Beating the Morning Rush: The 3-Minute "Slow-Carb" Breakfast

Breakfast is a hassle.

I want it to do one thing: provide nutrient-dense food and proper macronutrient ratios in the least time possible. It’s a functional meal.

The above is a video of the 3-minute high-protein and “slow-carb” breakfast that I find perfect for fat-loss and cognitive performance.

All ingredients were purchased at Safeway in less than five minutes, and if you dislike the whiteness of egg whites, just mix in some tumeric to create that familiar yellow. Flax meal instead of oil can also be mixed into either for a nice added nutty texture, and barring that, a handful of organic almonds with sea salt (also at Safeway) as a dessert adds a good caloric wallop.

[Postscript: I am replacing my plastic containers with Pyrex and glass! Several commenters have pointed out that toxins are released if you microwave certain types of plastic containers. Who knew trying to be healthy could be so dangerous?]


Odds and Ends: Answer “what is technology?” and get a MoGo mouse!

I met the CEO of Newton Peripherals, Matt Westover, on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, and it turns out we have friends in common. He was kind enough to offer 50 MoGo mice to readers of this blog, and their latest MoGo Mouse X54 recently won “Best of CES” from Bluetooth SIG. It stores and charges within your PC Card slot and also acts as a media remote. Cool.

Here’s how you get one (or another choice below).

Upload a video of no more than 20 seconds in length to YouTube or elsewhere answering the question “What is technology?”

Be one of the first 30 to link to your video from the comments on this post, and you get your choice of the MoGo X54 or MoGo BT. The remaining 20 mice are reserved for the first 20 people who link to a video of their kids, the younger the better and no older than 14, answering the same question.

So the first 30 adults and 20 kids I see linked to in the comments get them (not the first 30 comments but the first 30 links to videos, so there could be 100 comments and only 25 links, and double entries count as one link). Be sure to put “techdefinition” in the “tags” section when you upload your video.

One more thing: you’re not allowed to check the dictionary definition, and it will be obvious if you do.

This competition expires on 5pm PST this Sunday, March 2nd and winners will be contacted via e-mail.

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233 Replies to “Beating the Morning Rush: The 3-Minute "Slow-Carb" Breakfast”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your book. Today is day one. I am 39 and weigh 184, and let myself go. Wife and mother to a 7 year old son. I am determined to get my eating undercontroll. Doing it “by-the book”! At least the diet part(Lol)

    Nice to find this to see new recipes and ideas!


  2. Aloha!

    I really enjoyed your book – read it flying from kauai to nyc. I really enjoy the way you write and the information you provide. For the first time, someone is honestly offering the MINIMUM amount needed! I love the diet, and have been substituting org. eggs, olive oil and kale instead of the recommended. Tastes great!!

  3. Do any of the concerns concerning microwaves zapping out the nutrients in food hold any water? Are these true? Should I be cooking, instead of microwaving. Thanks you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. In your book 4 hrs to a perfect body, the section to loose weight, you say no dairy products but thn mention we can have cottage chese. Can we have any other cheeses. For vegies does it include corn, sweet potatoes, avocado. And finally when u say fish, does it include seafood.

    Can we fry say the fish with butter?

    Thanks. My husband and i are starting the diet tomorrow.

  5. Hey Tim, Just starting out with your slow carb diet and find it pretty easy to stick to, thankfully. Just wondering if you have done any research on microwaving food? I heard that any type of oil that goes into the microwave becomes trans fat. I don’t actually own a microwave and dont’ mind cooking at all but when I am at work, and I work 12 hours shifts I think maybe it would be convenient to microwave.

  6. Thnkx so much for this! I have not been this thrilled by a blog for a long period of time! You’ve got it, whatever that means in blogging. Anyway, Youre definitely somebody that has something to say that people should hear. Keep up the great work. Keep on inspiring the people!

  7. Hi Tim. I started the Slow Carb Diet yesterday and I´m from Brazil. I have some doubts regarding our breakfast, because here we don´t have many of the processed food you showed at the videos (like that Eggollogy stuff). I´ve been eating (for 2 days now) 3 eggs (1 whole and 2 egg whites only), black beans, cottage cheese (2 spoons), drinking coofee with cinnamon powder and we have here a certain kind of cheese (I guess you have it there in U.S. too) that is Président Cheese (Président is the brand, ok?). Is it ok to eat 1 portion of this cheese? It is the same as “Polengui Cheese” and it´s also nice for an afternoon snack. Does it disrupt the Slow Carb process? Thank you VERY MUCH!

  8. Our bodies are made to be healthy. It does not have to be a struggle to get thinner, stronger and healthier. We can help you reach your goals faster than you can believe and it won’t even feel like a chore. Our diet tips are tested and proven to work for a wide range of people. Easy to follow and implement into your life. Our diets won’t require expensive food or cutting out what you love. It is nothing like any diet you’ve tried before. Pills, drugs and massive diet changes can be dangerous. Our tips and programs are all safe and also effective. Being thin isn’t worth it if you lose your health. Lose weight and be healthy the right way. Food is essential for life, don’t let it be your enemy. Our diets and programs will give you a completely new outlook on food. Food will become enjoyable and never leave you feeling guilty again.

  9. As healthy as you are, why would you ever heat up anything in plastic containers – in the microwave to boot. Ever heard of pyrex? I understand the clean up but what’s the point if you are increasing your risk of cancer?

  10. Tim – Check out eWhey. It’s organic/pasture-raised whey with probiotics, colostrum and digestive enzymes and tastes delicious, sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar. Far superior to the whey you’re currently use.

  11. Not sure if you’re still monitoring comments, but thought I’d offer this. I own this frying pan, and it’s one of my favourite possession in terms of how much more awesome it makes my life:

    It’s so non-sticky that you can literally clean it off with paper towel when done. Sometimes I don’t even clean it, I just put it back dirty and use it again later. No scraping. Sometimes it needs a bit of soap if I’ve grilled pork, but I usually still just put it away dirty and give it a 30s swish when I go to use it the next time. I’ve found microwaved-eggs-in-plastic to be much harder to clean than this.

  12. This happens to millions of people all the time. Low carb dieting 6 pack abs

    plans focuses on eliminating carbohydrates from one’s dietary habits since carbohydrates can really add weight to the people. She lost over 100 pounds by eating well and exercising.

  13. Is this meal 30 g of protein? My guess is closer to 15g. What do I need to eat to be slow carb any get to my 30g in 30 mins of walking up?

  14. Why egg white? Why not just whip 3 eggs up and nuke those?

    Also I don’t understand how cleaning a plastic container out is easier than rinsing off a cast iron pan

    Just my 2 cents. Just found out about slow carb and am giving it a shot since macro counting is too much of a pain

  15. Glad to be back listening to your wonderful podcasts! When I saw you heating the plastic in the microwave, I thought it was a spoof video!! I reckon I could cook the eggs and spinach in a pan and wash them up in less time, though! Respect, Gordon.