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5 comments on “Ultra-Marathon

    • I’d guess it didn’t happen, not necessarily because of the program. Tim could have easily become injured in training.

      I do believe the training program would be ineffective for most athletes trying a 50k. To find out what “works” in the training world, look no further than what Olympic athletes are doing.

      Olympic coaches have been testing and refunding coaching programs for many years. They are only going to use what works.

      No Olympic caliber endurance athlete trains in the way that Tim’s coach recommended.

      I will say that some people could easily finish a 50k with the protocol listed. Some people are just gifted runners. But I would suggest that the protocol will not lead to *optimal* performance for just about anyone.

      With all this said, if time is a limiting factor, you love strength training, and want to try a 50k, what the hell? Give it a shot.


  1. Tim!

    I’m going to sign up for a half marathon and was hoping you could post your results?

    Hope you made it past 50km…