Hugh Jackman on Best Decisions, Daily Routines, The 85% Rule, Favorite Exercises, Mind Training, and Much More (#444)

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“Everyone takes a shower every day, and we don’t complain about it. We do it out of discipline. There will always be an excuse not to meditate.”  — Hugh Jackman 

Hugh Jackman
(@TheHughJackman) is an Academy Award®-nominated, Golden Globe- and Tony Award-winning performer, who has made an impression on audiences of all ages with his multi-hyphenate career persona, as successful onstage in front of live crowds as he is on film.

I’ve wanted to have Hugh on the show for nearly a decade, and—even with my sky-high hopes—he absolutely over-delivered. In our conversation, we dig into lessons learned, routines, favorite books, exercises, intuition, meditation, and much, much more. Hugh was very gracious with his time, and this is one of the longest interviews he has ever done. 

Trust me—Hugh delivers the goods, and we had a blast. Enjoy!

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#444: Hugh Jackman on Best Decisions, Daily Routines, The 85% Rule, Favorite Exercises, Mind Training, and Much More

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  • Hugh and his wife have a tradition of reading books — sometimes to each other — every morning. From whom did this idea originate? [07:25]
  • What books has Hugh gifted most? [11:44]
  • What does Hugh’s regular meditation practice look like, and what benefits does he enjoy from it? [15:22]
  • How does Hugh summon and maintain the emotional and physical energy necessary for performing — particularly when he has to give his all multiple times per week on stage in front of a live audience? [19:42]
  • As someone who’s performed across countless stage and screen productions, why was Hugh nervous about coming on this podcast? [27:34]
  • What lessons did Hugh’s father teach him about being an example to others by way of action, making decisions, and always keeping his word? [29:41]
  • To what does Hugh owe his eloquent (or, as his wife might say, “too verbose”) communication skills? [39:16]
  • Hugh’s relationship with journalism, journalists, and a newfound love for the work of Ken Burns. [44:13]
  • Hugh talks about the contract he made with himself at the end of drama school about pursuing acting — and being wary of the word “career” in relation to that pursuit. [46:28]
  • Some of the best decisions Hugh made in the first years of being an aspiring/working actor. [51:26]
  • Why does Hugh think he was extended the kindness of auditioning for Sir Trevor Nunn — one of his idols — even though he had no intention of accepting a part in the musical he was directing? [57:02]
  • How has Hugh learned to trust his intuition — even when it leads him in unexpected directions? [58:52]
  • Can Hugh recall any times when the purpose of a nudge from intuition wasn’t easily fathomed — when the dots didn’t connect in an obvious way, but paid off in a big way when it was heeded? [1:06:29]
  • Am I talking to Hugh Jackman, or Perfect Tommy? [1:10:57]
  • Hugh elaborates on one of his daily morning practices — the design of the day — pondering the efficacy of manifestation and how it played into a major career decision. [1:12:16]
  • Hugh puts discipline in perspective, talks about the importance of incorporating relaxation into physical activity (or possibly any activity) for best results, the types of exercises he’s found to be most effective, and a Viktor Frankl quotation that he finds especially inspiring. [1:18:33]
  • Hugh is a connoisseur of puzzles and games. So what does he recommend for someone who needs to unwind from taking themselves and their work too seriously? Furthermore, what is it about puzzles that keeps him occupied all night if he doesn’t remember to set an alarm for himself? [1:27:46]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:33:51]


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38 Replies to “Hugh Jackman on Best Decisions, Daily Routines, The 85% Rule, Favorite Exercises, Mind Training, and Much More (#444)”

  1. What an amazing man, Hugh Jackman you are my inspiration. Wow, your ethics and state of mind is mind-blowing, thank you for your authenticity! Loved this!

  2. No disrespect to the greats like Stan Groff, but this is hands down the coolest guest Tim has had on in the history of the podcast.

  3. Sorry, nothing to do with the podcast episode – just you said this was the best way to get your attention. Also sorry that is likely inaccurate (plus kinda high on edibles)

    I’m reading tools of titans (also just saw that this book is not new like I thought it was), so maybe this feedback is just gonna be super LOL

    You’re someone I’ve respected since I’ve been a teenager and the older I get, the more I’ve gotten from your stuff because it aligns with my beliefs, code of ethics and personal experience. You are part of a select few who I aim to become in several aspects, and your opinion on anything holds a lot of weight with me. I don’t tend to have many consistent mentors long term, so I find this impressive

    I feel like I’ve witness you evolve emotionally over the last 10 or so years (and/or… my EQ grew enough to be able to hear what you’re saying). Specifically the way you talk about your mental health more candidly. I feel like I notice the benefits you’ve had by listening to your revelations evolve over the years via the podcast


    My favorite part of the book was your intro and the how to read this book part. I know you’ve written other books and whatever and now you’re all about interviewing amazing people – but I wish you would write a book about being your best mentally (like you already covered wealth and health in your other books) with your own insights. I just feel like you’re too humble about your expertise and almost sense that you like, don’t have the confidence to write about mental health as an expert, but you actually have no idea how much the world needs it. I know you sprinkle it into your podcasts and are passionate on the subject but it still feels like you hesitate to initiate your wisdom in this way

    Also if something like this already exists and I’ve missed the mark completely just shoot me now. I’ll just send you another message someday since you won’t remember this one looool

    Love ya Tim


  4. I always knew Hugh was “special.” I have always admired his integrity and have never seen or heard anything negative about him. I love his love/loyalty for his wife and family. As a mature woman it’s so refreshing to see a lasting hollywood marriage. My daughter and I visited his “Laughing Man Coffee” on a NYC ttrip last year. We both tried two different flavors and both were unique and ever so delicious! I love the arts and secure men who dance, sing, act and follow their passion without a care as to others questioning their masculinity. Hugh personifies that to a T. Thank you Hugh for the tips on relaxing behind deep breaths for long held notes. I sing and struggle with tension in my frame. I will take that and work on it! I wish there were more Hugh’s in the world. So many women who gear towards the arts but so few men who will sing and dance with them happily; who are not gay. Also the desire to dig deep and work on intimacy, communication, quality time and tools to connect is something I definitely want to hear a man condone!!!!! Thank you for this interview; simply lovely on all levels!

  5. This is now the best episode of any show I’ve heard.
    This one is special, he is an exceptional human. I never listened and thought I’d want to live like any of your guests, until now. This is a way to live.
    “the direction I’m meant to go will become clear to me, 100% in my gut”
    Thanks Hugh and Tim

  6. I think the discussion on intuition was absolutely incredible.

    In particular, I loved that Hugh’s coach reminding him to “surrender” to moment more. And, how rigorously Hugh attends to his routines when he’s performing.

    I think all of us struggle to “get out of our heads and into our lives.” This episode provided such great insights into the practices that makes that possible.

    I’m not sure if other podcast guests have discussed this idea of “trusting your intuition,” but it’s a wonderful question and I hope it comes up with future guests.

    Thanks for creating one of my favorite episodes, Tim.
    Wonderful work!

  7. Hey Hugh, great stuff thus far… I’ve got to leave this note before I’ve got to run out and finish the rest of this chat… on the kid from The Greatest Showman, see: Free Will and Sam Harris; we have none.

  8. One of a very small handful of “celebrities” that seems to have remained grounded in living a good life in part by noticing, learning from, crediting, and helping others, So many good things to followup on from this interview! Thanks to you both.

  9. This episode truly is something special, I’m getting teary just thinking about it and I’m listening to it for the second time since yesterday! I love this episode! Plus, I now have my Christmas gift list sorted!

  10. Hugh Jackman! Your wife is my inspiration!!!
    Ok …. interview pretty fab too. You provided so
    much to draw upon going forward. I am a NYC multi
    media artist who needs Lauren Zander. :)) Right away!

    Merci bien!!

  11. i took a long break from listening to Ferriss show, but i couldnt miss this one. and am so glad that i did and so grateful to Tim and Hugh for this amazing conversation. We fortunate we have a chance to listen great amazing intelligent people talk…

  12. Help me understand how you hope to “restore” the wolf population in Colorado when there are already wolves here naturally? All for wolves in my home state, just wondering why CO Parks and Wildlife nor any of the other folks pushing the forced reintroduction have not spoken out about the facts. Come on Tim, be an example, lead the way!

  13. Tim thank you so much for sharing the Hugh Jackman podcast with us. It was fantastic and well worth the time spent I commit to listening to more of your great work.

  14. One of the most inspiring podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I had no idea how much Hugh would speak to my soul. A true hero and inspiration in a time the world needs it.

    Also can’t wait to try magic spoon – as always I would probably pay to listen to your recommendations

  15. Thanks Tim and Hugh!

    The link in the resources for the 85% rule doesn’t exactly relate to what Hugh shared. Has anyone been able find a reference to who “the guy” is who observed it in Carl Lewis?

  16. Incredible episode. Hugh was always a favourite of mine and a lot resonated. Reminds me a lot about the Terry Crews interview. Both authentic guys with diverse backgrounds and inspiration. Thanks Tim!

  17. I loved this interview! There were several goosebump moments for me. This episode left me in awe of Hugh Jackman. His thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, interest for life, respect for others, views on family and work, and such character strength… all beautiful. I was very touched by his honesty and vulnerability. Thank you for the authenticity and for sharing!

  18. I, too, find puzzles deeply satisfying! Each piece you find gives your brain a tiny hit of serotonin that keeps you going for the next one. Assembling a puzzle feels simultaneously useless and purposeful. So many great tidbits in this episode. Thank you for sharing with us.

  19. This had so many great nuggets. One of my favs was from Hugh’s father “Your religion should be in your actions.” Love listening to your podcasts, thank you for brightening the day!

  20. Tim, loved this one. Great conversation. The part about trusting the gut feeling is my most favourite. I can so relate to it.
    Just one thing I would have liked to listen to more is Hugh’s love about the game of cricket. Wish you would have discussed that too with this Aussie.

  21. I have listened to only one podcast the whole way through before this one. But this kept my attention and interest throughout. Hugh seems like the neighbor you’d like to have next door – down to earth. Good on you, Hugh. Great questions, Tim! I will be looking forward to listening to more like this one!

  22. What a delight! I’ve listened to 300+ of your 444 available episodes, this easily places in the top 5. Phenomenal interview, I loved the road travelled throughout your, as you say “wide ranging conversation”.