How I Prostitute Myself (and Other Options for You)


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Some of my best how-to posts are coming up soon (how I deconstruct languages in one hour, applying metrics to personal life, interviews with gold medalists on performance, etc.), but today I ask you to indulge me and some odd behavior.

Two problems became clear to me a few minutes ago: there is less than 48 hours left for LitLiberation, and I’m quite bored of the single life.

Screwed on both counts, you say? I thought so too, but then — in a moment of extreme clarity/confusion — I realized the solution to both: just prostitute myself!

Some of you will think me a little Howard Hughes, but here’s how I look at it… Worst case, I’m a cheap date for Quasimodo. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Best case, I get an evening with a smart hottie and we help a few thousand students at the same time… So sue me. Ladies (ladies only, please), here is my Match profile, and here’s where you can put a price on me. The night will be an event to remember — that much I can promise. I don’t half-ass dates. Make haste — this is a 24-hour auction.

Lads and other lassies, there are fewer than 48 hours left to help LitLiberation change students’ lives. Here are a few options for making a huge difference today — please give back the gift of education! It needn’t be expensive…

For $61 or even less – Finish off a project on this page or on another page on the LitLiberation leaderboard. If you finish a project (or donate $100+), you will get real thank you letters from the students you help!

[NOTE: The following offers have expired]

For $125 – Get call-in info for an exclusive 90-minute call on Nov. 13th, where I’ll discuss the details of social media marketing and PR that I used to launch The 4-Hour Workweek to #1 on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Businessweek bestseller lists. There will also be Q&A time at the end. Call-in info will be e-mailed to your PayPal e-mail address the week before the call.

For $500 – Get an autographed “galley” of The 4-Hour Workweek — the uncorrected proof sent to media before the book came out. These cannot be bought in bookstores. These aren’t as rare as the manuscripts, but they are very rare. I have six (6) copies.

For $2,000 – Get an autographed and unedited manuscript of The 4-Hour Workweek, including extra stories and other bonus material that was later cut. There are only four (4) unclaimed copies left on the planet!

For $10,000 – Get red-carpet access to my Nov. 17th VIP party aboard the S.S. Jeremiah WWII warship in San Francisco. It will be converted into a once-in-a-lifetime club. Here is partial list of invitees (music, Hollywood, and UFC stars also invited). If you’ve ever wanted to build an A-list network, this is a cheap and fast path to some of the US’s top influencers. I am limiting new spots to five (5) people.

[NOTE: The above offers have already expired, but don’t let that stop you from giving!]

How much have you benefited from education and literacy? If you’ve ever thought of giving back, make “someday” today. There is every reason to do it now instead of waiting.

What else would you do to raise $50,000-100,000 in the next 48 hours?

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75 Replies to “How I Prostitute Myself (and Other Options for You)”

  1. Perhaps some of your A-list buddies would offer themselves up as date chum for this worthy cause. I guess I’m suggesting you become a pimp too. Just think of it as “outsourcing”

    P.S. I’d throw my hat into the ring but the missus would probably lop off my dangly bits.



  2. How fun to see your ethnicicity as danish/scandinavian. As I am one myself this was my first thought of seeing your picture. Not that it matters in any way, just a fun fact.

    Good blog, keep up the nice work 🙂

  3. Aw man…you travel the world…why in the world would you advertise yourself on You’ve got your freedom…why get tied down with a house and a spouse? (And 3 kids???)

    You are wealthy, famous, and good looking…you should be having meaningless physical sex with hundreds of young hot females… 🙂


    That sounds like a lot of work! Hundreds of women? One is more than enough for me to handle, especially if I can nab the smartest and hottest of the 100s. That — of course — is the trick.

    We’ll see….


  4. Well, drat. This is a lovely idea, and good luck, I sort of regret that I’m no longer on the market now. 😉 Well, you’re a dog person, it’d never work.

    I can’t imagine you half-assing anything, though, after reading here for awhile. Good luck! Maybe we’ll see some posts down the road about the wonders your methods can do for relationships… dating with both financial freedom and free time, an amazing thing!

  5. Hi Tim – I looked at your profile, and noticed you said “must be feminine.” It makes me curious. What is YOUR definition of feminine? You also said you don’t “do” high-maintenance. How do those two reconcile? Could be an interesting topic for a blog post – describing the characteristics of your ideal mate, unencumbered by the fields on a dating website. I’d love to see what you have to say (and no, I’m not in the market). Might help your personal assistants get more “live ones” to sort through!

    Keep doing your thang…it inspires us all.

  6. It’s a great profile, but not geographically easy for all of us. Then again, think of the upcoming books you could inspire: “I Dated Tim Ferriss–the Tell-All Story” or I” Was 3 Hours of Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week!” LOL–maybe I WILL bid.

    I like Michael’s idea above–get your A-list buddies all over the US to do this so they’re geographically more enticing to bid on. Who cares about snuggling–I’d just like a long conversation with some of these guys.

  7. Tim, your profile says you would date a woman who is 3′ 11″. Have you ever been with a midget before? I boxed one once. As long as you don’t let them on the inside it’s easy, but otherwise…

    My wife said she needs a break from all the cooking and cleaning she has to do everyday, so I suggested I go on your $10,000 cruise and lighten her burden for a few days. She said, ‘great, stay a month while your at it’.

    I figure I’m on a roll with her, so I’m going to ask if I can help you raise money for LitLib by donating myself like your doing.

    maybe will cya onboard!


  8. Hey, I’m a new poster. You said that LitLiberation is over in two days. Does that mean that the whole fundraiser is over, or just the contest for winning the prizes?

    I have recently come across your site, and I’ve started to come up with ways to get my raise money through my college for this program. Can we still build a school in a developing country or is this ending completely? Because I couldn’t care less about the prizes, but I’d really love to help out.


    Hi J!

    You can contribute long after tomorrow at midnight. I’ll still be pushing supporting and raising for several schools in particular, like this one: Please keep it up! No need to stop after tomorrow night 😉

    All the best,


  9. HEY TIM!

    I just found out about the SuperConference Nov 8-10. Are you just doing a talk? …any group sessions, or any one-on-ones?

    How in the heck did Joe get Richard Branson to show up for this?!

    how long is your talk, and what is the content? bit of everything I guess…

    thanks! I 90% probably will go to this.

    I think this fits my budget better than the $10k cruise!

    ttys! ~V

  10. Hey Tim,

    I started a firstgiving charity site to using Facebook as a medium to raise the money. Unfortunately, I’m unable to be a part of LitLib because I live outside the US. However, I was wondering if there would be anyway to merge the money raised on my charity page (~$700) with one of yours that will be used for LitLib. The related Facebook group for this charity can be viewed at this Url:



  11. Hi Dane,

    To be honest, I think it might be hard to merge the two. I don’t know the first thing about Facebook Causes, but someone else here might. I wish I could help more!


    Yes, I will speaking at the same event as Sir Richard Branson from Nov. 8-10. I’m not doing any one-on-ones or small groups, but I’ll be there. Bill Phillips will also be speaking. Smart cookies.

    Thanks so much for getting off the bench and making a difference!


  12. Genius idea! Big up on the adventure – no shame. I would do it too, full support here.

    I’m really looking forward to the announced posts by the way, looks like I’ll need to start talking Dutch, and fast!

  13. Hi Tim,

    This is a very admirable cause and I am sure that you will be successful however with all that has been in the news lately about racism I think you should be more sensitive about what you are portraying here when it come to African Americans or Blacks in any nation. To make my point brief, I think you should have dressed up in a pimp costume (as you chose) instead of using a Black male stereotype model because you well know that the abuse towards women worldwide is instigated by caucasion males.

    I know you mean well but please do not contibute to the racism that we face every day.

    Thank You


    Hi Marian,

    Thank you for your comment. Nothing intended by the photo. I tried to find the best pimp photo I could, and I just felt this one was the best. Race didn’t even enter my mind. Thank you for contributing, though, and allowing me to make this clear.

    All the best,


  14. I bid! And I’m pretty pumped about it. I love the cause and Tim- I’m looking forward to an improved life thanks to your book. My friends are probably sick of me quoting your book all of the time. I think I’m your biggest grassroots promoter ha (and considering that grassroots marketing is my current profession, I think I deserve the evening out) :o)

  15. Tim,

    Can I bid on the date if I’m not a girl? (not gay.. but wouldn’t mind bidding for a dinner with you).



    I’m 100% OK with this. Go for it!

    Pura vida,


  16. As a woman I wanted to throw my opinion into this thread.

    Cynthia, I didn’t even think about Tim, or anyone, asking for femininity without being high-maintenance to be confusing. I try very hard to maintain my femininity while I pursue new ideas and experiences and try to grasp my goal of having a location independent lifestyle. Frankly I think that our femininity without being high maintenance is what makes us as women more attractive, capable and powerful in our own right.

    Tim, I think that having bachelors all over the country raise money for LitLib by prostituting themselves is a great idea. It’s catchy and I think it would raise a serious amount of coin.

  17. Ditto Jen! I am low-maintenace (to a fault, sometimes) and I doubt anyone would call me un-feminine 🙂 Unfortunately, I am married 😛 – good luck, Tim, you deserve the best – and a friend once told me, don’ t overlook any opportunity because it may lead to the right opportunity, but I think you know that 😉

  18. What happened to outsourcing your dating? I was looking to forward to a post on that (well, that and how to live like a rock star in Tokyo).

  19. Hi Tim,

    I’m taking your comfort challenge to “contact a celebrity” :). May I bid on the date if I’m a woman, but not presently available for a relationship? I would just love to have dinner and great conversation with you! We have tons in common (based on having read your match profile), and I’m up for an engaging and exciting evening!

    Jenny Cornbleet


    Hi Jenny,

    Sure thing, as long as your man doesn’t misunderstand and try and hunt me. I have enough to think about! A 100% platonic “date” is totally fine 🙂


  20. Hi All!

    Andre, the how to live like a rock star is Tokyo is actually already written. It’s coming out in one of the magazines by 80/20 Publishing. Not sure of the name, but I’ll let you know when I see it.

    Answering: what happened to outsourcing dating? Here’s the choice: pay assistants to find girls who are hit and miss (still find some winners, though); or have women pay to date me and qualify themselves. Which would you choose? The latter is much easier and benefits a cause, so I’m testing it out. I’m still down for a good hunt, but this is worth trying out and a nice role reversal for a change.

    For Caline: thanks for the note. For all people who contact me via Match — yes, I’m always looking for good long-term female candidates, BUT I really need photos upfront. I don’t do long online e-mail romances, and it helps everyone to see if the chemistry works in the beginning.

    Hopefully some fun announcements coming soon…


  21. Match is incapable of meeting my needs. I will have to take matters into my own hands in order to meet the deadline. No cookie cutter profile for me. More soon…

  22. Tim,

    This seems like a “hail mary” attempt at dating… in other words, desperation. What quality chick would be attracted to that? No offense. IMO, you should be able to have the pick of the litter. You have accomplished more in your life than most have in an entire lifetime. Is this an experiment?

    From my experiences, you will find the right girl when you’re not looking for a girl.

    Good luck, dude.


  23. Tim, I love your idea for raising money for ‘LitLib’. My muse budget can’t handle the 10k night quite yet – BUT – would you be willing to pimp yourself for ten e-mail questions about my muse?

  24. Hi TJ,

    Yes, this is a BIG experiment 🙂 I don’t mind dating/hunting/courting, but this is a more interesting science experiment.

    I like girls who are willing to step outside of the box, so we’ll see…


  25. I crack myself up, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s what counts…

    In my attempt to get my game on over at, I found out that it could be up to 72 hours before they’ll post my profile.

    So, I’ve taken matters into my own hands and set up a web page at, complete with a MajikWidget Voting gizmo (thanks for inadvertently teaching me about that one, Tim!). I’ve never used it before, but cast a test “maybe” vote and it seems to be working. Yes, the design kind of sucks, but my objective was met – and I even used Tim’s favorite color (green) in the process.

    Tim thinks he’s competitive, but I grew up with an older brother, so he’s got nothing on me! 😉

    Please take a look and vote for me! A little taste of his own medicine will do him good!

    And no, I really can’t believe I’ve bothered to do all this…

  26. Tim,

    I was single during the 2007 summer and tried a similar approach: I signed up for E-Harmony but didn’t like the Meyers-Briggs I had to complete before getting to the available women. That one long questionare made me give up on the whole online dating experience.

    I hope you have a better experience than I did with the e-dating services. I’d be willing to bet that your experiment girl will have an agenda of her own. Just my $0.02.

    BTW, Thanks for the reply.


  27. Great idea! I admire your achievements; inspiring and innovating. Gets me to move and do something significant for a change. Kudos Tim!!

    In regards of Jim’s post above, have you consider the potential changes that a long relationship may have for THE “ultravagabond”? finding balance between Yin and Yan may prove to be challenging as well as rewarding( I’m married 10 yrs, father of 1). Best of luck with your experiment; I’ll keep an active watch on ya!

  28. Jen and Marcie – I have no intention of hijacking Tim’s post by engaging in a prolonged direct conversation with others, but I did want to address your comments just one time for the sake of general discussion.

    Tim himself is all about precision in language, and has posted about it on this blog. What I would be most interested in knowing from him (and the two of you) is:

    What is your definition of feminine?

    What is your definition of high-maintenance?

    Clearly both of you felt that one was a positive and one was a negative – but what do those words really mean to you?

    I look forward to your responses!


  29. Hi Tim,

    I looked around the web, and found, interesting concept. I signed up for the first issue of the Everywhere magazine, hope to see the Tokyo article in there soon!

    Keep up the good work, I wish you well with your date-quest 🙂

  30. Censored… ouch.

    Hope I didn’t offend or cross any lines, but if I did, you have my sincere apology.

    Looking forward to the results of your experiment along with everyone else.

  31. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but I decided to pick up your book today and I plugged in “Tim Ferriss” as a search term in Amazon. The third match after your book and the Lifehacker book was… The Professional Bachelor Dating Guide – How to Exploit Her Inner Psycho. Dubious title, but uh, might be of some use to end the single life.


    LOL! I have no idea why my name is related to that, but the world is a funny place.


  32. Dear Tim,

    Clever idea to add to your partnerships.

    Just curious, though. For someone relatively non-conformist and for whom the world is a playground, why the geographical restriction?




    Hi D!

    Two reasons. I live in Nor-Cal, so 1) I’m lazy and didn’t want to travel, and 2) it’s my playground and I know the best spots. That’s it 😉


  33. Hi Cynthia! You are right, let’s not hijack the thread 🙂 You (and Jen) can send me an email: marcie0305(at)


  34. For anyone who wants to meet Tim,

    he will be speaking at the SuperConference Nov 8-10 in Arizona. Tickets are $1497 but I’m doing a group purchase to get a crazy cheap rate, less than $400 each depending on how many I get. (I don’t make affiliate commission, just pass on the savings).

    The website is

    speakers include

    Sir Richard Branson,

    Bill Phillips (Body for Life)

    Tim Ferriss,

    Cameron Johnson,

    Dr. Edward Hallowell,

    Armand Morin,

    Dean Graziosi,

    Brian Standage,

    Joe Polish

    John Carlton

    Dan Holling (created marketing campaign for THE SECRET)

    Joe Sugarman

    Robert Kyosaki

    David Bach

    (click my name to reach me and get in on the deal)

    see u there Tim!


  35. Tim,

    You are so hot!!! I can’t believe I missed the auction.


    P.S. This is actually quite torturous… My husband even knows how huge of a crush I have on you.



  36. Very cool Victory! Count me in. I have a friend that will probably want to come, too. I’ll contact you as specified.

    Also, I’ve lived in Phoenix for the last 10 years, so I know it well. If anyone coming into town needs help with anything (finding a good place to stay, eat, do yoga, etc.) I can be contacted at

  37. I put up a token Match profile yesterday for the express purpose of participating in this experiment. I very narrowly defined my match criteria and clearly expressed my profile’s purpose, so as not to waste others’ time.

    I think my results are interesting enough to report. I guess it’s different male interpretations of the archetypal “hard to get” girl.

    One guy is angry and emailed me to say so:

    “what the f**k

    this is the oddest thing I have ever seen. are you stalking this guy or what.

    maybe you don’t realize the purpose of match, but it’s to meet PEOPLE… not one guy you have already identified.”

    But one charmer had this to say:

    “So I read your profile and I’ve never seen such an interest in someone in particular. It’s kind of cool. I hope that you end up with your man. In the meantime if you’d like someone to hang out and have fun with, I’m up for it…

    I have to admire your devotion to the whole thing.”

    He sure sounds like a keeper. What a telling example of how attitude is everything.

  38. You do a great job of living a fun life and raising awareness for good causes at the same time Tim.

    You must feel that you’re living a dream – keep it going!

  39. Tim,

    I raised $15,000 dollars this summer for a local domestic violence shelter. I can’t believe that’s how much it costs to build an entire school! Anyway, I learned that raising that kind of money is pretty damn easy. I am currently coaching a leadership course where the participants design their own community projects. The leader of the course has already raised enough money to rebuild an orphanage in India, and is now building a school, a medical facility, and a training center. I have got a lot of contacts and experience, we should talk!

  40. Wow! I’m must say I’m speechless. You always inspire me Tim to think in ways I didn’t know were possible. Thank you for that.

    I’m still stuck on the idea that you can get women to pay $2,500 for a date and I can’t even get my girlfriend to go on a date when I offer to pay?

    Great work Tim keep up the inspirational postings.

  41. Hi Tim, love your blog.

    But beware: your photo at is really not the best one. You look pale and thin like having worked for 48 hours in a row.

    You look much better with all those guns in Slovakia.

    Idea: Recent photo with a fresh brown look.

    Wish you good luck and that you find your mate.

    Kindest regards


    PS: Get the suspicion that you are not very serious because you are offering one hot night in your blog. Why not like having a coffee, cinema and then whack. That would leave are more serious impression, dear Tim. Nevertheless, good luck.


    Hi Gabrielle,

    LOL… I look that bad on Match? Yikes. I’m surprised I look thin (I’m always pale), as I was about 185 lbs. in the Match photo, and I’m only around 165 now. For the seriousness of my date, I’m not offering a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am! I was auctioning off a 3-hour dinner date with me, to talk about whatever the person finds interesting. If I were really prostituting myself, the price would be much higher 😉


  42. Tim,

    Who previews the posts, censoring objectional material if necessary? Is that a 24 hour operation? Who do you outsource it to? What does something like this cost?


    It’s simple to put curse words and common insults in the “comment blacklist” using WordPress. Comments with lots of URLs are also banned. This takes care of 80% of it. The rest my assistants check when time permits. It only takes about 20 minutes a day. If people put up abusive comments, they get deleted. They do it really aggressively or repeatedly, they get banned. This blog is my living room, and I have no time for idiots. A zero-tolerance policy keeps management time down a lot 🙂

    Hope that helps!


  43. Man Tim, this posting made me laugh so hard that I almost got lost from the charitable concept and meaning here… Exciting too!!!

    If you would be around my age I would really like to take a bite 😉 That picture of you on the bed I can’t help, it is hilarious, I don’t know, but I guess bc we already know your sense of humor from 4HWW. Mind you, I read the profile too, you really a PRO!!! LMAO

    I had posted also a profile but not at match however take a look if you like and if curious about 😉 Just I guess I am a little bit ahead of you and moved to the phase 2? Where I am evaluating my findings… 😉 Sure I got a lot of hits and I used all the teachings in the 4HWW they helped me a lot!!!

    Crossing all the fingers for all your “pimping” 😉

    Beleza pura!

    Bis bald!


  44. Hi, Tim (and group!):

    I need your help:

    I’m in Bogota, Colombia for the next 4 months, and I’ve been unable to run certain aspects of my business from this country. (Never had problems in Panama or Costa Rica).

    For example, Paypal, to pay my affiliates. They don’t allow you to log in from Colombia. I even researched masking my IP, but they’re too smart for such shennanigans.

    I’m even having trouble making purchases online. Even for downloadable products, such as virus protection software. I think they’re seeing my IP coming from Colombia and the billing address being in the States.

    Do you have any tricks for getting around this problem?

    I’m not opposed to hiring a virtual assistant– but would the people in India not have the same problem?



  45. Tim, this has nothing to do with prostitution (I think).

    Chapter 9 Finding the Muse says “Narrow the group …to one or two small magazines.”

    1. How small is small?

    2. Why does it need to be small? Wouldn’t a larger mag with larger readership do just as well?


  46. OK… has ANYONE tried Tim’s “comfort challenge” of lying down on the floor in the middle of a busy Starbuck’s? I did it today (not easy).

  47. Hi Adam,

    I recently had a friend who is living in Russia have the same problem. He needed to do some computer related work, but was running into problems because of his IP address. He logged into a computer here in the states using software, and was able to get around it. You might try that?


  48. Hi Tim!

    I found your website through, and I am stunned at the fact that you breakdance as I am starting to take breakdancing on as a new passion.

    I was wondering how you are able to maximize your practice sessions and learn breakdancing in an exponential rate in the minimum time you have, as well as balance this passion with work (or school, in my case, as I’m a student)?

    1. wait, did I hear break dancing, the top style of only 2 i’ve wanted to learn, but found not one instructor anywhere near me???!!!

  49. Tim –

    Loved your talk at The New New Internet in Reston/DC. I’m waiting on Amazon to deliver your book as we speak.

    Meantime, I can’t tell from this posting, but is that $125 call completely booked? I’d like to get in on it, but didn’t find out about it until today (my first day on your blog). Thanks.

  50. Great idea,

    I commend you on idea. Its a great idea to see if someone is out there and at the same time help children out.

    Best of Luck,

    Jose Castro

  51. Hey Tim, I just finished 4HWW … what an amazing read!

    Some of the comments in this post caught my eye and really speak to me (what man doesn’t want to meet the woman of his dreams?). I wondered if you’d read The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida. Read the reviews on Amazon; they will do more justice to the book than I could ever do in this blog.

    Coming to AZ this week? If you’re a fan of handcrafted beers, you can’t leave without stopping at Four Peaks for a few brews. First pint is on me.

    – Ed

  52. Hi guys, Im looking for versions of the 4HWW in Spanish. Anybody know where i can get them from?

    Tim, where I can get your book in Spansh?

    Thank you!

  53. Wow! I take a few days away from the web and you go pimping yourself. Now I have missed the chance at the dinner date.

    Steven, how about dinner some time? ;D

    Truely, what a fun and wonderful way to kill two birds with one stone. Creative, yes. Good luck on your adventures!

    I continually enjoy your blog. Thanks!


  54. Raina – the site you made for the voting was great. But it didn’t take donations and you didn’t have long enough to raise more than $3k for the date! Funny idea though. I like the captions.

    Tim – Great idea. For the record, I didn’t even look at your match profile. 😉

  55. Matt – that’s brilliant! I didn’t even think of setting up donation functionality on my little pet project. I guess I just assumed everyone was all set with the methods that Tim outlined. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

  56. Hi Tim,

    this is me again. Just shocked about your reaction. I read your book and liked it, I am too old and I definitely understood that you look for a girl-friend.

    Just uttered an opinion to be discussed. Man, don’t be so serious.

    Why not ask your friends, the real ones or: if you are successful then it was the right photo.

    Good luck that you find the one for you.

    Kindest regards


    PS: I am about finding the one for me, he is as exceptional as you are and 61. Never thought that I would be interested in a 61-year-old guy, but if he has it he has it 😉 So, good luck for you.

  57. Hi All,

    Thanks for the great contributions to the conversation! Gabrielle, no worries at all. I’m not being too serious — I know you were just ribbing, and I need it sometimes 🙂

    FYI, all people registered for the teleseminar will be receiving full details via e-mail within the next 48 hours, so no later than Thursday at 5pm PST. It will be fun and very dense on actionable tips.

    All the best,


  58. Hey Tim,

    From my observation of single friends seeking a girlfriend/boyfriend, they didn’t find one that clicked until they stopped looking. That’s not to say that it takes some effort to be open, and take care of yourself (showering, shaving, etc.).

    I also must agree with your location requirements. Long-distance can be such a hindrance especially in the beginning of a relationship.

    Just my two cents.

    Good luck!

  59. I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough for the time being, so I’m going to turn my little site back into the testing server it once was. You’ll probably want to turn the link off unless you enjoy the randomness of it pointing to whatever project I happen to be working on (a site for short sales tomorrow – not particularly romantic).

  60. Loved your book, it has changed my life……My ultimate goal, to leave the world a better place than I found it…. In this life -you are a blessing-

  61. Hi Tim,

    I offered you a piece of cake at John’s Viewstream party right before you had to take off. If I had done my homework I would have realized that you only eat sweets on Saturday.

    Anyway, I would love to attend your war ship party. Last year I had a fantastic idea to have a fund raising party on a different type of war ship. The difference between our ideas goes beyond the ships, in that, mine was a fantasy and yours is a reality.

    Either way, here’s to wishing you a fabulous time and much attention at your party!;tunein?u=0&index=197

  62. In an interesting turn of events, I fired my client and got inspired by Sally Kempton to write my first blog post. So, the URL above is no longer a testing server, though neither is it a real site yet as I will have to re-design the existing template.

    I had been intending to write about yoga or health or design stuff, but that is not what has occurred. I like it when I surprise myself.

  63. Tim, I’d like to congratulate you on being quiet about at least one aspect of your life. Maybe you believe in premarital abstinence – I’m an Evangelical and I approve of that. (By the way, couples who don’t cohabit before they get married are less likely to divorce than those that do – it’s in the statistics.) Or maybe you want to be modest and reserved about that area of your life – I approve of that too! Or maybe you’re serious because you’re not after “it” but after a real life partner – also a good thing.

    But I’m looking forward to what the rewrite of your book looks like once you have a wife and kids! It will definitely look different!

  64. So you’ve been involved in research about education for more than a year now, any chance of an upcoming post on how your educational experience had affected the course of your life – including the immersion in Japan and how you got into Princeton?

    Also, any updates on that post with gold medallists>

  65. Ok first, I love the way people try to sprinkle the key words “prostitute” and “stripper” into the head line in any way possible.

    Second, I know many prostitutes, and you sir are the equivalent of “that lady” claiming she’s cooking authentic Italian sauce in a Prego commercial.

    You volunteered to do charity work and boosted your ego at the same time.

    Try one upping yourself Mr. Civil Service, and toss a few dimes into that jar marked “jimmy Fund”. Because the photographer, flight costs, publicists, etc, they aren’t getting a cut. Nah, never. And it’s not like I know what I’m talking about, having researched both the best charities, how much goes to the cause-never 100% by the way, and worked in the adult industry for years (not the way you think, thankuverymuch. ).

    Can you almost taste the sarcasm yet, because I’m laying it on real thick.

    Why is it celebrities dont do something real?

    Seriously asking. Taxes? Not enough exposure? And doesnt that show the black spots in their heart? Just saying. It would work, and get rid of those who think theyre deserving of their cut of the money donated- a lot of people. so here’s the idea to do real action to make what you want happen-let’s say cancer, because it’s usually one of those:

    Now it’s complicated but hang in there:

    Go to the biggest hospital in your area.

    enter the children ‘s cancer ward during visiting hours.

    cut a check to the most sick child there, BUT ONE WHO WOULD MAKE IT/BENEFIT FROM YOUR DONATION BECAUSE THAT’S ULTIMATELY THE POINT RIGHT??.BTW, THAT SEEMINGLY CRUEL DECISION i HAD TO MAKE ALL THE TIME. EVEN AS A CNA. IT’S CALLED TRIAGE. FRENCH MEANING”TO SORT”. WAS AN EMT ALSO. They all found out about the adult industry part of my work history and lost my job. Paralegal program here i come.

    Just be smart-don’t give money to a kid with a 3 day life expectancy. or do it, what do I care. I just realized who I was talking to and the fact that you have MONEY to do this.

    Had enough? Good, tired of typing. You have a good heart. I did see that.