How to Lose 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise

Fat Loss via Better Science and Simplicity

It is possible to lose 20 lbs. of bodyfat in 30 days by optimizing any of three factors: exercise, diet, or drug/supplement regimen. I’ve seen the elite implementation of all three in working with professional athletes. In this post, we’ll explore what I refer to as the “slow-carb diet”.

In the last six weeks, I have cut from about 180 lbs. to 165 lbs., while adding about 10 lbs. of muscle, which means I’ve lost about 25 lbs. of fat. This is the only diet besides the rather extreme Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) that has produced veins across my abdomen, which is the last place I lose fat (damn you, Scandinavian genetics). Here are the four simple rules I followed…

Rule #1: Avoid “white” carbohydrates

Avoid any carbohydrate that is — or can be — white. The following foods are thus prohibited, except for within 1.5 hours of finishing a resistance-training workout of at least 20 minutes in length: bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, and fried food with breading. If you avoid eating anything white, you’ll be safe.

Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again

The most successful dieters, regardless of whether their goal is muscle gain or fat loss, eat the same few meals over and over again. Mix and match, constructing each meal with one from each of the three following groups:


Egg whites with one whole egg for flavor

Chicken breast or thigh

Grass-fed organic beef




Black beans

Pinto beans





Mixed vegetables

Eat as much as you like of the above food items. Just remember: keep it simple. Pick three or four meals and repeat them. Almost all restaurants can give you a salad or vegetables in place of french fries or potatoes. Surprisingly, I have found Mexican food, swapping out rice for vegetables, to be one of the cuisines most conducive to the “slow carb” diet.

Most people who go on “low” carbohydrate diets complain of low energy and quit, not because such diets can’t work, but because they consume insufficient calories. A 1/2 cup of rice is 300 calories, whereas a 1/2 cup of spinach is 15 calories! Vegetables are not calorically dense, so it is critical that you add legumes for caloric load.

Some athletes eat 6-8x per day to break up caloric load and avoid fat gain. I think this is ridiculously inconvenient. I eat 4x per day:

10am – breakfast

1pm – lunch

5pm – smaller second lunch

7:30-9pm – sports training

10pm – dinner

12am – glass of wine and Discovery Channel before bed

Here are some of my meals that recur again and again:

Scrambled Eggology pourable egg whites with one whole egg, black beans, and microwaved mixed vegetables

Grass-fed organic beef, pinto beans, mixed vegetables, and extra guacamole (Mexican restaurant)

Grass-fed organic beef (from Trader Joe’s), lentils, and mixed vegetables

Rule #3: Don’t drink calories

Drink massive quantities of water and as much unsweetened iced tea, tea, diet sodas, coffee (without white cream), or other no-calorie/low-calorie beverages as you like. Do not drink milk, normal soft drinks, or fruit juice. I’m a wine fanatic and have at least one glass of wine each evening, which I believe actually aids sports recovery and fat-loss. Recent research into resveratrol supports this.

Rule #4: Take one day off per week

I recommend Saturdays as your “Dieters Gone Wild” day. I am allowed to eat whatever I want on Saturdays, and I go out of my way to eat ice cream, Snickers, Take 5, and all of my other vices in excess. I make myself a little sick and don’t want to look at any of it for the rest of the week. Paradoxically, dramatically spiking caloric intake in this way once per week increases fat loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate (thyroid function, etc.) doesn’t downregulate from extended caloric restriction. That’s right: eating pure crap can help you lose fat. Welcome to Utopia.


If you enjoyed this post, check out my latest book, The 4-Hour Body, #1 New York Times and #1 Amazon bestseller. You will learn: the finer details of the Slow Carb Diet (outlined in the above post), how I gained 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days, how to produce 15-minute female orgasms, and more.

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7,294 Replies to “How to Lose 20 lbs. of Fat in 30 Days… Without Doing Any Exercise”

  1. I am only on my 5th day of my diet so I know it is too early to say. But I some what took a cheat day. Meaning I kept my diet but no exercise. The following day I only lost .2 lbs. Granted I lost weight, but when compared to the days that I did exercise I lost 1 pound. I can not imagine what would happen if I did not stick to the diet.

    Oh and Annie, best of luck on losing the 20 lbs.

  2. I did this diet twice. 3 months, 3 month break/maintaining the weight, and another 3 months. I lost 55 pounds total (35 the first time and 20 the second time). The cheat days did serve a purpose. It stopped any major plateauing (I think the point is to not get your body completely used to a certain system). Also, it kept me sane. Looking forward to that one day off every week really helped me follow the diet strictly.

    I guess you are looking for something a little quicker, and you can handle it, not cheating could potentially help. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for everyone though. I lost 16 pounds in the first month, and that can vary 5 pounds either way for different people.

  3. Thanks for the great info. I lost 25 pounds last year, then hit a plateau–ultimately causing me to stop exercising and “cheat” daily on my diet. This time around I’ve incorporated more high-intensity exercises and some changes in my “dieting” (lifetime food consumption). I recently found the 80-10-10 diet, and am basically following it, with some exceptions:

    -Dark greens are really bitter, so I started steaming my spinach, kale. etc. They probably lose some vitamins, but are easier to eat.

    -Getting some of my protein from meat products – eggs (2 a day w/ the yolks are OK), chicken breast, and will add some of the beans that you suggested

    -Green tea and coffee (w/ ice and some low-fat milk). 80-10-10 isn’t a fan of caffeine, but some natural sources can boost your metabolism. Other foods that do that are garlic, onions, citric fruits, chili peppers, ginger, and full-fat milk (maybe). Studies on animals and humans show that green tea/exercise can provide amazing weight-loss gains. In one study, the mice lost almost 90% more weight/fat through green tea/exercise

    -Whole grains. Like you mentioned, best to stay away from refined flour and stuff. I read that the guy in the “Transporter” flicks lost 17 pounds by eliminating refined flour from his diet. As you mentioned, it’s best to stay away from starches unless you’re using them to boost your energy before a workout, or recover afterwards. 80-10-10 also isn’t a fan of grains, but if you eat the right ones, they can definitely help with weight-loss. I’d also add that if you must sweeten some of your beverages, use honey or raw sugar.

    I don’t think there’s a perfect or miracle diet out there. But I’ll definitely add some of your suggestions to my daily eating regimen. You seem to have found some of the most effective weight-loss methods. For men, it’s tough losing the stubborn belly fat – for women it’s usually around the hips. But it’s definitely possible.

  4. @Nishanth

    Yeah, I agree about the cheating. I don’t cheat for whole days, but once a week I have 1/2 a coke (w/ sugar, of course) and a taste of some salty junk food. As you mentioned, it helps to maintain your sanity. Part of eating should be the sheer joy of the food, and it’s hard to do if you’re eating like cattle (started doing that three days ago).

  5. Hahaha, you should become vegan! We seem to keep weight off easier when we eat whole veggies, grains and fruits instead of meat, milk and other “heavy” foods 😉

    You are doing a great job!! Keep up the good work!


  6. Hi Tim, I read the entire posting and just finish 3 days of reading 3,490 post summited. I clear of what I can eat and not & the procedure. However you mentioned can’s food & baked beans are ok but not with added sugar right? For some strange reason in Asia I cannot find any canned food without sugar. Is it ok to consume this Hein Baked beans which contain sugar?

    You answer is much appreciated.

  7. umm…hi this is very imbarasing but i think i need to say it… im mariah and i am 13 with very bad asthms and i cannot do sports,pe,run, or even cry without wezing and well i am desprat for a way to lose weight. PLEASE ANY ONE HELP ME i dont feel confortable in my own scin and it is not normal and i really feel like murding myself i feel that would be easyer i cant shop for clothes without almost fainting from looking at myself in the mereor im fo fugly!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O :`(

  8. Hi!

    I’m glad to read about this diet…

    I spent one year in U.S.A. when I was teenager… and I got 15 kgs by the time I got back home in south america… (year 1996)

    well… amazing… a nutricionist gave me almost the same diet… (only without the alcohol) and adding some low fat milk and fruits (pineapple, oranges)…

    and well… I got back to my old weight in 3 months!

    for me a diet without carbs really worked, but nobody believed me…

    now I find this site, and I’m glad to find somebody who actually did the same and it worked!

    now I’m 32 years old and I’m a mother… and i still weight the same as I did in 1996… of course every once in a while I go back to the diet… and I love saturdays!

  9. Hi Tim, im 16 and school gets in the way with balancing all my meals, so do u think its ok if i eat breakfast in the morning at 6:30 am, and lunch starts at 10:20 am -.- (school sucks) i get home about 3:00 pm, and have a big snack/ small 2nd lunch, and eat dinner at about 6:30 pm, and go to sleep at 10:00 pm… so what im really asking…. is it ok if i do your eating plan??


  10. I was researching a bit for my diet and your blog came up. I must say I am dying to try your advice, since I miss pizza and all of that good stuff…

    So, according to rule #2 I will eat pizza over and over and over again. 🙂

  11. Weird because i don’t know if you’ve heard

    of the famous Karl Lagerfeld’s diet….

    But he reportedly went on a sugar diet

    with no excersize involved & lost a ton of weight…

    He even sported a women’s

    double-0 sized jeans on the runway

    to show off his new figure..

    which i think is ridiculous,

    yet brilliant…

    i have no clue how he did it…

    of course i probably wouldn’t

    go on this diet any time soon for

    the mere fact that my luck would

    go straight to my ass & i’d come out looking like

    dumbo lol

  12. Great tips I’m trying this diet as we speak and it taste good so that’s positive. I would like to know what are the quantities in grams for the proteins


  13. I have done this diet in the past with good results, but I am having better results this time around. I lost 14 pounds in the first 2 weeks of starting this diet up again compared to the 9 pounds lost last time.

    I found having a food journal is extremely important. Jot down what you ate and the results you found with the scale the next day. I always weigh myself when I first wake up prior to eating or drinking anything. I have discovered that certain foods have caused me to not lose weight or in some cases gained weight, and that eating more calories has increased my weight loss.

    I follow this diet approx. 90%, but I do not want to eat the same meals over and over, so I make some changes to it of my own that proved successful. Try this and see if it works for you. Buy wheat spaghetti (41 grams carbs–7 grams fiber) and cook yourself a good portion of it. Use whatever spaghetti sauce you like on it and eat it with your chicken breast. Do this for 3 days straight and then do not eat it again for 3 days. I found that I did not lose that much weight when eating the pasta, but I didn’t gain any either. When I stopped eating the pasta and went back to the strict diet caused 2 to 3 pounds of weight loss. I recommend doing this once you seem to reach a plateau where weight is not coming off. Also, make sure that you cook your pasta so that it is chewy and not slimy. Cook it the minimal amount of minutes to keep the pasta from converting quickly into sugar in your body.

    I lost over a pound in one day by eating more food as strange as that might sound. I had chicken leg quarterlies last night. I was super hungry so I had 4 large chicken legs with the skin too. I ate a full can of black beans too along with a vegetable. I was surprised to see that I weighed less this morning. I also had Crab meat for lunch (about 300 calories). I sometimes do not have time to cook egg whites but will eat 2 chicken breasts with my breakfast and that works too.

    If you are not losing weight then try increasing your calorie intake by adding an extra meal. The natural reaction to when we are not losing weight is to eat less when in many cases the solution is to eat more. I also do not eat after 5pm. My first meal is around 5:30am. I don’t eat again until 9:30am. Lunch is 12:30pm and dinner is at 4:30pm.

    Do not drink diet pop containing Asperatame. Reports seem to indicate that it actually may increase hunger/weight gain.

    I really mix up the meals to keep my body confused. The body seems to adjust quickly to your diet plan so I recommend that you mix it up somewhat. I sometimes mix around the meals or I will consume more calories on certain days (high fiber pasta days) and less on others. Try eating tuna fish mixed with an avocado instead of mayo. Also mix cut up celery into the tuna/avocado as it is quite delicious and healthy. I also like snacking on almonds/pumpkin seeds. I also make my own Ranch dressing as I like the restaurant flavor instead of the crap they have in grocery stores.

    I also prefer to have my cheat meal (not cheat day) every two weeks. I really think that cheat meals depends on how young you are as well as how active you are. I found cheat days added weight that took 3 days just to get back to the weight I once was at. I found that a cheat meal every other week had no effect on me. I had stuffed pizza the other weekend and ate until I was ready to burst but the next day the scale said I only gained 0.3 lbs which is nothing at all.

    One thing that I discovered about Tim’s diet is that it is extremely healthy. Just look up the heath content in black beans/pinto beans anywhere online. It is loaded with magnesium/folate/fiber and so on.

    Hopefully this info will help someone no longer losing the weight.

  14. Mariah,

    I suggest two things to you. 1st, you need to find a counselor right away as your thoughts are not normal as you feel like murdering yourself. 2nd, this diet may actually help your asthma so give it a try. Usually overweight people are deficient in certain beneficial minerals and vitamins that this diet will give you. I have a son that suffered from asthma, but I changed his diet and it has never come back. It appears that a high magnesium diet along with a lot of vitamin C throughout the day (not one vitamin a day only), vitamin D3 also, and tons of water took care of that problem. He hasn’t had any asthmatic problems in 3 years now. I’m not saying that you will be cured but this diet certainly will not hurt you either. You can try taking Philips of Magnesia as that is high in magnesium. Just take one teaspoon 3 times a day as that will not give you diarrhea. If you have renal disease then obviously do not take the magnesium, but if you do not have kidney disease then give it a try. Here is an article for you to read:—What-You-Eat-and-Drink-Can-Make-Asthma-Better-or-Worse&id=687028

  15. Really excited to start this on Monday! I am a stay at home mom and sometimes its difficult to find time to workout, though on this diet plan I would definitely be willing to put more effort into finding time. Really hope this helps. I’ve had a difficult time lately finding a diet plan that I like and don’t feel deprived of food. Will report back in 1 or 2 weeks! Looking to lose 20 lbs!

    So I can really eat as much of these things as you say or are there limits to any of the foods? Think I remember reading but don’t remember the answer… is diet pop ok?

  16. Hi all,

    I embarked on this one last week – I am about14stones 5lb (UK Imperial) and have been trying a few things out.

    This is the plan I have come up with based on Tim’s methodology:

    Breakfast – cabbage and bacon (+1 shallot and 1 clove garlic + tsp olive oil)

    Lunch -one tin of tuna and can pinto beans

    Dinner – Mexican chicken – one chicken breast with one shallot, tomatoes, green lentils, pinto beans, garlic, chill, corriander powder, paprika, cumin.

    Problem is it all tastes too good to be true – I have been having the off Ryvita too – any thoughts on whether this’ll work?


  17. Further to last post I just weighed in – tentatively (with one eye closed and using the other to squint at the readout…) – 3lbs off in about four days – not bad at all!!!

    The previous post should say ‘the odd Ryvita’ meaning occasional!

  18. Hello,

    I am in India and we dont take non-veg at home. Can anyone help me with a similar / alternative veg diet.

    Thanks you….

    Dear Tim, your book has actually made sense and given answers to almost all questions i and my husband had past few years. Thank you….

  19. So it looks like staying away from fruit is part of it as well. Which is brutal because fruit is one of my favorite things to eat.

    Would substituting fruit instead of gluten post work out be fine?

  20. Apologies if I am repeating an already asked question (if I am can you direct me to the answer)

    How about snacks and pre-prepared food on the slow carb diet?

    Most people who ‘brown bag’ their lunch for work eat sandwiches but bread is banned, Tim has said to watch the nuts and fruit so any alternatives?

    Some ideas for a meal that you can prepare in the morning and take with you to work?

    I think ideas on this would benefit everybody on here. Thanks in advance guys.


  21. Tim,

    I’ve been following this article/comment thread for quite a while. I even wrote an article about it. However, in all the time since it was written, I haven’t seen you address questions regarding breakfast substitutes.

    Here’s my problem: I can eat eggs for breakfast for a about six months, and, then, for some reason, I get completely sick of them. It takes about another six months before I can stand eating eggs every day.

    I don’t know exactly why this is, but I suspect that it might have something to do with the change seasons (we only have 2 in Northern CA).

    It would be really, REALLY, nice to have a high-protein, low-glycemic-index option, such as a smoothie, oatmeal, or what have you. (Several people have suggested options in their comments, do you like any?)

    (I really want to enjoy microwaved eggs + spinach + salsa every day…but seriously, dude…not all of us are Supermen, like you! 🙂 )

    Keep up the good work!


  22. It is a simple yet very effective diet. You can lose a lot of weight eating this way. It may not be a perfect diet but most people will lose weight on it.

    Best – Mike

  23. hey everyone!

    im looking to lose 20 lbs

    i cant afford a gym any home exercises that have worked fro you guys i started the diet yesterday i love beans so yay for me

    but yea help pleasE?

  24. I have few questions..

    Can we eat Bran Bread?:( 2 toasted slice in breakfast coz i eat that for a long time instead of white flour bread.. how abt boil rice? without starch.. is that allowed or not? 20lbs means 9 kgs? r u sure we can lose so much weight in just 30 days .. wow i weight abt 70 kgs and my ideal weight shud be 60 is this possible!!

  25. hi ferriss,

    I’m having weight of 80kg with height of 175 cm. I have decided to lose my weight upto 20 kg with in a month. I’m in need of to get flat six pack abs.

    Could you suggest me a food and exercise for me to lose my fat

    Note: I’m vegetarian.

  26. hey,

    Jenne you should try debbie siebers’ slim series. I’m on this diet for almost one year, and I was stuck at the same weight for a while.

    Two months after starting debbie siebers’ exercises, I didn’t lost much weight, but I’m definitly slimmer and I feel like I have lot more energy. I gained a lot of muscle but I’m not bulky.

  27. Results after 7 weeks – went from 214 pounds to 180 pounds; cholesterol 219 down to 155; LDL went from 149 to 112; triglyceride 193 down to 53; VLDL decreased from 39 to 11; glucose fasting results improved 100 to 91!

    The key to success for me was the repetition of meals. Removing the need to think what I can and can’t eat made it easy. My focus could turn to how to alter spices and seasonings to create variety.

    Thank you Tim!

    1. Hi Kenzie,

      Can you give us an example of what your food menu would be for a week, including cheat days? I’m really inspired by your success. Also, did you do any exercise? If so, what type and approximately how long each day?

  28. Hi I wanted to know how does this pizza work the rest of the diet is fine i followed this diet up i did resistence exercise but when i eat a pizza i dont seem to lose weight

  29. Hello tim.

    I am about to start your diet, very excited! Im curious as to how many calories i should be eating, so i can monitor my portion sizes when i cook my meals. I am a 20 year old female, about 135 pounds… my typical “lean and in shape” weight is closer to 120. so i’ve gotta lose these 10-15lbs they are killing me! i work out regularly, and play soccer as well, i can make time to burn as many calories as i need to. just thought i’d ask for some advice!


  30. oh, i forgot to add… I am vegetarian.

    however, once or twice a month i will eat some kind of sea food, usually Salmon.

  31. i really excited about trying your suggestions out tomorrow, i’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.

    thank you.

  32. can someone tell me what they think about eating Tofu as a protein replacement? i am a veggie;)

    i’ve been on the diet since Oct1st… and i think i am losing weight, even tho i know im not drinking enough water. I will be going home on the 8th, where i have a scale, so i can monitor the rest of my weight loss.. i’ll keep ya posted!

  33. Hi Tim!

    So it’s really hard for me to get my heart rate up to burn off calories because I have stress enduced asthma, so that means no running, or extreme strenous workouts, or I will pass out (aka not be able to breathe because of lung constriction). I can’t exactly make my problems go away right now. So I was wondering if you have any suggestions for getting a good work out, without having to get my breathing going too much?

    I am going to start this diet, and I WILL go for a month. But it will be the first time I actually do a full on diet… Without cheating…. Im very excited/nervous. But Ive always wanted to be confident about my body. I have those “pudges”, I mean they are nothing I can’t hide, but it is something i wish I didn’t have to hide.

    I would feel honored to have some tips from you! Please write back 🙂

    ~Sophia M.

    Salem, Oregon

  34. Quick query-

    My post workout meal has long been chocolate milk – fast acting carbs and good protein. I realize that dairy is verboten except for cheat days, but would that also apply post workout (metzger/jones protocol)? I would assume it would be fine, but we all know what happens when you assume.

  35. I will be using these tips on how to get rid of a few pounds. Although I weigh 128lbz. Im a cheerleader and my coach says I have to get down to about 115lbz. Only because I have to go up in the air. I think this is going to be really hard…. But hopefully not to hard.

  36. ok guys i wanted to update u all.. i started on 27-sep-2010 and i lost 2 kgs!!!! on 9-10-2010 after 13 days i was 70 and now im 68 😀 this diet is working!! i dont workout alot but i do climb stairs like 30 times a day and light weight training

  37. Tim,

    I just started this diet on the 7th and am already enjoying the amount of energy I am have! I have the supplements too. I once tried just “cutting carbs out” and it was absolutely the most miserable week ever. But this is absolutely so easy. I haven’t weighed myself since I started, but it’s easy to tell I have lost weight. My biggest problem is seasoning. I don’t mind eating few different foods, but I must spice my food. I’ve been sticking to rosemary, oregano, garlic powder and other calorie-less spices. But what about salad dressings? Oil and vinegar? Or am I completely shaming myself by adding a jigger of ranch to my salad?

    Really really enjoying this change in “Healthstyle” (@summertomato) and am looking forward to keeping up with this fantastic change. Thanks!

    Also, bought Four Hour Body and can’t wait to get my hands on it in December!


  38. Everything sounds good except for the breakfast. I want to know where I can get some cheap grass fed organic beef. The post workout pizza is also a good idea.

  39. thnx dude…your page really helped me..i mean, i have been searching for this from a really long time on the net…..most of the websites out there are paid…..thnx once again

  40. Hey!!

    I’ve read heaps of peoples comments and i think ill give it a try 🙂

    I’ll need to loose 15kg-20kg in 2-3 months…

    does exercise help speed up the process?

    or is it ok to keep to the diet and still see awesome results?

    also, i know its a stupid question…

    but does a tomato count as a fruit or a veg in this diet?

    Thanks heaps!

    Wish me luck!!


  41. Hey, so im starting this diet tomorrow.

    Ive got the first few days planned out but I got additional questions

    1. with lentils can you eat lentil canned soup as a substitute or does it have to be straight to the product?

    2. with salad, ill be eating it almost everyday at lunch time, im wondering, what is the best thing to top the salad off with other than dressing? something healthier and wont let me stray from this plan?

    3. Im a runner and im doing around a 30 min sprint every evening. what is the best drink to drink rather than water? I find myself needing that sugar to keep myself going, are those propel mix in packets any good? or should i eat something sugary before running?

    lastly, im only 17, so i don’t know how much this will affect my matabolistic rate, if it will speed it up or lower it.

    thanks for the diet plan 🙂

  42. I have hypothyroid and my thyroid gland dissolved, so I depend fully on medication and supplements. Will this work for me? Please respond. My doctors don’t tell me much.

  43. Wow,

    This is an amazing bit of information. I want to share that niacinamide is another form of niacin that should have the same effects. It just will not make you flush, which can sure be uncomfortable if you are not expecting it. Can anyone confirm that niacinamide will have the same results for this diet?

  44. Hello Tim,

    I started the diet on October 1st, for the first couple weeks I loved the results I saw when I looked in the mirror. I wish I had a scale! This last week I have slacked off a little, eating a cookie here and there while up late doing homework and not getting a whole lot of sleep. Today I got back on track, and I still think Im ‘ahead’ as far as fat loss goes. What I have definitely noticed is that I am leaner, and have probably gained muscle. I have been running roughly 3 miles a day, 5 days a week, for the last 2 weeks (which probably helped a little with the cheating last week) and my legs look so great! But here is my question: I want to lose more weight around my tummy, how many days a week would you recommend incorporating an ab workout? I own P90x and let me tell you… the ab-ripperx is a real killer.

    Oh Tim, one last thing: there is about 10 days until Halloween, and I would love to rapidly boost my weight loss for the occasion, is there anything special you’d recommend to make my fat loss in this next 10 days extremely successful?

    Thanks for this wonderful diet, my mirror and my jeans are telling me its working! 🙂


  45. Ok Tim,

    Ive spent most of my day reading through your entire blog. Im super active, i workout everyday for 2 hours with usually 30min cardio and lifting. I haver teetered with the same 5lbs coming on and off and I need to make more progress than this. I am going to clean out my kitchen and follow your diet. I will keep you posted on my journey to lose weight for my wedding. Im a female, currently 187lbs and 5’11 and a half. I would like to get down to 160 as my target. 27 lbs to lose and jan 15th 2011 is my deadline. Here goes!


  46. Best post ever. I’ve read this several times since it was first posted and finally decided to get off my @$$ and get it done. Results so far? 12lbs in 13 days. I’m not amazed by the weight loss at all since I did a similar, though not as filling diet back in high school consisting of mostly tuna fish and mustard, lots of tea and coffee, and any kind of vegetable (65lbs in 8 weeks on that one). I am quite happy with the overall results though. With only 2 hours of strength training completed so far, I can actually feel my pecs, shoulders and arms so really, I’d assume I’ve lost more than 12 lbs in that time frame.

    I haven’t really cheated much on my cheat days though. Last week’s cheat day I spent at the state fair so I had an elephant ear, but other than that ate pretty normal. Today is my second day and aside from the two pieces of bread (for a delicious sandwich!!!!!) and the beers I’m going to drink tonight to celebrate, I’ve been pretty consistent.

    Unlike the original post, I have been doing cardio 90 minutes a day six days a week, with my cheat day being my day off. I always had pretty strong legs, but I will say that after only slightly less than 2 weeks, my legs are completely jacked and I’m loving it.

    My final goal is to have lost 40 lbs of total body weight by Thanksgiving Day and a net muscle gain of about 10 lbs in that same amount of time. At this rate, I don’t see that being a problem since turkey day is still about 5 weeks away. Can’t wait for the new book Tim!

  47. Hello, does anyone know if sausage omelets are allowed on this diet? More specifically sausage I guess, not a ton of it, just enough for an omelet lol.

  48. Tim,

    I respect your work and have learned so much valuable information from your book and website. However, I have to strongly disagree about fruit not having its place in a fat loss diet. I have never known anyone to gain weight eating fruit. I myself and clients I train eat at least 5 servings of fruit a day and have never had an issue. While I do tell clients to try to not eat fruit at night I think it is important to consume during the daytime. Keep up the great work!

  49. After 4 days of strictly following the diet (i eat every day one tomato as salad, some low fat cottage cheese and couple teaspoons of salsa i myself made in addition to the proposed foods) but results are non existent. i am 1.70 m and 75.5 kilos which has not improved at all during those four days while i eat three meals per day consisted from what Tim suggests. I do not workout and the portions are really moderate. So could anyone give me an idea why it does not work for me? I suppose that the first days of the diet is when one should lose more weight, but no luck for me…

      1. Tim, thanks for the reply. I eat one whole egg and the white of another one with the breakfast, one chicken breast fillet with lunch and one tuna can with the dinner. Don’t you think that this is enough protein while i do not work out this period?

  50. Tim,

    Big fan of yours, I find myself quite similar in many ways which I won’t bore you with here. As an online marketer by trade, I spend a lot of time in front of the CPU, which just saps my energy. On Monday of this week (48 hours ago) I started your diet. I do my workouts in the AM before work, and find this approach a big help.

    I’m documenting my story and progress on my blog for all to follow.

    Ps. It’s a testament to your successes the sheer amounts of comments on this entry and all others. Keep it up – I’m excited for the Four Hour Body!

  51. Tim,

    I have followed a diet like this in the past and I have to say that it works very well. I want to start again after gaining some weight post pregnancy. My only problem with this is that once you have any sugar (Saturday cheat) you get soooo many cravings after. You almost have to NOT eat sugar at all to stop them. How do you control your cravings?


    1. I too experience this. After my cheat day ends, I feel the urge to continue the binge. I would do best if I ruled out cheat days altogether.

  52. Yes, I have a question, where does all that energy go? I mean fat is stored to be burned for “fuel”, where does it all go?

  53. Hi, I’m eating the recommended breakfast, I.e. No hi-gi carbs. Man, lunchtime comes and I still don’t feel like eating much. And I don’t feel like grazing or snacking. I thought I was weak, but perhaps I was eating wrongly.

  54. Hello,

    I’m sorry but your eating plan here is flawed. Here is why:

    1) To everyone losing weight congrats but i regret to tell you that what your losing will quickly be regained. That’s the problem with low carb and no carb diets, what your losing isnt fat but actually carbs. Fat unfortunately takes a lot more time to burn off than a week. Also, in the title it says “lose 20lbs of fat in 30 days without exercise”, this is untrue because the only way to healthfully lose fat is by exercise. And back to what i was saying about low/no carb diets, as soon as the person goes off the diet all that weight is quickly gained back. Plus, carbs is what our brain and body uses for energy. It can use protein and fat, but the best source of energy actually comes from carbohydrates.

    2) Another thing i noticed is that in this plan there are strict restrictions in what to eat. There are a variety of nutrients out there that the body needs and gets from eating a variety of foods, so by only eating the same few foods your selling your body short on essential vitamins and minerals. If you go for long periods without certain vitamins and minerals, different consequences can be felt. You can take supplements but with that you are still hungry afterwords so you still eat and have a risk of taking in too much vitamins and minerals.

    3) Milk gets a lot of bad criticism because it is high in fat, but there are so many good qualities to it. It is high in vitamin D which strengthens your bones and it is a good source of potassium and protein. Potassium is critical to maintaining a regular heartbeat. Also, wine does have a lot of good qualities but there are other sources just as good, if not, better then wine. 100% Fruit juice has all of the same positives to wine without the negatives.

    4) My last comment is that there shouldn’t be a “break” day in the plan to “go wild”. With this day off from the plan so much of what the person has worked for would be undone very quickly. It would only prolong the weight losing process.

    On a final note healthy weight loss cannot be attained quickly. It cannot be achieved in a matter of days or weeks but over a time span of months. It takes a positive attitude and dedication to achieve.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and i hope you read through it knowing that it isn’t meant to be insulting but instead a helpful observation. Have a good one.


  55. @Andrew..

    Most of your points are rooted in what you’ve been taught vs. reality.

    It is the restriction of sugar and how your body metabolizes carbohydrates that has dramatic affects on body composition and mental health. Your body actually functions better on proteins and fats (just ask your liver)…

    I suggest some reading in your future with the studies that Tim references. And if you are completely against the good-carb bad-carb methods, then I suggest you read any Paleo diet books and the Primal Blueprint (modified Paleo).

    I for one, lost 27 lbs in 6 weeks a year and a half ago following this diet. Since going off of it, I gained back 8 lbs but that is after 15months of eating fast food, pizza, and all the other reasons we as a society are overweight and out of shape.

    Tim’s eating plan works. And if you switch to a high protein, no-white carbs, no bread, lots of vegetables and tons of water, you will not only maintain your healthy weight but see other health benefits as well.

  56. I am so amazed at how readily we have bought into the whole low-fat diet fad. I call it a fad because, as I have done my research I have found that in the early 1800’s a diet similar to this was very popular and was so until the early 1980’s. Now that we have subscribed to the idea that fat is the cause of obesity and heart disease, the incidents of heart disease have increased by over 400% while smoking has decreased by 30% (I get this from the book “Good Calories. Bad Calories).

    It is also so apparent that the 80/20 principle works in the diet world. I cycled 3-4 hours 4 times daily for 4 months and only lost 10 pounds maintaining a low-fat diet. Then I did this diet, with no exercise and lost 40+ lbs. in 6 months. It’s amazing what good information will do.

  57. so here’s my story…

    i’ve always been a pretty big guy, but most people would refer to me as a gentle giant. i stand just over 6 ft tall, but with brad shoulders and the fact that i slouch a bit – which allows me grow a bit at will – makes most people think of me as much taller. I had been pretty steady at around 260 for a long time when i lived on campus during college, but when i moved off campus and strated working more full time i stopped playing sports as much. i have always played something – football, basketball, soccer, etc. – but when i stopped my eating habits started to catch up with me. I actually did a 40 day fast about 2 years ago, and dropped down to close to 220, which is the lightest i had been in many years. but obviously, my body ate up most of my muscle mass, and since then i have not been nearly as active. this has created the perfect storm of sorts, where i have less muscle and more fat, and i am now weighing in around 290.

    i actually tried this diet before, and while i made it through about a month, didn’t see much change. in hindsight this was partly due to the fact that i binged a bit too much on my free day, and had just started working at a bakery, which meant lots of new things to try.

    i think i have a lot more motivation this time around. I’m still only 22, but will be getting married within a year to a beautiful woman who is fairly a normal size for her height and build. one of my roommates will be my workout partner, and we will be getting together 3-4 times per week. he will be guiding me through a tough cross training regimen, with running, lifting, and plyos being the main staples.(side note: i find it incredible that even at this size i have been able to make it through the plyos video of P90X, which is quite intense).

    i have written down my goals and over the weekend will begin planning a menu.

    it may be a bit ambitious, but i plan on ultimately being right around or below 200 by this time next year. i know it will be hard work, but it will be worth it not only in the long run, but for my future wife and future family, which isn’t so far away anymore. it’s been great reading about everyone’s success here over and over; it really is one of the most encouraging and motivating things around.

    wish me luck!

    1. Good luck, lumberjack! You can absolutely do it. My suggestion, odd as it sounds, would be to nail the diet for 4 weeks before doing a lot of exercise. Big dudes tend to eat huge “reward meals” after workouts, and dialing in the diet for 4 weeks helps to prevent that.

      Best wishes, and please post your progress!


      1. Tim, what would this diet look like if one did do resistant training? Say, the training regime listing in your ‘Geek to Freak’ post?

        Would one simply need to increase the caloric load?

  58. tim,

    thanks for the post. stumbled upon it and glad i did. oct 5th i weighed in at 268lbs. which at the time for me was devastating. i thought my scale was wrong. always been a bigger guy, played football and wrestled heayweight in college. i had the strength to back my fat up. that was 10+ yrs ago. im the same weight i was then, so i figured i was just as strong….YEAH RIGHT. i got under a bench and could only get 5 reps with my past warm-up set (plus soreness the next day), but the wake up call came when my doctor told me i had high blood pressure and prescribed me some meds. i started your diet that day. 1 month later i’m down to 251lbs. problem is i hit a stalemate with it. first 2 weeks i concentrated on diet just as you explained it(weight loss was great), then about 2 weeks ago began lifting weights again (weight loss has slowed down). i chalk up the slow down to gaining muscle back, but my goal isnt to be the strongest guy out there anymore. i want to be lean and healthy. which brings me to my ?…

    should i change my workouts from lifting weights (standard 1hr in the weight room workout (mon=chest+back, wed=shoulders+legs, fri=arms)) to full body circuit training 3-4 times/week to give it a cardio feel? or…

    should i continue with the weights and incorporate a running program like the c25k? or…

    quit weights intirely and concentrate on cardio? or…

    change to CKD and be crazy strict?

    i know you’re a busy man but i appreciate the feedback. thanks for your time


    1. Hey Travis,

      Nice work! I’d continue as is, keep training the same, but do the following:

      – Ensure you’re eating a high-protein breakfast within 30 min of waking (at least 30 grams)

      – Drink a TON of water; liver needs it when dropping weight quickly

      – Make sure you are NOT eating a lot to reward yourself after meals. That’s the danger of exercise when you have a lot to lose. If you wanted to take a break, I’d focus on strict slow-carb for two weeks with NO exercise, then go back to it, but maintain the same food intake. Do that for 2 weeks, then you can relax a bit.

      – On cheat day, eat a good breakfast first, then you can go nuts. But get a good high-protein breakfast.

      That’ll do it! Trust me 🙂

      Keep us posted on your progress!


  59. Tim, i have a question. I’m doing HCG now, and I’m wondering if during phase 3 of HCG (no starches and sugar, much like this diet) I can use the slow carb approach and still lose weight during that phase? Do you know anything about HCG? The third phase is pretty vague, it just says no starches and sugar. I’ve done LOW carb before (atkins) and had WONDERFUL results, but i like to be active, and low carb leaves you without any energy at all for exercise. I know there are MANY, MANY mixed opinions about HCG, so if you’re going to bash it/me, please dont : ) thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Nadia,

      What exactly are you doing? I know the injectable drug hCG very well, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to…


  60. Dear Tim

    “And otherwise ask for the world”

    I’ll practice what you preach!

    Respecting your time, I will come strait to the point.

    Blood test results: abnormally-high levels of prolactin – hyperprolactinemia (I’m not pregnant),

    I conclude the cause is low level of dopamine!!!

    My question: how can I naturally increase my dopamine level? (I’m a vegetarian)

    I know you’re not an MD and I will take YOUR word over ALL of them!!!

    Please consider answering my question as it will make a huge impact on my life.

    Thanks Shakira

    1. Hi Shakira,

      I’d have your thyroid levels tested with an MD.

      As you said, I’m no doctor, but here’s some more on your condition:

      One hypothesis:

      1) If you’re vegetarian, you might consume a lot of soy

      2) Soy can negatively impact the thyroid

      3) One of the causes of your condition is hypothyroidism

      At the very least, I’d have some blood testing done, quit soy for a few weeks, then get retested. Also consult your doctor, of course.

      Best of luck!


      1. Tim

        You are the kindest and smartest human being on planet earth!!!

        Thank you so much

        Big hug


  61. Hi Tim,

    Ok, I know this article is from 2007, but I thought I’d contribute anyway.

    I just wanted to point out that your dietary food groups are great for gluten (wheat, bread grains, etc) and dairy intolerant people such as myself. I’m also sensitive to soy. Thankfully, I’m not allergic to eggs 🙂

    I also notice that other than Saturdays, there is no sugar (corn syrup, etc) in your diet. Although you don’t prohibit it in your “white” category, I would easily consider it a part of this category. I notice people who take gluten out of their diet experience dramatic weight loss. Taking out gluten and sugar (removing almost all carbs) also has the most dramatic effect in weight loss.

    I also wanted to address the comment from a post that these meals could get boring. Although they are pulling from the same foods, you can change your seasonings to change flavor. One day squirt some lime juice (very popular in Peru). Next day add some salsa. Yet another use some black pepper, sea salt and maybe even some garlic powder. Same foods, totally different flavors.

  62. Ok i went all out on this diet.

    With No exercise! I went from 145kgs to a 90kgs.

    When you plan out your food in this way you stop thinking about eating in the same way. Eating stops being fun. on the up side you start to enjoy your body more. Everyone talks about “lifestyle change” Its a buzz word/statement that i hate. All that this really means is hating your current situation enough to do something about it. So if you dont hate your situation enough, eat another box of doughnuts. It worked for me.

    some things i found out the hard way.

    -we are all sugar addicts! there are microbial stomach flora that make us want more carbs.

    -Sugar is a carb. Soda is Liquid fat!

    -body type has a drastic impact on how fast you burn or retain fat.

    -its not that im a naturally lazy person, a plate of white carbs makes any person want to sleep.

    -nearly all food contains carbs.

    I stuck to lentils because they taste the best. I was too lazy to make them so I bought them in cans. The trick here is to wash off the brine! The added salt content is not ideal. Stock your cupboards with cans so you cant think about what to eat for your next meal.

    I ate mainly chicken. I dont recommend this. The estrogen levels in domesticated chickens is off the charts. they pump them full of hormones so they lay more eggs and put on more weight. The side effects of eating lots of chicken (in men) are manboobs and if thats not enough, mood swings and weight gain. thank you estrogen.

    I switched to a combo of tuna and minced beef. Chicken on my dieters gone wild day.

    my exercise regime was non existent. My friends would drag me out the house for a hike every other month. later after the estrogen mood swings and carb lethargy wore off i wanted to be more active. I started to exercise nearly a year into the diet. Yea! I got my energy back. I started to see that i was stuck cycle of eating carbs feeling “full”, “satisfied” or even “content”. This was short lived because later in the day I would feel raw panic. My body would crave more carbs. I felt angry and depressed. I was feeding my short term desire, knowing full well that i was not giving my body the right things. I heard myself say things like “My body knows what is needs”. This could not be further from the truth. Our minds are hijacked by stupid creatures that live in out stomach.

    Ever wonder why asians on average are more lean than their western counterparts? genetics? maybe. Gut monsters! definitely. The asian diet has very little wheat and grain. Wheat and grain just so happen to be where we contract the wrong stomach flora. Now with the increase of wheat and grains in asia we are seeing a rise in obesity in adults and infants.

    whatever effects gastrointestinal health also effects your immune system function, nervous system function, as well as hormonal function throughout the body. This means that your mood and health are intrinsically linked to your gut. If your gut is getting smothered with white carb glue all the time its preventing your body from getting the right stuff. Not to mention its sits in your intestine and festers sometimes for years. It then starts permeating the lining of your gut wall and then your body needs to fight off the infections 24/7. This put unnecessary pressure on your immune system. “You are what you eat” has never been more appropriate.

    You have “gut feelings” because the GI tract is loaded with neuron cells that release the same neurotransmitters found in your brain: serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and nor-epinephrine. Greater than 70% of the body’s serotonin is made in the gut, not in the brain!

    Anything irritating or harmful in the GI tract will send a message through your nervous system contributing to you feeling irritated, angry, anxious, or depressed. On the other hand, substances that are nourishing, calming, soothing and healing to the gut will help you feel calm, relaxed and happy.

    we feel these emotions toward eating because our nervous system is responsible for storing our emotions. we feel love in our heart because thats how our nervous system is wired. Some creatures experience emotions in different organs. Imagine when you break up with somone and you clench your kidneys.

    For the emotional stress i experienced during this time i used a combo of tapping and EFT (emotional freedom technique) I dont care for the hippy mumbo jumbo attached with this technique. I do know that it works. For those that dont know. Its a process that disconnects your brains neural networks associated with the emotion you are feeling. So its a on off switch for your emotions. It can disconnect past trauma and current emotional unrest. It beats taking valium.

    I hope my crib notes help some of you on your journey. Good luck to all of you who are brave enough to change!

  63. Spices go a long way towards helping jazzing up your meals. I used to just warm my vegetables in the microwave and salt to taste. That got old after awhile, so I learned how to season with turmeric, ginger, cilantro, parsley, etc. Mrs Dash seasonings can also help to.

    Cavander’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning is my go-to for a good salt/pepper/garlic combo as well.

  64. Thats a lot of lentils and mixed frozen veggies, yuk!

    But damn that pizza looks good!

    I wonder the results had by someone who starts the 30 days way over weight, as Tim’s experiment was probably done on himself, most likely not being really overweight to start!

  65. Hey Tim,

    I had made a comment earlier but for some reason it wasn’t posted. I was just curious as to what effect eating oatmeal would have on this diet. Its a pretty good breakfast according to a lot of diet plans that are made for active people training to get in shape.

  66. Hey Tim,

    I am a swimmer and in December I’m going to start swimming for 1.5 hrs/day for 5 days/week. Right now I swim for 40min/day for 4 days/week. Can I still follow this diet? The coach always stresses the importance of carbs for a swimmer, will this diet be healthy for me?

    Also because I exercise, does that mean I can basically eat carbs everyday after my workout?


    1. As Tim states, you can eat high carb foods within an hour and a half of a workout. In my personal opinion it’s better not to take in any bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. unless it’s on your cheat day.

      I think the reason why it’s important to take in carbs if you’re a swimmer is due to calorie burning. You burn a lot of calories while you swim and need to make up for it. Some cyclists eat 6000 calories per day!

      I did this diet for two months with no workout and lost about 17 lbs. I then quit for a couple months and gained 10 lbs back. I decided to go back on the diet after getting used to a regular workout routine and I’ve lost 5 lbs in two days, lol. Working out while on this diet actually gives me more energy and makes me feel better overall.

      In short, I think it depends on your body. I would try the diet with your new routine and see how you feel. If you’re really low on energy, try taking in some high carb foods after your workout to make up for it.

      That’s my two cents, but I’m not an expert by a long shot. Anybody else feel differently?

  67. I originally read this article when it first came out. Which lead me to cut out most carbs from my diet. It made me feel better and I went to learn more about optimizing my health. Now, I’m in better shape than ever before.

    I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

  68. So…..It was a year ago that I found out I was pregnant. I had been on this diet before that for 2 months with fantastic results. Now that my baby is 4 months, and I really can’t excuse “eating for two” still, I am going back on what is known in my house as “the bean diet”. I am looking forward to feeling great again and losing weight. Gotta love a diet that gives you permission to cheat one day a week! Oh yeah…did anyone else get an email that said that Tim was using their entry in his new book? I did!!! woooo hoooo 😀

  69. being in high school doesn’t help me with my diet. does anybody have a solution for me. i pack my own luch but i never have time to eat it. any ideas, just comment

  70. so it has been a week since i started and i lost a total of 3 pounds. this may seem insignificant, but i’ve already had a couple people comment that i look more fit. i don’t know if that’s actually the case, but i can that my pants are fitting a bit more loosely, which is a good thing! also, somehow i managed to lose about 4 pounds between wednesday and friday, but i obviously gained some of it back on saturday.

    i think this saturday i will not be eating breakfast from my favorite bakery. even though i gave myself a couple hours between that butter-carb-sugar-rich meal, i still felt gross when i did cardio before lunch. so i know by cutting out that meal the next few weeks will be even more successful. the meals have actually been really great thus far. one thing that i find myself doing is making a huge pot of soup that i use at lunch for work for basically an entire week. and for dinner most of the time i’ll stick a chicken breast and veggies in aluminum foil and just let it bake. it can take a little while but it’s super easy and well within the diet.

    also, been having a good time with my friend working out. i was really surprised when my pushup total went from struggling to do 10 to basically doubling that total in a week. i always feel pretty good afterwards, and i really believe that i’m in a plan that’s gonna give me results. as my friend described dieting and exercising at the same time have a synergistic effect on weight/fat loss, so i’m excited to see what i look like before the holidays start next month.

    anyway, till next week, happy losing everyone!

  71. Anyone got any good recipies for cooking Mexican style beans?

    I’m kind of bored of the onion, garlic, cumin, chilli powder, tomatoes staple.

    Or any other recipes at all that you love and don’t get bored of.



    1. well i think by definition you’re just tired of mexican! haha.

      yeah i understand for sure…

      i like to try to keep my dinners simple. last week i would take a chicken breast and whatever veggies i had, add a blackened style seasoning to it(or whatever i felt like that night) and just wrap it all in foil and bake it all together. 375 for like 20 minutes or so. and hardly any cleanup, which is nice.

      but the past two nights i have been stuck on salmon. i just rubbed in some old bay and an extra bit of red pepper (for a little more kick) and sauteed it, a little above medium heat, until each side is nice and crispy. the middle is moist and juicy, and with some veggie on the side it’s a nice break from the norm.

      obviously it’s good to stay with the same meals as tim has pointed out, but everyone needs a little break every now and again right?

      if you’re just looking for different seasoning combos, try something like basil, rosemary, and ancho chili powder-this last one has quickly become a staple of my recipes. it has a lot less kick but adds some smoky flavor to the mix, and is almost always a part of my soups, chilis, and meats.

      good luck!

  72. Hi

    last year i went through a anorexic problem which, (my starting weight was 142 in may then 113 in the fall, my height 5’0) so i’ve gained a lot of pounds so im probably going to fall back into my old habits of not eating for three days. Im going to include what you have up into it again but in a more extreme way i guess you could say. Is turkey meat okay? And what about chicken wings if i only eat them once every so days? My calorie intake is 200 a day max this month. Im 136 now (damn people, getting me so fat i can’t even look at myself) but my goal is 92. Please answer, it means alot.

    1. Wow — 200 calories a day will kill you. Please get medical attention ASAP. At 136, you should be eating at least 1,000 calories a day, probably closer to 1,500. If it’s good food like I suggest, it will do nothing but good for you.

  73. Thanks Lumberjack.

    Sounds good, I’m going to try that out. Definitely ready for some fish, had lots of beef and chicken lately.



  74. Made it through the first week. Lost 5lbs., had a ton of energy and fell great! Going to make Thanksgiving this week my cheat day….can’t pass up all that good food!!! 😀

  75. Hi Tim 🙂

    I want to start this diet either tomorrow, or the day after. But before I do, i have a question. Do I have to eat the pizza? Somehow, i feel as if i do eat it, ill go out of control. Also, can i replace the grassfed beef with something else? It’s quite difficult to find that here in Toronto, Ontario…

  76. Sorry for leaving two comments in a row hehe.. but i have more questions 😡

    How long before workout do i eat the pizza? Also, do i eat anything AFTER work out? What are those dishes? Like, which meals of the day are they? and approximately what time do you eat those meals?

    A quick reply would be much appreciated as i need to lose around 20-25 lbs by december 18ish.

    1. offense…but did you just look at the pictures or did you read any of it? Reading the article may shed some light on your questions. Also, I don’t think you have to eat the pizza, it’s just Tim’s post workout meal. As far as I remember from a previous post of his, he recommends to eat within an hour after working out….I think. But yeah, sorry if I sound rude, but you should take a look at what he has actually written in the article.