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It was just past 5pm EST in Manhattan, and I’d been on pins and needles all day.

The report was coming in any minute. All attempts to nap earlier, despite two hours of sleep, had failed. There would be no rest on this Wednesday.

Now, in the lobby of the ACE Hotel, a few friends — including my agent, Steve Hanselman, my assistant, Charlie Hoehn, and my brother from another mother, Chris — had gathered with me to drink champagne. No matter the outcome, it had been a hard-fought battle over three years. THREE YEARS. Hospitalizations, surgeries, you name it.

I stared at the floor, reciting the reasons why things could go right. Most of them were silly and superstitious. Then my internal devil’s advocate chimed in with the reasons other books would beat me: better retail placement, celebrity authors, dedicated TV shows, etc.

“It’s here.”

I looked up. Steve smiled and handed me his Blackberry:

#1: The 4-Hour Body…

The 4-Hour Body had hit #1 on The New York Times bestseller list, on the hardest list (Advice, How-To) during the hardest week of the year.

I was in shock for the rest of the evening.


For the rest of the night, as my friends fed me shots, I thought back to 2007, when The 4-Hour Workweek was turned down by 26 out of 27 publishers.

Everything that I’ve experienced in the last three years is thanks to you. I learn more from you than I could ever teach.

Much more to come soon (including a detailed post-game analysis of the launch), but — for the time being — I’ll keep it simple: THANK YOU.

I love you all.

May you and yours have the most joyous of holidays. Now, I need to get to wine and chocolate with the family… 🙂

Merry Christmas! 2011 is going to be the best year yet for all of us!

Un abrazo grande,


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    1. Tim,

      I came in and sat down at my desk today to notice not one, but TWO copies of The 4-Hour Body sitting beside me. My wife brought in the complimentary copies unbeknownst to me, and I am thoroughly excited. I can’t wait to begin the read.

      Congratulations to hitting #1 SO SOON!!! Thanks a million, and I will keep my progress posted as I work through the book. Cheers, and Happy New Year to you and yours!


      Michael Tergerson

    2. Good evening Tim and congrats with all of your success. I am looking forward to receiving my copy of The 4 Hour Body.

      I have tried to access the link to received the free electronic version but to no avail, it keeps kicking me out.

      Again, te deseo todo lo mejor en el ano nuevo. Soy Argentino!!


    3. The book is a great read with lots of new ideas to work into my routine. With the wind chill, it’s 6 degrees here in Northwestern Wisconsin so I worked on firewood without a coat, with just jeans and a tee-shirt, on an empty stomach. Thanks Tim for the great idea.

    4. Not really upset that you don’t have a 4hour body forum at your website, but upset that I spent 30 minutes stubbornly looking for something that didn’t exist (yet your book, and other print say it is a free bonus).

      1. Hi Jeff,

        The “forum” in this case is the blog you’re on. I’ll be setting up a better solution this week, I hope. Thanks for your patience.



      2. I did the same thing. Is there a place to get some questioned answered in the meantime? I have been doing the 4 hour body thing for 14 days and have lost 15.5lbs so far. I have had 2 burning questions so far that I can’t find a good answer for yet. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

        1. Is Ezekiel bread OK to eat on the slow card diet?

        2. When looking at the supplements for the Geek to Freak workout, do you take all of those even on the days you do not lift?

        Any advice would be appreciated.

  1. Congrats, Tim! You’ve worked hard for your success and inspired so many of us! Here’s to more shared successes in 2011!!

  2. You are welcome. The reason why you are #1 is because you have found a way to take that effort and struggle and pain, and turn it into something that can help others. That is priceless. Thank you Tim. Thank you for the best blood sugars I have seen in 5 years (Type I diabetic) and thank you for 5 pounds lost.

  3. Good for you, Tim! We have a copy in my house right now, and I’ve been totally unsuccessful at wresting it away from my husband. I’m so proud of your accomplishments.

  4. Rock! Congrats Tim! And I can’t wait for more 4 hour books from you.

    Started on the slow carb diet this week and am already seeing results 🙂

    I am gonna get my 4 hour body. Are you?

  5. Congratulations Tim. Glad we all could help. Go relax for the holidays, can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to us in the next year.

  6. Congratulations! So excited for you…can’t wait to see what it feels like myself. Someday. Enjoy the success…your hard work deserves it!

  7. Congratulations Tim!

    You totally deserve it. And actually I think it`s people like me who`s life your amazing books changed so much for the better who should say thanks.

    I`m having my Christmas eve in Mexico with my awesome girlfriend (I`m German), thanks to the lifestyle the application of the principles of the 4HWW rewarded me. And I think you, too, deserve the best time ever.

    Thank you too, Tim!



  8. Congratulations, Tim! Half my family is getting your bok for christmas, as is a friend from high school who seriously needs to change the way he trains and competes in MMA.

  9. Congrats on #1. How sweet it is! I bought one of the first signed copies and was wondering if it was ever going to come…but of course it finally did, so Thank You. Can’t wait to start reading it…

  10. Congrats Tim. I hope to be a case study for an updated version of the book.

    Will you be doing a post on how you marketed the book?

  11. Respect! Just finished the book on my tour of Europe’s frozen airports. Yay kindle. Can’t wait to get back to NYC and put some of this into practice.

  12. Hola Tim,

    Gracias a ti! I just bought the book and its been an amazing reading so far… hope you keep doing all the crazy fun experiments and teaching all of us.

    Best wishes.


  13. Tim,

    Congratulations. I knew with all the pre-marketing that you did early on that this would play out the way it did. You seem to have this down to a science.

    What a great Christmas gift!

    1. You’re welcome. Just finished listening to the (abridged) audiobook, while waiting for the signed hardcover books to arrive … Good stuff. Can’t wait for the rest !!!

  14. Thanks for the thanks, Tim, but truly – THANK YOU! Remember that we buy your books because they don’t only add value to us, but they enable us to then add value to others. Thank you for giving me (us) the ability to not only learn and improve from you, but also the ability to teach others what we just learned. Your content is accessible, achievable and observable, quickly, which allows us to turn around and share it with credibility because we achieved the promised results. THANK YOU.

    Your content is helping me take my life back. Last friday, I was diagnosed with stage 2 hypertension. I have dropped at least 12 pounds since then with the slow carb diet and no real exercise to speak of. I plan to watch my doctors’ eyes bug out of his head when I show him what and how I made a change. Your content makes this possible. THANK YOU.

    Merry Christmas

    Chris, Cedar Rapids, IA

    1. Yeehaw, Tim! Feels like a Kentucky Derby win on a horse you just had a feeling about. Your hard work payed off! Barefoot Contessa, wow didn’t see that comin’ did you? How cool for both of you!

  15. Congrats Tim! I’m nearly halfway finished with 4HB, some great info, much of it confirming theories I have always had about weight gain / loss, but other than diet never was willing to outsource my body to experiment like you did!

    Again, thanks for all you do, hope you can relax a bit now and enjoy a great New Years!

  16. Congrats!! I bought 9 copies (sadly, after the land rush deals! Haha). After reading your blog post 4 months ago, I’ve lost 42 lbs and become freakishly strong. I’ll send you a video when i get to 10 pull-ups at 5-up/5-down (at 6 now!) hahaha. Working out an hour a week seems like cheating–but that’s the idea behind lifestyle design.

    Thank you for your passion. It’s changed my life, and lit me up–I’ve got at least 20 friends on the program now.

    Keep on keeping on. Take some time off. Have an extra cheat day. Your work is changing lives, and I’m proud to see you at the top of the list.


  17. Thank goodness you were higher than KARDASHIAN KONFIDENTIAL.

    Love the book. Congrats on the hard work and big marketing push. All paid off.

  18. Tim, well done! You accomplished something truly remarkable here. Celebrate and enjoy your holidays.

    Cheers to your success. I think we can all agree that 2011 will contain the exponential growth you are known for.

  19. Congratulations, Tim! Been devouring the book since it arrived. It really goes above and beyond. Awesome book!

  20. Congrats! I haven’t bought it yet, so I didn’t help. But everyone who asked what I wanted got it as my 1st pick on my wish list. So maybe I did. But I won’t know until morning 🙂

    Enjoy the new year, and thanks for all you do.

  21. Great job tim…… only one problemo i bought the book and im in a dilemma because on your back cover it says how to add 150 pounds to your lifts in six months but it mentions barry ross program for deadlift then the squat then the bench but how are we supposed to fit all that into six months . . ?? would we be better off sticking with the 80/20 faleev …and it doesnt give any progression for barry ross’s program i would like to of seen more detail so i dont have to buy yet another book …..but the book is still awesome … i dont know how you keep your cool with the haters …. but breaking down criticism is what leads to new innovations .. so keep up good work …Happy Holidays

    1. Hi Kameron!

      Thanks for the comment. Here’s my suggestion: focus on one lift for 3-4 months, preferably deadlift. If bench, use Marty’s chapter. If squat, use Faleev’s system.

      No need for a %-based progression with Barry Ross’s approach. Just increase the weights 10 lbs. or so per workout and you’ll get there!

      Best of luck,


      1. Tim, Great book! I have one question. I purchased the book through Audible, you mentioned a workout and diet that can be received by going on line and downloading the PDF. I’ve only found one place to click on that appears to be the page to go to but when I click on it I get a page from WUFOO that says: THIS FORM CANNOT BE READ BY THE PUBLIC. I contacted support it looks like I got an auto response that says: Are you reading a foreign version of The 4-Hour Workweek and having trouble entering the “reader-only” areas? Please use the password “live” and enjoy the tools. That was great but I have no idea where a readers only page is and don’t know what they’re talking about when they mention a foreign version. Sent a second email back explaining that and got the same response.

        It would be nice if there were an obvious link to acquire the PDF’s. Just a suggestion.

        Can someone direct me to, or send me the link to the PDF’s? You’ve got an amazing book that is highly motivating. Love it , love it! Great job!

      2. Hey Tim

        Congrats on 4HB

        I started the SCD last week and I have to say its probably the only diet I have wanted to do, the book is a great read, and I am trying all your procedures ( cold showers blow my mind) my main concern is can SCD work for a 390lb man, and it isnt all muscle, right now my doctors estimates my BMI at 55. I cant even get him to approve me for a DEXA scan which is for some reason necessary in georgia. My doctor keeps pushing the gastric bypass, but seeing what my manager is going through, I know its not for me. any information from you or the other readers would help. I just need to know if this can be done with SCD.

      3. Hey Tim

        Congrats on 4HB

        I started the SCD last week and I have to say its probably the only diet I have wanted to do, the book is a great read, and I am trying all your procedures ( cold showers blow my mind) my main concern is can SCD work for a 390lb man, and it isnt all muscle, right now my doctors estimates my BMI at 55. I cant even get him to approve me for a DEXA scan which is for some reason necessary in georgia. My doctor keeps pushing the gastric bypass, but seeing what my manager is going through, I know its not for me. any information from you or the other readers would help. I just need to know if this can be done with SCD

      4. Hi John,

        It sounds like you need to find another doctor, potentially. I see no reason why the slow-carb diet wouldn’t work for you. It’s worked for bigger people, so I’d give it a shot. The science is solid, and the evidence from 1,000s of people is there.

        Good luck!


  22. Many congratulations and you’re welcome 😉 I think I speak for much of your reader base that our feverish support (pre-orders etc) is reflective of the quality of knowledge and inspiration you’ve bestowed upon us the last few years through your book and blog.

    Rock on in the interwebs and beyond!


    Ps. Book tour?

  23. The lady at the info desk at the Barnes and Noble in west LA escorted me up the escalator. “Let’s see if there are any copies left”, she chirped. HUH??But it’s pouring rain out and I WANT A COPY NOW!!! Several turns later appeared a rack burtsting with orange -“The Four Hour Workweek”, and there in the middle, one large and regal copy of the “The Four Hour Body”. “You’re in luck!!” she said and handed me MY copy. : )

  24. Brilliant news, what a great Christmas gift for you! Well done, well deserved – although I still haven’t read the book, your marketing ingenuity is obvious. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive…

  25. Wow, what a great accomplishment Tim! This is why I tell everyone I know about your books. You live what you teach. I devoured your first book, and I am reading The 4 Hour Body now. My wife and I just got our first DEXA scans yesterday, and we will be starting the slow carb diet together on Monday. Thank you for sharing with all of us what you have worked hard to learn!

  26. Bummer.

    Now on the next printing you’ll have to make extra space to add…



    Merry Christmas Tim!

  27. No, Thank You! My 4-Hour treatment resumed with this new literary shot of adrenaline. You have helped me push farther and faster!

    Merry Christmas and much more success to you in the New Year!!

  28. Timmy,

    Buddha said, ” Your lifes work is to find your lifes work.”

    Congratulations on finding yours so early and ultimately serving others in a positive way that challenges people to be their best and to live their life to the fullest. Peace and joy to you in 2011.

  29. Congratulations Tim and well earned. From what I have seen, you pursue your goals with creativity, focus and relentless enthusiasm and you should enjoy the fruits of your labor…at least temporarily, until I am sure you will move onto the next one!

  30. Tim – Just for a moment, completely ignoring the great content you’ve put together in The 4-Hour Body – and everything you did to yourself to create it – it must be said that you’ve given all of us who followed your strategy week to week a marketing master class with this launch! You’ve made your own luck – and I doubt very much this will be the last title from you that hits #1! I wish you continued success.

  31. Glad the signed books and others brought you in at #1. You’ve always been #1 for us. Keep it up. p.s. I sold a signed copy on eBay for $75 bones, no doubt you’re #1. Happy Holidays. Andrew

  32. Hey, Tim! Congratulations. I ordered the book on Amazon & I’m loving the Occam’s method for weightlifting, which is saving me tons of time in the gym.

    I was at Border’s trying to show my friend a copy of the book yesterday and they informed me that they were all sold out. Nice!

  33. Thanks for the book, Tim. I bought it on kindle so I don’t think I counted (hardcovers are a bear when you live in China), but I’ve ready gotten so much out of it.

    Merry Christmas.

  34. Thanks to you my life has completely changed, you motivated me to do the things I had always procrastinated, so congrats and thank you! … now that my muse is doing well I will get the body that I always wanted.


  35. I bought your book (4 hour work week) for myself this Christmas. I’ve been on the verge of a mental breakdown since I was born- but now, thanks to you, everything makes sense and I have a plan. You rock!!!!!!!!!!! You are MY savior.

  36. Tim,

    You thank us, I thank you. I was inspired by your first book and it provided me a new perspective for improving my life. I now have your new book and enjoying it thoroughly. My heartfelt congratulations on the success of the Four Hour Body and to your continued successes.

  37. Awesome! A little less than half way through the book and so far I’m digging it. Glad you were able to accomplish your goal all the while enriching peoples lives. Thanks for the info and all the freebies, Salud!

  38. Of course you did!!! You wrote an amazing book – and your marketing is not only genius, but honest and from the heart. It’s impossible not to get behind that. Congrats!!!

  39. CONGRATS Tim! Savor this well deserved victory!!!!

    Can’t imagine what your next 3 year goal will be, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to get there! We appreciate you!

  40. Congrats Tim! Bought 3 copies, gave one away already, and I’ve been reading, taking notes and re-reading the relevant chapters for the past week. (The family and friends are getting sick of me talking about it, haha.)

    I’m really loving the format. Most ‘diet’ / ‘fitness’ books and programs just say “Do this because I’m a guru and trust me it works” without much of the reasoning behind it. I find that condescending and difficult to buy into. With your book the message I get is more, “Here is something that I’ve tried, has been effective for many people, and here’s the science to back it up so you can make an informed decision.”

    I have already adopted several of your recommedations for fat loss (including cold showers, Brrrrrr!) and I’m begining to see results. Thanks for everything and I wish you and yours all the best this Christmas!

    ¡Feliz Navidad Hermano!


  41. Congratulations! I hope the champagne is still flowing. That is an accomplishment worth celebrating until the New Year! And well deserved. You’ve helped a lot of people, me included. Cheers!

  42. Congrats! I think this book will become to health nuts what Schwarzenegger’s “The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding” has been to a generation (plus) of workout fanatics, except with much more widespread appeal.

  43. Congratulations!

    Thank YOU for putting out such awesome material. This achievement is directly related to the quality of your work. I look forward to your next accomplishment. I’m confident it will be masterful.


    Cameron Iati

  44. Nice work again mate. My brother brought my signed copy over with him from San Fran and he has his copy. May have to start after the thousand beers for Xmas

  45. So glad you posted this because I’ve been wondering if you hit your goal. It is super excellent to see you conquer such a worthy challenge. Ordered five copies myself during your awesome $4 million dollar land rush. Can’t wait for them to arrive. I know quite a few people whose lives have changed because of your first book. I’m looking forward to knowing a bunch of people whose lives have changed because of your second book.

    It’s clear you inspire others because you inspire yourself.


  46. Congratulations! Thank you! and You’re welcome! Can’t wait to read it. Also, looking forward to the analysis.

    Happy Holidays!

  47. Thank you Tim, for a refreshing and enlightening book. Your matter of fact writing style, supported with science really speaks to me. I have been preaching you up to anyone that will listen. First binge tomorrow, and I have trepidations, but I’m also excited.

    Congratulations, and thanks again.

  48. Congrats! I got my copy and am loving it. I found out my son got me a kettle-bell for Christmas (I’ll act surprised when I unwrap it).