How to Lose 100 Pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet – Real Pics and Stories

Patrick lost more than 100 pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet.

I find writing very, very difficult.

While on book deadline (right now, for instance), I suffer dramatic ups and downs. In my darkest hours, I re-read reader success stories that have been sent to me. It makes the entire rollercoaster worth it.

This post will detail how readers have lost well over 100 pounds on The Slow-Carb Diet®. It was sparked by an email I received a few weeks ago:

“I just wanted to sincerely thank Tim for taking the time to research and write The 4-Hour Body. My mom, in her late 60’s, lost 45 lbs and got off her high blood pressure meds that she had been on for 20+ years. She did all this in about 3 months. This means that I get to have her around for a long time.”

Anyone can lose hope, and many people do when trying to lose weight. The Slow-Carb Diet (SCD) works almost beyond belief, and it affects much more than appearance. The basic rules are simple:

Rule #1: Avoid “white” starchy carbohydrates (or those that can be white). This means all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains. If you have to ask, don’t eat it.

Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and lunch. You already do this; you’re just picking new default meals.

Rule #3: Don’t drink calories. Exception: 1-2 glasses of dry red wine per night is allowed.

Rule #4: Don’t eat fruit. (Fructose –> glycerol phosphate –> more bodyfat, more or less.) Avocado and tomatoes are excepted.

Rule #5: Take one day off per week and go nuts. I choose and recommend Saturday.

Comprehensive step-by-step details, including Q&As and troubleshooting, can be found in The 4-Hour Body, but the above outline is often enough to lose 20 pounds in a month, drop two clothing sizes, or more.

The SCD works for both women and men. Maria Rider (pictured below) is over 40 years of age and a mother. As she put it to me, she’d always been “the heavy mom.” Now she’s seen differently: “I haven’t seen this weight since my college years! I just wish you’d written the book 20 years ago!”

Last we spoke, she had dropped from 247 pounds to 122 pounds, for a loss thus far of 125 pounds. Her husband has also lost 56 pounds.

The SCD is also effective for going from “normal” to very, very fit, as MP shows:

MP before.

MP after.

The same exact rules apply. No differences whatsoever.


Next, we’ll meet Ricardo A, in depth. Ricardo first reached out to me via email. It began with…

I cannot put into words the great gift you have given me. “[The Slow-Carb Diet is]…intended to be effective, not fun.” As soon as I read those words, I knew I had to give the slow carb diet a try. 210 days later, I haven’t looked back. The change has been incredible. Not just my weight, but my outlook on life. I have followed your instructions to the letter…”

Below, in Ricardo’s own words, is what happens when you follow SCD to the letter.

Ricardo’s Story


People always ask me what moment led me to lose over 150 pounds in 9 months on the Slow Carb Diet (SCD).

I crack a smile when I get asked. Unlike some, who can pinpoint one moment in time which defined the start of their journey, I have three “moments” that immediately come to mind.

The first was months before I started the SCD in August of 2011. It was when I realized that overweight people on TV, told they would die because of their weight, weighed less than I did.

The second moment was the day I got my gym membership card. Instead of it prominently featuring my face, my whole midsection was featured, slumping over the chair.

The third moment, which happened just days before I began the SCD, was when a good friend told me that in order to effectuate positive change in your life, you need strength and guidance. You can acquire strength with discipline and will power, but guidance, well, that’s where Tim comes in.

I recall reading headlines in August that Amazon had just signed its first author for a new publishing arm. Not knowing who Tim Ferriss was, I did some research and found a Gizmodo article. I was at the grocery store that day with my shopping list and began the SCD the very next morning. During my first few days, I was pleasantly surprised to find content and support readily available online, and how much personal feedback Tim would give via his blog. He not only provided you with a plan, but was right there with you when you had any doubts. Tim provided that little push that got me going.

How far I went then was entirely up to me.


“It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.”

This is the best answer I can conjure when asked about my success on the SCD. I truly took Tim’s mantra of keeping it simple to heart. Being able to plan all of my meals ahead of time removes not only stress, but also the guilt associated with eating unhealthy foods. My previous “meal plan” consisted of eating junk food three times a day and constant snacking. Not a day would go by without having dessert, consisting of either a pint of rich ice cream or bag of cookies. Looking back, I can easy understand how I got to 410 pounds.

I have been overweight my entire life.

Whenever I managed to lose weight, I’d gain it all back. I had been open to the idea of dieting for some time but found diets too hard to follow. I would start one, and as soon as I cheated or ate incompliant foods, I would give up. This is why I knew the SCD was something I had to try. How could I pass up losing weight while not only being allowed to “cheat”, but being required to do so for an entire day out of the week?

Months after starting the SCD, I ran into an article in the UK’s Daily Mail explaining the science behind postponing eating, which further reinforced the science behind cheat day on the SCD. This, coupled with the outstanding community aspect (via blogs and personal websites), has led to my success and high compliancy rate (over 90% compliant in the past 9 months). I don’t snack, and I only drink unsweetened iced tea and black coffee. I also drink at least a gallon of water a day.


I eat three meals a day.

– Breakfast, which I have no later than an hour after waking up.

– Lunch, which comes at least 4 hours after breakfast.

– Dinner, which is anywhere from 6-8 hours after lunch.

A typical day would look like this:

Breakfast: 8 ounces of egg whites and one whole jumbo organic egg; black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.

Lunch: ½ pound of vegetarian fed tri-tip steak from trader joes; black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.

Dinner: frozen chicken thighs (cooked on boiling water until thawed then fried with olive oil); black beans (canned and unsalted); and steamed cauliflower.

When I don’t have time to cook at home, I either get a chicken bowl from Chipotle (no dairy or corn) or order a carne asada (grilled steak) plate at my local burrito shop, which consists of steak, pinto beans, and a salad (no cheese).

Keeping your meals simple makes failure less likely.


Based on my experience on the SCD, the only advice I can give you is to stick with it. Your time is now. Don’t make a big fuss about it, and don’t tell it to the mountain. Keep it on the down-low for the first few weeks. This is a personal journey, and success will entirely depend on you. Tim has given you all the tools; now it’s up to you to put them to work. Keep it simple, and if you have to ask, don’t eat it. Save it for your cheat day.

I started the SCD on a Wednesday and did not have my first cheat day until the second Saturday. I invite you to take the “Wednesday Challenge” and do the same. This will give you a head start and allow you to build up will-power.

I still carry the gym membership photo in my wallet every day.

It’s constant motivation to keep at it… to continue on this wonderful, albeit challenging, journey.

I did my part, building the strength through discipline and will power to succeed on the SCD. But without Tim’s guidance, I would not be here telling you my story. Seek strength. Seek guidance.

My name is Ricardo, I am 31-years old, and I’ve lost more than 150 pounds on the SCD. Thank you, Tim.

Afterword from Tim

First of all, thank you, Ricardo. Sincere thanks to all of you who read what I write.

And congratulations to all who’ve made it happen!

Armed with a basic overview of the SCD, Ricardo lost 150 pounds. Similarly, the others above took a basic plan and put it into practice.

Now, I ask a small favor:

1. If you’re trying to lose fat, commit to testing The Slow-Carb Diet for two weeks starting this Wednesday. Read the above, perhaps consider The 4-Hour Body, and just get started. Put it on the calendar and make it happen.

2. If you’ve lost weight on The Slow-Carb Diet, please fill out this form! It’ll take 10 seconds and help me gather valuable data. Thank you in advance.

3. Last, if you know someone who needs (or wants) to lose weight, please tell them about Slow-Carb somehow.

I don’t care at all if they buy the book or not. The Gizmodo article and other blog links can do a great job. I’ve seen the tremendous difference it can make in the lives of entire families, not just individuals. Whether it’s life-or-death or just looking better in jeans, if you know someone who can benefit, please pass it on.

Thank you for reading, everyone, and have a wonderful week.

If you have any Slow-Carb stories (or before-and-after pics), I’d absolutely love to see them in the comments! They would truly make my summer, which is going to be a tough one…

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  1. Hi Tim, i’m reading your book 4-hour body, it is a great read. I have a question about Quinoa. Can i eat Quinoa when on the slow carb diet? Comparing it to rice i don’t see big differences but it is being hailed by all professional health care practitioners. I am not sure if you would throw it with the “white” carbs or not.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  2. Tim, my wife and I are going to start the SCD. But we have kids and wanted to hear your thoughts. I figure they can eat the same meals as us without the restrictions. I just can’t find any info about this anywhere.


  3. Hey Tim, I am 15 years old and am 178 lb’s. I want to loose weight so much, people tell me im very handsome and look at my body and just go mental. Since i was 8 i ate Crap. I want to change that now, i have tried all the diets i could but i gave up each time. Your plan seems very cool and easy. I cant wait to give it a try this Monday. If it works, than i owe you my whole life. So glad i came across this!!!

    1. Henry, good luck with it. My sons are 14 (twins). One was a little over large. This last summer (his choice) he and his much older brother totally changed how they ate, out went all the processed drinks and potato chips, and biscuits and chocolates particularly those he ate at night. Those two boys have transformed themselves over the summer. They eat huge quantities of grapes and fruits which may not be very paleo but that doesn’t matter as they are fit and lean and although I love them however they are, they look so much better and are fitter so yes it works and stick to it. I don’t interfere with them at all as you need to decide these things for yourself. They take large jugs of water upstairs with them now, not diet coke and when their big sister left we got rid of all the junk food, chocolate etc in the house.

      1. Thank you, since yesterday(Monday) i have been eating healthy, and i consume less than a thousand calories a day. I have lost a pound since yesterday. Each time i come across junk food, i look at myself and imagine what i would look like if i didn’t eat them. Each time i go on the scale i see my weight going down even by grams. Each time i see that i feel like i get closer to my goal. I have a long way but im committed, I will loose 20lb’s and when i do i will upload it on this blog. I am very happy for your twins, i hope they will stay that way as i know so many people that have lost weight and gained it back. I am committed to loose this weight. Thanks 😀

  4. Tim I’m trying to lose 100lbs. I’m down 30lbs after 6 weeks SCD. I’ve been swinging the 55lb kettlebell 75 times 3 x a week plus 6 minute abs. My question is: At what point along my journey should I consider switching to say Occam’s? When I am at the halfway point to my goal? When I get closer to 100% of goal? When I get bored swinging the kettlebell?



  5. I have been a vegan for 15 years. At 37 years old last Spring I weighed 175 lbs. I never thought that I could control my weight, I hated exercise and lived a very sedentary pizza and pasta life. Last June after watching the Tim Ferriss episode of “A Day in the Life” I decided to purchase the 4-Hour-Body. It changed my life. I couldn’t do exactly what Tim laid out as I am a strict vegan, and have no interest in changing that. So I made a few changes and watched with disbelief as my weight dropped into the normal range for the first time in 15 years.

    Since June I have lost almost 35 pounds, I weigh 141 lbs now, my goal is 135 what I weighed in high school! Here is what I do, and it has worked SO WELL for me… My husband has joined in and it is fun watching him gain muscle. We both have so much more energy!

    The changes:

    Replace breakfast of toast and tea with Sun Warrior Rice protein smoothie first thing in the morning. I put almonds, coconut and hemp milk, flax seed, some berries and cinnamon in it. -So good, I can’t wait to wake up and eat it…

    Lunch is boring – usually beans with tofu or tempeh which the kids at school (I teach) say, “Isn’t that just beans with more beans?” But it keeps me full forever, I don’t snack at all, I don’t need to.

    Dinner, usually steamed veggies, some form of protein (we frequently eat Gardein which is wheat gluten, but obviously not causing my weight loss to stop.) and every other day some quinoa or rice. We use lots of oil and seasonings. We also have avocado a lot.

    Saturdays are a free-for-all with no rules other than we still start with a smoothie. Then we eat lots of junk food and carbs..

    The biggest factor in my weight loss is water. I don’t love drinking water but if I don’t drink at least 40 ounces a day I will plateau. It is a guarantee. So I keep water with me and drink as much as I can stand.

    That is it for my diet…

    I also do exercises laid out by the 4-hour body every other day.

    In addition my husband and I got Fitbits and an Aria scale to keep track of what we are doing. Having all that data is so fun. I have been measuring myself every week since I started. I thought I would share those changes too (all in inches.)

    Waist June 2012 -33.75 in Jan. 2013 -27 in

    Mid upper arm June -12.5 Jan. -10.125 (average of both)

    Hips June -44.25 Jan. -37.5

    Chest June -40 Jan -36

    Upper leg June -24.75 Jan -20.75 (Average of both)

    Calf June -15.75 Jan -14 (Average of both)

    I have lost a total of 33.5 inches off of all of the areas I measured.

    Tim is right, you choose what you are willing to change, and you watch the weight fall away. I bought an ice pack and I am going to try doing ice packs a couple times a week too, but no drugs or weight loss supplements ever for me.

    I am a believer!


  6. I caught only about 25 min. of an interview w/you today on NPR. Very enjoyable. I thought you mentioned that red wine triggered an estrogen that would inhibit weight loss in women over 40. Is that correct? If so is it specifically red wine or just alcohol in-general?

  7. Hi Tim! I like the Chipotle diet you mentioned in your book. I’d like to make something similar at home but was thinking about making a Fajita in a chickpea tortilla. Chickpeas are legumes, right? Does that mean chickpea flour is okay? If anyone else knows please feel free to Reply.

  8. Hi I was introduced to this page by a friend and I am eager to know more about the plan. I have tried to purchase the book but it doesn’t seem to be available in the UK. If followed here, would I get the same results?

  9. Hi Tim,

    I’ve been following a lot of your videos and seminars online recently. Being a personal trainer I love further education and study so I’ve found your research fascinating.

    The question I have what do you think about the blood group diet and matching foods to a persons blood group? and how you can apply this to a persons own fat loss journey.

  10. Hi,

    Are there any guidelines or rules for the cheat day? I am just starting out and I’m sceptical that I can actually eat whatever I want for a full day and still lose weight. Does this cheat day actually work?


    1. Hey Jess! I’ve lost 80lbs. so far with cheat day every week. And some weeks I have a mid week cheat meal as well. If you don’t know the science, it is hard to believe it will work, but the main idea is that as long as you’re diet is slow carb for 80-90% of the time, your body will be in the right metabolic and biochemical state to burn fat, and thus, you can handle one day with tons of carbs/calories.

      Also, by going slow carb (or low carb, or paleo, or keto, etc.etc.) you will, by default, eat fewer calories. If you limit calories for an extended period of time, your body will realize what’s happening and “downshift” production of your thyroid hormones, which lowers metabolism and means your body will burn less energy! that’s not what we want. So, cheat day serves to “trick” your thyroid into thinking you’re still eating a lot of calories so you don’t lower metabolism.

      Hope this helps! Good luck!!

  11. Dear Tim,

    I know you’re always trying to improve your 4HB and other works, and I found a book that is extremely helpful in the planning and dieting phases.

    The book is Body Rx: Dr.Scott Connelly’s 6-Pack Prescription

    I got it on Amazon for like 3 bucks (free shipping with amazon prime, woot).

    Anyway I learned about it via. word-of-mouth on reddit. The pages I am referring to are 147-156, then 164-175. What they are is meal plans set up in a way that makes the meals manageable, giving a list of good-tasting food that’s easy to acquire and prepare. It also has weight-to-required nutrient scales, and it has blank meal-planning sheets (and separate daily menus) so that it makes the process easier. He goes by a 6-meal-a-day plan, but it all seems quite easily manageable.

    One day’s menu example is:

    1) Tuna Salad. Hard boiled egg over crudité (fancy French word for a vegetable platter)

    2) Protein shake & berries

    3) High-fiber cold cereal with milk. Mineral water.

    4) Nonfat yogurt. Fresh fruit.

    5) Rotisserie chicken. Steamed vegetables. Baked potato. Fresh fruit salad. Water.

    6) Protein shake.

    That sounds slightly better-tasting than steamed cauliflower all day every day, and also you can see from the cover of the book that the guy is in great shape and healthy. However, his plan does take longer to start effectively burning fat because his plan is about completely changing one’s metabolism, not immediate fat loss (which is one thing I really liked about your book).

    Another thing I thought you might find interesting; page 10 of the book,

    “The 6-Pack Prescription is scientifically designed to build high-quality muscle that burns fat better and faster than anything else. You don’t have to work out for hours every day to get this great result. Give me four hours a week and I can transform your body.”

    Page 24, “When it comes to following a meal plan, simplicity rules!”

    OH SHIT SONN! 4 hours a week. That 4 hours thing is starting to sound like the magic number. Simple + 4 hours a week…he’s like a Tim Ferris, except in 2001.

    He also goes for strength training over aerobics, dislikes fructose,

    Anyway, I also like that is has a real workout plan in there in addition to telling you how to form your own workout plan. I can’t tell you how many freaking books I’ve read where it’s like “here’s 8 chapters about how to make a workout plan and everything about the work out.” Having a pre-made “beginner’s” workout plan present helped me a TON, because it allowed me to work out WHILE learning how to form my own plans and integrate them into the beginner’s plans, AND it got me into the habit of working out. More books should do this, IMO. Examples of the work out plans start at page 199. Info about forming your own plans is earlier. Oh and it has a calendar so you can plan workouts too, makes it a lot easier to have that visual there in front of you.

    All that being said, thank you for your book! Yours is still my favorite workout and healthy-eating book ever because it is what got me started and it’s extremely relevant; thanks for being awesome, Tim!


    Joshua C

  12. Hi Tim:

    I just wanted to drop by to thank you for this wonderful tool. I have been dieting from 13 years, loosing and regaining weight again. I was not frustrated, as I gained weight eating deliciously, this january of 2013 though. I decided to take a leap of faith and start the diet.

    I have only been on it for 2.5 weeks, and I have already loose 9 pounds, I feel lucky and grateful for being able to find something that works faster than regular diets, as I am only able to stick with them for 6 months, and not a second after.

    Now I feel confident that I will be able to loose the 20 pounds I have left to loose by March 7th. I am beyond happy, and feel better than ever, even with the ability to drink water, that is something that I found before simply disgusting and nausiating, now I am thirsty all the time.

    I would like to know if I can eat mexican tortillas(I live in Mexico), I havent tried as you forbide all grains and corn is a grain. But I want to know, as there are some baked tostadas that will be very tastefull with pinto beans.

    On the other hand, I am simply enjoying the ability to have large breakfasts, with enough eggs and bean

    Elisa M

    39 years old

    Starting Weight 155.3 pounds

    Starting Date Jan 14 2013

    Current Weight 145.5 pounds

    Note to your editors, the version in spanish has one of the worst translators ever, they translated cool(I guess you wrote that in english, for guay in spanish wich is not universally understood among spanish speaking countries, better leave the slang in english)

    Take Care and Gxd Bless you!


  13. Hi, quick question here!

    My father suffered an ischemic stroke in August of 2011 due to very high blood pressure and obesity. He has been rehabbing for the last year and has been making a steady, albeit slow recovery.

    He has gotten his blood pressure to normal levels and has been trying to lose weight with some success, but not nearly as much as he would like.

    He recently came across the 4HB and started the Slow Carb Diet last week.

    Does anyone know of any reason why this might or might not be a good idea given his condition.

    Of course I understand the logical reply would be for him to talk to his physician, but just wondering if anyone might have any information they might be able to provide.



  14. My wife and I are going on SCD today (we will be taking pictures measurements etc.). While I know that bread is generally a no-no I came across this and would love to hear feedback from you for some of the other commenters. Thanks for all your help here we go!

    Julian Bakery Paleo Bread -Coconut, is organic, starch-free, grain free, gluten free, yeast free, soy free, dairy Free, and ideal for any diet. The Paleo Bread, Coconut, is the first starch free, gluten free, grain Free, low carb bread on the market! Get lean and sculpted while still enjoying this particular variety! *Nutritional Info Provided By An Independent Lab For Accuracy* **GI= Zero / Stay In Ketosis** **Freezes great for 4+ Months** “Paleo Breads Are Soft & Fluffy & Do NOT Crumble” (HCG Diet Approved)

  15. Hey Tim,

    Ruben here from the Netherlands.

    I have a question: is it alright to eat things like brown rice oats and whole grain pasta in combination with chicken and say broccoli for lunch or diner

    a lot of programs tell you to eat slow carbs with your meals for muscle growth.

    by the way i am working out 5 times a week on the p90x program.

    would be thrilled to get your perspective

    grtz Ruben Koopman

    1. Sorry for cutting in, know I’m not Tim, but both parts have been addressed already on this page, and are answered in more detail in the 4hb book.

      Grains- white, brown, whole or any other variation- are for cheat day. Well, there’s some great advice for cheat day too under “the lost art of binging”, but if you have to eat grains, save them for cheat day, and keep your during the week meals to protein, legumes, and vegetables. I have more success the simpler I keep it, and stick to it better the less variation I attempt.

      For the last bit, I’m not sure what your purpose is, but it seems you’re working out a bit too often. 2-3x/week does a body good and gives your muscles time to recover. At the least, if you’re working out so much, its probably best to make sure you’re getting enough calories not to wind up drained, and also make sure you get plenty of rest.

      Tim, feel free to correct me on any of that, and Ruben, best wishes!

  16. Thanks Tim, I remember reading about your Slow Carb Diet 5 years ago, I was just starting the summer before my senior year of high school. Before that time I had no concept of healthy eating, all of my family is very overweight so I just lived like them and was at a staggering 310 pounds. At the end of my senior year I was down to 180, the rumor was that I was on serious drugs lol.

    Just got to say thanks so much for the diet, and also the 4-hour Chef. Can’t wait to hear you on the Joe Rogan podcast again!

  17. I am so excited! I started last Wednesday, had no cheat day over the weekend and am down 4 pounds. Book arrived yesterday so have started the required reading. My question is…. what if I’m not hungry? Do I still HAVE to eat? I love all the things on the list of foods to eat so I am getting plenty. Maybe I’m eating too much? Anyone have any ideas about this? Tim – thanks SOOO much – I have been fighting this battle all my life. This is so easy and simple I know it will be the last time I have to do this. I’m changing my life for the better!! Deb

      1. Hi Deb,

        I have been on the diet for 3 weeks and find that almond butter really helps me when I have my sweet cravings, the worst day is the day after my cheat day so I plan for 1 T in between lunch and dinner and then another Tablespoon after dinner.

        Hope this helps!

    1. It’s called “discipline,” Deb. 🙂

      No shortcuts around it. But that cheat day is oh-so much more satisfying when you stick to it!

  18. Well, nobody else is writing so I am. Log, log, log!!! Tim, I LOVE the diet, I love the book. I have fought the battle ALL my life. I’m very lucky!! I LOVE the foods on the list and enjoy eating them. They are also VERY easy to get in the real world!!

    I started last Wednesday, did not have a cheat day Saturday and weighed in today 6.2 pounds less that on the 6th. I am totally psyched!!!

    I’m going on vacation in 43 days and can’t wait to see my parents faces when I step off that plane!! My adopted sister there will be amazed too.

    This is the best thing to happen to me in a VERY long time!! Thanks again!! Deb

  19. I’ve Basically tried everything, but couldn’t commit.

    I love being active, but really struggle to keep the weight down!

    As soon as I feel Im on a role, I just start cheating and gaining.

    Im on anti depessants which also influences my ability to loose weight.


    Im starting my SCD Journey tomorrow at 167lbs!

    My goal is 115lbs.

    Fingers Crossed!!!

    Hopefully you will see some interresting before and after pictures soon.

  20. Hi Tim,

    I’m new to the 4-hour series, but feeling inspired by what I’m reading. I’m heading to town tomorrow to buy the 4 hour body and 4 hour chef!


  21. I agree it always comes back to the carbs. I’ve tried quite a few workout programs and eating plans to stay in shape (in my 40’s now). I currently do Insanity to keep my ticker in good shape. But it all comes down to eating carbs for me – if I stay away from the starchy white stuff, my body looks and feels in much better shape. Great article!

  22. In the book, Tim lists the allowable foods on the SCD and states that these items can be eaten as much as the individual chooses…but when I read the comments from dieters, it seems they are limiting the amount of food they are eating. So my question is..can I eat as much as I want if the allowable foods on the 6 diet days per week or not, because I find myself hungry which for me leads dangerously to a rumble off the wagon. Additionally, it seems that I lose 3 lb per week..then have my cheat day, put those 3 back kn, go back to the diet and start the process all over again. What am I doing wrong?

    1. YES!!! Eat at much of the items on the list as you want. Hungry – eat more! Just stay with the items on the list and you’ll be fine. I to have struggled with the back and forth so I have lowed my cheat day by a few carbs and I have started to lose again. I don’t go whole hog but I do eat the things I want to on my cheat day just not so many carbs. Hope this helps. Deb

      1. Thanks Deb. I think things may work a little differently in females than males. What do u think? Also I will have to say that I FEEL really good whole on the diet and felt sick as a dog on my cheat day. After the first high carb meal, just really didn’t find the joy in it that I thought I would. I work, own my own business and am up by 5:30 most mornings so doing morning exercise is not in the program for me. Any ideas on the definition of ‘light exercise’ and some feedback on what’s working for some ppl would help me out greatly..I am 47, 5′ 7 1/2″ and weigh 165-170. I would live to be around 150 but the pounds aren’t as important to me as the appearance. I need to lose my winter coat….hope this really works!

  23. Thx goddes I love bean;) but do I have to stay on this diet till the end of my life? Or any lighter mode is expected after u lose weight? 🙂

  24. I am a type 2 diabetic that had tried all kinds of different “diets” that I could not stick to. This is the only one that I have tried that I consider a lifestyle that actually works for me. Not only have I lost a significant amount of weight but my numbers are now that of a normal person without taking medication. I feel fantastic and enjoy my regular days as much as my “reward

    Day”. I can not thank you enough. I also love doing kettle bell work outs.

  25. Hello All!

    Just starting the SCD. Question as to food. Is carrot juice with out added sugar ok? What about chia seeds? What about quinoa? I know quinoa is a grain but you can get the dark colored quinoa, which has a lot of protein in it.


    1. I feel like the qualified foods and non-qualified foods have been well answered in these posts. If it isn’t meat, beans or vegetables AVOID THEM. Keep your meals simple. My weight loss has halted many times when I tried to add anything else. Rule of thumb: If you question the food, don’t eat it. My meals consist of a lot of chili, mexican (w/o corn), and tuna/black bean lettuce wraps, eggs/breakfast meat.

      I cannot stress enough how you NEED to keep your meals simple. Do not over complicate this people. You will most likely see a pause in your progress.

  26. I have been strictly on the 4 hour diet plan for three weeks now (PAGG supplements, no diet soda, plenty of water, cutting down on working out to just 15- 35 minutes a day- calisthenics and push up type things- and so on) and have not lost any weight at all.

    Now, I had already lost 50 pounds via other methods over the last three years (exercise and South Beach) and have stalled with my last 20 pounds to lose for the last year. Any suggestions? I want this to work and am committed to trying the 4 hour Plan out.

    On the plus side, I really like the cheat day and have not gained anything after eating food I have avoided for years.

    If this has been addressed elsewhere, please let me know where to find information on this, I apologize if I have missed it.

    Thank you so much.

    1. So I feel like I just let out a huge fart in a revival meeting, sorry to be a wet blanket, but I have been on this 5 weeks and not lost a pound. I’ll try for another month (why not? I have not gained anything and enjoy the cheat days- is it possible that I am over doing this day?)

      So far, this plan does not work. If anything changes I’ll post.

  27. I have been doing your eating lifestyle for about 2 months now and have seen very little change as compared to the others stories I have seen. My boyfriend and I eat the same meals every day. He has lost about 6″ off his middle and about 25 lb in the 2 month span. I started at around 148-150. Im 5’4″ and wear about a size 8jeans. I am pretty muscular compared to most girls, but have a lot of flab on the belly and thighs. After 2 months I am now 145lb, but have lost about an inch around my waist, and half inch or so off my arms. Seems like my rear is a bit higher and smaller, but my thighs are the same as they were before. The difference between him and me is that 1) he had a lot more weight to lose, and 2) he walks and goes up and down stairs all day at his job. I, on the other hand sit at my desk almost all day, sometimes 12 or more hours. I do a crossfit style work out 2-3 days per week for 20-30 min, and 2 days I do half hour of yoga. I drink a ton more water than him too. He also has 2 -3 whiskey and diet cokes daily. I stick to the 2 glasses of dry red wine. I am completely puzzled as to why I don’t lose any weight, and I am about to give up! Please advise on what you think may be the deal!

    1. To be honest, it sounds like you have made some great progress. You lost how many total inches in two months? Not bad. I’ve been on this diet for over 1 1/2 years and I’ve lost 104 lbs. Now I’m lucky to lose 3 lbs a month. But what I’m noticed is my body fat percentage has gone down and I can see a physical difference in my appearance. Sounds to me (based on your exercise routine) the diet is working great for you. What you’re experiencing is normal. I see the same results as you now that I have only 40lbs or so to lose. Just remember this diet is about body recomposition, not necessarily weight loss.

      1. Felicia – DON’T give up!!! Stick with it. I lost 6 pounds right off the bat and not have stopped losing. But my inches have changed. Jessie is right (altho I am guessing he is male) and remember males loose more quickly than females. I don’t get that but I know it to be true. Also people with way more to lose, lose faster than those of us just going down 25 or so pounds. Yes, keep it simple and eat only the foods on the acceptable list. It will work for you (and me)!! Good Luck!!

      2. @Deb – I’m female. I just have one of those unisex names, haha!

        I was just obese when I started. My progress has halted a few times when I didn’t follow the diet EXACTLY. I’m 5′ 11″, 27 years old and I started out at 321 lbs. It was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I tried low calorie diets and never lost more than 15 lbs. So when I got on the Slow Carb Diet (we coin it as the bean diet), I saw massive amount of weight loss at first. I had 150+ lbs to lose at the time- of course I’m going to lose a ton of weight. I’m now 220 lbs, I look a ton better, and my height hides the fact that I’m still overweight. But now I only lose 1 maybe 2 lbs a week. But the point is, I’m still making progress! Hang in there guys!

      3. Jessie – Ya fooled me. Wow – You’re amazing girl!! GREAT job!! I hope I can get great results like you have had. You’re right tho – we all need to hang in there and stay with the program! (think I will skip my cheat day this week and see if that gives me the boast I need to get off of this plateau)

    2. I was having the same issue, only losing about 1 lb a week, this week I cut out eggs and corn and now have dropped 3 lbs already!

      This week I have been drinking a protein shake as soon as I wake up and then a big lunch 6 hours later and a small dinner typically 300 calories.

      1. You can’t have corn except on your cheat days. You SHOULD eat eggs first thing when you get up! Follow the food plan and you WILL loose weight.

      2. Cut the Protein shake too. That really caused a stall in my weight loss. Eat meat or some other form of protein instead.

  28. Hey Tim,

    I want to start the slow carb diet but I still have a few questions on how to get started…i can only drink unsweetened tea and water? There are no portion controls? I can use butter??

  29. I am from south africa I’m so depressed abot my weight I really need to lose weight. I’m 257 pound today the high I have ever been in my life I had a baby 2 years back I just can’t seem to get ride of this weight please please help!!!!!!!

  30. I am starting the scd tomorrow and i am excited to start! I need to lose 90 lbs to get to my goal wieght and i am so greatful that I found this blog everything thing else costs money and the fact that there are real people and there stories makes it so assuring! I will keep you updated on my success. Thank you!

  31. Ok so i’ve Been on this Slow Carb Diet for almost 2weeks Now. i Lost 5 pounds my first week but the second week i didnt lose a pound . is this ok ? wasnt i suppose to lose sum pounds the 2nd week to ? should i be calm about this and keep going ?

  32. I am in the process of reading the 4 Hour Chef and I noticed that the recipe for MLBJ contains goat cheese. I was under assumption that all of the non-cheat day recipes in the book were slow carb friendly. Am I to understand that this means goat cheese is also slow carb friendly? If so, this will make my day. ‘Loooove the goat cheese!

  33. Hello, I am thinking about trying this diet. I am in the military and due to the way I am built, I am always teetering at my max weight (145 lbs. at 64″ tall) even though I am smaller than many women who weigh less than I do. I hope to use this diet to get down to a weight were I don’t have to worry about making weight.

    I have a couple of questions though, how can this diet be easily adapted to having a barracks room with just a microwave and mini fridge? Also, is tofu or protein supplements allowed? I try not to eat meat or dairy, just eggs. Thanks so much! And also, everyone whose stories are posted look great!

  34. Hi how are you? My name is Tonysha and I really need to loose weight. I weight 456 lbs. this is very stressful. I have 2 young boys who need me ages 4 and 1 and I’m only 26yrs old and scared that I will not make it to see my kids live their life if I don’t shed off these pounds. I have always been the heavy type all my life and I have always been the type of person that loves to walk, but since my gaining of weight I can’t even do long walks like I used to without me getting out of breath and my back in pain. I have so many things that I want to do with my baby’s but I’m afraid to go out and I fall out. I really need help. I’m a single parent and my kids is all I have and I am willing to do whatever it takes. Please help.

    1. Hi Tonysha this is Ricardo from the pics in the blog post. You need to get started right now. It’s great that you find motivation in your children but it has to come from within. You have to light that fire within you that will get you going. All it takes is one meal. Start there. Go to the grocery store today, buy what you need to get started now. Protein, veggies, and beans. Keep it simple and make it a priority. It’s all in your hands. Just make that decision to get started. I know that while this might sound quite simple to most it is not. I understand how hard it is to get started, but Tonysha believe me when you get the ball rolling and make that very personal decision nothing will be able to stop you and you will enjoy the success of your labor. Buena suerte and keep us posted.


  35. I just ordered the book and should have that in the next week or so. When I do get it, I will post my measurement and put a pic on here every month until I get down to 135 pounds, I really want this to work. I promise to be honest throughout the diet. I will let you know about food I eat on my good days, food I eat on my OFF Day, how much I loose per week, etc….I want to prove that this diet is probably the best hing out there right now or it isn’t. Like I said, I will put a beginning pic on here and every month change it until I get down to my ideal weight. I’m going to need all of the positive energy that I can get from this community to keep me going. Deal? I can tell you I will need need to lose an extreme amount of weight. So please cheer me on, Thanks, Connie

  36. Hi

    can you have lamb or chicken mince meat? I am running out of ideas for meals and am getting a bit sick of eating the same thing and dont want to stop doing the diet as i have lost 5lbs in my first week!



  37. HELP!!

    I tried the diet for 2 weeks and found it easy to stick to and wasnt hungry on it at all but only lost 2kg. The hardest thing was eating straight away, other than a protein shake, which i cant stomach, what are my options, can I have a spoon of nut butter with my coffee first thing and then eat my eggs & bacon?

    i have a back injury and so movement is llimited to light walking, i am desperate to lose weight, around 8kgs and am planning on re-starting the diet on Monday.

    Advice is much appreciated!!

  38. WOW! Amazing transformations here! Congratulations to all of these people on their weight loss journeys! This is true motivation, it can be done and these photos are proof!

  39. I have been doing the SCD for a few months now (the first month not very serious). I am a little frustrated and would love some advice. I have 12 pounds total but have only lost 3 pounds in the last 25 days. 2 of them came back on after cheat day and have not gone away 5 days later. I am following the diet really well but am falling short on calories, I keep ending up at about 900 for the day. I do have a thyroid problem that we are trying to control. I don’t eat anything white and I eat the same things (beans, chicken and vegetables). I find it difficult to eat breakfast because it makes me nauseated, so I drink a protein shake. Please help!!

    1. Also, I am not restricting myself on how much I eat or the amount of calories. With the foods that I am eating, the beans I think, I feel satisfied and don’t feel like I need to eat more.

      1. Unless you’re under 120 lbs, you need to eat more. 900 calories is not enough. Get rid of the protein shake, it is nothing but trouble. And as far as breakfast, I know it makes you sick but you get used to it. I had trouble the first couple of weeks, now I can’t live without an immediate breakfast. Have eggs, meat, and lentils or something within 30 minutes. If you screw up the breakfast thing, forget about seeing any significant results. Trust me, I’ve been through the same issues.

        Also, you said you have thyroid issues. Try and get that taken care of because will also greatly affect your weight loss.

  40. So in the book it says we are allowed “low cal drinks” what is considered “low cal”?

    i guess specifically, can I drink Arizona Green Tea?

  41. Help my son is getting married in September this year and I am really struggling to loose any weight at all despite cutting down and eating more healthy foods. I need to loose at least 28 lbs where can I get this book



  42. Hi Tim,

    I was wondering if I could combine Occam’s Protocol with slow carb? My goal is weight loss. Would that give me better results? Or should I not use both programs simultaneously?

    I can’t seem to find anything on the book or the website that talk about combining the two. If not, aside from kettlebell swings, what would be a good workout to combine with slow carb?


    – LJ

  43. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for such an educative write up. I’ll start tomorrow morning being 18th May 2013. I have two questions to ask:

    1– Can i take brown beans in place of black beans? for black beans is not available in my country.

    2. Is it ok to take oatmeal as breakfast?

    Kind Regards,


  44. Pura vida Tim from Costa Rica! I’ve been following your diet for 2 weeks (food and light exercise not supplements) and I’ve only lost 4 pounds, should I make any changes? And have you heard about Zrii products? Does Amalaki intake and Achieve shakes could have something to do? Thank you for your book! Love reading it!

  45. Last year I did great on the SCD lost 35 pounds however gained 15 back now back at it and I lose 5 pounds a week however the day after my cheat day the five pounds are back. This has been going on for 3 weeks. What am I doing wrong.

  46. I am skinny and always have been, no matter how I eat. I am a runner and compete frequently. Do you recommend following the slow carb diet? I don’t need to lose weight, but would it help my running?

    1. Eli, eating healthy and listening to your body are really important. If you are eating healthier, it will help your running because your body is tearing down muscle when you run…. what you eat is what you are re-building your body with.

  47. I’ve been “prone” to being heavy my entire life. I’ve NEVER been “skinny”. I’m the genetic equivalent of a “fire hydrant” in shape and size. My dad was 6ft-3 inches and my mom was barely 5 feet 0 inches. I couldn’t be skinny if I wanted to. I’m strong; I always have been. I could bench press twice my body weight when I was 17. I went into 3 months of boot camp and came out at 185 lbs..all meat and bone. I am 5 foot 9. Fast forward. I’ve gained even more muscle mass..which is not that unusual. I found myself working as a construction contractor and I developed even more muscles, and a gargantuan apetite. I’d burn an easy 2500 to 2800 calories a day at work. I’d consume all of that back every evening, too. I’d drink beer and have second helpings of everything. When I got married, I never got rid of my “baby fat”, even though the wife did. I never paid attention to myself; I’ve always paid attention to others, to the property, to my responsibilities, but never, to myself. Things were “tough”, but they got worse. I hurt my back. Really badly. I got surgery, which didn’t really help, it merely traded one set of excruciating pains for another, but it at least saved my left sciatic nerve from dying..(by fusing the two vertebrae and twisting the broken piece off of my nerve bundle..), I got involved in lifting car off of a guy that had a roll-over accident…everybody else quit lifting but me. I also got an umbilical hernia out of the deal too. The guy still died. But, that’s not the end of it. I turned Middle Aged during the Great Recession, and haven’t had a full-time job since Obama got elected the first time. STRESS?? Hell yes. Depression? A-huh. Drinking? Ho-boy. Too much beer, too much nervous eating and too much pain. I can’t exercise…I have GOT to save what little “pain free” I have in order to “spend” it on my part time work when I get it. I’ve gone the Low Carb route and have indeed lost weight. ‘Got tired of missing carbos though, The price of meat is no longer an option. Who can afford $5 a pound for hamburger? Hello cheap food. Hello vicious cycle.

    So, here I am; a good 60 pounds over-weight standing at 280 lbs. I am NOT a 185-pound guy..I am the thick boned character that wears a size 11 shoe but now stands about 5ft 8 inches thanks to back surgery. I’ll never be a skinny minnie. But, I WILL HAVE TO BE, “right” for me. And right now, that’s somewhere just over the border of 200 lbs. I’ve got 16 inch biceps, so please consider that BMI is BULL for my body type ( boot camp, skin and meat..= 185 lbs and 18 years old..not done filling-out..”.I’m an easy 220lbs and fit/healthy despite 5ft8 ). I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT in ORDER TO GET A JOB !! Being middle aged, white, male and FAT…well…who would WANT to hire me when they don’t HAVE to ? I know that. There’s lots to comment about when somebody lets themselves get that bad. They’re right, too. I understand that. I’ve had enough. I’ve gone past my limit. I know I have hardware in my back and have a worn-out spine ( my doctor is adamant about me changing jobs..but I can’t get hired for anything other than construction !!! I’ve got 25 years in the trades and my body is, I am desperately depending on re-shaping my body and re-shaping my future, because the alternative is no alternative. …). I’m asking everybody for their kind thoughts and encouragement; I need your help. Please send me your positive thoughts of encouragement….thanks.


  48. Tim, I’ve never been fat before now. The last 3 years I went from 130lb great shape great self esteem and that after 5 kids. To a total life break down. I have gained 75 lbs in 3 years. I started Your weightloss plan on Saturday and have dropped 4 pounds! Only 71 pounds to go, but Now I KNOW how! Thank YOU!

  49. Tim,

    SCB works !! I’ve on this diet since 2009 and I came down from size 34 to 30. Now I think I am on 29 :)- I learnt that I am allow cheat day. I do it occasionally when I need a blast of ICE CREAM. I enjoy the sharing.

  50. Beware of any diet that excludes a food group. No fruit? Sure I get the sugar content, but what about the nutrients? A thin, undernourished body is no healthier than an obese body.

    1. If you’re eating a whole foods diet, there are MUCH more nutritious foods than fruit. Also, this notion of having fruit readily available throughout the entire year is as new in human evolution than anything. As recently as 200 years ago, people ONLY ate fruit when it was in season and in many parts of the world had no fruit for the majority of the year.

  51. Tim, I was blown away by the concepts of 4hr chef, and the more you referenced concepts from your other books the more my curiosity piqued.

    4hr body being the big touchstaone.

    I’ve been a minimum of chubby my whole life. My weight has been bust or flush accross a myriad of unfufilling programs and diets. Though wary of saviors and quick fixes, I am moved by the idea of slow-carb, 4-hr body, and an end to sloven and oafish being the first impression my size makes for me!

    If it works (hell even it it doesn’t), it’s renewed my hope about the possibility. For that you have my thanks. For the rest, I will report, when I have something to say.

  52. I don’t doubt the results of this diet, but a lot of aspects of it seem just impossible for me to follow….makes me feel really discouraged actually.

    I have a sweet tooth, I crave a sweet taste at least once a day, dried fruits or yogurt are my ”healthy” alternative to cookies and cakes.

    I’m picky in a sense that I can’t eat the same thing twice in a week, so repeating meals is a no no for me,

    I’m almost never home so I eat out all the time, mostly at my work cafeteria, I can’t stand any of the warm meals so I eat sandwhiches everyday, assuming they have different ones, and I go out for sushi once a week. I love vegetables but only if they’re cooked, and I can’t stand any legumes. Salad is okay once in a while

    i know this sounds whiny and annoying, I’m sorry, but if I have to eat something I don’t like or feel like eating I’d actually rather starve than eat it…

    The only thing that I do is the not drinking calories, expect when I drink alcohol like once a week. I like it but it but didn’t make me lose weight so far…

  53. Love your blog Tim. I think the slow carb diet is really great for anyone.

    I have been trying it out myself and am already seeing good results. The cold showers are a little rough though.

    Found that on some mornings I don’t have time to cook up the egg whites and veggies so I want to try them in the microwave next.

    I plan on doing a post soon about the slow carb diet and love to include some of your stuff.

  54. I have a big question about starchy foods (sorry if it’s been asked/explained before, but I could not find it). According to a reputable source, 100g of cooked beans and lentils (roughly 1/2 cup) have roughly the same amount of starch as 100g of cooked potatoes without the skin (16g vs 17g) (100g of potato is about 2 medium potatoes). Compared with that, 100g of cooked sweet potatoes has very low starch (9g). Is it really about the starch? If so – shouldn’t we avoid beans too? I was trying to figure out if fresh corn (considered a vegetable whereas dried corn is considered a grain) is allowed. When it comes to the starch issue, I am completely confused. I understand you say to avoid white statch…but why not beans? Why not swap bean for potatoes (or better, sweet potatoes) some days? I guess I need the science…HELP!!!

  55. I finally have to speak up. This is driving me nuts!! Read the diet people!! Eat what it says to eat and nothing else!! Buy the book, check the website. I don’t know why it works it just does. Substitutes DON’T work!!! Tim has reseached and figured out what works for him. If it’s not what you want… find something else.

  56. The Slow Carb Diet has brought me down 30 pounds in 5 weeks!!! I have 100 to go. Thank you, thank you Tim Ferriss!!! I have a couple of friends on the diet too. Slow carbing in Texas!!!! Bikini body here I come.

    1. The supplements are not a requirement but are recommended. They definitely enhance the weight loss and fat loss process.

  57. My doctor told me that I needed to loose 95 lbs. I knew I was overweight but had no idea it surmounted to the equivalent of a hell fire missile. Devastated, I went home and told my boyfriend who looked at me with horrified disgust. That didn’t help, I was hoping to take the doctors recommendation and loose weight together. He’d been rocking an extra 75lbs himself. Feeling like I couldn’t count on him I went to a friend that I knew had successfully lost weight.

    My friend consoled me telling me that the shame I was feeling was normal and good. That in fact I could use it as motivation and to not rely on my boyfriend. He said that he had lost over 100lbs on the Four Hour Body and I could too if I was willing to follow the plan.

    “I’m in,” I heard myself say.

    The moment I got myself committed and started the FHB I started loosing weight. Invigorated, I posted on FB my weight loss and actually inspired others to loose weight too. I broke up with my boyfriend and used my grief of loss as a healthy transition period. My clothes stopped fitting and my friend told me to take them all to goodwill. My favorite moment was in a dressing room where I slid that damn pair of pants over my hips and they fit! I let out a scream of triumph so loud that it silenced the room and a clerk knocked on my door to make sure I was okay. I laughed with victory all the way home. I didn’t care what others thought of me. I knew what I was up to and so did the people that mattered to me. I was back!

    I’m 50% to my goal and have lost 47.5 lbs. I gave myself a year and am on track. Letting go of all that weight and the people in my life that didn’t support me paid off big time. I realized dreams I’d buried with food. At the end of this month, July, I move to Australia. I have ALWAYS wanted to live outside of the US and design a life outside of the 9-5. I put in notice at the job I hate, sold off all my things, am saying goodbye to friends, bought my ticket, and at 11:55pm on 7/31/13 I leave the US.

    I hope you read this and are inspired. I hope you read this and it lights a fire under your ass. I hope you read this after hearing that you need to loose the equivalent of a two month old pony and you have no idea how to do that and it makes you want to eat a pizza. I want you to know that you can do this. You can absolutely do this.

    1. What did you do to be able to move to australia?…my hubby and I want to do that as well.

      I must say i am very inspired by your story. I am trying to start this plan but always find foods i shouldnt eat to put into my mouth. I didnt have much problems with cupboard grazing but now i find i do and it is everything bad of course.i am having a hard time with stress too this is a struggle

      1. Sylvie,

        Thank you for your honesty and I am sorry to hear that the plan was not as easy as you’d expect. I am also sorry to hear there is a lot of stress right now in your life. I understand that this can be hard and not really fit into a picture perfect story.

        I didn’t do anything in particular to be able to move to Australia other than tell myself that I was going. Once I make up my mind, I’m in. I wanted to go for so long, anywhere outside of the country. I told myself a slew of uninspiring stories about needing more money, a husband, no husband, less weight, on and on. That road is a long, boring road. I don’t recommend it!

        I am so happy to hear my story inspired you! That makes me very happy to hear! I hope to hear from you again and wish you the best in your adventures both in the cupboards and abroad.


  58. Hello. I am interested in tis diet, but am concerned about the “no fruit” rule. Fruit have vitamins, minerals and fiber, but banning them makes them seem bad! Why are fruits off limits?

  59. I don’t eat beans, meat or nuts (bean & nuts I’m allergic too and been a vegetarian since birth, thanks mom…) – Is there any way this would work for me? Or is it like every other diet in the world and won’t work because of the factors listed above?

  60. Hey Tim,

    Love both your books and the unique way you bring value to your readers.

    My question on the SCD is how is it different then Atkins? or South Beach diet? and why is it called Slow Carb when in fact it’s No Carb?

    Thanks for replying and keep up the great work!


  61. Hey Tim! I am Neha from India and I really need your help!

    I know you are a very busy man but please try and communicate with me, if you can.

    Desperately hoping I will hear from you, soon.


  62. I am very intrigued by this diet, however, how would a vegetarian/vegan be able to follow this regiment? Due to health issues, I can no longer eat any type of meat and even if I try to eat fish/seafood on occasion, I still have problems. I just hit my 50’s (yikes!) and really would just love to lose about 20 lbs. in order to have my waist back and lose the little extra back fat. I am at the high end of the acceptable weight for my height and would like to get back to the lower acceptable weight. Kudos to all who have followed your diet and have been successful. Very exciting and I plan to suggest the SCD to a family member who has high blood pressure and borderline diabetic. I will check back here for an answer, however, if you could e-mail me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  63. Hi. I am so interested in your plan. I currently follow a gluten free, soy free, red meet free diet because of allergies/celiac disease. Is your plan still something i will be able to do with my restrictive diet?

  64. Hello Tim,

    I am emailing you from Brussels. I just saw this article and I would like to get on that diet. I have just purchased the book on kindle and browsed through it and I am lost.

    1. I have had some similar tests done in the past but not the same and we don’t have that here. Sending it abroad costs way too much. What is it that I should have tested absolutely that could make a difference ?

    2. I know my level of cortisol has been high and in the last years didn’t go down. I accompanied my father in his cancer battle, then had to go through my mourning, which isn’t totally finished, just got knee surgery and have a challenging relationship.

    3. I eat pretty healthy (but don’t move much, hopefully now with the knee surgery I’ll be able to do more, but still gentle such as yoga, swimming and bicycling). I don’t eat meat except chicken or turkey and fish. Gluten free bread if I eat bread, no sugar, little fruit, no sodas, no fat, potatoes maybe every 2 weeks, no dairy products except goat cheese, rice milk or almond milk.

    4. I am thinking I should drop the fruit when I read your book, and go more to lentils and beans rather than basmati rice.

    5. If I could lose 10kg that would be perfect. I am tall (180cm) and strong boned.

    So it seems to me I have some tiny tweaks to do but not sure which would be the most impactful. I would greatly appreciate your help 🙂

    Thank you very much in advance, those 10kg have been a source of pain and I haven’t be able to get rid of them. Have a nice day, Alexandra

  65. I just stubbled upon the SCD and I am excited to try this out and hopefully lose the last 50 lbs of extra weight I am carrying around!!! I just have a question, are sweet potatoes allowed on this diet? I want to prepare as much as I can and plan some meals, in order to give myself the best possible chance for success, so any help you can give me is much appreciated!! Any help or tips you can give me would mean the world!! Thanks so much, and I cannot wait to try and see what results I can come up with!!! Thanks again!

  66. Tim, I am reading this and trying my hardest not to cry because I desperately want to believe this will work but I have tried everything to lose weight and minus starving myself I cannot keep the weight off and I do not have a supportive family around me to help me through it. I am the biggest I have ever been at a size 18-20 – I can wear my moms clothes – and I hate my body. I hate looking in the mirror and I feel sick when its time to eat because I know it’s only going to make me fatter.

    How can someone who has NO environmental support (I live with my parents, sister and brother – two of which are the ultra thin, never gain a pound after eating a pound of chocolate cake and the other two who don’t care and eat whatever it is in front of them)

    I am desperate to not be “the fat girl” anymore but I continually let myself down because I don’t feel like anything works, so I give up, or its too hard to coordinate what I need to eat with what everyone in the house eats and so my food choices get put to the back burner, or eaten by someone else before I can pre-prep my meals. I feel like I will never be skinny. I want to try this so how can I implement it in a way that will work with my schedule/familys lifestyle?

  67. Hi Tim. I’m a single mother, and contacting you from Athens, Greece [international success, eh?]. I read this page, and proceeding to the Gizmodo article and I gotta admit I’m more than halfway to excited. Reason? Because I’m stuck. I have always been overweight, if not always outright fat, and I’ve been losing and gaining weight like a water balloon. Due to several heavy cortisone treatments for my MS, my metabolic rate was completely halted for several years, and it finally now picked it up again, after some, oh, 4 years approximately. I also got pregnant, breastfed, and my body was hammered really badly by both. I’m 1,70 meters [sorry for the metric] tall and during my pregnancy and afterwards I had reached almost 100 kilos. I lost around 12-14 kilos two years after the pregnancy (my son is almost 6 now) and I’ve been stuck at my “plateau”, at 82 kilos, ever since. It needs EXTREMELY exhausting and absolutely accurate dieting to get below that threshold, and I am absolutely tired, because even if I sneeze a pickle out of line, I rubber band up to 82 like a shot. Also, I can’t afford it anymore, cause I’ve been unemployed for 2 years and ongoing. I would love to get your book, cause I am a bookish person. I can’t do that either, my credit card has locked down on me long time ago and the bank’s waiting on me to pay my debt… I also wanted to get some breast surgery, to try and correct the damage from the breastfeeding and sudden mass-weight loss, but that’s not gonna happen either. Can’t even afford to pay for a gym subscription, till further notice…. I’m feeling quite down lately too, I just ended a two-year rather abusive relationship, and it’s taken its toll, cause one of the reasons was [surprise] my appearance. So, I really really REALLY hope your plan works on me too… cause to be honest, you’re my last hope; mainly for that much-deserved self-esteem that I’m trying to maintain with great difficulty. I really hope it works. I’ll do the Wednesday challenge, cause, to be frank, after all those diets, it’s not much of a challenge right now… I just hope this works. All the best, [a rather depressed] Margie.

  68. After looking all that fat you probable need to removed extra skin.Congraduation for all those pound lost.i lost my self 90 ponds.

  69. Just wandering by here, I’m astonished, after reading all these comments thanking Tim Ferriss for revealing the Slow-Carb diet to the webosphere, to see that no credit at all is given to the original discoverer of the effects of high-glycemic foods on weight-gain and diabetes, ie, the original inventor of ‘SCD’, Dr. David J. Jenkins, University of Toronto, 1980.

    Nor is Michel Montignac, who popularized this diet in Europe and the US in the early 80’s referenced. Nor are the PR incarnations known as the South Beach diet or the Suzanne Sommer’s diet and who knows how many other ‘versions’ of exactly the same thing. Bravo Tim, for branding this as yours.

    1. I never claimed to invent low-glycemic diets, and I’ve also written extensively (and interviewed) researchers and MDs who cover this area, such as Gary Taubes, Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, etc. Tons of this content appeared on this blog prior to this post.


    2. the -glycemic index has been debunked greatly…its not as simple as eat carbs=raise sugar=spike insulin =get a high spike food eaten with protein or fat negates that sugar load to half or lower..

    1. Ken, if you bother to look, there’s plenty of research showing that eucaloric diets can have wildly different results in terms of both weight loss and weight gain.

      1. no one has ever been able to prove you can eat more then your body needs and NOT gain weight…

  70. I have been on the Slow Carb Diet for two weeks now and i have only list one pound. I am very strict in following all rules. I am pretty athletic and have quite a bit of muscle as well as a large frame. I also don’t lose weight very easily.

    I have noticed that a pair of my jeans go on somewhat easier, but i have a few questions.

    When will i really begin noticing a change in fat loss?

    Also around 10pm when i’m getting ready to hit the sack, i get ravenously hungry. Can i eat something when this happens and if so what?

    Thanks ,

    I am really enjoying this new eating plan. U seem to be a very intelligent/interesting individual.


  71. Just wondering a couple of things. Did Ricardo use any spices or flavorings on his food? Also, Tim, you say to eat 4 times a day, 4 hours apart, but Ricardo ate 3 meals a day. It obviously worked for him, but do you see any possible drawback to not following the plan to letter?

    Thank you,


  72. Have yet to lose that 15 pounds i ‘ve put on since retirement. Your info makes me feel hopeful. Love the before and after pix. And i do like to write–and edit–so if you ever need a cheap editor . . .

  73. I am only thirteen and I absolutely hate me thighs, knee fat, I just hate my legs. I love my butt boobs but my stomach is flat some days and some days I can’t even suck it in. It’s sickening to me I absolutely hate my body and I would like to change it before I go I to high school.

  74. I don’t feel deprived at all and my appetite is fulfilled. I am lloking forward to next weeks numbers. My daughter wanting to go with the plan too

  75. I am a 51 year old woman with hypo-thyroidism. I have utilized several other approaches to weight loss (T-Tapp, Pilates, etc.) but have found that I have gained inches and weight. I just started the 4HB program August 18, 2013. I had a Bod-Pod measurement on August 22. My body fat was 49.4%. My starting weight was 214.6 the heaviest I’ve ever been. So far I have lost 2 pounds. I am only weighing myself weekly. I have another Bod-Pod measurement September 19. I just began the PAGG protocol this week and have begun introducing the kettlebell & floor exercises with my trainer (pp 164-167). For me it was best to tackle to slow-carb eating first before adding the supplements and exercise. I don’t take any hypo-thyroid medications and have completed numerous cleansing protocols (Dr. Schulze & Dr. Christopher). I don’t have brain fog and have excellent energy. I want to look as good as I feel. I have four grandchildren and the oldest is 24 pounds. I told him that he was my personal kettlebell! I’d love to hear from anyone who has successfully used this method with hypo-thyroidism. Most people with this condition are on a pharmaceutical but still seem to struggle with their weight, energy and brain fog. I truly hope that this will work for me even if I don’t have a dramatic initial weight loss. Slow and steady weight loss would be preferred by me.

  76. Hey, pretty late to the party here but I’ve been doing slow carb for about 2 months, on and off. I am usually pretty lean but I put on a bunch of weight after taking antidepressives and was never really able to shed it.

    I’m really committing to it this next month. I can say it’s been a tough journey but I’ve lost about 15-20lb. It’s hard to tell exactly as I don’t have access to decent body fat measuring tools, just a scale and waist measurements, and I’ve gained muscle as well as losing fat. So I gotta say thanks, not nearly done but I’m keeping it up.

  77. Well I have been doing the SCD for the last five weeks and I have lost 19 lbs. I’m not complaining but most of my lost ocurred during the first two weeks. I have not seen any weight loss after tthe 19lbs loss. My clothes are loose and they seem to be bigger , but my weight is still the same after the weight loss.

    thank you in advance


    1. Congrats! It’s very likely you’re gaining muscle from increased protein intake. Stay the course and you’ll see results!

  78. In The 4-Hour Body, there is the story about Tracy, the lady who lost over a hundred pounds doing slow-carb and KB swings twice a week. Do you have more specifics about how many she was doing in a workout and how long she was resting between sets?

  79. Tim,

    Wanted to get your thoughts on quinoa and if it has a place in the slow-carb diet?

    Seems to be rising in popularity, but I haven’t found it as effective for fat loss as just sticking with legumes.


  80. Hi Tim,

    May I link to this thread on our company’s website? I am working with a startup called ProjectAdonis. We are developing a combination of a mobile app and analytics of the data that helps users stay motivated during their “transformation”. We’d like to use this thread as an example of the transformation possible, and the success stories posted here. This will help users keep motivated to stay on track, and help spread the word about the slow carb diet.

    Many thanks!

  81. Hi Tim,

    I have had great success with the SCD! I started at 188lbs (unsure of actual bodyfat %) and I’m at 155lbs (supposedly 16% bodyfat). I started on Halloween of 2011 to today’s date (9/25/2013). Throughout that time, if I engaged in muscular and some cardio 3-4 times a week, I could get below 150lbs at supposedly 12% bodyfat. Here’s where I’ll tell you and other readers where I fell short and perhaps why I took longer to lose fat than some others: I did not apply the “Ice Age” Chapter or the PAGG regiment. Nor did I apply the 15min a week workout plan. Now that I have achieved success despite not following everything to a “T,” I’m ready to destroy that plateau and see my abs. However, could you give the recommended B-Complex Vitamin dosage when using PAGG?

    This book has changed my life-Best,


  82. Hi Tim,

    I started the slow-carb diet on Monday weighing a decent weight, slightly overweight but not much, to the point where the 15-20 lbs. in a month would already put me in a desired weight. I’ve already lost 6 lbs. The thing is, how do I know if it’s water weight, muscle weight or the desired fat loss? That’s my thing. I’m doing this to drop in body fat % mainly. I’ve also been doing it without any exercise except walking to work and back each morning, which is 20 minutes each way.


  83. Hi there Tim,

    This diet looks very healthy, lots of green veg, protein and the slow carbs. Is it necessary to take all the vitamin supplement’s if not taking the PAGG?

    Thanks in advance

  84. I have over 100lbs to lose and I am starting when i wake up. If anyone that has been on this journey awhile has any pointers, please pass them my way!

    thanks Bart