Announcing: "The Tim Ferriss Experiment" on Primetime TV (And How to Join Me)

After ages of planning, I’m VERY excited to share big news with you all.

Starting this December 1st, I will have my own primetime TV show, airing Sundays at 8pm on HLN, formerly known as CNN Headline News. I’m both host and co-executive producer, and I’m currently filming my ass off. It’s all part of a big Turner Broadcasting initiative called Upwave.

Here are the basics:

Name of show: The Tim Ferriss Experiment (TFX)

The premise: Showing viewers how to become superhuman through better tools and tricks, not better genetics.

Easily thought of as: “Anthony Bourdain meets Jason Bourne” or “Jackass meets A Beautiful Mind

Production company: Zero Point Zero (ZPZ), the team behind Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and Parts Unknown.

Spirit animal: Ocelot.


In his #1 bestsellers, “The 4-­Hour Workweek,” “The 4­-Hour Body” and “The 4-­Hour Chef,” Tim Ferriss proposes radically counter-­intuitive solutions that take readers from zero to hero in minimal time.

Newsweek calls him “the world’s best human guinea pig,” as he tests the extremes for the rest of us. He believes that nearly any skill can be “hacked” and learned in 1/100th the time most people expect… but can he do it in a matter of days?

The Tim Ferriss Experiment (TFX) will push Ferriss to the breaking point as he attempts just that.

In each episode, Tim will find the world’s most unorthodox teachers and – together — demystify some of the world’s coolest and most dangerous skills. Sometimes he’ll succeed, and other times, he’ll fail spectacularly while risking life and limb.

Tim believes that there is the potential for greatness in every “normal” person, and as he overcomes his own fears each week, he’ll help viewers do the same.

[TIM NOTE: Sorry I can’t share exact episodes yet, but just imagine Jason Bourne + my biggest fears + my personal bucket list, all wrapped into one. What would *you* like to see me tackle? Please let me know in the comments, as we still have a few open slots!]

How You Can Join Me

Would you like to join me for a week? Here is one opportunity, which expires tonight (Sorry!) at midnight: Swim with Tim. There will be more fun opportunities if you miss this one.

Next: would you like to interview me about TFX for your TV show, magazine, radio program, podcast, blog, e-mail newsletter, or other? It would mean the world to me, and I have plenty of insider stories and takeaways. If interested in discussing options, please fill out this short form here.

More details coming soon!

Thank you all so much for your support. It’s what keeps me going.

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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202 Replies to “Announcing: "The Tim Ferriss Experiment" on Primetime TV (And How to Join Me)”

  1. Master capoeira. Become a Master Sommelier. Hit home runs like a pro. Learn to sail. Find a wife. Cure depression.

  2. Tim! Super excited to see the show. Sounds like it would’ve been a blast to work on. Hope it’s easily accessible to us digital nomads as we roam the planet but I’ll find a way to tune regardless.

  3. Excited for this Tim.

    Can’t wait to catch the program. Guess I’ll need to go cop a t.v. now and dump it as soon as the series is over.

    Congrats, excited for this.

    You’re an inspiration guy.

  4. Tim – can you put the show on a USB and send it to your Quarterly subscribers?

    Maybe with a little something extra just for us?

    The last box was great btw – that is how Quarterly will succeed, with unique things subscribers can’t buy in stores.

  5. I’d love to see you take on something like Shaolin Kung Fu: a skill where many years of practice are considered essential to get right!

  6. Tim,

    I’m so genuinely excited and happy for you. Break a leg, my friend! (Except, not for real … you might actually be prone to doing just that!)



  7. Hey guys does anyone remember the offshore country that was in the back of the 4 hour workweek? It was in the extras bit at the back of the book?? or if anyone knows anyway##



  8. I was really disappointed when Trial by Fire didn’t get picked up, but now it sort of is 🙂

    I’d request professional Starcraft 2 or dueling with pistols/swords (simulated somehow, of course).

  9. I would love for you to tackle the complex skills required to be a successful fashion designer. From draping to pattern making all the way to a finished garment, some of the skills just take hours to do even when you learn all of them so it’d be interesting to see how you approach it. You could even have Marc Ecko as a guest for that episode.

  10. Tim – I challenge you to be a fighter pilot for a day and dog fight on your show! I am a former (female) fighter pilot and through Air Combat we can see if you can learn to be an ace fighter pilot quick enough to beat me. See the Air Combat website: for details and contact me if you are interested!

    Very Respectfully,

    Erin “Aero” Orga

  11. Tim, the new show sounds great! Here’s an idea – how about rock climbing? Specifically sport climbing or bouldering. The widespread opinion is that the sport requires gorilla level grip strength to be successful. But I tink there are many great climbers without forearms of steel. Maybe you can find the best techniques to become a world class climber in record time

  12. Hope it’s not too late for one more request. How about a rematch with the Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster? You could get John Romaniello to make a guest appearance on the show.

  13. Hey Tim,

    Tried to fill out the form for an interview, but it won’t accept my non-US phone number:/

    For a challenge: learn ballet:-)

  14. Its about time! I’ve been on a minimalist kick lately so I haven’t had cable for a while. Where can I watch it since I’m off the grid?

  15. How about some mental challenges – developing really good memory, for ex?

    Looking forward to seeing the episodes, and good luck!

  16. About time you connected with ZPZ! I think we knew it was just a matter of that. Can’t wait for more great TV from ZPZ (the values, come on…) and with Tim.

  17. I just want to remind people that ZPZ produces the most exceptional content. It is actually SFW until… Your eyes viddy it…and it never leaves. I have no relationship with ZPZ.

  18. Congratulations Tim. I know you’ve been working on this for a while and I’m very excited to watch what you’ve created.

    Good luck 🙂

  19. I recently discovered you and your books by chance. I have just read a bit and I am amazed, but, overall, eager of life as I hadn’t been in ages. I think the show will be great!!

    Would you choose people for the show outside the US? I would love to be a guinea pig in learning anything (a language or play some instrument or play tennis… All would be great!)

  20. I would like you to deconstruct intellectual skills that would appeal to us knowledge-workers. Something like college level Differential Equations, Art & Design or Chemistry.

    Since you’ve already deconstructed one physical skill, like Tango or Swimming, it quickly gets monotonous to see you then deconstruct say Basketball or fencing. The transfer is easily noticeable and obvious for physical skills, but less so for intellectual/knowledge-worker skills.

  21. Definitely putting this on the DVR! I’m sure you’re already working some syndication and DVD deal for every season.

    Life hack I would love to see:

    Turn a fledgling DIY musician/band into a sensation or rock star in 7 days with their own material. Steve Rennie – manager of Incubus and fellow creativeLive professor – says it takes the average musician or band 7 years to make it. It varies with genre, age, talent, dedication, but mostly it takes networking and putting the music and the live show in the right hands. I think it would be awesome if you teamed up with Steve Rennie for a week and took a decent DIY band from zero to hero in a week without using any prior existing connections to show how any musician could do the same.

  22. Amazing news Tim! I’m currently based in Europe – will it be possible to watch it online?

    I’d love to see an episode where you are dropped in a random country (potentially with guy like Noah) and have to create an online business within a week having limited resources. Just one of the crazy ideas that popped into my mind on a Friday evening:)

    I think that most ppl have a huge self-imposed limitation about building location-free, semi-automated businesses that generate even a small passive income and an experiment like that could open some eyes.

    Good luck with the production!


  23. Sounds cool. I’ll have to watch and see if it can help me be both a better writer, self publisher, and promoter for my Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Maker series. Even better – maybe I can turn my kiddos into superhumans. My 13 year old writing partner in crime will definitly get a kick out of this show. Looking forward to it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if my 13 year old starts getting some ideas of his own from your show to try out on his bubbas. Heck, he’d be a willing participant for your show.

  24. Tim,

    Congratulations and look forward to watching your show! I have some suggestions to add (in no particular order) to the list of things to hack:

    -fuel economy (how to get the most miles per gallon from your car)

    -flexibility (I.e. to do a full split; which methods work, which don’t)

    -flares (the gymnastics/bboy move, not the chemical ones … do you still bboy?)

    -sleep learning (does it any evidence base at all?)

    -pistol shooting

    -horseback riding

    -knife and hatchet throwing

    Take care!

  25. Hey Tim,

    Read your comment above and raced over to iTunes to find streaming episodes but couldn’t find them.

    Where are you hiding them? 🙂

  26. It would be cool to see you do a knife fighting episode. In 4HC you list some combat knives like the Benchmade Marc Lee Knife. Your note underneath says oddly enough the thumb release on the sheath seems to be on the wrong side for right-handers. It actually isn’t odd though, that is meant as an offhand knife while fighting. The primary hand blade would have a flat back so it could be used with a regular or reversed grip. The double bladed Marc Lee is used for stabbing, to cause more damage it is double sided.

  27. Congrats Tim on the show. I think it will be something unique for viewers and your guests. I see something similiar like that with Laila Ali (see link below)

    BTW, are you still looking for best treatment for your Patellar Tendonitis? If so, check your email, sending you a bunch of info and links I have gathered over the years for myself and clients.

  28. Tim,

    I would be interested in a post where you discuss your previous television foray on the History channel (Trial by Fire).

    It would be great to hear about what you’ve learned and what is different this time. It was cool to see that show pilot all those years ago on rapid learning and what you’ve learned about an endeavor like this after the first go around.

  29. Congrats Tim. I am glad to hear it.

    I would like to see an episode on *vision, prophecy, meditation, dreams, the third eye, sixth sense, ect. If you are interested, let me know. I have a story to follow.

  30. excited!!! can’t wait to see the show….

    i want to speak fluent Haitian, Russian, Farsi, and French in 4 years from now, so looking forward to more on:

    “any skill can be “hacked” and learned in 1/100th the time most people expect”

    thanks for your awesomeness Tim!

    thrills n chills,

    Jill Lorraine

  31. I’d love to get some techniques on teaching. How to teach so that your students get the maximum benefits. How to make them apply the information you are sharing, how to motivate them to act. This is always the hardest part in the teaching/training industry.

  32. Hello Tim,

    I would be interested in interviewing you for my blog which I also put in my email newsletter and social media.

    Debra Kasowski

  33. Is there something you can’t do?

    On Primetime TV, you said that “I don’t think I have the requisite ingredients to produce something for that outlet” on an interview I saw a few months ago.

    And now you’re doing it! Tim you’re my idol! I really hope I have what it takes to be successful in my own goals, and I have so SO many! and I agree heavily with your philosophy and share a lot of your past experience, but I’ve yet to see the success that I’m really craving. I’m finally understanding – or making it more clear – what I’m doing wrong and I should be working on it immediately.

    Thanks for everyone, I wonder if more people understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, will it make it better for me? or worse? I guess even when people know what it’s like, not all will venture and actually do it.

  34. Can u tackle something like filmmaking and not even the big budget hollywood stuff but even glamor adult filmmaking!? Also a fighting discipline like krav maga or muay thai basics and quickest way to be good at that?

  35. Hi Tim!

    I would love to see you apply your principles to:

    1) Acting

    2) Hostage Rescue / Fast target shooting

    3) Rap

    4) Texas Hold’em

    5) Rock/Mountain Climbing

  36. I love how you keep your followers informed about what’s going on with you. You really are an inspiration in this field. You don’t only teach people. You also inspire them and include them in your life. That, for me, is inspiring.

  37. How do you access Episode TWO of Tim Ferriss Experiment in Europe? (Doesn’t work: Amazon, iTunes, Youtube, Google Instant, Upwave).

    Don’t leave the rest of the world out!

    // I apologize if this seems like spam, but I assume many others are in the same situation as me, and you’d be doing a lot of your fans a favor to enable this.

  38. Hey Tim – Congrats! The first show was awesome. I had a challenge for you:

    Be the head coach of an NFL football game. They always show the coaches pacing around, but we have no idea what’s going on with their actual job during the game. Your challenge would be measured by if the team won.

  39. The show on language learning didnt show on hln instead they showed two consecutive episodes of cook ur ass off and it wasnt replayed does anyone know what happened ? Did i miss something?

    1. I think Tim said on FB that the episode could be gotten on Itunes? Not sure if that means it has to be purchased or what is going on? Was looking forward to that episode the most.

  40. Hi Tim,

    Shows are fantastic and I bought in advance the whole season pass on iTunes, but no news and episod since.

    Doesn’t matter the money, would like just to know if new episods are coming?



  41. Hey Tim and Team, I’d love to get access to these but I’m in Australia. I hope you manage to get the international rights so I can check it out.