25 Great Things I Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015 (#126)



The Tim Ferriss Show has been selected as one of iTunes’ “Best of 2015.” Thanks for all the incredible feedback this year! It’s what makes the show fun for me.

To celebrate, this short episode (approximately 30 minutes) describes 25 of my favorite learnings from 2015: tips, gadgets, and quotes from podcast guests that I’ve incorporated into my own life. Enjoy!

And thanks so much for listening. I’ll try and make 2016 my best year of content yet 🙂

Happy holidays to you and yours,


You can find the transcript of this episode here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

#126: 25 Things I've Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015

Want to hear a podcast about my rituals? — Listen to the episode where I share how to win each day. In it, I discuss my morning routine and habits that set me up for success. (Stream below or right click here to download):

Episode 5: Jason Silva

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: Who was your favorite guest in 2015, and what was your favorite tip or lesson? Please let me know in the comments.


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174 Replies to “25 Great Things I Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015 (#126)”

  1. Your links should open a new page in a browser as I just clicked a link and the podcast shut down and now I have to restart it. I guess I should have right-clicked and “Open link in new tab”

    Btw, love all the podcasts, TV show, blog and books.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Happy holidays! Thanks for your great podcasting (:

    The podcast that has had most impact on me is the one with Wim Hof. I have been using his ideas on conscious breathing and cold showers for about a month now, with very pleasing results. Readers may want to try the ideas; here’s what I do:-


    1. Standing up, or lying down, inhale deeply through the nose, exhale less deeply through the mouth, 20-35 times (try it and see what’s best for you);

    2. At the end of the last rep exhale fully and hold breath (then I do, say, 20 push-ups);

    3. When you feel you want to inhale -don’t force anything- inhale fully and hold breath (then I do, say, another 20 push-ups);

    4. Again, when you want to breathe do so.

    For general relaxation

    1. I sometimes follow one, or more, sets of the above with this breathing routine for relaxation and pleasant focus.

    2. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 20, exhale fully;

    3. Hold breath for 5 seconds, then inhale again as 1.

    4. I do this for anything between 5-20 minutes.

    Cold showers

    1. I start my day with one, and I like to have one when I come home from work, or want a mood lift (eg. when the sunshine has been absent and it’s getting dark outside).

    2. Although I’m used to it and know the benefits, I still resist the cold shower. Here’s what helps me overcome the resistance.

    3. After the first 7-8 seconds I feel a kind of inner switch so that the cold water feels much less uncomfortable, so it’s then a matter of enduring the first 7-8 seconds.

    4. If I focus on the cold shower in general I feel more resistant; if I focus on bearing it for 7-8 seconds, it seems much easier and I push through.

    5. I put the water on my face/head/neck for 10 seconds, then move the hose to my torso for the next 10, then 10 over my legs/butt. Shifting the direction of flow helps.

    6. I repeat this cycle once more- 1 minute, in total.

    7. In the morning, or after a work-out, I apply shower-gel after that first minute and rinse off with another minute of cold water.

    Wishing you, Tim, and all readers a fulfilling conclusion to the year. All the best, David.

  3. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the podcast with Tara Brach. It made me realize the importance of meditation and helped me understand it a lot better. Working on making it a daily part of my life. Also really enjoyed the podcast with Jamie Foxx. He had so many interesting stories and it was very entertaining.

  4. Hello Tim,

    Only just now listened to some of your podcasts: really enjoyed the one with Naval (I voted but probably far too late!..). Great to hear the 2 of you talking for more than 2 hours about books, life and everything in between.

    I also liked the one with Wim Hof (if only to support a fellow countryman;)) Hmm, good books… well, I think Homer’s Odyssee remains one of the best stories of all times, packed with adventures, lessons and all that. It also gives a good reason to brush up on your ancient Greek, always fun for 2016..

    Another great book, ‘I Am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes, simply the best detective/thriller ever (will be turned into a movie I think).

    Thanks a lot for all the tips and especially the hilarious bits in your writings and recordings..

    Happy New Year to you (and the dog).



  5. My girlfriend thinks you’re my man crush because I’m constantly repeating things that I’ve learned from the various guests on your podcast. You interview such a diverse group of high achievers with so much knowledge and wisdom to parse out I find it extremely valuable. She got trapped in the car with me for 30 minutes and listened to this episode and now she gets it.

    Appreciate all you do. Thanks.

  6. I was really hoping to find more detailed notes for the podcast. If I listen while I’m driving I can’t write down anything that you mentioned. Surely you can find a good volunteer for detailed notes for your shows?:)

  7. I’m fairly sure this is where Tim mentions about putting gaff tape over the eye glass in the door in hotels as there was a case recently of someone attaching a camera to the outside of the door.

    Well – I’m just glad I don’t watch american news. Thanks to CNN everyone is now not only paranoid about state sponsored false flags but are also putting gaff tape in their suitcase. Hello?

    Firstly – the door looking glass or whatever it’s called is obviously designed to be one way!! This is obvious! A camera is not going to change this fact!

    Secondly, if someone was crazy enough to think attaching a camera to a hotel door is going to do anything – what happen 3 minutes later? Hotel staff walk past and go “whats that large black device with cables doing attached to the outside of that door? Security!!!” Either that or the person IN the hotel room actually goes out and notices it themselves.

    C’mon. Bit of discernment and rational thinking people!!

    PS seeing as we are on the topic. Ever see one of those news channels with the presenter and there is a wall of TV screens in the background, filled with static? Ever think ” Why is that there? Anything broadcast on TV or film does not occur accidently. A background is 100 percent controlled – everything is there because a decision was made. Why do they want those screens there?”

    Answer – subliminals aka brainwashing.While you focus on the presenter, the screens filled with static are viewed by your peripheral vision thus entering your subconcious more readily.

  8. Hey! re. song on repeat in order to focus. I thought I was odd in this behavior (!!) so to celebrate not being alone I wanted to share my go-to song with you: ‘Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) – Safri Duo’. You’ll find it on the Euphoric Clubland II album. Sorry for not including a link but I think you’re capable of finding it 😀 From a rainy London, Samantha

  9. Hey Tim, every episode is my favorite when I am listening to it :). Hey, am I just not seeing the show notes for this one? I drive and listen so can’t jot the (many) things down that I need and always rely heavily on the show notes. Granted I’ve listened to all the shows you reference but wondering if you have a one-stop list for your top 25? Very best, Monieka

  10. Whooooo, craving the show notes for this one. Pleeeeeeaaaaase. But first of al: Thanks for doing this, Tim. It’s an amazing and so useful piece of work.

  11. Tim, at 10:10 you mention you’re traveling with your dog, you eating sardines for breakfast (amen), the dog eating kibble with the sardiney olive oil dribbled on top. Why not the dog sardines as well? Even if the kibble’s initial ingredients are wholesome, the high temperatures required to bake it are carcinogenic — I think that’s reasonably well established. Year in, year out, it can’t be good. Despite the convenience, kibble seems more appropriate as a treat than the main meal. Why not real food? Dr. Demian Dressler is one name associated with a the canine cancer-fighting/prevention diet.

    Oh, and thanks for such a consistently excellent and inspiring podcast.

  12. Thank you for your awesome dedication to your fans and listeners. Wishing you a wonderful 2016. Saludos desde Hong Kong!

  13. Hi Tim,

    Great fan of your podcasts 🙂 I listen to them regularly on my phone at gym etc. I am pretty sure someone else might have pointed it out to you, but your earlier podcast episodes don’t play is there a way that they can be available all the time.

    I am also not sure if this is an iTunes problem, you may want to get that checked.


  14. Tim, if I could ask you one thing and one thing only: would you please interview (chat with) Paul Thomas Anderson? He is one of my favorite filmmakers, who is actually an auteur… so, correction, he is my favorite living auteur. And PTA is quite an interesting character. It seems he smokes and drinks constantly. Fiona Apple lived with him as his girlfriend. He seems to live in a haze; yet, crafts incredibly deep and emotional stories that go against the Hollywood grain. I find he is a version of David Lynch (amazing!) who is accessible to people.

    Please, please, please let Paul Thomas Anderson come over!

  15. Tim,

    You have a really unique energy and focus, and I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcasts (when I can carve out that much time!) from my balcony in Cambodia. I’m a social entrepreneur, which can be a very solitary project, depending on where in the world you are based, and having this kind of community of driven, passionate individuals keeps things fresh!

    Would love to see you include more women and change makers from outside the US. If you need some input on a list of possibilities, I’d be happy to consider contributing.

  16. Hey Tim. We all know you’ll put almost anything in that body of yours, so I was wondering if you’ve ever tried fresh raw bovine colostrum (not the colostrum in a can) and if so, what you thought about it.

  17. Hey, Tim. I’ve been reading your material for sometime now and though I am presently struggling financially, I have a question about something you wrote in your book “The Four Hour Work Week.” I have an idea that will make me quite a bit of temporary income, meaning that the market would saturate pretty quickly. I’ve tested the market and there is a demand, but there is no way that I can “make” the items myself at the rate I anticipate the demand to require. I need to know more about outsourcing (in layman’s terms). Can you help?

  18. Aloha Tim!

    If you want to talk to a scientist that’s really got his head wired into the way the Universe works, check out Nassim Haramein! You can see some of his work on YouTube and at Resonance.is ……..

  19. Hi Tim. My business partner came down with a viral meningitis need to get her back to 100% fast as we are taking a group to Nicaragua to build homes for the garbage dump families. Any nutrition/workout tips? She is a very tough lady and will follow any program. Know it is a bit out there but hoping for some tips. Thanks!!

  20. Yes. Would love to hear more about nighttime habits. Also would love to hear more of what a typical workday is like.

    1. I use a seven minute personal affirmation recording I made with light meditation music on track two to start restful sleep. Hearing my own voice affirming in present tense, my goals and ambitions, puts me to sleep before it is over. Easy to repeat and it goes into my subconscious. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I listen to it again. Powerful for me. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  21. I am sitting in front of my computer and just sent a link to one of your pod casts to a friend. I have done this countless times.

    I’m trying to get my business of the ground so I especially enjoy your advice about starting a business, how to keep going when the going gets rough and how to be smart about marketing. I love my work but need to push harder to support children with special needs. Since necessity is the mother of invention I think I’ve been pushed to come up with some great ideas and your book and podcasts have been an inspiration and source of encouragement. I’ve been listening for almost a year now and have been reluctant to write because I know you’re overwhelmed with email but finally just decided to do it because I reasoned it’s always nice to know you’re appreciated. So here it is. Thank you Tim.

  22. Hey Tim (& Team)!

    I’m an obsessive evangelist of your podcast — anytime podcasts come up in conversation I enthusiastically share some of my favorite guests: Arnold, Scott Adams, Ed Cooke, Wim, Ramit, etc..

    I’ve also signed up for the 5 bullet friday – I really like the content, but I don’t really like getting e-mails every time a new podcast comes out because I’m already listening to it.

    Is there any way you can make it so I can unsubscribe to the podcast updates while continuing to get the 5 bullet friday e-mails?



  23. Hi Tim,

    Love your posts.

    I am learning German following your & Benny’s tips. Thank you.

    What App / Flashcards would you recommend for learning Turkish?

    Thank you, Meryem

  24. Tim – you mentioned a book about coping with anger. I missed the title, which you commented was very vanilla as I recall. Could you post

  25. I have enjoyed your podcasts – some of them have truly made me think and ponder about life and lives.

    wanted to make a request to see if you can get Adam Grant (author of Give and Take and Originals) as a guest on your podcast!

  26. While I very much enjoy, sometimes relish, your materials, few things I like less than audiobooks. The reason is simple. I have read, very quickly and efficiently, since pre-elementary school. “Listening” to a book strikes me as tedious, with the occasional exception of a great poet or writer reading his own poetry. Every now and then I listen to an audio book, but rarely get through it. Nonetheless, if audiobooks work for someone, more power to him or her!

  27. My favorite guest was definitely Derek Sivers.

    2 possible podcast interview subject suggestions:

    1. Naveed Jamali, author of How to Catch a Russian Spy: The True Story of an American Civilian Turned Double Agent (I heard him on the International Spy Museum podcast. He’s very funny and his story is almost unbelievable.)

    2. Ross Rosenberg author of The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us. He’s a therapist with a great Youtube channel which features lots of videos about codependency which can interfere with all the relationships in our lives, our sense of self, as well as the belief in our own efficacy (ie. impostor syndrome, etc.).

  28. Hi Tim:

    Do you recommend any coaches/mentors? I’m reading 4 Hour Work week starting into redesigning my lifestyle and career, and didn’t see any resources in the book for this specifically.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!


  29. Tim or Tim’s fans: what is the status of Tim’s project to create a synthesis/summary of all the material in the podcast. He said that he was going to be spending more time (30-40%) reviewing old notes?

  30. Tim Ferriss will be remembered in 200-400 yrs for bringing life changing information, from all areas of life, to the masses with hyper efficiency.

    Thanks Tim!

    P.S. can’t wait to learn from your experience delving deeper into meditation.

  31. Hey Tim, First and foremost, you are one hell of a trailblazer! Keep the magic Tim Tim! Question where do you buy ibogain?.. I wanna try this micro dozing experiment