What I Learned in 2016 (#212)

Year in Review

“If you’re having trouble thinking bigger, just think stranger.”

This episode is a review of the past year, as well as a look at how I plan for new years.

I haven’t written New Year’s resolutions for roughly six years. Instead, I do a post-game analysis with a series of exercises and odd questions.  This episode describes that, as well as a few lessons I’ve learned.

All of the links and resources I mention in the audio can be found below.

Thank you for listening, and wishing you and yours all the best in 2017!

Want to hear another podcast with an end-of-year review?  — Listen to my last podcast of 2015. In this episode, I share 25 of my favorite learnings from 2015: tips, gadgets, and quotes from podcast guests that I’ve incorporated into my own life. (stream below or right-click here to download):

#126: 25 Things I've Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

Scroll below for links and show notes…

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • What I took away from a documentary about Oprah Winfrey. [07:29]
  • There are only two emotions: love and fear. [08:18]
  • Are you attempting to be a force of good in the world, or are you representing darkness? [09:44]
  • Book, podcast, and knife recommendations from Seth Godin. [10:36]
  • “If you delight them, you’ll never lose them.” [11:39]
  • If I had to charge two times more for my product or service and couldn’t do any paid advertising, what would I do instead? [12:50]
  • 80/20 analysis: 20 percent of activities, experiences, or people who produced 80 percent or more of my most positive emotions and outcomes. [14:21]
  • Should I go on a podcast tour? [19:14]
  • I need to see more sunrises and spend fewer days in big cities. [20:34]
  • If it is not on the calendar, it is not real. [21:12]
  • Can money buy happiness? [22:20]
  • Using my journal to spot patterns. [24:14]
  • Thinking in threes: three things to add and three things to remove from life. [26:57]
  • Matchmaking? [27:21]
  • The solution to cleaning up dog hair without anyone moving my stuff. [27:50]
  • Can I pay for every possible VR demonstration? [28:38]
  • Coming up with absurd ideas for experiments. [30:17]
  • 10x vs. 10% [33:16]
  • The importance of scheduling the fun stuff. [34:54]
  • I’m taking suggestions for potential 30-day challenges and experiments (remember NOBNOM?). [36:59]
  • A virtual hug and legitimate gratitude to all of you and best wishes for the new year! [38:58]

People Mentioned

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209 Replies to “What I Learned in 2016 (#212)”

  1. Hi Tim! I just completed Tools of Titans during the holiday break. Actually, I read it taking notes and highlights, I re-read it to clean up my notes and I re-re-read it with the final highlights. If it’s not clear at this point, I really liked it! Now I ordered some follow up books and a couple of products will be arriving soon. Thanks for a great book!

    I just started reading the Happy body (about 1/3 way through) and I had a question for you. I often heard you speak about the author with respect, and you mentionned a few times his mobility routine that you sometimes do, but you don’t seem to have adopted his entire system. Any reason why?

    thanks again!

    P.S. Sorry if some phrasing is weird, english is a second language.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! I love Jerzy’s work in Happy Body. In an ideal world, I would do his entire HB morning/mobility routine. Since I’m also doing some Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) per Coach Sommer, I modified and combined them a bit. To be honest, I think both coaches would disagree with my mixing and matching! You can’t go wrong with Jerzy.

      1. I too have Tools of Titans, it’s been a fantastic book. I’ve been reading random chapters as I see fit for what I’m working on. Persuasion — Scott Adams section, ect… I really like that I can flip to any chapter (category) and get solid applicable information.

  2. Enjoyed this, and like the rolling podcast idea. I still think you are missing a great chance to do the V-log idea with the long form discussions. The random show video’s were hilarious, and (my opinion) the audio only ones lose some of the charm.

    For experiments, why limit it to one? Why not 1 every 3 months? Pick a no coffee one for Feb., a a no complain April, etc.,

  3. Tim, I’d be the first to jump on the mobile podcast circuit facebook page! Park City is the perfect summer stop on your tour. Hiking, mountain biking, camping, national parks nearby. And your own personal tour guide “)

  4. Another Great Podcast! Thanks for writing the new book Tools of Titans too! So Good! I love you you can just pick it up for 2 minutes or 2 hours and gain value from the time.

    Also, Please come to Seattle for your traveling live podcast!

  5. Tim,. Thank you for all of the work you share. I learn so much from the Podcast. I battle with depression and your willingness to discuss your personal struggles has inspired me. Keep up the great work dude!

  6. Tim – I love the Facebook group idea and would love to hear more about how you anticipate that process coming together.

    I’m not sure about the no masturbating challenge – it’s the only skill I’m world class in and I’m still trying to figure out a way to turn it into a profitable venture!

    Maybe No news, no procrastination month???

    Thanks for the many gifts you have passed on – you really are a force for good in the world.

  7. I’m in for No Carbs No Complaining.

    Thank you for Tools of Titans…it was gifted by a mentor and as you said….”this is the book I’ve always wanted “

  8. Idea of play, live podcasting through a tour. Hope you consider cities outside US as well. I don’t normally use FB but have just created a Tools of Titans Bangalore group:), now have a strong motivation to gathering a community of over 200 member here 🙂

  9. Hi tim this was awesome! I appreciate all the content you’ve put out there as its helped me immensely improve the quality of my fortunate life here on earth. If you, or anyone else, could recommend a book or resources on WHAT to do with your life or HOW to make this decision that would be fantastic. As highschool graduation is approaching everyone is going to college but I’m not sure this is the route for me as I have no clear goals, just a desire to grow and learn anything really. Again I appreciate everything much love from NorCal!

    1. You might be interested in the Uncollege movement ~ good stuff to google if that sounds appealing are Uncollege.com, Zero Tuition College, Praxis University (internship/ apprentice program) & Unschooling. “Better Than College” by Blake Boles, and Teenage Liberation handbook by Grace Llewellen are great reads for someone in your shoes. And there are educational platforms like Ed-X (not to be confused with the also great Ted-X!) & Coursera offering a smorgasbord of free non-credit college courses from top schools. Good luck & keep asking the big questions & finding your own way! 🙂

  10. Hi Tim

    Thanks for this episode

    I like the idea of the live events and the monthly challenge

    However, the idea that got me thinking the most was the one from Ophra about not providing a platform for evil.

    It strikes me that this can be difficult in practice. sometimes those that try to seem good really aren’t

    Your comments about bigoteers come to mind here.

  11. Hola Tim,

    Al principio enhorabuena con el libro “Tools of Titans”! Estoy en el medio de lo y que bueno es. Me encanta la idea de los experimentos y voy a participar cuando lo está ocurriendo. Desde el tiempo en lo que he leído su primero libro mi vida o sea mi mente ha cambiado por lo mejor. Acabo de terminar mi trabajo para descubrir una vida trabajando para yo mismo. Por eso, gracias. Algún día me gustaría darte un regalo de ser tu guía en Montana. Necesitas visitar Missoula, Montana, la ciudad en que yo vivo. Glacier National Park está cerca al norte y no es muy lejos. Pues, cuídate amigo y salud!


  12. Absolutely love the idea of doing more month long group experiments. I think there are plenty of individual experimenters out there who could use the boost that a strong community would create (myself included). I hope there’s a lot of support for the initiative!

  13. Hi Tim!

    Loved this episode! Feeling such a great loving energy radiating from it to all of us!

    Thank you!

    No Carbs No Complaining!

    Let’s do it starting January 1st! Up for a challenge? 

    I’m pretty good with my carbs, the most carbohydrate rich meal is broccoli or cashews. Even dark chocolate got upgraded to whole cacao beans 

    I personally got to get it a bit lower (carbs) for fitness modelling goal I’m getting after. That challenge will definitely help!

    And No complaining is such a powerful thing! It switches the mind from reactive and passive mode to pro-active and let’s do it, fix it, make it.

    Live Podcast Tour!

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    New York is ready! 



    I created the group on the way to the gym this morning at 5 AM for all New Yorkers.

    I’m posting a link here, feel free to remove or share. I’ll be working on group promotion, will get in touch with all your fans and some friends who will help to promote too. But you know, New York is one active city. We will get 250 fans in no time.

    Also an idea I got. While you are not in NYC we might meet up as a group and work on some projects together, kind of mastermind groups or something similar. Just the right kind of people to make the right sh*t happen. Plus maybe support each other with challenges like that experiment or do fun gigs together. Who knows.

    And another thought. I know you enjoy teaching and teaching kids is so worth it and so rewarding and so much impact it can produce. – Go for it! It can change lives’ trajectories so much!

    But have you ever thought about teaching some adult courses?

    As I’m getting more into hero’s journey and unlocking our potential as individuals I thought, maybe you could take a group of individuals with great ideas who are struggling somehow to make it more mainstream or to a level where they want it to be, and take them step by step with their full commitment to massive action through some plan we create together, and that way create a really big ripple in the world.

    It can make a really big difference, when you take that potential lying in many people squashed by society often and make it shine. And there is no better thing to do that, than personal mentoring.

    You could document it, even make it into ZERO-to-HERO reality show with the host Tim Ferris and a group of linchpins as “lab rats” 

    Thank you again Tim! For so many things in my life that changed.

    And Happy New 2017!!!

  14. I’m throwing in Sioux Falls, SD as a potential site for your traveling podcast idea, and if you could get Jocko to come with you, that would be awesome!! I’m not quite done with Episode #212, but will finish it on the way home from work. When you decide to jump into the traveling podcast idea with both feet, I’ll get that group FB page up and running! All the best to you in 2017!

  15. I have generally enjoyed the focus on really successful people. I would be interested in something like “the tools of average people”. Stay with me…

    Most people are average and without average people, really wealthy and successful people could not live the lives they live. We need people who deliver stuff, pick up the trash, teach people things, deliver social services, operate the vast and complicated nation that underlies literally every piece of our lives, and so forth. Most of these people will be middle class at their peak, most will have to work full time jobs, and we really need them to keep doing that.

    My thought is that it would be cool to talk to these folks too. What do they do to make their lives awesome? What are the tools they use to adapt to the changing world? What do they find really inspiring in the world? How does the average person forge their path?

    I think you have laid out a lot of useful tools throughout your discussions with incredible people, but I think there would be significant interest in how regular people do it too.

    1. hey Dave, in some ways I agree with you. I sometimes have to take breaks from the podcast because frustration tops inspiration when it comes to the tools I can actually implement in my life – many need more resources than I have at this point in my life. For example, I love the idea of scheduling a month off twice a year, but I can’t afford it and I don’t have the vacation time. But on the other hand, I bet half the guests Tim has on the podcast would consider themselves “normal people” who are applying these tools to become extraordinary… it’s kind of the point. These are average people, but the tools have helped them achieve above average success at whatever they valued.



      1. Sara/Dave,

        I agree with both of you. In fact, I have a 3/4 written book called “While Fat Americans Sleep” about habits-and everyday heroes. I stopped writing when I realized that I was still too angry from my Afghanistan deployment (hated fighting to not lose instead of to win), and there was too much vitriol throughout. Here are some of the examples I had in mind:

        o The volunteer coach who started as a parent, but continued into his 70s; o cottage-business non-profits (animal rescues, veteran organizations, disease organizations)–these are generally led by passionate every folks from their garage.

        o people who quit smoking, drinking, or lost 30+ lbs and have kept it off for a significant time

        o volunteer yoga instructor at the Y

        o cancer survivors

        o immigrants that have fully adapted/integrated into American life

        o etc, etc

        I think at times, to echo Dave, hockey stick/power-law success examples may be too great of a leap to understand. I write this knowing that I’ve enjoyed every podcast–and agree with Sara that these folks act/talk/and likely think of themselves as ‘normal’.

        Maybe a 4-1/5-1 ratio. I like Tim’s Drunk Dialing–that is close to the idea, but I also think it would be interesting to know who the other listeners are. I imagine we all share some pretty significant values.


  16. Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing. You are pretty amazing.

    You never fail to open up my mind…I can’t get enough of all that you put out there 🙂 Keep it coming

    From a NY working Mom:)

  17. Tim,

    What a great podcast. I was just thinking about how to review my year in the most effective way. Going through my calendar to 80/20 the experiences and people that made me happiest/most miserable is brilliant. I just picked up the Tools of Titans and can’t wait to dive in!

    The touring podcast idea is great. I would love to start a Facebook group here in San Diego – I’m sure we can get a nice size group going here. Keep us updated.

    I would also love to participate in 30 day challenges. The thing I’m struggling with the most right now is the time suck of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc – I’d love to do a 30 day streaming service cleanse.

    Finally, your podcast/blog/other work has made my 2016 much more successful and enjoyable. Thank you for everything you do.

  18. Hi Tim – been feeling inspired by all of your stuff for a long time now, and reading your blog posts as well. I have some stuff I would like to mail you, but can’t find a shipping address or P.O box for you. Is there anywhere I can find that information? Thanks so much.

  19. You’re a true gift, Tim Ferriss,

    Sarah Silverman. Yes, ple-e-e-ase.

    You and your Molly on the road as in “Travel’s With Charley”? Inspired idea.

    Short action film fest . . . made a short, goofy, action film with a buddy; the most fun I’ve had in my life!

    10x your podcast idea (side project): 10 people from the world over (ages 17 – 80), transform their lives over a year, implementing your and your podcast guests’ methods, a-la your new book “Tools of Titans”. The ten folks make a daily audio journal. Perhaps, an individual or small group of past podcast guests consult once a month, to course-correct and supercharge results. With editing for highlights and choice narrative arc, cut with past podcast guest commentary, you’ve got an everywoman/everyman story, marking fundamental leaps in development, maybe uncovering common patterns where we run aground. Could be fun.

    Happy New Year.

  20. Tools of Titans is the best possible companion to the podcast—thanks for putting it out.

    I’ll suggest Salt Lake City as a stop on your World Tour. You already know about the great outdoor recreation opportunities, but we also have a vibrant startup, tech, and recreation scene. We can get you some great local panelists if you decide to do a group show.

    The Tools of Titans SLC Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/ToolsofTitansSLC/.

  21. Tim I can’t listen to your podcast in headphones anymore because of the harsh S sounds , I dont think its always been like this. But every episode I download recently I have to stop at the first S . Other podcasts work well. Hope this is a simple fix for you, love your work!

  22. Tools of Titans – Cleveland group is here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/231328577320913/

    Working on pulling this event together.

    Bought the book for myself and a friend. Had the best time reading it outloud with my wife. We ended up laughing like idiots over few chapters, as some of the points were clearly intended for me while some were intended for her. Not even sure why it was an adequate response, but most definitely best times.

    Thank you for everything,


  23. Tim,

    Great episode. Unrelated to this episode but the last few Five Bullet Friday emails are not loading in my Outlook. I’m curious if this is a common problem that people are having or if it is a singular issue. Any help would be appreciated as I enjoy them and haven’t seen the last few. Thanks for all you do and keep up the amazing work.

  24. Hello Tim,

    Thanks for everything you do. My life has been changed just by creating a morning routine. I’m more mindful, happy, and productive than I’ve ever been. I’m now working my way through Tools of Titans to see what else I can try out (currently trying out the suggested GST exercises).

    My question is this: you have a great deal of information on how to lose weight, but is there anything you would recommend for gaining weight (bulking up)? I’m a 5’6, 22 year old male weighing about 120lbs and one of my resolutions is to bulk up to around 135lbs. I’m very active – and I feel like even if I eat a lot more, I’ll just stay at the weight I am if I continue to work out. I suppose I could stop working out, but is there a healthy way to do this?

    Thanks again,

    A lifelong learner,


  25. Tim, Thank you for all you do especially the 4HWW. It’s taken a few years but as I close the books on 2016 I managed $66k in sales while working about 5 hours per month on it. It let me take a dream job which doesn’t pay well, so truly life changing. Thank you for all the tips, tricks, and inspiration. Now I must go finish Tools of Titans, thanks!

  26. Thanks for your 2016 insights and review approach foe the year. There are some real gems in there. You have definitely given me something to think about over the weekend. Thank you x

  27. Hi Tim,

    I am a Navy Chief who has been active duty for 22 years so far, and one of my junior officers recommended Tools of Titans a couple days after it came out. He said he could probably use it to help shape his life a bit (paraphrasing), and I could use it to learn how to clean things up a bit and improve on what I already have accomplished. I agreed at first, but I have been reading parts of the book repeatedly and I find myself stopping, researching the people and ideas, then going back and reading what you and your guests had to say again. Now, I think this book could actually change my life. Not just the contents of it, but the fact that it will lead me to research further into things I otherwise would not have. That really does say a lot, since I have read many books including everything Malcolm Gladwell has written. (Yes, I skipped to his section within the first 5 minutes of opening it.)

    I told my junior enlisted to purchase your book to keep in the shop so they can read it and share ideas. I think it will definitely help at least one if not most of them.

    I was assigned (online class) to research some blogs and write my own, that’s what brought me here. Now I’m afraid I’ll get way sidetracked from my assignment and just read your blog and listen to your podcasts.

    Thanks for sharing your collection of insights with us!


  28. Hi Tim,

    I had not heard of NOBNOM before this podcast, but it is something that I have effectively practiced independently. I learned a lot by doing NoFap (No Masturbation for 90 days) for instance.

    Another practice I have is that if I find myself slipping into an off mood, I’ll keep a daily count of how many of the following “vice” activities I’ve been practicing in that period. In order to course correct I will strive to reduce the daily count of those vices over the coming days and that seems to help me get back in a good state. Such activities:

    – Excessive drinking

    – Excessive eating

    – Excessive Masturbation

    – Staying up to late or Undersleeping

    – Skipping Social Opportunities (due to low energy rather than a deliberate choice).

    – Lost focus at work (i.e. browsing and listening to podcasts excessively)

    If I even get back down to a count of 2 then I’m usually in a good place. That list of vices will surely look somewhat similar but also different for everyone!

  29. Tim Ferriss – Your book just helped me get my dream job. I was interviewing with the President of a company, and I mentioned the 80/20 rule of efficiency (you spoke of this in the 4 Hour Workweek). Lo and behold, he asked me, “Do you know who Tim Ferriss is?” Our interview quickly turned into a conversation about your podcast, and now I will be starting my dream job! Thank you!

  30. Also, I am in for NOCNOC! Catchy name, by the way. If you do more of these monthly challenges, you should gather data/stats from people that participate – essentially 10x’ing your own guinea pig experiments to hundreds of willing subjects to see if results can be duplicated! Dare I say you can use this data for… Your next book? The next Weight Watcher-esque business? A documentary? The sky is the limit!

  31. Tim,

    I love your idea about your book tour around the US. I think your idea would be EVEN BETTER if you come to Europe as well!

    I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I work in finance (PE), run a little Business Book Club (over 250 members) and also just started a finance podcast. I am pretty confident I can put together a group of 250 people (actually, I think 250 people is way too conservative of a number) for a live event within a few days!

    As an added bonus, the Frankfurt Book Fair (arguably the largest in the world) will take place here in Frankfurt from October 11th until 15th. So why not combine the two events?

    Tim, I am a huge fan and would love to help you spread the word about the Tools of Titans (amazing, by the way!)

    Please let me know what you think of the idea and how I can be of service to you and your cause!

    I totally understand it if you are too busy to reply and thank you for reading this far! (see what I did there?)

    To a healthy and happy 2017!


  32. A great podcast. Again, amazing value, sincerity and honesty. Thank-you and have a wonderful end to the year fellow listeners (and Tim:)

  33. Hi Tim, I live in Canada, and it appears that WealthFront is not available to us. Do you have any recommendations for similar investment services that can be used by Canadians?

    Many thanks and Happy New Year to you!


  34. Here are my notes on the show if anyone wants a summary: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAnvIO6Qi9hF14qj-hiZ2xWwXBTaXYWCb9M


    Great episode Tim, I’m right in the middle of doing a very similar practice. Glad to have a few more questions and tools.

    I also love it when you share specifics. We’re just as granular as you are about learning people’s morning routines and practices. Even if it seems vulnerable or extraneous to share (“chop off my feet”), the examples are incredibly valuable.

    I’d love to know what you meant by Seth Godin’s “Doing more is a four letter word.” Also looking forward to learning about this polygamous king 😉

    1. I think ‘doing more is a 4 letter word’ is saying it’s something you shouldn’t say. Like in ‘the effective executive’ when he says something like: Everyone gets time management wrong, the idea is not to fill each day with some fidget, the idea is to do less!

      Great notes BTW

  35. Just finished my 80/20 list. What a powerful tool – thank you! Some surprising discoveries included on the “positive” side were that making amends to those I’ve wronged makes me happy, and that I have far more friends than I realized. Surprises on the “negative” side tell me I have to stop trying to force a bad relationship with a relative to improve, and that an investment I thought would be great is actually a huge mistake and should be sold in 2017. I guess the theme is that I get blinded by the fantasy sometimes when I don’t like the reality. The 80/20 exercise has helped me be objective. My life needs a few tweaks, but is really pretty great.

    I’m so happy to have discovered your podcast!

  36. Hi Tim! I enjoyed the podcast. Here are my thoughts…

    1. My experiment for 2017 is not an Apparel Diet – instead, a resale, garage sale, friend swap only year. With your reach, how awesome it would be for you to do something similar while promoting recycling in a fun way!

    2. Love the podcast tour thought. Of course, I am voting for St. Louis.

    Happy New Year’s Eve.


  37. Hi Tim, I used to read your blog a lot before you started your video and pod casts. I’m hard-of-hearing/deaf, so without transcripts of your shows, I haven’t been able to follow your blog anymore. I still check back in to read the titles and dream of the conversations contained within, but it seems like there are still no transcripts. I hope that in the new year your team can implement regular transcripts for your shows. Internet accessibility is a thing now, more so than ever. There are quite a lot of people even with mild hearing loss who would benefit from a transcript. Thanks for your consideration.

  38. Great podcast. As usual. A big thank you for the all the “tips and tricks” this year. Big one for me was the info about the keto diet. Keto obviously meant no carbs but also no boozing. No boozing meant better relationships, work output, decision making and sporting performances. All this improvement has resulted in an increased sense of gratitude and fulfillment. Your podcasts reach well beyond the subject matter discussed and provide inspiration and motivation to be one’s best self. I am in for “No carbs, no complaining”. Long may “Tim-Tim, Talk-Talk” continue. xx

  39. Hi Tim, wishing you and all your readers a very happy new year, from Dublin Ireland. Have my copy of “Tools of Titans” on my beside locker ready for 2017! Best to you and yours xx

  40. Hey Tim,

    Just listened to your end of 2016 podcast and enjoyed it very much. I think you should definitely do the RV live podcast tour w Molly. Please add Baltimore, where I live, to your potential list. I was at the NYC live podcast and loved it. You were terrific as were your guests. Only issue I had was not knowing the agenda or timing of the evening. I paid for the upgraded seats but had to leave at 10:30 for a late dinner appointment (I stupidly assumed that with a 7:00 start it would be over by 10:30) so I missed whatever bonus the pricier ticket was meant for. What did happen for those lucky top ticket holders who were able to stick around?

    I’m off to review my 2016 calendar and do my 80/20’s. I have been on your diet since August so I am already down w the no carbs but I plan to try to add the no complaining. Keep on keeping on!

  41. aloha tim and hauʻoli makahiki hou (as we say here in hawai’i nei)

    i just wanted to say mahalo nui loa for all of your brilliant and good, good work. i was instantly hooked after listening to one of your podcasts and proceeded to buy every one of your books. i am writing a dissertation right now and wished there was a book on the 4 hour dissertation ;). thank you for being a source of inspiration.

  42. Hi Tim, thank you for this podcast. I would love to see you change the “no carb, no complaining” to “know carbs, know complaining”. As a psych nurse practitioner I find it very helpful and meaningful to discover the rationale or reasoning behind our behaviours. Just changing this one word..no to know…opens a magnitude of possibilities. Looking forward to a discoverable 2017.Thank you again, your insight, it has been very helpful in my and my client’s daily practice of life.

  43. Hey Tim,

    I’m upset I’m going to be missing your Seattle stop on the Tools of Titans book tour at Town Hall, so I love the idea of more tours that stop in Seattle, be they podcasts or Acroyoga. I love the podcast, love the book – signed up as soon as it was available for pre-order. I force my brothers to listen to the podcast because I think they can be so much more than they believe they can and you’ve made all the tools available for them (and me)! Thanks for this episode – and all episodes. I’m really glad you’re neurotic enough to write down and record everything meticulously – I don’t have to do as much of it myself – details aren’t my strength. I’m neurotic in other (wonderful?) ways though, and have often thought of making a “Neuroticism is my Superpower” tshirt. Actually, That probably already exists…

    In the new year, I have one request: more women on the podcast who are awesome at things other than extreme sports/ exercise – not that those women aren’t f**king inspiring. Loved Tara, Maria Popova, and Brene Brown. Would love to see comedians, authors, start-up founders, and other women who are badasses.

    Thank you for the hours and hours of ideas and inspiration,


  44. A worthy listen. Time for me to pick up a pen, and take stock, thanks for the prompting.

    More experiments, more 80/20 analysis, (worked really well for me this last 12 months), tighten up on diet and fitness.

    Really must try that 5 minute journal thing.

  45. Thank you so much Tim! You’ve been a master in many levels. Thanks to you I’ve learned so much and achieved so much…

    Wish you all the best along your journey! Keep learning, keep moving forward and motivating such a large audience.

    Peace and Love

  46. Tim – Road show for podcast would be great, please come to Boulder. Perhaps a Brad Feld interview. You and him talking about the overlap of depression, good habits, learning, startups and how to move forward would be aweseme to say the least. I know you could fill Boulder Theator. If you come before June you an get turns in at Abasin also :-). Also love the idea of a monthly challenge. For the No Complaining I am thinking of using a “price” like $5 for every complaint to a foodbank or otherwise notewrothly cause. As I am getting better I am helping.

    Happy 2017! Thanks for the book I love it and it will be the book I gift the most in 2017.

  47. Tim, I genuinely adore almost all (I’d say about 80%) of what you say and do. Wish I didn’t struggle to implement my thoughts and ideas from reading your stuff. Read all the books, been to seminars, including Tony Robbins Upw (even worked as one of his security team members of about 8 in London about 3 years ago back…..that way am experience).

    Been to Robert Kiyosaki seminars. Entered and won online body transformation competitions (Tom Venues of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.) and won the most ripped make category by teaching 3.9 bodyfat. Even had Mens Health rip off my photos to sell bogus supplements, and giving me a range identity!!

    Today, tonight, in sit at home by myself, overweight, low in cash, high in debt, and nothing but ideas fluting around in my head.

    I DON’T KNOW WHETHER THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP, OR JUST ME BEING IN AWE AT HOW YOU’VE ACHIEVED ALL YOU HAVE . Of all the mentors, gurus and self made people, you’re the guy whom I have the most speciation for.

    Thank you for all you’ve given.

    Darren McAllan

  48. Traverse City, Michigan would love to have you for a Live Podcast Tour event. Facebook group created, and I know we could fill any venue around here!! A beautiful town in Northern Lower Michigan with a vibrant food/arts scene, beaches, dunes, wineries, and microbreweries – heaven on earth.

  49. I listen to your podcasts in the bath. Good acoustics. Thank you for your most recent podcast. It was encouraging as the end of the year becomes a weird time full of less likable thoughts and the feels. I also received “Tools of Titans” today and I intend to spend new years eve reading it which might possibly be second best way to spend the last night of the year. A bottle of Odette would definitely make it the first. I digress. I hope to attend your live podcast next year, hopefully in an esoteric town in Montana. Even if and especially because I live in L.A. Happy New Year and thanks for being insane.

  50. Hi Tim!

    Please consider Oklahoma (City) for your podcast tour. We would love to show you our sunrises and even more beautiful sunsets.

    Thank you again for the insightful podcast.

  51. Hi Tim!

    You should check out El Paso, TX, it’s on the way to Austin 🙂 It’s an interesting mix of cultures on the border of the tumultous Juarez, Mexico. The people are extremely friendly, creative and laid back. People are starting to move here for the opportunity and cheap cost of living. I’m one of the them, originally from El Paso, I moved back 3 years ago to start a business, among a few other, community, business and creative individuals. Would love to share some of their stories with you.


  52. I’m based in Australia but the live podcasts would be so valuable to everyone based in the USA. 👍🏼 Also I started a low carb diet today so would be keen to do one in a group environment to have accouantablity.

  53. Dear Tim, I listened to this in the transition from 2016-2017, in Wales, in the bath. Loved the NOCNOC idea, and so many other little gems. I have bought 3 copies of Titans so far (one for me) having banged on about the SlowCarb diet and other stuff from 4-Hour Body and Work Week to lots of my friends and family. I actually met an entrepreneur today, and I mentioned you. Somehow he hadn’t heard of you! And the first word I used to describe you was “generous”. Keep putting it out there fella 🙂

  54. I made copious notes during the podcast; the one thing I’ve already done since though is go through my calendar for 2016. That really jogged my memory! There are some great patterns showing with more analysis happening tomorrow! Thanks and Happy New Year, Tim.

  55. I loved hearing your process, especially helpful was looking back through the calendar and choosing the 20% to schedule for the next year and the 20% to cut out of the next year, so simple, yet so powerful.

    Also – the acroyoga/podcast tour sounds freakin awesome

  56. I’d like to suggest an alternative “C” to the NoCarb/No Complaining challenge (having thyroid issues and need a few carbs to keep things optimized). But, how about a No Clutter Challenge to accompany the No Complaining? Everyday day for 30 days, donate/toss one item.

    Thanks for the inspiration — you’ve found your big “C” — your Calling!

  57. Tim,

    I love your idea about your book tour around the US. I think your idea would be even better if you come to Europe as well!

    I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I work in finance (PE), run a little Business Book Club (over 250 members) and also just started a finance podcast. I am pretty confident I can put together a group of 250 people (actually, I think 250 people is way too conservative of a number) for a live event within a few days!

    As an added bonus, the Frankfurt Book Fair (arguably the largest in the world) will take place here in Frankfurt from October 11th until 15th. So why not combine the two events?

    Tim, I am a huge fan and would love to help you spread the word about the Tools of Titans (amazing, by the way!)

    Please let me know what you think of the idea and how I can be of service to you and your cause!

    I totally understand it if you are too busy to reply and thank you for reading this far! (see what I did there?)

    To a healthy and happy 2017!


  58. Totally keen for the No Carbs No Complaining Challenge. I started the no carbs about two weeks ago – and have been feeling so good!! I’m going to keep it up! And I’m all for cutting back negativity – no complaining it a great idea!! And I reckon knowing that others are doing it at the same time will be really helpful! I also love your tour idea – any chance you’d consider coming to Aus??

  59. “Matchmaker?” Ha. I’m a great wing. Used to work it for my brother. Happy to help you find someone who can keep up with your antics.

    Also, down to try the no carbs, no complaining. Thanks for the initiative (and the awesome podcast archives).

  60. Hi Tim! I loved hearing about how you think about planning / evaluating your year – very inspiring.

    I love the idea of a live podcast tour across America. I had three ideas for you:

    * As you said you love things that involve physical exercise, how can you combine it more with exercise? Instead of driving it, can you bike it (I am sure fans would drive a support vehicle for you)? Can you hang-glide part of it? Walk part of it?

    * I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole “blue / red” divide in the US. I think one of the ways to heal this divide is to get people to know / understand each other. If you, a “blue state” person, were to do a trip through all these “red states,” could this somehow be combined with the healing? Is there someway to bring greater understanding of each other through this tour? Perhaps going to high schools across America and talking with kids at each place would combine your interest in high schoolers?

    * I love the videos people make that summarize trips – like “Where’s Matt” dance video. Or how James Courdon did a year end carpool karaoke that knitted together many of his visits. Is there an interesting way to sum up a journey in 3-5 minutes at the end? Perhaps that involves the fans?

    Onward and upwards!

  61. This was an interesting read, thanks a lot Tim! I’m a long time student of Gymnasticbodies as well, and I think it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying benefits from the programme as well. All the best fo you for 2017, I look forward to more great podcasts!



  62. Hi Tim,

    I think the monthly challenges are a really great idea. Here’s one that might be fun for everyone: 30 days of watching the sun rise while meditating/mindfulness. Could be called the ‘No Snooze – Great Views’ challenge!

    I’m currently reading Tools of Titans – thank you for all of the great information, tools, tips and advice you share every year. I hope 2017 is another great year for you and yours.


  63. … who’s there …?

    Tim, I wish you a beautiful 2017, without many carbs and complaints :-). Instead with lots of good times à la 20/80.

    Thank you for inspiring me on many levels, most recently, I very much love my foursigmatic morning cup of Lion’s Mane.

    Should you decide to take your podcast tour overseas, how about you inspire us in Munich, Bavaria/ Germany?


  64. Thank you for producing your podcasts at a relatively high volume. I appreciate that I can listen to them while I shower. I place my phone in my rain boot to both protect the phone from shower mist and amplify the audio. I can’t hear most audiobooks and other podcasts over the running water, but I can hear yours.

  65. Hi Tim. Would love love love you to do more live shows. I’m part of the Tools of Titans London Facebook group (fingers crossed). Any chance of live streaming them on something like periscope or a creative live type format?

  66. Wonderful episode. So good that I’ve listened to every podcast you have ever done and this is my first comment. I listened last night and immediately went to work this morning using your “What do you think I should do more/less of in the coming year”. While having a great conversation with my mom (she was struggling to answer the question), I rephrased the question and asked, “When you talk do dad/my brothers about me, what concerns or worries do you have about my life?” She immediately went, “Aaaaahhhhh great question” and then proceeded to go on a 5 minute monologue about some life decisions I’ve made and how they make her feel uncomfortable about my future. Lead to a deeply rewarding conversation.

    Thank you so much Tim. When I look back on what I have learned throughout the last year, I have you to thank for the vast majority of it. You have been an incredible influence on my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for your work and efforts. Thank you for making me a better person, and please continue along this path. I will always be one of your true fans.

    …Fear Challenge for you in the coming year – Freestyle poem during a live podcast (I was the jewish friend of the Kimchi guy who asked you to battle me at B&N in NYC ;))

  67. I really enjoy reading your thoughts and feel excited about them every day/ week/ month, thanks for that! I’m actually thinking of starting my own little similar service and blog (not really sure yet, I am extremely motivated but don’t really know where to start), about investments, personal development, nature/ adventure and health/ fitness. A few of my big interests in life. You have been a big part of the people and things inspiring me to do this!! Wishing you a great life full of wealth, freedom and happiness in the new year!

  68. Many thanks for the New Year’s blog. I vote for the NoC NoC project and wonder – Would you come to Vancouver BC to do a podcast or is it only US you are considering? I loved “Titans” and I’m on the second read. Freedom to.. or Freedom from… really sums up a lot. I’m enthralled with how you ask the questions we all want answered whether we know it or not. And the best part? These fabulous folks answer you with candor and humor. I’ll get over to Amazon now and add my comments. Cheers.

  69. I would like to throw Missoula, Montana into the hat for a live podcast stop. An experience in Missoula would be consistent with many of your hopes for 2017, live podcast in a smaller place, spending more time out of big cities, and seeing more sunrises. Missoula is surrounded by tree-less mountains that offer great vantage points for watching the sun, come up and go down.

  70. Totally support your idea of live podcasts throughout the country: it will bring us, your true fans, so much joy! I do hope to see you in Seattle: this will be one of my 2017 dreams come true!

    Happy New Year, Tim!

  71. Hello, I looked and couldn’t find a group for Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge so I started one. If your in the area and love to chat about all things Tim Ferriss and especially Tools of Titans 🙂 I’m hoping there is more Tri-Cities fans on here.

    So Tim, I’m going to be looking into the 5 minute journal. I’m so scatterbrained as it is, I need to find focus this year.


  72. Happy New Year Tim!

    2016 was a productive and awesome year for me and reading/ listening to your materials made a significant contribution to this. Thanks for your great work!

    A couple of points:

    – Count me in for the monthly challenges (for January, I can only guarantee the no complaining aspect – will need to develop a plan for the ‘no carbs’ bit! :D).

    – Awesome idea regarding the podcast roadshows! Please will you consider doing one in London, UK this year as well? Happy to organize the Facebook group and other logistics for this – let me know!

    Here’s to an even more awesome 2017!

    Much love and respect,


  73. The strange 30 day challenge of no carbs no complaining… “What would a No-Carb vegan diet look like?” I’m wrapping my mind around that. A few ideas, a slow death, an amazing fast, or nuts…

    And Tim thanks for Tools of The Titans; I actually was gifted the book from Noah K. when you two did the live a event a few weeks ago. That was a ton of fun, more so than I expected.

    Love from Portugal,


  74. Loved the poignant sign-off and Seth Godin’s “More is A Four-Letter-Word”. Thank you for how often your raise morning journalling – I started on 20 December and a fine run since, finding so true the Ferrissian quote from an earlier episode “Journalling acts like the windscreen wipers to the soul”. Tim – wishing you a rich 2017. Kevin Brennan

  75. I’m new to your work and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of a political line, but I did listen to this podcast and wanted to encourage you to take your Live Podcast to the hinterlands of America even if you may have to speak to smaller audiences. Many communities have become economically and culturally gutted and isolated from the larger culture….a

    lot of despair out there and your message/s might help create inroads where there can be face-to-face dialogue about what makes a better life. You could maybe select a couple of communities that could use the help…you mentioned Portland ME, for instance, but maybe the venue could be a smaller community center that could reach a different demographic…thanks and Happy New Year!

  76. Hmmm what to say. First, thank you. As I was sitting down to write my new years goals, I was procrastinating and saw your email. The podcast gave me a new process to think about. As usual, it was information dense (like). Lot’s of great ideas to fit into a practice that works for me. Thanks for sharing. Also, the podcast tour ideas is GREAT!

  77. Tim – I’m grateful for your insights and thankful for having discovered you in 2016 – a year in which I needed an awakening.

    I just watched you on Jocko’s 50th podcast. Everyone needs to watch this. Like many – I’ve suffered from recurring dark episodes. In the past, doctors just threw pills at the issues. Upon absorbing your podcasts, I started researching different approaches. This led me to Duke Integrative Medicine, which has been a game changer. They set me on a holistic approach including sleep, exercise, mindfulness, compassion, gratitude and most importantly (for me at least), nutrition.

    Folks, listen to Jocko Podcast #50.

    And thanks again, Tim, for all that you do. It helping people more than you may even realize.


  78. Greetings Tim!

    Love the live podcast idea. Please consider Hopkinsville KY this August. It will be the best location to witness the total solar eclipse as it’s path crosses the US this summer. As you suggest, we’ve had it on our calendar for over a year. Anticipation is building.

    Keep up the good work.


  79. Love your work!

    Last January I went the whole month with drinking nothing but water for an experiment. No bubbles, no flavors; no drink of any other sort. It was difficult and fascinating. For some reason, my 13 year old son joined me in a last minute decision, and it was great being able to compare notes with him.

  80. Thanks, Tim! I’m curious about why Oprah is one of your dream guests for the podcast. Is it because of the questions she asks, her accomplishments or maybe because of people she inspires and reaches? Have you though of attempting to interview Ellen, or perhaps getting featured on her show? Her website has a whole, “Send to Ellen” section and her fan mail address is easy to find. We’ve mailed her a few mugs over the years, partly because most of our pottery fans seem to be in a similar demographic. She might be more accessible and active right now, if you could convince her to let you play AcroYoga base, hah!

    I’d love to come see you live if you swoop through the Midwest for a tour. If you think a pottery kick-wheel demo might be an interesting pairing with an AcroYoga demo, drop me a line and I’d love to zip over with some Stoneware and a portable kick-wheel. Our Facebook live pottery demos have been reaching 50-200k+ views consistently.

    Do you have any specific tips for using a Facebook Group to raise interest for Tools of Titans locally? What would you name the group? I was at a party in Minneapolis Saturday and someone I’d never met enthusiastically recognized TOT on the coffee table.

  81. Happy New Year! Agreed- a podcast roadshow would be great! and I would love it if you were to stop in Chicago.

    Have you chosen your off-grid trip yet for this year? Have you ever been to East Africa? If not, I highly recommend it- absolutely beautiful! I’ve been working on a project in Tanzania for several years and it’s like my second home. And actually, as a dog owner (Molly is super cute btw), might be interesting for you to see what dog ownership looks like in different contexts (I study dog ecology, ownership, and rabies in rural villages near Serengeti).

    Just a thought….


  82. Hi Tim,

    The Noc-Noc challenge is going to be fun. What was the ultimate decision the type of challenge?

    For 2017, I decided to switch a resolution to build upon my previous resolutions:

    2015 – Read 52 Book

    2016 – Read only Fiction

    2017 – No reading(in english bu French and Chinese is OKay), only writing to finish a novel

    I think people should break down their New Year’s resolutions to action steps to create a larger picture.

    What do you think as a writer?

  83. Would be great if someone creates TOT group for Londoners.

    Though slim chances for TIM to come and do Live podcast here in London but who knows. We can share our learning techniques from TOT, our success and questions.

  84. Two suggestions on places to visit for your traveling podcast — Longmont, CO for a conversation with Mr. Money Mustache and Salina, Kansas for another conversation with Rolf Potts. Very cool that you are open to exploring smaller US cities. Best, Kathy

  85. Hi Tim,

    I admire the work you do. I’m a huge fan. Your tips with respect to achieving successful business and fulfilled life are invaluable and life changing. You are a great role of a self-made man.

    With regard to your Live Podcast idea, I think it’s an awesome idea, in big or small cities. it will build communities of diverse people who are interested business, health, lifestyle, self-improvement, and constant self-learning. I already created Tools of Titans LOS ANGELES and many of my friends are signed up…

    On a side note, I’d like to have your advice regarding which conferences or workshops you can recommend to attend for people who would like to start their own business (I’m researching the ideas for my business now). If u can shoot me a quick message that would be great.

    Thanks and wishing you success in this beautiful 2017!!!

  86. Houston is right at 100. I’m reaching out to the Houston Acro-yoga community, but after watching a few of the youtube videos…f*&# that man…it looks intense. Anyway, hope you can make it down here. — Andy Mann

  87. A podcast tour is waiting for you in Austin. I have 250 fans (and growing) in a facebook group who are ready to laugh and learn. Until then, we will be doing meetups to discuss our own experiments inspired by ToT. Stories to come via our facebook group!

  88. Happy New Year Tim. If you go to Nebraska you have to get Warren Buffet on a podcast. He’s a legend with unlimited wisdom.

  89. Love your podcasts . . . but I wish you provided transcripts–so often I’m short of time and I can read much faster than I can listen to a podcast. On the other hand, getting the full sense of expression can also be great!

    I bought Tools of Titans and look forward to it–it was too heavy to take on this trip!

    Thanks for all you offer!

  90. Hi Tim,

    I am a big fan of you from Germany and listen regulary to your amazing podcasts- really awesome! I was very attracted by mushroom coffee, but unfortunately had to learn that there is no Tim-discout for me in Germany- Foursigmatic has an international store, so it would be great to get also a discount as a German user. Tolols of Titans is great! Best regards Sandra

    1. Hey Sandra, ich kaufe meinen foursigmatic coffee über ihren Shop bei amazon.de. Loving Lion’s Mane best. Viele Grüße, Greta

  91. This was a very helpful episode, especially looking back at the year’s worth of events and interactions. There are certainly a few things that need to be cut out to make life more enjoyable this year. But I was pleasantly surprised to realize how much improvement I’ve made by simply focusing more on the people in my life. Thank you for creating this episode.

  92. Tim – I am LOVING TOT and just purchased a few more copies to gift.. everyone needs a TOT imho 🙂 Thank you for writing it.

    As for more live podcasts – yes please!! Please come back to NYC (a selfish request as it’s my home) but perhaps consider rural locations where stress is through the roof.. Victoria, Texas, for example. Check out the suicide and drug overdose stats there.

    There are numerous rural communities where a little TF attention, wisdom, and TLC could go a long way..

    I was incredibly touched by your candid commentary on mental health/suicide in TOT.. the US is under a siege of anxiety, depression, and worse.. and it doesn’t need to be this way. A dose of Tim Ferris perspective and inspiration could help.

  93. 💥 🗽 🍎 💥 ToTNYC MISSION COMPLETE!!! and growing… We can’t wait to SEE you LIVE in NYC. Stop by and say hello to the fb group: Tools of Titans NEW YORK CITY! 🏋🏅🍷

  94. I enjoy the podcast, however it makes me feel like I cannot relate to him when Tim is talking about spending a month in Paris or taking trips around the world. Typically the content is pretty “financially neutral”, and he did summarize saying spending time with family etc., but I feel like it is a different situation than just “spending time together” when you can take your parents to Europe for a month. Not trying to hate, thanks for the podcast.

  95. Hi Tim – We are listening to this podcast while on our ski tour through Wyoming, Idaho & Oregon. Our ears certainly perked when you found that the pattern with your good times from 2016 where traveling off the grid with friends & family. We feel the same and have actually built our business around this very idea. Thank you for your year in review. Not sure if this is the right avenue for talking about this but if you decide to take that trip through the US, we have some ideas:) We partner with the LymeLight Foundation to raise awareness for Lyme Disease (I, Gretchen have had it since I was 10, just diagnosed last year). Our campervans are built for adventure (full kitchen, extremely comfortable, stocked with all the gear you’ll need and not a huge RV) and we think you’d love exploring in a ROAM rig, taking your podcast on the road & raising even more awareness for the Lyme community. We’ve wanted to reach out for a while now but after listening to this last podcast, decided to just pull the trigger & comment:) We hope your new year is off to a good start! Take care, Gretchen & Taylor from ROAM

  96. Tim, I have been listening for some time now and love all the “actionable” tips I’ve gotten from you! Really hoping you do the live podcast tour so you can visit us in Fargo ND (yup the one from the movie)

  97. Hi Tim,

    I love your books and have learned quite a lot from them starting with giving me the motivation to quit my job and start my own business.

    You often talk about being a Type A personality which leads me to believe that you are at least somewhat interested in categorizing personality types.

    One thing I haven’t read about in your books so far (I’m only 10% into 4HChef and halfway through Tools of Titans) is a more detailed analysis in these types.

    The most popular and accepted system is called Big Five but I would like to talk to you about a different system called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which you might not have heard about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers%E2%80%93Briggs_Type_Indicator

    While the first system is interesting enough I find that the second one (strongly correlated with the first one but not as universally accepted) has a lot more interesting implications and applications.

    This system categorizes a person in 4 different categories each with 2 extremes. You don’t strictly belong to either extreme but in most cases you will mostly tend more to one than the other. The categories are (only shortly described):

    Where do you get your energy from? Extroversion (being with a big group of people) or Introversion (being alone/with few good friends)

    How do you process information? Sensor (details) or iNtuition (connections)

    How do you make decisions? Thinker (take a step back and analyze rationally) or Feeler (project yourself into the situation and feel how it will effect you/others)

    How you organize your life? Judger (very organized and punctual) or Perceiver (likes freedom and dislikes rules/appointments)

    The combination of letters (and therefore attributes) will tell you a lot about yourself and others.

    A proper personality type test can be done by licensed people (e.g. certain psychologists), by yourself with a good book (I would recommend “The Art of Speedreading People” by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger) or with an online test (not as accurate in many cases). As a quick introduction to spike your interest you could try the latter, e.g. at https://www.16personalities.com/ although I would recommend reading a suitable book on it.

    From what I know about you in your books I would say that you are very likely a INFJ personality type. Of course at this point these letters might not make a lot of sense for you, but they will if this topic interests you and you read a bit more about it. I’m very certain on the first and the last two letters, the second letter is the most tricky one for me to read in other people. As you very often state certain facts, numbers, names etc. you might be of the Sensor extreme but I think you have more traits in common with the iNtuition extreme as the connections throughout the book a very well worked out and you can often find sentences like “XXX reminds me of YYY” (e.g. for tastes in the 4HChef).

    You might be familiar with this topic but if not maybe you are interested in it and can get some knowledge about yourself and other people out of it (I know I have).

    Have a great day,


  98. I was listening to your podcast, and a few people said you should do things with high school students; which you said you loved doing… but you sort of flew past that idea and got really excited about doing the live podcasting tour. Maybe this sounds odd, but I don’t think a podcast tour is as valuable as you teaching. I think that while spending a few hours in a room with your super fans is great–You know what would be even greater than that? Having an impact on someones life that really needs it. Giving teens hope and teaching them they can create their own future and giving them the tools and access that your listeners have is priceless. I wish I had someone like you talk to me when I was a shitty kid in high school. Inspiration would have made a huge impact at that age.

    Anyways, you could totally do the tour and have a room full of people that will all take selfies with you, and it will be cool. Or you could have a huge impact on the lives of people that could actually use it and ten years from now, maybe twenty, you might a bunch of amazing adults that say, “Tim, seriously, that time you talked to my school, taught my class…it changed my life.”

  99. Hey Tim! I took your FB group challenge and we had 334 people join in less than 48 hours. What are the next steps for getting you to Santa Cruz? You’ve got some super fans down here.

  100. Tim, I’ve been following you ever since you interviewed Jocko for the first time. I am continually impressed by those you interview and was extremely glad to have been gifted Tools of Titans for Christmas. It’s proven one to keep me engrossed for hours at a time. Even though I’ve listened to many of your podcasts, reading what those I’ve listened to and those I haven’t in the format you’ve introduced with the book is incredibly fulfilling. There always seems to be an answer to a question I’d been thinking of independent of the book and your interviews. Thank you for the diligence you’ve put in between the covers of this book and the many hours you’ve put into “deconstructing” those whose knowledge and experience are so succinctly contained within them. Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself and your life in there as well. I assume that, although you’ve been at this for awhile, it’s not so easy to open yourself and your life to mass consumption. May 2017 bring you many new and uplifting experiences and even more fortuitous ventures. Thanks again for the work you do. It’s extremely appreciated.

  101. Tim, I was recently introduced to your podcast and blog and have loved them both. Such good stuff!! You should try and interview Wim Hof. He holds 20 world records. He hiked Everest in nothing but shoes and shorts and he is a meditation guru. I don’t know if you know who he is, but he would be a fascinating interview and right up your alley. Here is to 2017!

  102. Tim,

    Well done, as usual. I haven’t finished the entire podcast-but thought I’d check out some of the comments while in front of the computer. I love the idea of the travelling podcast, and would like to recommend Tacoma, Washington.

    We have a race called “Unleashed at Stadium Bowl” that had 500 participants last year. We race up and down the stairs of the historic Stadium High School Bowl (school where 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed). It is fun like a throat-punch, I’m sure you’d like it.

    The race is the primary fundraiser for our animal rescue, but it is really a community building event. There are numerous venues (indoors if needed) in which a post race podcast could be taped. We expect close to 1000 racers this year, and I imagine many if not most would be ‘FHWW’ people–even if they don’t yet know it.

    I prefer Tacoma over Seattle/Bellevue. We are Grit City, close to Joint Base Lewis McChord, urban yet approachable. Our race is Sunday August 6th. We are close enough to Seattle that it would draw that crowd, but in Tacoma you get to run the stairs!

    Your work matters. Keep it up.


    1. Tim,

      I totally forgot. I don’t Facebook because of what I learned in SERE school..maybe one of these days. All of my friends so, so I’ll have one of them create a Facebook page.


  103. Love your work Tim! Come to western pa for your podcast. Summer is lovely. We have some acro-yoga in the vicinity… boxing… kayaking… Ill be starting the facebook group Tools of Titans Dubois-Brookville.

  104. Tim,

    Huge each fan of more monthlong experiments. I am on year 6 of no booze, caffeine, or refined sugar for the month of Jan. It’s the best/worst ever and at the least it makes you appreciate what you are missing when it’s back in life. Also makes daily journal easy ( I am grateful for sour patch kids, bourbon, etc).

    Hell yes to the traveling podcast. Been poking around the idea of doing the same same but different (my wife and I are on month 7 of track loving the the world with only a smaller pack and $25/day per person.)

    On your challenge to I think bigger – we plan adventure every 6 months as you recommends. Ice Climbing for a week every year starting the day day after Christmas has made the ploughing through fall so easy. I want to kick an idea by you if you’re into it.

    Peace in the middle east,


  105. Hi Tim,

    Loved your podcast, especially the 10x Your Results concept and the Are you attempting to be a force of good in the world, or are you representing darkness.

    I think Australia needs to hear your message, and am very confident that we could set something up in the major cities for a live Podcast Tour, there will be more than enough of us!!!

    I’m in for Brisbane!!!

  106. Hi Tim,

    As a public health professional who thinks in terms of social determinants of health, I am fascinated by the dynamic interplay of how where you live, work, play, learn,and worship affects one’s health outcomes. I’m curious to know whether you might consider exploring in your national podcast tour and Facebook groups on how Tools of Titans can be applied to not only improving individual’s health/wealth/wisdom but also scaling up to enhance the well-being of communities (i.e., neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and churches)? Can these tools have a measurable impact beyond the individual-level? How do you engage folks who haven’t already drunk the Kool-Aid of Tools of Titans but could really benefit from contributing to the conversation and from finding ways to bridge/apply the tools in their own communities?

    stay well,


  107. In regards to your US road trip idea / plan… You might want to search, “Overlanding” (off road camping), “XP Camper”, “Earthromer” ,”Overland Expo”. Some other individuals that have traveled the world would be the blogs, “Song of the Road”, “Goats on the Road”, “MJSailing” which I think your listeners might enjoy as an alternative lifestyle if one is more in tune with the journey and importance of people instead of the destination while traveling. I’ve been thinking about recording conversations via the “StoryCorps” Ap. In regards to your matchmaking comment, I talk to strangers during my commute to SF on Bart and ask them what they are interested in as a way of helping them pursue their passions by connecting them to resources or people. I’ve also started to get more involved in my local schools to help students realize their full potential. My passion project is a humble worldwide social movement that enables everyone to know everyone or more likely a computer that knows everyone and suggests people dead or alive whom you might learn from or who are on similar journeys as yourself. It in a beta testing phase, me being the beta / computer and doing more of a performance / conceptual art piece for now. I was trying to document the interactions online, but it was getting a little labor intensive. To be more present with the family, I have narrowed the audience down to one, being my wife whom I journal my thoughts, feelings, poems every day on the morning commute and sometimes in the evening. Check out “Modern Love” and “Dear Sugar” also if you’re into body work with the yoga you might find the “Somatica” school of Danielle and Celeste or “Sex with Emily” Podcast educational…

  108. Hi Tim,

    You give so much to the world (and me). Thank you.

    The biggest question when reviewing the year you didn’t discuss is ‘when will I know she is the one’?

    It is impossible that you have not dated beautiful women that would already be an ideal partner… So, how do you ready yourself to take the leap?

    I don’t have the answer. I listened eagerly for 2 years asking myself and wishing for you to unlock the answer. As I walked down the isle, I wondered if one side of the equations is as follows:

    (Supposing spark, intelligence, lifestyle and values are aligned then:)

    1. Do you like her parents (their family environment may be a good view into a possible future together, plus you find you spend so much time with them when kids arrive)?

    2. Do you like her friends? (The friends she has is a good indication of friends you will make together or friends you choose to support or not support) and

    3. Do your friends (and parents?) gel with her (often a good indication if you are blinded by the trees of ‘love’).

    Otherwise, you can’t make a mistake. Marriage (or your choice in partner) is a wave in the ocean, once committed the force will bring you joy, take you new places and importantly bring little people to the world. Your own game still will have the most to do with it.

    I could go on. Reach out to me if you want to discuss more. Final comments: I selfishly want you to marry and have kids too. Children are the biggest catalysts for change in your own life (in a good way), I’d love for more on that advice and adventure to be examined by your podcasts (to help me).

    Please don’t ‘experiment this’ in a show with a great athlete of your interest. It is your private choice and there will be good and bad in her.

    I believe you will make it work whoever it is and the net sum will still be positive. That said, I secretly wish for you to be lucky enough to find a right one – you derserve it and I wish this gift for everyone. (You do however need to take a plunge. Is one wave really that much better than another when you love surfing (i.e. being a dad.)?)

    Use all means possible (including IT). Propose to 3 people this year. Marry the first one that says yes. Then make it work and don’t look back.

    (Apologies if you already know all this.)

    Truely wishing you the best of luck, Nick.

  109. Hi Tim,

    For the tour you’re considering, I’d love to hear from people who have read the book and how it affected them. So maybe a few minutes of your podcast you can sit down with someone from the Facebook group and get a sense of what they got out of the book and how they continue to use it and reference it.

  110. Tim, I’d like to put in a hell yes vote to your idea of “going on tour” with podcasts around the country. I’ve been a huge fan for years, have gifted the 4 hour workweek many, many times, and am a loyal podcast listener. Your work has been so inspiring for my own self actualization, but also for my work as an Army psychotherapist. I am more than willing to coordinate the D.C. area and will standby for further guidance!

  111. Come to DC please!!! I can even hook you up with a place to stay in an unbeatable location: cryotherapy center, yoga studio, TRX/kettlebell/other high intensity fitness center (rated #1 in DC), Michelin Star & other top restaurants, a speakeasy, best coffee in DC, a fancy pet babysitting place, and your local neighborhood bar all within 1 min walking distance! Hope to see you here!

  112. Tim, what would it take to get you to come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? I am willing to make it happen!! It is fu**king cold here in the winter but our summers are beautiful. We have an amazing river valley, a great food scene and truly wonderful people. You have changed my life in a big way and I would love to meet you and bring you to my city.

  113. Hi Tim- Pease do a tour, if you are seeking more sunrises and the opportunity to spend more time In the country this would be an exceptional way to check off multiple goals. I have been working with this roving farm to table organization for the last two years and the experience has been phenomenal. Its high end, we don’t advertise and we have a phenomenal following. It has allowed me to see some of the most beautiful places in the country, work with some incredible farmers and world class chefs and has allowed me to fall asleep under the stars and rise with the sun. Their business structure is what I believe you will find appealing, pick a location, set a date and allow for ticket sales, once the event is sold out guests can seek an alternative date/location have the option of adding additional dates in the sold out location. Your audience will come to you, and if you perhaps offered a camping option, most will delight in some glorious acro play as well! If you need a wing woman sign me up. Thank you for all that you do and your incessant inspiration for self improvement.

  114. An RV podcast tour + Acro Jams is an amazing idea.

    But I’m biased. I live in an RV full time and travel around going to acroyoga jams and other movement based activities, so of course I’d think that was awesome! I might even come to more than one of them.

    My best RV touring tip: Use the Allstay’s Walmart site to find which Walmarts allow/encourage free parking. So much easier than trying to get an actual RV spot for one night stopovers.



  115. All of this is well and good if our major signaling system—our hormone/gut cross talk—is working. But, today emerges a new critical problem: environmental castration. And, what to do about it. In the past 2 decades it’s been clear that milestones of reproduction are being futzed with by toxic pollutants with far-reaching consequences. Now our toxic planet is assaulting our human ability of connection/pleasure/performance. 20 yr. old’s are having sexual dysfunctions previously only seen in seniors. Nature never does anything without a purpose: including pleasure. Worth a chat? I’m a hormone scholar yada yada and love that you rally our spirits and bodies, but our hormonal Internet system must be on board, too.

  116. One of my favourite episodes of the year!

    Just wanted to point on that the knives Seth Godin likes are probably “Kramer” knives. The current link seems incorrect.

  117. Hi Tim,

    I would absolutely love a live podcast tour! Would you consider a detour out to Sydney Australia? I can rally up a ton of people to attend! Plus the weather is great this time of year.

  118. Loved podcast of “what I learned in 2016”. First time I ever listened to one of your podcasts. My psychiatrist sent me the link to it! He thought I would enjoy it.

  119. Tim, what would happen if instead of just a tour of the U.S. you made it a podcast world tour? I’ve started a Tools of Titans Facebook Group for Glasgow, Scotland on the off chance you decide to go crazy.

    Thanks for an epic episode!

  120. Hi- Love the podcast, love Tools of Titans. Keep up the great work. Can anyone tell me where I can find the “Crazy Idea” exercise he references as written in Tools of Titans?



  121. Tim,

    I am not going to waste time writing to your assistants.

    Check your Twitter. Let’s get to work on these resolutions!

    I am your wing woman.

    I am your Acro yoga partner.

    I am in the experimental mindset and have studio space throughout Portland. Let’s jam.

    Portland is the perfect place to expand your practice.

    Look me up on ANY social media play form: Tatiana Tomich

    Then email me. I look forward to it. 🙏🏼

    Tatiana . s . tomich@ gmail.com

    No spaces

  122. This was a great episode! I wish I would have made it around to it earlier when I was getting through the holiday shenanigans. I especially liked the take away from the Oprah documentary on doing a thought experiment in which you look at having love and fear as your only emotions.

    Interestingly, I also decided to start the NOC NOC challenge for a 3 month stint before hearing this. I’m glad going ketogenic and complaint free has an official and hilarious name and hope more people jump on! The Dom D’Agostino piece in Tools of the Titans was really helpful for being able to add some strength and muscle while eating this way. I add the Blue Ice supplement you recommended in 4 Hour Body, zinc, magnesium, and D3 supplementation FTW!

  123. Atlanta would be happy to have you!

    Speaking of matchmaking, have you ever considered being the matchmaker yourself? I’m sure many of your listeners would love to connect with like-minded individuals. Enjoying your podcast already narrows the field; some sort of Meyers-Briggs or similar system would be an additional cool (and easily automated) vetting component. Your listeners may skew male, but do you have data on your single listeners? That ratio might be more equal. Just a thought!

  124. Tim, I am the organizer of a local Meetup group of ~500 in Jackson, Mississippi— I’d love to be part of creating a Facebook group (presumably from my Meetup + additional promotion in my network) and hosting you for a live podcast! I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Mississippi (let alone Jackson), but there’s actually a lot of great things happening here and you have many fans here!

  125. Hello Tim, I don’t know where you are at with your Podcast Tour, but I’d like for you to consider Long Island as a venue. and we can look at the Boulton Center in Bay Shore https://boultoncenter.org/ of which I have a friend that runs it. In addition, I already had a small group of Titans experimenting stuff from Tools of Titans on Facebook, Called Tools of Titans Experiment in Action. I wanted to keep it small but you mentioned having 250 members in the group, so I wanted a challenge and I believe that we will have that many members. What else can I do to reverse engineer TF to come to Long Island other with some wine mushroom coffee and maybe get Josh Waitzkin to banter with you in Bay Shore? You can find me on Facebook, or email with the email that you will not share with anyone. Thanks and I hope someone is reading.

  126. Tim, Would you consider a video based live or pre-screened Q & A instead of a podcast tour?

    Seems the time vs value ratio would be better served during a “virtual” town hall type of tour, you could broadcast from any (exotic) location.

    Just a consideration, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    I’m living the dream and your books had a large part in my success, much appreciated.

  127. Hello Tim!

    I have been a long time follower of your blog and have gotten so much inspiration from it. Most recently, this episode led to my New Year’s resolution to live my live my life more from love than fear. The episode also inspired me to put a proposal out to you related to your idea to take the blog on the road in 2017. What if you had a custom designed trailer to travel the country in? Think ultra cool Airstream built with your and Molly’s design tastes and desires in mind. Sharing an opportunity for adventure, not selling a trailer. I could make this a reality and believe it would end up on your positive 20% column at the end of the year.

  128. Tim, first of all. Thank you for the 4-hour work week. It gave me the push. I went to Europe, ran a marathon, went back to pole dance, sold all the clutter in my life, detached negative people out, and much happier now. I’ve been working on my muse a bit longer than expected though… It’s taking me much longer than a month to put the idea into life. And more than that, it became all consuming thing in my life. This side business that was suppose to liberate me has now consumed me and I haven’t made a single cent yet:) I’ve must have gone wrong somewhere… Going to reread your book again. Hopefully that will help. Great episode by the way, doing the 80/20 analysis of 2016 tonight. Thank You for all the great content that you provide. Very helpful and inspirational.

  129. I don’t follow random very well, so I organized my podcast notes into a process to experiment with this year.

    Thought I’d share in case others need similar.

    (The font/italic/bold/highlighting didn’t paste, forgive the goofball attempts to replicate the effects.)

    A Year In Review

    ~~~ 80/20 Calendar Analysis ~~~

    <1hr, record 2 columns + / –


    looking for 20% activities/experiences/people who created 80%+ most positive emotions

    (things you want // positive outcomes secondary to positive emotion for this analysis)

    looking for 20% activities/experiences/people who created 80%+ most negative emotions // stress // bullshit // angst

    (who/what do I need to retire from?)

    Review the Columns

    ((finding patterns // spot commonalities))

    ?? What do I LOVE doing? (the Hell Yes's)

    ?? What can I set myself up to look forward to every 6 months?

    ~~~ Journal Analysis ~~~

    go through the 5min journal / 1 page entries for the year

    enhance & inform the 80/20 calendar analysis with this data


    ~ Today I am grateful for ____

    ~ What would make today great?

    ~ I am ____ (owning aspect of the day)


    ~ 3 Amazing Things that happened today

    ~ How could I have made today even better?

    ~~~ Insight From Inner Circle ~~~

    asking those close to you:

    ?? What do you think I should do more of? less of?

    ~~~ Insight From Absurdity ~~~

    "Think Stranger"

    ?? What are the most absurd, crazy things I could do?

    let the hand flow unedited for several pages

    the seeds of potential will emerge

    ~~~ Insight From 10x ~~~

    ?? What might I do, no matter how crazy, to 10x _____?

    step out of realistic incremental gains for a moment to explore into the ridiculous

    trusting the seeds will emerge // seeds feeding into new frameworks/processes/structures

    ~~~ Business / Passion / Creative Analysis ~~~

    ?? "If I had to charge two times more for my product or service and couldn’t do any paid advertising, what would I do instead?" ~ Seth Godin

    back into it

    charge twice as much as closest comparable offering, then work backwards to create an experience worth that much ~ TFerriss approach

    (for a deep dive analysis, see 17 questions)

    ~~~ Fresh Calendar ~~~

    Fun Stuff First, Love Doing First, Hell Yes's First, 20% most positive experiences First

    "work fills a void, so make a reasonable void for it"

    anticipation of the experience enhances the positivity of the experience

    Schedule & Defend These!

    !! powerful Defend tactic: pre-commit with a financial or social obligation

    ~~~ Purchase Analysis ~~~

    Money is necessary but not sufficient for physical, psychological wellbeing.

    "If you have money to solve a problem, you don't have a problem."

    Tools to use money to increase your wellbeing, (and effectively, your happiness):

    If I could only use $100 right now to most increase my happiness (physical, psychological wellbeing), how would I apply it?

    Ask again with $500 cap.

    Ask again with $1,000 cap.

    If there was 10-20% of cash on hand I could afford to lose, how would I apply it to increase my quality of life?

    When considering these purchases:

    How will this affect how I use my time?

    How will I use this on a random night each week?

    3 things I'd most like to add to my life

    3 things enhancing my sense of wellbeing/contribution

    3 things I'd most like to remove from my life

    ~~~ Making It Happen / Action As Commitment ~~

    Never leave the site of a plan without taking an action toward it's fulfillment. ~ Tony Robbins -ism

    Purchase Enhancers:

    Do one thing to create / step on path toward goals

    (even if all you got goin is a saved penny tossed into a coffee can)

    What other action steps will I take right now as a physical show of my commitment into creating my best life?

  130. I am a 56 year old man from baton rouge,la. With a 7 and 9 year old. I first got 4 hrs. Body,just wanted to thank you the last couple of years for keeping me sain while going through a divorce.Would love for my kids to listen to you but no luck yet. Baton rouge tour?

  131. Tim, I would like to host you for a mobile podcast in Okinawa, Japan. I’ve heard you reminiscing about returning, here’s your opportunity! Our birthdays are one day (and one year) apart; therefore, I propose a birthday adventure. Bring on the big 4-0!! I’m also down for a birthday adventure to a new, unexplored location.

  132. With your traveling podcast, I think it will be facinating to discover the 2 America’s we live in. Those that line the coast and middle America very different worlds. Also do not forget Utah(more stars than sky) so beautiful to explore maybe explore the four corners area..spooky..Thank you for thought provoking ideas and interest it helps for the time between. Andrea

  133. Hello handsome.

    Podcast tour feedback: great idea to keep it interesting for you and meet your audience.

    Pls make sure the topics/themes are varying. Coming to a new place with new people is a boost for you and the crowd but for us listeners it’s still “just” a podcast.

    Happy Thursday from Sweden.

  134. Hi Tim,

    If you are still considering a visit to some smaller cities this year, we would love to have you in Asheville, NC. There is lots of beauty to be seen here in the south east, and activity you may enjoy too (acro-yoga, outdoor adventuring, excellent food options, a local float tank facility etc.). There’s an active community here of those dedicated to learning and development. If you have interest, there is a link to our Facebook group below. I know a trip here would be very well received. I hope this finds you well. Thanks for all that you do!




  135. This “post-game analysis” technique is so powerful! Thanks for sharing that Tim. The real clincher is following through on what you’ve found. This method can lead towards some massive changes that could seem scary.

    Also, It’s so much easier to reflect when you’ve made a mistake than when things are going generally well. But having a designated time to target areas of improvement is clearly a tool of the most powerful folks out there, who settle for nothing less than greatness.

    I thought of you when I wrote this article, Tim:


    I’m pretty sure you have zero time for stuff like this (providing feedback on how your fans might digest your advice). But if you do I’m excited to hear if you think I’ve put out something of value.

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