Video: Tim Ferriss Getting Thrown On His Head

I think being thrown at high impact, much like learning a foreign language or doing high-rep squats to failure, is something everyone should experience at least once.

It’s a brutal and beautiful thing when done well.

Not convinced? For your viewing pleasure, I strapped an Oregon Scientific flash memory camera to my head and let professional UFC trainer and international judo competitor Dave Camarillo destroy me.

Do I love you guys or what?

Enjoy 🙂

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53 Replies to “Video: Tim Ferriss Getting Thrown On His Head”

  1. Very cool… Dave is one of my favourite instructors / competitors. I love his attacking style.

    Nice breakfalls btw 😉

  2. Hehe, nice. The head camera angle kinda reminds me of my first time skiing. I’ve always said falling was the best part of skiing. Of course, having a bunch of snow to land on probably hurts less.

  3. Good gawd, Tim.

    I’m sure Dave knows exactly what he’s doing and you’re in decent enough shape – and know how to fall properly – that you’re really not in any danger.

    But WHY, fercryingoutloud? What’s the appeal in having your body smacked headlong into one of those smelly blue mats?

    There are some things I just don’t understand. Calculus and women are two of them. This is another I can add to my list.

  4. Can you continue this….I need to see the head cam again…..maybe you could light the ceiling better… that seems to be what you see the most……..head butt him you might get one in……….good luck and good night…ha

  5. Nice falling technique Tim! I remember that stuff from Judo practice when I was younger but haven’t really kept up with it.

    The throws into submission at the end of the video were pretty insane!

  6. I replayed the “Kaptain Kirk” throw a few times and couldn’t figure out what happened. Somehow you were thrown sideways. And that DVD Promo of him spinning the guy on his feet, mon Dieu!

  7. Some just don’t understand the primal awareness of body control in space when being thrown or bashing the snot out of someone whilst sparring. Good show!



  8. I did a photo shoot not long with Dave Camarillo, and Tim was the dummy fighter. I didn’t know much about Tim’s martial arts background going into the shoot, but man, Tim has some skills. I’d have to say he’s as good at martial arts as he is at writing.

  9. Thanks for the Judo tutorial, been into the MMA thing ever since my buddy got me into Brazilian Jiujitsu. I think the best styles to learn if you want to get into MMA are Muay Thai boxing for striking and Brazilian Jiujitsu for your ground game. Judo probably helps if you’re Karo Parishian.

  10. You boys love to rough house aye? I especially love that you guys hug at the end. I know you boys were just playing and not hating on each other. Tim, I know it’s your man crush but someone may have needed to throw down. 🙂

    Girls get your man to do that, Oh the pain! LOL Best be done on a mat or mattress.

    Love and Hugs,


    I am glad your back on the blog. I was feeling withdrawal symptoms for sure 😉

  11. Great video. That guys amazingly quick with that throw. I agree with Andreas, those throws into submissions at the end are awesome!

  12. Hey Tim, I’m 26 – is it kinda too late to get involved in martial arts at all? I was looking into Aikido or something I did in college, Okinawan Goju Ryu karate

    The vid looks painful!

  13. Sweet Video,

    Yeah, what did you think of the Travis Lutter fight? Not a pretty site but Lutter definitely has skills. You need to come train with us over at Machado’s. Tim are you a blue belt in BJJ?


    Jose Castro-Frenzel

  14. Hi All,

    That was a fun video to put together. Believe it or not, there was no pain or injury involved.

    I learned breakfalls (ukemi) at the Kodokan in Japan, among other places, and judoka take hundreds or thousands of falls per week in training.

    A few answers:

    -I am a blue belt in BJJ under Dave but a black belt (1st degree) in judo from the Kodokan in Japan.

    -Never to late to start legit combat sports. I think both muay thai and BJJ can be done safely — judo as well — up to the 60s and 70s in age.

    -The Travis Lutter fight was great. I don’t look for flash, and he has some incredible skills. No Sakuraba, but I like him a lot 🙂

    Any suggestions for future videos?

    Pura vida,


  15. In highschool football, I got hit by a tailback that later went to play for college football for Arkansas. At 15 years old, he had the physique of full grown adult. He was benching over 315 lbs at that time. His name was Dexter Hebert.

    I went to tackle him. We collided squarely. Upon contact, I dropped to my knees and just knelt there for a while. I’m not ever sure if he noticed he hit me.

    It was an absolute amazing sensation of pain that I had never felt before or since. I felt the pain and I could swear – I *smelled* something weird. It’s as if I *smelled* the pain. I’m dead serious. It’s as if the neurons go crossed in my brain. Is that weird?

    I wonder if this is what you meant, Tim, that everyone should experience something like this once. I can definitely say that it was one of the most memorable experiences.

  16. Hey Tim,

    Looks like you guys were having some good fun in the gym. I think some of your fans and probably more of your critics would loved to have seen the camera angle from Dave’s head as he tossed you around. (First person Tim-Tossing) 🙂



  17. Looks like fun all around. and around, and around, wham….

    I have just done Karate for a couple years way back, and we cross trained with the Judo club twice a year. Good skills to know both ways. I’m not into it now, but it is fun when you live near a club.

    Yes I have a video suggestion, try horseback riding, something like Steeple Chase or Cross Country might be up your alley.



  18. Tim, right on ya beast!!!

    Dude, an OLD training partner of yours who I train, you may not even remember him, David Ellis, just placed 3rd in US Judo Nationals, qualifying him for Olympic Trials.

    David was under 100 lbs when he knew you.

    I gave him your book a while back and he LOVED it. In fact, I gave away your book to MANY people!! ha ha

    I hope to see you at Princeton U soon! Will you be giving any speeches there,,,,I’ll sneak in as a student!!

    If you stop by a newsstand, check out my latest in TapOuT and Fighters Only.

    Your hard training and great living is an awesome inspiration Tim….it motivates me to get to that point so I can get back to BJJ!

    Best to you brother!!



    Hey Zach,

    Wow! Congrats to him on my behalf! I’ll check out your latest 🙂


  19. Nice video, and your right about the breakfalls. When I took akido, they had us doing hundreds of them a night, much like you did the entire video until you got in a few throws. Next time get them on camera! lol

    anyways, keep it up!

  20. @David,

    I think pain can be useful as a conditioning tool. Acute pain is dangerous, as in your case.

    I wouldn’t suggest anyone risk permanent injury, but if you can condition yourself with endure pain that is transient via high lactate training or otherwise, I do think that mental toughness transfers to everything else.

    All the best,


  21. Tim, what kind of martial arts do you do? I’m really wanting to learn something and I don’t have any good idea what I would be interested in.


    I’ve done quite a few but recommend muay thai (thai kickboxing) and brazilian jiu-jitsu for real-world self-defense. Both are excellent for fitness if you don’t care as much about the self-defense, but choose not to spar (or wear protective headgear).

    Hope that helps!


  22. Hello Tim,

    Did you ever get a chance to train with any of the Machado brothers ? I have trained with Carlos for years and he is considered one of the best. Oh btw, watch for John Machado, he has a role in the movie Red Belt.

    Keep training,

    Jose Castro-Frenzel

  23. I think you need to put some other training videos on here!

    How about 20 rep breathing squats with 315 lbs? 🙂

    Great BJJ video.


  24. Dear Tim,

    Suggestion for future videos…

    1) Dancing tango with your girlfriend 🙂 + more breakdancing videos

    2) Video teaching flexibility exercises and how to make most of your cardio workouts

    3) A clipping of the TV serial you have acted in

    4) Your weight training videos (showing the different techniques you use)

    As and when i get more ideas, will post it here

    Guess everyone just wants to see more and more of you 🙂

  25. He looked like he was having fun throwing you to the mat there Tim! Haha.

    No injuries I suppose ey.

  26. Hey Tim,

    There is nothing like seeing the ceiling spin when you are getting thrown in Judo, I always wanted to see a recreation and now it is here, great video.

    As far as videos it would be great to see more of your competitive martial arts in action, do you still compete?

    The bits and pieces you share up to now have been fantastic, keep up the traveling and videography.

    Best of luck,


  27. We know you love us, Tim. It is evident in almost everything you do! Our only recurring question is, how will it manifest itself next?

    I think one of the coolest things about this video and ensuing dialogue is it demonstrates just how much mental/emotional strength men (and the women who choose to participate) derive from these practices.

    I think I’ll stick with yoga, though. Taking up a sport abbreviated BJJ would make me giggle incessantly like a school girl. ; )

  28. Nice throwing technique. The throws into submission at the end look very impressive.

    I did martial arts (mostly Japanese ju-jitsu) for 20+ years. But I can’t find a decent club where I live now. Also I am a bit worried about my eyes after a retinal detachment I got in sparring. So now I just work out with a friend on the focus mitts. Its better than nothing, but I do miss the throws…

  29. I can’t believe that there was no pain at all during this exercise. Are you kidding me! *I* felt the pain from here!

    I once saw a video of you teaching a lady a self-defense tip. I’d love to see more of those videos.

  30. Tim,

    Excellent, loved the video! Along with being thrown at high impact, learning a foreign language or doing high-rep squats to failure, I think a marathon is an experience everyone should have at least once. Its certainly more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge as I learned by running the original, from Marathon to Athens. How about the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of Oct? Registration is on April 30th at 12pm and apparently the race fills up within 24 hours. See you on race day?

  31. Hey Tim

    I was just wondering how do you use data in MMA to become a better fighter? Mainly how do you uses data to progress and learn faster? You talked about this in the viedo at the end.

  32. Hey Tim… thanks for the inspiring work in in your book and on this blog!!!

    How have you managed to keep from getting cauliflower ear from the MMA and BJJ training you do? I imagine since you’re in the public spotlight that’s probably pretty important to you. I’ve read a bunch on the internet, but I figured you would probably know better than anyone! 🙂




    Hey John,

    I just use basic wrestling headgear from ASICS. Any large sporting goods store should have them.

    Good luck!


  33. Please tell me that last move in the video is Tai Otoshi. If so that is my favorite throw – particularly against heavy guys because it catches them more than the lighter faster players. Its been 12 years since I put on my Judo gi, but it would be cool if I remembered correctly.

    Thats cool you train with Dave, and I see he commented above. I’m a long time mma fan so I’m very familiar with AKA.

  34. Hey Tim… got any tips or secrets for rapid learning and growth in the martial arts… especially Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?



  35. Excellent stuff.

    Need some advice on the martial arts path for kids. What would you recommend? I was thinking Judo from age 7 and then a striking art like Muay thai or traditional western boxing from age 13/14?

    I love BJJ and freestyle wrestling, but classes are difficult to find where we live.

    Any advice would be grate!

    Keep up the great work.

  36. Tim,

    I have always been interested in learning some form of martial arts but I just don’t know which form would be the best. Would anyone here be able to tell me based on a little key info, I am:



    ~265 .lbs

    6′ 11″ arm span (very long arms)

    I also have a higher fat to muscle ratio than I prefer and should weigh about the same maybe a few pounds lighter if I filled in my genetic build. I have extremely strong legs and shoulders. I have been interested in Muai Thai, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and after watching the Couture v Ganzaga fight I am pretty interested in Greco Roman Wrestling. I know these tend to differ quite a bit, but I’m really trying to find a style to fit my size. I’m also trying to find someone to train with or a good gym/club, any suggestions?

    Again, thanks for everything!


  37. Hi Tim,

    Recently watched your TED video on new way to learn how to swim.

    I am interested in any accelerated learning techniques that you may have for the following eclectic mix:

    Sparring (Karate), playing the harmonica, typing (seriously).

    Much appreciated,


  38. Looks like I need to learn break falls 🙂

    One of the reasons I love 4hww, cool videos.

    I can’t name too many other top bloggers willing to post a video of themselves

    getting thrown on their head.

  39. I have been a martial artist since 1997 and am 3rd black belt in Ninjutsu, I have been to Thailand 2 times to train and fight Muay Thai and doing mma since 2002. 1 year ago I packed up my life in Dublin Ireland and drove to Lagos in Portugal to open my MMA school, I was given the 4 hour work week on cd by a friend to listen to for the 3 day drive down, I wasn’t realy interested in listening to an audio book but put it on ,it blew me away and ended up listening to it 3 times! I now live a life I want and run 1 week MMA camps for people the want to get into mma or already train but would like to have a week doing something they love!

    Thanks for the inspiration Tim

  40. Hi, Tim.

    I just saw this video last week, and was surprised to find out that you have a shodan from Kodokan, just posted this video in our judo club’s facebook group. Outside of colleges and universities, judo is not really that popular here in the Philippines, as BJJ has more followers, which made me consider learning judo (just last year) after seeing some students training in the university where I work (I’m a college instructor).

    I’m a 29 year old who is currently juggling teaching and research duties with judo. After reading the works of Pavel Tsatsouline and Dan John, I realized that I’m usually overtrained. Could you suggest some MED methods on how to train in the sport?

    Thanks a lot.

  41. Hi Tim! Are there any BJJ schools you would recommend in the Los Angeles area? Been struggling with getting any responses from the two schools by my apartment and nobody in my life participates in martial arts.
    If you do not have any recommendations, what should I consider before committing to a school?