What I'd Add To The 4-Hour Workweek for 2015 (And Much More) (#49 & #51, plus bonus episode #44)

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“Luxury is feeling unrushed. It is designing a life that allows you to do what you want with high leverage, with many options, all while feeling unrushed.”

-Tim Ferriss [30:36]

The short audio below answers your 20+ most popular questions, as determined by 7,000+ votes.  For those who missed it, I’ve included a bonus part 3 on how to avoid decision fatigue.

You can find the transcript of Episode 49 here. You can find the transcript of Episode 51 here. You can find the transcript of the bonus episode (Episode 44—How to Avoid Decision Fatigue) here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

Ep 49: Tim Answers Your 10 Most Popular Questions
Ep 51: Tim Answers 10 More Popular Questions from Listeners
Ep 44: How to Avoid Decision Fatigue (<20 Min)

This was a fun opportunity to answer great questions, including:

1. “If you were to write The 4-Hour Workweek 2.0 for 2015, what would you change or update from the original version? Are there new tools, technology, business models, or ideas that would make it more adaptable to today’s realities?” – Matt Coughlin, Costa Rica [2:56]

2. “What is a main communication technique that you use to network with people of higher status, especially before you reached mainstream success?” – Andrei, Canada [6:26]

3. “Regardless of industry, what is a trend you see developing that you think most people are missing?” – Malcolm, DC [12:56]

4. “What is the one thing that you have absolutely have to do everyday no matter what your schedule is?” – Vik Dulat, Toronto, Canada [16:01]

…and about 15 more questions.

This episode is brought to you by Onnit. I own Onnit supplements (like chewable melatonin for jetlag and flights), maces, battle ropes (not “battle robes,” as I first heard it), kettlebells, and enough gear to ensure a lifetime of self-inflicted torture and higher performance.

This podcast is also brought to you by 99Designs, the world’s largest marketplace of graphic designers. Did you know I used 99Designs to rapid prototype the cover for The 4-Hour Body? Here are some of the impressive results.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What would you like to see in an updated 4-Hour Workweek? OR Do you have any morning routines that make a huge difference in your day? Please share (or read others’ ideas) in the comments!

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100 Replies to “What I'd Add To The 4-Hour Workweek for 2015 (And Much More) (#49 & #51, plus bonus episode #44)”

  1. Tim, this is a great format. Please do keep up the occasional Q&A podcast. The “Case Studies” edition of the Four Hour Work Week sounds fantastic (currently working on building a Muse business).

    I agree on the importance of interviewing, writing and volunteering. I have learned a great deal in setting up interviews (I’ve also learned from watching your interview questions and style on the podcast especially the question on favourite documentaries and what would you learn from an expert if you could learn anything).

      1. I know the wine and the vineyard owner, It was my first profesional job, long time ago. Is a great Mexican wine. I recoment it.

  2. Glad you pulled that quote: “Luxury is feeling unrushed.” When I heard you say it, I immediately stopped and wrote it down. It’s a good one.

  3. Switching from non-fiction to fiction at the end of the day (~30-60 minutes before bed) has been a huge help in reducing the “monkey mind” before bed.

    The other thing I’d add is that Headspace (www.headspace.com) has a great guided meditation for falling asleep. Always knocks me out in 10 minutes or less.

  4. You know what’s also nice to do? It feels great and does so much good too. Last night, while visiting with family in another state, a lady came for supper who doesn’t have any family of her own nearby. She was much older than me, and a friend of my mother’s. She said how much she’d love to go places like I’ve been to, and just wasn’t sure why she hadn’t done it yet. I went upstairs before she left, and got an African necklace made with baobab wood, with a stylized elephant on it and wooden beads, and handed it to her as an early Christmas gift… told her that now, every day she can look in the mirror and be reminded why she SHOULD go. I can go get a new necklace anytime, I can even have my friend ship some to me who lives there, but for her… it meant the world. Do a kindness when you see the opportunity, I think it opens a lot of doors down the road, and does amazing things for others.

  5. Love the answer to if you had $35 to start a business. I am so on it! But I am having trouble choosing the best entrepreneurial group to join. See here in London, Canada we have over 50 groups and counting. Everything from Londonpreneurs to Mompreneurs…

  6. My morning routine actually looks like this:

    1) half liter of water with a fresh pressed lemon

    2) jala neti nasal cleansing [1 minute]

    3) Donna Eden’s Energy Routine [10 minutes] (search the video on youtube and the updated free cheatsheet on her website)

    4) Zio Hack’s version of the DSR [3 minutes] (google is your friend)

    I’ve not included links, because I assumed that the comment rules doesn’t allow it.

    Keep the good stuff coming Tim !



  7. Tim, you said the bedroom is for sleeping and sex, not checking email. But if I’m checking my email while having sex, that’s an efficient use of time, right?

  8. Tim – I love the new format of this latest podcast. It’s my favorite so far and I’m about to share this with my three brothers and nephew. I hope you’ll keep it up. I have many questions for you!

  9. I would like to see different ways that people have implemented the 4HWW in different types of careers. (For example, I’m a lawyer, and if I followed the art of letting bad things happen, I’d have a malpractice suit.)

    The 4HWW applies very well in the tech/internet industry, but if you work elsewhere you have to adapt it to your circumstances, and chunks of the book are sometimes inapplicable.

    I think the case studies are a great idea for expanding 4HWW’s applicability to different career paths, especially if the case studies are highly specific about a) workflows, and b) the tools/software used. Mapping out my workflows for different types of things I do has been hugely helpful for me, and I think seeing the workflows of others would be helpful for getting new ideas on implementing 4HWW.

    I feel like the methods 4HWW uses only scratch the surface of what can be done using the principles of the 4HWW, and in that sense, there’s still a lot that can be done to make the 4HWW even more awesome in later additions.

  10. In an updated version of the 4-Hour Work Week, I would like to see a chapter with all of the step-by-step instructions on how to create a successful online business from scratch. This would include everything from legal protections to marketing campaigns.

    1. Hey Jade, I started a couple online businesses from scratch in the past year and thought I’d share with you the best resources that I think you’ll find extremely useful. I’m a former pro snowboarder and NLP Trainer and I now train CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, pro and amateur action sport athletes how you can become extremely effective and efficient performer in a very short period of time and consistently keep progressing to the next level without getting stuck, overwhelmed and brake under stress and pressure.

      -Eben Pagan: Tim knows Eben and Eben has interviewed Tim a few times. Eben built over 100 million dollar online dating business and has since built multiple courses how to start and run an online business form scratch. He has great courses and will get you off the ground in no time. I’ve studied Eben for over a year now and he has everything you need to get started.

      -I also recommend Frank Kern, Marie Forleo and Melanie Duncan. Also for legal stuff check Small Business Bodyguard.

      Check these out and get a feel for who seems to work for you the best and pick one to avoid overwhelm 🙂

      All the best of luck and if you have any other questions feel free to ask any questions 🙂



      1. Hey Jussi,

        Great to see a fellow former full-time snowboarder here. Good to hear you are helping athletes progress! For me creating online businesses is a way to achieve that same freedom to do what you love as i did before with snowboarding. I’m half-way now on earning a full passive income with a tool that helps starting entrepreneurs do their finances.

        In line with what you do:

        I’m helping young talent progress and show themselves to the world with an online video battle platform. Riders do this by battling for the best trick on every spot with their single trick videos, where the crowd decides the winner. This way riders push each other to progress in a playful way while building their “reputation” at the same time. Check out http://www.ownr.fm. It might be interesting for your amateur athletes.

        Keep it up,



  11. Hi Tim, love the latest podcast. Just wanted to drop this comment in because before I was an avid listener to your podcast I read the 4 hour work week and I think it’s fair to say it changed my outlook on life.

    The lifestyle design aspect is something I was in the early stages of grasping / discovering myself when I read the book and the book gave me the push I needed to go self-employed, in the process cutting my working week down to 3 days. Now I can share childcare duties with my wife and enjoy seeing my two girls grow up.

    I’m also well on the way to my first muse, so 2015 promises to be a great year and although I don’t reckon I’ll get my work week down to 4hrs, I can probably shave half a day off!

    All the best to you and yours for Christmas and I look forward to what you’ve got for us next year!


  12. How smartphones help you achieve a 4 hour work week (they weren’t so prevalent when you wrote 4hrww in 2007 and updated in 2009.)

    How to manage your finances in your 4hrww

    A more systematic approach to generating muse ideas (for example, like Ramit’s Earn1k idea generator.)

  13. After watching Admiral McRaven’s commencement address at University of Texas (Youtube it) I started a new morning routine of making my bed. Just as the Admiral stated, it gets my mind into a positive “get shit done” momentum, where I feel like I’ve already accomplished something today. Admittedly, I hated making my bed all my life until now. However, the mental satisfaction that it gives me in the morning starts my day on a positive note, much like people book-end their days with journaling or reading before bed. I’ve found that there are days where I’m exhausted from the moment I get up, but I can still get more done if I’m in a positive mental state, than days that I’m well-rested but am letting my brain get the best of itself.

  14. Hi Tim,

    I wish you and the whole 4 Hour Something community a Merry Christmas and a great new year. I am a guy from Germany who listens to your podcasts regulary. I get great value from that and it inspiring to hear all those great people open up on your show. I still have to crack the code for feeling free and happy in my own life, but 2015 will be full of opportunities to go after that goal, right? I start with visiting South Africa for the first time and finally seeing all that wildlife I only saw on the TV screen yet. I guess I can call it a good start.

    Thanks for doing the work you do. I am grateful.


  15. The Q&A format is great! It is a way to provide knowledge to your readers that addresses common threads between you and the readers and allows you to embellish upon those topics that you have a tad bit more passion about.

  16. Hey, Tim. If your interested in exercise machines for lateral movement, check out the SKIERS EDGE! My family bought one to help us improve our skiing form. Seems like it’s close to what your looking for.

  17. About morning routines that make a huge difference in my day, since three months ago, I get up very early (now, I get up at 5 o´clock for one month) and it´s making a big difference, because it gives me time to do some exercise, some yoga, or to make some work (realy important work, not what I´m doing now) before my wife and my daughter get up.

    I recommend you all to try it.

  18. Love the podcast including these short Q&A’s. One disappointment is that the show notes – particualrly for this cluster of short episodes – are sometimes incomplete. For example, you mention a green powder supplement that is not in the notes. It’s frustrating for the many of us who consider you as a trsuted resource. Sorry, if that sounded harsh, because I’m a fan and supporter. Please keep up the great work.

  19. “Do you have any morning routines that make a huge difference in your day?”

    Yes, it’s going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day. Whenever I do that I wake up with a take-charge attitude, ready to make things happen. When I break it, I am lethargic (even if I’ve slept enough), unmotivated, and I procrastinate.

  20. Tim, Great stuff! But I am curious, how did you trash your shoulders and elbows? Was there something in your prior workouts that overstressed your joints? Thanks

  21. Shinya Shokudo – hopefully you are aware of this show. If not, I hope you will find it of interest on so many levels. You are a beacon to many. I hope my children learn from your efforts/teachings. Bowed gratitude and best wishes.

  22. Tim, The Q&A is a great format.

    Love the pod cast in general.

    Colin Rose may own the Accelerated Learning domain (and was the person who gave me words to explain what I learned in the Marine Corps) you are the person who is bringing it main stream.

    Looking forward to the 4HWW-Case Studies book. I expect Pat Flynn to be there, and I hope to be there with them.

  23. Hi Tim,

    I swear, doing a laying meditation for 40 to 60 minutes on waking, 50 push ups and 200 sit ups has helped me raise my energy to a space, where I kill it.

    Kill it, meaning, doing neat stuff 🙂

    I figure that by raising your energy you can do the unrushed, inspired, relaxed stuff, that builds greater freedom.

    When I was flying back from Cusco, Peru to the USA I recall reading the 4 Hour Workweek. I simply had to make freeing me, and my audience, my #1 priority, then I did the freeing things that needed to be done, to rock out my online gig.

    Took me a few years from then, to develop Blogging from Paradise, but once I started the blog and eBook series I ran with it.

    I’d advise folks to find a morning routine that centers on freeing you and your ideal customers. For me, meditation, followed by a short burst of intense physical activity, primes my prosperity pump.

    I inspired myself to do this after hearing about Tony Robbin’s morning routine on Marie Forleo’s blog.

    He’s big on sitting in quiet to set an intent, then he jumps into ice water for a bit. Shock to the system, which helps him to be pulled (aka, luxury, aka, living a freeing life) versus pushing himself (aka struggle, aka, bondage)

    Tim, I just booked a 4 month house sit in Bali and did a 4 month house sit in Fiji last year. Life is good, and freeing, and it became so much better and more freeing, after I followed your dead on, powerful principles.

    I finally learned that the lap of luxury is not necessarily owning a bunch of stuff, but simply being your own shot caller. I am freer and freer each day, because I decided like you to max out my relative wealth, to live luxuriously, and to free me, and my audience.

    I’d be here for another 10 minutes but I gotta go.

    Enjoying the holidays too much here.

    Tweeting now, thanks!.


  24. Damn Tim, I know you should stay a bit emotionally detached to those adulations to stay effective and doing the right thing but it’s still Christmas time and I just want to say that I love who you are and you’re way of living.

    Within 2 years through you and your network, I’ve learned to work less and earn more, gain more muscle, make my money work for me, swim effortless, improve my basketball shooting skills, cook like a pro (almost), hack traveling, hack my micro-biom/my genetics/my blood test, hack learning, run better, read faster, improve my sexual life and so much others little things.

    Not bad for a little ~ 80 $ investment.

    I’m just a fucking normal guy who have followed your lead.

    Now I get psyched almost every morning looking for the next challenge but I’ve especially learn one thing : my greatest opponent is me. We need to stop holding ourselves back for whatever reason and get outside the comfort zone (knowing that you’re never gonna feel like it. Never.) cuz that’s where magic happens.

    So long life to life hackers and thank you so much Santa Tim ! Hope 2015 will be awesome !

    Btw great format.

  25. Hey Tim, your itunes Podcast is not available in India. Please change the country settings in the itunes store so that it is. You just have to tick ‘All countries’ in the Apple itunes publisher dashboard. Thanks

  26. Liked these pointers- thank you so much! Tim- I live in SF, have trained martial arts for over 40 years and BJJ for 24 years- I understand body pain(!) and am a massage connoisseur (read: snob). If you think some exceptional body work might help you right now with what you are going through, I have someone amazing to recommend in the Haight Ashbury area- He does a very unique style of deep elbow massage, is predictably quirky, but it is awesome and a true multi sensory experience (has has a great audio sound system, takes a break for you to eat fruit and goodies he provides, and uses a myriad of interesting oils and such). Trust me when I say it is very very good and you might enjoy it a lot. His name is Paris, and you can find him if you Google SF Restoration Therapy. Tell him David who does BJJ sent you.

  27. Great format with good stuff !

    My morning routine is 5 min visualization of my biggest dreams + 10 min sport with good music and I get psyched.

    You’ve asked for feedback, so here’s mine : Love your podcasts in general( but I’ve prefered the ones with really unusual personalities like Kevin kelly/Tony robbins/Josh waitzkin/Rolf potts/Peter Diamondis/Joe De Sena cuz it has helped me to think outside the box)

    Nevertheless my greatest feedback is this : I’ve now followed you for two years or so, by any means and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.I just can’t understand haters.I’m just a normal, lazy guy who’s just pragmatically done mostly what you’ve advised (or the people you know) and i’m feeling like I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. I’ve hacked my life in almost every part of it, had breakthroughs, helped others…It’s crazy.

    The biggest challenge is ourselves. We never gonna feel good about getting outside our comfort zone (even for the good) but that’s also where magic happens. So maybe we just need to jump into the fire and dance 🙂 !

    Thanks God you’re alive Tim.

  28. I don’t eat breakfasts and upon waking up get on bike to get to work. It takes about 15 minutes and takes care of morning workout. Then, I strive to do at least 90 minutes of the highest value work, something challenging that requires highest focus. If I do that, I tend to have higher level of focus throughout the next 4-6 hours.

    In the evening, after having dinner, spending some time with my daughter, I usually feel exhausted, but still want to get down to one of side projects. To get myself back on higher energy level, I workout – cardio, kettlebel set or power yoga. Then shower. Allows to get nice energy for at least two more hours.

  29. Tim, even though I’d love to stay up late, I have to go to sleep earlier as I dont wanna mess around with my circadian clock. I was wondering how you mitigate this since you stay up late?

    Maybe I’m missing something….

  30. Hi Tim,

    a suggestion, unrelated to the topic here (although…) – sorry no twitter account.

    Given your skills, and if you are looking for a new serious challenge that might keep you busy for 6 months or a lifetime, there would be a good need of your talents as a “topic deconstructor” and vulgarisator in the field of Permaculture.

    Have a look, it could help millions if it was to become more of a mainstream movement, and it addresses many fundamental problems at once (like food, water, soils, biodiversity, energy…).

    A lot to learn, to simplify, many people to convince, and proud grandchildren! 😉

    Enjoy the ride, and thanks in advance!

    All: it could be you helping out as well!



  31. I know some of have done this but what about everyone listing there top 5-10: supplements they swear by, things they do, eat, other on a daily basis that you feel REALLY WORK. Its hard to know what is BS and whats not these days.

    Not my best list but a few things i honestly thing work for me:

    – Green drink (green vibrance) daily

    – Turmeric (eden pond) & Super Cissus; had some back pain, other, Dr.s said prob some inflammation take Mobic. I have been taking these two supplements are its made a big difference (and natural). I would also add ginger tea to this.

    – Arinica gel; I have to say pretty good; Joint paint, recovering from an injury other.

    – Melatonin; i don’t over do it but 3 days out of the week i like to take this to get a deep sleep.

    – Water (lemon); don’t just drink when you are thirsty, hydrating is so important.

    – Meditation; just started on and off but I think this is must.

    – I dont do it enough but Yoga, deep stretching and massage is important.

    – Neti pot & Zicam; I try to do the Neti a few times a week and the Zicam if I even feel al little something I give myself 3-4 sprays and I’m good to go.

    (I do have more but ill stop there for now lol) – very curious to see what others have to say…..

  32. Hi Tim,

    Just a heads up that the name of “Tara Brach” has been mistyped to “Tara Brock”

    Thank you for the post!

  33. Just listened in – really helpful and inspiring for me as a start up. Especially the part about automating my morning routine. That will stop me wasting time at the start of my day. Plus it will help to keep me focused on my non-work goals ie fitness / eating habits etc. Many thanks.

  34. These episodes are renally great!

    Thanks Tim!

    And I want to ask if you are an Asian, like you live in Taiwan. Salary level are different in US, and market maybe smaller,

    What would you do? Would you add any contents in 4HWW?

  35. Per Brené Brown, I am finally going to be vulnerable and comment on a site I’ve read for years. Bear with me.

    Maybe I’m the only kid reading your stuff, but I’m sure I won’t be in the near future.

    I’m a 19-year-old kid who has invested in the updated 4HWW book. Perhaps it has been the investment with the highest ROI I’ve made thus far in life as it has changed the way I view business. More than anything, I been able to appreciate the concept of leverage – being able to get unlimited return on limited investment – that you outline in your book and continue to demonstrate in so many different ways through your books and on your blog.

    First, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the privilege of learning from someone who has been curious enough to discover what true leverage is and generous enough to continue this pursuit while including the world in your journey.

    Second, I’ll answer the questions posed in this article (I know you said “or”, but I’m reading it as “and” and answering both! I deserve punishment for breaking the rules I know):

    What would you like to see in an updated 4-Hour Workweek?

    A dummy section on the structure of the economy. While it became very clear to me from reading your book that it’s exponentially better to own your own business and receive all of the fruits of your labor compared to being an employee where you give most of your fruits away to people not doing any of the grunt work, I don’t know if this concept is as clear to all your readers – especially your younger ones just about to enter the work world – as it should be.

    Do you have any morning routines that make a huge difference in your day?

    There have been two times in my life where my mornings invigorated me with energy and made me look forward to going to bed.

    First is when I was on the rowing team, waking up at 4:30am to go row and to get back just in time for class five hours later at 9:30. A few components of this routine that made the practice so rewarding:

    1. Being part of a team – you were forced to go to bed early because sleeping in wasn’t an option. Without all the boys, the 8-person boat would have to be rowed lopsided.

    2. Early bed, early wake-up – the earliness has always made my brain feel more liquid as opposed to times in my life where I had been going to bed late. Also, I was were forced to do homework in the day as opposed to at night which greatly increased retention.

    3. Exercise in the morning – It’s over with and done. I didn’t have to worry about fitting in the gym for the rest of the day, and I had at least 7.3 times more energy to learn for the rest of the day.

    The second time was when I was writing every morning. Every day, I would wake-up and write until I developed a blog post (check them out here: liftingideas.blogspot.ca). A few key components to the process that made it so beneficial:

    1. I was never rushed – I would wake up around six, usually never need to write past seven, and school started at 830 so I always had more than enough time.

    2. I would write about whatever I wanted – sometimes during the day I would come up with ideas I wanted to write about and then try to write about them the next morning. It never worked. I felt like I was forced into a topic; limited. The quality of my writing was much better when I had full autonomy over what ideas I chose and the depth to which I expanded them.

    3. I was accountable to others – having people come up to me in the halls saying they read my blog was the most rewarding part of the experience. This is what got me through the mornings where I couldn’t think of anything or didn’t really feel like it.

    Allowing myself unlimited creation time to begin the day made me feel like I had a purpose even though I was still draining myself by memorizing and writing about things I didn’t like during the day at school.

    I hope the above is valuable to you, Tim, and helps you with your new book and getting to a morning routine that works.

    All the best to you Tim!

  36. For ginger&turmeric tea: Pukka’s Three Ginger is great. Has Ginger, Galangal & Golden turmeric.

    It’s my standard when traveling (all the time) and much easier to find, especially in Europe.

  37. I don’t know where else to put this, but I am on fire for 4HWW and think it is an especial gift to women everywhere and I had to say something:

    God bless you Tim Ferriss. I don’t know if you realize this, but you provide the only current answer to the resounding cultural dilemma for liberated, post-feminist women who find themselves, en masse, wondering if pursuing financial independence and career achievement means that they can’t be good mothers or mothers at all. Can women have it all? Not in the current paradigm, we can’t. And neither can men. The 80 hour work week is high paid wage slavery and is an antiquated system in which no one wins, not even the boss.

    The 4HWW is the answer. Finally there is a codified and reproducible method for having real choice, real options, real creative power in your life. This is a cultural revolution. My fertility no longer feels like the ticking time bomb against which everything else must be measured. Nothing has freed women this much since birth control.

    4HWW has truly liberated me. Every woman, every feminist, every teenage girl needs a copy of this book.


  38. Tim, I loved listening to your answers to the top 10 questions. This was my first time listening to your podcast, and I loved it! Got a question for you. I’ve recently discovered that my website, based on Google analytics, draws 70% female audience versus the 30% male audience that I was originally targeting as my “ideal reader/client”. How do I approach this discrepancy between who I want to serve, versus who is actually searching/reading the most of my blog?

  39. I would like to see how you document your experimenting day to day. I have used Evernote, spreadsheets, blogs, etc…but they are all very time consuming when you have multiple experiments going on at once. How do you do it?

  40. Tim, you mentioned in one of your podcasts a website to check out if you are interested in improving your reading speed. I was on a run and listened to several of your podcasts back to back and now I am not sure which one you mentioned it in. Can you possibly let me know what that site was again? Thank you sir!

  41. Very cool, keep up the good work my life has become much better since I discovered your books, books of many of your friends, and I’m always looking forward to your podcasts; even if I am from a different background than most of your reader/listeners.

    I like the idea of automating your mornings and nights and I’ve began implementing things like adding automated lighting in my house just to make it that much easier; Is there anything else about your day or any other fans out there for that matter that people might overlook?

    Also networking has been a very big struggle for me that I find very important. I’m very outgoing in social situations but the followup is my real trouble, I get researching people you want to make connections with however, what about people you just happen upon? It may sound odd to some but I feel like I have an issue with discovering peoples passions and what really drives them without being awkward about it. I feel like a bumbling fool being so direct I was wondering if anyone else liked doing something that feels a little more natural and less blunt for both parties.

    Finally (and this is kind of tied to the last question) what is a unique way you like to help people, in order to develop friendships that will work on the general population and what would you suggest someone else look for in there own lives to do this as well?

    Thanks to anyone who managed to look through all that!

    1. Hey Brendan. Thought I’d share a bit about my daily repeats. I like to incorporate a bunch of different elements into my morning, day and night to insure a successful day and good night sleep (the importance of sleep is so underrated).

      But one of my main things in the morning is to do things that I enjoy, I’m good at and which are challenging. The reason for this is that when you plant a healthy seed, from it grows a strong and healthy tree that can withstand the storms during the day. For me those things are nerding out and reading a sci-fi book, drawing, meditating, reflecting in my notebook to see beyond my automations and be in control rather than sit in a habit train without stopping at a station to reflect if the place I’m going is actually where I need to be going 🙂

      I also reanimate my 3 item todo (to avoid overwhelm) seeing, feeling, hearing myself doing those things which primes my body and sets “planters” into the future. I relied heavily on reanimation in my career as an athlete and I use it to this day as an entrepreneur and trainer. At night I prioritize my next day todo list (do the item first that releases 80% of the energy) and reanimate it in my imagination, seeing, feeling, hearing myself doing those items.

      The other reason why I do things I’m good at in the morning is to get quick wins. Success breeds more success. So when you get a bunch of wins under your belt in the morning, your day will come out better and you aren’t too worried about few hick ups.

      Also I like to do some education in the morning when the unconscious mind is more open to receive new information. So I read (Thanks Tim for the speed reading article. I went from 150 something words per minute to 380 and just tested and it’s actually grown to 480 words per minute 🙂 and educate myself with something I can apply right now and not 10 years from now so I can transfer the potential power knowledge has into practical power (skill) and get the results I want.

      The more things you automate the less decisions you have to make and you save energy for the tough decisions that might come up later the day. Also having a few solid decision making strategies will dramatically help out with this.

      For networking here’s a tip I use. It’s been working great from instant encounters to difficult negotiation or education situations. You go first. When you reveal something about yourself you’ve made it easier for them to open up and trust you. You start small and build up. If I want someone to admit the area they need to work on, I go first. But if you reveal your weakness or some other problematic thing be positive about it and don’t complain about it because that just repels people. Tell them what you learned from it and usually you actually surprise them 🙂

      Take all this with grain and salt, just my five cents and you gotto experiment what works best for you and how to make these work for you 🙂

  42. Firstly, love the ‘check email twice a day’ tip. It works.

    But since you asked for comments…

    On page 60 of the Four Hour Workweek (for example), it would be great if you could explain ‘why magazines’, in the age of blogging and other forms of digital publishing. Are magazines still a reliable indicator of market size, etc.

  43. As someone who is currently at a major turning point in her life, I feel compelled to say that your books, podcast, blog, etc. have been incredibly fascinating and inspirational. Suffice it to say I am a huge fan. Consider this a botched marriage proposal.

  44. I am a fan and I have read almost everything with your name on it. In an updated version of the 4HWW I would like to see two things:

    1. Cautionary Tales: How to avoid or overcome common beginner missteps.

    Why: I know you have a big fan base that is already tech savvy, however I think you also have a large following like myself, no tech background, no tech friends or connections, little money and less time. It can be devastating to someone like myself to make mistakes that you would have avoided since you are more knowledgeable to start. I know this because I have done this several times, and though I would not repeat these mistakes they were hard to lean, and harder to recover from. I would rather A.)See them coming from others experience and B.)Learn the work around to get out of them quicker if they do happen. (You may be thinking “I already do this”, but I believe there is an audience of yours that for example sake you are already speaking to or teaching and they are in high school. I am part of your audience that is still in grade school.)

    2. What to do if your dreams outreach your means.

    Why: I often have ideas that are too big for me. I do not understand VC or Angel funding etc. I know you have touched on some of this but it would be helpful to learn what ideas should go where, how should you protect yourself ahead of time etc.

    I am not tech savvy at all. I often try to study other success stories and learn but the information gaps are deep to the unfamiliar.

    I have a tech idea that I know can generate at least 1M a day! It is very exciting. I have labored over the research and presentation of the idea, but I have no idea what to do after that.

    Similar success stories of people like this whose ideas would usually die on the vine or destroy them in the attempt , yet succeeded by knowing who to approach and how would be invaluable. You are so good at cutting through the haze, it is why I follow your work.

    BTW: Love the Podcast! Thank you.

  45. Enjoy the website and the podcast. Also liked to see the TV show come back. I think the 4hr work week would have to include investing if it were revised.

  46. I am a fan and I have read almost everything with your name on it. In an updated version of the 4HWW I would like to see two things:

    1. Cautionary Tales: How to avoid or overcome common beginner missteps.

    Why: I know you have a big fan base that is already tech savvy, however I think you also have a large following like myself, no tech background, no tech friends or connections, little money and less time. It can be devastating to someone like myself to make mistakes that you would have avoided since you are more knowledgeable to start. I know this because I have done this several times, and though I would not repeat these mistakes they were hard to lean, and harder to recover from. I would rather A.)See them coming from others experience and B.)Learn the work around to get out of them quicker if they do happen.

    2. What to do if your dreams outreach your means.

    Why: I often have ideas that are too big for me. I do not understand VC or Angel funding etc. I know you have touched on some of this but it would be helpful to learn what ideas should go where, how should you protect yourself ahead of time etc.

    I am not tech savvy at all. I often try to study other success stories and learn but the information gaps are deep to the unfamiliar.

    I have a tech idea that I know can generate at least 1M a day! It is very exciting. I have labored over the research and presentation of the idea, but I have no idea what to do after that.

    Similar success stories of people like this whose ideas would usually die on the vine or destroy them in the attempt , yet succeeded by knowing who to approach and how would be invaluable. You are so good at cutting through the haze, it is why I follow your work.

    BTW: Love the Podcast! Thank you.

  47. Hey Tim,

    Love your podcasts, new listener here. The content is great, execution is great. I agree with a lot of what you have to say, and I’m learning a bunch of good things. The only thing I would mention is to maybe drink some more water throughout. Out of the few podcast’s I’ve listened to, Episode 51 was particularly bad for hearing your lips, it kind of irked me.. It was tolerable, but still kind of made it harder to listen to with good headphones on.

    Keep on keepin’ on! I look forward to listening to more of your podcasts.

  48. Hi Tim,

    I was interested in the Rishi Tea. I noticed that it contains licorice root as the second ingredient.

    What’s your take on the hormonal effects of licorice? I’ve seen studies showing sizeable reductions in serum testosterone from daily consumption of licorice. Such as this one:


    I’m very interested in a turmeric tea, but hesitant to take something that may severely impact testosterone.

  49. Tim, Look into PhotoReading, a new way to absorb large amounts if information using your “learning” states of mind! It is easy, fast and fun!

    Linda LadySmithe PhotoReading trainer of 25 years!

  50. Hey Tim. Got a big question for you..I don’t know if you’ve got this problem, which I am sure every one has to some extent.. maybe you’ve got a better answer than I do, you’ve been on this path longer than most of us.

    The problem is in 2 parts..

    1-Not really knowing what to do with your life, nor where to go

    2-Actually wanting to do a ton of things, having a tons of idea of things you could do, but you can’t do everything..

    For me that leads to a miserable feeling.. Do you have ideas of how to manage this? mindest changes? Apart from becoming a monk and going beyond desire altogether obviously..

    It would be nice to have your take on this

  51. Hey All,

    So I’ve been pussyfooting around making my muse, but this year I’m determined to get it started. I’ve done plenty of research and all that. I’m currently in the testing phase to see if its worth manufacturing. We’ve all read the book. The problem is I have no experience with web design or anything, and I like places like shopify, but the doesn’t seem to be a way to set it up, then before the actual checkout claim its on back order or out of stock or anything. Does anyone know of any place like shopify that will let me do that, or am I over looking anything. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much,

    Thomas Dills

  52. Fabulous! I love this format, definitely keep these Q&As in your podcast rotation. Absolutely loved your response to the question about “indulgences provided by successful living.”

  53. Hi Tim,

    I have red your book but stopped page 126 (end of chapter II in the european edition).

    I sincerely lost my time, and regret it. I think that the majority of your solutions/methods are just unpraticable suggestions and surely not adapted to my case.

    I retained nothing from this book. As it costs me (a cost and not an investment) 20,50€ (22,39USD), are you ok to refund me ?

  54. For guided meditation, you mention Tara Brach. Her guided meditations are full of new-age jargon and religious overtones. If you prefer guided meditations that are more straight forward, down to earth and practical, I recommend UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, which is part of the medical school: http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=107

    You can find many useful and free guided meditations there.

  55. Just wanted to say I love the books, podcasts and the iTunes episodes. Question: You always reference The Magic of Thinking Big and a great deal of your guests reference Influence would you suggest them in any particular order via Audible?

  56. So the tv show was the most time consuming and least profitable? Man I really tought that was one of the best ideas… why did they shut it down before? did they give a reason?

  57. Love these Q-casts – and agree with you about the luxury of not-rushing – remember this from one of your earlier conversations (maybe Ramit?) Anyway, it’s the perfect aspiration, which I indulge three out of every four weeks. I’m in that mode now, and counter-intuitively, I’m so much more productive with greater enjoyment en route.

  58. Dude that unrushed part is pure genius. The only time I feel crappy is when I’m rushed about a deadline. And as the company’s owner the deadlines are always my decision to impose!

  59. @pmphacks the wine is from the region Valle de Guadalupe at Baja California at Ensenada 2 hours from San Diego its Monte Xanic really good but there are some other excellent wines around that valley

  60. Yes, I’d like to see the book updated for 2016. I’m finding some of the resources you mention aren’t around anymore. I’d also to know if there is a consultant who could lead me through the entire process of developing an automated online business the way you have described it. Thanks so much.

  61. Hi tim

    Was hearing the QA session and was pleasingly surprised that you mentioned malta and the Maltese language. Indeed Maltese is a very interesting language with a mix of Latin and Arabic influence.

    Usually English speakers have a hard time grasping the adjectives which vary by gender of the object. So a table is female and a chair is male and you need to change the adjective accordingly. My Canadian friend has Been living here for 20 years and still gets them wrong. It’s a blast.

    If you happen to visit on your next trip to europe I can give you a short course. …if you just do it for the swear words alone it would be worthed 😄

    Il-lejl it-tajjeb (good night)

  62. I am very fond of bathing in seawater, so I’ve implemented it into my workweek. Two or three times a week I get up before sunrise and drive 30 minutes to the beach and dive in, naked. That’s my way of mini retirement, well, one of them

  63. “Luxury is feeling unrushed.” yes! And it is a gift we give to ourselves. Even when short on time, “unrushed” is a state we can call upon to keep that time optimized. Like a windstorm, frenzy slows the process. Choose to be a breeze.

    I would like to propose an “And Also”:

    Flow and also Effortless Output.

    Effortless Output as a result, a desired outcome.

    Flow as an experience, a state of being.

    Flow enhances output, bring the quality of effortless.

    Flow and Effortless Output as an integrated system for the Creative.

  64. I was hoping you would ask that question! Very exciting! I do keep rereading 4HWW hoping that updated facts will magically pop up for me 🙂

    I would love an updated expansion on the two chapters on finding your muse and testing your muse including updated tools. Some of those website links are no longer in service. Specifically, on how to choose the “right” muse at the right time.

    For morning routine, I am loving your recommended tea concoction from tools of titans and drink it every morning. I wake up at 5:30, use headspace to meditate 10 mins, drink tea while “journaling” in the 5 minute journal, read the days lesson in “the daily stoic”, then do a 28 minute circuit workout at home.

    My 3 year old daughter wakes up sometime in the middle of my morning routine and watches me with admiring eyes. When I miss a day, she is totally on me!! Cant ask for a better accountability buddy 🙂 Love the example I am setting for her.

  65. Hi Timothy,

    Six months ago I have started reading “THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK”, I must say its one of the most inspiring book I have ever read. The major difference between this book and other inspirations books is that you have clearly given all the necessary tools and tricks to change anyone’s life. I have recommended this stunning book it to every one of my friends.

    Your book has changed my concept of retirement and saving money for the future. I have learnt how to eliminate most of my daily non-productive hours. I liked the chapter 12 “Disappearing Act” the most. I have already started using the tricks mentioned in the chapter and work from home 2 days a week.

    [Moderator: Removed link.]

    Thanks Tim for this book, it seems like I have started a new life.

  66. I would love a 4 hour work week 2.0. I have just recently become an enormous fan of your work. Or should I say lifestyle? I am currently working on building my own health and wellness company. I can’t wait to get Tribe of Mentors. Thanks for everything Tim.