Stoicism Resources and Recommendations

Intro copy TK?

Stoicism 101

Stoicism 101: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs

On The Shortness of Life: An Introduction to Seneca

Stoicism for Modern Stresses: 5 Lessons from Cato

The Practicality of Pessimism: Stoicism as a Productivity System

General Philosophy

How to Use Philosophy as a Personal Operating System: From Seneca to Musashi

Looking to the Dietary Gods: Eating Well According to the Ancients

The Experimental Life: An Introduction to Michel de Montaigne

Discovering Kindness In The Storm

Practical Applications and Uses

“Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me)

Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide

The Magic of Mindfulness: Complain Less, Appreciate More, and Live a Better Life

What My Morning Journal Looks Like

How to Say “No” When It Matters Most (or “Why I’m Taking a Long ‘Startup Vacation’”)

Tim Ferriss Scam! Practical Tactics for Dealing with Haters

Writing with the Master – The Magic of John McPhee

The Art of Strategic Laziness

Preventing Burnout: A Cautionary Tale

Why (and How) Creative People Need to Say “No”

The Magic of Apprenticeship — A How-To Guide

Zen, Tea, and the Art of Life Management

How to Respond to Criticism – Learning from Dr. King

Don’t Like Meditation? Try Gratitude Training.

How to Travel: 21 Contrarian Rules

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