The Slow-Carb Diet Cookbooks — Available for 72 Hours

This will be my shortest post to date.

For fun (and karma), I’ve been quietly working to compile two cookbooks with simple and delicious recipes for The Slow-Carb Diet™.

Now, both volumes are done!


The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbook – Volume One

The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbook – Volume Two (includes recipes from Vol. 1)

Thanks to full-color printing through Blurb, the books are gorgeous. Volume 1 contains 50+ recipes and is printed in paperback to make it as affordable as possible. Volume 2 contains more than 80 recipes and is only available in hardcover.

They’re not inexpensive, but 100% of my proceeds are being donated directly to QuestBridge, which helps put the smartest, low-income students in the US into the best colleges. I don’t receive a single penny.

It’s a highly leveraged program, and some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley are advisors. $25,000 covers the cost of financial aid applications for 2,000 low-income high school students!

I hope you love the cookbooks. The goal is to make The Slow-Carb Diet™ more effective and fun for you, all while changing the lives of 1,000s of students. As a test, these books are available for the next 72 hours only, ending Tuesday, March 22, at 6pm PST.

Enormous thanks to all of the contributors, including chefs, foodies, successful readers, and friends like Mark Sisson, Darya Pino, and Jaden Hair.

Rock on.


(For those interested, I plan on posting further updates on the official blog of The Slow-Carb Diet)


P.S. Would you like to have your recipe in the next printing, with full credit and link to the website of your choice? If so, please click here! Also, Learn more about the slow carb diet in my upcoming book.

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254 Replies to “The Slow-Carb Diet Cookbooks — Available for 72 Hours”

  1. Tim

    I like your diet. it works.

    I have two questions. I keep hearing about a carbohydrate hypothesis, i.e. most grains are not very good for human consumption or even animal consumption. They tend to make things fat and sick. Do you think it is the legumes, or the cutting back of grain based carbohydrates that accounts for the wonderful changes produced by the slow carb diet?

    secondly, have you ever tested or considered a zero carb high fat diet(no carbs no insulin production.) ?

    Thanks for all the great books.


  2. LOST 26 POUNDS on the diet!!!! Thanks…keep writing….or better yet hire some good writers and keep the advice coming. Seriously, changed my life since your first book in more ways then I can explain. I own a Media company now (thanks to you) if you ever need anything I owe you huge (

  3. I have started the slow carb diet for 5 days and alost stopped going to the toilet !! All I am producing is small rabit droppings and only every other day !! This is unusual and worrying for me. Is this usual Tim ?

  4. Bit of a downer to come across the blog post and find the offer expired.

    (So I do understand that it’s a marketing test, that Cialdini-style exploding offers maximize yield, etc etc. But am still a reader interested in buying one and not able to.)

  5. Still haven’t received mine, about how long did it take? I’m assuming it was only a few days considering how short that deal was left available.

      1. I ordered both books on the 23rd and received them today. I think that is a great turnaround. I also just purchased without really realizing that they were the same, but the books are great and I will make a gift out of one of them. It’s a great cause and the recipes are really easy and they seem pretty tasty, so I don’t find it to be a big deal. “Expanded edition” may have made it a bit clearer though, I do agree with that. However my question is:

        Most of the recipes have nice little blurbs under the names making it seem personal with good photos, and just a few have no description or blurb at all. Why omit the descriptions on them? Also a lot have no photos. For someone who is not good in the kitchen, (I am a horrible cook) a pic is always a good thing.

        Thanks for doing this Tim, this book will be a great help and I love anything for a good cause 🙂

  6. Thanks for the info, I’m not in any rush to get it. I have like 10 different cookbooks, but I always get excited to find a new one, even if they are just a compilation of recipes from others.

  7. Tim or Charlie, would you please provide an update with the numbers sold, amount raised, etc.? Thanks, patiently waiting for my copy of book 2.

  8. Hi Tim,

    My cookbook came today and I am thrilled – thank you.

    Simplicity yet with (community like) commentary.

    Now I just need an app to send a grocery list to my phone. Are you or someone else on this blog done with that yet?

    Here is my REAL unrelated question:

    Regarding the kettlebell swing. I love the kettlebell swing but I am not confident about the angle of my feet during the exercise.

    (And, I wonder if it should be different for women and men)

    Should my toes be pointing straight forward and my feet completely parallel? Or should the feet not be parallel and (if my feet where the hour hands of clock) the left toes pointing toward 11:00 and the right toes pointing toward 1:00. Or should the feet be doing something completely different.


    1. Must admit I’m a bit disappointed to miss this offer, guess I’ll have to pay closer attention to your blog and hope to pick it up at some point in the future.

      I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the practical and well researched advice in 4hb and lost 8 kilos in two months. Keep up your good work, Tim. Reliable advice is surprisingly hard to come by. I wish I could pre-order from the next batch, just out of gratitude.

  9. I followed (and had great results with) the slow carb diet since January. I’ve had to stop, however, due to the fact that the beans SEVERELY agitate my irritable bowel syndrome. I’ve tried to work through it but the pain has become so intense I’ve had to stop. Are there any work arounds wherein I can still follow the slow carb diet without lentils/black beans/pinto beans? This diet/plan has been a really tremendous tool in controlling what &how I eat and I’m really down about having to give it up.

  10. I sent a really cool physicist (don’t get to say that very often) over to this site after talking to him about 4HB on the plane. We talked about Stephen Hawking, radiation , and the 4HB. I’d say you were in pretty good company Tim! Has he made his way here yet?

  11. Joe have you tried cooking with epazote? Or also asafoetida? If you go to a good Indian Grocer they call it “hing”. Also tricks like, rinsing, and using a bit of baking soda help. Epazote though is very good tasting as well in most all beans if you ask me. Just a thought…

  12. Tim

    Loved both your books. Am a vegan and confused about the slow carb diet…the book says to eat proteins, veges, and legumes and get rid of fruits and white carbs. But your vegan examples both in the book and online make fruit smoothies and use rice and organic breads…how does that go along with your slow carb ideas?

    Confused in Atlanta

  13. I just received my cookbook, and I have to be honest I was expecting more. I opted for the second version, and I’m wondering how small the first one was compared to this one if the second version is supposedly both books in one. I know it was for Charity, but I wish I would have received more for my money.

    1. “I just received my cookbook, and I have to be honest I was expecting more. I opted for the second version, and I’m wondering how small the first one was compared to this one if the second version is supposedly both books in one. I know it was for Charity, but I wish I would have received more for my money.”

      I agree with this poster. I was also amazed how many of these recipes essentially have Tim’s seal of approval for the SCD, considering the ingredients used.

      Still a loyal SCD follower!

  14. Please consider reading The Hundred Year LIe – – as you help others with weight loss. I have no affiliation to the author. I think it’s a message that needs to be spread far and wide and you could do that. I have read in many, many places that recovery of health, which is the purpose of weight loss, can be impeded by toxic burdens. This author does an excellent job of reporting in a factual, well researched way just how different our environment is today than 100 years ago – and then follows with actions we can take. Again, the author hasn’t a clue who I am. I am only sharing because it relates to your topic and I feel the message is too important to go unnoticed. Thank you!

  15. Just started reading your book. You say no dairy or soy. What about almond milk and coconut milk? I do a lot of Thai cooking.

  16. This is a little off topic, but since the contact page instructs one not to use it unless you plan on bank rolling a small revolution in a third world country I decided to post a question here. I have been wondering since rediscovering the role of Glut 2 and Glut 4, if there has been any work done regarding the ammount of glucose it takes trigger beta cells to produce more insulin and if it is possible to blunt the potential change across beta cells to prevent insulin secretion. I will appologize in advance I am a lay person and I might be missuing or misunderstanding terms.

  17. T-UNIT!

    I’ve googled as much as I can, and I’m BEGGING you for a simple “yes” or “no” as I’ve found conflicting info from others…

    Can we still enjoy a cheat day while doing Occams?



  18. [Moderated: Link removed]

    Awww – I missed out on the offers. Always looking for good ways to liven up breakfast eggs

  19. Hi tim id love to buy The Slow-Carb Diet™ Cookbook – Volume Two but it says on blurb it costs 10.000 USD thats TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS… is this a joke or what ? i was prepared to pay extra for charity… but this is not a charity thats a nonsense… did you sell a single copy for 10.000 USD ? do i get a personal delivery from You for this price 🙂

    1. RV- This promo lasted only 72 hours. The books are no longer available for sale… unless you want to shell out $10K 🙂

  20. Hi Tim,

    I’m interested in getting your cookbook … however when I follow the link to the Blurb website it shows the price of the book to be $10,000! That’s right, when I add it to the cart the price is Ten Thousand $ for one copy. I’ve read other comments/posts from people that mentioned the price should be more like $56.

    How/Where to I buy your new cookbook for the “real” price?

    1. Arturo- This was a promotion that only lasted 72 hours. Sorry, but the cookbooks are no longer for sale!

  21. Well… I think if Tim wanted to raise more money for his charity he would make the book available again.. or maybe make it available for an unlimited time..i think he is cheating his charity to be honest..

    1. chrisitne: i think he is cheating his charity to be honest


      just plain logic… who do you think will most likely buy this cookbook, the tens and hundreds maybe thousands of humble diet followers around the world, a crowd of dedicated followers paying 56 USD each OR is there gonna come some crazy millionaire who rides Rols Royce and just out of pure fun, because he just has nothing else to do than loose weight and despite owning an army or personal trainers and private cooks on his ranch in Dallas he googled out this 4HB blog….

      in my opinion if you want to make charity Tim you can either charge small fees for things of everyday use like a cookbook and the numbers will add up preciselly becuase its a product everyone following your diet WANTS to buy…

      or you go and search for wealthy donators, but its strange to ask 10.000 USD for a block of soap or toothbrush because if anybody will give you 10.000 USD they wont do it beacuse they want that book anyway…

      1. Hey Christine and Rostavanek,

        We have no intention of withholding donations from charity. In fact, we really pushed Blurb to lower their margins for this particular deal, just so we could have more of the money from the cookbooks donated to QuestBridge. This was a limited time offer to get people to purchase the cookbook, and we sold more than a thousand copies in 3 days. We don’t expect anyone to buy a single copy at $10K, but we do want both of the sales pages to stay up (i.e. the links to remain active). Hopefully that makes some sense.

        There’s a bit more to it than that, but consider this: why would Tim donate 100% of the proceeds for this cookbook to charity… only to withhold money from them? Doesn’t make sense 🙂

        Thanks for your support!


  22. ok you say you and Tim have your reasons to leave it as it is now… i would be the last to disagree with Tim :))) i understand that you more or less “parked” the book on blurb… i sense there is also an economical side with significant publishing charges from Blurb for printed book… so i propose an electronic version (PDF) of both books sold through a simple eshop here on this very blog and you can accept PayPal only to minimise costs from VISA, Mastercard fees and card security… i still think Tim is cheating his charity at this moment and ignores great donation potential of growing followers who would love to buy an electronic version of the cookbook… as much as i like a nice printed book its an unnecesarry luxury in your situation, you should go electronic and PDF precisely because you want to cut costs and donate as much money to charity… there is no easier way than combination PDF / PayPal / Delivery via Download… cheers

    1. Believe me, we have thought of this 🙂 There’s a reason we’re doing it this way, I promise. And it’s not to withhold valuable content from readers or to “cheat” a charity out of donation money (which is an unfair thing to say, as Tim raised thousands for QuestBridge and doesn’t intend to stop donating in the future).

      There’s more to come on all this, so stay tuned!

      – Charlie

  23. Hey Tim,

    On January 3rd, I started my weight loss quest to lose 40 pounds by my 60th birthday which is June 14th.

    After 8 weeks and only 7 pound weight loss, I decided to go on the Slow Carb Diet – that was approximately 5 weeks ago. I must admit, I have been very disciplined and I have not been cheating (the cheat days makes that possible), yet I only lost an additional 5 pounds.

    — I drink the ice cold water in the morning

    — my coffee – I replaced milk with cinnamon and vanilla extract

    — I am doing moderate exercise

    — my cheat day starts with my normal breakfast of eggs, lentils & veggies

    — I eat 6 Brazil nuts a day. I just added almonds.

    No doubt – I have gained muscle and the fat loss is visual,

    I started a video weight loss blog, and on video 9 I introduce The 4 Hour Body…

    I am sticking with it, and once I have my Nuclear Stress test next week and get the green light, I will up my exercising.

    Thanks, and any feedback and comment would be appreciated.


  24. Hi Tim;

    I wanted to tell you about my latest experiment of one for all the women over 50 who want to follow a 4HB plan. Take your axillary temp for 5 days. If under 96.6 then get a good Thyroid Supplement. I went to my local health food store and found one -email me if you want the ingredients/amounts. It takes about a week to kick in, but you will know it does when you strt feeling normal and the weight starts to come off but the temp will confirm it. WOW. I went from tired and down and kettleball assasination fantasies to happy, losing it and loving the KB. I track weight, exercise and food daily- so I only changed that one variable. WOOOOHOOOO Costa Rica here I come dusted off the ole bathing suit, life is looking good finally!

  25. Hello,

    This is probably grossly off-topic, but I’ve never seen this addressed in FAQs or anywhere else in a specific way. Can fat loss be achieved without PAGG at the same rate? Penniless college student here– I’m okay with the Slow-Carb diet, but am cringing at the thought of shelling out the already reasonable price.

    Thanks in advance!


  26. Hi Tim,

    I just received both books today and they look great! Volume 2 is really nice!

    I ordered them the instant they were available, so I missed the fact that Volume 2 was Volume 1 + some. I guess Vol. 1 will be a nice present for someone 😉

    One suggestion:

    Living in Europe, I would love to see metric measures for the ingredients (oz, lbs / cl, ml, kg) and oven temperatures (C / F).

    Thank you for providing such a lot of great recepies! I can’t wait to get started 🙂

    1. Kristoffer,

      If you would like to sell or donate one of your volumes I would LOvE that since I missed the offer by a day and was very disappointed as you can imagine. If so:

      Thank you and keep up the great work Tim!! I saw you @ summit and your speech on the beach was empowering 🙂

  27. Can you put the recipe books on sale again please, i really need recipe ideas

    well at least at a price under $100

  28. I started this program Monday at 151 lb, today is Friday and I have lost 5 pounds. I have been successful in the past by calorie counting but somehow got off track when I had a leg injury and I started eating all the time and several candy bars a day. I am 48 and I want to lose this excess fat. I would have killed for sweets this week so needless to say I cannot wait until tomorrow!!! I do Zumba, belly dance, ballroom dance and with the warmer weather will be back to bicycling so I am active but I know I have been overeating but I really do feel full on this program.

    I am also a very picky eater so my meals have consisted of bacon and egg whites for breakfast, carrots and celery mid morning, chicken breast and green beans for lunch, salad for afternoon snack and beef/hamburger for dinner. I also tried the slow carb black bean brownie recipe.

    I just wanted to say so far I am happy with the results.

  29. I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes in November 2007 and since that time, I have struggled to control my blood glucose levels. Needless to say, I have tried every eating plan – including vegetarian and vegan but with no success. The doctor just keeps increasing my medication levels (aagh!)

    I just wanted to say a big thank you Tim, I think you have literally saved my life. After only 5 days on the 4HB my glucose is steady and I am loosing inches and weight and feel energetic enough to get through each day without any nanna naps at all.

    Thank you so much. I will continue on the diet with the aim of reducing my medication as much as possible (can let you know how I go as I am tracking everything in detail). If I am successful, then you need to get this message out to all those fellow sufferers. This debilitating disease affects millions worldwide and is a silent killer.

    thank you, thank you, thank you. Let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help you.

  30. Binge Day, Binge Day (to the tune of “School Days”)

    Binge day, binge day,

    It’s-like-my-jaw’s-unhinged day.

    Six days of the week I deny my urge,

    Today is the day to indulge and splurge!

    Cookies and pastries and pizza pie,

    So many ice creams I’d love to try!

    This one day a week,

    I eat everything fried!

    And drink me a beer (or six).

    Binge day, binge day,

    It’s-like-my-jaw’s-unhinged day.

    I walk around naked; no coat, no sleeves.

    And Kettlebells leaving me gasping to breathe.

    Those god-damned beans I eat every day,

    Farting so much I might blow away.

    Icepacks are Hellish:

    They work (I pray).

    I’m eating a whole bag of chips.

    Binge day, binge day,

    It’s-like-my-jaw’s-unhinged day.

    A mountain of beans I eat each week,

    And bacon, and omelets, and slabs of steak.

    My belly is shrinking, my chins are gone,

    My pants are too huge, they’re falling down!

    I measure my weight:

    I shrink, not grow.

    Let’s snarf up a doughnut (or six).

    Binge day, binge day,

    It’s-like-my-jaw’s-unhinged day.

    Twenty pounds down and forty to go,

    Slowly but surely, I’ll get there, I know.

    I’m feeling much better from day to day,

    My snoring, my reflux, are going away.

    My wife, who was hiding?

    She came out to play!

    We’re rutting like newlyweds..

    -(c) Chris Pagel 2011.

    Thanks, Tim, I owe you my health.

  31. Tim,

    Your book 4HB covers ALOT of area’s any suggestions on where to have my 6ft5 450lb (unmotivated) son start?

  32. Just a shout out Tim.

    Thanks to visible results of my being on SCD both my parents, 2 uncles and 1 aunt have decided to give it a go. Also my little brother is pissed that I’m 30 lbs heavier than him and have a smaller pants size so I’m pretty sure he’ll be the next to take control of his body.

    Thanks, from the family.

  33. Clicked the link to the cookbook ( wanted to purchase volume 2 but the price is listed as $10,051.69. Live chat with a rep for blurb and they said the price was what it cost to make a book using their service. Requested verification of the price and they said contact author. So is the book really $10,051.69 now? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Chi,

      We wanted to leave the page up, but the sales period is over, hence the unusually high pricing. Hope to have more news soon…


      1. yeap i think the best news for all parties would be an electronic PDF version sold via your blog (Download) and payed via PayPal and you can set the price anywhere you want and make some $$$ for charity… because now the income is probably 0,- this is relatively easy to set-up and zero-maintanance, just a steady charity income forever… cheers

  34. I just looked on Blurb at your book – you do realize that the list price is over $10,000.00 for one copy, right? I don’t know many books that cost 10 grand. Seriously?

  35. Tim,

    I purchased and read “The Four Hour Body”. Good read, great information. I have recommended it to a number of friends.

    Can you elaborate on what if any grain or bread works in the slow carb diet? Yams? Sweet potato? Corn? Whole Grain?



  36. Hello Tim,

    I’m wondering if you’ve done any research on the concept of carb back loading. From what I’ve read, it involves avoinding carbs during the morning (during periods of high insulin sensitivity) until after a resistance -trainig workout. After the workout (ideally later in the day) carbs can be eaten freely until bedtime.

  37. Tim,

    On Page 104 #3. You mention an extra dose of PAGG on binge day. Do you mean PAGG instead of AGG before breakfast or a 5th dosing. If 5 which PAGG or AGG? I weigh 200. I’m eating well on binge day, but I eat every 2 hrs instead of 4 and I eat pasta, bread, cereal, milk, fruit, sweets.



  38. Tim,

    I am down 32 pounds in 6 weeks. Thanks! Does anyone have any good seasonings or spices that are 4HB friendly?

  39. Tim, my publishing company offers print on demand, full color, extremely high quality and reasonable cost. I sent Charlie an email with details. Just FYI. Trying to get this info to the right place! I’ve also written a slow carb cookbook that will be published within 2 weeks. I know you’re not endorsing books but would love a comment on it if I could send a copy to you.

  40. White carbs? Whole grain bread?

    Second PAGG on binge day? 5 doses or change morning AGG to PAGG?

    Citrus? OJ, Grapefruit, lemon or lime in water OK on binge day only?

  41. I just started the diet 2 days ago – found it in Woman’s World magazine and have been telling all my friends about it – but have a question:

    After I eat the early lunch, I am NOT hungry for the late lunch and indeed have no appetite for about 12 hours, so I go straight to the dinner meal. What to do about that? Is it okay for me to skip that meal?

    Also, I prefer my coffee/tea with a little fat-free cream…is that permissible?

    Also, I have chronic fatigue syndrome (for 4 years now) and am desperately hoping this diet will fix that. Anybody have any experience with that condition? I really am quite tired of sleeping 20 hours a day! As a singer, I need energy, and am hoping the cessation of sugar and the increase of protein will work to increase energy levels!! Not to mention help me lose some weight – about 100 pounds worth…

  42. I just started the 4HB this week. I don’t have a problem with eating beans all the time, I always thought my problem was too many beans! I cook almost 3 meals a day, 6-7 days a week. So coming up with some creative ways to stay on this plan won’t be a problem.

    I haven’t gotten all the way through the cookbook, but before I started the book I would make a Huevos Rancheros without the tortilla. So fried eggs, with a spicy refried bean over top with a salsa or homemade ranchero sauce. I would add a bit of sour cream or my fav-goat cheese. I think I will be removing that and adding avovado (which is easy since we have about 10 of them fall off our tree weekly), but it was delicious!

    I hope to find the book, I was at Barnes and Nobles yesterday but I didn’t go looking for it. 🙁

    Anyway, so far I feel great!


    Thanks Tim!

  43. Hi Tim

    Just a quick email to thank you ! as you have been an huge inspiration to me over a very difficult year.

    Here are my recent blood tests before and after I read your book the four hour body.

    before= Weight 102.3 kg after= Weight 87 kg

    Total Cholesterol (mmol/L)

    before= 4.15 after=3.17

    HDL Cholestrol (mmol/L)

    “Good cholestrol”

    before=0.56 after=0.92

    HDL ratio “Bad cholestrol”

    before=7.4 after=3.4 !! yipee

    waist circumference

    before=102cm after=89cm

    I measured all my progress via photos and diary.

    Thanks again


  44. My only problem with the slow carb diet was I run a lot and was losing energy and couldn’t finish my runs. I didn’t try eating brown rice though as you suggested in the later chapters where you discussed working out. I plan on trying again

  45. I agree, the price of these is pretty steep for a cook book. Aside from that, I loooove your material. Keep it up man!

  46. I won $550 through a weight loss challenge at work. I lost the majority of the weight following this diet – and I barely did any exercise. I lost 33.6 pounds in 7 weeks! I went from 209.4 to 175.8 pounds.

    I’m still doing the diet because it’s so easy and I’ve got several others doing it now too. Now my goal is to gain muscle, but keep the fat off.

    Thanks for this Tim!

  47. Hey, will a smart person please tell me why tim said that the china study- in linking animal protein to cancer- was not quite right?

  48. Hey Tim,

    thanks for all the inspiration! I’m trying the slow carb diet, but it never last for more than a few days.

    My biggest problem is this:

    I can’t find any list of slow carb ingredients. It would be great to have some (crowdsourced) site where you can find all “good ingredients” and make a list of them when going to the supermarket.

    What do you think? If there’s some site like that, please, let me know.

    Have a great day!


    1. I’ve published a cookbook for (PDF download or spiral-bound book) using all these ingredients but I don’t know how to let Tim’s readers know about it. I don’t know what a spammer is but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be one!

      It seems a lot of folks are looking for recipes. You can find my book if you do an online search for “melodybooks mini carbs”

      1. Hey Melody,

        thanks for your suggestion, 5$ for 60 recipes is adequate to me, but maybe that’s the problem why your comment could be found as a … well, self promoting.

        Anyway, thanks, will consider the PDF version.



  49. I was interested in one of your cookbooks. I work at a local High School and I only have time to watch Dr Oz in the summer. I saw the show featuring you and your book and I downloaded it on my nook after being engrossed in it for days I went and bought the hardbaack because I had trouble thumbing back and forth in the pages when I needed to. I am apparently behind the times. I have been doing the slow carb diet for a week and have had no change. I have Hoshimito’s (?) Thyroidits but my hormone levels are under control with medication. I still have to wonder if this is having an effect on the outcome. What is your opinion and are there any adjustments I can make. I have also done 2 sessions of the kettle bell swing and the other exercises featured in the book. I weigh 245 (arghh !) and I am 5’10” (female- don’t let the name fool ya!) Help me if you can!

  50. Can anyone tell me if mayonnaise can be used? I have tried searching for the answer but had no luck. When you look at the ingredients is seems like it would be ok but want to make sure.

    Thanks 🙂

  51. My husband and I are new to the 4 HB – have been doing it for 2 weeks with the PAGG. I have a few questions.

    1. RE PAGG Does anyone know why it is important to take one day per week off? Take only 6 days not 7. Also – why is it critical to take a week off every 2 months? Just curious.

    2. I see that red wine is ok and anything is ok on cheat day but vodka seems less sugar etc. than red wine – anyone have any info on that? Not mixed with fruit juice etc.

    3. I see that protien bars (and shakes) are ok in the gaining muscle and weight sections but not on the slow carb diet. My husband does brown bag lunches and is eating protien bars. Still losing but I am wondering if they are ok on the diet. I eat one or 1/2 of one when I need a snack sometimes. We use the low / no sugar high protien type like Pure Protien and Think Thin. Any input is appreciated.


  52. I, too, want to know if sweet potatoes, great northern beans(white), corn, corn meal, grits, rasins are allowed. Is there a list?


  54. Hey Tim, I want to thank for creating this book. It has helped me a lot to finally put an end to my body fat. I have an incredible physique now. Almost reaching to the best shape I’ve ever been.

    However, I’ve notice something that I dont like because I love to live this diet lifestyle. I suffer from migraines because of my neck. But I noticed that when I am on my cheat day, I dont suffer from neck pain. But during the whole week, I can even stay on the computer more than 30 minutes and my neck is killing. I’ve noticed this pattern now.

    What do you think is the possibility of this and if so… What adjustments do I have to make so that I can remain with this diet.

    Thanks a lot.


  55. Hi Tim,

    Price for the cookbooks is messed up… Each selling for over US$ 10,000… I think there might be an issue with Blurb.

  56. Hey Tim, Raphael Caldas is right. The Blurb website has your book selling for over $10,000.00. While the ultimate value it’s worth by making my nutritional goals easier and more delicious is probably well over that amount, I’m wondering if you could inform Blurb about this mistake so I can make a purchase! I love the diet- on the 4th week right now- but I’m running out of ideas for dish combinations and recipes on my own.

    Appreciate it,


  57. price is indeed showing up quite high,

    are these recipes going to be a subset of the 4hour chef or is it completely unrelated?

  58. ifind it very annoying that there is sooo much detail on some information and so little on others. ie, there isn’t enough information on food choices – i wish i had been the editor on the book! i want more specific food information for the scd. tim?

  59. Hey Guys,

    got a question. I have a lot of variety in my diet (is that a problem because it’s still low or no carb) but a few minutes ago i read that Tim reccomends raw almonds. Coincidentally i ate some at the time and on the back it says 9g carbs.

    Isn’t 9 a little bit to high for the diet? I’m curios because a lot of stuff i want to eat is around that.

    Sorry for my unfluent english and I’m not sure if i made up some words.. but I’m from Germany and my English got a little rusty.

    But still rock on maan i love this ^^

  60. Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for your contributions. Your book absolutely changed my body and my life. I went from 5’11” 205lbs around 17% bodyfat to 195lbs at 8% bodyfat!! My bench went from 235lbs to 300lbs!! I look great and the diet is very easy to follow and has become my lifestyle. I do have one side effect though. My girlfriend tells me that my semen now tastes awful. She jokingly describes it to poison. lol But this wasn’t the case before the SC diet. I have heard from many other websites that I need to eat “healthy” to improve semen taste: lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid red meat. This is contrary to the SC diet, and I have fallen in love with the Slow Carb lifestyle and how my body looks… do I have to give up my six pack to have decent tasting semen again?

    Please tell me there is a hack to achieve this result without sacrificing my lean body?

    Also, I’m 26 and work out three times a week. Kettlebell swings, myotic crunch, cat vomit everytime. Chest and Bi’s once a week, and back and shoulders the other day.

    My basic diet goes like this:


    4 whole eggs, cheese, salsa, chorizo, tortilla, whole milk, spinach


    grilled Chicken, spinach, milk or water


    Chicken, salmon, steak, or ground beef


    black beans.

    Also: coffee often, and beer or vodka around three times a week.

    Is anything in this diet making my semen taste poorly that needs to come out? or is it missing something that should go in?

  61. I am trying to determine if you consider quinoa as a grain, or a seed. Can I have it daily or only on cheat days? Also, are garbanzo beans forbidden on every day, other than cheat day, or do I just need to limit the the quantity as my legumes/beans?

    Thanks for the inspiring book.

  62. Hi there 🙂

    I (female, 23 years) have started the SLD 5 weeks ago and lost already 4% of body fat in total 27 cm around my waist, buttocks and legs.

    I have a question with regards to Lentils:

    Are Madras Lentils (from Tasty Bite) allowed?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    I appreciate it.


  63. I’m 77 and just started your 4hb diet. When you say eat the same thing every day, do you mean to choose the ingredients that you will use all the time, mixing and matching them to add a bit of variety?

    My goal is to lose 30-40 lbs, but at my age, I’m afraid I’ll retain the belly fat and just lose from face, arms and legs (which are not fat). Do you have any stories of older people doing this diet and how it turned out?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  64. If you’re having trouble with the beans/veggies combo, I found a great method. I take a large can of refried beans and mix in about 3.5 cups of microwaved spinach. I eat this throughout the day and get in a bunch of veggies. It really masks the taste and texture of the spinach. Basically just tastes like refried beans.

  65. Hi Tim, my name is Maddie.

    I have been reading up on your slow carb diet and am going to give it a go. it is not entirely dissimilar to how I eat now. But a greta way of approaching a 6 day a week clean eating plan.

    I have a question. I have been avoiding FODMAPS ( for the past year, and have found I am feeling much healthier because of this. There are many restrictions in these food groups including things like legumes.

    I was wondering if you could possibly suggest an alternative to introduce to the slow carb diet other than beans? I read in your book that you suggested eating a greater amount of vegetables. I also thought maybe 1/4 potions of black or wild rice, in order to get the sufficient energy throughout the day.

    Look forward to hearing from you!



  66. Hi Tim,

    my name is Madeleine. I have been reading about the slow carb diet and have a question about one of the components. I don’t eat beans, as I don’t eat a group of foods called FODMAPS (

    Is there an alternative to beans you could recommend? or an alteration in the slow carb diet to cater for this allergy?

    Thank you!!


  67. Hi Tim! First off: you’re a hero. I got your book 2 years ago and I tried the slow carb diet immediately (among other things). Not because I was overweight, but just to try if it really worked. And it did! In the meantime, I’ve turned vegetarian. I don’t like it very much, but it’s better for the environment and for myself as well, as I’m not consuming all the hormones, antibiotics and others toxins that are in the meat these days. Eating 100% biological meat is too expensive and I also have my doubts about how healthy that is. Anyway. Vegetarian it is. During my first experiment with the slow carb diet, I ate a lot of chicken, fish and beef… but now, I can’t anymore and I want to try the diet again to lose 10 lbs. What are your recommendations regarding a good substitute for these proteins? Thanks!

  68. Hi Tim. Not sure if my question / comment goes exactlly on this section…but anyway.

    After have read 4HB, Im not clear what to do if I do sports, when doing the slow carb diet.

    Specifficaly in these 2 cases:

    1) I will do sports / soccer at 9pm. Should I still not consume any carbs? Wouldn’t this be harmfull for my muscles, and mayble lose them or injure them (due to absence of carbs, when doing exercise the body gets energy from muscle therefore “wasting” them in form of energy)

    2) If I will do sports / jogging / yoga / spinning very early in the morning…should I take any carbs at all? Should I take them (and / or the whole breakfast) before or after the exercice? some literature suggests I take breakfast 1-2 hour before the meal, but this is nearly un-doable…you would have to get up at 5am? Thanks a lot! big fan.

  69. Hi Tim,

    i just saw that this slow-carb-diet post is from 2011 and there’s a reference to The Slow-Carb Diet® Official Homepage which is a blog with just 1 post from 2010. Also the 2 cookbooks are not on sale anymore (or at such high prices).

    Having had 2 blogs (spanish and english) about diabetes and written a book in spanish about the topic, I know that the main thing asked by diabetics and people with overweight is recipies or menus to know what to eat.

    what I’m saying is that you could help so much people with that blog and cookbooks! If you are not doing it due to lack of time/resources, let me know how can I help you bring life back to this project.

    I will be happy to help.

    Hasta la vista,

    Carlos Gonzalez

  70. I have been doing slow carb for over a year now, off and on – working on my discipline haha. I initially lost 50 lbs in a year (lowering my BMI from 30.7 -obese- to 23-healthy-). I wasn’t perfect the whole year through and had to redirect many times. I still feel so accomplished and proud to have lost it in a healthy, efficient way. I love it and am so thankful to have found something that works for me, is healthy, and lifelong sustainable.

    I just wanted to share a product that I discovered that I love – Bentilia lentil pasta. Lentils are the ONLY ingredient; most others I’ve come across contain rice or quinoa. Every other week or so, I will make a vegetable rich pasta sauce with ground turkey and eat it with these lentil noodles. I also like to combine them with shrimp, avocado oil, garlic, parsley, and a bag of frozen veggies that’s like a shrimp scampi. It feels like an indulgence, but it’s really just a way to get those protein and fiber packed lentils in.

    I wish all luck as I myself try to get back off the sugar and on to the slow carb again. 🙂

  71. I read that dairy despite being low GI is insulinemic. Is taking whey protein isolate first thing on waking up bad according to that rule.