The 4-Hour Body Million-Pound March (and $1,000,000 Pot)

Many readers have lost 150+ pounds using The Slow-Carb Diet®. How can you lose at least 4%?

What if you could make dieting failure-proof? What if I could guarantee that you’d lose that last handful of abdominal fat?

Today marks my best attempt to do just that. The target is to collectively lose 1,000,000 pounds of fat in the next 28 days. Along with it, I’d like to offer a $1,000,000 pot — one of several incentives.

Based on behavioral change research (by people like Stanford’s BJ Fogg), as well as my own experimentation with thousands of readers, there are three critical ingredients typically missing from dieting:

– Stakes — Some type of loss-aversion and real accountability

– Rewards — Reinforcement from support groups and finances

– Minimalism — Doing the least necessary, not the most possible. The latter fails quickly.

I’ve checked off all three personally many times. Exhibit A: Fat “Peanut Butter Sandwiches” Tim versus current Tim:

But now it’s time to check off all three on a massive scale. I’ve never seen it done before, and that’s exciting.

From 10/23 to 11/16 — Game Time

For the next four weeks, from Tuesday, October 23rd to Friday, November 16th, I’m partnering with Lift and DietBet to create The 4-Hour Body Challenge.

When you diet alone, nobody’s holding your feet to the fire. There’s nothing stopping you from saying, “I’ll do it next month.” But when you compete with others, especially with money on the line, it focuses you on a goal like nothing else. It’s strict accountability wrapped in a game.

Here are the steps and prizes…

Step 1: Lift

Download Lift if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod (Android users, keep reading). Search for “4HB.” To search, click on the plus sign here:

Then, sign up for whichever 4HB habits you want. See the six below, The Slow-Carb Diet&#174 being the most important. With no real promotion, the number of participants has exploded in our last 48 hours of testing:

If you’re on Android, you can use The 4-Hour Body App (though it has less community built-in), and all the below steps still apply. This challenge is designed for Lift but doesn’t require it.

Optional Step 2: DietBet

Optional but HIGHLY recommended: Sign up for The 4-Hour Body DietBet.

Even if you use a diet not in The 4-Hour Body, this is a powerful tool you can leverage for your own 4-week challenge. Vegans, paleo die-hards, and everyone in between — you’re all invited.

Studies have established that people work incredibly hard to avoid losing money. Much harder, in fact, than they will work to earn it. On this page, you can put your money where your mouth is.

To compete, players each add $50 to the pot, which is divided up among the “winners” at the end of the game. DietBetting is not winner-take-all like The Biggest Loser. Instead, everyone who loses at least 4% of their starting weight will get an equal share of the pot. DietBet supplies referees to verify weights using a photo-based weigh-in process.

If we can get 20,000 total people, which is totally achievable, that’s $1,000,000.

Here’s how the pot breaks down:

– 85% of the total is divided among the winners

– 5% goes to DietBet itself for credit card fees, etc.

– 10% would have gone to me but will instead be donated to The Gazzaley Lab, a cognitive neuroscience research lab at the University of California, San Francisco focused on studying the neural mechanisms of memory and attention, and how we might intervene therapeutically to alleviate memory and attention deficits.

DietBetting works. People, even wealthy people, keep their promises not to lose $50.

Since its launch in January, 33% of players have hit or exceeded their 4% weight-loss target, winning cash. On average, winners end up losing more than 8 pounds, roughly two pounds per week.

I think The 4-Hour Body team can beat all of those averages. If you’re up for some minimal stakes, which is massively to your benefit, sign up here.

Step 3: Educate Yourself

Use all the free tools and support at your disposal.

As a starting point, consider the forum 4HBTalk, which is extremely active with advice and community. Also be sure to read my previous posts on basics, like “How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet” (features pics and case studies).

Of course, if you want to get uber-serious, I’d suggest reading The 4-Hour Body.

Optional Step 4: Automate Meals

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m piloting a Slow-Carb Diet&#174 meal delivery service, licensed with permission to Evolution Meals.

There are only about 30 new slots per week available (it’s beta, after all), so first come, first served. You can sign up here. You can use code “SCD15” for $15 off your first order (no expiration date).

If you’re interested in licensing The Slow-Carb Diet&#174 or its related trademarks, please fill out this form. Serious inquiries only, please.

Last but Not Least…

For the people who have the most amazing before-and-after transformations (take “before” pictures or you’ll regret it!), I’ll have many cool opportunities. There could be dozens of you involved.

The opps are top-secret for now, but they’ll be good.

For the one person who loses the most bodyfat percentage points (not necessarily total weight) by November 16th, I have another prize. I will fly you from anywhere in the world to San Francisco for a day with me, all expenses paid. We can hike Mt. Tam, check out my favorite restaurants, talk business, visit hot start-ups, grab drinks with my close friends… whatever you’d like. If it’s a weekend, I’ll also cover your hotel and meals for a second day of beautiful SF.

How to measure bodyfat?

I’d prefer that you use the most accurate tools, such as the below. Many of the above can be found at high-end gyms or nearby hospitals. No matter what, you must use the same tool (and ideally the same person) for your “before,” progress, and “after” measurements.

The most accurate tools:

BodPod (pay per session)

DEXA or DXA (pay per session)

Hydrostatic weighing (dunk tank) (pay per session)

Skin fold calipers – MUST use at least 7 points and ideally the Jackson-Pollock algorithm (pay per session)

BodyMetrix Personal (purchase) – This is the handheld ultrasound device that is used by the New York Yankees, AC Milan, and yours truly. It plugs into your laptop via USB. For 25% off of this device (so $100+ off), use code 4HOURBODY at checkout.

If you can’t find or afford any of these, just do your best to capture progress. For instance:

– Take good “before” pics (front, side, back) and weekly progress pictures.

– Take tape measure measurements before starting, then each week, per The 4-Hour Body instructions:

Get a simple tape measure and measure four locations: both upper arms (mid-bicep), waist (horizontal at navel), hips (at widest point below waist), and both legs (mid-thigh). Total these numbers to arrive at your Total Inches (TI). Changes in this total will be meaningful enough to track.

Regardless, eat smart (90% of fat loss), train well (10% of fat loss), and be safe, of course.

So what are you waiting for? Download Lift, sign up for the DietBet here if you can, and let’s get to losing 1,000,000 pounds!

That’s three entire blue whales, by the way. Or 35,714 honey badgers.

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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244 Replies to “The 4-Hour Body Million-Pound March (and $1,000,000 Pot)”

  1. How strong is the research saying that diet betting works?

    I remember hearing that, I think William Hill allow people to bet on their own diets. And when a betting agency allows you to bet on something, it’s because the house is going to win, on average.

    1. In this case the house wins from the average player. However the better dieters can win both compared to the worse dieters and compared to the amount of money they put in.

      I’m also curious to know which (peer reviewed, properly done) studies you’re referring to. But either way I do believe this experiment and challenge is worthy.

      1. Hi Sjors,

        The studies on auction behavior and loss aversion are cited in The 4-Hour Body and pretty easy to find, but I’m afraid I can’t remember the universities and investigators offhand. Apologies!

        All the best,


      1. I’m in the same boat! I haven’t found anything for non-iPhone users on either front. Any suggestions?

      2. If you have Android, you can try Habit Streak. Its free, and I can’t vouch for it yet since I just got it, but it supposedly prompts you daily to ask if you are following the rules you set for yourself. We’ll see how it goes.

      1. I actually like the 4HB app over the Lift app. The social aspect is nice and it’s well built, but it’s over-simplistic with it’s giant check-in button. DietBet, however, is freaking genius.

        Thanks for the kick in the ass Tim! Hope to see you around SF sometime soon.

      2. Hi. I have just recently started the program and it works too well. However was hoping if there could be an application for the same made for blackberry users. I have one and lot of my other friends have em too. I loved the app available on android but a wish list with an app for blackberry users.


        A great book and excellent results.

    1. It’s pretty silly when people put ios apps before android, since ios users are a small percentage of the total.:

      Android:104.8 million units, 68.1 percent share (46.9 percent a year earlier)

      iOS: 26.0 million units, 16.9 percent share (18.8 percent a year earlier)

      BlackBerry: 7.4 million units, 4.8 percent share (11.5 percent a year earlier)

      About 70% of mobiles are android, and about 15% are iphones… Even a year ago, a much larger amount of people had Android than iphones – so a LOT more people could participate with the more “feature rich” version.

      1. It’s quite easy and enjoyable to design/build apps for Apple products. I find it much harder to develop apps for Android—there are so many different android devices and OS versions.

        Or perhaps there’s more money to be made with iPhone apps, even though Apple has a smaller market share. Android users expect free apps and often aren’t willing to pay for them, making it harder for developers to recoup their costs.

  2. Still hanging at net -16 lbs but this could be the push to get back down to the optimum weight I achieved when I went pretty hard core on the 4HB plan. I’ve eased +8 lbs back so here we go!

  3. Wow Tim – The PT Barnum in you is at it again! Kudos for always raising the stakes and I hope you hit 1,000,000 pounds!

  4. Damn! I am a couple weeks too late, already in 17 days in and 10lbs down, just past my target weight. Good luck to everyone else, this is a killer program!

  5. Fabulous ideas, as usual, Tim! I’ve though for a long time that an approach like DietBetting would be perfect for many of us, including myself! If I had more than just a few last pounds to lose, I’d jump on this in a heartbeat!

  6. Absolutely amazing Tim!

    I don’t even get how everything like the weigh in works but I trust you. Going to dive right in. Let’s do this!

    I have no doubt this will explode. So good luck to everyone involved!

  7. Hey Tim,

    Great post! Quick question: do you have any recommended alternatives for Android users, or those wanting to *gain* weight instead of lose it?

    I tried setting up a Google Docs sheet with a few friends to utilize the competition aspect but it fell off after a few weeks. Also, I’ve done things like track my calorie intake with PaleoTrack and DailyBurn to no avail and tried GOMAD. I’m having tons of difficulty keeping my calorie intake up in suggested ranges (~3,500/day). Any tips for making sure to eat enough calories to gain weight?

      1. Thanks, Farid. You’re one of the developers of the 4HB app, correct? I have the full version for my Android device.

      2. Precisely, just to reiterate:

        If you’re on Android, you can use The 4-Hour Body App (though it has less community built-in), and all the other steps still apply:

        This challenge is designed for Lift but doesn’t require it.

        Hope that helps!


  8. Tim,

    What can those of us with Android phones do? Is there some program we can use via a website or is it strictly an Apple only product?

    I’m down man! Hope you like Kokari a lot because that is where we are heading for a celebration dinner next month!


  9. Hey Tim, there’s not much of body fat you can lose if you are already below 10%.

    I know there are other categories but I think the prize for the most body fat points lost is amazing!

  10. This is awesome

    I definitely agree with your 3 ingredients, specially Minimalism

    the less options & the less one has to think about things: the more action they can take!

  11. I highly doubt I’ll be able to drop from 76 tot 73 kg in less than four weeks, but let’s give it a shot. I hope everybody plays fair and performs their first weigh in at the same time of day as the last one and not play tricks with water balance.

    How do you plan to collect the fat mass data? I have a Whitings scale.

    1. Made it! Lost 3.1 kg exactly on time, $30 profit. Nice downward hockey stick chart coming soon…

      I think the best thing that comes from this bet and diet is the sense of being in control of your weight. With control I mean the ability to set a target like “5 kg fat loss”, calculate how long it will take and trust you can actually reach it.

      Before this, most of my diet changes had barely any measurable effect. They were probably healthy and I do suspect that they slowed down my “default” pace of weight gain. But it was always just a hunch, not the same as feeling in control.

      So thanks! Maybe I’ll peek at the 4HB muscle building chapters with similar confidence now.

  12. I would love to try this but I don’t have the confidence that I’ll win. I would appreciate meeting Tim so much and wish whoever wins the best. Tim it would be nice if you were to post some of the questions or activities you did in San Francisco.

  13. first and foremost let me congratulate you for your initiative and creativity you are a great example for us humans.

    secondly, if i transform my body the most ( and i will ) do i have to put the $ 50 to earn a flight to SF or could i stay on step 1 .

    thirdly , since on the 4hb habits i’ve lost 45 pounds , i have pictures for that , now how are you going to verify that today’s pictures are legit ?

    thanking in advance writes, your friend & follower


  14. Sorry, my iPod touch is 1st gen, so it isn’t supported, (it just never breaks so I can get a new one) but if you send me a new one (or, preferably, an iPad) I’ll gladly join!

    Nevertheless, I have lost more than 15 kg, about 30 pounds I think,while gaining strenght, largely thanks to your diet, so I’d like to thank you for that.

    Thank you.


  15. Hi Tim,

    I’m looking forward to this contest, might be the kick in the butt that I need! I’m already down 9 pounds from the SCD but I am definitely lagging lately. Wondering how non iPhone users are supposed to enter? (Is registering for DietBet enough?)

  16. Suggestion: regarding “For the people who have the most amazing before and after transformations…”

    Don’t you think this limits the prize incentives to folks who are already obese? It’s great that this will change lives…but maybe it would be fair to look at transformations achieved from different classes of starting body fat %, like weight classes in wrestling.

    (For example: write the contest-end post showing transformations sorted by “before photos” 15-18 starting body fat %, 19-22%, etc.)

    This would be immensely helpful for your new 4 Hour Chef readers. The end-contest post could showcase a range of examples, in which each reader can find his own current situation and identify with “before” photos…contrasted with the “after” photos of what is possible for them and what they could soon look like.

    Some low-glycemic food for thought…good work again my friend!

    PS- I would be happy to assist in sorting the data and photo editing to make this end-contest post a reality.

  17. No android app ?? gonna lose a lot of contestants and potential customers. But still love all your books and posts!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Don’t just take before photos … take them every week … and use this app to keep them organized and easily do side by side comparisons:

    (Note: This isn’t a Tim approved app … but I WISH he would look at it … it is a great 4HB companion tool!)

  19. Tim! Why don’t you start this on OCT 25th, it’s already 2 days in and we are only now finding out about it… 🙁

  20. What is required for the body fat measurements? Is my bia scale fine? Do i just take pictures of the scale everyday to qualify? Please clarify the fat percentage loss contest rules.

  21. Hey all,

    I’ll mention this just one more time, as a lot of people are asking:

    If you’re on Android, you can use The 4-Hour Body App (though it has less community built-in), and all the other steps still apply:

    This challenge is designed for Lift but doesn’t require it.

    Hope that helps!


    1. Anyone who doesn’t have an apple product can simple use the Lift website:

      It’s also mobile friendly (at least when I tested it just now on my iPhone browser).


  22. Dang! I’ve already lost almost all my fat, my before and after now wouldn’t be as significant.

    I am still signing up though.

    Currently down 110lbs as of this morning on the 4HB!!

  23. Definitely going to give this a try! Heading home to read up on my 4-hour Body book and heading straight the grocery store to get the proper foods! 🙂

  24. Just a little potentially helpful 411 to other readers…

    Other effective habit training/tracking apps besides Lift are Touch Goal, My Pocket Coach, and Healthy Habits. (I’m not affiliated with any of them.)

    They are not as social, but much better in some other ways. Totally worth a try. I’m not sure about Android versions.

  25. Just one more question 🙂 I can see how 20,000 people add up to a million dollars, but with an average fat loss of 8 pounds, I don’t see how we’re going to lose more than about 160,000 pounds or “just” half a whale.

    Or is your actual goal to get a lot more than 20,000 people on board?

    1. Haha… first and most important, I want to destroy that average. Second, I’d love to get more than 20,000 people.

  26. I had a DEXA scan performed last Thusday. They will not allow me to have another DEXA scan done for 3 months due to radiation. Can I use a bodpod at end of month to determine the body fat % lost?

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Huh. I’ve never run into that, but here’s what I suggest: get another BodPod now, then the finishing BodPod, and send all of your data over when we collect it later.

      All the best,


      1. Thanks Tim. I am going to try to find somewhere to get a bodpod done but unfortunately I am traveling for work this week. It might be the weekend before I find someone to do this for me.

  27. Giving this a shot as I kinda fell off the horse after a CrossFit competition. Tim, I look forward to winning & talking to you & your friends about my startup haha 🙂

  28. Um. DAMN. Thank you very much Tim. I already have a bet going for $40 with my boss. $90 on the line + my dream to meet Tim Ferriss? If I don’t win, I’ll at least look sexy… again, thank you!

  29. Hello Tim,

    First of all I’d like to congratulate you on a nice way to test your theory in real life with incentives and a good cause. The first incentive should be weigh loss but all the extras make it much more attractive to say: ” Now I’m really gonna go for it”. Don’t know if I can reach the meet and greet but you have to aim high when you never actually tried to do it !

    Without much knowledge on the low carb diet issue I’m behind but need to do research: food, to eat not to eat, portions, easy recipes, inbetweeners, … knowledge so to speak. There will be good sources available but pointers (possible hint/tips links would be highly appreciated).

    It is 1:25 am here in Belgium and I just found out about your march, don’t have your book yet (but I’ve been reading your 4hourweek and that’s eye-opening), don’t have a mobile platform to use so I’m stuck with the old fashioned lap top.. anyway

    Couple of questions

    Is there a limit registration time?

    Knowing that the longer you wait, will be a little disadvantage towards the rest.

    Is it possible to enter the contest without a mobile platform?

    (no iphone, ipad, android,…)

    Is it possible to enter the competition outside the US?

    Look forward to hear from you

    friendly greetz


    1. Hi Thierry,

      Thanks for your enthusiasm. To answer your questions:

      – No limit on registration time, but the longer you wait, the less time you have

      – You can enter without mobile. Just follow all the steps besides Lift.

      – International is fine.

      Good luck!


  30. Also, just wanna point out to folks that the post doesn’t say “4 percentage points” of body fat, but 4 percent weight loss. Not 14% down to 10% (fat) but 4 lbs off 100.

  31. Tim,

    I would love to be a part of this but I’m on assignment down in Southern Peru without access to a body fat analyzer, proper gym or most of the things everyone else might use….Back to basics…And I would buy the BodyMetrix personal but it would take forever to get here… Any other options…daily pics, etc??

    Le agradecería su ayuda si possible..


    1. Hi Wes,

      No hay problema…


      – Take weekly progress pictures and good before pics (front, side, back).

      – Take tape measure measurements per The 4-Hour Body instructions:

      Take your “before” circumference measurements. Get a simple tape measure and measure four locations: both upper arms (mid-bicep), waist (horizontal at navel), hips (at widest point below waist), and both legs (mid-thigh). Total these numbers to arrive at your Total Inches (TI). Changes in this total will be meaningful enough to track.

      Hope that helps!


  32. Awesome I’ve been meaning to get back on the slow carb diet for the last couple of months. This could be just the kick I need. Unfortunately I’m on holidays at the moment and won’t be back home till Sunday so I can’t really do much till then. I don’t have access to any measuring devices or anything.

  33. Tim,

    I love the book. I have read it twice. I am starting a $100 challenge with three friends over a 6 month period of who loses most body fat. Since I have these tools I feel great. Will the 4HB app on android for sure not be left out? I update that thing daily sometimes. How do you monitor the info from the apps?


    1. Hi Justin,

      Great idea!

      I won’t be monitoring the data from the 4HB app, per se, but you can take screenshots now and then later for proof. Pics for verification will be important, of course.

      Good luck!


      1. How will the winners be chosen? Is there a location to upload stats and everything?

  34. Isn’t this biased towards people who are already morbidly obese? As they have more to lose. I’m not exactly sporting a Brad Pitt fight club body at the moment, but just saying.

    Anyway, I accept the challenge and have downloaded 4HB to lift (I already had the app but never used it).

    Not sure where I can get body fat measured in the ways suggested near me though. Is it unacceptable to use a tape measure? Will see if the Body Metrix thing deliver outside of the US, but it is quite expensive.

  35. Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question, in the Lift app I can’t see where you actually enter the data when you “check in” other than to note it in the comment box for that habit?

    So do I enter my weight, body fat % and measurements in the comment box for that habit, and keep doing it regularly until Nov 21 when it ends?

    Lift doesn’t seem to have an in app user guide, just settings. I gather you just “check in” against every habit whenever you do it.

  36. Tim,

    Your diet absolutely works!! I’m a 6’0″ tall man that weighed 237lbs on January 23, 2012….This morning when I weighed in I was 183.5lbs…I lost 19lbs in the first month with NO Exercise!!! It only took 5 months to lose 50lbs…I’ve been maintaining 187lbs-182.7lbs since June 2012…and I’m still enjoying my cheat days — AKA Faturdays — every Saturday!! Thanks Tim…I won’t participate in this contest but I want to encourage anyone reading this to sign up now!!!

      1. Thank You Tim! Let me know if you need testimonial pix! I’ve done other diets but this by far the easiest…with a cheat day once a week where you can eat anything you want means you never have to diet more than 6 days in a row…and the day after the cheat day is really easy because I eat so much on Saturday, I don’t want to even look at fatty foods on Sunday!!!

        I know it seems like I’m selling the book…but I’m super excited about my results….

        I don’t like to cook but I’m looking forward to “The 4 Hour Chef”

      2. Thank you, Aaron! Please keep those pics, as I’d love to see them later. As for The 4-Hour Chef, and speaking as a lifelong non-cook, I promise you you’ll find plenty of things you like in there 🙂

        All the best,


  37. has anyone tried/own the BodyMetrix Personal? I cant find any reviews on it and it’s too expensive to just buy on a whim.

  38. Hey Tim,

    For the body fat % part, if I have my certified personal trainer take measurements before and after, would that be enough validation?

    Looking forward to this challenge!

  39. Awesome contest. I recommend the 4HB to everyone and fiercely defend its validity, especially with the doubters in the healthcare field. Whole grains: who needs them??? Check out the iPhone app from My Body Experiment for an easy and accurate way to measure and track your body fat percentage.

  40. I had already re-started the Slow-Carb diet and Geek to Freak workout from 4HB on monday… then come tuesday you launched this contest. Great timing!

    I set my own contest though. I am putting the 4HB diet and workout up against Tim Horton’s P90X. My partner and I are the 4HB Guinea pigs and our two friends are the P90X contestants. Tim vs. Tim.

    I will track it and record as much data as possible and report back with the results.

  41. This is great. I’ve actually been on a lenient 4h body eating regime for a bit now (experimenting on and off), but this post is giving me the inspiration I need to go at it full fledge for the next month.

    Just downloaded LIft and signed up.

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  42. I signed up for Lift! Do we have to do DietBet to get best before and after picture and if not how do we enter our pictures? 🙂 Thanks for the awesome motivation!!! Just when I needed it!

    1. Hi Shawnee,

      DietBet is not required. Just keep your photos and I’ll ask for them at the end!

      Best of luck,


  43. I already lost 30 lbs & 90+/- total cholesterol with vegetarian 4HB + omnivorous cheat day, but gained 7 back when I added “Pizza Friday” for the sake of my marriage and became a slave to my job. This is just what I need to evict those 7 lbs. Who knows–maybe I can do more!

  44. OK, I hope I saw a precursor to your next book:

    ‘The Gazzaley Lab, a cognitive neuroscience research lab at the University of California, San Francisco focused on studying the neural mechanisms of memory and attention, and how we might intervene therapeutically to alleviate memory and attention deficits.’

    As someone who has suffered memory problems my entire life and scared what late middle-age might bring on as far as advancing the problem, I’d LOVE to see you publish a book on yours and other’s research on how to possibly stem the decline of the human memory!

  45. Hi Tim,

    there was no link to the 25% discount on the Bodymetrix Personal, it’s a great deal and I would like to buy one, can you post link?


    1. Hi James,

      You just need to use the code 4HOURBODY at the end of the checkout process. Please let me know if you run into any issues!



      1. Hi Tim,

        appreciate the fast response. I originally went to Amazon not to their direct store…

        Biggest issue now is that they do not ship to Australia! Any help would be most appreciated on that one!


  46. Hi.

    starting as of today.

    will take good pictures of before and after and will measure the body fat.

    will work to be the first (:

  47. I have been following SCD for a couple of months and have plateaued recently. I still have plenty to lose so I’m in!

  48. Looks like the DietBet site isn’t properly displaying pot values over 10,000. Might want to let them know ASAP since a cut of 1,015 (what is currently showing) doesn’t seem nearly as appealing!

  49. I don’t own a cell phone Tim (gasp!-on purpose) so can I just do the DietBet and not the Lift program and still enter the contest? Thank you.


  50. Dors anyone else hate the idea of joining and already feeling late to the game?. I’d totally do this if I had a couple days notice (set up or do DEXA, get weekly menu/shopping done, etc.). Am I the only one feeling like it’s a GREAT challenge but a rushed timeline?

    1. Hi Erin,

      It’s definitely not too late. You’re all seeing this at the same time. 48 hours won’t make a difference at all. Execution will determine the winners.

      Best of luck!


    2. I agree, would have been much better to give us all advance notice. The lack of notice creates a bit of randomness in the results, and reduces the number of participants.

  51. Tim — it all seems temp. Aren’t we really wanting lifelong results? An eating style that keeps our weight constant? Jim Healthy

  52. Great idea .. but .. does anyone know what would happen if the planet grew 1,000,000 pounds lighter in just four weeks? Will gravity still work? Will north still be .. north?

    I have a lot to lose, but don’t want to be involved in the earth spinning off its axis and all .. y’know?

  53. I am so down. No really into betting but I think I can do this one. You’ll be seeing my radical transformation pics soon enough.

  54. Is it possible to participate if I am a minor, 16? I have about 25 pounds to loose, is there any advice or changes to the SCD if I am still growing and younger? Thanks.

  55. Bring it on! Waking up early, drinking ice water and eating my morning mush, heading to the grocery store to stock up on black beans and spinach, running, then looking for bod pod somewhere in Nashville. I loosely stay on the diet, but now I’m determined to really lose this last bit of belly fat. Thanks for this post, Tim, it’s exactly what I need!

  56. I just reached “normal weight” after losing 85lbs on the SCD since the beginning of 2012 and NOW you come with this? 🙂

    To be honest, there is nothing I could win, that would top the new feeling and quality of life. Thank you Tim!

  57. Hi Tim. I recently read your book “The 4-Hours Workweek”, and it’s completely transformed my way of thinking. But I have a few questions remaining. One of them is: what’s the first thing one needs to do to start changing their life today?

  58. Hey Tim,

    WOW! talk about timing (on so many levels)… The 23rd was my birthday. And true that I’m late to this but I did it before and I’m going to do it again since I got myself right back to my Fat-Mo starting weight.

    I’m actually very happy because you had pointed out that good science is repeatable. So here we go. Time to mobilize the troops for this. it’s going to be so much fun.

    I’ll be sure to keep a photo log of the consumption (is there anything that we should be using?).

    See ya in November Tim.

  59. TIm,

    I loved your book. This is a great way to motivate people. I will sign up and get started. Hopefully I can add to the 1,000,000 pound pot! Is there a place online we are suppose to record starting weight? Does it make sense to participe if you don’t have a lot weight to lose. Wait to keep my $50 and win some of the pot?

  60. Tim,

    this might not be the time or place, but have you come accross Dr. Ray Peat’s ideas on consuming plenty of sugars (namely fructose from OJ and lactose from milk) to increase metabolism and the production of ‘youth’ hormones such as Testosterone, Pregnenolone, Progesterone, DHEA?

    If you have, what’s your take?

  61. Fiteo is a free app for iPhone that lets you take your before and after photos and create a timelapse. Check it out at fiteoapp dot com. Its not a plug if its a free app!

    Awesome idea for a challenge. Great way to turn 4HB into action!

  62. Cool contest, but here’s the thing: I’d love to participate but I don’t think I can afford to lose any more weight, and my body fat percentage is already quite low. Instead, my goal is to gain muscle mass. Is there a way to incorporate that within the framework of the contest? If not, no worries; I’ll wait for the muscle-mass contest in the future 😉

  63. Is signing up for DietBet our official entry?

    Will have to weigh myself and take measurements tonight.

    I’m excited at the thought of winning $$ – at minimum I get my money back.

  64. Hey, Tim. I would LOVE to participate but I’m probably considered already pretty “fit” and therefore have much smaller chances of winning compared to those who have (very) high percentages of fat in their bodies. Would you perhaps make another winning category for pretty fit to extremely fit? (ex. 14% body fat, quite muscular -> 7% body fat, very muscular) It’d be an unbelievable pleasure to meet you in person and it’s amusing to see myself wishing that I were obese, haha!

  65. Tim,

    It seems we know alot of the same people here in Seattle, I was glad to hear that you enjoy partaking in smoking a little herb now and then.

    What is the inside joke about the Count Chocula cereal?

  66. Tim-

    I think in principal I am following your plan. I am avoiding everything white, 30g of protein when waking, supplementing, same foods, and a cheat day.

    The way I am accomplishing the same food piece is using Optifast HP through a weight management program. It is a meal replacement for all but 1 meal a day and it has helped me keep a routine in my eating without having a ton of choices. What are your thoughts on this type of product (200 calories, 26g protein, 10 carbs)?

  67. I’m in. Signed up and paid on dietbet, will take the scale photo and will be asking about bodyfat measurement at the gym today to see if they offer it. I’m only a few days behind the start, and I can live with that.

  68. Aargh! I can’t REALLY participate because I’m near the end. I have maybe 10 lbs to lose and I’m pretty much done. Thanks 4 Hour Body, Slow Carb Diet and I can’t forget you “Faturday”. I drank the Kool Aid (on cheat day) and I’m a lifer now!

    To everyone else good luck! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

  69. Did anyone else get nauseous on Slow Carb? It was so bad that I just had to have some toast.

    Also, if everyone splits the pot for reaching 4%, how does that mean a potential pot of $1million? Not likely is it? a) we need thousands more to join and b) 4% isn’t that hard to hit on slow carb

  70. I was a little disappointed in the Lift Habits. I’ve been using Lift already and found that segmenting my habits/goals were better.

    For example, instead of just “Slow-Carb Diet” I have:

    Slow-Carb Breakfast

    Slow-Carb Lunch

    Slow-Carb Dinner

    No snacking

    No calories from drinks

    I personally think not only is this better for long-term tracking purposes (i.e. learn where you are failing most), but it helps build momentum early in the day when you’re will power is strongest.

    Additionally, anyone who has studied BJ Fogg knows that the smaller the habit the more likely it is to stick.

    I love the diet. I’ve lost over 20 lbs. Having trouble losing the final 15 – 20. Perhaps this will push me to the next level.

  71. Tim what are your thoughts on the inbody 720? I’ve read it’s the closest thing to DEXA (apparently the most accurate) yet some people say bia such as the inbody systems aren’t great.

    What is your number one choice of all the ones you listed (inc. inbody)?


  72. Tim,

    Maybe I missed it reading the article, but do you have dates on two photos of you? I assume the latter is present, but what is the date of the “Fat Tim” photo, and why were you so fat? Was it from before you got serious about health?

  73. If 20,000 people do sign up and 33% sucess rate for 4% fat loss, then about a $78 profit may be attainable! If less than 8,000 people sign up and there is a 33% sucess rate, then there would be no profit. However the grand prize to meet Tim Ferris himself, priceless! This is a great idea Tim! Wish I would of read this post at the beginning of the week, I am already behind and of course I had a weekend planned of boozing at the Penn State vs. Ohio State game. If I didn’t pay $115 for my ticket i would be all in. I lost 60 lbs this past year and I am having trouble trying to loose the last 20 lbs fory goal. Please Tim continue your crazy

  74. I wrote in my journal the other day, I’m going to become a Tim Ferriss disciple until it doesn’t work. I want to move forward with several things in life and so after reading the 1st edition several times and now the 2nd of 4hww several times (call me hard headed) Im committed to the principles.

    Why then would I balk at this challenge? Excuses like I just found out about it 2 days after started and I don’t have a lot of weight to lose. Maybe I’m just afraid of not being true to myself once I get started…

    I have the 4hb and can’t wait for the 4hc. I should use this contest to get as a launching pad to the ideal body (and life) I’ve always wanted. If my efforts get recognized, fantastic. I love San Fran. If not, I’ve lost nothing.

    I’m in.

      1. Hi Tim,

        thanks for the inspiration through your books! Can´t wait for the 4 hour chef! You´re totally right, if you want to change something you need to go for it, not only think about it! I changed my complete training plan and diet – I do less but with more effect, simply having fun with the slow carb diet and kettlebell training – people who see me just after two weeks and say “wow”! I think I got 5 or 6 people ordering your book right after I told them about it and seeing my results 😉

        I´m 25, I finished my studies last year and currently I work in a big company. Since I read (and reread) the 4 hour workweek I really want to change my life – ideas are just sparkeling out of my head more and more – thank you man!! 😉

        By the way, I had an idea for a nice little gadget that could suit the 4HB and the 4HChef – is there a way to send it to you safely?

        Thanks, Sascha

    1. Sean,

      I too discovered this challenge several days late and also have little weight to lose compared to a lot of the other contestants (I assume).

      But I like challenges. They’re challenging. And any fat loss is better than no fat loss.



  75. This is a brilliant contest! Just put down my $50 Tim, let’s do this! …but first one more trip to Baskin Robbins.