My Unusual $100,000 Birthday Present (Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World)

burning man 08

Soon 33 years young. I’ll be back on the playa in August for Burning Man.

33. I’ll turn a glorious 33 this weekend.

It’s going to be a great natal year–I can already feel it. Repeating numbers (born in ’77) are good luck. Perhaps it will be good luck for you, too: in this post, I’m giving away a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world and more.

But back to that strange birthday gift…

Much to the chagrin of my momma-san, I’ve become quite difficult to buy presents for. Some friends even think I’m impossible to find presents for.

It’s not entirely true. I love handwritten letters, home-made brownies (like Fred Wilson), girlfriends dressed in next to nothing, and–most of all–when people do something nice.

Before we move on (wait for it, wait for it), please watch this super-short movie trailer:

In lieu of gifts this year, my birthday wish is to help high-need kids in public schools take field trips.

Can you imagine never having the chance to go to the aquarium or natural history museum? “Never” as in, literally, never in your life?

That’s unacceptable.

Since I am turning 33 this year, please help choose a field trip to support here with a tax-deductible $33 donation (or any other amount). Feel free to give from $10-$10,000 in the “Give to the most urgent project” field, whatever you can afford.

If we run out of field trips (which would be awesome), we’ll focus on reading projects. Literacy = the most fundamental path out of poverty.

Beyond the good karma and thank-you letters you’ll receive from the kids:

Incentive #1 – The trip: Donate before this Sunday at 12 midnight PST, and I’ll pick one of y’all randomly. You’ll get a round-trip ticket anywhere in the world that Continental or Star Alliance fly, whether Rome, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, or hundreds of other awesome locations. There is no expiration date on the trip, so you can take your time.

Incentive #2 – How it becomes $100,000: I will match every dollar donated, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000 total. That means that if the field trip gifts (donations) total $50,000, I will write a check for $50,000, all of which will go to public school kids in need. Remember, it’s tax-deductible.

Please go to this page and look around. Seriously, take a peek.

The goal is to get approximately 1,500 donors at an average of $33 each, which will add up to $50,000 and, matched, add up to $100,000.

Incentive #3 – If you want to get some goodies, please help spread the word. Tell people I’m matching donations and get them to this post or this link (same as above). Leave a comment below telling me what you did to spread the word (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail blast, add to your e-mail signature, encourage employees/friends to do the same, etc.).

The three most die-hard promoters will get pairs of my favorite sunglasses on the planet: Maui Jim’s. Grand winner will get a VIP gift card (good for any pair, including $300+ models) and two runners-up will get a pair of $200+ sunglasses of my choosing.


Beyond the bribes, you’ll feel awesome about yourself for doing some real good for little ‘uns who have so little. Trust me.

Superman is not coming to help these kids, nor is the government — will you step up for even two minutes?

I hope to help with the bigger policy changes, but, as one politician said, “Show me a movement first and then I can respond.”

I think that’s doable, and this little experiment could be exhibit A.


Note for Non-US readers from Baahar:

“For people from outside the US: during the checkout process on, it asks for your address. I couldn’t proceed at first because my postal code was too short, and there was no message to indicate what the problem was. Type a 5 digit number to pass that stage.

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385 Replies to “My Unusual $100,000 Birthday Present (Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World)”

  1. Donated. Was very happy to support a kindergarten class that needed money to buy reading material. I’m all for that. 🙂

  2. Brilliant! It just seems to work.

    It’s said that Jesus lived to be 33.

    YOU could outlive JESUS!

    Toshi O.

  3. I just turned 33 on July 21 so I felt like this was destiny telling me to donate as well when I saw what you did for your birthday gift.

    As of this time it’s up to $11,007 total.

    I’m sure hoping, as well as others are, to see it get up to $50,000.

  4. Happy birthday Tim and good luck with the fund raising, you got 1 year on me and it’s my girlfriends birthday today too!

  5. Hello Tim from China! Hope you will have a killer birthday! So being affiliated in the teaching profession, I was glad to see this post! I have seen first hand the slighting of education in our country, and glad to see such actions have been set in motion to make an impact! As much as I hope this helps kids in need, I hope some awareness is also shed on how under-equipped and inexperienced many of our teachers are as well. I would love to see some things done down the road to better enable the teachers as they are the most crucial element in the childrens’ success!

    I just made my donation, and am spreading the news by posting info on my Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, and LinkedIn pages, as well as backlinked info on the Youtube Trailer video feedback as well. Also sent out a mass email asking for donations, and will create a YouTube video as well this weekend! Lastly, I will email some bloggers with weight (ie: Mark Cubans of the world), and request assistance as well!

    Best of luck, and thanks again for all you do!

  6. @SarahW I just got $3 free from BING and directed it towards Tim’s goal!

    How fantastic.

    Happy Birthday Tim and Thanks Sarah


    (an around the world trip would be….. extraordinary… i would love to plan my muses from a remote location. what do you say?)


  7. Just in case you’re feeling old, I’d like to point out that you’ve actually finished 33 years….you’re starting your 34th year! 😉

    Posted the info on Facebook – THANKS FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION!

  8. BTW gave $37 to finish off one of the projects, will also be pimping it on Twitter/Facebook etc.

    Come on people, donate more!

  9. Hey Tim,

    I think this is cool and I am always impressed by your ideas to connect people because that is really the core to all you do and I think it is what is needed in this world.

    I hope that the kids I helped will be able to enjoy and be as amazed at the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival as I was when I went in High School over 10 years ago. If you have not gone to see anything there I highly recommend it. Close to Northern California and totally worth the drive from the Bay even though the I-5 corridor kinda sucks. Except for the stop in Chico of course 😉

    Happy Bday and I hope you live it well.



  10. Tim, happy birthday!

    You’ve done plenty of cool things for your age, but it’s only the beginning! So, keep the good pace and all the best! 🙂

  11. Happy birthday Timmy!

    Made a smaller donation. To think I almost went “I’ll do it later” but then I realized, later will probably turn to never.

    Take care,


  12. Tim,

    Big fan and thanks for the “Delivering Happiness” book recommendation, finished it in 2 sittings and loved it.

    I wish there were some way to track the progress like in affiliate marketing from each user on here and publish the results as I would kick some butt. Pitting people against eachother in fundraising efforts would be a good idea for a site..Lets talk:)

    Already Tweeted this, posted it on my FB and personally emailed over 1,000 of my closest friends and family who are very very generous. I was only able to pitch in $33 as I am in between jobs.

    I was really happy to see you do a post like this as I came from a lower middle class family and my Mom made too much for financial aid and additional support but barely enough to keep us clothed..No Joke there are some serious problems in our education system on all levels.

    Keep a look out for as this will one day be what I give back to the world.

    Keep on doing the right things and please keep leading by example as this world needs more celebrities like yourself to use your connections for bettering us all.

    Cool Sun Glasses and round trip anywhere in the world would be great but the most important thing is getting these kids some culture and trips to museums:)


  13. Hey Tim,

    Great gesture here! Made a small donation! I’m sure you will reach your target very soon:)

    Happy Happy birthday!



  14. I’ll definitely be making this known to my friends and the people on my site.

    I’ll pose a question to you though…. I’m an about-to-graduate entrepreneur and my main three focuses are Travel, Adventure, and Entrepreneurship….Whats the best gift you’ve recieved or treated yourself to that falls somewhere inside that realm?

  15. Great birthday idea bro. I just matched your $100,000 challenge with my own clients and friends. I will match them up to $100K, and with your match we can turn $1 of giving into $4 of gift. Thanks for the inspiration. Doug Lodmell

  16. Love this initiative and HAPPY FRICKIN Birthday Tim. 77 is the best year ever. I too am 33 and you’ve just given me a great idea for my upcoming cycle of Africa to raise awareness for the education of young girls in developing countries.

    I donated and hope that you achieve your goal, you’re 65% of the way there right now, when you do surely that will be the best birthday present ever.

    Charity Water also do a similarly great thing by suggesting you donate the age of someone’s birthday to give clean water around the world. Let’s keep this planet rocking!


  17. congrats on the big 33 i am turning the big 22 this week 0_o

    my friend just left to japan yesterday for architecture internship he signed up 4 ken-do 😀

    i am going bak to ny for the 2nd time this time for the money and a bolder lifestyle experiment in a month from now and am currently designing a plan to launch 2 businesses, i am in Bangalore at the moment

    hay time is their a law against selling “proud supporter or ________ movement” merchandise or can you just write on your site that you are not formally affiliated but are doing this to help bring awareness of the movement through selling products that advertise its existence

    i figure i would ask you this since internet law is a mysterious subject and its hard to find information online, if you have a clarification, insight, or link you can refer it would help me out a ton.


    something SUPER NINJA SECRET TECHNIQUE that will guarantee a smile

  18. Tim Ferriss, Happy Birthday!

    I Posted this on Facebook. I will push it out a few more times. Thank you for everything!

    Welcome return visit

  19. Donated.




    Happy Birthday Tim.

    Go have a Okunomatsu Daiginjo Shizukusake Juhachidai Ihei.

  20. Happy Birthday Tim!

    I was in a slump working on my novel revisions and took a break to read your blog. This was just the shot in the arm I needed to go get ‘er done…

    Tweeted, fb’ed, and email is sent out. My gf will do the same. Going to ask editors for the blogs I freelance for at PhxSoul and Hustletown Chronicle to post the trailer too.

    I donated to the one Arizona project I found…great to be a part of this despite all of the negative happening in the state!



  21. Happy 33 birthday Tim!

    I really like what you do. When I saw my RSS this morning I was dealing with bunch of ugly work stuff and when I saw your generosity it kind of touched me so I got to the site and supported the most urgent.

    Spread the news via the usual twitter/facebook/other social networks stuff 🙂

    I’ll setup a special page on our site ( which is the biggest social media in Bulgaria with over 2 million visits from all over the world. Hope this will help!


  22. Happy birthday Tim!

    Spread the word through the social networks!

    Will also setup a page on Svejo about it hope it will help spread the word.

    Cheers and have fun!

  23. Dentists became main-stream in the US by educating children on the benefits of mouth care. Educating children is the way to make lasting change in society. Glad to have learned about Thank you Tim.

  24. Donated and retweeted. Great b-day gesture, Tim. Wish I had the money to do the same!

    Keep up the inspirational good work!

  25. Happy Birthday Tim ^_^

    What an honourable gift you are offering here. I hope it makes a genuine difference to many children. However having confidence (which American kids are best at) is nothing to be sniffed at, you can go a long way just with confidence.

  26. Hi Tim!!!

    I’m so excited about this project. Totally lovin’ it.

    Happy Birthday. You’ve got my $33, enthusiastically. I can’t believe that ON TOP of this awesome project, you’re offering a round trip ticket. Simply put, YOU DA MAN! 😀

    Congrats on 33.


  27. Tim,

    Happy Birthday. Your mother and I are proud of you. This is the right way to use your notoriety! Keep up the good work.


  28. Happy Birthday –

    …And what a badass way to celebrate it! I donated and spread word on Facebook. Hope this project exceeds our hopes!


  29. Happy Birthday Tim, I’d like to thank you for the 4 Hour Work Week. I just got it a couple weeks back, and I’ve already read it twice. Thanks for everything you do.

    I just donated, tweeted, FB posted, and e-mailed my friends about this amazing gift.

  30. Tim:

    I think you’re doing a tremendous thing for your birthday. I volunteered a year of my life after college for the City Year division of Americorps in Philadelphia. I ran a team of seven people in a South Philadelphia high school tutoring and mentoring students that desperately needed the help.

    My team helped students get scholarships, get into college and we culminated our year by organizing 2,000 people to clean up a large section of South Philadelphia, collected enough paint donations to paint two huge murals in the school. We also pioneered an after school program that taught students poetry and reading and writing skills through hip hop and rap.

    The reason I went into all of that is because of what you said that politician had said to you. The movement already exists in Americorps. City Year and Teach For America are just two giant examples of a movement in our society designed to fix a broken system.

    You can find out more about City Year here:

    Happy Birthday Tim. Your book and blog have been a huge help to me in my personal and professional life. Thanks.

  31. You are something pretty special, Tim Ferriss… It’s posts like this that

    really make me realize that. I have the drive to move people and to bring

    good things to those who cannot for themselves, but I don’t have near the

    influential power that you do! Thanks for sharing; Finding this read in my inbox this morning definitely brightened my day.

    I turn 33 in November, so here’s to a lucky

    year for us both.

    Happy Birthday!


  32. Happy Birthday Tim, great way to celebrate! I made a donation, as well as the standard RT/FB/Digg…emailing my coworkers as well!

  33. Happy Birthday Tim!

    Done and done. We always love jumping on your band wagon. Any time we donate to help kids with your matching dollars we double our investment! No brainer…seriously, no brainer.

    PS: Thanks for your inspiration and allowing us to live the lifestyle we do now. You were a huge help.

  34. Hey Tim,

    This is great. I’ll make a donation pronto.

    I’m in the midst of starting a online non-profit that accomplishes something very similar to this only with different ‘clients.’ If you have any ideas and/or would like to help out with (advice, rec’s, anything), please reach out.

    Keep up the good work.

  35. It is good to see you having fun. After the last string of posts I was starting to wonder if you were going to start looking at BMW’s.

    If you aren’t traveling as much I’d be happy to write a post on traveling in America for you.

    Enjoy Burning Man

  36. Nice one Tim, I will donate, Facebook, and email some friends on this one. The film trailer is brilliant — I’m especially looking forward to hearing from Geoffrey Canada, quoted in the trailer, whose Harlem Children’s Zone is among the most inspirational examples of personal leadership I’ve ever come across.

    In education, Doug Lemov’s work is comparably inspiring. A self-described mediocre teacher, Lemov became a successful education consultant but was frustrated as he wasn’t able to help schools do the one thing they all wanted to do — improve teaching. In the mountains of research on education, the factor that makes the biggest difference is the teacher — bigger than social or economic background, student past performance, or anything else. Poorly performing students walking into a great teacher’s class can be transformed — but nobody knows how to “make” a great teacher. Experience doesn’t do it — after three years, teacher performance levels out and stays at the same level until retirement.

    So Lemov set out to find out how to make great teachers.

    He looked for the outliers — classrooms where students shone on standardized tests in poor areas where all the other classrooms were low-performance, consistent with results in impoverished communities. Then he went to the schools and watched what the great teachers were doing — how they made eye contact with students, how the used their voices, how they stood still when they gave instructions, made their praise specific, didn’t let students skip answering questions in class — in all he defined 49 specific behaviours that great teachers do, and which can be learned, and has compiled them into a book — Teach Like a Champion — and applied them at the charter program Uncommon Schools.

    By making more great teachers, Lemov’s work will be critical to transforming education not only in the U.S., but around the world.

    A brilliant NYTimes article on his work is here:

  37. Happy Birthday, Tim.

    This project is big. VERY big. It reminds me of that saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. You are being that change, Tim, and I’m so glad to help.



  38. Heard you “dated” one of my coworker’s friends…

    Although that is neither here nor there

    Pleased to be a

    Part of this initiative

    You can thank me later with a pair of sunglasses 🙂

    Blogged the link

    Invited others to do the same

    Reposted link to facebook


    Happy to help!

    Distributed via LinkedIn

    Argue this is the most creative comment so far!

    Yours truly, Kristin

  39. Great idea! I’m in! Thanks for keeping me inspired. My buddy and I are constantly keeping each other from becoming the bald man in the sports car, and we’re much better off for it.

  40. thanks for doing this tim! and happy birthday! now, can you put your facebook buttons back so we can send this farther pls?? thx 😉

  41. I have been lurking around here reading this site for a while and this inspired me to act.

    Your book (among others like Power of Now & Four Agreements) has helped me refocus my life and I thought I should get you a birthday gift!

    I have been going through divorce, and since I moved out I have actually started to donate money to different causes. Although it is tough monetarily, I would rather give the $33 to these kids than blow it on some drinks at a bar. Thanks for putting a worthy cause out there for people to give to!

  42. Tim, first of all happy birthday! I donated $33, tweeted, FB and Linked In your wonderful cause. Your generosity is admirable. You are wonderful for doing this. I have been following you for a few years now since I read 4 hour workweek and love your work. Keep it up!

  43. Wow! This is absolutely amazing. I am a teacher and am so stoked about this. Words can not even begin to describe how appreciative I am as well as other teachers to receive all this generosity. The best part is to see the students reaction to all the wonderful materials we receive from Donors Choose and all the generous donors. Thank you to all. And a huge thank-you to you Tim Ferriss. Happy Birthday!

  44. Hi Tim! Happy annual date of birth!!

    I gave $33 to the most urgent project and it looks like you’re almost halfway to the goal of $50,000! So exciting!!!

    I should really give more often. Even when I’m a bit low on cash, nothing boosts you up better than some good karma.

  45. Happy B-Day Tim!

    You rock for setting a great example. Keep it up.

    – Donated

    – Posted it to my Facebook wall

    – Dug it.

    – Will email it to my huge email list.

    – Will pray for your success this year and the hope you reach your goal of $50K donations to give $100K in benefits!!!!!

    Good luck!

  46. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for posting this. I just made a donation. Heard you met Jordan Harbinger and crew at Summit Series. Would have loved to have been there.

    Happy Birthday,


  47. Great idea! I donated, posted on FB and Twitter as well. Also bumped the digg and reddit posts (they beat me to the punch!).

    Also thanks for having the 4HWW book in both print and audio. I love listening to it as a reminder to keep the motivation up and going, while still being able to reference the book!

  48. Happy birthday Tim,

    I don’t have much, but I donated what I can. I’m pushing on facebook for others to follow my lead.

    Thanks again for the opportunity,

    Stephen R.

  49. Happy Birthday Tim, couldn’t decide which one, so gave a little to all… except the one making the kids read Shakespeare, thats just mean 😉

  50. Wow, this was an amazing idea! I’ve donated and posted to my Facebook. I’m going to encourage others to donate so that you can exceed your goal by Sunday.

    My 28th birthday is coming up in a couple months and now you’ve given me the idea to do something similar. Thanks for all of your inspiration, and have a fantastic birthday Tim!

  51. Happy Birthday! I found DonorsChoose through Groupon a few months back and think it’s a great site! I donated yesterday before your birthday challenge and donated today to one of the classroom projects in your list. I posted on Facebook, and am going to put a link to this on my business website (I already snuck in a link from my ex-husband’s business website because his will reach more people… (It’s okay, he’ll like it.)

  52. Tim, you rock dude. The world is better off with you here, and that’s awesome. I gave $33 as suggested but I think I want to give more.

    So when I gave it put a literacy cause as the most needed fund – I guess that means all the field trips are funded? If so that’s great.

    Happy birthday 🙂

  53. Happy Birthday Tim! With all this good karma you’re sure to have a goodie!!

    I couldn’t possibly choose a project, there are so many great causes and so many kids who deserve better. So I took the easy way and donated to the most urgent project. And I’ve posted on FB for all to join in.



  54. Hey Tim,

    Just out of curiosity, what day is your birthday? July 24th? The reasons I ask is a) you’re my hero b) I turn TWENTY-three on tomorrow (the 24th). You may be exactly 10 years older than me. That’d be cool.

    Best wishes,


  55. a bountiful birthday to you – for all that you give us I trust you are getting those special gifts you described…

    i saw that documentary and loved it… and if you care about underserved/poor yet high-performing high school students getting into a top school see what some hardworking, dedicated people started a few years ago to make it more likely to happen:

    Quest Bridge

  56. happy birthday man

    you are one of the most influential persons of my life, and for me it’s an honor to say to you these birthday words

    am myself from 1977, and having mine in few weeks

    buddy be good!

  57. You’re a constant inspiration, Tim! The book has changed my life and I use it as a guide when building my business models on my journey. Philanthropy is an integral part of the overall plan and I am so glad to see so many people on board with it. I donated, FB’d it, and my most effective tool, texted it to my contacts. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of something great…again. Happy birthday!.

  58. Tim,

    I wrote a post just this morning that in part talked about the failing education system in the US. Thank-you for sharing the trailer, I look forward to seeing it. Also thank-you for the incentive program. I have already re tweeted the link. Enjoy your birthday!


  59. Happy Birthday Tim!

    What a great birthday request! I will pass along the message!

    I actually spearheaded a fundraising effort to send my best friend to Burning Man this year for her 30 birthday. I am pleased to say that we covered the cost of her event ticket, plane ticket, and some supplies. People have such generous hearts and can make big things happen when grouped together!

    We would be honored to extend some playa hospitality to you in BRC!! Please come by the Perpetual Virgins camp at 6:04 & F… I’ll have a cold beer waiting for you! )'(

  60. First of all I made the donation to a literacy project on The project is my mother’s. She works at a high poverty elementary school in Bakersfield, CA and has been working really hard to make my sister’s upcoming San Francisco Wedding amazing. The least I can do for her hard work and dedication to literacy is try to promote this funding opportunity. I have already posted the project to Face Book, e-mailed it to all of my contacts, I am making Flyers for mailbox and Starbuck’s postings, and if the project isn’t funded by 7/31 I plan on promoting it at my sister’s wedding as well (she won’t mind).

  61. Hey Tim,

    Happy Bday! Gave to the charity and also posted on Facebook.

    Thanks for matching!

    Have a good one!


  62. Hey everyone. Congrats to you all for supporting Tim’s idea here. Even though I’m struggling a little financially at the moment, I can swing $33.00. Consider it done.

    This will be promoted on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Website and any other means that I can come up with. Take care everyone and Cheers!!

    Jeffrey Poirier

  63. I truly appreciate your dedication to education and literacy in the fight to alleviate poverty.

    Shared, pushed, FBed, etc.

  64. Tim, You are one of my heroes! Love, love, love this! I have made a donation and posted on twitter, my facebook profile and my facebook biz page!!!!

    You rock! Will continue to share the news. No doubt in my mind you’ll raise WAY MORE than $100,000. Thanks for being an inspiration

  65. Happy Birthday Tim!

    I actually just learned about a program that donates books for literacy just for reading books online! (I work at a library system, and the info came from our Youth Services dept.)

    It must be kismet!

  66. Tim,

    It seems like you are out there to help others from your book to this charity. Keep it up.

    Josh Bulloc

    Kansas City, MO

  67. Happy 33rd Tim! And many more on channel 4 as we used to say as kids.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome idea. As a father very involved in my daughter’s school, I applaud your efforts to help – together we make a difference.

    And if you couldn’t give much $$, please try to give some time to your local school as a volunteer. So many ways to help inspire kids and help them grow.

    I’ve shared this effort with my Facebook friends and look forward to hearing the great outcomes.

    Parabems Tim Ferris

  68. I’m diggin’ this site. I’m diggin’ the book. I’m diggin’ it all.

    Let’s DO THIS THING!!!

  69. Just gave $50 to a classroom in Maine to help with spelling. Thank you Tim for putting this out there! U r awesome!

  70. Tim – I told them all that reading is better than friday night, Facebook and Twitter combined. And if they don’t believe it, donate and find out.

    You’ve got a lot going, but take a look at The Fresh Air Fund.

    (To my mind) The most effective way get kids out from the grips of inner city poverty – for good. Talk about bang for your buck. Sponsor a child to go to ‘camp’ in the summer and they will very likely build a long term relationship with the host family that can last 20 or more years.

    In our case 24 years and counting. He came to us when he was four from Bushwick in Brooklyn, born to a drug addicted mother and long gone father, he is now living in suburban New Jersey with his family of four trying to make sure his kids get better cards.


  71. Unusual? Maybe more like unusually awesome! I just turned 34 and have not managed to make nearly as significant an impact on the world as you clearly do. This is an incredible mission and I hope the donations keep rolling in. I’ve done what I can by re-tweeting your message forward to my friends and followers. From there it will be distributed to my own personal website, through Facebook, Myspace, and to all my fishy friends.

  72. Happy 33rd birthday, Tim! Gosh, you’re a young’un!

    I donated to your cause, tweeted it and posted it on Facebook & LinkedIn. I hope it helps!!

    I hope your birthday and year ahead are filled with love, laughter & happiness.



  73. Hey Tim,

    Happy Birthday this weekend. I am glad I am not the only one getting older this weekend. I will be one year younger than you. I hope you have a great weekend full of life.


  74. Happy Birthday Tim,

    I so cannot believe you are going to be 33. Not from the fact that you look much older with the receding hairline but more importantly I cannot believe how much good you have accomplished in just 33 short years. You helped so many people escape their jobs and pursue their passions with your book. (I am one of them) You built schools in Vietnam and so much more. Truly Tim the greatest and most motivated people in history would be lucky to only accomplish one of those tasks but yet you keep find ways to help so many. Thank you so much for caring about all of us and putting your time and money where your mouth is and leading by example. It has truly been a blessing knowing you and I can’t wait to see in what other ways I can make an impact through your projects to help so many less fortunate than me. You are such an inspiration.



  75. Tim,

    Happy birthday! Great idea! I threw a $50 spot on it. Hopefully you’ll continue the private activism vs. the political activism(unless it’s dismantling the Department of Ed).

    Although it takes more effort than passing blanket laws and new taxes, I think it’s fairly obvious which one is more effective and which one is more enjoyable for donors and recipients alike.

    Kudos to you Tim, happy birthday.

  76. Ya got me.

    My wife is a teacher, and teaches at a lower income (primarily minority) middle school. One of my favorite books ever was the Autobiography of Malcolm X- so a teacher wanting to buy those for the class?

    Ya got me. And if you haven’t, read the book.

  77. Happy Bday Tim!

    I was able to get a friend to donate and put this post up on his fb page. I also tweeted, fb’d, myspace’d (not sure who checks myspace) and spread the word via gmail, and greader (shared between my friends). Not to mention my donation of course!

    I just finished, 3 Cups of Tea, and thought this was a perfect way to contribute to children!

    Overall, we reached over 1,000 peeps and will be receiving additional support!

    Thanks for the opportunity,

    Jesse Walters

    btw, 4hww taught me how to create a product and effectively market it on-line. Thanks for this info also!

  78. Tim,

    I just wanted to let you know that your birthday gift has helped fund my classroom project on Donor’s Choose!! Thank you so much for your generosity and for making a difference in so many childrens’ lives. It is because of the kindness of donors like you that engaging materials are being provided to children in schools all across the country. We couldn’t do it without your support.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  79. Tim,

    I wrote a post just this morning that in part talked about the failing education system in the US. Thank-you for sharing the trailer, I look forward to seeing it. Also thank-you for the incentive program. I have already re tweeted the link. Enjoy your birthday!

  80. Tim,

    Happy Birthday this weekend! xx

    You are Awesome! Thanks for being so inspiring.

    And hey! We almost share the same birthday!

    I’ve just celebrated my 35th here in Thailand (on the 22nd July)…

    and spending a month here.

    I’ve gladly donated toward your cause, which is something I value dearly… reading and education is the greatest asset for personal empowerment!

    I’m also prepping a few email blasts to my list.

    Thanks for being so great!

    Cheers to another fantastic year for you!

    Katie Joy =)