Leno Book Spoof, Tim vs. Donny Deutsch, and First Live Q&A with Tim

The last week has been surreal.

It all began with an e-mail from a reader last Thursday at 11:34pm tipping me off to the impossible. Fumbling for the remote, I caught it just in time — Jay Leno spoofing The 4-Hour Workweek! [Update: the link I had here has been deleted or exceeded bandwidth, so please post a new link in the comments if you find one!]

12 hours later I received a call from my publisher and was, 24 hours later, on a plane to NYC. Enter the Tim Ferriss and Donny Deutsch death match, moderated by Matt Lauer on the Today Show! It couldn’t have been better, and I ended up looking — comparatively — as calm as a Hindu cow. Warning: the videos seem to take eons to load.


Despite Donny’s aggressive style, and the many funny responses to it, he was actually very encouraging and nice both before and after the show. That evening, I was called to CNBC for “On The Money,” and I’m now booked solid with traditional media for tomorrow, at which point I’m disappearing to Costa Rica to purge my mind of massive media overdose. I’ve had enough. No mas!

I actually canceled Thursday and Friday in NYC to make this escape, and I’ll be doing the few radio shows that remain from beachside in Central America, after which it’s off to tour an active volcano and drink mojitos. The flights, which I bought three hours ago and include the return to CA, were the same cost as two more nights in my NYC hotel. Which would you rather have?

Better yet–what’s the worst thing that could happen if you arranged to take Thursday and/or Friday off?

Don’t answer now, but give it some thought. Those who dare (I encourage you) can give it a shot and share their results here.

Free Live Q&A with Tim Ferriss:

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67 Replies to “Leno Book Spoof, Tim vs. Donny Deutsch, and First Live Q&A with Tim”

  1. After watching the video, it seems Donny is so entrenched in his work ethic that I’m afraid… he might be a lost cause. One of my clients I consult for… I gave him some of the principles from T4HWW and he’s experienced a great jump in productivity simply by applying some of your email tactics.

    The problem is these guys CRAVE personal control over a majority of activities within their business – which leads to micromanagement and bottlenecking. No matter what I say to this guy, he just can’t get his fingers out of every slice of the pie. In his view, it is impossible to achieve a 4-Hour Workweek. Unproductive work (in the way you and I describe it Tim) leads to an extremely unfulfilled life. By being ultra-productive, you MAKE yourself naked to your interests and hobbies and this gets you to critically think about WHERE you’re life is and what your doing with it when you don’t have the “filler” of work to distract.

  2. One of the videos is down and the other is in windows media format (I use linux). Can you or a va upload these to YouTube? Thank you in advance.

  3. You and Donny are talking about completely different goals – he wants to focus on the value of ‘getting ahead’ as defined by success and power in business. I’ll take an enjoyable life packed with travel and mini-retirements over corporate success any day.

  4. Hi All,

    It was a fun segment. I just finished Fox and Friends about 30 minutes ago and am sitting in a Random House office waiting to start a radio tour. Should be fun.

    Joseph, I wish I could upload the videos to YouTube, but 1) I don’t have original files, and 2) the shows probably wouldn’t invite me back if I violated their copyrights!

    As for escaping Paris, I just realized in the Fox green room that she was being released today (?). “You’re going to Costa Rica today? Wow, you’re going to miss the big Paris interview tonight!” Man, that’s reason enough to be on a plane and away from TVs 🙂 I saw her on the cover (the COVER) of the NY Post on the way back to the Random House offices.

    Anybody for a one-week serving of the low-information diet?

    Gotta run! More to come…


  5. Well done Tim!

    I find it very entertaining watching the reactions of workaholics to the notion of working fewer hours. The true price of one dimensional success is rarely considered.

    They miss the point that you can be challenged at work, be successful and have a life outside of work. And, enjoy new challenges in other activities.

    I suspect their real fear is that without their work identity they are nobodies.

  6. I can’t wait for the video to work. I spoofed your book (what I had read of it at the time) on my blog. I’m a teacher, so it is either grind away or quit. No outsourcing for me in the first scenario!

    I really like your writing style, and the fact that you used the word, “ass” in your book lent convinced me that you were a real human being and kept me reading.

  7. It appears I’m even better at avoiding the news than I thought: when I read “At least you can escape Paris in Central America…” I kept thinking, “I thought he said he was in NY, not Paris… and why does he need to escape from Paris?”

    Not that the Swiss news is any better than the US – she has been on the cover of the commuter papers a lot recently even here. You might not be able to escape her in Central America, afer all…

  8. that was fun.

    Donny’s defending his lifestyle to an almost irrational degree. I’m surprised he didn’t bring up the struggle of the Pilgrims or something [well he almost did].

    Comment #5 nails it, but I’d like to add:

    Like a lot of successful people, which you could say Donny is in a way, I would venture to speculate he’s not quite sure exactly how he got where he is. Thus he over attributes everything he does as an essential ingredient to success, and he calls that undefined mix of everything he does “hard work”.

  9. Hi Tim,

    You carried yourself perfectly in that interview.

    I think what Donnie got wrong was that he equates spending many hours conducting business as work. He even said himself that the secret is to do something you love. Well if you love doing something is it work? I think not. I think of it as play. We all want to play, not work and yes I agree that 80% of everybody’s work hours are completey unproductive and make no difference.

    We trade our life for what we do & make of ourselves. By working a 60 hour week in an uninspiring job people are ripping themselves off of live. That is not what we are here for. Period.

  10. Donny says the happiest people are those who work hard, but I don’t think he’s talking about you and me. I think he’s talking about the select upper echelons of a rare few. All the people I know work for money, not because they’re genuinely happy working. Come on Donny, get in touch with reality!

  11. Great segment Tim. Donny comes off the way he usually does – mostly pompous and full of himself. He makes it seem like there are only two ways to succeed in life – do something you love (which I don’t disagree with) or work harder than the next guy. Fortunately, there are as many ways to work as there are ways to make money. I’ll take the trip to Costa Rica any time over a day at Deutsch’s agency.

  12. You did look like a Zen monk in that interview! I love how you stood your ground, calm and centered, in the face of Donny’s outrageousness. And I agree that Donny is looking for money, fame, recognition, and an ego boost in business. You guys are on completely different wavelenghts. Keep it up!

  13. Hey Tim, great job on the Today Show. I tuned into your teleseminar last night. You gave out great blog tips! You sound like such a nice and sincere guy. I just bought your book and can’t wait to read it. Keep rockin’!

  14. Thank you all so much for the kind words and encouragement! I just finished my last radio interview for this NYC visit, and it’s off to the airport for mojito dreams. Keep an eye out for me on BusinessWeekTV this weekend, and we’ll be announcing the finalists of the Endless Summer competition in a week or so. Much excitement to come!

    Signing off for now…


  15. Tim,

    Great job on the book! I’ve read it a couple times now and now have implemented and outsourced so much minuscule work. My taxes, accounting, and bookkeeping I have outsourced to India. It’s been over 3 weeks and they are 10X better than any local company here in Delray Beach, FL.

    Keep it up Tim!

    Chris Brisson


  16. I think the problem with that interview is the first part of DEAL (DELA) wasn’t done: we have to define success before we can talk about success.

    It’s clear Tim (and we) have a different definition of success than Donny does.

    I think it would be smart for Tim to try to take about the D (define) first and foremost in all future interviews.

    Only with “D” does any of Tims book or stragegies make sense.

  17. Whew! I knew someone must have you hog-tied with the blog so quiet this past week or so. Glad to hear you’re breaking free and on the fly again!! Everyone’s waiting with baited breath for the announcement of the Endless Summer finalists… so hurry up and relax already LOL

    Hasta la vista, baby!

    Penne the Tango-wannabe, hanging out here with the manatees :o)

  18. Nicely done on that interview! I love how calm you were during the whole thing. It gets tiresome watching news programs where two people are trying to talk over each other like a battle of egos. You let Donnie waste his breath first, then spoke, quite well, I must add. I look forward to reading your book. Keep up the good work!

  19. good job on the today show. glad u didn’t go all “tom cruise” on matt!!!! he liked u alot. i love the book and i love the concept. i want to work smarter and find more time for my family, and you are inspiring me daily. thanks. it’s kind of the same concept i had been noodling around with in my head ” how can i outsource the blah stuff, work fewer hours and be happier???” for the past couple years but you nailed it and put it in print. i do not feel you are espousing a “get rich quick” scheme but a nice way to live should you get/find/sell the right product. i think donny agreed but needed to get his message across too. i love his show too and it fires me up all the time! keep it up!

  20. Reading the book now and so far, it’s better than average for these type of books.

    I would like to see the spoof. Anyone found a new good link?

    Thanks, Tim.

  21. Keep up the great work Tim, I think you nailed it with your comment to Donny about people becoming subordinates to their own work. While he might consider himself happy, as he works feverishly to attain success, as he defines it, he is clearly the exception… far from the rule. If everyone so loved their work, as he does, the movie Office Space would have felt so foreign to so many watchers.

    Have fun in Costa Rica,


  22. Way to go Tim. I think you and Donny are really think very similarly. If your ‘calling’ is working hard at something you really love, that’s the most important thing. You don’t necessarily have to take off around the world on an 18 month world tour to get the real benefits of your concepts. The ideas from your book that really hit home with me are the ideas that both you and Donny emphasize: stop doing the things that don’t matter…the things you’re doing to delay doing what’s really important, and focus your energies on the truly important things you need to do. You’re absolutely right that most people will spend the majority of their day doing things, or even coming up with things to do, in order not to have to do the few really important things that might be uncomfortable to do. People that work EXTREMELY hard at something that they absolutely love doing are right in sync with both yours and Donny’s philosophies. But everybody can use a mojita now and then…

    Me, I’m a work hard, play hard kind of guy. I’d never be happy working 4 hours a week for very long. But I still have trouble eliminating those things that are keeping me from focusing on the truly important. Everytime I start drifting away, I go back to your book!

    Chronicles of a (Wannabe) Professional Blogger

  23. Tim,

    Your interview on the today show was great! It just reminded me of the very different mindsets between corporate America and the independent businessman. I do have to disagree with Donny though on a number of his points. Hard work does not always equate to getting ahead in life. I think the saying goes,”Work smarter, not harder” From my general observations many corporations do not want “their” employees following your methodology because it takes away their control, and thus that many people in business today are bottlenecked by the corporate structure, i.e. lack of an ability to be creative, productive, etc. I have adopted a good majority of your ideas and I have to say now im more productive, more creative, and happier than ever. Most people don’t understand the idea but thats ok, Ill mail them a postcard from the beach! 🙂

  24. Tim,

    Well stated.

    Seems as though “productivity” is being confused with effectiveness.

    I’ve heard this before – most of my life, actually. I was told that if I simply worked hard enough and long enough, everything would turn out just fine, eventually, and that it would all be worth it – in the end.

    There’s no sense working your tail off for tomorrow, even when you do find fulfillment in your chosen work. There’s more to life than that.

    One has to start living one’slife sometime.

  25. Hey Bolggrl:

    I teach as well but I am very close to outsourcing some work on Elance. If you think about all the little things we have to do everyday in our profession, I think it makes perfect sense to ourtsource some of it. I organize a huge school fundraiser every year and I believe I can outsource some of that work. I will likely have to pay a few hundred dollars to get a few things done, but I can claim my cash back from the fundraiser (we raise well over $20,000 in a month) while likely doing a better job! As teachers, we are insane in that we try do everything ourselves.

    My personal dream: outsource on-line course development and become an e-teacher who is not confined by the brick and mortar.


  26. Peter Murphy sounds like a smart cat – I agree with him. Rock on Tim – “we” know what’s really possible.


    I’m determined to find it –so my VA is searching right now 😉 and will post it at my Linkedin 4HWW site.


    Yep, funny Donny didn’t say the winners work smarter or are smarter, just harder.

    btw I’m officially down to a 40hr workweek (last 7 days) down from 60hr — all while launching two new services for my biz that will generate an extra $5,000/month on 95% autopilot. not bad eh?

  28. Tim,

    Glad you’re getting great media exposure from the Today Show interview, but I would have knocked Donny Deutsch out. Looking at the two of you sit there, it dawned on me: which path would I prefer? His contention that people are “happiest” when they’re working only applies to bartenders at gentleman’s clubs and professional golfers.


  29. Hi Tim,

    I can’t wait to read the book – unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere here in Grenada yet.

    My husband and I (we’re from the UK) have been living the life of riley on what amounts to close to a 4 hour work week for the past 6 months. We have been to Panama, Buenos Aires, Toronto & now in Grenada whilst running our mobile business & earning the majority of our money on about 5 hours a week.

    We currently live the ‘dream’ lifestyle in Grenada – early morning swims in the sea, a bit of work whilst it’s hot then back to the beach.

    It is very do-able for anybody – and like you say – you certainly don’t need $1m to do it.

    Looking forward to picking up the book in NYC and getting some tips about how to shave that 1 hour off our week – in the meantime will keep reading your blog…


  30. Tim, since I am trying to get away to Costa Rica myself within the next 6 days or so, I have a question. You mentioned you bought cheap airline tickets several hours before the flight. Did you use the Orbitz/Priceline.com method outlined in the book? So far, not having much luck although I am bidding for flights 6 days from now. as opposed to a few hours away. Should I wait until the day before I want to leave?



  31. Well, my gut reaction was that funny response you referred to (thanks Tim!), but as I thought about it more, I realized that one of the key things is that Donny seemed stuck in the zero-sum game mindset. He kept talking about running faster than the next guy and stuff.

    Now it’s naive not to acknowledge that there’s competition in the world. And only one person can win their weight class in a kickboxing contest in a given year, but that’s simply not the case in business.

    If I have the freedom I want, the lifestyle I want, not only do I not care how many competitors I have, I don’t care if I’m #1, #10 or #100!

    I’m sure if you wanted to, Tim, you could successfully add another product or two to your company’s offerings. But why would you? Who would that serve? Why not have a fabulous life and spend your time helping and encouraging others to do the same?

  32. Tim,

    A great question to ask Mr. Deutsch would have been – How many times have you heard someone say on their deathbed “Damn, I should have spent more time at the office?” Probably would have stopped him cold — Oh well great job, love the book and I am using the tools to help me develop my new business venture.

  33. I got my laughs out of Donnie and Matt’s reaction to Tim than anything-They appeared to be ready to react in the way that they did. First, I thought it was a bunch of crap that they would have someone like Donnie on the show to make it arguementive and attempt to discredit you. Secondly, for those of us that read your book, it didn’t matter and it was clear from the start that they HAD to be arguementative in an attempt to defend their own lifestyle to the the irrational degree they did so they can sleep better at night. Otherwise, they would have both realized they have spent a majority of their lives seeking what is not there, living within a paradigm that does not produce true happiness or fullfilment.

  34. Chris,

    Who are you using in India as your VA? Any suggestions?

    What’s the best pricing you are able to get?



  35. I think Donny’s whole demeanor was typical of the workaholic stereotype glorified by American business today.

    I also believe that his attitude was one of, “Gee, I hope none of my employees read this book.” 🙂

    I turn 50 this year and with T4HW’s influence, I’ve finally found the ‘muse’ that allows me to work 2 days a week and still live on the beach on Aptos, California. More importantly, as a single parent I’m home in the afternoon when my 11 year-old son Justin walks through the door after school.

    I wonder how many of Donny’s employees are able to say that?

    Cheers, Tim


  36. Donny and Mayor Bloomberg needs a touch of reality. What is more important, working your ass off and regretting not travelling, etc…or living the life we all want? Don’t listen to them — work smarter…..and play harder.

    Congrats Tim, and have fun in Costa Rica!

  37. HaHaaa! I just read that Deutsch published a business-motivation book. NOW it all makes sense, guess what it’s called!

    “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt” basically: “I make mistakes, but I’m ignorant about it too!” ^^

    That might as well have been written by Dub’Ya… ;-D

    PS: I PITTY his wife and children. Really… I can exactly imagine how neglected they must be… 🙁

  38. Donny Deutsch is typical of the success-obsession of New Yorkers. I’ve watched lots of his interviews and, while I do agree with many of the things people have said on his show, he comes off as really pushy a lot of times–like asking Bill Gates what he carries in his wallet! Hey Donny, duh, what does everyone carry in their wallet? “Oh yeah, Donny, about $1 – 2 million in large bills to buy things like groceries and gas for my car.” Donny is a success but he also took over his Daddy’s ad business too. Don’t buy his “I did it all myself” schtick. He sold his business, an advertising firm, for a ton of cash. So what? People do it all the time. Hey Donny, there are people who define their success in terms other than financial. I know that may be hard for you to grasp, dude, bein’ a New Yorker and all. But hey, good for you man. We’re talking about living life while it’s here, not spending al of it locked in some skyscraper thinking of ways to sell crap that people don’t need anyway. Simplify Donny, simplify.

  39. That guy Donny is such a Freakin’ D**CHE BAG! Who is that guy kidding saying that the happiest people in the world are people who work 80-90 hours a week. He’s typical of the type of person who won’t retire cause all they know how to do is work. Pleasure outside of work consists of the odd round of golf and sitting on your ass at some beach house in the Hamptons – what is now referred to as the OLD RICH.

    Even if you don’t try and pursue a 4 hour work week, the insight and info, and reflection in this book are invaluable!

  40. Donny is just wrong; in truth, the happiest people are those who choose how they spend their time, and who have something they care about that fulfills them. That may be work, but it could be family, volunteering, a hobby, and so on. Donny appears to be trapped in his paradigm.

    On another note, the interview highlights how worthless most media is. If they had spent just 10 minutes more and had let you explain your ideas just a bit more fully, viewers would begin to comprehend your plan, and see that it’s not a scheme. Donny added nothing to the discussion.

  41. Tim , have you noticed that Donny was already on the defensive against your ideas before the segment started? I think it is because your concepts challenged the very foundation of his ‘business’ … he said it indirectly himself when he started out with ” Find something you love and work HARDER than the next guy ” ….

    The funny thing is that I think he KNEW you were right because more hours does not make the work more important or more ‘effective’ … ( as you say in your book ). And anyone that has ever debated knows exactly WHY he was doing his best to steal the time away from you. He didn’t want to hear what you had to say. Heheeheheeh… Beautiful job!! Everyone that paid attention to what you were saying had to be curious about your confidence in your truths – in spite of the flailing Donny next to you and the crazy folks behind you making faces and acting goofy. …. you were incredibly smooth.

  42. Wow, pretty strange that they put you in a situation like that. Great job keeping your cool, but my opinion is you were setup. Donny kind of discounted the whole productivity thing, which in my mind, is the entire point. You even say in your book that you can use the techniques to decrease your workload, or simply increase your results. You would think a CEO would want to implement some of your ideas in the company to increase results, not talk about how great hard work his.

    So why did Donny talk so much about hard work?:

    I would guess he doesn’t know what that means. Most people in the world do not have rich fathers that hand you their media companies. I am sure he works a lot, but he never had to work from the ground up like most people, so his perspective on work is one of always being the boss/owner/front man. Donny knows this and puts up a great front to make people think he is self-made and has sage business advice.

    90 Hour weeks are great for the self-obsessed, no family, no kids, defined by the bank account types, especially when work is simply being famous and talking on a studio set. But please, don’t tell me America is built on people like him. It is built on self made business owners like yourself, and hard working families who know what hard work means.

    It is fairly simple to work all the time and make lots of money. But can you manage a family and children at the same time? That’s when the true value of productivity and your bookbecomes apparent.

  43. The funny thing about this conversation is that it really didn’t get to the point. Both realities from Tim and Donny were true. It’s not that one is right and the other is wrong, or that Tim’s any smarter than Donny, for only working “4 hours” a week (which I don’t think is true a good portion of the time, especially now there’s a book in play that’s changing the world), or that Donny is smarter than Tim for working 70.

    Tim’s learned how to set his lifestyle up so that he can be mobile. Tim has a unique business. It’s a fully automated product business (I believe its nutritional supplements) and he’s leveraged outside service providers to enable him to get free of his businesses day to day. A bunch of other saps, NOT living a 4-hour work week are doing all the work. And it took Tim Ferris more than 4 hours a week to set it all up.

    Is it a multi-bullion dollar company? No. It’s an automated business selling stuff. Yes. Donny’s not doing that, he’s running a multi billion dollar ad agency and a TV show and that takes more than 4 hours per week.

    Is Tim’s core business changing the world as he refers to in his book? No. But I can tell you writing that book, which is changing the world, and doing media takes more than 4 hours per week. But he says that in the book! And I paraphrase…if you’re going to change the world, it will likely take you more than 4 hours per week.

    Tim’s talking about creating businesses that sell stuff that you can fully automate to free up space and time to experiment with living your life the way you want. And, you can apply these principles whether you do that or not, to simply live a better quality life.

    Most people wouldn’t know what to do with the other 56 hours a week. It would fill up quickly; with other life and business as Donny talk about. But I don’t think that’s the point of the book or Tim’s pure message. He’s showing people how to experiment with a better lifestyle design leveraging a certain kind of business model.

    Streamlining and Simplifying is a big part of a Performance Lifestyle that works for you AND the achievement of your goals. As long as you’re able to take care of yourself at the level you need, and you have the quality of life you want, if you want to work 60 hours a week and you love it, Rock and Roll! There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Everyone’s life and lifestyle is going to be different and only a certain number of people are going to be successful or even able to realize a “4-hourâ€? workweek let alone something close to that. After all, who’s going to be left to support your 4-hour workweek? Eventually we’d all have to *&^%$#-it, I’m not working!

    I personally don’t think I’ll work only 4 hours per week, or that I have a business where that’s even possible. But the idea has gotten me to think differently, and I’m already minded this way. I’m taking my lifestyle design to new levels!!

  44. I wish I could keep this whole idea to myself, I won’t of course. But, after reading, I just want to be the lone ranger laughing at the rest of America. Now that’s true greed.

    I left clinical medicine because of the requirement for long work hours alone. I actually had work weeks in residency that were over 120 hours. I left and took my knowledge of medicine and in particular orthopaedic surgery and went to industry to find a different opportunity. Since then, much of my life has been gravy and I had been working closer to your books example for the last 4 years at perhaps 20 hours a week, without stress, and happy. I spent nearly 5 of those hours a week by myself critically thinking about how a technology could be used to advance the surgical decision making process in orthopaedic surgery. Because of this focus and energy, I ended up with 12 patents for the company just this last year alone, and now my future with the company not even dependent on any singular activity anymore. considered by the company to be the guru and that’s enough to keep me well paid and around.

    Your book however, has opened my eyes to the fact that i could do much better. that my fear of failure kept me from attempting to make it on my own. That if i outsourced a component of my work for this next year, that i could redirect some, if not all, of my energy towards my two other ideas that i want to create on my own. One is to start a business for myself using technology married with performing physical therapy at home, and second is to allow an older idea that i had patented that i have continued to leave on a back burner because it did’nt seem to be the highest priority.

    Ultimately, even now i feel as though my life will be so much more successful after reading your book, and want to thank you for confirming in writing just how great the path your describe in your book really is. Thank you.

  45. I watched this video. I don’t want to be the other guy. Simple. He appeared nervous, anxious, stressed and not very well composed. These are the questions I asked myself: So how much money does he need to feel successful? If he loves to work fine. I love my job too. Does that mean I want to eat up 8 to 12 hours a day doing it? I have many other activities I love as well. For example I am traveling to Italy in October, and I am loving learning Italian.

    If work stops being one of my loves at this place, I am gone, and I am 49 years old as I say this. I am not afraid because I have wonderful knowledge, skills, and attributes to offer. I refuse to live in fear.

    Since I began reading your book 3 weeks ago Tim, I have reduced my work week from 40 hours to 30 hours. I work at home as much as I want, and I will get an even bigger time reduction in the near future, I am certain. Next week, I’ll bet I am down to 25 hours. This isn’t mentioning the amount of clutter I am removing from life. It feels like a great burden is lifting off my shoulders. Did I mention, I have eliminated all my debt?

    The point is what do I want to be doing now? If work, fine that is a personal decision. For me, I want to enjoy my work and keep it to a minimum spending the rest of the time living and doing the many other things I love.

    Good For You Tim! Definitely try this at home, at work, and anywhere else!

    Thanks Tim!

  46. Just wondering how this book could help out a college student. I’m wondering if it would require me getting automated income on the side as a student by outsourcing non-traditional jobs??

  47. I did not see the video, must have been funny though. I like Donny’s show because as an entrepreneur, I learn a lot from his guests.

    You might be interested to watch the YES movie at my website. It’s a film by Louis Lautman in his journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

  48. Tim,

    I am amazed at your intelligence and productivity. You are a master of living life to the fullest. You make it look so easy. Hopefully one day I’ll finally get there. You’ve really found and explained the answers I’ve been looking for, for so many years.

    Absolutely amazing few minute video with Donny and Lauer!

    It was so entertaining to me, how irritated and annoyed Donny was, to see that you had the audacity to sit there and tell the world that working smarter is more productive and fulfilling than just working harder.

    I got the impression that he felt he had to defend his way of thinking ( to himself) so as not to completely explode out of frustration.

    The realization that he had sacrificed “his life” ( and maybe the life of his loved ones as well) already, for “success” ( or his definition of it) was too much for him to bare or accept without a fight.

    Thank you- for your work and continued assistance for the rest of us trying to respect ourselves, our lives and loved ones, by changing traditions and learning about ways to start living the way we were made to.

  49. I’m a little late posting this but after watching this video, how can Donnie honestly say the “happiest people work the hardest”? He clearly was referring to himself but he is so wound up and under so much pressure he can’t fathom such a concept. Tim, your relaxed attitude proves once and for all, working less creates if not more happiness, but more serenity and a clearer mind.

    And we all thank you for that.

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