"5-Bullet Friday" — 5 Things I've Been Loving, Using, and Reading

Absolutely the best for flying. But which one? The booze, hat, or weird footwear?
Absolutely the best for flying. But which one? The booze, hat, squat, or weird footwear?

Greetings, friends.

Here are some popular links, thoughts, and articles that have appeared in my “5-Bullet Friday” e-mail newsletter, which is free and goes out every Friday.  I cheated in this post and gave you six.


Article I’m enjoying (and pondering)How Bold Entrepreneurs Are Breaking $1 Million In One-Person Businesses by Elaine Pofeldt for Forbes.com

Clothing I’m loving — Check out Myles’ “everyday shorts.”  I originally got these as a gift from Huckberry, and they are now my go-to shorts for nearly everything. I swim in them (quick drying), I wear them while working at coffee shops, and you can even wear them to a nice dinner if you have decent shoes. Multi-purpose rocks.

My most popular Facebook post recently — Japan’s Michael Jordan of Day Trading. His “one rule” is quite smart, methinks…

A quote that’s on my mind — “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs

Responses I’ll be practicing (yet again) next week — How to graciously say no to anyone by Austin Kleon. This is worth revisiting constantly.

New footwear, long overdue — I’ve needed Adidas slip-ons for years. No idea why it took me so long to get them. They’re perfect as indoor Japanese-style slippers, or for wearing outside when you don’t want flip-flops killing your toe webbing. I’m typing this on an airplane, where I’m wearing them with socks. #GermanStyle

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P.S.  If you haven’t seen this short commencement speech, you’re in for a treat.  Perfect weekend viewing.

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496 Replies to “"5-Bullet Friday" — 5 Things I've Been Loving, Using, and Reading”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Absolutely love your podcast and FMF newsletter.

    As a long time listener, I noticed that you have a disproportionately small number of female guests.

    Irrespective of equality, I (and I’m sure many others) would value females opinion, views and journey to success. It may also help develop your connection with female listeners.

    Just thought I’d mention it as a consideration.



  2. I thought your piece in the September issue of Outside magazine was great. I’ve read it several times. I was especially interested in learning about the benefits of saunas.

  3. And now I’m the proud owner of two new water bottles. Thanks!

    We love our Ring doorbell, btw. We’ve had one for about 6 months now. Great purchase!

  4. Love today’s quote from Marcus Aurelius. Basically, when s*** hits the fan, it’s important to get back to the root of what moves my soul. I have been dealing with this one pretty much all summer and it’s letting up a little but I am still struggling with the stress. Still standing ,though! I love these 5 bullet Fridays! Thank you so much Tim!

  5. My favorite bullet this week was that you also read 5-10 pages a night before going to bed. When I was teaching full-time this was the only way I could get through 1-2 books during the school year. That’s how I read your book the 4-Hour Workweek. Great book! Now I’m retired, I need to read it again!

  6. Hey Tim

    Love the quote on your latest newsletter from Marcus Aurelius. It is indeed what is giving me trouble at the moment. Last night an old friend for no reason started to make abusive detogitoty statements towards me…twas very strange and I was certainly jarred I wish I’d read your newsletter, if so perhaps I’d have handled the situation better rather than just being dumbfounded….

  7. Re: Oct 7 2016’s 5 bullet Friday…

    Possible podcast topic: How is the Fisher Wallace device different than a TENs unit? (Besides no setting to tinker with and sponge electrodes that won’t rip out your hair?) Or is it a tDCS device like “Thync”? Is Thync a tDCS device? I’m personally still lost on the difference between a TENs unit and a tDCS device and the electrical pulses and currents being used…

    … so many questions about these electrical devices (and when they throw “proprietary” into their language they seem to explain far less.)

  8. Tim,

    For an Excellent gin try Fenimore Gin. Made in Cooperstown home of James Fenimore Cooper. I personally recommend it! [Moderator: link removed]

  9. Katadyn Water Filter?

    At over a pound in weight the Katadyn would NOT be my choice for being outdoors. Unless you are driving into camp. It is NOT about the speed of filling your bottle, it is about the pounds saved over the long hike. As a world traveler you are very aware of packing light.

    Try something like the Sawyer Mini. Super light weight – long lasting.

  10. Hey Tim

    If you like that tea theres an ayurvedic recipe you would love.

    1/4 teaspoon of fennel, coriander, and cumin seeds with 4 cups boiling water. Let steep for 10 at least. I put mine in the fridge. Enjoy!

  11. If I understand it the Fisher-Wallace device is akin to an Alpha-Stim. I believe the main differences between TENS units and this is the amount of power that goes through the device, the frequency the jolts are delivered at and the location to place the application pads.

    Personally, I haven’t found electro-stimulation devices to be nearly as effective as actual neurotherapy devices. They have their place and the Alpha-stim does a good job with people who have jet-lag from travel level insomnia, but it never touched my chronic insomnia.

    I’d love to get an in-depth discussion going on “brain toys” of the various types. electro-stimulation NFB (neurofeedback), tMS (trans-cranial magnetic stimulation), etc. I can talk for hours on that stuff.

  12. Please keep us posted on your thoughts on the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. Desperately seeking a non-pharmaceutical way of dealing with depression.

  13. So this is not really related to this post but I guess it never hurts to ask: Can anyone here, help me get started with, even a small, muse?

  14. Hi Tim – You mention drinking The Botanist Gin in your most recent ‘5 things’. When you have time or need a new gin try ‘Monkey 47’. Personally I like adding a stick of cinnamon and a slice of orange alongside tonic and ice obviously. Enjoy, Alex

  15. i m not so good at english. i heard about you many times on youtube . i just wanna know how i get invested for my business . i believe myself and i can do it , because i m experienced serve to other student teach english . and i have started now . but nobody believe me even my family and friend . what do i need to do . because time is limitles i mean rent is limitless . help me advice me .

  16. Thanks for all you do! I recently discovered your podcast via Facebook recommendation…your most awesome Navy Seal. I was hooked! You are saving my sanity during my one hour commute to and from work in Atlanta. Sometimes I just sit in my driveway trying to finish the show. This is NOT a business show, this is a show for all who seek growth, wisdom and perspective. Keep up the good work!

  17. Greetigs

    I just finished listening to #192 The Return of the Drunk Dialing. Thank you I connected on many levels. I often fall asleep listening to The Tim Ferris Show podcasts,through no fault of the podcast or Tim just my own travel weary self on regular 30 h trips to East Africa. My question is did you drunk dial any women for the show? I began noticing the preponderous of men. But haven’t gone back to relisten.

    Further I’d like to ask a few questions. I semi regularly listen to the podcast and have found much that resonates and has helped me reduce chaos within my mind and be more directed and cognitive of what I say and do that impact others around me. How would you translate your process that I have for myself dissected into data collection, analysis, acting, retesting, and improvement towards other cultures’ processes. For example you have experience with Japanese culture, have you found challenges or successes in other cultures with implementing or communicating the process? I find the approach similar to what I do with analysis (not surprising) in business cultures to facilitate their integration of enhanced sustainable safety and security measures. I’m looking for reference material that can speak about cultural differences and change. If you have a. Suggestion let me know.

    Many thanks for reading. More thanks for responding.


  18. Tim, I’m really loving the Easter Island show. In your 5 bullet, you mentioned your ketogenic diet being anti-inflamatory. Are there some sources to that? I’ve been trying to do keto, but my body seems to want to produce sufficient glucose endogenously to keep my ketosis level low and due to an injury (hence the interest) I’m not able to exercise heavy enough to drive the ketone levels up. I’m trying to determine if it is actually the ketones or just the burning of fatty acids directly that make the difference.

    If anyone else has feedback on the anti-inflamatory properties of ketones, please post.

  19. Posting this here after I realized that Tim will likely not read my reply to his “five bullet Friday” email.


    I don’t know if you actually read these or not. If you do, I think you’re going to want to finish reading this.

    tl;dr: Jardiance (prescription med) keeps me in ketosis on a slow carb diet. It basically dumps up to 80-100 grams of carbs (300 calories worth) into your urine through the kidneys. (Probably less for a non-diabetic, but would still make the diet easier.)

    In fact, if you read about Jardiance online, there’s been an issue of it causing ketoacidosis. But as far as I understand it, it’s not “true” ketoacidosis (that can’t exist unless your pancreas is completely shot), whenever the ketone bodies get much higher than a 5 or 6mmol, you’re going to feel like crap. pH levels go crazy, blood pressure drops, rapid heart beat, dehydration etc.

    I’m a type II diabetic, and was prescribed Jardiance about 2 months ago. I was doing a strict ketogenic diet and it basically sent me to the ER because I didn’t realize how high my ketones level were getting and I likely wasn’t drinking enough water (although I drinking A LOT).

    Now I know that I HAVE to eat a slow carb diet… which is great, because I can have beans and lentils again. Before, if I even looked a tomato, I’d be thrown out of ketosis. Yesterday I was 3.9mmol, which told me that I needed to take some peanut butter and mix it with some apple butter, to get me back in that 2-3mmol range. Higher than that and it makes me feel bad.

    Anyway, I hope you read this, and if not I’ll try to find some other way to relay this to you. This med makes it much easier to get into ketosis… I am concerned that some may not be talking about it because of the financial incentive to push exogenous ketones. Exogenous ketones are great, and I still use MCT oil, but I no longer have to rely on it now for my blood ketone levels.

    Hope to hear from you, and if you visit Charleston again it’d be great to meet up and chat.



  20. What is a ludicrous but fun goal I could have for December? Memorize your favorite rap song from “Hamilton” and entertain your friends. If you friends won’t sit still for it, video it for us, your loyal fans/audience.

  21. LOVE YOU!! No, seriously, your podcasts and books have changed my and many, many lives. I was wondering where I can find specifics on what you drink during your fasts (or Dom D’agostino) I assume water but wonder if you drink anything else. (Or what podcast has this info). Thanks!

  22. Tim,

    LTFFT “caller”.

    WTF you’ve never been “down under”? Want an “intensity” break from your day to day- come the fuck dowd here.

    Minor note- read your 5 bullet this week – made me think to mention magnesium oil spray I’ve come across lately for muscle aches and pains. Down this end of the planet, along with our European brothers and sisters, who are according Charles Poloquin magnesium deficient it also addresses those ills.

    That’s it Champ.

    Peace out. Shout you a beer and a beach next time you pop down this way.


  23. For your feet, I swear by this: 1 cup each Epsom salts, white or apple cider vinegar, Listerine type mouth wash in 2cups water. Soak 20-30mins then pumice.

    Your feet will smell and feel great for weeks.

  24. Tim I’d like to take a few moments to thank you for the awareness you are creating. I’m learning so much about myself and about this life. I’ve been on a journey of self discover for few years now. Kinda started with changing things in my personal environment and feeding my mind with people who I’ve heard on your show like Tony Robbins and Jocko and Wim just to name a few that I really connect with but also being open to everything you share. I’ve learned not to judge and just have an open heart to learning something new that can help me evolve and progres more and more everyday. One of my mottos I love by is a Relentless pursuit of progress, which starts with me and then I can help my students/clients/family and friends. I’m on a journey of healing the world one body one mind at a time. Today is Thursday November 3rd, my dad died Monday and it has taken me to a a whole new level. I feel like Bradley Cooper in limitless like the veil or something has been removed and I can see the world completely. I’m sure a lot has to do with my day to day and moment to moment my awareness of what I’m putting in my body (nutrients) Bikram yoga, trail runs, ice baths/cold showers, saunas etc. But also all of the reading and listening and learning then putting in to practice by myself being opened and doing and teaching and training my students and family. I realized that my dad dying is a gift to me personally. I feel like I can really step up to a whole different level. I realized that he lived his life to his fullest and loved people like really loved them and always brought out or found the positive in every person and situation. You would of connected with him big time. His motto was Live, Love, Laugh and leave a legacy. He said it all the time, I never fully felt it till now because he was a man of integrity and walked the fucking walk. He was so hard on me growing up I’m the first born of 8 kids raised basically in Utah county. I never could relate here. I guess that’s why I connected with psychedelics and gods flower. Expansion, always progressing or looking to evolve my consciousness and my physical body because I believe and I teach with the work I do that it starts physically, how we feel in our body is how we interpret the world. We need both, I’ve heard Tony speak about this…..we can train our body and not pay attention yo the mind and we will always be average we can be strong minded and have a weak body and be below average. It starts physically but we need a union with both. I’ve learned both from you and the guests you interview and my own studies. You are an inspiration to me, you are changing the world you are leaving a legacy you. That’s what this world needs is a bunch of inspired and proactive people that see the reality in the universe we live in. That’s the only way to heal the imbalance in our world we live in. Honestly though I don’t think it’s meant to be balanced, 3evrtytjimg I read out of the dao and everything I study explains it very well, it really is what it really is. Its meant to be the way it is in life. One thing I learned is I haven’t complete choice of how I view and handle a situation in life. I can choose to perceive my fathers death with an attitude of anger resentment and all that bullshit or I can use this really really tough situation to find the positive and use it to help myself heal and to help others learn from my experience. I have a lot of responsibility on my shoulders many people look to me for hope. I’m carrying the torch now pops and I guarantee I won’t let you down. Tim thank you bro for everything you do for people! I choose to follow your example and carry your message

    Cheers Bro

    PS keep doing what you’re doing I’m proud to be a part of this movement. Healing on body/mind at a time.

  25. Tim, this comment is about this link from you most recent 5BF:

    I’m a Latino in Tech, and I Think the ‘Diversity’ Discussion Is Utterly Broken by Eric M. Ruiz

    An excellent article that signals the beginning of the end of the damaging, racist, and sexist government driven programs that are broadly called affirmative action today. The primary reason we have different representations of ethnic groups and sexes in practically all occupations is the innate differences in people and between men and women, Trying to blame it on the racism or sexism of employers is a fools errand and ethically indefensible.

    FYI, I am a huge supporter of fighting racism and sexism. I was a Civil Rights and EEO officer in the Coast Guard for 3 years, have been a CEO for 25 years in the credit union business that is largely female, and my wife and I have 2 grown daughters who we raised in Key West, FL.

    I believe affirmative action is the most important contributor to increasing racism and sexism in America today. Good intentions, terrible outcome.

    A long time listner to your podcast and reader of your books.

    John Dolan-Heitlinger

  26. Loving these. I get the email, but I’m going to switch to coming to the site instead to experiment with more knowledge seeking rather than more knowledge delivery. Trying to clean up the Inbox. Infeed.

    Love the podcast btw.

  27. “Why do you go away”

    Expanding on that ,listen to Tom Waits’ beautiful song “San Diego Serenade”,an artist you said you were unfamiliar with on one of your podcasts

  28. What I’m drinking for morning jam sessions — Gateway of Spirit (Shen Men) Purple Tea

    The ad states The uplifting Qi has gained the nickname “dreamtime tea”. http://www.livingtea.net/products/shen-men-the-gateway-of-spirit-purple-tea-light-roast-roast-1-5-oz-loose

    It is compared to Waking Life – Light Roast Purple and that ad states The Qi is stronger than the heavier roast and moves through the body with an uplifting, euphoric quality gaining it the nickname “dreamtime tea.” And it further states “with large leaves ideal directly in a bowl. “ http://www.livingtea.net/products/waking-life-light-roast-purple-tea-2-oz

    Totally confusing advertisements. First how can both teas be nicknamed “dreamtime”?

    Second, what on earth does “with large leaves ideal directly in a bowl” mean? Totally incomprehensible sentence.

  29. Your podcasts inspired me to do mine. My favorite thing about your guests and you is your telling people to “try it” “do it” have courage. Thanks!

    [Moderator: link removed]

  30. I recently read your book and was very impressed. Can you recommend someone from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan who could be my mentor?

  31. Whats up, Tim or whoever the hell is reading this! You rock! Loving the quote from Steve Jobs. I can relate to that. Could you recommend a book or website to help one become more decisive?

    Thanks for your time in advance!

    Btw it was great to meet you at two12 in Boulder. Stay awesome my friend. Stay awesome.

  32. Hey guys! Recently a five bullet Friday email included an article about a CEO reducing his time spent working from 40 hrs to 8. Great concepts. I’m curious what Tim’s and others’ thoughts are on applying these concepts when one is not the CEO, but rather when one fills a “lower level” or “mid-management” role? Thanks as always for the great content Tim! (P.s. I really like the Tim Ferriss Radio Hour! Keep em coming!)

  33. Tim-

    Love the format of the Radio hour. It allows full time listeners like myself to dial back on some important stuff that I might of missed or forgot the first time I listened. Keep up the good work!


  34. Hey Tim, for good reading material about Stoicism check out The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph Hardcover – May 1, 2014 by Ryan Holiday (Author)

    You are given as an example.

    He “structures the book, not as a formal treatise on Stoicism, but rather, presented in an easily digestible manner that keeps the reader interested and engaged. What makes the book even more interesting is Holiday’s examples of different Stoic thinkers, such as Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Tim Ferriss, and Bill Clinton.”



  35. Quote I’m pondering —

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

    – Albert Einstein

    Aloha Tim ~ this statement is delusional. Reality is not an illusion. Reality is real ~ reality is everywhere just like life, eyes looking inward or outward. Man’s thoughts and theories are illusory just like einstein’s theory of relativity and others, look up what Tesla had to say about it. e = mc2 = BS

    Thanks, Mike

  36. @timferriss i will personally have your book added to all Books and Books stores in Florida, let’s get you down to Miami for an event!

  37. Tim, Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel (5BFriday on 2 December) spells his surname “el” not “le.” Enjoy your work + podcasts. -SD

  38. Tim, I hope you are well. Just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing. You are an inspiration in too many ways to mention.

    I’m a 38 year old and my 2 kids rightfully get the bulk of attention on Xmas. But my mom still asks for a list. I gave her one idea, Tools Of Titans. I can’t wait to add this to my collection of Tim Ferriss books.

    Thanks again, Tim. Have a wonderful day and good luck with launch.

    Keith Laskey

  39. Hi Tim,

    Just wrote you an exceptional comment, but it didn’t seem to post when it took me to the login screen. Soo…this is awkward. In a nutshell, it was just a bunch of kiss ass haha long story short, you’ve helped me greatly and I cannot wait until the day I move out of my father’s (I’m 24). Cheers!

    Jeffrey Joseph

  40. Bought 10 copies of Titans today – the least I can do for all the deep dive interviews on nutrition, fitness and improving the brain.

  41. Hi Tim, I’ve bought 3 copies of ToT. One on Ibooks, and two paper copies to give as gifts this christmas. Great to see it became available in Australia this week as well as in the US of A..Thanks. I’ve done a quick skip through this week, and intend to deep dive this weekend. Love it so far.

  42. Hey Tim, I can’t wait to get tools of titans, the samples I have heard sound amazing.

    When will the audible book be released?

    I think that’s where you’ll really kill it

  43. Really enjoy the blog and I want to be neither negative nor close minded.. That said, and I know my thinking is wonky, but just the word “billionaire”‘ creeps me out and the idea of being taught their tactics, routines, and habits?

    I just can’t muster up the courage to read a book that suggests it may teach me the habits of billionaires. Nope, the only reason I’d want to know the habits of billionaires is to protect myself from billionaires. Now, that would be a book to read – but really, there’s no way to protect ourselves from billionaires, is there?

  44. “Tolerance of in tolerance is cowardice.” I saw this and your book last week on a digital billboard in NYC. I sent quote to my childrenwanted to ask you about the quote at the 92Y, but didn’t. Can you explain more?

    I can’t find it in your book and with all the hate that’s been rising to the service recently, I think it’s such a powerful statement for us all…

  45. Has nothing to do with this 5-Bullet, but was listening to a podcast and in the intro you mention a company that makes a mushroom coffee, gives you high energy and focus. What is the name of the company/coffee? Thanks!

  46. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now and practicing stuff from it like 5 min journal and DISSS technique which has proven to be very helpful.

    I have a request. Can you please interview Adam Savage on Tim Ferriss Show? I am sure it’ll be a great one!

  47. Bought your book from Costco.

    Spent time perusing, reading….. decided I MUST get a copy for my 2 boys.

    Reason? Partly selfish.

    “Why selfish?” you may ask.

    Because I like to highlight in colors, handwrite in margins, and date the time I read it. Some of my fave books have passages I’ve read 5 or 10 or more times.

    Obviously, those blurbs influenced my life.

    So why selfish? Because now that my “boys” are men, they recognize the gift and power that words strung together can have on their life. Mysteriously, books disappear.

    If I recognize one missing, it’s because one of the boys “borrowed” it.

    Now, there will be no borrowing necessary.

    Great job TF! I look forward to writing in your book…..that I now own.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    God bless America.

    (with the Trumpmeister taking office in less than one month, I will add “GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE OF EARTH!”)

  48. I don’t have a facebook account. So couldn’t see Leonardo’s cool todo list. Please keep in mind there is a large group of people that boycott facebook like myself.

  49. Hi Tim. I have been a reader of Calvin and Hobbes since the early days of childhood. Weirdos from another planet is the only book in my memory that I remember reading first, and only was able to read it at my aunties each Christmas and the rare visits. I had bought every book as I aged save the last one “it’s a wonderful world” Gave them all away to a friend who was in the hospital who needed some cheering up. When my daughter was born and she grew, we have rebought them all even the last one. I haven’t read it yet, I have been saving that last book for years. I don’t know if I will ever read it, I truly do not want that story to end. But. When I do read it, I want to be sitting alone, with good coffee by a lake and enjoy every sketch and joke I haven’t seen yet. I don’t have any older folks to talk Calvin and Hobbes and i got the impression you are equally a conesieur of CnH. Anyone else have some good CnH stories to share?

  50. Really sad and disappointed! Ordered tools of titans..(2)..amazon promised to deliver before christmas., send the books all around the US, I wrote them, ( living in Kosovo, for the time being), confirmed the address, which is possible to deliver to for everyone else…..and spesificly stressed that this is a place in Europe. Today I got email that the address is undeliverable, after tracking…the books again have been traveling the US!

  51. Tim,

    Thank you so much for your podcast’s and “Five Bullet Fridays.” I love your books but…I’m never quite sure what medium they are best experienced in. I read the 4HB in hard copy which I thought worked best with all the visual content, I listened to the audio of the 4HWW and it was nice to hear you read but I had to stop and get the book b/c the lists, apps and websites were toon hard to follow on the drive to work. Same with the 4HC. So what about TOTT? It is a massive book! What’s your honest opinion of the best way to enjoy each of your titles?

  52. I l-o-v-e Tools of Titans. One quick question..on page 124, regarding the Campfire Squat….Tims says “….with your feet and knees together…” AND since google and youtube are my friends 🙂 I have researched and everything I read says that knees and feet are shoulder width apart. I am a big time runner and this one difference is huge. Pls explain. Thanks!!!

  53. Hi Tim,

    Firstly, (I know you’ve heard this a tonne of times before) thank you for being inspirational, I am pleased to say that I have managed to liberate myself from work (have the option to work out of the office whenever I want🙂 ), which brings me on to my question. I am currently developing my muse and wondered if you could recommend a mentor who I could ping questions off.

    Hope you had a great Christmas,


  54. Tim Ferris – thx for everything you do and putting yourself out there.

    I have followed your antics for a long time. Mess around with a lot of your stuff. I am truly inspired by your podcasts, insights and love the new book. Bought it, read it and gave to to a BFF.

    Wishing you and all your loved ones a joyful, peaceful and truly happy 2017.

    Love and light

  55. Tim,

    Suggest you play this game for challenge & fun: Churchhill’s Solitaire. It is a way different solitaire that brings more strategy to the game. Different levels to work thru or just play the free version. It is sprinkled with historical quotes too. I found it when Secretary Rumsfeld mentioned it.

    Love your podcasts because it exposes me to a wide variety of cultural views I would not have known about. I appreciate it. I am 66 yrs old, so staying current is important to me, my being a techie helps, and your publications & podcasts are part of that. Thank you! Someone once told me jokingly that the best way to age is “don’t hang around old people”. I enjoy all, but staying in touch with younger views is great to be the cool Grandma!

    I just loaned your book, 4 Hour Body, to my daughter who is a triathlete for fun.

    Enjoy the Journey,


  56. Do you have any updates on your experience with the Fisher Wallace Stimulator? I am intrigued by its potential but wary given how much snake oil exists these days.

  57. I cried like a baby reading that article about Miller and Sloan. That was a truly beautiful piece of writing.

  58. The NYT article has.been with me since reading it the day it was published. What an inspiring compassionate determined human being. Glad your blog will get it out to so many more people.

  59. Hey Tim, I just got the 4 hour chef in the mail today via Amazon and have Tools of Titans on order… I came across you via your pod cast with Tony Robbins, I am hopping your chapter on Meta Learning can Help me study for the Sommelier Exams I know you dig wine not sure if you saw Somm or not but we have to know a crazy amount of information… At 41 My brain is not as good as it once was so i am looking for an edge… Any thought in taking some of these crazy exams as a challenge I know you like those from what little content i have seen thus far… Well if not any advise would be great too… I plan on reading the 4 hour chef and tools of titans in the coming weeks ( i am slow reader)..

    Thanks for the content keep it up!!


  60. Hello,

    I am also a fan of the book for the movie the Arrival. It reminded my of Life of Pi for some reason. There is a weird email from Derek Sivers saying he stopped responding to the 16,000 yearly emails. is that true? I asked why not.

    I also have a recommendation if you like The Arrival is the Book Annhilation, soon to be staring Oscar Isac from Star Wars, and natalie Portman. Its a quick read, but well worth it. Also, the Circle from PSU book of the Year and Emma Watson with Tom Hanks. Lastly, the books Saturn Run, not as Space Opera as Seveneves, but lots of dialogue. And, the books get better with Audible actors. Especially the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. THE MAN

    Inline image 1

    Seriously, the best art.

    Lastly, PDK makes good use of Punk Space with Ubik. I noticed about 1/3 or less of fiction is shit. That’s why after I finish your book it will be the last one I read for 365 after reading 60+ book a year (nonfiction one year and fiction the next)

    Derek Sivers said no email, but it doesn’t sound like a compromise more of breaking a habit. Do you believe that every action has a consequence or no?

    You can see my blog at wdijrt.blogger.com

  61. Hey Tim, When will you have “Tools of the Titans” on Audible? Can you get Peter Coyote to read it as well??

  62. I absolutely love 5-bullet Friday and wanted to implement something like this with my students. Greatest Form of flattery or copy cat? I can’t decide. Please advise 🙂

  63. Howdy from KY 🙂

    Love the posts, keen insights & fun info shared on the 5-Bullet Friday posts.

    Lately I’ve been missing your music shares!! Always love to play these on my way home on Friday. Hope you find a way to squeeze them in, because it really gets my weekend started on the right note.

  64. Hi – I’ve purchased your books; Workweek, Chef, and Body – gave 10 4hrCHEF as gifts as per your 20 million goal. (your books have inadequate indexes) Where can I download search-able texts pdf e pub, etc for all three books. I’ve searched the first audio disk for body pdf and find nothing. Thank you. PS this is my second request.

  65. Hey Tim, I noticed in 4 Hour Body you said a daily glass of red is ok EXCEPT FOR Australian wines. Being an Aussie, I’m curious as to why?

  66. Don’t miss Saramago’s “Blindness”, a truly riveting book where no character has as much as a name… it’s “the boy with the dog”, the prostitite, etc. I’ve read almost all of his books; this one is the winner IMHO. Enjoy!

  67. The biggest problem with Darwin is that he is wrong. There is no scientific (think observational science) that supports macro evolution. It’s one thing to take note of his persuasive style, but his main conclusion could not be more wrong. Remember a theory is just that, a theory.

  68. Tim, are you still frequently taking blood test?

    If so, not certain if you have mentioned it prior, but who is your go-to source( wellness/fx?) or ???

    Is it in Tools of Titans?

    I’m looking to check biomarkers, I was thinking Ben Greenefields longevity blood panel… Thoughts on the subject?

    Much appreciated, always a pleasure.. Thank you for sharing such heightened levels of awareness.

  69. Dear Tim,

    My name is Aida and I am from Bucharest, Romania ( not sure if you’ve heard about this European country 🙂 ). I read your book 4 hour week work and I fell in love with it…and with you 🙂 I am a psychologist, making good money but I really want to be FREE. I would also like to be able to help more people but in the same time I wouldn’t want to follow the same path all my colleagues ( Romanians or otherwise) took and followed. I am working on finding my own way, a special new way. I’m already working on designing my own type of therapy and I know that this is a long journey but I am willing to do it. I would also like to quit my daily job ( at an international British school) where I like going and I have a decent salary but I want to do more. Do you think you can help me? Any ideas? Also, I have this crazy idea- reading about externalization in your book I realized that we don’t have this service in Romania. I think it would be a good business opportunity. What do you think? I would need some help here, because I know nothing about it other than what I read in your book.

    I truly hope that you can find couple of minutes for my message.

    Thank you,


  70. Dear Tim,

    I think you and your dog Molly would enjoy the Dog Powered Scooter made by Mark Schuette in Bend, Oregon. It is SO FUN! We have our rig attached to a TerraTrike instead of the custom scooter and we fly around the neighborhood!

    I loved the blog with Susan Garrett. I’ve already learned so much from all your writings, so when you started writing about dog training, icing on the cake!

    Mark Schuette makes the Dog Powered Scooter rigs himself. I LOVE the product and wanted to spread the word!


    Aralee Dorough – Principal Flute Houston Symphony, Houston, TX

  71. Tim, do you know when the Tools of Titans brazillian portuguese edition will be available? Looking forward!

    Thank you,


  72. Just want to say THANKS for the game suggestion of “MONOPOLY DEAL’. We are addicted! So easy, FAST and FUN to play! Thanks, Tim! Also bought “KARMA” but can’t break away from our DEAL addiction yet….

  73. I have lived in Telluride for many years. We also use the Kinco Ski-glove method. To make the waterproof use Sno-Seal. It’s a wax-type product. Goes on nicely when your gloves are hot from the dryer. Apply 3-5 layers/as needed.

  74. Hey Tim! Welcome to Seattle. Just found out you’ll be speaking at Town Hall tonight. I’m super bummed that the event is SOLD OUT. My best pal and I have been following you consistently for a number of years now. Any way there would be a few extra tickets available. Would be great to shake the hand of the guy that has helped shape our business and health conscious minds all these years. An inspiration indeed.

  75. Hey Tim,

    Thank you for your 5-Bullet Friday emails…always fun to read. Please allow me to rid your foot cramping challenges. I will neurologically lengthen the resting length of your muscles, up-regulate your nerves and stabilize you. Plus I will so you how to get rid of cramps instantly. Can you say game changer?! Been doing this a long time;) Cheers and Go Beyond!


  76. Hi Tim,

    I want to download the index for Tools of Titans but I do not want to create a login nor do I have Facebook. (I know, I am old fashioned, sorry). Would it be possible that you allow for a straight download of the index?

    Thank you!


  77. Sixth Bullet Needed🗣 Let each notice contain recommendations, current faves, must try food (or maybe drink) items. Any kind of bullet that deals with something we do every day: eat and drink!

  78. Hey Tim…Can’t believe the last response below is from 2015, and now it’s 2017! What the hell is up with that? You DELIVER! I just turned 70 in December and am way past thinking (or wanting) that I want to make $1K or be a CEO of anything but my own life. (Or of my own small coaching business which I love and which supports my modest needs.) But you are so entertaining and so full of information. Can’t begin to guess how many “unsubscribes” I’ve done in the past year, but I can’t imagine not getting my Friday dose of Tim!

      1. The Audio is essentially the Podcast. That’s where all the information for the book comes from. No only that, there’s a released index and table of contents. So if you want to “read” the book in order, simply look at the order of individuals interviewed and then pull up their podcasts. It would be redundant to create an audio book on a book based on audio. This more the transcript for the podcast. Plus it reads more encyclopedic and would not be as easily listened to as read. IMO

  79. I’m a high school marketing and personal finance teacher. I am stealing the quote you posted, and asking students to ponder it and discuss how it will affect their future career decisions today. Thanks!