How to Make Lock Picks Out of Common Household Items

This short video might blow your mind.

Using household items like paper clips or toothbrushes, you can easily defeat 70-80% of the padlocks out in the world.

The teacher is Kevin Reeve of OnPoint Tactical. Kevin has trained and consulted for the FBI, Secret Service, SWAT, and elite military units like Marine Force Recon, SEAL Team 6, etc.

He was also my teacher for the “Urban Escape and Evasion” episode of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, which is currently the #1 non-fiction TV show across all of iTunes.

In that episode, Kevin teaches me (and therefore you):

  • How to escape common restraints like zip ties and handcuffs.
  • How to “borrow” cars in emergency situations.
  • Effective evasion tactics for urban environments (e.g. parking garages, fast appearance changes, etc.).
  • And much more…

I get restrained, hooded, thrown in a trunk, and subjected to other abuse. My (least) favorite part was getting stun gunned while temporarily blinded. Surprise, Ferriss!

If you’ve ever fantasized about being Jason Bourne — or simply being ready for anything — the entire episode is full of effective and easy-to-learn techniques.

I suggest getting the “Season Pass” for $14.99 or so, which gets you all 13 episodes for ~40% off, plus hours of bonus footage. Many of you have said that the bonus footage alone is worth more than the $15.


Bestselling author Tim Ferriss (“The world’s best human guinea pig.” – Newsweek) pushes himself to the breaking point, attempting to learn notoriously punishing skills–surfing, parkour, professional poker, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, online dating (Ha!), learning languages, etc.—in just one week each. Filmed and edited by the same team behind Anthony Bourdain’s hit shows (Zero Point Zero).

In every episode of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, Ferriss partners with the world’s best and most unorthodox teachers (Laird Hamilton, Marcelo Garcia, Stewart Copeland, etc.), who train him for a final gauntlet. Shocking breakthroughs, injuries, epiphanies, and disasters ensue. In cases where he succeeds, Tim shows you how to replicate his results. The mantra of the show is “you don’t need to be superhuman to get superhuman results…you just need a better toolkit.”


The Tim Ferriss Show is one of the most popular podcasts in the world with more than 900 million downloads. It has been selected for "Best of Apple Podcasts" three times, it is often the #1 interview podcast across all of Apple Podcasts, and it's been ranked #1 out of 400,000+ podcasts on many occasions. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, check out this page.

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36 Replies to “How to Make Lock Picks Out of Common Household Items”

  1. Any change the show will become available on Amazon instant video? There’s currently a few unavailable episodes up, which I assume is from before you obtained the US rights.

  2. Hello Tim! Great video you’ve got over there

    I was wondering: I understand that the Tim Ferriss Experiment is only available in USA for legal reasons, but why even the extra videos on are restricted? Are they under the same legal contract as the show itself is?

    1. He’s workin’ on it man. If you’re that desperate, make a new iTunes US account and buy a $30 giftcard to buy the season.

      1. Tim mentioned some content being available only for a month (though I’m not sure if it’s itunes), so time can be an issue…

        Btw. don’t you have to attach an USA card to your account as verification?

    2. Sadly, all of the episodes are georestricted to the US or US territories according to my contract. I’m working on a few things and hope to have more news soon!

      1. Its odd, because I have a friend in the US who bought them and he cant see them on the regular media players, its like the files are broken, what can he do?

      2. Play them via iTunes (otherwise apple won’t be able to convince anybody on PC to use their shi… substandard player)

      3. That´s what I was going to ask about. Serendipitously I found this! 😀

        I´m from Brazil, and I would buy your Videos ASAP. Would, but it´s not possible right now. hehehehehe. Wish you the Best Tim!

  3. I was sooo into lockpicking a while back (a la SplinterCell). I only got so far as small padlocks but the feeling after the first unlock is just amazing!! A paperclip and a stainless steel pen cap was all that it took for me. I never got passed doors though – and that was where my short-lived hobby ended.

  4. Hi, Tim. Rollins! You have to get Henry Rollins on the podcast. Discuss his article titled The Iron, which was originally published in Details magazine. Love your work, love the tv show & keep up the Great Work.

  5. I have an american friend who have downloaded the TFExperiment, but they wont play on any video player, its like the files are broken, what can be done?

  6. Hi, could it be possible to separate TFE and rest of the blog into separate mailing lists? This way it can only p**s that 96% of the world, who happened to NOT being born in USA – while the rest of mails still can be interesting…

  7. I don’t have an iTune account and am trying to keep my laptop software efficient too. This makes me reluctant to install iTunes to watch these TV shows, is there any other option to get access to them?

  8. Being a fan of your books, as I think many of the watchers of the show would be, I was wanting more technical meat to the show. As in how you broke down the concepts. What worked, what didn’t. Basically how we could apply the same ourselves.

    The program seems like it’s just watching some guy learn some things but there’s a huge disconnect in my interest level for that.

    I’d be interested to know how you feel they turned out Tim. I have no idea how much pressure producers put on the content, I’m guessing more than your own books.

  9. Hi Tim (or team 🙂 )

    The Tim Ferriss Experiment is not available on the German iTunes Store.

    Anything you can do about it? Would love to get and enjoy it.

    Thanks, Viele Grüsse,


  10. Tim,

    Is there any way other than iTunes that I can get the shows? I can’t get iTunes on my Chromebook, and it’s blocked at work.

  11. Hey Tim, I live in Australia and would love to watch your TV Show. All the best in getting international rights. I’m guessing it’s a legal thing and you can’t use something like Vimeo on Demand for international audience..? Similar to the way TINY the movie does:



  12. If ever there was an illustration that old media just doesn’t “get” the Internet these comments are it.

    Can’t wait for the show to be available in the UK.

    Until then will just need to put the mails in the recycle bin. Grrrrrr.

  13. Just wanted to add my voice to the I want to watch this in the UK. Please.

    Keep doing what your doing. Great stuff.

  14. I think Tim would like this video about learning and the brain. It really applies to a lot of the ideas he works with in terms of gaining understanding and mastery of subjects. It’s about how hard it is to learn how to ride a bike with opposite controls, how the brain shifts, and has to take time and practice to re-learn what was previously understood. One of the things I wonder about with all of Tims “powerlearning” is how much learning something new may take away from mastery of previous subjects. Not only is it good to learn new things quickly if needed, but it’s good to realize how learning new things affects the things we already thought we knew…this video sheds light on this topic:

  15. Hi Tim, loving the show. I’ve just watched the urban evasion one and I need/ I want/I’d love to buy one of those lockpicking sets. Where could I find one of those, that really work? Thx in advance.

  16. Hey Tim,

    I think that you’re a kind of Batman of the real world.

    If you think about it, when Bruce Wayne was studying to become the Batman, he traveled the world and learned with the world-class masters on a range of topics. That’s exactly what you do! Batman is probably a big fan of 80/20 rule as well.

    I’m alive today because of Batman. I was once kidnapped and left to die, but I managed to escape because I had read about escaping from ropes in a Batman’s comic book. After this video, I think I can extend my repertoire to include locks, and when the show is available in Brazil, maybe I’ll be able to include zip ties and handcuffs 🙂

  17. Impossible to Get this show


    I installed Itunes especially in order to buy the full season pack and it still doesn’t work.

    I use Hola Vpn service for remote US connection but to no avail.

    Damn, I can’t even find it as a torrent 🙂

    How can I buy your show ?




  18. I would love to watch the episodes but I guess it´s not possible in Spain. If there´s something I could do about it, I would love to know it.

    Great video presentation, looking forward for more!

  19. Hi Tim sorry about this someone tried to call you with a recorded voice. Unfortunately it was my voice. I need to stop this guy but his is connected to the masons Netherlands. Sorry for the inconvience! I will solve it.All the best,