers—what about worldwidebrands.com (wholesaler database)?

    PS. Your book was very liberating! This time next year i will be outsourcing my lifestyle blog, driving a maserati, and sipping pina coladas on the beach in Monaco with a couple 007 babes!!, thanks for your inspiration!


  50. Aaah the chorus of Casino Royale fans makes me feel less freakish for my 20-ish viewings of it. A wee-bit crazy, indeed.

    everything moderation, including moderation!

  51. Hehe… Kid’s stuff… I am the oldies who hung on “Golden Eye”… I went also far to another city in Germany to see TT’s Golden-Eye show.

    I love the action in any movie, but funny how fantasies run high about how they shoot heavy guns and romance at same. Unlike real war and heavy guns dealerships.

    I prefer the romance part, I think that him-kissing-her-back-scene is indeed my favorite… I had that cat laugh in your tee… hehe.


  52. My family and I stayed up and went to the 1201 showing. Very nice! Better I think even than the first which was damn cool even so. Not sure I’ve watch Royale as many times as Tim — it seems he has more time to devote to counting such things 😉 — but it is a favorite of mine. The new one too.

    I was at first skeptical of the new Bond … but no longer! These two movies are a new high water mark for others to test.

  53. Hi, Tim!

    Perhaps a disproportionately personal question to such a light-hearted post, but here goes!

    Do you always have the attitude you exhibit in this post? Is your internal monologue like the voice from which you write? Do you always feel this alive, engaged, and confident? Has it always been this way? Were you on cloud nine as regularly before, say, your book hit stores, or even before you had success with BrainQuicken? In a sentence: do you have the regular ups and downs of normal mortals in between your invigorating posts?

    Thank you!


  54. Tim!

    Ahhh, not only are the tix all gone (a lesson I should have already learned: follow Tim’s Tweets!), that’s on my to-do list, but I’m out of town in Big Sur for the weekend…and I just moved to Oakland (no, not to be closer to you).

    One thing I did notice, as I mournfully scrolled your tweets just now to see if tix were still left, is that you use Pandora. Have you checked out Grooveshark? It absolutely kicks @$$.

    Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  55. Looks like I just earned a ban. I don’t think I am going to be able to make it out of the FiDi in time to make it.

    Fingers crossed!

    PS – $20 surcharge was worth the gamble; mostly, because the concept is brilliant.

  56. Hope you’re having a blast…couldn’t justify the carbon footprint to fly cross-country to see a movie 🙂 Maybe to finally meet you someday, though! Cheers!

  57. thanks for hooking up the event tonight. the movie was awesome. very cool group of people ended up showing up. good times.

  58. what? I neglect reading your blog for a mere two weeks and find out the morning after that I missed out on the fun? i guess the good news is it was time well spent anyway. hopefully you will feel inspired to have more events in the bay area. If you (or any of the bay area readers) want to have an amazing time tonight I think there are still a few tickets left for the levydance show- they put together a stage on Heron street (an ally) and took a giant risk to have outdoor performances in November. Anyone notice that the weather responded nicely? levydance.org is where you can get tickets for tonight. Fun Times! (if no tickets left you can stand on one end of the ally and be a witness, or talk a neighbor into letting you sit on their roof)

  59. Thx for hooking us up last night! Vik and I had a great time, as I’m sure everyone did.

    Also pleased to report I finally have a DIY version of AWeber up and running since their turnkey solution didn’t quite fit my needs. Feeling very empowered by the automation! 😉



  60. I actually wasn’t so impressed with QS…not as much as Casino Royale. I found myself going home Friday night shuffling through old DVDs looking for Casino.

    You know Tim, you’re going to have to post a follow up to this post about your comments on it…after watching Casino 20 times! That’s incredible btw!


  61. 6 martinis? Bet Bond knows the old “super model trick” – drink some cream before going, and you won’t get (as) drunk… Maybe something to try out:P

  62. I saw Q.O.S. last night and loved it. The critics have not been so generous. The main complaints have been: 1) It’s nothing but action, and 2) It’s so complicated it’s impossible to follow.

    Well, it’s not ALL action. It does have quiet dialogue scenes (that I think are necessary for a great thriller). And the plot is cohesive and makes perfect sense IF YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. Having read before I saw Q.O.S. that it was complicated, I made sure to pay close attention to every snippet of dialogue and every document/photo/clue shown on the screen, and was well rewarded for my efforts. Absolutely everything fits, if you pay attention.

    If you can’t follow the plot, then it’s certainly nothing to be PROUD of, as so many (stupid?) critics seem to be.

  63. Tim,

    Just finished your book. Loved every bit of it. Saw the premier of QS in Denver, while dressed in a tux after a Bond Martini. I wasn’t as impressed with it as I wanted to be. 7/10 on my scale, but the opening sequence and song, opera scene, and part with Mathis were the best of the film.

    Thomas Crown Affair 2 is coming out in 2009. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for that one!

    Thanks for the Inspiration,


  64. Just my opinion and can be argued. But one thing missing from these new Bond films: Q.

    I always enjoyed seeing the grand reveal of gadgets. Yes, the new films have plenty of cool devises – GPS phones, glass table projectors, etc. But I wanted to see a watch that was also a knife/camera/laser/chicken potpie maker. Is that so much to ask?

    Also, Daniel Craig didn’t smile once. I think every other Bond gave a certain confidence and charm when he smiled.

  65. Like many I’ve seen all the Bond films and read all the Fleming books more than once. “QOS” had lots of action, and the plot is not “complicated” but it didn’t break new ground. Can M trust Bond? (saw that in CR and DAD); Woman he just slept with is murdered and M and crew show up to clean up (see CR); Bond uses phone yet doesn’t use the camera feature at the dock to ID the hottest babe in the film (yet he uses it at the play backstage later in the film); M’s bodyguard of FIVE years (and she’s known him for eight) is a double agent yet she still feels she can trust the team around her? And my last point, CR was supposed to be a reboot, yet all the villains know Bond is 007 already. I guess being a spy isn’t what it used to be.

    Where’s Q and Blofeld when you need em.

    (This mini review does not reflect the opinions of management) 🙂

  66. I am a HUGE Bond fan and I couldn’t wait to see the movie. However, I was a little disappointed in the film. What ever happened to Bond, James Bond? Actually asking for a Martini Shaken, Not Stirred. The Gadgets. Not one gadget. Are gadgets too common place now? I will have to get the DVD and watch it again to see if QOS grows on me.

    OH and the HORROR, wrecking a Aston Martin in the opening sequences and never having Bond in a decent car the rest of the movie.