How to Get George Bush or the CEO of Google on the Phone

The below article, titled “Fail Better” and written by Adam Gottesfeld, explores how I teach Princeton students to connect with luminary-level business mentors and celebrities of various types. I’ve edited it to be shorter and clearer in a few places.

People are fond of using the “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” adage as an excuse for inaction, as if all successful people are born with powerful friends.


Here’s how normal people build supernormal networks…


Most Princeton students love to procrastinate in writing their dean’s date [term] papers. Ryan Marrinan ’07, from Los Angeles, was no exception. But while the majority of undergraduates fill their time by updating their Facebook profiles or watching videos on YouTube, Marrinan was discussing Soto Zen Buddhism via e-mail with Randy Komisar, a partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, and asking Google CEO Eric Schmidt ’76 via e-mail when he had been happiest in his life. (Schmidt’s answer: “Tomorrow.”)

Prior to his e-mail, Marrinan had never contacted Komisar. He had met Schmidt, at Princeton University trustee, only briefly at an academic affairs meeting of the trustees in November. A self-described “naturally shy kind,” Marrinan said he would never have dared to randomly e-mail two of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley if it weren’t for Tim Ferriss ’00, who offered a guest lecture in Professor Ed Zschau ’61’s ELE 491 “High-Tech Entrepreneurship” class. Ferriss challenged Marrinan and his fellow seniors in the class to contact high-profile celebrities and CEOs and get their answers to questions they have always wanted to ask.

For extra incentive, Ferriss promised the student who could contact the most hard-to-reach name and ask the most intriguing question a round-trip plane ticket anywhere in the world.

“I believe that success can be measured in the number of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have. I felt that if I could help students overcome the fear of rejection with cold-calling and cold e-mail, it would serve them forever,” Ferriss said. “It’s easy to sell yourself short, but when you see classmates getting responses from people like [former president] George Bush, the CEOs of Disney, Comcast, Google, and HP, and dozens of other impossible-to-reach people, it forces you to reconsider your self-set limitations.”… Ferriss lectures to the students of “High-Tech Entrepreneurship” each semester about creating a startup and designing the ideal lifestyle.

“I participate in this contest every day,” said Ferriss. “I do what I always do: find a personal e-mail if possible, often through their little-known personal blogs, send a two- to three-paragraph e-mail which explains that you are familiar with their work, and ask one simple-to-answer but thought-provoking question in that e-mail related to their work or life philosophies. The goal is to start a dialogue so they take the time to answer future e-mails – not to ask for help. That can only come after at least three or four genuine e-mail exchanges.”

With “textbook execution of the Tim Ferriss Technique,” as he put it, Marrinan was able to strike up a bond with Komisar. In his initial e-mail, he talked about reading one of Komisar’s Harvard Business Review articles and feeling inspired to ask him, “When were you happiest in your life?” After Komisar replied with references to Tibetan Buddhism, Marrinan responded, “Just as words are inadequate to explain true happiness, so too are words inadequate to express my thanks.” His e-mail included his personal translation of a French poem by Taisen Deshimaru, the former European head of Soto Zen. An e-mail relationship was formed, and Komisar even e-mailed Marrinan a few days later with a link to a New York Times article on happiness.

Contacting Schmidt proved more challenging. For Marrinan, the toughest part was getting Schmidt’s personal e-mail address. He e-mailed a Princeton dean asking for it. No response. Two weeks later, he e-mailed the same dean again, defending his request by reminding her that he had previously met Schmidt. The dean said no, but Marrinan refused to give up. He e-mailed her a third time. “Have you ever made an exception?” he asked. The dean finally gave in, he said, and provided him with Schmidt’s e-mail.

“I know some of my classmates pursued the alternative scattershot technique with some success, but that’s not my bag,” Marrinan said, explaining his perseverance. “I deal with rejection by persisting, not by taking my business elsewhere. My maxim comes from Samuel Beckett, a personal hero of mine: ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ You won’t believe what you can accomplish by attempting the impossible with the courage to repeatedly fail better.”

Nathan Kaplan ’07, another participant in the contest. was most proud of the way that he was able to contact former Newark mayor Sharpe James. Because James had made a campaign contribution to Al Sharpton, the website listed James’ homes address. Kaplan then input James’ address into an online search-by-address phone directory, through which he received the former mayor’s phone number. Kaplan left a message for James, and a few days later finally got to ask him about childhood education.

Ferriss is proud of the effort students have put into his contest. “Most people can do absolutely awe-inspiring things,” he said. “Sometimes they just need a little nudge.”

Adam Gottesfeld ’07, a Woodrow Wilson School major, is from Los Angeles.


Here’s how impressive networks are built: one superstar at a time.

It’s another case of working smarter and not harder. Readers will recognize that I discuss this topic of contacting mentors at some length in The 4-Hour Workweek, using John Grisham as an example.

Forget about your 500+ connections on LinkedIn. More is often less.

If you could choose only five people in the world to get to know in the 2008, who would they be?

Here are a few I’d enjoy meeting, among others:

The Crystal Method band members

Rick Rubin

Jeff Corwin


Francis Ford-Coppola

Hayao Miyazaki

Do you know them? If you do and think a meeting might be fun, please e-mail me via my assistant at Danke!

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  1. Hey Tim!

    I was wondering if you were able to get in contact with Hayao Miyazaki. If you were able to, how did it go? And if you weren’t, why haven’t you yet? A 3 word reply would be suffice. 🙂

    Thank you!


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  3. Hi Tim,

    I know you’re all about minimising and stripping things away, but in this case you could add a word:

    “… if I could help students overcome the fear [of]rejection with cold-calling and cold e-mail, it would serve them forever,”


    Point well taken though! I shall endeavour to do just that about my next project, that I undertook during an appointment today.

    P.S. No less than four of the points you made in your audiobook, 4HWW (Revised Edition), that I listened to just on my walk to the appointment were relevant within that one-hour. Thanks!

  4. I love the article, do you have any books or literature I want to get this started in my family and among my peers. I enjoyed reading how you pressed your students to go further. I too am having a tough time in reaching CEO’s. However, I want to reach them for process improvement plans. Slightly unlike your conversation approach. I know now that I will press harded even to the point of failure. Thank you.

  5. Tim, thanks for this motivational blog post. Failure is so frustrating sometimes, and makes us want to give up. But those that seeking to change something big (or even something not so big), failure is just part of the process. I’m going to bring this message home to my team and discuss it with them, hopefully to inspire them as you did me. As long as you are focused on your goals, rejection should be more motivational than anything else. Hard concept to reprogram our minds with, but ultimately rewarding.

  6. This is a wonderful exercice, but I don’t want the CEO of Google on the phone, I want to meet YOU!

    Tim, you’re my hero, and I’m coming all my way from Paris to SF to see you.

    I’m an enthusiastic lifestyle designer and I’d love to bring more of your inspirational work to Europe.

    I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m staying until March 8th, will you accept to see me?

    I hope you’ll say yes, in the meantime thank you so much for being you!


  7. Dear Tim: I have a software project that want to present to Jeff Bezos for Amazon. Any recommendation in how to get in touch with him by mail? Thanks, Luis Wintergerst.

  8. Your integrity Tim is like a bloodline to humanity…I appreciate that. The people that I would like to meet are the INVISIBLE PEOPLE that support the world changers like yourself, that we see everyday…I want to meet their source, there inspiration. I’d like to meet THAT THING that is there MUSE…is it a view, a person, a cat that wakes them in the morning, the sun.. that’s the THING that excites me. My granmother had a saying, ” seek the invisible and you will create your future, seek the future and you will see someone’s invisible”. Thank you for sharing, it would be nice to sit and have tea with you one day. Many blessings

    Lonnie Hughes

  9. Thanks Tim! Your thoughts, even the ones I hold slightly different views on, are always extremely well presented and informative! Much appreciated!

  10. Great reading,I’m hoping this quallfies. I once sent a poem to President Obama, with the help of some encouraging words from my friend Diana, why not so it was This was not the poem i sent it was Our Soldiers, which you can find located on my blog, Thank you for reading God bless .Hope you will enjoy.

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    David A. Parra

    [Moderator: link removed]

  11. Great article but one question: in re subject matter emailing high-profile people. The entire article goes on about this and how to succeed at it. So why, then, do we have to email Amy to contact you, instead of emailing you directly? Seems contradictory, wouldn’t you say?

  12. Hi Tim,

    I read about this challenge yesterday in 4 Hour Workweek and I’ve been trying it myself. I’ve noticed that since your book was published the top people at major companies are a little harder to contact. I’ve used LinkedIn to interact with a couple of executives at some medium-sized companies but I’m finding it hard to get to some of the big names at larger companies. I think people have become conscious about limiting their contact information online and they don’t really leave personal e-mail addresses on their blogs anymore.

    Do you have any updated advice for 2016? I’m sure it’s still possible to contact big names and it will just require a change of tactics.



  13. Tim,

    I am a 22 year old student reading your book the 4 hour week. I just arrived to the chapter where the discomfort challenge is “FINDING YODA”.

    I know this post is from a long time ago but I had to give it a try.

    It is been impossible for me to get your phone number so i will just post my question here.

    What is the number 1 advice you would give right now to a 22 year old student in order to become part of the New Rich.

    Thanks man, you are awesome.



  14. Tim,

    Hello! I finally picked up your book and have had a hard time putting it down over the last week. This topic I found particularly intriguing. I have always been one to preach “that you don’t know unless you try” so you encouraging persistence and attempting to engage with high profile individuals to be so cool.

    I will admit that I laughed pretty hard when I went to your contact page. In true “four hour work week” form you could not have been more clear of the guidelines of contacting you and what you will not do. I think that it is wonderful that you are so clear as to prevent others from wasting their time and yours.

    My question, do you still encourage this challenge now that you are a celebrity and understand the burden of others wanting your time and attention at this scale?

    P.S. This question is not a critique in any way. You’re an inspiration and value adder to the world.

    Best wishes,