It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

It’s time to get back to basics.

This blog has been dominated by podcast-related posts for quite a few years now. I’ve done very little writing.

Now, please don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love doing the podcast — currently 400 episodes and counting — and I’m thrilled to make it even better in 2020. There are super exciting things planned. I’m incredibly lucky to work on something every week that gives me so much joy and fulfillment, and it won’t slow down.

But that’s not what got me here. 

This blog launched in 2006, before my first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, was published in 2007. The first version of the homepage was comically bad (here it is), but The 4-Hour Ugly Betty Blog did an honorable job. In the years that followed, we improved the design (here’s v2), and I wrote 500+ posts that helped enable everything else. Without the blog, there would be no angel investing career, no podcast, no documented hair loss, etc.

Equally important, those early years of regular writing helped me to think more clearly and to hone a craft I deeply revere. For me, to write is to become more human. To the extent that I’m sane, writing helped keep me in that lane.

But starting around 2013, I began saving my scribing for a big book every few years. 

That’s worked out on many levels, but without a regular writing practice, books eventually became terrifying. It was like committing to an Ironman every few years without doing any training in between. Even if you can muscle things on game day, and even if the outcome looks great from the outside, the lead-up and the internal experience are likely to be anxiety-ridden and unpleasant. 

All because I stopped blogging. 

Private journaling is a step in the right direction, but it’s not a replacement. I need to face the squirmy discomfort that comes both before and after publishing. So…

I’m getting back in the writing game, and I’m going to publish something on this blog at least once per week. And by making a highfalutin pronouncement here, I’m ensuring that I’ll get grief on the Internet if I don’t follow through. That’s helpful.

To further grease the wheels, allow me to set expectations extremely low.

I hope that some of the writing will be decent, but a lot of it will be worth taking behind the barn and shooting in the head. Some of it will be long (e.g., unpublished chapters from secret book projects), and some of it will be short (e.g., terrible haiku out of desperation). As long as I publish something — anything — once a week, it doesn’t matter. 

I love em dashes — too often you see them, so practice I must. 

Suffice to say, this old man wants to limber up and get back on the playing field.

Thanks for reading this far, friends. Much more to come…


P.S. You might notice that this website has a brand-new look and feel! It’s only about 10 years overdue, but who’s counting? Please let me know in the comments if anything is broken or if you like/dislike anything in particular. Like me, it’s a work in progress, and I’d love your feedback.

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122 Replies to “It’s Time to Get Back to Basics”

      1. Woo! Loved the thoughts on regular dosing making the big stuff easier. New blog design feels weird at this stage because I’m used to the old one with green everywhere.

        I second the short science fiction! Would love to see you try short stories just for fun every now and again. Terrible terribly great short stories.

        To all those reading my comment. One fascinating fact grouping for you all. Did you know New Zealand has no native mammals apart from 3 species of bats? This means we were a land of birds instead. Jared Diamond described it as theclosest representation of alien environment that we knew of due to the unique evolutionary pressures. Our birdlife was very orchestral in nature in its sound. Very musical. Sadly with the introduction of mammals 63 different species of bird went extinct and hundreds of others become rare. Now you can only find these rare species in abundence in pest free/mammaliam predator free islands in NZ.

      2. I second the SiFi motion. Like the look.

        Oh, in the SiFi include a short story on how wolves were re-introduced into the wild then became sentient and ate all the humans.

    1. My same goal, but I’ve never written. I’ll keep you to it if you keep me to it! Any advice for a newbie blog writer?

      1. Maybe you weren’t asking me but I felt I could help you by slipping in a reply. My advice, write about things that interest you…or take to your curiosity. This way you can not just say good things(positive speech) but all different types of things and express your true thoughts towards what your writing about.

        Hope this helped.

    2. Tim, you have been motivating me to write since I first read FHWW. Hearing you getting back to basics fueled my enthusiasm to do more writing myself. Thank you for continuing to do what you do.

    3. Just a thought. what if you stacked the three bubbles with awards, downloads etc vertically on the right hand side. it would make the header look a bit cleaner. I love the new look.

    4. I can’t wait to read your weekly posts! You are an inspiration! I will join you in this and post at least one blog a week. I look forward to this. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

      I like the new design. It’s clean and easy to navigate!

  1. This is rather exciting news, good sir. It seems like you have been doing a good bit of reflection and experimentation this month. A short podcast episode AND a public promise to deliver haikus?

    Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in the future, as I’ve been a big fan of the things you’ve done in the past.

  2. So glad to you back blogging! I committed to send out a daily emails to my subscribers not long ago. In my opinion, the only real way to build a long lasting, close and genuine relationship with strangers. It’s incredible what can come out of regular practice.

  3. Hey Tim,

    Great to see you writing in your blog again! How about publishing The 4-Hour Chef on Kindle? Pretty-please?!

    My wife and I are global travelers, currently on our sailboat in Costa Rica, and can’t be schlepping paper books around.

  4. New layout looks great on mobile, and is intuitive to navigate around.

    Glad you are back to writing blog posts. I come back to 4 hour body frequently to keep most important knowledge in my memory, but… When friends and colleagues ask me about tips on how to get started with getting in shape, I *always* revert to your blog post “From geek to freak…”. Short, sweet and to the point. Minimum effective dose, some would say 😉

  5. I’m really glad to know there’s going to be even more content here, thank you!
    As for the redisign, I really like it. It’s clean. It doesn’t get in the way, so reading and listening to the podcast is an even better experience. As an avid mobile reader, the mobile version is one of the best I’ve seen. You’ve done an excellent job.
    Thank you again for everything.

  6. Been following since 2008, glad to see more writing in addition to podcasts! Looking forward to seeing more posts soon!

  7. Now I will take it onto myself to publish a weekly blog post as well 🙂
    What’s your opinion on for emails?
    And have you tried

    Would love to hear your thoughts on those 2 “productivity” apps
    best regards from Jerusalem, Israel

  8. Glad to have you back Tim!

    Some of us love to read and rarely listen to podcasts.

    I can and do listen to music while I work, but the spoken word requires my full attention.

    I can read anytime.

  9. Looking forward to reading your weekly new stuff, Tim. Every 4HWW post used to be both a surprise and a hack-learning process… And lots of fun.
    Following Youtube since ’08. By the way, love the blog new look.
    Keep going!

  10. Hi Tim,

    The player for the latest podcast appears over the the newsletter component, with a white “The Tim Ferris Show’ over the first paragraph of this post.

    In IE11, the player appears on the header to the right, above the search bar, stretching the page to the right, so need to scroll right to see the player.

    In Edge, it appear to be ok, in the header, lined to the right with the right of the search box.

    Happy to provide screenshots.

  11. Can’t wait to see more awesome stuff from you in the blog Tim! Eagerly waiting and I hope that you can achieve your personal goals for 2020

  12. Thank goodness! I missed your writing blogs, Tim! And, love the new look of the website, and always love a well-placed em-dash 🙂

  13. Exciting! Your recent ideas about, “saying no“ are interesting because so many people said yes to be in your last two books. You keep an interesting balance between having huge network, and keeping the luxury of privacy. I’m wondering what you’ve learned from the projects that didn’t happen. What “No” stressed you out short term, but was a blessing/profitable choice long-term?

  14. I’m looking forward to the weekly writing and continuing to use the things you write about as a resource. The website looks great.

  15. I welcome it. All of it. I look forward.
    I know its not the “No” book you’ve mentioned earlier, I am excited to see what blog posts you will post. Right on time for New Years eh?
    Thinking of being a group? A Artist Group perhaps?
    Happy Holidays Tim

  16. Looking forward to more articles/posts – love the podcasts too so don’t stop them. I’d love to read some of the content you alluded to in your podcasts.

  17. Welcome home Tim. If you ever feel so inclined to write more about language learning, I’d be down with that— (and please use dashes freely)

  18. Welcome back! I always found your blog posts inspirational and informative. I’m happy you are back. Looking forward to read the new content.

  19. I love the podcasts and books, but your blog posts are easier to consume anywhere were always a good kick in the pants if I wasn’t motivated / focused. Thanks for putting in the time – it’s much appreciated!

  20. Hey bro, first time leaving a note for you and first time I’ve ever posted a comment now I think about it.

    Quick one to say, cheers for all the hard work over the years and thanks for helping to open up perspectives for me since I picked up the book in 2007 during a Singapore airport layover. Keep on cranking dude.

  21. 4HWW is why I’m able to support my family and have my own business. So, all I can say is — it’s good to have you back bro! 😁

  22. Thanks for the inspiration Tim. I too am going to try to post something, whether it be video, podcast, or blog post every week.

  23. Tim, your contribution to my life has been immense. Your books, your podcasts, your pursuits in alternate healing which I found to be extremely helpful. But your blogs, are what I have learnt the most from, and that fact you are contributing that service again is extremely energizing to me.

    With Gratitude,


  24. Your blog has been the home page for the browser I use on my desktop computer for 9 years.

    A couple years ago I asked for a return to legitimate blogging in a comment thread to a podcast announcement. Your blogs have always been far more interesting than your podcasts and that’s saying something because your podcasts are always decent, usually good, and occasionally unparalleled.

    Glad to see you back.

  25. Awesome I checked your old blogs from 2006 and the design looks so bad and horrible but the content there and the blog posts are so so so great I enjoy to read it and the posts are very helpfull too. Its nice that you decided to write more and blog. I will be reading and following you. Also your new desing of blog is very nice and great.

  26. Tim,
    I’ve read it all, and I’m looking forward to what’s to come. I was recently cherry-picking from the 4HBody which led me back to some of the blog posts I read almost a decade ago. Now I’m reexploring what is still my favorite tome, The 4-Hour Chef. If you’re writing, I’m reading.
    Enjoy that off-the -grid time as well. I think there are at least 1,000 of us that will wait for you.
    Justin O

  27. Tim, thank you! I have read – literally – every word you’ve posted on this blog since its inception, and I’ve read the TRANSCRIPTIONS of some podcasts, but I’ve never actually listened to any of them – I’m old-school, it’s just not a format that works for me – I am super-excited that you’re taking this back up again!

  28. I love the look; it is way less cluttered and draws attention to the words on the page.

    Looking forward to more content. Thanks for all you’ve written, Tim!

  29. But in the end, it’s all noise and one more thing I am thankful for: Ability to filter out noise. After all, we are on this side of the grass for a very short time and why not enjoy that time instead of bitching about it?

  30. This is a refreshing look! I love that the sidebar isn’t as cluttered as it used to be. It feels a lot clearer.

    Thank you for the rationale behind your plan to write more on the blog. It helped me formulate an idea to test in my own life.

    Best of luck!

  31. Happy to hear it! Looking forward to your musings, ramblings, contemplations, and introspections. And a few haiku would be cool too.

  32. Dear Tim,

    This is wonderful news. I have been following the podcast for many years, read some of your books and many of your posts.

    From France and living abroad in Norway back then 4 years ago, they have helped me become the person that I am today.

    They have inspired me to challenge myself and start various challenges, including shifts in career, taking over the head of the family business, create a blog and write on it regularly, experiment with many online business disciplines, discover a passion for reading which I didn’t know existed to such extent, connect with likeminded people/friends and share a common passion for self-improvement.

    I can’t think of a bigger impact and trigger on my life than the 4-hour-work and your subsequent work on the podcast.

    You have managed to integrate and distill the wisdom of great thinkers and been such a fabulous source of knowledge.

    I never really liked or commented anywhere on the web, but I think this post will be the one that deserves it most. I have the feeling that you’re transitioning to a new phase of your life, and as challenging or exciting as it can be, I wish you the best of luck.

    The new design looks good, and it’s exciting to look forward to your next posts and content.

    Good luck with the new challenges.

    Thank you! 🙂


    1. I agree. The look and feel of what was familiar for so long felt like home. The new look feels like we have landed at a strangers place. Maybe keep the same colors as the previous blog so that it still feels similar?

  33. Till you keep writing, I will keep reading. You are the prime source of everything I have learnt in the last 10 years. You’ve introduced me to authors, philosophies, concepts, books, workouts, businesses…you name it and there has been some influence of yours. Now I have started to write and publish stuff everyday even if no one reads it because it makes me go to bed smarter than when I woke up. Teaching is the best form of learning as they say. Keep learning Tim so that we can keep learning with you.

  34. Nice. I have listened to most of your podcasts, liked and learned from many of them, but I’ve missed the blog. Will be checking back on a weekly basis.

    Now, if we could have just one more small thing: when you first went on Twitter, at the end of that year you posted (on this blog) “The 20 most helpful tweets of the year”. I don’t do Twitter, but I read that link and found a bunch of interesting stuff. If you could do that every year, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only person who found it helpful.


  35. Ahh the website looks great! I didn’t know it needed improvement, but it is so much better.
    I so enjoy 5 bullet Friday and enjoy your writing style. Very excited to see weekly blogs.
    Your podcast is the greatest. I feel I have a huge advantage over everyone in the world who isn’t a listener.
    Thank you!
    A glitch: can’t check the boxes under commenting form which allow for: saving my info, receiving reply notification emails, or receiving post notification emails.( I’m on the latest version of iOS.)

    1. Thank you so much for flagging this, Elizabeth! We tested on iOS, and we are able to select the checkboxes, but we sent your note to our web dev team to investigate. Have a great Friday and weekend.

  36. I think it’s great to follow your heart and do whatever you feel called to do. (By the way, I love em dashes too!) Your constant striving for improvement and curiosity about the world around you is inspiring, so thank you for sharing your journey with us. I’m grateful for your podcasts, blog posts, and books, having learned so much through all your passion and hard work. Thank you.

  37. Thank for all your work. Great to here that Tim, I’m super excited!

    PS: You have quite a good network and I don’t see the new design to be an improvement to the last version. I’m pretty sure you can do better 😉

  38. Tim, I am one of your oldest fanboys(age); your books, the podcast, the 5 -Bullet Friday and the blog keep me motivated and relevant with my adult kids. Thanks for being you in all you do!

  39. Thanks for the reminder of what I haven’t been doing either. Though I have a much smaller footprint on the interwebs, blogging is what started my business, and I’m going to make the same commitment for 2020.

    Tim, not sure if you ever read these, but as many have said before me, I really appreciate what you do, and there have been times when you have been the vitamin that kept me going in my business, and your podcast has provided so many insights that I have re-lensed for my own niche and audience in relevant ways, paying your karma forward to help my audience in their lives and challenges as well.

    Wishing you the best on all of your important projects in 2020.

  40. Hey Tim! I love they new layout on mobile. Looking forward to your weekly posts! You are an inspiration and an excellent remote mentor. Thank you.

  41. So happy to hear this! As a very early reader, I loved coming to this blog for new content since The 4-Hour Workweek had a huge impact on me. While I love the podcast, it seems to have cannibalized original content coming from you specifically. Looking forward to reading more!

  42. This is fantastic news!
    I love your books, and your writings as well, but don’t have much space in my life for enjoying podcasts these days.

    Writing is easily one of the skills that gets you places in this world. That, and at the other end of the spectrum, being great on the phone.
    Looking forward to reading your very humane and low-effort initial posts until you get into a sweet rhythm, hehe.

    This reminds me of when I was depressed and unproductive, and my only goal every morning was to get out of the door. (for a run or walk) I prepared my workout clothes the night before to avoid any kinds of friction, dragged myself into them, and got out. Whatever happened after I got outside didn’t matter, but it usually ended up with a run, and I eventually managed to get back on track thanks to that. I learned the part about making things easier for myself from you, so thanks.

  43. Tim, I’m so happy to hear this. While I’ve enjoyed hearing from world class experts you interview, I have missed hearing YOUR voice. Your wit and window come through in your writing and I cannot wait to read your work.

    Thank you.

  44. Always a dedicated reader/fan of your work. Only have one ask of the new site. Maybe it’s my browser settings but any hyperlink in the blog text forwards the current page rather than opening a new window or tab. I usually read along and click as I read and new tabs open. Then when done article I go back and read tabs. Thanks for everything you do.

    1. Hi Jarrett — Thank you. As a policy we aim to have every link open in a new tab. We just reached out to our web dev team to see if this can be automatically implemented and not have to be manually done for each link. Perhaps there’s an automation to automate that task. Thank you for the great suggestion!

  45. Like this slicker look! It’s encouraging how the website improved over the years. Not a fancy design alright, but is very 2020 apropo.

  46. Exciting news Tim – welcome back to the start!

    Life, from my perspective, is always better when quality time is made for writing.

    Some of us create with our music, handiwork or paint strokes. Some are writers. All are noble crafts and pursuits.

    Look forward to the next chapter. Keep doing what you do.

  47. Just a thought. what if you stacked the three bubbles with awards, downloads etc vertically on the right hand side. it would make the header look a bit cleaner. I love the new look.

  48. Glad to see you back writing, Tim. I just finished my annual listen to 4HWW, and my wife is escaping her high-powered corporate job in 2020. Keep being you boo boo <3

  49. My thinking on the design is that it doesn’t work for mobile.

    Sitting on a smartphone and everything is so big. It’s hard to scroll through the blog posts when each excerpt is so big. It might work on desktop, but making it easier to scroll, navigate and find what you want could be great for mobile visitors, which I assume is about 80% of your traffic 🙂

    Mobile first 😉

  50. Back to the basics, this is the way. I know that podcasting and book writing looks much cooler, but both are just blogging in another way. Good to have you back !!!

  51. I have been reading your books and listening to your podcast (every single episode) for years. I have enjoyed watching your changes and evolution over the years (and yes, some of that did involve your hair). My book list is a mile long thanks to you and your guests, but some of the MUST read books mentioned on your podcast have been truly life changing for me. Significant free time is a bit challenging for me to find these days (the type needed to devour one of your books anyway), so I look forward to receiving / reading something a little less substantial from you than what is typically your norm. 🙂

  52. Glad that you are circling back around to your old friend. It will be a pleasure to enjoy your creativity in the first form I was able to enjoy it.

    We’re all rooting for you Tim!

  53. Woah, Tim Ferriss is returning to blogging! Splendid. Being a slam poet, interviewer and budding entrepreneur, I’ve been heavily affected by your work ever since I came across episode 1 of the podcast with the delightfully curious Josh Waitzkin. I immediately purchased his book ‘The Art of Learning’ and enjoyed it immensely. Since, I feel that much of what I’ve done has been stained by the lot you’ve brought in to tell their story and so I’m just grateful for you Tim! I’ll have to brush the dust off my personal blogging as well haha.

    Many stories to tell for only the few that choose to tell them ~

  54. Legend. Pure bloody legend.
    More content. More of your inner workings to consume. More of what we all love about you.
    Thank you Tim, my gratitude is deep for your perspective, your lessons and at the base – you. 🙏
    Onwards and upwards in 2020.

  55. Congratulations on the pivot in your writing practice. As one of many who have benefited from your work so far, I’m excited to see this next step.

    By the way, are Em Dashes to you what lens flares are to JJ Abrams?

  56. Thanks for this post. I like it. I have been blogging since 10.10.2017. I agree that writing is so amazing, when I am writing a post I am feeling that I really live. I look forward to your next post. Dariusz Dare to Live Łukasik. Ps. I am 47 and live in Poland.

  57. Inspiring indeed. I’ve been doing the 1 post a week for a couple months now and the intention is to continue to death. Knowing you have done it all and gone back to THIS fuels me and cements my confidence (after all, there’s an opportunity cost for everything).

    My hack for this was getting an accountability partner who is doing the same; channel your stupidly high levels of competitiveness in your favor.

  58. Tim,

    Thank you for all that you do and congrats. Curious, which CMS are you using? WordPress, custom, or something OOTB? Would love to know more about this as it obviously scales beautifully.

  59. Excited to see what’s coming.

    Since you never miss an opportunity to mention hair loss, I thought to share this: [Moderator: link to website removed.]

    Zero affiliation or vested interest in the organization/product (I am a customer of their Revive product).

  60. Tim,

    I had to write to, er…a letter…

    Prelude: I have been meaning to thank you for the Amazon gift certificate in comp for the fan-supported trial. I bought two of the Mason jar soap dispensers you plugged in a 5-day Friday email (so agreeing with your comment on plastics) and a copy of “On Grief and Grieving”, having lost my Mum two months ago after a short sharp cancer battle :(. Mum always taught me to share how you spent it in a Thank You note from Christmas gift cards…

    Meat: I was so delighted to read “Back to Basics”.

    Over the years, I have often gone into your Blog tab and enjoyed jumping around or looking something up, some times having that warm glow of nostalgia to the moment when and where you read a post the first time.

    You have been both conductor and accompanist to so much of my learning over the last 10 years that a) friends roll their eyes when I mention you (and I have gotten into more than a few arguments defending your integrity!) b) I had to make a verbal shortcut to something I learn or hear about “in the Ferrisosphere“.

    So many skills, habits and teachers have come into my life through said Ferrissosphere…

    …MobilityWod (now TRS) since its early days and buying Building a Supple Leopard…being a streaker (!) on Waking Up…learning Spanish on Duolingo…returning to playing music…drawing…a knife skills course…becoming a Happy Body Mentor all come to mind…er, but not Peloton ;o…or microdosing…yet…I have learnt so much from you, in business, athleticism, marketing, psychology, philosophy, language, travel, and all kinds of helpful little heuristics – let’s hereby christen them as “Ferr-euristics”?!

    Hearty thank you Tim, and I look forward to continuing to support and spread the word.

    Keep trucking, tribing and scribing. And I look forward to following, learning and doing as a quiet footsoldier in your benevolent army.

    Kevin Brennan

    P.S. Since 2002 I have had the idea and desire to blog, but the shyness too of putting it out there. My eyes bulge out of their sockets at the thought of the paths that may have been trodden and webs woven if I had done that then. An ugly personal weakness. With some ground work now done, and from observing how much it meant to me to write, during Mum’s sickness and death, launching my own personal blog is my most important 2020 goal. Launch date deadline of 29 February 2020 was set three weeks ago. However small, humble, or poor in content. Now, it’s out there too. STAKE.

  61. This is the first time I’ve come across you Tim. I read a quote from you “a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable situations he or she is willing to have” in the 6 Minute Diary. So I seeked you out. I laughed out loud at some of your thoughts on returning to blog writing. And it made the quote more lived rather than an edict or doctrine. I wish you well in your endeavours and look forward to reading more. Thank you for being open and genuine.

  62. Has been a reaally long time Tim. I started getting fascinated by the world you were painting in your writing 10 years ago, when the first edition of the 4hww came out. You have been an inspiration and have really missed your writing. Love the podcast, but never been a podcast person myself, so have never been able to really connect with the podcast as I do by reading a blog post (personal weird preferences I guess?). I remember back in the day waiting for the next post on this blog, after having devoured the 4hww and was waiting for some content from you. It has been a really long way with many deviations for me the past ten years, deviating a lot from what I had in my mind as the 4hww lifestyle I wanted. Still, I understood that everyone has their own personal path to take, and cannot “replicate” the life of anyone. I could go on and on talking about these days and my personal road, but that would be much more than a comment. Anyways, excited to have the blog posts of Tim coming back and hope I can get back some excitement from these early 17-18 year old days of mine. 🙂

  63. Tim, love what you do. In case you wanted more to do. Suggestion for you. Along with interviewing successful/expert individuals I think it would be interesting to hear from younger high achievers of less note. Those who would be considered on the path to the apogee of their discipline. Do they follow a similar path as those who have made it. A possible source for these subjects are the various Business Journals that have competitions such as the “40 under 40”.

  64. TIm, you are inspiring. Met you once in SF at a publishing company. I don’t have many people, I look up to but you are one of the top. Love your work. Keep it up.

  65. Great to hear you will be publishing regular written content again. I live smashing your podcasts out in the car but enjoy reading too! Thanks for all the content you put out – you have helped me think more clearly and deeply about a lot of stuff and that has had a huge positive impact on my life. You are a great mentor!

  66. Dude! You gotta put a Warning for that V1! I don’t know if my eyes will ever recover!
    Like the new look and feel.
    Thanks the podcasts, they’re awesome!

  67. God Speed Mr Ferriss,

    Thank you for sharing abundantly 🙌🏽 and compliments an excellent redesign.

    I came to your blog today because I’d resolved to listen to your top 25 podcasts 2019 before I return to work in the new year.

    I’ve been a disciple of your works for close on ten years, your books are my pride and joy. Your written word – like a star – was able to fuel me with the “astronomical” and “astrological” inspiration that has brought me a great and wonderful life with, simplicity as its core.

    With zero criticism to your podcasts which themselves are a Library of Alexandria, your writing is a manna to me of little comparison and I just wanted to say thank you thank you truly thank you.

    Wishing you and your family the festive best, and all of my support in the new year.

    God speed.

    Zain Solomon

  68. Hey Tim,

    Longtime fan and reader here, infrequent commenter. Been here since the first iteration of the Four Hour Work Week.

    I’m thrilled to hear you’ll be kicking the tires on the blog once again. The podcast has been a beautiful experience. And bore the fruit necessary for the last 2 books. But I’ve missed Tim’s unique perspective. That is the way you analyze and synthesize what you learn into the content that is uniquely yours.

    In fact, I tune in specifically to posts/videos/podcasts that are Tim flying solo. Excited to hear we’ve come full circle 🙂

    P.S. If you every find yourself in a pinch for audio editing/mixing for the videos or podcast, I’m your man. Thanks Tim!

  69. Hey Tim – I have beeen following your books, blogs, podcasts and newsletter for over a decade now. Needless to say, I have benefitted immensely from them – be it in matters of diet, fitness, productivity, Stoicism and getting introduced to Naval.

    What always surprises me, and to be honest, and moves me, is the fact that you come across as an utterly genuine dude who really is figuring out things just like the rest of us (well, if us includes people who have published multiple NYT best-sellers and get to hang out with the likes of Arnie).

    Love the honesty and constant effort to improve. Pretty inspiring – good luck with your blogging endeavour.


  70. Tim, I love that your’e getting back into your writing content. I miss it and honestly, I stopped visiting the blog after you stopped writing if that says anything to you. I hope to read a lot more of your stuff in the near future.