"5-Bullet Friday" — 5 Things I've Been Loving, Using, and Reading

Absolutely the best for flying. But which one? The booze, hat, or weird footwear?
Absolutely the best for flying. But which one? The booze, hat, squat, or weird footwear?

Greetings, friends.

Here are some popular links, thoughts, and articles that have appeared in my “5-Bullet Friday” e-mail newsletter, which is free and goes out every Friday.  I cheated in this post and gave you six.


Article I’m enjoying (and pondering)How Bold Entrepreneurs Are Breaking $1 Million In One-Person Businesses by Elaine Pofeldt for Forbes.com

Clothing I’m loving — Check out Myles’ “everyday shorts.”  I originally got these as a gift from Huckberry, and they are now my go-to shorts for nearly everything. I swim in them (quick drying), I wear them while working at coffee shops, and you can even wear them to a nice dinner if you have decent shoes. Multi-purpose rocks.

My most popular Facebook post recently — Japan’s Michael Jordan of Day Trading. His “one rule” is quite smart, methinks…

A quote that’s on my mind — “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs

Responses I’ll be practicing (yet again) next week — How to graciously say no to anyone by Austin Kleon. This is worth revisiting constantly.

New footwear, long overdue — I’ve needed Adidas slip-ons for years. No idea why it took me so long to get them. They’re perfect as indoor Japanese-style slippers, or for wearing outside when you don’t want flip-flops killing your toe webbing. I’m typing this on an airplane, where I’m wearing them with socks. #GermanStyle

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P.S.  If you haven’t seen this short commencement speech, you’re in for a treat.  Perfect weekend viewing.

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496 Replies to “"5-Bullet Friday" — 5 Things I've Been Loving, Using, and Reading”

  1. Tim you’re so inspirational man. Every book, every podcast with your network of amazingly profound and awe inspiring selection of guests with the widest possible interests and talents runs deeper than Grand Canyon.

    Love your humor and your fun-loving personality especially when you’re hamming it up with close friends as well.

    You make both the common fellow or the exceptional one really look inward and try to “deconstruct” our lives to see if we can make more small yet meaningful changes to better the world around us.

    Thank you thank you thank you for the gift that is Tim Ferriss. You’re more appreciated than you’ll ever know. Keep up the phenomenal work my friend. Love your sense of humor as well!

    1. Thanks so much for the incredibly kind comment, Bill! I had a tough day, and this totally cheered me up. Time for me to go play with my new puppy and watch a movie 🙂

      Pura vida,


      1. Cheer up, Tim. You have a loyal tribe of followers who will support you through whatever life’s miseries are plaguing you. Forgive me for not posting earlier. I just kind of figured out how. And also, I am trying to spend more time on creating my own content rather than being a consumer of other people’s content. I listen to your show when I cook and clean.

        Enjoy your adorable puppy. I’m sure you’ve ween the quote … “The more I interact with people; the more I love my dog.” The quote rings true for me.

        I love your work.


      2. Tim-

        Just signed up for your 5 bullet Friday, my CEO raves about you and thought I would check out the office hype (Yes, your podcasts and books are a big deal around here). In a “Yes” world I found it refreshing to visit the “Creative People say No” link. I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of your bullets and content, looking forward to adding this to my Friday habits.

        PS- As I was scrolling down your comment feed I see you have a new puppy,

        this office I work in is apart of the Dog Treat industry, we would love to thank you for all the material you provide us in discussion and send her some goodies!

      3. Tim, you’re always a real pleasure to listen to and learn from. My hats off to you compadre!!

        Just when I think you’ve reached the peak you come out with another mind-blowing podcast or book or TV series. Pura Vida all fucking day long…


  2. It’s gotta be that hat! Sam Mariann Jelinek, Ph.D. The Richard C. Kraemer Professor of Strategy, Emerita College of William & Mary (757) 258-0204 Tel. (757) 813-1655 Cell

  3. Thanks, Tim! As for minimalist shoes I’ve been LOVING my Skora Phase X. I’ve battled compartment syndrome and these shoes have been amazing. I need to check out the Adidas slip ons (sans sock ;))

    Love these quick posts/recommendations!

  4. Love Love Love the Adidas© Slipons just hope I can find some I love Adidas© Skechers© make shoes that are easy to slip on/off but they look odd to me & feel uncomfortable on my narrow feet. Thanks Tim Hope I can find these soon .Blessings on your day!!

  5. Hi Tim,

    I am thrilled to leave a comment on your blog. My friends know me as an ambassador for you, I have encouraged them to support your work (everyone has thanked for the recommendations.) I feel I’m one of your ‘OG’ fans, I’m impressed and inspired by your growth. I can’t fathom how you become more relatable and humble during your ascent. I’m bewildered by your ability to create and share AWESOME content every week. I respect your loyalty to your passion, fans, your veracity, humor and persistence. I would like to be your protégé… 🙂

  6. Love your effort and great interviews! A side note re: the sandals…you should check out Rider sandals.The thing I find that sold it for me is that they are made from recycled materials….a HUGE plus in todays market/environment.


  7. Tim, have you ever experimented on yourself following an intermittent fasting type diet similar to what the rock Dwyane Johnson and Hugh Jackman do? 16 hour fasting with only 8 hour feeding window type. Just wondered your thoughts.

  8. Tim, thanks for the Mizzen & Main recommendation, discovering their products at the height of summer has been a game changer.

  9. Mr. Ferriss,

    I’m following your adage “What gets measured gets managed” and its really improving two areas of life. I also follow the low-information diet and that’s helping me set priorities on what enters my psyche. Thanks for all the life hacks.

  10. This 5-bullet Friday was amazing!! That quote is what I need for someone who wants to do it all and that article was SOOO inspiring!!! My goal is to have a successful “one man business” like the article mentioned!! I absolutely love reading anything related to Tim Ferriss!!! Thanks for such amazing consistent content!!

  11. I love that quote by Steve Jobs Tim,

    It really got me thinking. We often think that we’re really super focused on a particular thing and ones something that looks better pops up, we will jump into it like a heat man.

    The quote really says it all.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I found these stats from the Forbes article really inspiring and reassuring:

    “According to new statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau, there were

    30,174 “nonemployer” firms that brought in $1 million to $2,499,999 in 2013. That’s up from 29,494 in 2012 and 26,744 in 2011.

    And there are many more nonemployer businesses getting close to the $1 million mark. In 2013, there were 221,815 bringing in $500,000 to $999,999, a number that held steady since 2012.”

    I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of one million Americans are making a good living doing their own thing and running their own show. Doesn’t make setting out on your own seem so intimidating. Inspiring as always, thanks for the post.

  13. Hi Tim,

    Those shoes rock dude! Could have used them on last week’s flight from Bali to NYC. As for the No article I love it. I am bigger into letting go quickly by not even responding in many cases, due to time constraints. Nothing personal, just mastering the idea of release for both parties to find the best matches.

    Keep on inspiring dude!


  14. A friendly message to the folks at Myles. The time is now to become a sponsor of Tim’s podcast, if you haven’t done so already. Cuz just one mention on this here blog and a quick review of your site and – KA-CHING – one sale. Thanks for the discovery and for this post.

  15. Love it Tim – really missing your blog posts. Great to see you sharing again, if it’s something short and sweet. Thank you! /;)

  16. Hi Tim,

    first and foremost thank you so much for doing what you do. Reading your book basically changed my life! I love to recommend your advice to many of my friends and always wonder how rarely they know about you (Germans might have to bad English in average)

    Speaking of German – love the slipper part 🙂 while being German myself and having studied in the U.S. for a while I remember all those odd looking faces when I came to class in my loved “adissage” (u should definitely try those). 🙂

    Don’t know what took you so long to get them but if there is a shortage in supply or variety of adiletten in the U.S. you might want to let me know 😉

    Again, thanks for everything you do and share!

    Best regards from Munich


  17. Hi Tim Ferris,

    Hmm…sort of like listening to a friend ramble on about what they are


    That squat I can no longer do..hip injury from an auto accident took it away!

    But I do love my Nike slides…great for bedroom slippers also, if I forget and go outside. Wear them shopping , everywhere, but no socks, not even in dead of winter.

    Socks would brand me as a “Yankee”

    Enjoy your puppy and its gift of unconditional Love.

  18. Have u ever considered doing a deep dive into trading (commodities stocks options). I think it would make for a great podcast that ur readership would enjoy.

  19. Tim,

    Is that blue wrist band the “no complaining” band you had mentioned a while back? If so, how has that been going for you?

    Been trying the 21-day “no complaining” trial myself and was surprised by how much I was doing so in a day.



  20. Tim, firstly want to thank you for everything you’ve done for my life. You’ve inspired me to really begin living in all senses of the word: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually etc… I’m in my final year of college, and as I am in the midst of entering the so-called “real world,” I’ve lost the fear that I once had just just through listening to your wisdom.

    On a side note, in relation to your “everyday shorts” recommendation, there is also a cheaper alternative from Uniqlo that has the same functions and appeal. Uniqlo Twill shorts are only $19.99, for anyone looking for a cheaper, option. I wear them to swim, lift, go out for dinner with friends.


    Danny Boy

  21. Tim I love it! Your blog has always been a big push for me and I saw on the 7th you needed a little pick me up. Well here is one.

    *Your material has caused me to drop from 395 lbs to 240 lbs.

    *I have took my business and applied the principals from the 4HWW and increased my income and freed up my time.

    *I climb trad. all over the country because my health allows it

    *You introduced me to Ramit and his materials have increased my freedom wealth

    *My mental health is better because I practice things from Rick Rubin, Tony Robbins and Arnold all that I heard on your podcast.

    Keep crushing it.

  22. I’ve been trying to download the pdf/ebook from the pop up that comes up when I access your page – “want to learn how to lose 20 lbs without doing any exercise?”. Unfortunately, when I put my details in (which I have done before), I end up getting the pdf for language learning. Can you help me with this please? Cheers, Vilas.

  23. I’m happy for you that you can squat. How did you fix your knees? I’ve heard you mention bits and pieces- but what all is working for you?

    And, thanks for all the 5 bullet Friday tips!

  24. Hey Tim,

    I’m a big a fan of your work, and value your ideas, commitment and word. Which is why I’m so curious about the results of your stand up kids birthday blog post.

    I saw that the school passed their donation goal, which was amazing news and its a cause I believe in and support so I was thrilled at how well they did and the waves they will be making with this effort.

    But I haven’t seen any follow up on your end of things, not even an announcement when the school hit and surpassed it’s goal.

    I was wondering where you’re at with this program, if there’s any follow up (that I may have somehow missed), how did the contest go, etc.



  25. It’s time to decorate my empty office and make it as productive yet energetic as possible. Can you PLEASE do a pod or something about effective office space/fung shui/whatever to help us clods turn our office spaces into a high functioning mecca?

  26. with reference to your comments on Uber and its contribution to reduction of drunk driving accidents, I am fully on board with your main point. As a front seat passenger in a drunk driving accident years ago, I would support anything that would mitigate risks to other drivers and passengers.And I think that the numbers show Uber has had a positive impact. HOWEVER 2 caveats: 1. Being driven home in an Uber cab to my mind has no intrinsic benefits that are better than being driven in any other cab or by a “designated driver”. So there is no compelling argument for permitting Uber to enter markets any more than there is for permitting other taxi or car service firms to enter markets. 2. Uber pricing strategy is rational because they are in business to “bring home the bacon” not save lives, which means opportunistic pricing. Based these 2 caveats I would say that there is no compelling reason for the Town of East Hampton NY to permit Uber to operate in its area. Drunk driving accidents can be tragic but let’s face it,they don’t happen because there is a lack of cabs, they happen because people consume excessive amounts of alcohol and then drive. Many of those who do both of these in EastHampton never have accidents, through skill or luck. There is an opportunity here for Uber to adjust its business model to launch alcohol awareness problems and “give back to the community” the way e.g Philip Morris has done with tobacco use in teens.

  27. Hi Tim:

    I’m loving your podcasts.

    Can you describe for me the tools, equipment and software you use for your podcasts? I like the quality of your recordings and the audio and I wondered if I might replicate the high quality in my own interviews for podcasts on my site, [Moderator: link removed].

    I have tried searching for the tools you uuse on your blog, but I cannot seem to find any details.

    I appreciate the work you do and the excellence you bring each day.


    P.S. I am a “Ferris”, too.

  28. Hi Tim. First up, thank you for everything you do to make the place more interesting. Dog walking is much more enlightening now. I wouldn’t have discovered Team of Teams, or been exposed to nearly all of your guests otherwise. I’m 56 and have developed a thirst for learning that I should have had in high school. Keep it coming!

    A question – I live in New Zealand and can’t watch your TV show on iTunes or Vessel. We’re geographically challenged I guess. Is there anywhere else we antipodeans can find it? I’ve hunted but no success. Thank you again.

  29. Hi Tim

    You changed my life! I bought your 4h Books (the chef, the boddy and of curse the week 😉

    And it’s so much fun to read and it is pure inspiration for me, thank you!

    I have a german projectmanagement blog and i write about your 3 books “how to be the worlds best project manager” haha 🙂 It’s fun to write!

    Thank you again

    All the best for you


  30. Total shot in the dark here but I was listening to an older podcast episode of yours (the first Maria Popova one) and found myself half-shouting, “YES! THEY GET IT!” when you were both going off on how impossible it is taking/exporting notes off of our e-readers. Your method of exporting highlights out of iBooks into Evernote is literally what I’ve been doing for ages and it’s working but I thankfully don’t don’t suffer from a three second memory and could do without the damned excerpt at the end of every entry. Any updates or revelations since then that I can blatantly copy or adopt?

    This is also the first time I’ve ever posted here. Thanks. I’ve become an internet commenter.

  31. Hello Tim,

    You are an important part of my life. I’m a 59-year-old thoughtful, vibrant woman and unlikely TIM fan ( my friends won’t listen to you with me-losers haha). I just retired from a perfect career at AT&T. While I can’t imagine I’m your demographic … I listen and read you weely, so much that I wanted to ask if you could explore my questions on your show.

    Keep up the great work. Out of all nonmusical media, you are my far away favorite.

    1. Life is so short. ( I know you cannot even believe you’re quickly approaching 40) And death is so certain. I would really like to see you address this topic. No one gets out alive and yet everyone lives their lives as if it matters and their thoughts matter. The best that 99.9% of us can hope for is to have a few people in the next generation to have some memory of us. Most people will be on to the next shiny thing after us.

    2. Our minds and bodies could probably not be more different. What are the top five things you would advise me that would help me to be leaner stronger more energetic and have a sharp mind. I just can’t do everything you suggest.

    3. Can you find someone to interview who accepts Christianity?

    Best of everything,


  32. So I’ve been reading the 4HB and your recent article about how to lose 20lbs in 30 days. I see no mention of Soda water (not tonic water) or much on artificial sweetners, ex Sweet’n’Low Stevia products. Do you have much information on these? Do you have any experience with these items? I would love to read any research you have or any experiments that you have done. Thanks in advance, love your work!

    1. Hi Jared. It’s not really a case of doing research and or experiments.. It’s already definitively proven that aspartame and artificial sweeteners in general are really, really toxic. A bit like, you wouldn’t expect people to do experiments into the health prospects of tobacco.I was pretty upset about Tim not taking a firm stand against artificial sweeteners in 4HB. Not critical against you Tim or your work, just was sad you didn’t take a stand, instead you said you were a ”diet coke whore”. There’s a number of issues about artificial sweeteners – the fact they can prevent you from losing weight is the absolute least of your worries. They get converted in formaldehyde by the liver. They are cumulative. They promote really serious degenerative disorders causing everything from cancer to MS to Parkinsons to suicidal depression. It actually damages the neural pathways in the brain. Thing is the full blown disease manifestation can be years later so people can’t draw a cause and effect. Michael J Fox apparently was given a lifetime supply of Diet Pepsi in the Back to the Future era. There are many books and info online about aspartame etc, the issues,the politics of how the FDA came to approve it. Obviously there are people still saying ‘oh it’s safe it’s safe silly hippies’. Well end of the day it’s a really synthetic artificial product. It’s not food! Do the ”30 Day no artifical sweeteners challenge’ and see how much better you feel. Do a search for ‘how does X [country] label artifical sweeteners’ ? as it is disguised on labels differently. Eg in Australia there is aspartame, Acesulfame K [potassium] , Neotame, Splenda, Sucralose. The first three on that list are the worst. 950 and 951 are two food numbers representing it. In Aus. Diet Coke doesn’t explicitly say it has it – it just says ‘contains phenylalanine’ which is part of what makes Aspartame. But all diet products use them, unless they explicitly say Stevia or something like that.

      1. PS ‘Gulf War Syndrome” so sadly suffered by veterans of the first US invasion (shout outs to you, we hear you) was said to have a few causes. But one definitive finding to its cause was the countless cartons of cans of diet soft drink, sitting in the hot sun for hours and hours before being distributed each day. I can’t recall the exact science although it is widely documented – the chemical changes the aspartame underwent via being roasted like this before consumption. This is what caused the horrific outcomes of Gulf War Syndrome.

    2. I am pretty sure I read a part in 4HB that he suggests strongly not to use artificial sweeteners as they activate the insulin in the body. He explained it in details. Jared, maybe you didn’t come to that part yet.

  33. Bought the shorts on your recommendation – loving them!

    Thanks Tim! Your work (in all forms) is a continuing inspiration.

  34. Hi Tim,

    Love the 5-bullet Friday. I look forward to it every week. I was wondering if you, or anyone else here, can explain the quantitative benefit of 8 cups of Epsom. I am about to start buying in bulk, but my plan had been two cups per soak. Obviously there must be increased benefit, but I am wondering how that number might have been reached. Btw, I just took up the Wim Hof course after your podcasts with Laird Hamilton & Rick Rubin. I have seen an immediate result from it that I am hoping will culminate in some great changes in my life long term. I’d recommend it to anyone reading this. Thanks Tim for all your great work. You are definitely making a difference. Mike

  35. I’m having a water crisis. Perhaps you can help.

    How do you treat the SF water you soak in every night? Straight tap water out of the faucet? Filtration?

    To any answer you give the question why?

    1. Yo Tim , respect

      Thats a LOT of epsoms to put in a bath! 8 cups! I seem to recall the packet says one cup 🙂 I’m just wondering about the effects on the soil (salination etc) and environment if every one of your listeners put 56cups of epsoms down the drain each week? Recycled grey water is good if you can do it. Are baths even legal in California at present? Australias a drought stricken country- we know all about entire cities going on water restriction. One year all of Melbourne had to stop washing

  36. Hi Tom, I am a Big fan and I really appreciate your work. The Glutamin protocol from Charles Poloquin cured my insomnia from which I was suffering for more than three years (small intestines must have been the root cause). I can say that this gave me my life back.

    For Lyme disease I found the following:



    Wish you all the best, kind regards from Munich


  37. Tim, Do you normally shower off after your Epsom salt bath? It seems like it would really dry out your skin if you didn’t rinse off.

  38. Tim Ferriss, thank you for the weekly bullets! It is the first thing I check every Friday morning.

    I want to make a humble suggestion. If you haven’t seen White God yet, you should see it. It is like the dog version of Planet of Apes. Since now you are so puppy training focused, you might find that movie motivational.

    On another note, I’ve been exploring Malbec wines recently, as per your suggestion in 4HB. I find a brand called Luca (2012) to be perfect for my taste. I used to drink Jam Jar (sweet shiraz) all the time, but like you said somewhere (I think it was in one of the podcasts) it is not easy to find a good tasting Malbec. Good Malbecs are pricey compared to other wine kinds. I really like Luca.

    PS: I though your first podcast with wine’s company was great. It was such a relaxed and fun conversation. Like Bill said above, you are very funny. Wine makes you extra funny.

    Some time ago, I ripped my jeans and wore them when I was going out, as it was trendy. I had a very wise, older friend at the time whom I used to ask advise sometimes. I asked him “Do I look trashy with these jeans?” He said “No matter what you do or what you wear, you can never look trashy.” This got stuck in my head, because after some observation I learned that some people won’t look classy even with the most expensive dress/suit and vice versa. It applies to everything in life. What I am trying to say is, you are one of those people who make everything look good. Your stuff is quality whether you are tipsy or not. Podcasts, pictures…if you want to do them while drinking wine, so be it. It makes you human. There are some very famous, respected talk show people who show up on stage with a glass of whisky. Bill Maher is usually a little drunk in his live shows. It doesn’t make them less sincere. I am happy to listen to you whether with a can of redbull or a bottle of wine. Whatever you do and however you do it is going to be good.

    Have a great weekend! xx

    oh and cheers! 🙂

    1. When I said “I thought your first podcast with wine’s company was great.” I meant John Waitzkin episode. It was episode 2. I need to proofread before I post. Sorry for the corrections. Now that I read my comment again, the way I told my ripped jeans story sounds kind of funny. lol.

  39. Love your choices in documentary films!

    Here is another short film you might like, The Game Changer. It won Best Student Documentary at Cannes this year.

    For full disclosure, I have to admit that she is a friend of mine and I have helped her film in the past. We attend Hofstra, the Harvard of Long Island! 🙂

    www dot indranikopal dot com/the-game-changer-us-2014 dot html

    Love ya!


  40. I was thinking Thom Yorke would make a great guest. His creativity utterly defines him-expressed not just with music. Then I thought,well he hardly does press and is very private (and rightly so) so good luck with that. But it inspired the thought, Thom Yorke as a introverted Englishman is so strikingly different because the guest selection overall is very North American centric. US natives have particular cultural perspective that is great, but famously different to the english. And other cultures. Choosing Non North Americans could be refreshing and stimulating.

  41. Just received your latest 5 bullet Friday post. I’m a huge fan, but I’m disturbed that you posted that Epsom Salts facilitates muscular relaxation and recovery. You’re someone who experiments extensively so I’m curious why you make this claim? I can’t find anything that would indicate muscle pain relief, much less what physiological mechanism would allow magnesium salt to enter the bloodstream transdermally. I did find this article which sites an unpublished experiment which shows increased magnesium, but no explanation of how and no implications what effect it might have on muscles.


    Any thoughts?


  42. I saw in your post you made Lyme and was subject to pills and the like. I also noted you saw progress with nutrition bases approach. Why not go one better with your own body’s native process. The product helps you body use what it already produced by your cells, fight what bothers you. Contact me with questions.

  43. Hi Tim, thanks for mentioning our Epsom salts in your 5 bullet Friday email. This was totally unexpected and it’s awesome to hear you enjoy our salts as much as we do and thousands of our customers.

    There is no doubt that our body feels amazing after taking a bath with Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate), NO ONE can deny that. And Magnesium is an important electrolyte needed for proper muscle, nerve, and enzyme function. It also helps the body use energy and is needed to move other electrolytes (potassium and sodium) into and out of cells. The big question, as someone on here also mentions, is how much of the magnesium our body actually absorbs.

    Well because there is so much anecdotal evidence that Epsom Salt does amazing things to the body there is soon to be testing conducted at Laureate Institute of Brain Research in Tulsa, OK and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. This is a big-time study to test Mg and sulfates in the bloodstream through soaking in Epsom Salt. For anyone interested, we’ll be updating our website with any new info as it comes our way.

    Cheers, Lee Williamson


    San Francisco Salt Company


  44. Joined mailing list on day of post. Never had a friday update since. Is their a url link to see all the friday posts.




  45. Tim, you have been an incredible inspiration for me in so many parts of my life… your tenacity and innovative character.. has been so inspiring!!! I have learnt so much about innovative entrepreneurship from you… thank you!

  46. Hey Tim,

    Re the cholesterol spikes: that’s perfectly normal, the body has to adjust it’s levels of cholesterol and might overcompensate by producing more. It’s been surprising to me as well, till I read about it in “Fasting and Eating for Health” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.



  47. For Molly…Doggie Treats! My Mom tried “Wet Noses” Organic Dog Treats for her “picky” miniature Schnauser and he loves em! (I’m not an employee or compensated, etc., just love my Moms picky pup!)

  48. Hey Tim — like Max above me mentioned, a well-known phenomenon in extended pure water fasting is heavily spiked LDL cholesterol and triglyceride readings. It seems to be linked to a) the liver no longer processing cholesterol during the fast (due to zero calorie intake), and b) lipolysis due to elevated HGH for preserving muscle mass during zero calorie intake (which releases cholesterol stored in pockets of fat). So during the fast, blood cholesterol levels (particularly LDL and triglycerides) spike through the roof… but it’s actually a false positive, since it’s a sign that your body is oxidizing fat and releasing that cholesterol. Cholesterol levels normalize (and even fall to reduced levels) once normal calorie intake is resumed.

    So I can’t be sure what “low-calorie” means in the context of your vegan experiment, but is there a chance your spiked blood cholesterol was due to this phenomenon?

  49. Hey Tim – your comment re veganism above grabbed my attention; I’m sorry you had a bad experience with your vegan experience. I wonder if you would give it another go? The science is pretty overwhelming that a whole foods plant-based diet is better for your body (check out The China Study. Also Frank Medrano’s stuff: http://www.thefrankmedrano.com/, or any of the other myriad vegan body builders out there, if you’re concerned about fitness & muscle mass); better for the planet (I cannot recommend Cowspiracy enough: http://www.cowspiracy.com/); and of course, better for the animals (no animal wants to be treated poorly and slaughtered for human consumption). There are tonnes of great online resources, recipes, and communities to help you give a plant-based diet another try! And keep up the great work!

  50. I recently signed up for your five-bullet Friday and love it.

    About the cholesterol spiking — in case no one has told you this, I’m passing on what I’ve learned: the body actually needs a certain amount of cholesterol, and when you don’t get enough dietary cholesterol, it produces its own — and that’s why your cholesterol level can spike when you get zero dietary cholesterol. The cardiac and nephrology dietitians that I work with have said that 100 – 135 mg per day is a good amount.

  51. Hi Tim,

    First up, I think you’re a Legend! An inspiration in multiple avenues. I listen to your Q&A podcasts while driving around and follow thefourhourworkweek.com after reading your book a few years back.

    I write you tonight in response to one of your 5 bullet Friday points on

    One year ago today- experimenting with a low calorie vegan diet… I just want to say if you’re going to test what a vegan diet can do for you, man you have GOT to make that a HIGH calorie vegan diet. Especially for an athlete or someone heavily into athletic activity like yourself.

    I’m not actually vegan yet, I’m still searching for the self control to give up cheese (my wife is French) and ice-cream. But I am Vegetarian. Before having our first born baby boy 7weeks ago, I was training 5days a week – a mix of Muay Thai, BJJ and strength and conditioning (Cross-Fit)

    Being sceptical at first, my view was that I had to prove a vegetarian diet would work by gaining weight while maintaining my 5days of training.

    The first month was hard as I was learning and experimenting and actually lost about 3kgs before then getting things balanced and regained that 3kg plus another 2kg and felt way better, slept fuller (woke up feeling great) and the biggest notice HEALED FASTER!! Yep, QUICKER RECOVERY from DOMS and such and if a little niggling injury felt as though it were about to appear, the next morning it was gone!

    Dude, you know Mike Tyson started feeling lethargic and like he was lagging, he is now Vegan! And loving it! Carl Lewis the Olympic Sprinter adopted a vegan diet in 1990. He says, “My best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet.”

    Tim, I have a challenge for you (don’t worry it’s not a vegan diet, yet) but if you haven’t already, I challenge you to read, to the end, these 2 books:

    1. The China Study – T. Colin Campbell

    2. The 80/10/10 Diet – Douglas. N. Graham

    And have a quick look at this website of impressive Vegan body builders


    Would love to hear your feedback after reading both books and after at least a 30, preferably 60 day trial of a HIGH calorie vegan diet.

    Love you’re work, Tim!

    Good luck & God speed, Brother!

    Best Regards,


  52. Does anybody know Tim’s current favorite protein powder for protein shakes? I believe he recommended Biotrust a while ago, just wondering if he has a new one. Thanks!

  53. Hey Tim! Just wanted to ask you if you’ve read any waitbutwhy.com? Best blog on the internet, and seems totally up your alley. Right now the author (Tim Urban) is doing a series on Elon Musk in response to a request from Musk to do so, and the articles have totally changed the way I think about the world.

  54. I am interested in hearing a bit more about the 7 day vegan diet that you tried. Is there any way you could elaborate on it?

  55. Tim,

    you are a life saver! you have no idea how your recommendation on graciously saying no to anyone has helped me give the best course of action to my friend who badly needed it. SUPER LIKE!

  56. Hi Tim, actually germans who care about style would never wear adidas slipons with socks. That’s the equivalent of wearing speedos in the US 😉

  57. Hey Tim,

    Love your 5-bullet Fridays. Thanks for sharing! And I just swear by your podcast man! I’m an audible subscriber for the past 5 years, but have been enjoying your podcasts more than the “paid” audiobooks! Great stuff, mate! Keep it up!


  58. So, we seem to have very similar tastes in Music as I tend to either love the stuff you are listening to, or I see you post something I was enjoying that week too.

    Recently I was introduced to Electric Guest. I think you would enjoy This Head I Hold, American Daydream, and Under the Gun. Check out the Artist Caribou too if you haven’t already, their album Our Love is excellent.

    https://youtu.be/yEFAQg3vPr8?list=PLPrJQu5VcI2JQcIbCX2FL0FyKmSEFey9M has the those Electric Guest songs on it, but I change the list pretty often.

  59. Tim, I don’t have Facebook or any social media app so was hoping to shoot you a quick question on here with hopes in getting a response. I’m obsess with traveling and im 27 years old. I’m trying to make income on the road, which entails making funds as I go. So, my question is, what are your favorite books on making income online or do you have any suggestions?

  60. Tim!

    Have been determined to up my reading game since not having finished 5 books since junior school (I get started and never finish as I’m just so slow!). I tried your speed reading techniques today and smashed out 20 pages in about 30 minutes, it was incredible!

    Thank you I really appreciate you and your efforts in helping other excel with performance. Time to go practice 🙂

  61. Hi Tim! I’ve been thinking hard on whether I like or not your 5-bullet friday thing. It’s a fun little email to get every week, but I don’t really get too much value out of it. I had an idea that would increase -at least for me- the interestingness of these emails: maybe include a “hype talk around me this week” bullet. Let me explain: every person that works deep in an industry has a lot of insight on the future of it, just because he/she has first-hand access to leaders. All of us reading your emails dream of having the contacts you have. What are common trends or hyped topics of conversations among your circles, that we could benefit of knowing? I’m sure you knew about trends like drones, smartwatches and the like, way before everyone else. Maybe you can share this with the world.

    Thanks! All your content rocks anyways 🙂

  62. Tim,

    I am reading your book on the 4 hour work week. Fascinating.


    1- Is Evernote still the way to go?

    2- Virtual assistants, do you still recommend the same people?

    Thanks in advance


  63. Thanks for the link to Jerrod Carmichael, really enjoyed it, pay you back with a recommendation from down under, Ronny Chieng who I just heard today…

  64. Hi Tim! Nice job, you are a true inspiration. I’ve read your books. Love them.

    I’ve subscribed, but never managed to read the whole post. Reason? A small technical issue that I’m having. Font SIZE. It’s unreadable. Probably I am a bad person coming here instead of doing something myself to make text bigger.

    Started blogging myself and before that I watched your video of how to build successful blog. Mine is not as successful as yours, but I feel it’s 100x easier to read 😉

    Good luck bro!


  65. Hi sir, I really enjoy your five bullet posts. I notice however when I follow the link to comment I go to the August 7 post on your blog. Aren’t the others going to be uploaded?

    What’s the best way to get a signed copy of the Japanese translation of your book the 4-hour workweek?

    PS I really loved the quote by Lao Tzu about worrying about what others think. I really needed that thanks!

  66. Hi Tim, for Casa Dragones, have you tried both the Silver and the Joven? Equally good for both taste and lack of next-day effects?



  67. Re: 5-bullet Friday and the real estate investing topic.

    I am pursuing a similar strategy. Buying tax-sale properties which need everything, gutting, remodeling and renting. It costs me about $5000 to aquire a property and another $30,000 to remodel. I have used my home equity line (3% interest) and rental cash flow to pay. Rents average $750/month per unit and I have 100% occupancy with good tenants. I work 2 days/week alongside my crew on the remodels and 4 days on my core business. So now I have 4 (soon to be 6) income producing properties that cost $35,000 per unit and are worth $75,000 or more each. When they hit $100,000 each I plan to sell. So currently $3,000/month in cash flow and $300,000 in value on $100,000 invested and growing.

    This plan is less passive than the one discussed but builds value faster. There are still great opportunities in distressed and foreclosure properties but like anything you have to know what you are doing.

  68. I’ve experimented with sleep masks, blackout curtains, and the like too. The best thing I’ve found yet is using an old, soft t-shirt. It’s amazing how well it works. Best life hack I’ve found. I call it my “face t shirt.”

  69. Hi Tim. You are the personification of the Dalai Lama quote “‘Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively”. Huge fan of your work and the thirst of wisdom though experimentation. I really think you have a tremendous opportunity to learn from the top players, and you make the right questions to squeeze the secret sauce from them.

    Based on this, and the quote from Steve Jobs about saying no to a 1.000 ideas to create the #1, I was wondering, how do you choose? With Pebibytes of information and experiences everywhere, so how do you say “Ok, This is going to be my next endevour. And this is the data I´m taking as as truth” For me, choosing the right idea / project is a constant struggle because I´m looking to find/create the perfect idea, but after a while or research doubts and bad-reviews from third parties makes me drop everything. I´ve checked your interviews (Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger) and couldn´t find anything there. Probably you have something on the rest of your interviews. Forgive me if this is the case and please point me towards it, to gain time, because at the end I´m working on listen to all of them and take notes. If this is not the case, I wish you could find a person that can give you their experiences with this kind of ideas and how did they follow through (Travis Kalanick, Elon Musk, Brian Chesky, Logan Green)

    I´m looking forward with excitement for your response, and thank you very much for the time you take to read my letter. I´m a Venezuelan living in Panama (Central America), so if you need anything that I can help you with Latin america, Mobile Business, Engagement, Telcos, Business Development, Mountain Biking or Cooking, I´m thrilled already to help.


    José Luis Pascual

  70. Tim–you once mentioned Hacking the Master Sommelier course–I am interested in getting a few of my colleagues at our Golden Gate Wine Society [Moderator: link removed] together and doing this next year. Any advice on who I should approach about helping me put some structure to this idea? Love your podcasts–listen to them while hiking on Tam…

  71. Tim,

    I love the Sleep Master sleep mask but I had to buy

    another one wiith eye cups to put underneath it.

    As you know, eyes move rapidly during the night and

    I want them unencumbered. It works well having both masks.

  72. Tim, Hope all is well. Your stuff is awwwwwsssssooommmeee and truly changing my life. I’m an Active Duty Marine that is currently studying at SDSU major: Entrepreneurship. I am currently applying your techniques from your book (4 Hour Work Week) and would love to meet you and speak with you. I understand you may never read this but if your staff is reading please, get me in touch with him. Semper Fidelis. Stay classy San Diego.lol



  73. Made me laugh 🙂 “I’m wearing them with socks. #GermanStyle”, I thought it was Russian style. (I’m Russian, That’s what I heard).

  74. Hello Tim,

    My husband and I have been following your fascinating podcasts,blog,books,etc…

    I will like to know if you have any insight on the self-directed education (unschooling). We have three daughters under 12 years old and we decided to take them out of school. We are convinced that the school system kills creativity, innovation, critical thinking, etc..

    I will love to see you bringing up this conversation with the “out of the box” thinkers you usually interview.

    Thank you!!!!


  75. Let me preface this comment with something: I love 4HWW. I finagled salary raises and a remote work deal that followed the script to the letter. It has dramatically improved my health and happiness and for this, I am very much in your debt, Tim. Other things that are great: 4 hour body section on endurance training, and pretty much all of the podcasts. But 5-Bullet Friday is lame. I wonder what other cool stuff you might be making, if you weren’t preparing those emails. Just some friendly criticism, and no disrespect intended. Thanks, Dave

  76. Have you ever been to a Jeffersonian Dinner? Or would inviting you be outside the “avoid inviting a “big kahuna”” rule? #somethingivebeenloving

  77. Tim do you use spotify? If so, do you have a playlist you share with people showcasing whats on your speakers?

  78. Ciao Tim.

    I’m writing you from Trieste (Italy).

    I’ve red both your book translated in italian (4 hours week and 4hours week for body).

    I’ve just 2 questions for you, ’cause for me your opinion is important:

    1) what do you think about AGEL supplements?

    2) what do you think about TACFIT/ CST training?

    Thanks in advance for your answers, and if you want to come in Italy, let me know. You have a friend here!

    A big hug!



  79. Tim,

    Enjoying the 5 bullet Friday and loving the podcast. That investor chart is both interesting and super annoying – it’s cluttered, half the dots don’t have names, I have no idea who made the list and who didn’t. I’m not sure if the conclusion is “different folks have had varying results with different techniques”. Perhaps the only striking outcome is if you want 15%+ results annually go with Buffet style investing (only one exception to that rule). BTW, loved your How I invest podcast. Trying to get my act together in that department (as it seems like most financial planners don’t offer anything more than your best long term investment is in the stock market) so all content in that area is really helpful. Have a great weekend!



  80. Thank you Tim for sharing all your positive and inspiring content.

    The quote you are pondering by Thoreau resonated with me as I am reading Marie Kondo’s KonMari method: How to Clean Up Your Home Once and Never Need to Do It Again. She seems to have the elusive solution to break our gold and silver fetters…

  81. Hey Tim! Great 5 Bullet Friday. Really enjoying these lately. I’ve noticed you’ve been listening to a good bit of Electronic music as of late (Zeds Dead is awesome), and I loved your interview with the Glitch Mob.

    I figure now would be a good time to pass over some Electronic music I make myself, while utilizing the productivity tips you swear by. Your site has helped me out with everything from my workflow, to overcoming adrenal fatigue. I owe you a huge thank you for all the help you’ve given!

    [Moderator: link removed]

  82. i wouldn’t do anything to suggest you stop. But the Trump article was bad and long, I didn’t get anything out of it, no POV. Surprised you put in in there.