NOBNOM – Booster Rockets and $500 Bonus


Two weeks ago, nearly 5,000 people — including many women — started a controversial 30-day experiment: NOBNOM.

NOBNOM stands for “No Booze, No Masturbation.”  It got a lot of press.  The original post, in which I describe the benefits, racked up more than 40,000 shares on Facebook in <48 hours.  Nearly 1,500 questions have been asked and answered on the challenge page since.

Now you’re invited to join the last 2 weeks.  Or just finish strong.

Joining for the first time?  Fell off the wagon and getting back on?  Here are the details:

1) is offering up *another* $500 USD, apart from the original cash prizes.  Five more people will get $100 each.
2) Join the Lift NOBNOM challenge page here.
3) You must check in daily on Lift from August 15-31, 2014.
4) Be helpful on Lift.  Leave encouragement, post your own tips, answer questions, etc.

Once we get into September, Tim’s jury of magic elves and Lift will choose the five (5) most helpful people who started on the 15th, and each will get $100 USD.

The three (3) most helpful for the entire 30 days will get $500 USD each.

Now, get amongst it!  Read the original post, get excited, and click here to get started

Pura vida,


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