How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself

The above video is one of my favorite presentations I’ve given in 2009, an opening keynote at the last San Francisco WordCamp, titled “How to Blog without Killing Yourself”. More than 700 people from 32 countries were in attendance, which made for a wonderful experience.

The original title was “Scalable Blogging Behaviors: How to Grow from 1 to 1,000,000 Readers” and the content did not change.

In the above presentation, including detailed screenshots, I cover…

  • Why I blog
  • How I blog and select best practices
  • Frequency and tools — best times and days to post
  • Blogging myths and how to harness data for better results
  • Testing design and surprising findings that can be copied
  • How I address comments and community building
  • How I write and research for good social media response
  • 20 minutes of audience Q&A on Twitter, branding, outsourcing, and much more

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed giving it.

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494 Replies to “How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself”

  1. Hi Tim

    Been following your emails for a while now – they are always entertaining reading!

    Hope this is not a stupid question, but I cant seem to view the video on this site. I see a message in the video box saying “required plugin not installed”?

    Is someone able to tell me what I need to do to view this.


    p.s. I am using internet explorer 😀

  2. Hi Tim,

    thanks for the lessons on blogging. I just recently started with it but it takes me a great length of time. I guess it is a learning curve… Do you have some tips to stay focused on the article and speed-up the process of writing?

    Maybe the speed has also to do with me being Hungarian, living in the Netherlands and speaking all day Dutch and then writing blog in English 🙁

    Or you have not find any correlation?

    Thanks ( = koszi in HU).

    Peter Herku

  3. Hi Tim,

    thanks for this, very very interesting!

    I am working on bringing out a blog but I am not sure about the language. I am from Germany and for some reason I have the feeling that germans are “poor bloggers”. I am not a native english speaker but love the language and I think writing in english may attract more audience. Do you have any suggestions on that?

    Thanks, Alex

    Und übrigens, Du bist jemand, der Menschen verändert und damit die Welt noch schöner macht!

    1. @Alex,

      Danke for the kind compliment! I would suggest you write in both and see which you and your readers prefer. It’s true that the market is bigger for English, but the market is still quite large for German. I think Stefanos Kofopoulos is one example of how to build a large audience in a smaller country (Greece).

      Good luck!


  4. Tim – As always you’re on top of the the game.

    Thanks for this – great resource. Going to watch it at work today….

    II’ve cut to actually working (with no quality compromise) 3 hours a day – working in a daily 9-1 with your book!

  5. The video player doesn’t let me jump around in playback, I accidentally quit the page and couldn’t restart from where I left off.

  6. Hi Tim. Is there a transcript of the video? Or a method to convert it? I read and comprehend better. Thanks


  7. Hi Tim-

    I understand that the quality of the video production is not your main focus when you do these talks (or other videos), but it seems it might be worth undestanding who is filming you and what the lighting situation will be like if at all possible.

    This video was great, but you were constantly moving in and out of the shadows and I found it very distracting. If you take a little more care when producing your videos (I understand it is not always easy, but you could negotiate for a little more control when you do these events.) you’ll be happy you did this later as web video continues to grow and people are able to watch it on their televisions.

    You mentioned that text is easier to index, which is true for now, but companies like Grab Networks and many others are building automated video indexing software that will scrape the metadata in these videos you create with no extra effort on your side.

    The ultimate point is that the higher quality video you can create now will pay dividends down the road as it will open up web syndication (and ad revenue for you) for multiple platforms long into the future.

    Wishing you continued success.


  8. Tim- hilarious story about outsourcing your love life at the end! It killed me, to borrow a Holden Caulfield-ism. How did your experiments in eye-contact dating go?

  9. This video was entertaining with some practical take-away’s. The answer to that guys questions on “How can I Tim Ferriss my love life” was hilarious!

  10. Great video Tim! I took a ton of notes! I’m starting to use Evernote more and more, and that was a great tip to store drafts and ideas for my blog in there. Also for the Flickr tip! Thanks!!

    Hope the elbow is healing well.


  11. Hi Tim,

    I’ve been looking for a good “popular posts” plug-in like the one you are using.

    I’ve tried many and they all either don’t work or like you said in your video, are a self-fulfilling prophecy, in a sense that they show most popular of all times and in effect those just stay there forever.

    What is the name of the plug-in you are using and where can I get it. I’ve seen it on a couple of websites besides yours but cant find where to get it.

    BTW great post.

    PS. I’ve commented to one of your other posts about how I’m trying to turn my 100% service business into a 95% hands-off business, and at this point I see the general direction and just need 3-6 months to get everything ready to pull the plug.

    Reality is that my biz puts so much mental pressure on me that I’m very hesitant in getting more work, but until i put the things in motion, I need some money to get by.

    I’m grateful for your excellent eye-opening book. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Leo,

      I’m afraid it’s a custom job and not a plugin. The same guy who did ProBlogger’s site did this one for me. It ties into the “most popular posts” or “popularity plugins”, but the graphic design itself — and the javascript — is custom.

      Good luck!


  12. Hey Tim, great Video. I am a longtime reader of your blog and great, great fan of your book (as probably most people here). I just have to say I loved your answer on how to “timferris you love life”. Very funny and interesting!!! Keep on blogging.

  13. Hi Tim,

    Just a quick technical note for the record – I find when I try and access the blog from my address bar in Opera it frequently won’t load, although it is usually (although not quite always) fine accessing it via a google result. Yours is the only site I experience this with so thought I’d mention it, although it could be really unique to my setup.

    Keep up the great work! Really pleased to learn about Crazyegg…


  14. Tim,

    The depth of thought in all your content is what ultimately lends so much value and robustness to it for me. I’m conditioned to getting a sales pitch or a gimicky kind of self-endorsement when viewing the kind of videos you posted here, and I admit I was even a bit hesitant despite the type of content I’ve come to expect from you because of that.

    All of your material is thoughtful and laden with the bigger picture, life, happiness and the end rather than the means, and I can’t tell you how rare that is in the Dead Sea of the Internet. While there is an obvious, understandable, and even appreciable amount of wealth building in your content, it’s not overpowering by any means and hasn’t come to feel familiar and jaded as you’ve found greater success.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Your talks and musings are among the best on the web in combining knowledge, expedience, life, happiness, and wisdom. Cheers!

    1. Dear Brian and All,

      Thank you so much for the comment and kind words. It made my day, and I hope the best of this blog is yet to come. I’ll certainly do my best to ensure that’s the case.

      Off to a feed and glass of wine now. Just finished my antibiotics today 🙂

      All the best,


  15. Really like this video – full of useful information. Running a blog takes a lot of focus and commitment 🙂

  16. Tim,

    Great video. Similar to the question about “Tim Ferrising” ones love life, I would like to ask if you have any recommendations for optimizing the time of a college student. I am studying music and find it hard to balance practice (about 3 hours a day) with school (5/day) a part time job (10/wk) and a personal life.

    I’m sure other collegiate readers would benefit from any insights you gained from your years at Princeton.



  17. Once again,

    Mr. Ferris, wann wird dein neues Buch fertig sein?

    Tim when will your new book be finished?

  18. Finally got done watching the vid, great talk Tim (literally implemented as I went along on my own blog), always sharp on camera.



    I’d love to use this video as a teaching tool (my daughter lectures at SJSU), but occasionally you slip in a profanity which makes me think twice about who I might link to this and other videos of yours.


    I love hearing about tools you & other use… or are recommended even if you don’t use them… couldn’t wait to get to that part of the book when I read it.


    Great anecdote. Deserves to be it’s own video and topic. I can image you popping down LINCOLN AVE for your 20-minute dates. Monsieur Beans still there, and of course Starbucks on the corner… but SB in the Garden Theater building closed (Peet’s is across the street).

  20. I love the “Tim Ferrissing your love life” story. It reminds me of a Tech Crunch arcticle I saw not too long ago about an outsourcing service solely dedicated to getting you dates online:

    I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to set them up at 20 minute intervals, but hey, if you want to get a year’s worth of flirting done on a Saturday, why not?

  21. hola tim


    (no creo que sea tan dificil contactarse contigo, especialmente despues de haber leido tu libro)

    At the beginning of your talk at some point you mention that there are better ways to get a descent income, and blogging is not necessarily one of top ones. I’m in the process to improve my life with many projects in my mind, if you could give a couple of ideas or fields that you think are potentially profitable, that would be really helpful.

    perdon por el ingles

    graicas, abrazos y suerte

  22. Tim,

    what is your plan for conquering your receding hairline? are you going to end up shaving it all?

    Still looking sexy btw


  23. As you mention you only skim your comments (you are getting bucket loads of them) but thanks for sharing this presentation – really useful for both my personal and business blog.

    I really like your presentation style – relaxed and full of stories – brilliant.

    You were also right about Stumble – that’s how I found you. Now in Reader and looking forward to following you.

  24. Great video Tim, I must say I really enjoy your stuff…the sexy intro music had me wondering for a second at the start though!

    Something you may not be aware of – your Vimeo vids see to be very patchy at times and don’t work too well on several of the internet connections I use here in Oz, while youtube and videos hosted elsewhere like this one work fine. With the vimeo vids I usually pull down the entire vimeo vid using Orbit, a download tool that lets me grab the video as one file so I can watch without the video constantly breaking. Thought would be worth mentioning.

    Enjoyed hearing your insight on comments and learning from readers etc – have to say that I really enjoy looking through the comments…one that had me particularly excited was the top 5/10 books post, my reading list got significantly bigger after that one.

    Really interested to see how you work the blog in with the new book.

    Also looking forward to seeing the 2nd edition of 4hww and wondering what your take is on the current generation of muses and passive income businesses and methods such as affiliate marketing, info products etc and how million $ launches and info products that guys like Frank Kern and Eben Pagan are doing are changing the info product landscape for everyone.

    Keep up the good work dude!

  25. Ive just bought your book (not got round to reading it yet – still fininshing my current one) because someone elses blog that i came across said they are following your tips. I then went back to his blog, found your blog and just watched all of your video on how to blog without killing yourself!

    I am now a converted fan (without having even read your book yet). So i am very much looking foward to reading the four hour week and learning from it.

    Thanks so much.

  26. Hey, Tim,

    Have you considered excerpting and posting the bit at the end on your little love life experiment? It’s very entertaining, interesting, and endearing; plus, it’s a nice length, it could stand alone easily, and it’s buried at the end of 45 minutes of unrelated video. I, for one, would forward that link around.


  27. Throughout the video I’ve been opening new browser windows to check out URLs you mention along the way, but now just seems to go to the 4HWW site, did you give that one up?

  28. Tim,

    I am not sure how often you check comments but since I am not on Twitter I hope this information gets to you in time to help with your elbow rehab.

    There are a couple of things you can do:

    Of course use ice on and off to reduce swelling, which increases pain and retards regaining your range of motion, and also to get fresh blood and nutrients into the area, which will help repair and heal.

    If the incisions won’t allow you to touch the actual elbow, you can use sports massage and work above and below the joint. This will increase blood flow to the area. Most joints don’t have a lot of their own independent blood supply, but rather receive it from the muscles that surround it.

    Another technique for injuries is to work the other, noninjured area. Since both elbow joints are innervated by the same spinal nerve, which splits into the right and left sides as it leaves the spinal column, sending messages from one side will have an affect on the other. I haven’t tested this regarding ROM specifically, but I am thinking it is worth a shot. So practice your full ROM on the unaffected side- the message gets to the other elbow even though it isn’t moving.

    You can also work the area near the spine where the nerve exits, again for the same reasons as above. In the case of the arm, work from C4 through T2, basically the neck and upper back.

    Once you can touch the elbow and can practice ROM you can warm-up the joint using friction. This is a good sports massage technique for old injuries, basically take the flat of your palm and rub over the elbow joint and the muscles above and below it–flexors and extensors of the forearm and biceps and triceps. This will get the synovial fluid in the joint heated and ready for movement. It is like warming up your car’s engine without having to start it. You get the area heated with blood flow but you didn’t have to move the joint to do it. This way you will experience a greater ROM than if you just started cold.

    I hope this all makes sense, it is much easier to explain and/or demonstrate in person. Email or call 805.218.3631 if you have questions.

    I was a nationally certified massage therapist and am always happy to help someone get back in action.

    Sorry to hear about the elbow and I hope you are in top shape again soon!


    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks so much for the tips! I totally agree on the uninjured ROM transfer, as odd as it sounds. Speaking of therapy, time for me to ice 🙂

      All the best and thanks again,


  29. Hi Everyone!

    Just to make it easier, this is a list of tools Tim talks about in his video. Enjoy

    Tools for Tracking

    • CrazyEgg ( – creates tests to figure out what people are doing on your website; heat maps and click patterns on blog.

    • Google Analytics ( web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness

    • WordPress ( state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

    Tools for Analytical Research

    • Twitter ( micro blogging platform. Tim uses it for polling, quick research and sharing info. back to twitter followers and as an online diary.

    • Slinkset ( helps you create your own social news site in seconds.

    • Evernote ( allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

    Tools for Writing

    • Google Key Word Tools ( -help you choose relevant and popular terms related to your selected key term.

    • Pictures ( – go to Flickr, click on advance search, go creative comments only, then sort by most interested and you will find awesome pictures.

    Other tools

    • Weebly ( – easy website creation.

    • Grease Monkey Script ( Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays.

  30. i am trying to print off the dreamline worksheet with scribd, after wasting back and front sides of paper the last column continues to not print the costing up section. i am using a4 on a pc and from australia.

    can any one help me please?


  31. Hi Tim, thank you very much for your blog…it’s great!…it has helped me get my tango videos seen all over the world !

    I am a former businessman and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas who one day did a crazy thing and followed is dream by going to live in Florence, Italy even though I was broke, had never been there, did not know anyone and did not speak the language…I was 47 years old at the time….well it had been a 12 years full of unbelievable movie like experiences in a country full of MAGIC !

    One of my dreams had always been to be a tango dancer and so I pursued that with a passion…I have now taught tango in several places in Europe and the US and have done performances in some beautiful theaters…BIGGER THAN MY DREAMS !

    And so my message to people is..

    • Follow your dream…DO IT NOW !

    • It is never too late…NEVER ! (like, life is too short, man!)

    Come visit me in Rome , we’ll share some good food and wine and I’ll show you the most beautiful city in the world ! (and I can teach you to tango) Here is my latest video !

  32. Tim:

    This comments pertains to a twitter post. (Sorry I could reply in Twitter; I’m not signed up)

    I use Scrivener for writing and love it. The more I use it, the more I like it. (I work on a Mac). Very helpful for writing issues related to structure because of the corkboard feature and the edit feature. I use Evernote, but only for research.


  33. Hey Tim,

    I have to say I loved your book, I have listened to it so many times I can’t even remember, has to be 10 times if not more. Also starting Monday I’m going to do your 20 pounds in 30 days diet and going to take pictures and document it. That is going to be a blog of mine, once I’m finished with the 30 days. Also my hope is to start doing blogging on a regular basis (I already do it on occassion) but my hope is to do blogs to get interest in me and that will help my business ventures or to spread the word. Do you have any more tips to get the mass flow to my blogs beyond what is said in this blog that you think can really help? I’m a successful 30 year old that uses you as my main focus for inspiration and ideas, so I can’t even begin to say how thankful I’am for your information and efforts.



  34. hahah, just got to the part in the video where you mentioned using a personal name, just fixed that, i totally overlooked the rules, how foolish of me!

  35. 1st time on your blog, I must admit when I was about to watch the video & I saw 50 minutes, I was like whoa that’s a movie, but it was pretty interesting. I understood some of it, I’m grateful to “Dynasty” who commented with all the links you talked about, because i wanted to check some out & wasn’t sure what you called them. the last question was awesome, your blog seems to be a mix of techie stuff & fun stuff. I’ll check it out more (lol like u need one more subscriber)

  36. In response to a comment made way, way at the beginning–the way to get blog traffic is not to be Tim Ferriss, but to one day be a better-known version of yourself. True, I’m just starting out blogging myself, but I’m providing (what I think is) quality content and earnest advice on how to live your life effectively. At one point in his life, people didn’t know who Tim was either. 😉

  37. Tim – I put this in my priorities to review today and FINALLY have a REAL plan for my blog – it was excellent and much better than I anticipated as I review my notes made. Thanks so much. 🙂

  38. @Tim Great video. What are the other better ways you can make money online than blogging ? A lot of bloggers tell there are better ways but don’t mention them . May you do the honors ?

  39. Tim – thanks for the great post. Agreed, one of your best presentations of the year. Signed up the Crazyegg now, thanks to you!

    Dynasty – thanks for the summary. Really useful – Tim might be worth posting Dynasty’s summary at the top, great ‘at a glance’ info.

    Vince W

  40. Your speech was very educational and humerous at time. I felt that you did a wonderful job of explaining how to drive quality traffic to your site and retain reader loyalty. I am new to blogging, but I am so anxious to put the concepts you described in your speech into my blog.

    Thanks for the abundance of Info!


  41. Hi Tim,

    My husband, Ed, follows you regularly and we have your 4HWW book. He specifically sent me this URL about getting blog traffic. I’ll come back and review it more closely after a good night’s sleep. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.

    Anyway, I’m posting this comment because I noticed that you are recovering from elbow surgery. I hope you’re recovery is going smoothly and quickly. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

    Sincerely, Karri

  42. Fantastic, value-packed content as always Tim – thank you.

    You mentioned the importance of being aware of our biorhythms. Did you measure yours with any specific tools / pieces of equipment (and if so, which ones?) or was it more through a process of self-observation?

  43. Thanks for the advices.

    This information has very much helped at creation of my blog.

    Only badly that in video it is not visible the screen, and in the rest all is fine

  44. Great information. I watched this on Pro Blogger and you’ve shared some very valuable tips.

    I’ll be visiting here again!


  45. Caught this video from a link within my wordpress administration panel… didn’t know you had posted it to the blog till now : ).

    I use a wordpress daily top 10 plugin for most popular and that changes everyday (resets every day) … I’m sure a minor change to the code can make it reset every 30 days… however there seems to be two or three of those top 10 that show up almost every single day… if you got to analytics you can pretty much see a clear 80/20 of what people want to see for my blogs … that is most people want to see the same 2 or 3 topics and then everything else is just not that interesting to them.

    I do agree with whoever said that all these ‘tips’ were secondary to your primary selling factor…which is your voice… and you did touch on that in the presentation … have a voice and if people agree with you (or no matter what you say i’m sure there is some niche group of people out there that does agree with you, another way of looking at things) will follow you. But if you have no personal voice or angle on your blog, no matter how technical you are in analyzing things you may not get far.

    My all time favorite post on here, btw, is the entrepreneuereurerial (sp?) roller coaster…. and I’m somewhere close to the bottom right now so i make sure that no matter what i keep working to try and climb out…

    I definitely think that there are two distinct blogger behaviors out there :

    The first is the lifestyle design model… which posts fewer times with more interesting content… and here your voice is key…

    The other is more of a ‘gossip’ model… which is where the internet can outrun traditional media, and a good example of this is techcrunch… and here speed is key….

    Unless you have REALLY strong industry ties and already a super expert (rather than a self proclaimed and self educated expert ala 4HWW) then there is no way most people can run a gossip model blog. That is unless you crowd source (and have enough guidelines or moderations to assure consistency and quality)…

    Looking forward to more interesting video Tim… and you inspire us.

  46. Great speech, Tim.

    I have a question: If you write from 01:00 am till 5:00 am what kind of sleeping schedule/routine do you have?

    Can you do a post on that please too since you travel a lot through different time zones etc.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  47. Hi Tim,

    This and Darren’s 31 DBBB provide enough detail. THANKS!

    Your point about “having a voice” is well taken; I’m encouraged to keep posting about the fastest cat in Africa and Howler monkeys in Argentina, well, and good steak.



  48. The most interesting parts for me were your experiments with moving around the different elements on your blog to get different intended results (e.g. changing “categories” to “topics” and moving your “twitter alert” lower in the sidebar), and how you use online tools for research. Thanks for letting us know about I’ve found it very useful during the past week.

  49. Dear Tim, Hi! My son sent me a link to this post. He is so great:) Also a bit sarcastic–he was making fun of me for caring about my new blog so much & he liked your title. Anyway, I love this post & will look at your others. I am probably not your demographic–I am a 40 yr. old “momblogger” who just started blogging to do something that stays done and might help someone else. I have found it is a whole new world. Very fun. However, I have a question–what can you do to make your posts count when you are adhd and pretty busy? Seriously, I agree the reader deserves content. So, really–is one good post a week is better than keeping in “touch” more often? HQS

  50. Great attitude Tim. You seem to be an “open source” person. I read your first book one year ago and been following since that. Congrats !!!!

  51. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips! I came searching about how to make more money with writing… and leave with pages of notes of inspiration on how to improve my blog. Yay! Lots of fun to listen to.

    Thanks again Tim! 🙂

  52. Hi Tim,

    My brother in law Aaron sent me this link and I’m glad he did. Couldn’t believe I ended up listening to the whole thing but I’m glad I did. You reminded me of something important that I often forget in my own blogging… less is better and quality may not win every stage or time trial, but it wins the race. Thanks for reminding me to check myself and take a deep breath now and again.


  53. This is an absolutely amazing discussion. I don’t think I’ve learned anything quite like I have learned by watching this video, and I’m very interesting to hear more about it. Thanks for the video, wish I could have attended but I was there in spirit.

  54. Tim, was wondering, is there anyway to download your video? I’d appreciate If you provided us with a link to do that.

    Keep up the great work!


  55. Hello. I just got your book and started reading it. Then I found this site and am watching this first video. I really need to know what some of these terms you speak of mean so that I can understand what you are talking about. Can you point me to a dictionary or some other source to look up these words? Thanks so much you are very inspiring. JDF

  56. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable presentation. Looking forward more such tips from you. I’m following you in Twitter now.

    – Jarlin Paul

  57. Thanks Timmy! 🙂

    Loved the video, except it keeps cutting out for me near the end (probably something to do with my internet connection, but very annoying!) Anyway, thought I’d add to your mind-bogglingly enormous stream of comments of love you’ve got going here. Can’t wait for your new book!

  58. Hi Tim

    great video and great speech, thanks for sharing.

    Your nice presentation and the examples of how you analyse stuff of your blog and how you convert this knowledge really impressed me and I am happy that you share it.

    i will surely use your ideas for some of my blogs, i. e. the category name change to topics is super sharp while so easy. Also, I love the idea to relocate the posted date to the end instead of having it in the beginning. This keeps readers to care about the content and not to judge on how fresh this article is.

    Now, can you please share how you made the date change? This is something that I would really love to adopt but I cannot figure it out.

    Know that you are really busy if you could drop a line here in the comments or by e-mail it would be really appreciated.

    Thanks anyway and keep it up.


  59. Tim…

    Just watched your latest video and really enjoyed it. I started my blog several months ago and I am enjoying doing it…but not making money. As a 47 year old father of two grown kids (Brittany, 24 and Tim 22), I am looking to make extra cash. I did find your video very informative.

    I will be buying your book this week.

    Scott Lara

    Jacksonville, Florida

  60. This is a very inspirational video for bloggers everywhere. I’ve shared it with all my friends, and I would highly recommend that anybody interested in blogging watch this. I would feel honored to ever chill with you in person Tim, and keep up the good work!

  61. Hi Tim,

    Have been a regular reader of your blog and hope you recover well from the surgery. I have always wondered and thought you would be best person to write on this. How do you handle a very serious relationship breakup and one person moves on and the other finds it hard. I dont know if you have ever been through that but would be interesting to know your thoughts and how you would/did manage it. I think this would also make a great post. Will look forward for your response on this.



  62. I am actually still in the process of watching this video. I came across it on Daily Blog Tips website. So far I have about 2 pages of notes and only half way through the video. I must admit I am impressed by the items you have presented in your presentation so far. Unfortunately, I don’t come across to many videos that really offer valuable insight let alone motivate me to take notes.

  63. Tim, this is fantastic–exactly the kind of blogging help I’ve been looking for, all in one video. As a beginning blogger–but an advanced computer/internet user–I’m often overwhelmed by the endless options out there.

    …and I’ve now moved my Twitter status from the top right side of the page!

  64. what is the tool that you said you be using to track the click patterns?

    Is it craziag?? krazia?? or wat.

    I couldn’t find it in google search.

    plz mention the URL here.

    Thanks in advance and besides your blogging skill I like you fit body.

    Try some yogasanas & pranayama coz the weightlifting work is not always good for you heart.

  65. Awesome video Tim! I’m researching bloging, marketing, and the like… as I just started up my first blog last month. Love your advice…. and your no negativity policy! Also, got a kick out of the “Time Ferriss” you love life question… the thought never occured to me until now! I’m currently listening to the audio of 4 Hour WW in my car, and a new visitor to your blog. I like what I see… and I’ll be coming back often! Thanks for providing the great content.

  66. Hi Tim:

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